Records of John Decatur Messick's Tenure as President of East Carolina Teachers College and East Carolina College

University Archives #UA02-05

  • Descriptive Summary
    Title: Records of John Decatur Messick's Tenure as President of East Carolina Teachers College And East Carolina College
    Repository: East Carolina University Archives
    Language: English
    Abstract: The collection includes papers and publications produced or related to the administration of John Decatur Messick. Materials include biographical records, correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, administrative records, and other miscellaneous items.
    Extent: 7.75 Linear feet, 15 record cartons, 1 small record carton,
  • Description

    The Records of John Decatur Messick's Teunure as President of East Carolina Teacher College and East Carolina College include biographical materials, correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, administrative records, and other miscellaneous materials. The records cover the years of Messick's Tenure from 1947 to 1959, but also include materials up until Messick's death in 1993.

  • Biographical / Historical Note

    John Decatur Messick was born the sixth of nine children to Jesse McCagie Messick and Mary Zion Flowers Messick on November 9, 1897 in South Creek, NC in Beaufort County. After completing his basic schooling in South Creek, Messick studied at Falcon Academy. Messick attended King's Business College in Raleigh before entering Elon College, where he graduated in 1922.

    Messick married Magdalene Elizabeth Robinson of Washington, DC. They had two daughters Helen Margaret and Mary Rosalyn and two sons, Norval Robinson and John Albert.

    After graduating from Elon, Messick pursued a career in education. He spent the next few years working in North Carolina public schools. He worked as principal of South River School in Wade, NC from 1922-1926, principal in Trenton, NC from 1926-1929, and Superintindent in Spencer, NC from 1929-1935. Meanwhile, Messick continued his education by doing graduate work during the summers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 1922-1929. Messick recieved his Ph.D. in administration and supervision of schools from New York University in 1934.

    After obtaining his Ph.D., Messick decided to shift his career to college education, beginning with a small job as a summer session professor at the Teachers College in Asheville, NC in 1934-1935. In 1935, Messick accepted his first big job at a college as the Dean of Men, Instruction and Administration at Elon College, a post which he held until 1944. In 1944, Messick left North Carolina to take a job as Dean of Instruction and Administrative Assistant to the President at State Teachers College in Montclair, NJ.

    In 1947, ECTC President Dennis H. Cooke resigned, leaving the Board of Trustees with the task of finding a new president. The Board invited Messick, who accepted and became the fifth President of East Carolina Teachers College. Messick began his presidency with a campaign to drop the word Teachers from the school's name to reflect his new expanded mission for the college. The General Assembly approved the name change to East Carolina College in 1951. A highly qualified and energetic leader, Messick presided over the expansion of the campus, enrollment, faculty, and curriculum during his tenure. By the time of Messick's resignation in 1959, ECC had become the third largest campus in North Carolina. Two of Messick's most important accomplishments include challenging the state government's unequal funding of the Consolidated University over the teacher's colleges and fighting for the establishment of a Nursing School.

    After his resignation as President of ECC, Messick took a job as a grants administrator with HEW in Washington DC and later became Dean of Administration at a teachers college in Vermont. He also served as vice-president of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1965. Messick and his wife retired to Wilmington, NC where they lived until he died on October 3, 1993.

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    [Item Description and date]. Records of John Decatur Messick's Tenure as President of East Carolina Teachers College And East Caroina College. UA02-05. University Archives, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Container List

  • Personal Papers, Bulk, 1947-1959
    Biographical Information, 1958-1959
    Birthday Cards,Telegrams, and Postcards, 1950-1959
    Events Attended by Messick, Programs, 1948-1955
    Events Attended by Messick, Programs, 1956-1958
    Family Correspondence, 1947, 1952
    Griffith, Andy, Signed Letter to Dr. Messick, n.d.
