The East Carolinian, March 23, 2005
Volume 80 .Number 66 W E D N E S D AY March 23, 2005
Holland dials USC's number
again for second major hire
Stokes becomes first
men's minority coach
ever at ECU
Ricky Stokes, a University
of South Carolina assistant
and former Virginia Tech head
coach, made history when he
was anointed by athletic direc-
tor Terry Holland to become
ECU's 21st head basketball
coach March 16.
Stokes was fired two years
ago at Virginia Tech, and com-
piled a 45-70 record during
his four year stint. The Hokies
moved from the Atlantic 10 to
the more competitive Big East,
much like the Pirates did from
the Colonial Athletic Associa-
tion to Conference USA. Since,
he reunited with ex-ECU coach
Dave Odom to whom he was
an assistant for the past two
Terry Holland immediately
named Mack McCarthy as asso-
ciate head coach. McCarthy
brings a wealth of basketball
knowledge having compiled a
309-177 record over 16 seasons
with stints at Tennessee-Chat-
tanooga and Virginia Com-
monwealth. McCarthy was
narhed Southern Conference
Coach-of the-Year three times
and led the Mocs to five NCAA
tournaments and two NIT
appearances even punching a
ticket to the Sweet 16.
Stokes replaces Bill Herrion,
who was asked to step down
on Feb. 22, three games before
the regular season concluded.
Herrion held the Pirate reigns
for six years compiling a 70-98
record. The Pirates finished
this season 9-19 and 4-12
in C-USA. The Pirates only
won four games against Divi-
sion-I opponents after Dec. 1.
Stokes enjoyed a four-year
career at the University of Vir-
ginia under Terry Holland. The
former S-foot, 8-inch point
guard helped lead his team to
three consecutive ACC cham-
pionships and four straight
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k��.jiff f
Students pass through the service line at West End Dining Hall
Monday. The dining hall opened for dinner March 20.
West End Dining Hall
open for operation
Ricky Stokes speaks to media and fans at a press conference last week after Athletic Director Terry
Holland named Stokes as the next head coach for ECU men's basketball.
NCAA tournament appearances.
He played in a school-record
134 consecutive games and in
his senior campaign earned
the Frances Pomeroy Naismith
Award, which is presented annu-
ally to the country's best player
under six feet tall.
Stokes began his coaching
career at Bowling Green State
University. He then joined Dave
Odom's staff at Wake Forest in
1989. While in Winston-Salem,
Stokes was credited with the
recruitment and development
of the 1997 College Player-of-
the-Year Tim Duncan as well as
NBA first-round picks Randolph
Childress and Rodney Rogers.
During the eight years at Wake
Forest, the Demon Deacons
advanced to the NCAA tour-
nament seven times, which
included an Elite Eight appear-
ance in 1995-1996.
Stokes reunited with his
former college teammate in Jeff
Jones at Virginia for one season
before following Rick Barnes
from Clemson to Texas. He
spent the 1998-1999 season as
associate head coach playing an
important role in guiding the
Longhorns to their first-ever
Big 12 title.
With the hiring, Stokes
becomes the first-ever men's
minority head coach at ECU.
Stokes is one of two minor-
ity head coaches within the
17 North Carolina Division-1
Stokes earned a bachelor's
degree In psychology from Vir-
ginia in 1984 and a master's
degree in counselor education
at Virginia Commonwealth in
1988. McCarthy also owns a
bachelor and master's degree,
both of which he earned from
Virginia Tech.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@eastcarolinian. com.
Increased dining options
available for students
The West End Dining Hall,
which has been in construction
since the fall of 2003, officially
opened its doors for dinner
March 20 and has been in full
operation since that time.
"So far it's going great. Stu-
dents seem very excited said
Dana Dawes, senior food service
The $13 million facility has
features unique when compared
to Todd and Mendenhall Dining
Halls in terms of design, types
of food offered and service to
West End Dining Hall is an
upscale building with an elegant
design and a comforting atmo-
sphere. The dining hall seats 600
people, which is 250 more than
the Mendenhall cafeteria could.
Several new features are avail-
able for students. A Mongolian
grill, named Fire and Rice, is a
new feature that allows students
to specify what they would like
to eat in their dish, which is pre-
pared right in front of them.
Students showed positive
reactions to the new dining hall
and what it has to offer.
Houtan Kargar, senior indus-
trial distribution major, said
he thought the food quality
and presentation has improved
compared to what he had seen
in the past.
"I walked in here and thought
I was dreaming said Kargar.
Mallory Osborne, freshman
occupational therapy major
"I like how it's more open
said Osborne.
Joyce Sealey, food service
director in the department of
dining services at ECU, spoke
about the versatility of the grill
"We want to be able to do
things other than just the Mon-
golian grill said Sealey.
"We want to be able to cook
pancakes and serve dishes other
than just Mongolian cooking
The deli, entitled Wrap and
Roll, offers a variety of sand-
wiches one might find in a cafe or
coffee shop as well as traditional
subs. Certain diets, such as vegan
and vegetarian, have been given
specific sections in the dining
hall devoted to their personal
taste in foods.
Allison Metcalf, marketing
program manager of Aramark,
said the dining experience at
West End was designed to reflect
the individual's taste.
"We are done with the family
style of cooking said Metcalf.
"If you want a casserole, it is
individualized. If you don't want
a certain spice in there, it's your
Future plans are underway
with the former Mendenhall
see WEST END page A2
Steam pipe heating system defect
creates complications on campus
Workers shut heating
down during repairs
City Manager Wayne Bowers, landlords and ECU personnel walk
through the neighborhood observing the conditions.
Student Neighborhood
Relations to improve
community living
Group conducts survey
to evaluate conditions
The student neighborhood
relations of ECU conducted a
survey of students and residents
living in neighborhoods close to
the ECU campus shortly before
spring break.
The area of focus is homes
from Charles to Evans and from
10th Street to 14th Street. This is
an area spanning approximately
12 blocks and encompassing
about 165 residences inhabited
by both ECU students and non-
students. This specific area was
chosen due to the high mix of
students who lease homes and
families who own homes living
as neighbors.
Approximately 45 percent
of the area is student housing.
When students and families live
together, there are occasionally
problems with students not
respecting the lifestyle differ-
ences between themselves and
their neighbors. Loud music,
trash in the lawn, parties and
speeding are common issues that
cause conflicts.
Justin Gross, a student neigh-
borhood relations graduate
assistant, was actively engaged
in the door-to-door surveying
"We're just trying to figure
out how individuals feel about
living in the community and
gain opinions about how to
improve the neighborhood
see RELATIONS page A3
A defect within the steam
pipeline heating system of ECU
caused by a hole in one of the
pipes left campus without heat-
ing or hot water and required
facility staff workers to spend
hours in a manhole repairing
the system.
It was at first undetermined
how long the repairs would take
to be complete and an estimated
10 - 16 hour time frame was
announced. The facilities staff
was however able to fix the
problem sooner than expected
and brought the main campus
steam plant back on line and to
full pressure by approximately 6
p.m. Monday evening.
The problem was first noticed
Saturday evening due to the large
amount of steam being released.
"When you see steam coming
out and up you know you've got
an immediate problem some-
where because there shouldn't be
steam coming up out of the vents
or anything said Dennis Ray,
steam plant supervisor.
ECU's entire heating system
was temporarily down as all of
the boilers were temporarily
disabled while the workers made
the appropriate repairs.
"We have to make a repair
now. If we don't make the repair
now it's just going to get worse
said Del Kingsland, steam distri-
bution supervisor.
The defect, which started
out rather small, escalated
into a much larger problem by
"Saturday evening it was a
small spot kingsland said.
Upon recognizing there was
a problem, numerous manholes
were checked in order to deter-
mine the exact location of the
defect. After the precise location
was found, workers then rotated
turns going in and out of man-
holes to resolve the problem.
They entered the pit for approxi-
mately 15 minutes and took 45-
minute breaks.
"You got to be kind of crazy
to go in some of these manholes.
They run anywhere from 120 to
140 degrees Kingsland said.
Two fans were placed within
the pit providing a steady cir-
culation of air to deal with the
extreme temperatures.
"One fan is trying to draw
it out, one is trying to push it in
so you have a circulation of air
in there. It's so hot the pipe is
unbearable to touch, even with
gloves you couldn't do it Ray
Neil Thome, maintenance
mechanic who entered the man-
hole, said it was extremely wet,
hot and difficult to breathe. He
said they turned the valves on
and off as they attempted to
pinpoint the exact location of
the pipe where they had to apply
the patch.
