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The Blue Ridge Wagon Train of 1982 traveled largely over paved roads but tried to recreate the cowboy experience of pioneer days for cowboy and wagon train enthusiasts. Although the route differed each year, it was a week long trek beginning at Millers Creek fairgrounds and culminating in a Fourth of July celebration in West Jefferson, some forty-five miles away. Participants could ride horses, ponies, or mules or drive wagons or carts, although many used campers and motor vehicles for transporting provisions and for sleeping. Other riders and wagons joined along the way and people would stand on porches to wave as the train passed. When it rained, participants banded together, sharing supplies but even the knee-deep mud was a welcome part of the experience.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 50 Issue 1, June 1982, p10-12, il
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