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This biographical essay looks at the life and turbulent career of colonial figure Captain James Wimble, who lived in Sussex, the West Indies, Boston, and North Carolina. Wimble worked as a mariner, trader, distiller, landowner, colonizer, map maker, and privateer. His careers and experiences were heavily marked by the public relationships between England and America, the American mainland and the West Indies, older New England and young North Carolina, and especially between England and Spain.
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This article examines the early 18th century maps made by cartographer and mariner Captain James Wimble, as well as period cartography of the Carolina coast. References to other cartographic efforts, both previous and contemporary to Wimble, of this geography is included, as well as specific study of Wimble's maps. A fold-out print of Wimble's 1733 and 1738 maps of the Carolina coastline measuring roughly 12.5\" x 22\" is also included.