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ECU has had many memorable homecoming celebrations throughout its history. Homecoming can be tracked back to Founder’s Day celebrated on Mar. 5, 1932 and a sort of Homecoming took place thereafter every year on the Saturday closest to March 8, the day the school was founded in 1907. The first homecoming associated with a sport occurred in 1936. There were no Homecomings during WWII. The Homecoming of 1946 was known as “Veterans Homecoming and May Day.” The homecoming became an annual event after the November 8, 1947. In 1950, “Capt. Teco,” a towering paper mache pirate was unveiled and in 1952, the first mascot, a Great Dane named “Buc” made his appearance. In 1953, the first Homecoming Queen was crowned and afterwards many more homecoming firsts occurred and memorable performers came to Greenville.