Joel Crisco, maintenance
mechanic, said he agreed they
were working in some extreme
and harsh conditions and thought
they were making good progress
in fixing the problem.
"They're dedicated to this
campus on getting the job done
Kingsland said.
Kingsland said working in
these conditions is a very dif-
Facility personnel alternate turns working in the manhole to patch
a hole within a heating system pipeline.
ficult job both mentally and
Kingsland said incidents such
as this are caused due to the
age and deterioration of the
piping and there is not a lot that
can be done to prevent such
"We're replacing pipe as we
go along because some of the pipe
is old that's in here. We have a
good maintenance program here
and we go through the system
like we should but it's just
because of the age of some of the
equipment these things happen
Kingsland said.
He said the crew does a fan-
tastic job in maintaining the
system and keeping it up and
A 5 -10 mile pipeline system
extends underway throughout
ECU's campus providing heating
all throughout.
Most of the equipment on
campus is run by steam which
provides heating for water, heat,
humidity, cooking and air con-
"Steam is vital to campus
operations everything you do
here comes from steam King-
sland said.
Lauren Brinsfield, senior
criminal justice major and Resi-
dential Advisor of Clement Hall,
see PIPES page A3
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Page A2 252.328. 6366
NICK HENNE News Editor KRISTIN DAY Assistant News Editor
March 23,2005
Blood Drive
ECU College Democrats is hosting
an American Red Cross Blood
Drive March 23 at Mendenhall
Student Center.
Diabetes Screening
Wellness Education, Ledonia
Wright Cultural Center and Student
Health Service are sponsoring a
free diabetes screening March 23
from 11 am. - 2 pm at Mendenhall
and Wright Plaza. The screening
is available to all students, staff
and faculty to help identify those
who may have diabetes and to
provide more information on
diabetes. For more Information,
contact Wellness Education at
AA Meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
will be held every Wednesday at
noon in 242 Mendenhall Student
Center and Thursday at 11:30 am
in 14 MSC For more information,
call 760-500-8918.
Spotlight Seminar
The ECU chapter of Sigma Xi
is sponsoring this seminar that
will update students on the
new BS in Engineering program
March 23 at 3:30 p.m. in SZ207
Science and Technology Lecture
Hall Annex. The seminar will
feature Paul Kauffmann, chair in
the department of technology
systems, and light refreshments
will be served.
Poetry Reading
Betty Adcock, Writer-in-Residence
at Meredith College, will be giving
a poetry reading March 23 at 7:30
p.m. in 1032 Bate
SGA Annual Funding
SGA will hold funding seminars to
help student organizations learn
how to make money during the
next two weeks. A seminar will be
held March 23 at 8 p.m. in 1026
Bate. Three remaining seminars
will be March 28 - 30. For more
information, call 328-4726.
Contemporary Jazz
Ensemble Concert
The school of music is holding a
jazz concert March 23 at 8 p.m. in
A. J. Fletcher Recital Hall. For more
information, call 328-6851.
Contra Dance
The ECU Folk and Country
Dancers are sponsoring a contra
dance Friday, March 25 at the
Willis Building on the comer of
First and Reade streets. The
beginners' lesson will be at 7:30
p.m. and the dance from 8 -10:30
pm. Live old-time and Celtic
music will be provided by a string
band. Cost to attend is $3 for
students, $5 for FASG members
and $8 for the general public.
For more information, please call
Ballroom Dancing
The United States Amateur
Ballroom Dancers Association is
hosting a dance March 26 in the
Wills Building at First and Reade
streets from 7:30 - 11 p.m. The
evening will begin with a free
dance lesson. Call 355-5847 for
further details.
Songs for a New World
The school of theater and dance
is holding this event March 29
at 8 p.m. in A.J. Fletcher Recital
Hall. Call 328-6851 for more
2005 GPDSpeclal
Olympics Golf
The Greenville Police Department
is sponsoring this year's Special
Olympics Golf Tournament April 1
at Bradford Creek Golf Course in
Greenville A 2005 Nissan Attima
will be offered as a prize for a
hole-in-one on a designated hole
this year. For more information,
call 329-4357 or 329-4703.
Israel In Egypt
The Chamber Singers and Early
Music Ensemble will hold this
concert at St. Paul's Episcopal
Church April 1 - 2 at 7 p.m. Call
328-6851 for details.
Concord teen accused of
shooting mother to death
CONCORD. NC - A 17-year-old girl
is accused of shooting her mother
to death in their front yard during a
botched robbery attempt.
Ashley Kathleen Boyd is charged with
first-degree murder, attempted armed
robbery, assault with a deadly weapon
with intent to kill and conspiracy to
commit armed robbery.
Wayne Anthony Williams, 18, of
Concord is charged with first-degree
murder and conspiracy to commit
armed robbery. Police said he drove
the getaway vehicle.
Both were held without bond pending
a hearing Monday.
Paula Faye Brooks, 50, was shot
shortly after midnight Sunday
morning. Neighbors said they heard
two women arguing in the yard, then
screams and gunshots.
Ashley Boyd's stepfather, Joseph
Boyd, told a neighbor he dodged
as his stepdaughter attempted to
shoot him.
The assailants fled. Police found
Ashley Boyd about three hours later
in east Charlotte, where her family
had been renovating a rental home.
Williams was arrested several hours
later at his home.
Court records show Boyd has broken
the law a number of times since
turning 16, being convicted of two
counts of forgery, plus misdemeanor
counts of larceny, unauthorized
use of a motor vehicle and injury to
personal property. Last year she was
charged with assaulting her mother,
but court records show the charges
were dismissed.
Wilson man charged with
killing grandparents
WILSON, NC - A Wilson man
has been charged with killing his
grandparents while they were asleep,
and authorities say robbery was the
Justin Keith Pelletier, 21, who lived
with his grandparents in rural Wilson
County, was charged late Sunday
with first-degree murder in the deaths
of William Brantley, 66, and his wife,
Edna Brantley, 63.
Pelletier was being held without bail
in the Wilson County jail pending a
hearing April 4.
Wilson County Sheriff Wayne Gay
said Monday the Brantleys were
found Sunday after a friend told
authorities that the couple had not
shown up for a planned visit. Both
apparently had been shot twice in
the head while they were asleep in
their bed, he said.
Gay said Pelletier had lived with the
Brantleys for about two years.
"It was a cold-blooded killing of two
people who loved Pelletier very
much and took him in Gay said.
The sheriff said Pelletier had told
relatives that he needed money to
pay court costs on traffic charges
that were scheduled to come up
this week. Pelletier had attempted to
borrow money from his grandparents,
the sheriff said.
"Robbery certainly appears to the
motive for the slaying he said.
The sheriff said investigators think
that Pelletier also wanted money
for illegal drugs. "We knew he had
a drug problem he said. "He finally
told our investigators he had used
crack cocaine
Gunman kills grandparents,
seven at high school
REDBY, Minn. - The suspect in the
worst U.S. school shooting since
Columbine smiled and waved as
he gunned down five students, a
teacher and a guard, asking one
of his victims whether he believed
in God, witnesses said. The teen's
grandfather and his grandfather's
wife also were found dead, and the
boy killed himself.
Reggie Graves, a student at Red Lake
High School, said he was watching
a movie about Shakespeare in class
Monday when he heard the gunman
blast his way past the metal detector
at the school's entrance, killing a
Then, in a nearby classroom, he
heard the gunman say something to
his friend Ryan: "He asked Ryan if he
believed in God Graves said. "And
then he shot him
The death toll at the Red Lake Indian
Reservation in far northern Minnesota
made it the nation's worst school
shooting since the rampage at
Columbine High School in Littleton,
Colo in April 1999 that ended with
the deaths of 12 students, a teacher
and the two teen gunmen.
The victims included the gunman's
grandfather, the grandfather's wife, a
school security guard, a teacher and
five other students. At least 14 others
were wounded, and two students
remained in critical condition Tuesday
at MeritCare in Fargo, N.D officials
"There's not a soul that will go
untouched by the tragic loss that
we've experienced here Floyd said.
Federal Judge denies request to
have feeding tube reinserted
TAMPA, Fla. - A federal judge
on Tuesday refused to order the
reinsertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding
tube, denying an emergency request
from the brain-damaged woman's
parents that had been debated in
Congress and backed by the White
U.S. District Judge James Whittemore
said the 41 -year-old woman's parents,
Bob and Mary Schindler, had not
established a "substantial likelihood
of success" at trial on the merits of
their arguments.
