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The oldest certified White Ash tree is one of many aspects about the town that’s also the oldest town in Halifax County. Making the town a must-see for lovers of North Caroliniana include historic homes such as Branch Grove, Gray Hall, Shell Castle, Glen Burnie, and Conoconnara Hall. Articles of North Caroliniana noted were the town’s involvement with the American Revolution through the Halifax Resolves and Enfield Riots.
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Branch Grove, the birthplace of Alpheus Branch, founder of BB&T, is an extremely fine 1820's Federal tripartite house (with an earlier 1790s Georgian wing). Placed on the National Register in 1982, the highly significant house was rented to tenants from the 1880s to the early 1980s and sat vacant for decades. Preservation NC marketed the house for eleven years with lots of interest, but the challenge was always finding a suitable new site. In 2016, we faced a final ultimatum: move it or it will be burned down. The stars finally aligned with available land, and at the final hour, PNC received an extremely generous anonymous donation to relocate the house and stabilize its exterior. PNC was fortunate to partner with local contractor Andrus & Company on the renovation. The house was moved to a nearby site of over 38 acres and Preservation NC is looking for a buyer.