New and Correct Map of the Province of North Carolina

New and Correct Map of the Province of North Carolina
A New and Correct Map of the Province of North Carolina by Edward Moseley, late surveyor general of the said province ([London]: Sold at the Three Crowns, 1733). Shows settlements, inhabitants, soil conditions, rivers, and principal products, with insets showing Port Brunswick or Cape Fear Harbour, Port Beaufort or Topsail Inlet, Ocacock [Ocracoke] Inlet, Explanation, and Directions for Ocacock [Ocracoke] Inlet. (This image was assembled from 6 separate scans of the original map)
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David Decker May 06 2020

The download button merely opens the map in a new window. It doesn't actually download the file. I'd really like to have a full-scale digital version of this map. Is that possible through this web site?

David Sisk Jul 19 2017

Reproductions of this map are sold online, at

Laurie J Chapman Jun 17 2017

Reiterating comment 2, can I purchase a copy of this map anywhere?Thank you, Laurie Chapman

Michael squires Feb 16 2017

I think i hold the original copy 9f this map an if so what is its value

Gary Burden Jan 09 2017

How can I obtain a printed paper copy of this map? U83es

Laurel Jul 17 2013

Unfortunately, the original map seems to have sustained fold damage, which can be seen on the original 4 negatives, and is not an alignment problem.

David Moore Jan 11 2013

Could you possibly upload this again as it appears that there was some alignment problems during your piecing it together.  Core Banks just north of Cape Lookout is particularly out of whack.  Thanx...

Jamie Blackwell Oct 20 2011

Is there a much higher resolution version of this map online somewhere, so the detail information can be read online? If not, please consider adding this to your collection.

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