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In 1860, a blind African-American boy, named Thomas Wiggins Bethune, aged 10 years, of Harrison, GA, set down to a grand piano on stage of the Old Opera House in Norfolk, VA and captivated them with his talent. Though blind, he had an extraordinary ear and could play anything he had heard played before. He was taken on tour in 1857 by his slave owner, Col. James N. Bethune, and later on a grand tour of all the concert halls of the United States. Known as ‘Blind Tom,’ he played for President James Buchanan and Mark Twain described him as “An archangel cast from heaven.” After the Civil War his family sued to gain custody of him from Col. Bethune and in 1887 Blind Tom was given to his mother and sister in law. He then traveled and played under his real name, Thomas Green Wiggins. He retired from the stage in 1904 due to health issues and he died at age 59 in New York City. He composed a number of pieces of music.