    High School Commencement Programs, with Messick as speaker, 1949, 1951, 1959
    Inauguration Program, Messick as President of ECTC, 1948
    Membership Certificates, 1949-1959, 1964, 1983-1984
    Messick, John D., Handwritten Letter Reflecting on his Tenure as President, 1960
    Messick, John D., at State Teachers College, Lyndon Center, Vermont, 1961
    News Articles, about Messick's activities, 1951, 1953-1954
    Newpaper Articles, 1947, 1956, 1959-1960, 1966
    Personal Correspondence, 1944, 1946-1947, 1950, 1952-1953, 1957-1959
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles about Messick, 1948, 1950, 1954, 1957-1958, 1965, 1968, 1981-1982, 1993
    Portrait of Messick, correspondence concerning, 1952
    Publication of Messick's book "School Boards, Their Powers and Discretions", correspondence concerning, 1947
    Report from East Carolina College, a letter from the president, 1956
    Resignation Correspondence, October 22, 1959 - October 26, 1959
    Resignation Correspondence, October 27, 1959 - December 28, 1959
    Speech on WNCT, 1954
    Stock Letter to Friends, 1947
    To My Successor as President, 1959
    Personal Correspondence, Post-Presidency, 1977-1978, 1982-1990, 1994
  • State Correspondence, 1947-1959
    Atomic Energy Advisory Committee, 1957, 1959
    Burlington Industries Foundation, 1955, 1958
    Christian Science Committee on Publication for North Carolina, 1959
    Copeland, J. William, State Senator, 1959
    Erwin, Clyde A., Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1950-1953
    Eure, Thad, NC Secretary of State, 1954, 1957
    Greensboro Daily News, Editor H. W. Kendall, 1950-1959
    Gregory, Carson, NC House of Representatives, Harnett County, 1959
    Hewlett, Addison, NC House of Representatives, 1959
    Hodges, Luther, Governor of North Carolina, 1952-1956
    Hodges, Luther, Governor of North Carolina, 1957-1959
    Horne, Josh, Rocky Mount Telegram, 1953, 1956-1957, 1959
    Humber, Robert Lee, State Senator, 1949-1951, 1959
    Jones, Dr. Paul E., State Senator, 1953, 1957
    Jones, Walter, NC House of Representatives, 1959
    Kirkman, O. Arthur, State Senator, 1957, 1959
    McMullan, Harry, NC Attorney General, 1949, 1953
    The News and Observer - The Raleigh Times, 1947-1948, 1950, 1955-1957, 1959
    North Carolina Board of Higher Education, 1956-1958
    North Carolina Budget Bureau, 1947-1952
    North Carolina Budget Bureau, 1953-1956
    North Carolina Budget Bureau, 1957-1959
    North Carolina Citizens Committee For Better Schools, 1957
    North Carolina Committee on Appropriations, University Funding Conflict, 1957, 1959
    North Carolina Council on Economic Education, 1954
    North Carolina Department of Administration, 1957-1959
    North Carolina Department of Archives and History, 1950-1951
    North Carolina Department of Conservation and Development, 1952-1953, 1956-1958
    North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 1948-1953, 1955, 1957, 1959
    North Carolina Education Association, 1948-1949, 1952-1954, 1957, 1959
    North Carolina Insurance Department, 1954
    North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, 1955, 1957-1959
    North Carolina Society for Crippled Children and Adults, 1953, 1955-1957, 1959
    North Carolina State Board of Health, 1952-1954
    North Carolina State Board of Public Welfare, 1952, 1954, 1956, 1958
    Owens, Edward L., State Senator, 1957
    Rodman, William B., NC Attorney General, 1953-1955
    Scott, W. Kerr, Governor of North Carolina, 1948-1949, 1952, 1954, 1956
    State Highway Commission, 1951-1952, 1954, 1956-1957
    State of North Carolina Personnel Department, 1956-1959
    State School Boards Association, 1947-1949, 1956
    State Treasurers, Charles M. Johnson and Edwin Gill, 1947, 1958
    Umstead, William B., Governor of North Carolina and U.S. Senator, 1948, 1951-1954
    Winston-Salem Journal, 1957, 1959
    Wooten, Frank M., Jr., NC House of Representatives, 1959
    Worthington, Sam O., NC House of Representatives, 1955
  • National Correspondence, 1947-1959
    American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Accrediting Committee, 1949-1951
    American Association of University Women, 1953
