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This trail includes ten churches representing Baptist, Episcopal, and Christian Churches, with nine of the churches on the National Register of Historic Places. In towns such as Bear Grass, Hamilton, Robersonville, Everetts, Jamesville, Williamston, and Oak City, they include St. Martin’s Episcopal, Skewarkey Primitive Baptist Church, and Oak City Christian Church.
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The original Kehukee Primitive Baptist Church was organized in 1742. The Kehukee Baptist Association was formed in 1769. It si the fourth oldest association of Baptist churches in America behind Philadelphia (1707), Charleston (1751) and Sandy Creek, N.C. (1758). Baptists in North Carolina finally split into to separate groups in 1827. The final meeting was held in Kehukee Church. No longer active today, the current building housing Kehukee is its second structure, built in 1902.