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Flood of the Century Collection (#786), East Carolina Manuscript Collection, J. Y. Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.
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Printed materials (Sept. 1999 - May 2000) including copies of Pieces of Eight, and The East Carolinian, containing articles on Hurricane Floyd and the flood that followed, football tickets, and a copy of the program for the ECU v. University of Miami football game.

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November 3, 1999 (unprocessed), 5 items; Printed materials, including copies of Pieces of Eight and The East Carolinian, containing articles on Hurricane Floyd and the flood that followed, along with football tickets and a copy of the program for the ECU vs. U. of Miami football game. Donor: Dr. Carroll Varner, Director.

October 1, 2009, (unprocessed addition 1), 44 items, 0.015 cubic feet; Hurricane Floyd Aftermath (30 Sept - 11 Oct. 1999) at the home of Dr. Robert Bunger and his wife, Li, 207 North Warren Street, Greenville, N.C., showing extensive flood damage inside and outside the home. Photographic prints. 4" x 5" Color. See preliminary inventory. Recd. 7/22/2009. Donor: Dr. Robert Bunger.

June 7, 2010, (unprocessed addition 2), 2 items, 0.037 cubic feet; Collection (1999-2000) of photographic prints depicting Hurricane Floyd flood damaged properties in the Tar River Estates apartment complex; also homes in the 200 block of Warren Street, north of the Tar River, Greenville, North Carolina; photographs taken by Donald E. Collins. See preliminary inventory attached. Photographic prints. Color. 4" x 6". Recd 12/15/2009. Note: Photographs printed in Feb. 2000. Donor: Donald E. Collins.

