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Lewis Bond was born in 1795 in Pitt County. Sometime around 1815, after apprenticing to a cabinetmaker, Bond started his own furniture shop in Greenville. By 1820, Bond moved to Tarboro and opened a furniture making business there. During this period he married Sydney Nelson and had a number of children. Following Sydney's death in 1832, Lewis married to Mary E. Norman. Keeping up with the latest styles of furniture, Bond ran his business successfully until 1846, when his son, Francis Lewis Bond, took over the operation. Lewis Bond died in 1858. F.L. Bond was very successful in Tarboro and contributed a great deal of money to help build a new Methodist church in town in 1856. He married Martha Dancy, a dressmaker, in 1849 and the newlyweds moved to Goldsboro shortly after the wedding. Returning to Tarboro by 1860, F.L. Bond gave up the furniture business and switched to making surgical instruments. Following a brief experience in Wilmington as a cabinetmaker after the Civil War, he returned to Tarboro and worked as a sewing machine operator in his wife's dressmaking shop. F.L. Bond met a sad end when, in 1890, during a bout of depression, he jumped off a bridge into the Tar River and drowned.