Whittemore wrote that Schiavo's
"life and liberty interests" had been
protected by Florida courts. Despite
"these difficult and time strained
circumstances he wrote, "this court
is constrained to apply the law to the
issues before it"
Rex Sparklin, an attorney representing
Terri Schiavo's parents, said lawyers
were immediately appealing to the
11th Circuit Court of Appeals in
Atlanta to "save Terri's life That court
was already considering an appeal
on whether Terri Schiavo's right to due
process had been violated.
Howard Simon, executive director of
the American Civil Uberties Union of
Florida, praised the ruling: "What this
judge did is protect the freedom of
people to make their own end-of-life
decisions without the intrusion of
Iran delegate says Tehran will
move forward with civilian
nuclear program
PARIS - Iran will press ahead on the
"tortuous path" to developing civilian
nuclear power, an Iranian official said
Tuesday, despite U.S. suspicions
that the effort masks plans to build
nuclear weapons.
Speaking on the final day of a two-
day international conference on the
future of nuclear power for civilian
uses, Mohammad Saeidi said the
generation of nuclear electricity is
the "prime priority of Iran's nuclear
The people and government of Iran
are determined to open their way
through the tortuous path of peaceful
use of nuclear technology despite all
imposed restrictions and difficulties
said Saeidi, the vice president for
planning and international affairs
at the Atomic Energy Organization
of Iran.
France, Germany and Britain are
holding talks with Tehran to ensure
that it does not develop nuclear arms
as some fear. A new meeting was set
for Wednesday. The United States
recently threw its support behind the
European effort.
Indian prisoners walk to freedom
after being released by Pakistan
WAGAH, Pakistan - Pakistan released
564 Indians from its prisons on
Tuesday in a goodwill gesture toward
neighboring India.
The prisoners, mostly fishermen,
were handed over to Indian officials
at Wagah, about 15 miles east of
This is the first time that prisoners
in such a large number have been
handed over to us by Pakistan
Balvinder Hampal, an Indian embassy
official, told reporters. "Such steps
will certainly help promote the
peace process between the two
Before walking through the huge
gates at Wagah that separate the
two countries, the prisoners said they
were grateful to President Gen. Pervez
Musharraf for freeing them.
"It was a bad experience. I saw jail
for the first time said 60-year-old
Lakshman Shanker. He was one
of dozens of fishermen arrested
in November 2004 after their boat
strayed into Pakistani waters.
Pakistan and India share a border in
the Arabian Sea and often arrest each
other's fishermen for illegal entry.
The two countries have taken steps in
recent months to normalize relations
after more than half a century of
hostility, mainly over the disputed
territory of Kashmir.
West End
from page A1
Dining Hall and other dining
locations on campus.
Both Sealey and Metcalf are
overseeing renovations within
Mendenhall, Todd Dining Hall,
The Galley and Wright Place.
Sealey said Todd Dining Hall
will be renovated to reflect the
new type of individualized food
service currently available at
West End Dining Hall while
Mendenhall will become a hub of
fast food service with the inclu-
sion of a Chick-Fil-A Express.
The planning and construe-
Crime Scene
March 9
10:10 am
Criminal damage to prbpertyTAn
unknown subject bent 33 mixture
stops from a pipe organ in 312
March 10
12:35 am
An unknown person under 21
possessed drugs, alcohol and
paraphernalia at the Garrett north
parking lot
March 18
2:40 am
Possession of marijuana aha'
A person in White Hall was found
possessing and using marijuana.
March 19
2:46 am
Subjects were engaging In simple
affray at a Reade Street parking
tion of the new dining hall was
not a simple process. Originally
scheduled to open Sept. 27,2004,
delays Involving weather prob-
lems, worker morale and con-
struction changes extended the
completion time of the project.
Between the start of the
building and June 2004, three
weeks were lost due to weather
related problems alone. In Janu-
ary, snowstorms set back the
construction due to the massive
amounts of ice and snow that
made working conditions dan-
gerous. After the snow melted,
the ground on site was wet and
muddy which further hampered
the ability to perform the con-
struction necessary to remain
on schedule.
Gina Shoemaker, project man-
ager in facilities engineering and
architectural services at ECU,
oversaw the planning and com-
pletion of West End Dining Hall.
"Everyone sees the project
should have been done at the
end of September, but he the site
contractor got three plus weeks
of weather delays which would
have brought the date out to the
end of October said Shoemaker.
"There were 30 change orders
that had to be completed and
probably even more than that
by the time all the paperwork is
Each time a change order is
issued, whether it is in relation
to the intricate electrical wiring
or the simple placement of a
window, four different groups of
people must approve the change
order before any work is allowed
on the order itself.
"There is a paper trail for
everything Shoemaker said.
"These things take time. They
are not quick processes
Shoemaker said delays
resulted from the problems sur-
rounding sub-contractors. Sev-
eral of the sub-contractors did
not arrive on time for work and
delivered poor performances
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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March 21
9:33 am
By unknown persons taking
away camera case and video
camera from the Murphy Center
conference room.
Crime Tip
Students who live In the
residence halls should remember
the current zero-tolerance policy.
If found with Illegal drugs or
drug paraphernalia, a student
will have to leave the residence
hall within 24 hours and may
also be arrested.
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from page A1
said Gross.
The survey is made up of two
parts. The first part deals with
the physical appearance of indi-
vidual residences encompassing
issues such as cleanliness of
yards and vegetation being kept
under control. The second part
allows individuals to express
their opinions of the overall
quality of the neighborhood,
asking questions relating to
safety issues and if residents feel
a sense of community in living
where they do.
This specific area is not the
only area in Greenville where
students and residents live side
by side, but it is merely a starting
point for the ECU student neigh-
borhood relations. The mission
of the student relations team is to
"Enhance the quality of life for
students in the city of Greenville
and for their neighbors
Michelle Lieberman, stu-
dent neighborhood relations
facilitator, is optimistic about
taking the results of this survey
and making improvements to
this area.
"We want to show students
the benefits of cleaning up and
participating in making the
neighborhood more aesthetically
pleasing said Lieberman.
Lieberman is working along
side a three-member research
team consisting of three gradu-
ate students from the geography
and sociology departments.
They are working with the city
of Greenville, who will aide in
making the necessary changes
found through the survey
The landlords of the area are
also working hard to fix up the
existing homes and make them
more suitable for students to
move in to.
"We want students to estab-
lish a sense of community as a
resident of Greenville, not just
a temporary student Lieber-
man said.
The information found
through this survey will also be
used to evaluate and improve
other areas of Greenville. The
survey results are going to be
combined into a case study for
the Southern Sociological Soci-
ety in Charlotte, NC.
Lieberman, along with Gross
and the other graduate stu-
dents will be giving a 75-minute
presentation summarizing the
findings of this study, which
could be used by other towns
to conquer similar areas of their
Members of the Greenville
community will be given a
chance to help on April 23,
which is a day for a city wide
clean up.
"Fraternities and sororities
will be helping out and anyone
else is welcome. Food and drinks
will be provided for those who
help Lieberman said.
Student residents of the
neighborhood agree with the
issues emphasized in the survey.
"I do hear gunshots there
were a few shootings last year
and this year One was two
houses down said Kate Tabor,
graduate student in counselor
education and resident of the
neighborhood surveyed.
Tabor said she thinks the
cleanliness issue of the area
could be improved.
"These houses are old and
not kept up that well There's
nothing new done to them until
it breaks Tabor said.
"I think that out of any
places this would probably be the
main target for the survey
While there are some crimes
behind the Fifth Street stu-
dent neighborhood, she feels
her neighborhood needs to be
She said she appreciates the
fact that ECU is taking action
in addressing this problem and
the neighborhood would only
become more run-down if noth-
ing is done.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
PIPBS from page A1
said many residents came to her
complaining there was no hot
Brinsfield did take a shower
and said it was rather cold.
"It shower was cold so I took
it very quick said Brinsfield.
Burton Morris, sophomore
communication major, said he
did not experience any problems
in the morning with hot water.
