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The bald eagle is making a comeback in North Carolina. Only one eagle was spotted in the state during 1982, compared to thirteen in 1985. A state ban on the pesticide DDT and the eagle's designation as a protected species are reasons for the bird's population growth. Dr. Richard Brown of the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte believes the state can do more. One of the biggest dangers to the state's bald eagles is ignorant hunters. Dr. Brown believes that the state should, as some states do, require a bird identification test before granting a gun license. Dr. Brown also advocates a reward system, under which private companies would grant money for any information on illegal hunting practices. Rewards up to $20,000 would provide sufficient motivation in turning over poachers, claims Dr. Brown.
The State (NoCar F 251 S77), Vol. 52 Issue 11, Apr 1985, p19, il
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