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Gift of Dr. Carroll Varner

Gift of Dr. Robert Bunger

Gift of Donald E. Collins

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Container list
Box 1 Folder a Larry Evans Commentary
Box 1 Folder b Newspaper Clippings from NY and NJ, Sept 18-21
Box 1 Folder c Special Publication by the Free Press: "Hurricane Floyd and the 500 Year Flood
Box 1 Folder d Sprint Times, Oct 11
Box 1 Folder e Goldsboro News- Argus- Oct 12
Box 1 Folder f Woodmen Magazine - Jan/Feb 2000
Box 1 Folder g The Daily Reflector - Jan 20, 2000
Box 1 Folder h "Six Months Later" - The Daily Reflector, Mar 15-21, 2000
Box 1 Folder i The Eastern Informer, Dec 1999
Box 1 Folder j NC Catholic - Feb 13 and Mar 26, 2000
Box 1 Folder k Carolina Country- Apl 2000
Box 1 Folder l ECU Publications: Pieces of Eight-Oct 29, 1999; The ECU Report-Dec 1999; The East Carolinian-May 31, 2000
Box 1 Folder m Local Flyers
Box 1 Folder n Greenville News Releases
Box 1 Folder o News Releases
Box 1 Folder p Clippings, Eastern NC
Box 1 Folder q Edge Magazine - Spring 2000, "Aftermath of a Flood"
Box 1 Folder r Coast Guard - Nov 1999, "Fleeing Hope"
Box 2 Folder a Bertie Ledger - Advance - "Special Edition" Mar 15, 2000: Reflections on the Flood
Box 2 Folder b The Daily Southerner- Nov 12, 1999- Tarboro
Box 2 Folder c The East Carolinian-Nov 9, 1999
Box 2 Folder d Allanimals -Winter 2000, "The Furor of Floyd"
Box 2 Folder e The Daily Reflector - Oct 26, 1999 - Poem by 11 yr old girl
Box 2 Folder f Greenville Catholic Community Choir - "G.I.F.T." Donations for Floyd relief to Churches
Box 2 Folder g The Humane Society Regional News - Spring 2000
Box 2 Folder h North Beach Sun - Holiday 1999
Box 2 Folder i Our State Magazine - Sept 2000, "Down Came the Rain: Eastern NC After the Flood"
Box 2 Folder j The Daily Reflector-Poems- Oct 26, 1999
Box 2 Folder k Essays - N.C. History 3100 class, ECU
Box 2 Folder l Essays - N.C. History 3100 class, ECU
Box 2 Folder m Essays- English 1100, ECU
Box 2 Folder n Essays - Elizabeth Markowski Class, ECU
Box 2 Folder o Essays - Commnity Nursing Systems
Box 2 Folder p Madeline Walls Hurricane Journals
Box 2 Folder q Letter - Windsor, NC loses Lawrence Memorial Library
Box 2 Folder r Letter to Parents from "Ruth Ann"
Box 3 Folder a E-mail, Allison Shavits, Sept 16-29, 1999
Box 3 Folder b E-mail, Penny Doughtie; Memo: Walker-Ross Printing Co
Box 3 Folder c E-mail, ECU Risk Management, Oct 5, 1999
Box 3 Folder d Disaster Connection: Kids to Kids
Box 3 Folder e E-mail, Thomas Pohlman
Box 3 Folder f Flood Web Page
Box 3 Folder g Floyd Web Pages
Box 3 Folder h Floyd Internet Info
Box 3 Folder i Various Flood Web Pages
Box 3 Folder j Various Flood Web Pages
Box 3 Folder k NC Preservation Consortium
Box 3 Folder l Flood Conferences - Mendenhall, ECU
Box 3 Folder m Port Hurricane Update - 9/25/99
Box 3 Folder n "Flood File"
Box 3 Folder o States Reports
Box 3 Folder p Correspondence
Box 4 Folder a FEMA Pacific CD 1988
Box 4 Folder b FEMA CD - Kentucky Flood, 1997
Box 4 Folder c FEMA CD - Floyd Photos, 1999
Box 4 Folder d NC Disaster Recovery: FEMA Issues, Oct 22, 1999
Box 4 Folder e Greenville City Manager's Office Recovery Connection: Oct-Dec 1999
Box 4 Folder f Greenville City Manager's Office Recovery Connection: Jan-Feb 2000
Box 4 Folder g City of Greenville Hazard Mitigation
Box 4 Folder h City of Greenville Maps
Box 4 Folder i Emergency Fliers/Notices
Box 4 Folder j Releases
Box 4 Folder k Public Information Statements
Box 4 Folder l Questionnare Sheets
Box 4 Folder m Property Buy-Out
Box 4 Folder n Important Telephone Numbers
Box 4 Folder o Media Numbers
Box 4 Folder p State of Emergency Proclamations and Amendments, City of Greenville
Box 5 Folder a Regional Conference-"Recovery in the Coastal Plain"
Box 5 Folder b ECU Floyd Publications
Box 5 Folder c Bethel Elementary School 5th Grade Essays
Box 5 Folder d Floyd Relief Resource Center-Todd Dining Hall
Box 5 Folder e News Articles, e-mail, Tarboro City Announcements, one photo, from Donor: Tom Pohlman (oral interview in Box 786.8)
Box 5 Folder g Photos: P-786/75-156 (Donor: Matthew Brewer)
Box 6 Folder a Anna Hardee: P-786/157-187
Box 6 Folder b Allison Shavits: P-786/188-205
Box 6 Folder e Preservation and Conservation: P-292-295
Box 6 Folder f FEMA Photos, Eastern Counties
Box 6 Folder g FEMA Photos, Eastern Counties
Box 6 Folder h FEMA Photos, Eastern Counties
Box 6 Folder i FEMA Photos, Eastern Counties
Box 6 Folder j ECU Biology Dept
Box 6 Folder k ECU Outreach Hurricane Photos
Box 6 Folder l Web Photos
Box 7 Folder a WITN-7 Flood Video
Box 7 Folder b Bethel School Flood Video-Master and Viewing Copy
Box 7 Folder c WNCT-9 Flood Video
Box 8 Folder a Peaden Family Video-Falkland, NC
Box 8 Folder b Peaden Video-Falkland, NC
Box 8 Folder c City Mgr. and Mayor -Winsdor, NC -
Box 8 Folder d Bethel School Video
Box 9 Folder a Bethel School Flood Song-CD
Box 9 Folder b Tom Pohlman Oral Interviews
Box 9 Folder c MullinsMissouri Baptist Convention Oral Interview