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Formerly located at the intersection of First and Greene streets in Greenville, this church has had a very important history. Begun in the winter of 1865, with 22 members, it was first known as the "African Baptist Church" until the early 1880s. Then known as “Sycamore Hill Baptist Church,” Sam Perry was its first minister followed by Austin Flood. A stately brick church building was built in 1916 and dedicated in July 1917. The Rev. Dr. J. A. Nimmo served as pastor from 1928 to 1961. In Oct. 1965 the church celebrated its 100th year anniversary with two weeks of special services. The Church was forced to be sold to the Redevelopment Commission and in 1968 they bought and moved to the former Eighth Street Christian Church. Tragically, in February 1969 some evil-minded person fire bombed the old brick church building and Greenville lost forever another gem of its architectural history.