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Lieutenant Roy Wilder, Jr., became a missionary of the North Carolina chitlin faith during World War II. While stationed in London, Wilder received a jar of chitlins from home. With a group of fellow North Carolinians, Wilder cooked the chitlins, creating a unusual smell in the London air. Future N.C. House of Representatives speaker pro tem Allen Barbee, Greenville lawyer William W. Speight, and future Asheville Citizen editor John A. Paris were all present at the chitlin dinner. Following the Normandy invasion, Wilder made a promise to Lindsey Nelson, a future CBS sports reporter, and Don Whitehead, a future Pulitzer Prize reporter, to meet in Germany on Thanksgiving for a chitlin dinner. This did not occur, but Wilder kept his jar of chitlins and met up with the two in March 1945 in Remagen, Germany. There, the trio cooked up a southern meal complemented with champagne, donated by fellow servicemen. Newspapers, Time magazine, the comic strip Pogo, and the Air Force Diary and Magazine reported the chitlin dinner for readers in America. Wilder later sent chitlins to fellow correspondents in Korea and Vietnam.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 52 Issue 6, Nov 1984, p15-16, por
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