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Clarifying the confusion between BarCARES and NC LAP were the authors’ descriptions of these organizations for legal community members experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse issues. The authors’ clarification was provided within the context of services, resources, and whom within the legal community each organization serves. In defining their uniqueness, Barnhardt and Moraites also emphasized the common goal of BarCARES and NC LAP, whether working together or independently . It is assisting representatives of the legal community in maintaining their professional and personal well-being.
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The author used the recent efforts to reinvigorate NC LAP Foundation’s coffers as an opener for his discussion of its history. Included in his discussion of how NC LAP functions currently are its services and support for lawyers seeking recovery for substance abuse and mental health issues. Concluding his discussion of NC LAP was the increasing need for its resources and how NC LAP continues to fulfill its mission.