    Bonner, Herbert C., U.S. House of Representatives, 1951-1952
    Bostian, Ruth, Former East Carolina Student, handicapped in an accident, 1950, 1959-1960
    Chicago Tribune, Editor William D. Maxwell, 1957
    Comptroller General of the United States, 1953
    Department of Defense Reserve Award, 1957
    Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1954-1959
    Ervin, Sam J., U.S. Senator, 1954-1959
    Federal Security Agency Office of Education, 1951-1952
    Graham, Frank P., U.S. Senator, President of UNC, 1948-1951
    Hickey, Thomas F., Lieutenant General, 1958
    Housing and Home Finance Agency, College Housing Loan Program, 1950-1951, 1955
    Housing and Home Finance Agency, Loan Interest Rates, 1956
    Housing and Home Finance Agency, Construction Bids, 1957
    Housing and Home Finance Agency, January - July 1958
    Housing and Home Finance Agency, August - October 1958
    Housing and Home Finance Agency, November-December 1958
    Housing and Home Finance Agency, 1959
    Jordan, B. Everett, U.S. Senator, 1958-1959
    Judd, Walter H., U.S. House of Representatives, 1952
    National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, 1959
    National Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards, 1951
    National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, 1954
    National Defense Student Loan Fund, 1958-1959
    National School Boards Association, 1948-1949
    National Science Foundation, 1958-1959
    National Society of College Teachers of Education, 1955
    Oglesby, Henry, U.S. House of Representatives, 1950-1951, 1953
    Time Magazine, correspondence with, 1947, 1953, 1957
    United States Department of Agriculture, 1953
    United States Information Agency, 1955-1957
    United States Information Agency, 1958-1959
    United States Information Agency Publications - Communist Media Developments, Voices of America, 13th Report to Congress, 1957-1959
    Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, 1959
  • College Correspondence, 1947-1959
    Ashbaugh, E.J., Dean of School of Education, Miami University, 1950
    Bostian, Carey H., Chancellor of North Carolina State College, 1953-1954, 1956, 1958-1959
    Browne, Kenneth A., Dean of Instruction, Maryland State College, 1954
    Caldwell, John T., President fo University of Arkansas, 1959
    Carr, James F., Placement and Financial Aids, Florida State University, 1958
    Edens, A. Hollis, President of Duke University, 1955
    Elon College, 1947
    Friday, William C. (Bill), President of UNC, 1957-1959
    George Peabody College, 1952-1953, 1955, 1957
    Gray, Gordon, President of UNC, 1950-1955
    Greene, Lt. William M. A., United States Naval Academy, 1954
    Gross, Paul, Dean of Graduate School, Duke University, 1951
    Hager, Walter E., President of Wilson Teachers College, Washington D.C., 1954
    High Point College, 1958
    Hornbake, R. Lee, Dean of the Faculty, University of Maryland College Park, 1959
    House, Robert B., Chancellor of UNC, 1950, 1953, 1955-1957
    Kentucky Council on Public Higher Education, 1957
    Methodist College, Fayetteville, NC, 1959
    Moose, Phillip, President of Davidson College, 1952
    Morningside College, Honors System, 1958-1959
    New York University, 1951-1953, 1957-1958
    North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering, 1951-1953, 1958-1959
    North Carolina Wesleyan College, 1956, 1958-1959
    Phelps School, Malvern, PA, 1959
    Phillips, Guy B., Dean of School of Education at UNC, Executive Secretary NC State School Board Association, 1947-1948, 1951-1952, 1954
    Plemmons, William H., President of Appalachian State Teachers College, 1956-1959
    Raper, W. Burkette, President of Mount Olive Junior College, 1956
    Reid, Paul, President of Western Carolina College, 1950-1951, 1956-1959
    Tribble, Harold W., President of Wake Forest College, 1951, 1956
    University of Florida, Gainesville, 1958-1959
    University of Indiana - Bloomington, Joint Doctoral Program in Education, 1956-1959
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, correspondence with various professors, 1948, 1951-1959
    University of Texas at Austin, 1955
    Western Kentucky State College, Murphy Beds, 1950
