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Otway Burns, Privateer or Pirate

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Drawing on oral histories passed down through his family, this author presents an alternative history of North Carolinian privateer Otway Burns. The author’s grandfather recalled that Beaufort residents were terrified of Burns during the early 19th century. Following the disappearance of Theodosia Burr’s schooner off the North Carolina coast in 1812, the crew of SNAP DRAGON, Otway Burn’s vessel, came to Beaufort wearing clothes supposedly taken from Burr. Residents believed SNAP DRAGON had attacked Burr’s vessel in an act of piracy. The author reports residents remained wary of Burns and, following his death, chose to bury Burns outside of town.
The Researcher (NoCar F 262 C23 R47), Vol. 18 Issue 2, Winter 2002, p11-14, il, por