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The North Carolina Birding Trail Takes Flight

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Starting in the coastal plain, the North Carolina Birding Trail will take birdwatchers to natural areas of rural regions throughout the state. Over thirty states have similar trails that generate millions of ecotourism dollars and provide funds to protect vanishing bird habitats. The nation's oldest birding trail was started in Texas in the early 1980s and is almost 2,110 miles long. When completed, North Carolina's trail will have three regional components. The coastal plains loop, the first section, is scheduled to open in the summer of 2006. This trail will be a driving route that connects birdwatching sites. The goal is to have at least one site in each of the state's 100 counties. A trail book will describe each birding area, including species at the site and nearby points of interest.
Carolina Country (NoCar HD 9688 N8 C38x), Vol. 38 Issue 4, Apr 2006, p12-13, il