    Woman's College of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Curry School, 1951
  • Local Correspondence and Papers, 1947-1959
    Blount Family, Judson, Marvin, and Leighton, 1949, 1952, 1954-1955
    Bloxam, Leonard P., Greenville City Manager, 1956-1957
    Campaign for the 48 States, 1956
    City Zoning Ordinance, Greenville, 1953
    Dees, Rev. James P., Trinity Episcopal Church, 1959
    DeVisconti, Tabitha, 1952
    East Carolina College Scholarship Foundations, 1952-1956, 1958
    Eastern North Carolina Scholarship Foundation, 1953-1955
    "Eppes High School To Graduate Second Largest Class", 1954
    Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Willard T. Kyzer, 1948, 1955
    Greenville City Board of Education, Joint Operation of Training School, 1952
    Greenville City Police Department, 1952-1953, 1959
    Greenville Utilities Commission, Statement of Financial Condition, 1953
    Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, 1952, 1954-1956, 1959
    Hardee, Roy, 1956
    Howard, Charles, Greenville Tobacco Company, 1955, 1958
    James and Speight, Attorneys at Law, 1955
    Jordahl, Russell N., Camp Lejeune, 1955-1956
    Joyner, Max, student behavior on Holly Street, 1958
    Pace, Dr. Karl B., 1954
    Pate, Edwin, Laurinburg, NC, 1954, 1956
    Pearsall, Thomas J., 1955-1956
    Pitt County Agricultural Fair, Norman Y. Chambliss, 1958-1959
    Pitt County Development Commission, 1959
    Pitt County Educational Foundation, Inc., 1952-1954
    Pitt County Executives Club, 1948-1951, 1955, 1958-1959
    Pitt County Health Department, 1956
    Pitt County Mental Health Clinic, Dr. Joseph Franzoni, 1956
    Pitt County Scholarship Foundation of East Carolina College, 1952-1953
    Pitt County Scholarship Foundation of East Carolina College, 1954-1956
    Price, Eugene, Goldsboro News-Argus, 1959
    Recreation Commission, Greenville, 1956-1959
    Red Cross, Pitt County Chapter, 1957
    Roberts, Judge J.W.H., 1950
    Rose, Junius H., Superintendent of Greenville City Schools, 1947-1950
    Rose, Junius H., Superintendent of Greenville City Schools, 1951
    Rose, Junius H., Superintendent of Greenville City Schools, 1952
    Rose, Junius H., Superintendent of Greenville City Schools, 1953-1958
    Saieed, Robert, The Varsity (Restaurant), 1959
    Scholarship Foundations Committee, 1954
    Scholarship Solicitation Letters, 1950, 1952-1956
    Smith, Dr. James, 1957
    "Somebody Told Me", Daily Reflector, 1953
    Spencer, Herbert G., District Airport Engineer, 1956
    Stafford, W.S., Mayor of Greenville, 1949-1950
    Taylor, William W., Warrenton, NC, 1956
    Veasey, W.F., Superintendent of Schools, Washington, NC, 1956
    Wheedbee, W.L., Mayor of Greenville, 1955-1956
    WITN, 1957
    WNCT, 1955
  • Board of Trustees, 19447-1960
    Advisory Budget Commission, 1951-1959
    Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, correspondence, 1959
    Aydlett, N.E., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1955, 1957
    Barrett, Agnes W., Secretary to the Board of Trustees, 1948, 1958-1959
    Belk, Henry, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1947-1953
    Belk, Henry, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1954-1959
    Bennett, Elizabeth, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1959
    Carroll, Charles F., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1949-1953
    Cherry, Governor R. Gregg, 1948
    Clark, Miles L., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1951-1953
    Coltrane, D.S., Budget Bureau, 1950-1951, 1953-1954, 1959
    Corey, Arthur B., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1949
    Cox, Uran, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1950, 1952
    Erwin, Dr. Clyde, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948-1949, 1953
    Evans, Merrill, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1953-1954
    Fiftieth Anniversary, Letters inquiring about past members of the Board of Trustees, 1957
    Garrett, Radford Marvin (Ralph), Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948-1953, 1955-1956
    Goerch, Carl, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1957, 1959
