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Sorg examines the damage done to citizens of North Carolina and to the state's reputation around the nation by the current Republican General Assembly. For example in seven months Republicans cut funding to public education while favoring tax cuts for the wealthy, passed the most repressive voting bill in the country, and repealed the Racial Justice Act. Sorg lists the five worst Republicans and two honorable mentions that were chosen because of the \"inanity of their legislation and the damage they have inflicted on the state.\" They are [Worst] Thom Tillis, Tim Moffitt, Tim Moore, Paul Stam, and the duo of Pat McElraft and Ruth Samuelson. Honorable mentions are George Cleveland and Marilyn Avila.
Indy Week (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57), Vol. 30 Issue 31, Jul 2013, p7-8, por Periodical Website
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