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NC State University assistant professor of journalism Dick J. Reavis shares his story of working as a day laborer. The story comes from Chapter 2 of his book Catching Out: The Secret World of Day Laborers. Reavis spent a day working a digger, digging up a tree and digging a trench with a homeless, blind, mentally challenged colleague. Reavis details the struggles for day laborers and the challenges to making a living doing this type of work .
Independent Weekly (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57 [volumes 13 - 23 on microfilm]), Vol. 27 Issue 7, February 2010, p16-19 Periodical Website
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Moral Mondays are protests by citizens in response to several actions in 2013 by the North Carolina General Assembly, which is controlled by the Republican Party. Protesters engage in civil disobedience by carrying signs, failing to disburse when ordered, entering the state legislature building, and then being peacefully arrested. Arrests currently total 940, and all cases must be heard by two appointed judges. Reavis, 68, a former newspaper and magazine reporter and now an English professor at NC State University, recounts his court appearance.
Indy Week (NoCar Oversize AP 2 .I57), Vol. 31 Issue 4, Jan 2014, p16-17, por Periodical Website
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