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The secret of many of Haywood County's distinctions and achievements is Canton. The not-so-concealed secret of Canton is Champion Paper & Fibre Company. And the secret to Champion's success is Reuben Robertson, manager, president, and chairman of Champion's board.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 21 Issue 11, Aug 1953, p8-9, 16, f
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It was touted as the first book mill in the South, a pioneer in producing white paper from chestnut wood, and among the industry’s mavens in its attention to quality and production cost. Such factors have made Canton’s Champion Paper Company an economic staple for three generations. Its enduring importance to the community is on display in a photographs collection at Canton Area Historical Museum. It can be viewed in the history of the company provided by the author, which includes how many residents it employed at its height and how the founder’s business savvy helped to make the company a success.
Our State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 80 Issue 6, Nov 2012, p31-32, 34-35 Periodical Website