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This article looks at the establishment of the first state normal school for African American teachers founded in Fayetteville using two thousand dollars authorized by the North Carolina legislature. The legislature chose Fayetteville after a strong lobbying effort by the African Methodist Episcopal Zion bishop and other community leaders as well as recognition of great educational activity by black Fayetteville citizens between 1865 and 1877 and the strong educational tradition that stretched to the clandestine schooling of slaves in Fayetteville's urban areas in the 1820s. This background supported the establishment of primary and secondary schools, as well as the normal school, which became Fayetteville State University in 1969.
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Fayetteville’s Vision 2026 plan has a two-fold mission: to spur economic growth, which may transform its current military town identity. How the business, government, and institutional leaders intend to make this vision a reality is through initiatives such as a baseball stadium, redevelopment of the historic Prince Charles Hotel, and a bond investing in park and recreation sites. Such initiatives may build on Fayetteville’s industrial base and make its county comparable to surrounding counties in terms of factors such as population growth.