    Hackney, Thomas J., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1947-1949
    Hall, Jane, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1949-1950, 1952
    Hamilton, Luther, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1955-1956, 1959
    Hamilton, T.T., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948-1949
    Hodges, Luther H., Governor, correspondence about the Board of Trustees appointments, 1955, 1957
    Hodges, Ralph, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1958-1959
    Holland, J.C., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948-1949
    Horton, Hugh G., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1949, 1951
    Jenkins, Leo W., Letter from F.D. Duncan about Board of Trustees tuition changes, 1949
    Johnson, Ruth M., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1947-1948
    Johnson, T.C., 1951
    Larkins, Charles H., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1955, 1959
    Letters to the Board of Trustees and Committees by J.D. Messick, 1951-1954, 1959
    Messick, J.D., Resignation Letter addressed to the Board of Trustees, 1959
    Morgan, Robert B., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1958-1959
    Morris, C.P., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948-1951
    Oglesby, Henry, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1959
    O'Hanlon, I.H., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1953, 1955, 1958-1959
    Palmer, Janet, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1949-1951
    Rawl, Edwin E., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1953-1954, 1957-1959
    Ridenhour, Baxter, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1959
    Ross, Ola S., Assistant Registrar, 1953
    Stedman, John P., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1947, 1949-1953
    Swindell, Dr. Lewis H., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948-1949, 1952-1953, 1955
    Taylor, William W. Jr., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1955
    Tyler, Arthur, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948-1949, 1952-1953, 1955-1959
    Umstead, Mrs. William B. (Merle), Member of the Board of Trustees, 1955
    Waldrop, J. Herbert, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948, 1958-1959
    White, R.J., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1949-1951
    Whitfield, James, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1959
    Willetts, Fred, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1953, 1955, 1959
    Williams, Mrs. B.T., Member of the Board of Trustees, 1951-1954
    Williams, Warren, Member of the Board of Trustees, 1948-1949
    ECTC Name Change to ECC, 1950-1951
    Enrollment and Salary Information Provided for the Board of Trustees, 1949, 1951-1952, 1955-1956
    Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, Minutes, 1957-1959
    General Assembly Bill and Bulletins, 1955, 1957
    Maintenance Fund and Financial Papers, 1947-1950, 1952-1954
    Maintenance Funds, Loan Funds, and Financial Papers, 1955-1957
    Maintenance Fund and Financial Papers, 1958-1959
    Meeting of the Board of Trustees Agendas and Minutes, 1951-1954
    Meeting of the Board of Trustees Agendas and Minutes, 1955-1958
    Meeting of the Board of Trustees Agendas and Minutes, 1959
    Membership Lists of the Board of Trusees, 1948-1949, 1951-1953, 1955, 1957-1959
    President's Report to the Board of Trustees, 1947, 1958
    President's Report to the Board of Trustees, 1959-1960
    Resolutions by the Board of Trustees, 1958
    Salary Schedules, 1946-1948, 1953, 1957, 1959
  • Students and Campus Events, 1947-1959
    Annual Report for the Robert H. Wright Chapter of Future Teachers of America to the SGA, 1952-1953
    Campus Kisses and Party Raid, "The Big Yellow", 1959
    Campus Events, 1951-1959
    Commencement, 1947-1952
    Commencement, 1953
    Commencement, 1954
    Commencement, 1955-1956
    Commencement, 1957-1959
    East Carolina Players Press Book, 1950
    Educational Fraternities, Tau Beta Sigma and Phi Delta Kappa, 1955, 1959
    Fiftieth Anniversary ,Correspondence and Invitation List, 1957-1958
    Fiftieth Anniversary News Articles, 1957
    Fiftieth Anniversary Pageant Program, 1957
