Confederate one dollar bill

Confederate one dollar bill
One dollar note issued by the Confederate States of America, February 17, 1864 in Richmond, Virginia.
February 17, 1864
Original Format
financial records
18cm x 8cm
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Location of Original
East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Mandy Aug 12 2021

If any one could please tell me the value on a 1 ...5....and 10 please contact me asap

Jon M. Sep 08 2019

Would like to know if there is any value to a Richmond,Virginia $1 bill with a woman on it ???

Angels Nov 23 2017

Primero de todo no se ingles ,disculpeTengo dos bitlletes y me gustaria saver si tienen algun valor

Scott Jul 06 2017

I Have this exact bill except it has a woman in the pic. Is this a real bill?

Christopher May 08 2017

How much is a 1806 Confederate dollar bill

Josh Jan 19 2022

There was no confederacy until 1861

Angie cross Nov 10 2016

I have one what is worth

Joyner Digital Collections Dec 19 2014

Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, we do not provide appraisal services and cannot respond to comments asking for such services.

Junius Harris Dec 12 2014

I have a 1864 Feb 17 087/29 Richmond Confederate United America one dollar note. Has a women with a large hat picture (?Lucy Pickin..wife of the Governor at the time) on the front and back. Signed by a Mr Allen. What is its worth?

artur Apr 22 2014

I have the same bill and want to sale it but I don't know what price to ask??

Tonya Stringer May 01 2013

I have a $2 bill on front says confederate states of america with pic of man on right side Richmond April 6,1863 it is one sided.State of flordia one dollar bil Tallahassee march 1,1863 NO. 2396 little girl left lower corner on front two women in right upper corner also one sided.state of alabama 100 dollars no.834 Montgomery janurary 1,1864 indians in center top of front big C in left upper corner 100 in right upper, one indian in right loer left lower looks like a tree with a white square inffront of it,on back says state then big 100 then alabama in center then 4 big C on all corners. 50 dollar bill says republic of texas oct 25 1839 year might be wrong one sided no.5962 pic of man on center right of bill upper left side looks like a woman maybe naked or like an angel pose star in lower center, top right center it has a ship. Wondering if you could let me know a value to a collector, or if they are counterfit by the north. thank you my email is

james streu Apr 07 2013

i have a 1864 Feb 17th one dollar bill what is it worth?

Deanna Mendoza Mar 14 2013

I have a Confederate States of America One Dollar bill. What is the value of this?

bree Feb 24 2013

I have the one dollar Confederate states American dollar What is current selling price? Picture of man on it

Rachel May 07 2012

I have a confederate States $20.00 and $10.00 bill dated Feb 17 1865 richmond on both, is it worth any thing? email @

Betty Anne E. Aug 03 2011

I have a 1864 Feb 17 087/29 Richmond Confederate United America one dollar note. Has a women with a large hat picture (?Lucy Pickin..wife of the Governor at the time) on the front and back. Signed by a Mr Allen. Is this note worth anything or is it a fake?

Brad Ciociola Jun 01 2011

This particular bill is from the last series of notes issued by the Confederacy before the end of the Civil War. This note in its condition has a value of around $35 to $50. Joyce, your note just has a different letter representing the printing plate used to produce that bill. There were numerous signers for Confederate currency. If anyone has any other questions about paper money please email me at   - B.S. Communication May 2010.

Joyce Freeman May 26 2011

I have a bill with a different signiture on it and a capitol B printed on the bottom right hand side..Is it worth anything???? My email adress is

hid rinks Jan 02 2011

i also have one with a picture of a woman on it i was just wanting to know if it was real or fake

mrmouse Dec 30 2010

if your bill measures 3 1/4" by 7 1/4" and has the word "facsimile" on the back,lower left hand corner in fine print then it is just that,fake.

that guy Dec 21 2010

good luck on spending that downtown

t vondane Nov 30 2010

I have also recently come to  own a confederate dollar bill, I  have done some research and it is  very interesting. The worth of the  bill is dependent on the true condition of it. Go to web site-  CSA Notes, very good read, and  feedback.   Thanks- T.Vondane

Belva Langley Oct 09 2010

I just found a 1864 one dollar confederate bill and I would like to know if any one is intrested in buying it?

Delores Clayborne Aug 08 2010

Is this bill real with a woman's portrait on the front and back Feb 17 1864 Jun 23 2010

I have one that has the letter B I would like to know what the B stands for and also the signature looks like Mo Allen not sure though can you tell me who would have signed the bill Thanks

lee Apr 18 2010

what is this bill worth

vicki Nov 22 2009

I have this exact bill but the letter on mine is .B   What does the letter mean and how can i find out its worth.

Administrator Aug 28 2009

We are a library and archive and do not appraise antiques or money. These items are simply part of our collection that we have put online for research and study. We do not keep records of the rarity or current market value of our collection. If you are interested in finding out more about similar currency that you own, please consult a professional antiques appraiser in your area. Do not email us questions about these bills. We cannot provide appraisals.

peny May 11 2009

How much this bill

tdub Mar 18 2009

I've found one with the picture of a woman.

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