He said he showered at 7:30 a.m
suggesting the heating system
to his dorm had not yet been
shut down.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
� �Ji't 4In!j-fcrflk
���V Jj �'� '

1212 tfed Banks Kd 756-4151
� 2 Bedrooms, l v. Bath
� Central Heat & Air
� Free Water Services
� Onsite Management
� Onsite Maintenance
� No Pets
� Fully Carpeted
� Mini Blinds
� Recreation Area
� Basketball Court
� Laundry Facility & Tool
� Private Patio
income tax
lax Service
2865 S. Charles Blvd.
4125 Old Tar Rd.
Help PeeDee celebrate
ECU'S qsth -Birthday!
Who? Vou are invited!
What? The q5th "Birthday Celebration
of East Carolina Come and
enjoy free B13Q, Jersey Mites
Subs, birthday cake, and live
entertainment provided by the
Kelly "Bell'Band
When? Tuesday, March 2Qth
3:00 p.m.
Where? On the Campus Mall
Why? ECU Turns 5
giving, I
look for the
Founders Week 2005
Student Day Schedule of Events
Tuesday, March 29th
2:00 p.m.
The Victory Bell Commemorative Service
Victory Bell on 10th Street outside of Christenbury Memorial Gym
This ceremony will honor men and women from East Carolina who served in the military.
The Victory "Bell was dedicated in 1953 and was traditionally rung after East Carolina
won a game. The 352-pound brass bell, which was cast in Philadelphia in 1555, has a long
military history. It was used on the USS "Broome, which was christened in Qc. The ship was
decommissioned in 1922 and then re-entered service in 1930 During World War II the ship
escorted convoys across the Atlantic. The Victory "Bell was a gift to East Carolina from the
United States Department of the Navy.
3:00 p.m.
PeeDee's Birthday Bash
Campus Mall
FREE! FREE! FREE! Food, calce, goody bags, and entertainment.
Enjoy the sounds of the Kelly "Bell Band, a Pirate favorite.
Star of NBCs hit show ER
The Humane Charity
Seal of Approval
guarantees that a
health charity funds
vital patient services
or life-saving medical
research, but never
animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
Washington, D.C.
www. HumaneSeal. org
202-686-2210, ext. 335
I $
� c
Buy One Get One
FREE Create Your Own
Pasta Bowl ($10.95 Value)
Must Have Coupon! � Dine In Only
MonThurs. 5-9PM, Fri. & Sat. 5-IOPM
2905 E. 5th St. 695-0020
34M4M 207E.5thSt. Hrshu.rri.Satl0pmJ2afiJ
Very ttUcioui � Alumys Fresh
Best Fresh & Healthy
Chinese Food
Mon-Sat-11 :OOam - 10:30pm Sun 12:30pm - 10:30pm
310-F E. Arlington Blvd.
p m m m m mm m m � m � � m m �� � � �� 1 p �� -r� " M � � m �� m m �� � �� �� m m � 1
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w Brown Rice & Soup. Crispy Noodles. Brown Rice A Soup, Crispy Noodles
(2) 4 Spring Rolls and 10 Fortune Cookies (2) 4 Spring Rolls, and 10 Fortune Cookies
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offer expires Q4AHOS
how quickly your goods fly off
your shelves with a coupon in
the Clip Strip! Call 328-2000.
how quickly your goods fly off
your shelves with a coupon in
the Clip Strip! Call 328-2000.
MM- �� � MM � MMB � � MMB
how quickly your goods fly off
your shelves with a coupon in
the Clip Strip! Call 328-2000.
how quickly your goods fly off
your shelves with a coupon in
the Clip Strip! Call 328-2000.
how quickly your goods fly off
your shelves with a coupon in
the Clip Strip! Call 328-2000.
"�'� i�� � i
Hiiuu . i .

u l nm ll
Page A4
WEDNESDAY March 23, 2005
Our View
Stewart having the
comeback of the century
John Travolta might be the king of comebacks,
but he's making room for America's newest
sweetheart: Martha Stewart.
Congratulations to Martha. Sure, she was found
guilty of lying to government investigators who
were checking out her stock activities last year
and was sentenced to five months in the Alder-
son, W. Va. prison, but jail time has never been
better to anyone than it has been to Stewart.
As she emerges from her cell, Stewart has
already made a new impact on America's pop
culture and economy while making fans out
of people who hated every aspect of Martha
Stewart Living Omnimedia.
Along with her TV show "Martha Stewart
Living" playing on the Style Network, she has
two new shows in the works. In September,
she will begin hosting a one-hour show taped
live in front of an audience, with whom she
will discuss various topics about cooking,
decorating, gardening and the like. She is also
working on a show similar to the reality hit "The
Stewart has already experienced success
with her newest book and she was reportedly
making millions from her company stock while
at Camp Cupcake. Not to mention, 20 pounds
lighter and looking better than ever, it's hard to
believe Stewart is a 63-year-old. Approximately
five more months held up in her New York
estate and Stewart will be back and ready to
take advantage of her new-found popularity.
So why has her fame grown so much during her
prison time? One would suspect that her fans
would be turned off once she was convicted and
her reputation put into question, but they remained
loyal to Stewart and celebrated her release.
As for her new admirers, it is possible that
knowing the squeaky-clean goddess of all
things homemade isn't so pure after all created
a whole new fan base. Perhaps it's the strength
Stewart showed through her time in prison that
made people love and support her.
Whatever the reason is for Stewart's pristine
success and popularity and however long it
might last, Stewart is living the comeback of the
century - and America loves a comeback.
Opinion Columnist
Starving to death is 'dying with dignity?1
Lawmakers need to treat
Schiavo as a human
"The body attacks itself- fat, carti-
lage, muscle, all are sacrificed. The tongue
swells and cracks, making swallowing
difficult. The mouth dries out, becoming
caked or coated with thick deposits. The
mucous membranes in the nose dry out
causing nosebleeds. The stomach lining
dries, causing dry heaves andor vomiting.
Uncontrolled diarrhea could also result.
The patient feels the pain. Body tempera-
ture increases. Brain cells dry out and die.
Seizures start. The skin hangs loose, dries
out, cracks, becomes inelastic and scaly.
The eyes recede back into their orbits. The
cheeks hollow out. The body slowly shuts
down. The weakness becomes so extreme
that the head cannot be raised. Conscious-
ness is lost. The major body organs shrink
and eventually give out. Death occurs. The
process takes 1-3 weeks
This is not the description of some
terrible disease. This is just a general
description of what happens when
a person dies from starvation. Not a
pleasant way to die, is it?
This is what Terri Schiavo will go
through when (if) her feeding tube is
removed - an agonizingly slow, tortur-
ous death by starvation.
She will feel the cravings from the
pangs of hunger and thirst that will
rack her body. She will feel the pain as
her body consumes itself in a desperate
attempt at self-preservation. She will
feel the weakness spreading through
her body hour after hour, day after day,
as she wastes away. She will experience
agony as her skin cracks and bleeds, her
tongue swells, seizures rack her body
and her organs start to fail.
She will feel all of this right until
the moment that she finally slips into
unconsciousness. All awaiting her after
this is the release of death delivering her
from the torture she has been forced to
endure. And make no mistake - Schiavo
will feel all this because she is conscious.
That has been one of the most
underreported aspects of this whole
episode. Despite a diagnosis of being in
a "persistent vegetative state Schiavo
is awake and able to respond to voice
commands as well as recognize people.
She is not brain dead. She is not
on a respirator. She is not a lifeless bag
of flesh and bones who will die if the
electricity is turned off. She is a living,
breathing human being who suffered a
brain injury and just happens to require
a feeding tube.
Let's put aside the arguments of
"he said, she said" that have been
going on between Schiavo's husband
and her family for a while and look
at something a little more concrete
- Florida law.
When I was researching this situ-
ation, my understanding of Flor-
ida law is that the patient has to
be not only in a vegetative state
but (and here is the big one boys
and girls) "unconscious" as well.
That little point of law is just a
minor inconvenience for Florida's
judiciary, who has twisted themselves,
and the dictionary, inside out in their
attempt to justify Schiavo's murder
starvation. They have, in fact, decided
that even though she is awake, responds
to commands, moves her head to track
people's movements, etc. that she fits
the definition of "unconscious" and
can therefore be starved to death.
Many disagree with that and are
determined to stop it, for very good
reasons. It is illegal in Florida to
starve a dog to death. A person would
be charged with cruelty, fined and
more than likely jailed. Yet starving a
human being to death is not only OK, it
receives a judicial, and political, stamp
of approval. Mrs. Schiavo is worth less
than a dog, huh?
Advocates of starving Schiavo to
death say that they are only trying to
make sure that people have "end of life
choices" or "death with dignity Really?