    Fiftieth Anniversary Programs, 1957
    Fiftieth Anniversary Section, The Daily Reflector, May 14, 1958
    Founder's Day - Robert Lee Humber's Speech, 1948, 1950, 1955
    Fraternities and Sororities - Questionaire, Reports, Correspondence, 1956-1958
    Fraternity, Delta Phi, 1958
    Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Order, 1957-1958
    Fraternity, Kappa Sigma Nu, 1956-1958
    Fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha
    Fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, 1948-1949, 1952, 1954
    Fraternity, Phi Lambda Phi, 1958
    Fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa, 1958
    Fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, 1958
    Fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1953, 1958-1959
    Fraternity, Sigma Rho Phi, 1954
    Fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, 1954
    Fraternity, Theta Chi, 1953, 1958-1959
    Freshman Orientation Program, 1957-1958
    High School Day, 1949-1954
    High School Day, 1955-1958
    Homecoming Day for Alumni, 1956, 1958
    Interfraternity Research and Advisory Council, 1958
    Inter-Religious Council, 1949-1959
    Inter Sorority Council, 1959
    Letters to Students and Parents, 1950, 1952-1953, 1956-1959
    Messick, J.D., Letter "To The Student Body", 1950
    Music Foundation, 1954
    Panty Raid, 1955
    Parking Rules, 1956
    Pirates Club, 1953
    Pirates Club, 1954-1958
    "The Rebel", Student Literary Magazine, 1957-1959
    Recommendations for Students, 1955, 1957-1958
    Sanford, Terry, Young Democratic Clubs of North Carolina, 1950
    Senior Class Gifts, 1948, 1951
    Society of Buccaneers, Alumni Group, Henry Oglesby named Chief Buccaneer, 1959
    Sorority, Alpah Delta Pi, 1959
    Sorority, Alpha Phi, 1959
    Sorority, Alpha XI Delta, 1959
    Sorority, Chi Omega, 1959
    Sorority, Delta Zeta, 1958-1959
    Sorority, Kappa Delta Kappa, 1958-1959
    Sorority, Phi Beta Chi, 1959
    Sorority, Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, 1959
    Student Government Association (SGA), 1952-1959
    United Nations Day, 1957
  • Faculty and Staff, Bulk, 1947-1959
    Administrators, Librarians, and Faculty Members Added From 1945 to 1952, 1952
    Advisory Committee on Graduate Instruction, 1952, 1959
    College & Specialist Bureau, 1958
    English Usage Committee, 1956
    Faculty Data, Handwritten, 1950
    Faculty Fellowship Program, 1951
    Faculty Lists, 1950-1959
    Faculty Meetings Minutes, 1947-1952
    Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1953-1959
    Faculty Newsletters, 1949-1952, 1954, 1956-1959, n.d.
    Faculty Plays, 1952-1955, 1958
    Faculty Policies Committee, Minutes, 1947-1949
    Faculty Policies Committee, Minutes, 1950-1954
    Faculty Policies Committee, Minutes, 1955-1956
    Faculty Policies Committee, Minutes, 1957-1959
    Faculty Rating, 1950, 1954
    Faculty Wives Club, 1959
    Fletcher, Inglis, Visit to ECC, 1957-1959, 1964
    Jenkins, Leo W., Appointment as Dean of Instruction and Service During Messick's Tenure, 1947-1959
    Jenkins, Leo W., Marine Corps Service, 1949, 1953, 1958
    Messick, J.D., Correspondence with Faculty Members, 1950-1959
    National Association of Teachers Agencies, 1959
    "The Responsibility of Higher Education," Faculty Meeting, 1954
    Retired Professors Registry, 1958
    Retired Teachers Are Honored," Mamie E. Jenkins and Dora E. Coates, 1954
    Russell, J.L., 1947-1949
    Rutledge, Archibald, Visit to ECC, 1952-1953
    Schwarz, Josef, German Educator's Visit to ECC, 1951-1952
    Sick Leave for Dr. Howard Clay, 1959
    Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System, 1953-1959
  • ECC Land and Buildings, Bulk, 1947-1959
    Barber Family Land, 1949-1951
    Barber Family Land, 1953-1954, 1956
    Building/Department Budget Requests, Permanent Improvement Fund, 1947-1957, 1959
    Cafeteria and Kitchen Renovation, 1955, 1957-1959
    Classroom Building, correspondence about bids, cost estimates, 1957-1959
    College Stadium Fundraising Drive, Ed Rawl Chairman, 1948-1950, 1952
    Commission for the Study of a Twelve Months' Use of Public School Buildings and Facilities for Public School Purposes, n.d.
