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The North Carolina Estuarium educates schoolchildren across North Carolina and visitors from around the globe about aquatic life in the Albemarle-Pamlico estuarine system. Its curriculum includes interactive exhibits, topics such as the biology of the blue crab and a lesson in sculpture, pictured, showing how the food chain works. This miracle on many levels has been possible since 1998 through the collaboration of donors, volunteers, elected officials, board members, and the parent organization Partnership for the Sounds.
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A self-described “treasure hunter” has a collection that has made Washington a site for discovering and rediscovering treasure and treasured possessions. Pictures of his unburied treasure included a Spanish silver real coin from the 18th century and an epaulette from the 19th century. Proving treasure doesn’t have to be relic aged was a class ring, belonging to a soldier deployed in Iraq, who recovered his ring as a result of local Junius Swain’s discovery.