Show me how Schiavo will have
any dignity as her eyeballs fall back into
her skull, as her body slowly consumes
itself, as she thrashes from seizures, as
she uncontrollably soils herself. Where's
the dignity? And where's the choice?
I don't recall Schiavo being asked
at any time, even though she could
communicate yes or no, if she wanted
to die, let alone endure the agony of
Schiavo's case is now being debated
in the U. S. Congress. Whether you
agree with that action or not, the deci-
sion is out of our hands. By the time you
read these words the issue may already
be decided. Hopefully, the decision will
be in favor of life for Schiavo.
If, however, Schiavo's feeding tube
is ultimately removed, a camera should
be set up in her room so that the whole
world can witness 247 the torture she
will endure as she slowly starves to
death, and we can all watch her "die
with dignity
Opinion Columnist
Schiavo case draws attention of Congress
Our Staff
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Nick Henne
News Editor
Kristin Day
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Herb Sneed
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Production Manager
Assl Web Editor
Kltch Hlnes
Managing Editor
Serving ECU since 1925. TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
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information. One copy of TEC is free, each additional
copy Is $1.
State judiciary undermined
The Republican ethos of small, less
powerful government in the United
States took another hit Sunday night,
as the U.S. Congress held an emergency
meeting in Washington to vote on
whether the federal government should
intervene in the case of Terri Schiavo
- the brain dead Florida woman whose
feeding tube was recently removed at
the behest of a Florida judge.
Even though sworn testimony from
multiple levels of the Florida judiciary
have concluded that Schiavo is now,
and will forever be, lost in a "persistent
vegetative state" (characterized by a
complete lack of higher brain func-
tion, also known as "brain death"), the
executive and legislative branches of
our government have decided that the
matter is in need of further investiga-
tion. As a skeleton crew of congressmen
and senators met in Washington to pass
the proposal, which will federalize the
Schiavo case, it became clear to me
that a disproportionate number of our
national legislative officers are board
certified neurologists, as they spoke
intelligently on the medical Ins and
outs of a woman whose own doctors
have long since determined will never
again experience the emotions, stimuli
and personal awareness which are so
integral to the human experience.
The unprecedented steps taken
by the federal government, which
included the last minute adjustment
of the President's schedule so he
could physically be present to sign the
proposal into effect, could have long
lasting repercussions for the state of
the American judiciary. By interfering
in what is clearly a state matter, the
federal government is demonstrating
why the founders of the Constitution
called for a "balance of power" within
the federal establishment, and the
dangers involved when one party (the
Republican party in this case), controls
all three branches of government. As
the House of Representatives argued
the matter, it became clear that the
Republican members had little interest
in the legal and jurisdictional hornet's
nest at which they were hurling rocks,
and resorted to flowery language and
emotional rhetoric to further cloud
the issue. Whether or not Schiavo is
alive, whether she can laugh, cry and
recognize her mother is not the issue.
Those questions are left to the state,
her family and the medical establish-
ment of Florida. Even if she is "alive"
and aware of her surroundings, it is not
an issue for the U.S. Congress and the
president to involve themselves in.
We maintain state governments
in this country for a reason, and the
federal government bypassing the
Florida judiciary on this matter is a
simple case of political grandstanding
and President Bush doing everything in
his power to win extra points with his
electoral base. How many thousands of
families in this country, as we speak,
are grappling with these same ques-
tions of life and death, of the right to
die and the Constitutional protection
afforded by American citizens? Should
the federal government involve itself
in all of them, or should they go about
with their elected responsibilities and
concern themselves with the day to
day operation of the largest and most
complex bureaucracy on Earth?
This situation is a perfect example
of the hypocrisy and double talk of the
Republican leadership in this coun-
try. God forbid the government take
steps to protect the lives of innocent
American citizens by restricting the sale
and purchase of deadly firearms (not
hunting rifles, not weapons for home
protection, I am referring here to the
high capacitymilitary surplus weapons
which cause so much destruction in
this country every year) or articulate
the rights of a woman to control her
reproductive system or outlaw the state-
sanctioned murder of minors.
Apparently, Republicans want the
government to be big enough to fit
inside our bedrooms or our hospital
rooms. It is not a coincidence the vast
majority of people who consider them-
selves "pro-life" also consider them-
selves "pro-death" with their support
of capital punishment. These blatant
contradictions in political dogma are
easily overlooked by most Republicans
and serve as a thor,n in the side of the
embattled Democratic Party.
Unfortunately, most Americans
are unable to see through Sen. Tom
Frist's declarations that a woman with
no brain activity whatsoever, with the
proper love, support and expensive
rehabilitation, will someday be able to
speak and feed herself. Nonsense. The
human brain is the epicenter of life.
Life is not simply the beating of the
human heart, the functioning of the
lungs or the blinking of the eyes. It is
not ventilators or feeding tubes. Life is
emotions, feelings and self-awareness.
Life is the ability to interact with the
world around us, to empathize with
others, to laugh, to cry.
How is it that allowing Schiavo to
die is an abomination of God's law,
(as one guest of a political pundit so
eloquently put it)? Would God desire
the continuation of a life which he has
most clearly given up on? The fact is
that without government intervention,
the false hopes of her parents and the
feeding tube, Schiavo would die.
The Schiavo case, while it
raises interesting and important
questions about euthanasia, life and
death and the right to die, has no
business anywhere near the halls of
Congress. Perhaps a little less focus on
Individual cases which can rally the
Republican base around the president
and further deepen the ideological
lines dividing America and more focus
on issues like, say, The War in Iraq and
Pirate Rant
I just want to thank all the.
intelligent departments who
posted or announced their Spring
Break hours on their Web sites
andor answering service. I guess
it was just too much to ask of
Pirate Mail needs to stop tell-
ing me what to do: "You need
to delete your e-mail "your
mailbox is too big etc. Those
messages take up massive space
alone, and then it keeps being
sent. That is so aggravating. 1
guess having to change your
password every three months to
something long you will never
remember is not enough.
To the person who believes
wearing flip-flops during 30-
degree weather contributes to
the spreading of the flu: You are
so wrong. The flu is not caught
because you play out in the snow
or because you wear open-toe
shoes when it's cold. Bacteria
grow in warm environments like
your home. You have a higher
probability of catching the flu
if you stay inside (with the heat)
than wearing flip-flops.
Why aren't the walls in the
group study rooms sound proof? '
Kind of defeats the purpose, don't
you think?
To the professors who like to '
give midterms one day before '
Spring Break starts: You suck and
I fart in your general direction.
Attention all students: If you '
wear topsiders you must own a
boat, if you wear high heels you
must be a stripper and if you '
wear boots you have to camp or
work in construction (note my
sarcasm). Get over yourselves
and grow up.
In response to the person �
who said, "what are the smokers
supposed to do Here's a thought
- stop smoking.
It was too good to be true, yet
I am happy for LaShawn Merritt.
It is unfortunate that we can't i
keep an athlete such as Merritt,
seeing how weak our other ath-
letics fare (with the exception of
swimming and baseball). At least !
we can say the second fastest man
in the 200's was a Pirate. How do '
you like them apples, America?
West End Dining Hall rules.
Now, if we can just get those '
jealous "College Hillers" out of
our territory.
What's with all the rants
about the swim team being "so �
great?" The reason articles are
written about the football and
baseball teams is that those are
the sports that people actually go
see. I've been to numerous ECU
football games and I am planning '
to go to as many baseball games
as possible. I don't have any plans
to see the swim team.
"Christianity neither is, nor
ever was a part of the common
law - Thomas Jefferson, letter '
to Dr. Thomas Cooper, Feb. 10,
Why do people hold Cre-
ationism in such high regard?
Personally, I'd rather think that
I evolved over the years, but you
people really prefer to think that
we have made a far more noble
descent from dust?
My friend just got married.
Congratulations, buddy-one girl
for the rest of your life.
My girlfriend will not go.
home she thinks she's welcome
How about we quit crying
about the smoking rules? I ,
don't think the Pirate Rant is'
the place to write to if you want
action to be taken. Why don't we
get back to the funny rants that!
make me laugh in the middle
of class? I
I just want to say that TEC '
does a good job hiring beautiful '
editors. Amanda and the Kristins
give me a reason to read the paper �
on Wednesday.
Why should I be on time for
class if my professor is always
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant Is ;
an anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice '
their opinions. Submissions can be '
submitted anonymously online at, or e-
mailed to editor@theeastcarolinian.
com. The editor reserves the right
to edit opinions for content and
March 29:
Beck - Guero
The Bravery - T
Thrice -II wee


Page A5 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor WEDNESDAY March 23, 2005
Mendenhall Movies:
No movies this week.
