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Oysters were very important to Greenville's past. Frank Johnston, Alfred Cully, Johnson, Norcott & Co., Joe Forbes, J.J. Dancy, Jr., J.J. Cory, and J.R. Daniel & Co. all opened oyster restaurants or saloons in Greenville in the late nineteenth-century. Oyster boats came to the Greenville dock to sell oysters until the Tar River grew too shallow. By 1940, Greenville received its oysters by truck. The Tar River Oyster House was possibly J.R. Daniel & Co.'s original oyster house. Captain Jack Teel, or \"Cap'n Jack,\" opened the Tar River Oyster House in 1932. An arsonist burned down the Tar River Oyster House on May 12, 1953, and Capt. Teel rebuilt it out of cement block later that year. In 1967, Walter Woodard tore down the cement block Tar River Oyster House.
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Wimpies Steam Bar and Grill has undergone renovations and introduced a new seasonal schedule for its reopening. The changes include a roving oyster shucker, new bar area, patio area, and paved parking lot. New items have also been added to the menu to compliment old favorites. Wimpies Steam Bar and Grill has been serving food to Winterville for more than 20 years.
Greenville Times (NoCar Oversize F264 G72 G77), Vol. Issue , October/November 2014, p16-27, il, por
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