    Dormitory Revenue Bonds, 1958
    Dunn Building Supply Company, Inc., 1952, 1959
    ECC News Bureau Articles, Campus Construction, 1953-1954, 1956, 1958-1959
    Ficklen, James Skinner, Memorial Sketch, 1955
    Flanagan Building, named after Ed Flanagan, 1949
    Flanagan, Eric G., Architect, 1950, 1955, 1957-1958
    Flanagan Sylvan Outdoor Theatre, 1955-1957
    Forbes and Gilbert Land Condemnation Proceedings, 1948-1949
    Foreign Language Laboratory, 1959
    Garrett Hall Dedication Programs, 1957
    General Insurance Agency, 1958
    Hackney, Thomas J., Hackney Bros. Body Co., 1948-1949, 1957
    Hardee-Frizelle Land, 1956-1959
    J.Y. Joyner Library and Erwin Hall Dedication, Joyner Portrait, 1949, 1951-1954
    J.Y. Joyner Library and Erwin Hall Dedication, Joyner Portrait, 1955, 1958-1959
    Maxwell, Allen J., Architect, 1948-1950
    Memorial Health and Physical Education Building, Dedication Game Versus UNC, 1952-1953
    Music Hall, Whichard Music Building, 1954, 1957-1959
    North State Construction Company, 1958
    Organs, Pipe and Electrical, 1949-1950, 1955
    Peck, W.H. ,The Budget Bureau, location of transformers in Dormitory for Men, 1950
    Portrait Unveiling Cotten Hall, 1958
    Post Office Contract Station on Campus, 1950, 1953-1954
    Post Office Contract Station on Campus, 1955-1956
    President's Home Furnishings, June 16, 1949-September 23, 1949
    President's Home Furnishings, November 18, 1949- June 15, 1951
    Rawl Building and Jones Hall, 1959
    Rivers, Thomas W., Trustee for Taft and Blount Land, 1959
    Space Utiliazation Analysis For Government and Industry, 1956-1958
    Thomas, Harles, and Edwards, Architects, 1957-1958
    Turner, Frank B., Engineer, 1949-1951
    Turner, Frank B., Engineer, 1952-1955
    Turner, Frank B., Engineer, 1956-1959
    Umstead Hall, Portrait of William B. Umstead, 1954, 1958, 1962
    West India Fruit and Steamship Co., Inc., Dan Taylor, 1953-1954, 1956, 1958
  • Academic Papers, Bulk, 1947-1959
    Annual Report Blank of North Carolina Colleges, 1948-1952
    Annual Report Blank of North Carolina Colleges, 1953-1959
    Appropriations Committee, Budget Requests, 1953-1955
    Appropriations Committee, Budget Requests, 1956-1958
    Area Testing Center for State Employment, 1959
    Bulletin from the Office of the President, 1953
    Business Development Corporation of North Carolina, 1955-1957
    Christenbury Award Committee, 1947-1953, 1964
    College Bulletin, 1950-1953
    Comparative Data, Report on Changes Between 1947 and 1959, Messick's Tenure, 1959
    Dormitory Applications for Women Students, Letter from Ruth White Dean of Women, 1955
    Duncan, F.D., ECC Treasurer and Business Manager, 1947-1959
    ECC and Woman's College Cost Differences Discussed, 1955
    Edward and Broughton Company, Engravers for the ECC Seal, 1951-1952
    Enrollment and Grade Distribution, 1945-1948, 1951-1958
    Enrollment by NC Counties, maps, 1951-1959
    Enrollment in Pitt County, map, 1951-1952
    Entrance Examinations, 1956, 1959
    Extension Courses, 1950, 1952, 1957, 1959
    Final Examination, ED 318s, Oppelt, 1955
    Freshman Testing Program, 1956-1957
    The Fund For The Advancement of Education, Ford Foundation, 1953-1956
    Home Economics Education, 1952
    Humanities Courses, 1955
    James Fenly Spear Memorial Award, 1950-1951, 1953
    Jugtown Pottery, 1951
    Liberal Arts Degree, n.d.
    Library Book Collection, Donations from Judge Romulus Nunn, Nelson Howard, and C.L. Eaddy, 1951, 1959
    Library Science Instructors, 1959
    Louis Orr Etchings, 1951
    Masters of Business Administration, 1959-1960
    Miscellaneous Academic Correspondence, 1956, 1958-1959
    Music Department, Kenneth N. Cuthbert, 1954
    Nominating Committee for President, 1959
    Organization For Policy Making and Administration of ECTC, 1947-1949
    Outdoor Education Committee, 1950-1953
    Owen G. Dunn Co., Printers, ECC Seal, 1956
    Placement Office, ECC Graduates, 1958
    Pfohl, Dr. James Christian, Translyvania Music Camp, 1959
    Qualifications of a College President, 1955, 1959
    Radio Broadcasts, list of, 1949-1953
    Radio Station WOOW, 1959
    Radio Station WWWS, 1956-1957, 1959
    Registrar's Office, 1948, 1958
    Report on East Carolina College by J.D. Messick, 1958
    Report to the Board of Higher Education, 1956, n.d.