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies:
1.The Ring Two
2. Robots
3. The Pacifier
4. tee Princess
5. Hitch
Top 5 DVDs:
2. The Exorcist: Beginnings
3. SpongeBob Movie
4. Flight of the Phoenix
5. Ray
Top 5 CDs:
1.50 Cent
2. Jack Johnson
3. The Game
4. Jennifor Lopez
5. Green Day
Top 5 TV Shows:
1. csr
2. "American Idol"
3. "American Idol"
4. "Desperate Housewives"
5. "Without a Trace"
Aries - For the next several weeks,
you'll be more compassionate,
less adversarial. This is good,
because there's a huge job to be
done. You need all the help you
can get.
Taurus - It might be hard to find
the time for romance, but it's
worth the effort. When you get the
chance, dance.
Gemini - Having people over
to your house isn't a bad idea,
but cleaning It up before they
get there could be a daunting
prospect. Get a Virgo to help.
Cancer - You may have to
scramble to keep a promise. If
you don't really know how to do It,
find an author who does. Staying
up all night reading will be well
worth the effort.
Leo - It would be pretty easy to
spend more money now than
you've got. Don't create a conflict
with a loved one by doing that.
Leave the credit cards at home.
Virgo - You're particularly good
with details for the next couple of
days. Take on a chore that requires
concentration and accuracy. It'll
be fun, almost.
Libra - You may feel under a bit
of pressure to be as perfect as
you can. Take extra time with
the details and nobody will be
Scorpio - The odds are good
that you're doing too many things
at the same time. Others may
counsel you to slow down, but
you don't have to listen. You work
well under pressure.
Sagittarius - Although you'd
rather run and play, responsibilities
call. Don't simply ignore them, at
least take a number and promise
to call back.
Capricorn - Travel beckons,
but it's not a great idea to go.
Complications are predicted. Wait
til next week if you can. That goes
for mailing things, too.
Aquarius - It's not a good time
to take risks with money, yours or
anyone else's. Even a great offer
from a friend is liable to backfire.
Pisces - You're glad to be
available during working hours,
but it's up to you to set limits.
Protect your own private time. It
is truly valuable.
CD Releases:
Queens of the Stone Age-
Lullabies to Paralyze
Moby - Hotel
Louis XIV - flesf secrets are kept
Llfehouse - Lifehouse
March 29:
Beck - Guero
The Bravery - The Bravery
Thrice - If we could only see us
Hot Hot Heat - Elevator
The Crystal Method - Community
Service II
Reel Big Fish - We're not happy
'til you're not happy
A Static Lullaby - Watching the
sunlight bum
April 12:
Bleed like me
1Wdb- VWktt�iL
Promising month for rockers
Top right: Lifehouse press photo. Bottom right: Moby f.
photo. Lett: Queens of the Stone Age press photo.
Rock fans have a choice in March, perhaps
eing able to find a safe haven from the rap and
p dominated airways both on television and
radio. The selection expanded on March 22, with
both well-known bands and some new kids on the
block, no pun intended, distributing highly touted
releases. Among the veterans are Queens of the
Stone Age, Moby and Lifehouse. Lesser known is
Louis XIV, who will release their critically lauded
debut LP The Best Little Secrets Are Kept.
Queens of the Stone Age have returned with
Lullabies to Paralyze, which is "loud and sludgy on
the group's third album" writes Aidin Vaziri on Even without skilled former bassist
Nick Oliver Vaziri writes "monster riffs, choppy
rhythms, explosive melodies and, yes, even a gener-
ous serving of cowbell, propel standout songs like
'Medication' and 'Little Sister' on the follow-up to
2002's breakthrough Songs for the Deaf
Fellow musicians add harmony to Lullabies
- Billy Gibbons (ZZTop), Shirley Manson (Garbage)
and Brody Dalle (The Distillers) all assist in the
new release.
Fans check in to Moby, who will release his
fifth studio album with a March due date. The
upcoming long play, titled Hotel, is a testament
to experimentation, which of course Moby is no
stranger to. The CD will feature 14 tracks, 10 of
which contain vocals, two are instrumental and
two tracks don't even feature the front man on the
microphone, though he plays the instruments in
the background.
His Web site,, described the new
album as continuing "in Moby's tradition of
beautifully eclectic records and runs the gamut
from quiet instrumental, to anthems, to down-
tempo sultry jams, to uplifting electro-disco, to
To the appeal of less-than-secular fans, Life-
house resurrects its musical resume with a new self-
titled album. Many can remember the oft-played
radio favorite "Hanging By a Moment so Lifehouse
has brought a new album to replace the song seem-
ingly stuck in your head for the last three years.
Their first single "You and Me" has already reached
platinum status, maintaining their colossal grip on
the charts with their number 16 spot in Billboard's
Adult Contemporary singles chart. Front man Jason
Wade writes on their Web site,,
how he approached the third album: "I write
the kind of music I like to write. That's one of the
great things about having done a couple of records.
I don't second-guess myself anymore. When I'm
writing I'm not trying to please everyone. My first
question is: Do I like it?"
With publicity coming from all ends of the
spectrum, including MTV and Rolling Stone maga-
zine, band Louis XIV is primed and hopes to make
history with the release of their debut album The
Best Little Secrets Are Kept. The four man crew hails
from San Diego, yet got their name (also the title
of one of their singles) from the Sun King during
time spent in France. Brian Hiatt of Rolling Stone
labels one of "10 Artists to Watch and writes of
their style and sound: "dirty-weet guitars, swing-
ing beats and lead vocalist Jason Hill's talk-singing
dominate the CD
For alternative tastes, other notable CDs released
on March 22 Included Mariah Carey, a box set of
Ozzy Osbourne material, FrankieJ, and for the older
patrons, 12 brand new tracks from 1980's fave Billy
Idol in his upcoming album Devil's Playground.
So as the month that brought us madness and
a well-desired break dwindles down, consider
celebrating the end of March with a little bit of
its mayhem.
This writer can be reached at
Spektor branching out
Spektor's music and 'unique' personality are reflected in her photo.
'Soviet Kitsch Not just the
caf6 scene anymore
Regina Spektor was born in
Moscow and raised in the Bronx
of New York City. She was trained
classically on the piano and with
all this combined, something truly
original is the outcome.
Her latest CD release Soviet
Kitsch displays her talent as a
pianist and vocalist. Although her
voice has a different sound, it is
soulful and pleasant.
The only thing lacking from
the album is lyrical perfection.
There seems to be something a
little off about the songwriting.
She might need some more time to
refine or grow as a writer.
"I try to write songs the way a
short story writer writes stories
said Spektor in a biography on
"I always thought, 'why can't
I write a song from the point of
view of a man or a criminal or
an old woman?' Obviously some
of it comes from personal things,
but it's so much more fun when
a concept or idea pops into my
head and then I pull on it and
out comes this thing that I never
But the way she sings
almost makes up for the lack of
lyrical greatness.
Spektor's mother was a music
teacher and her father was a
violinist and photographer, so her
background in music is strong. She
began to play the classical piano at
the age of six and it seems this will
always be her first love.
When she moved to New York
City, her piano did not come, so
she had to seek out a teacher whom
she stuck with until she
was 17.
During college, she began
to play locally in New York
and eventually formed a fan
Spektor's big break was when
she toured with The Strokes.
They have the same producer,
so it was easy to set up. Since
she is not from the United States
and was not staying on top of
popular music, she didn't even
know who The Strokes were
when she found out they had the
same producer.
"Anti-folk" is the musical
movement Spektor is trying
to enforce. It is mostly a soft
song with the piano in the
background, an angrier song
or a more playful song. So it is
T2 hard to describe what genre she
8 would fit into.
"I don't have an overall
s; sound Spektor said.
"I tend to think of each song
as its own little world, so one
song can be a complete punk
song, while another could be a
chamber ensemble with strings.
It's more fun that way because I
never have to do the same thing
over and over again
The Strokes opened her eyes
to where music is going today and
what's out there to offer her.
She met Kings of Leon on
tour with The Strokes as well
and has plans to tour with them
in Europe.
Spektor puts her talent with
piano out there and has learned
slowly to improvise and let loose
to be creative. "The Flowers" is a
song that shines with her ability
with the piano and haunting,
delightful voice.
