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The Mountain Dulcimer

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The Appalachian, mountain, or plucked dulcimer--the adjectives are interchangeable--is not the same instrument as one called by that name in the Bible (Daniel 3:5). Nor is it the trapezoidal harp-like forerunner of the piano, as described in Webster's Dictionary. The mountain dulcimer is an entirely homogenous and unique handmade creation, distinct from any other stringed instrument. The mountain dulcimer, with two to eight strings, most commonly three, large tuning pegs and a fretted fingerboard, has a borrowed name but is a decidedly original instrument that was very likely spontaneously developed in the Appalachian Mountain region.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 35 Issue 3, July 1967, p9-11, 43, il