Confederate ten dollar bill

Confederate ten dollar bill
Ten dollar note issued by the Confederate States of America, February 17, 1864 in Richmond, Virginia.
February 17, 1864
Original Format
financial records
18cm x 8cm
Local Identifier
Location of Original
East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Emmanuel Marquez Dec 02 2017

there selling me a bill just like the one in the picture and a 1856 city bank new haven. $3 for $250.what are they worth?

Rochelle Singleton Jan 22 2017

I have a ten dollar confredate bill just like the one in the picture on your website how much is it worth

Herb Pittman Aug 19 2016

Have a 1864 confederate 10.00 bill

David Metcalf Jul 30 2016

I have a ten dollar 1864 series 7 bill serial number (7180) is this worth much?

Jon May 07 2016

I have an old confederate $10 bill and its in great condition I've check the serial numbers online and its not on the list of the fake one that's out. Can someone help me figure out way it may be worth? Serial # 21232.

David Knapp Apr 13 2016

I have a confederate 10 Dollar bill.February 1864 # 40679. I had to put clear tape on the front.the paper the bill is made with is very delicate.I'm guessing from circulation.

Howard Elkins Feb 24 2022

I have a 10dollar confederate bill

Evelyn Feb 19 2016

I have a 2009 $10 bill repeated serial number 68116811 do you know how much this bill worth? And also a $1 bill serial number 14788741

J.J. Jan 31 2016

40679 is a known counterfeit. Send them to - they're a valuable resource in fact checking these old notes - and many other types. Yours seems to be authentic yea!

Mark foster Oct 19 2015

How Mitch is it worth 10 dollars bill feb 17 1964 no 40679 in mint condition sealed in book for all these years

mohammed Aug 29 2015

I've got holder No. 45956

David Knapp Jun 18 2015

How much is a confederate 10 dollar bill worth dated1864 serial#40679.

dennis Apr 19 2015

Yes we have 10 bill Feb 17 1864...serial #83826

sandra silha Jun 04 2014

what is this bill worth?

Mike Mead Mar 18 2014

I have a mint condition I an demolition and found it

bill Aug 09 2013

h ow much is this value at i am sell thus

Greg Johnson Dec 05 2012

This note is currently selling at retailfor 25.00 (fine condition-no more than 8 folds, minimum number of 'pin holes') to 125.00 (gem uncirculated).

KIM Nov 24 2012

CSA 10 bill:  a REPUTABLE COIN CO. IN NH asks $80.  for this item.

Amanda Barnes Jun 15 2012

I have a real 10.00 confederate bill from 1864 also has a picture in the right hand corner on the front is that Jefferson Davis? On the back of the bill ten is written in big letters. Serial #36417.

sweety pie Aug 13 2011

I have a cds 10 dollar bill and was wondering how much it was worth.

Jermaine Thomas May 06 2011

i have a csa ten dollar bill and was woundering what was it worth can you help me

fred mccormick Jun 07 2010

I have a csa ten dollar bill and was woundering what it was worth if you can help me please let me know.

Liz Flannery Sep 12 2009

I have a real copy of the confederate ten dollar bill from 1864 is their anyway you could telll me the value??

Administrator Aug 28 2009

We are a library and archive and do not appraise antiques or money. These items are simply part of our collection that we have put online for research and study. We do not keep records of the rarity or current market value of our collection. If you are interested in finding out more about similar currency that you own, please consult a professional antiques appraiser in your area. Do not email us questions about these bills. We cannot provide appraisals.

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