Information provided by
This writer can be contacted at
Bullock plays the serious and clumsy Grade Hart once again.
Sequels strike again
Bullock entertains in
'Miss Congeniality 2'
For those of us who can't
get enough of watching Sandra
Bullock tripping and acting
so darn aloof on screen, the
March 24 opening of Miss Con-
geniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
should satisfy our tastes.
The sequel to Miss Congeni-
ality takes off where the original
picture left. The adorable Bull-
ock, star of such blockbusters
as Speed and The Net, is repris-
ing her role as Grade Hart, an
FBI agent assigned to protect
the participants of a beauty
pageant by going undercover
as Gracie Lou Freebush.
Bullock will be "gracing"
the screen for the second time
this year. Five years after Miss
Congeniality made it big, gross-
ing $212 million worldwide,
Bullock is trying her luck again,
starring in and producing the
sequel to her hit comedy. As a
rule, sequels rarely live up to
the standards of the original.
So will Miss Congeniality 2 soar
like the bus in Speed or sink like
the boat from Speed 2?
Ignoring any previ-
ous bad luck Bullock may
have had with sequels. Miss
Congeniality 2 looks to keep
the sweet, eccentric person-
ality of its star as the main
draw for this comedythriller.
However, for all you Michael
Caine fans, you're going to
have to stick it out with your
old copy of Blame It On Rio,
as he will not be returning as
Victor Melling, the miracle-
working stylist that some-
how managed to transform
Bullock Into a beauty queen.
The original Miss Congenial-
ity ended with FBI agent Gracie
Hart saving the contestants of
the Miss United States pageant
from a disgruntled beauty
queen (Candice Bergen.) Hart
ended up being runner-up to
Miss Rhode Island, who man-
aged to win despite the fact her
airhead answer to the question
"What is your idea of a perfect
date?" was "Well, my ldea of
a perfect date would be April
23. Because it's not too hot or
too cold, and all you need is a
light jacket An actual answer
see MISS page A7
American Idol: TEC Predictions
"Who stays: Anthony Fedorov
Who goes: Mikalah Gordon"
w ��
"Who stays: Carrie Underwood
Who goes: Mikalah Gordon"
"Who stays: Carrie Underwood
Who goes: Mikalah Gordon "
"Who stays: Bo Bice
Who goes: Constantine Maroulis"
"Who stays: Carrie Underwood
Who goes: Mikalah Gordon"

Festival to rock
Tennessee in June
Got something to say? Send us your pirate rants!
Submit online at, or e-mail
Crowds at Bonnaroo Festival will see rock performers Dave Matthews Band and Widespread Panic.
All-star bands to
headline the weekend
Bonnaroo Music 6t Arts Fes-
tival 200S will be a weekend full
of good music, great bands and
an awesome experience. The fes-
tival has been going strong every
summer since 2002 when it sold
more than 90,000 tickets solely
by word of mouth. The official
Bonnaroo Web site describes the
event as a "Four day, multi-stage
camping festival on a 200 acre
farm in Manchester, Tenn The
weekend of the extravaganza is
June 10-12.
This year's show will include
many bands such as Widespread
Panic, Dave Matthews Band, Trey
Anastasio of Phish, Jack Johnson,
The Black Crowes, The Allman
Brothers Band, Allison Krauss &
Union Station, Modest Mouse,
Keller Williams, Joss Stone, OAR,
Iron & Wine and Drive by Truck-
ers, just to name a few.
Some of these acts are legend-
ary and seasoned performers that
are coming together to create a
concert the listener and viewer
will never forget.
All of these bands and many
others will play at various points
during the weekend and are
sure to be a true crowd pleaser.
Camping sites and parking spaces
will be available as well as hotel
accommodations. Camp site
accommodations include water
and portable rest room facili-
ties. Recreational vehicles will
be allowed for an additional $40
due to the limited amount of
space and popularity of camping
at the show.
Ticket prices start at level I
and go to level III. Tickets have
increased to $172.50 for level
111 and can be purchased on the
official Web site,
Ticket levels I and II have already
sold out. The ticket price includes
a service fee of $14.50, which
includes fees for the county,
$1 for charity and the rest for
shipping and handling. Tickets
also include a three-day pass
that features tent camping and
parking. VIP passes are available
for those who want to celebrate
in style.
The event also features
many vendor tents for bands,
food tents, comedy tents, Cisco
Networking Internet areas and
festival yoga. Other services that
will be included as stated in the
Web site are, "Portable water,
medical assistance, shade tents,
hand wash stations (no show-
ers) and portable toilets. We will
have a general store on-site and
vendors will be selling a variety
of reasonably priced foods, bever-
ages and snacks. There will be pay
telephones and ATMs
The festival also recognizes
the need for those with disabili-
ties and handicapped accessible
campsites will be available.
This show might seem a little
on the costly side but if you really
think about it, you are getting to
hear many bands in one weekend
and have an incredible music
experience. All of those concerts
would cost a pretty penny sepa-
rately. Tickets are on sale now
and will quickly sell out. Buy
them today and plan a trip to a
farm in Tennessee for one of the
greatest jam band happenings
on the east coast. This summer
is sure to be one for the record
books, as Bonnaroo has become
better each and every year. Here's
to this year's festival and many
more to come.
For more information about
the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Fes-
tival please visit their Web site at
This writer can be contacted at
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MiSS from page A5
to a question in a beauty pageant,
Miss Rhode Island is lucky she's
so sweet.
Also missing from the sequel
is Bullock's love interest, Eric
Matthews, played by Benjamin
Bratt. A coworker of Hart's, FBI
agent Matthews had a penchant
for a pretty face. So once Bullock
had her makeover, she met all of
his requirements. Unfortunately,
the relationship between Mat-
thews and Hart didn't carry on
to the sequel. Presumably Bratt
had bigger plans in mind, namely
starring in Catwoman.
Somehow, William Shatner
found time in his busy schedule
to reprise his role as Stan Fields,
the pageant manager. What the
crooner didn't predict was that
he and Miss Rhode Island, Cheryl
Frazier (Heather Burns) would be
kidnapped and only 'Miss Con-
Preleasing For SummerFail 05
3 Bedroom
3 Full Bath
WaterSewer Included � Close to Campus
On ECU Bus Route � Sorry, No pets allowed
Preleasing Special � Reserve Yours Today!
geniality' herself would be able
to save them.
After the Miss United States
pageant, Gracie returns to the
FBI as the popular runner-up in
a beauty contest. She works the
talk-show circuit and is consid-
ered to be the new face of the FBI.
With her newfound
popularity, Hart begins to
realize that she's losing touch
with her coworkers and no
longer commands the respect
she used to. What is now con-
sidered a joke in the FBI, the
"new face" must get back to what
she's best at doing - falling flat on
her face at the most inopportune
moments in hilarious fashion.
So when her best friend and
former manager are kidnapped
in Las Vegas, she must shape
up and kick butt. She can't do
it alone though. She needs the
help of Sam Fuller (Regina King),
an eager worker in the FBI who con-
siders Hart's fame to be a mockery
of the FBI. Also around for the ride
is Jeff Foreman (Enrique Murciano)
to prove a love interest for Hart.
In the new movie, Bullock is
anticipated to trip or fall down
no less than 40 times. The same
formula that worked so well for the
first movie is likely to be repeated,
except this time the bickering
is between Bullock and King rather
than Bullock and Caine. That is,
of course, until the two manage
to put aside their differences
and work together to save the day.
While very successful with
audiences, Miss Congeniality
did not fare as well with the
critics. What Roger Ebert called
"a dreary sitcom mishmash
the only thing keeping this trite
mess afloat was the presence of
Bullock, who "has a warmth that
gets you smiling even when the
material is weak
So if you're a fan of the origi-
nal and are a huge Sandra Bullock
fan, chances are this movie will
be worth watching. Even if you
haven't seen the first, the plot
in the first one was thin enough
that after five minutes of the
sequel, more than enough infor-
mation will be sufficed.
What can be expected is Bull-
ock acting adorable, Shatner sing-
ing and a happy ending. There's
nothing more to be expected in
this film, but for a good time at
the movies, Miss Congeniality 2:
Armed and fabulous should be
just the thing for a lively and
sweet time.
