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The new Rose High School officially opened on Wednesday, Sept. 4, 1957. The academic wing, gymnasium, cafeteria and band department comprised the entire school. The school was formally dedicated on Thursday night, Nov. 14, 1957, during the observation of American Education Week. Kammerer recalls early events, school fees, and the honor code. He gives a history of the Greenville High School Band , Glee Club and the series of Rose High Bands including The Melodaires, The Furies, The Playboys, Malibu 6, and The Traditionalists. There were all sorts of clubs such as a Hot Rod Club, Science Club, Bible Club, Radio Club, Projectionists Club, Future Physicians Club, Electrical Engineers Club, and Dramatics Club. In the spring of 1957, Ms. Marie S. Wallace, local dance teacher and hostess created “Dansorama,” a dancing program on local television for Rose High seniors and in 1958 the Pose High SGA sponsored dancing during lunch. The Rose High SGA called their meetings to order with a Pepsi bottle and in December 1962 the Student Council presented the SGA with a wooden gavel.