Digital Collections Project Request Form

This form is for requesting projects to be reviewed by the Digital Collections Team. Please describe your project using the form below. Requests may be made at any time.

* A brief title to help identify the project.
Describe the end product you envision (ca. 250 words). If you know of similar projects, please include links to help us understand what you wish to achieve.
Please describe (ca. 250 words) how this project fulfills ECU and/or Joyner Library goals.
Who is the target audience for this project? If this project is aligned with any curriculum at the University, what classes do you think would benefit from it?
Does this project require digitization? If so, how many items and what types of materials will be digitized? (e.g. Photographs, Video, etc.)
Please provide any additional information about the copyright status of these materials.
Provide information about any additional stakeholders for this project. Include Name, Email and Department.
Please describe any information regarding a timeline, such as: preferred start date, project expiration date, and/or other deadlines, such as associated event/exhibit/publication dates.
What are your funding sources, both internal and external?