    Research Budget Requests, 1958
    ROTC, Air Force, 1947-1952
    ROTC, Air Force, 1954-1958
    Salary Information from Other Colleges, 1955-1959
    School and Society, 1957
    School Health, 1951
    School of Nursing, 1954-1959
    Sloane Foundation, 1951
    Social Studies Department, 1958-1959
    Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1948-1951
    Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1952-1953
    Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1954-1955
    Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1956
    Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1957
    Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1958
    Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, January 29, 1959 - September 24, 1959
    Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, October 1, 1959 - December 29, 1959, n.d.
    Southern Fellowship Fund, 1956-1959
    Southern Regional Education Board, 1957-1958
    Southern University Conference, 1953-1954
    Speech and Hearing Clinic, 1955
    Star Engraving Company, Houston, Texas, 1947, 1949-1951, 1956, 1958
    Student Loans/Scholarships, 1950-1959
    Student Teaching, 1958
    Summer Music Camp, 1957-1958
    Summer School 1948, December 15, 1947 - June 30, 1948
    Summer School 1948, July5, 1948 - September 14, 1948
    Summer School 1949, 1949
    Summer School 1950, 1950
    Summer School 1951, December 1, 1950 - March 26, 1951
    Summer School 1951, April 26, 1951 - August 9, 1951
    Summer School 1952, 1952
    Summer School 1953, 1953
    Summer School 1954, 1954
    Summer School 1955, 1955
    Summer School 1956, 1956
    Summer School 1957, 1957
    Summer School 1958, 1958
    Summer School 1959, 1959
    Summer School, Wilmington, 1949, 1952-1954
    Supervised Teaching Reports, n.d.
    Teaching Load, 1948
    Television, Educational Uses, 1951-1953
    Television, Educational Uses, 1954-1959
    Television, Educational Closed-Circuit, 1956-1957
    Television, Educational Closed-Circuit, 1958-1959
    Television, Educational Broadcast, 1954-1955
    Television, Educational Broadcast, 1956-1959
    Television Programs at ECC, correspondence, 1954-1956, 1959
    Training School Library Circulation Record, 1950
    Travel-Study Tour, Dr. Ed J. Carter and Dr. Cramer, 1952, 1954-1959
    Tuition changes at ECC, 1954, 1957, 1959
    Tuiton Report for North Carolina Colleges, 1954
    Typewriters, 1959
    United States Government Depository, ECTC Library, 1951
    White House Conference on Education, 1951, 1955
    White House Conference on Education, Reports, 1955
    White House Conference on Education, newspapers and brochures, 1955-1956
    White House Conference on Education, Reports, n.d.
  • Miscellaneous Articles, 1947-1959
    Bulletin, Friends of the Public Schools, 1952
    Carl Sandburg, An Appreciation by Edwin Gill, Carl Sandburg Luncheon Raleigh, NC, 1958
    College and University Finance Associates, "Comparative Room and Board Rates for 62 Southwestern Institutions of Higher Learning for the Fall Semster 1954", 1954
    Greensboro Daily News, "Speaker Discusses Techinical Training", 1958
    News and Observer Article, "The Goodliest Land Under the Cope of Heaven", 1954
    News and Observer Article, "Railroad Nobody Wanted Soon to Become Newest Artery to Sea", 1957
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1947-1950, 1947-1950
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1951, 1951
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1952, 1952
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1953, 1953
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1954, 1954
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1955, 1955
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1956, 1956
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1957, 1957
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1958, 1958
    Photocopied Newspaper Articles 1959, 1959
    The State, "57 North Carolina Colleges", April 17, 1954
    Ten Commandments For Eastern North Carolina, 1955-1956
    UNC Chapel Hill Entry, Black Students, newspaper clipping, 1949
    "82% of 'New' Teachers In 1960 Stayed in State", 1960

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