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Morattock Church Is Historical Landmark in Area

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Established in 1785, Morattock Church, located two miles from Plymouth, is the second oldest church in Washington County. This church, with a seating capacity of 200, burned in 1863, but this did not interrupt services. Parishioners met in the poorhouse until the current building was completed in 1865. As membership declined, the building was not maintained, and the final services were held in 1934 or 1935. In 1937, the roof caved in. Money was raised to replace it. The church was painted, and a plaque honoring all the preachers who had served there was installed. Since then, interest in the church has waned, and decay has again set in.
Carolina Country (NoCar HD 9688 N8 C38x), Vol. 1 Issue 2, Sept 1969, p11, il