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Hermon Husband's Continuation of the Impartial Relation

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This is a reprint of \"The Continuation of the Impartial Relation of the First Rise and Cause of the Recent Differences in Publik [sic] Affairs in the Province of North Carolina, Second Part,\" by Hermon Husband and printed in 1770. The Introduction establishes the document as being produced by Husband, a leading champion of the Regulators during the period of popular uprising in North Carolina between 1765 and 1771, and suggests that it is the primary source of knowledge of the Regulator's side in the conflict between Regulators and Royalists. Background information on the document and its author are also included in the introduction.
Administration of Justice Bulletin (NoCar KFN 7908 .A15 U6), Vol. 18 Issue 1, Jan 1941, p48-81, il, f