This writer can be contacted at
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Page A8 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY March 23, 2005
Diamond Bucs finish spring break 4-3
ECU came away with victories over Navy and High Point but finished the break on a down note after
Billy Richardson hits for ,he ninth with the score knot-
, . . ted at S-S to wave batter Nathan
the CyCle against Navy Southard. Brooks suffered the
being swept in a weekend series with No. 3 Tulane, losing by counts of 6-5, 13-6 and 8-6.
After sweeping Navy, then
picking off High Point in a mid-
week game, the ECU baseball
team didn't exactly get off on
the right foot in Conference
USA play, as they were swept
by No. 3 Tulane in a three game
series over the break. The Pirates
dropped the three contests by
scores of 6-5,13-6 and 8-6 respec-
The Green Wave won games
one and three in the bottom half
of the last inning.
The first game ended when
Pirate pitcher Ricky Brooks sur-
rendered a walk off home run in
loss, as he pitched two innings
of relief, giving up only one hit,
the game winner, while striking
out one.
ECU didn't appear to be
intimidated coming into one of
college baseball's most hostile
environments in Turchin Sta-
dium, as they raced out to an
early 4-0 advantage after two
Billy Richardson led off the
game with a double to right
and later scored on a single by
Mark Minicozzi that was too tall
for Tulane third baseman Brad
Emaus to handle. Mike Grace
then reached on a bloop single
and was joined on the base paths
by Jake Smith, when he was hit
by a pitch. Brian Cavanaugh's
single to center, scored Minicozzi
and Grace to give the Pirates a
3-0 lead.
Minicozzi drove home Rich-
ardson in the second with a
double to increase the lead to
Tulane got on the board in
the third after Southard doubled
and then scored on a Tommy
Manzella single. Emaus then
homered in the fourth to cut the
ECU lead in half.
Emaus struck again in the
sixth, tying the contest with a
two-on, two-out double that
scored Matt Barket and Greg
The Green Wave took their
first lead of the series when Joe
Holland hit his first long ball of
the season off of Pirate reliever
Kevin Rhodes to give Tulane a
S-4 lead.
Freshman Harrison Eldridge
doubled to right with two outs
in the top of the ninth, scoring
Cavanaugh to tie the score at five,
setting up Southard's heroics for
Richardson, Minicozzi and
Cavanaugh all led the Pirates
with two hits apiece.
Game three was eerily similar
to one as the Pirates scored three
runs in the top of the first before
watching their lead slip away
once again, ultimately dropping
a rule shortened contest in eight
innings, 6-8. The Diamond Bucs
carried a 6-4 lead into the bottom
of the eighth, before allowing
Tulane to reel off four runs to
take an 8-6 lead. After the inning,
officials met and decided to call
the game, citing a rule in the
conference rule book that states
no game can start another inning
after five o'clock eastern standard
Freshman pitcher T.J. Hose
was saddled with the loss. Hose
pitched four perfect innings in
relief of starter Jeff Ostrander,
who went 3.2 innings, before
giving up all four hits, and
four runs with two outs in the
After the first two batters
were retired, the Green Wave
used two singles and two doubles
to score the four runs.
Drew Costanzo led all hit-
ters on the day, collecting three
hits with a RBI and three runs
The beginning of spring
break brought the Navy Mid-
shipmen into town for a three
game set with the Pirates. ECU
faired much better in this series,
as they won all three games, 6-5,
17-4 and 14-0 respectively.
Game one was a very excit-
ing contest that ended on a walk
off single from Richardson that
scored Eldridge from third to lift
the Pirates to victory.
Rhodes, who came on in the
eighth, was the beneficiary of
the game winning single to get
the win on the mound for ECU.
The junior righty pitched two
innings, giving up one hit, while
striking out three.
Minicozzi led the Pirates in
game one with three hits.
Games two and three were
a display of the Pirate offensive
see BASEBALL page A10
Holland shoots, scores again
Ricky Stokes is right hire
for ECU men's basketball
Holland speaks at a press conference in November of 2004.
Trust Terry to do his job
Many of you may not like this but It needs to be said. Terry Holland was
brought to ECU to get the athletic programs back on track. In order to do that
difficult decisions must be made and Holland Is and always has been well
aware of that In the past Holland took two schools. Davidson and Virginia,
and transformed their athletic programs Into winners, particularly basketball.
Many people said Skip Holtz was a bad hire at first and now say Stokes Is a
no-name. Tell me, can anyone name any of the coaches responsible for the
success enjoyed at Davidson and UVA?
I've heard the stories of a Greenville who supported teams that defied all odds
and took It to the big boys back In the 1990s. I remember a town that was fed
up with ECU athletics after the togan-Hamrlck disasters. I recall the memory
of a town elated over the summer when they heard about the Holland hire and
were looking forward to a new era In ECU sports.
And now, after Holland has handled two extremely difficult and highly volatile
situations with grace and ultimate professionalism, many of you are willing to
say he's not qualified to do this job.
When a school has a man with the track record Holland boasts as the leader of
that university's athletics, the community must trust him Until one of his decisions
goes awry, and even then the train had better run completely oft the track for folks
to lose faith. Holland has been with ECU for less than a year and Is doing what
he was hired to do - rebuild ECU athletics. Ricky Stokes Is a key element In that
plan. It's time for fans and students to start supporting Holland like they support
all of their Pirates. Instead ot parading around "Fire Holland" T-shirts, let the man
do his job and start wearing apparel that reads more like "In Terry We Trust
There's the big name hire
and there's the right hire. The
head coach vacancy for ECU
football featured this dynamic,
as far as speculation for the
new head coach. Big name hire
- Steve Spurrier, Ron Zook, Ty
Willingham. The right hire - Skip
ECU men's basketball also
featured big name speculation
as Greenville residents and Pirate
fans everywhere kicked around
names like Dave Odom, Matt
Dougherty or Bobby Cremins.
The right hire - Ricky Stokes.
Tim Duncan, Randolph Chil-
dress, Rodney Rogers, Robert
O'Kelly, Loren Woods. Stokes
recruited all of these guys during
an eight-year stint with Wake
Forest University. Duncan was
1997 College-player-of-the-year
while O'Kelly grabbed ACC
Player of the year in 1998. Chil-
dress, Rogers and Woods were
also outstanding college play-
ers, even if Woods didn't play
on the team for which Stokes
originally recruited him. And
by the way, with Stokes on the
staff at WFU those eight years,
the Demon Deacs danced seven
times, including an elite eight
appearance and a pair of sweet
sixteen trips.
I'm not delusional. I know
Stokes, no matter how great of a
recruiter, is not going to bring the
next Big Fundamental to ECU.
Not yet anyway. However, what
he will do is recruit mart, solid,
athletic kids who are good stu-
dents and can help put the Pirates
on the NCAA basketball map.
It also helps that Bill Her-
rion has prepared a team who
is ready to win for next season
in a watered-down Conference
USA. Plus, Stokes is looking to
run an up-tempo offense in the
upcoming season, a smart move
when you consider that ECU
looked like a completely dif-
ferent team when they tried to
run the floor this past year with
some very athletic players such
as Tommy Hammonds, Corey
Rouse, Marvin Kilgore, Jonathan
Hart and Mike Cook.
Winners breed winners
Stokes comes from a back-
ground rich in success, despite his
well-documented and often-criti-
cized 45-70 record in four years as
a head coach with Virginia Tech.
Before I go on, just remember, his
last three years with VT was the
basketball program's first three
years in the powerhouse that is
the Big East.
Stokes is a guy who, as a
player and a coach, has been to
the NCAA tournament 13 times
and the final four twice. He
played under ECU Athletic Direc-
tor Terry Holland at the Univer-
sity of Virginia and was most
recently an assistant on Dave
Odom's staff at the University of
South Carolina. Odom is a com-
bined 335-216 in his career as a
head coach while Holland posted
a career slate of 326-173.
Also consider the recent com-
ments from coaches like Odom,
Jim Larranga and Seth Greenberg.
Odom, while happy for Stokes'
opportunity with the Pirates,
hates to lose such a quality coach.
Larranga praised Stokes' ability to
find quality student-athletes and
past experience. Greenberg may
have said the most positive thing
of all as he openly admitted that
Stokes' recruiting ability has been
a big part of Virginia Tech's suc-
cess this year in the ACC as the
first-year Hokies finished fourth
in the conference.
"Building a program is a pro-
cess and there's no doubt that
the foundation Ricky laid has
enabled us to enjoy the success
see PROS page 49
Stokes hiring just
doesn't add up
Holland failed to make
big hire ECU needed
Athletic director and near
basketball legend Terry Holland
was supposed to hit a home run.
Instead, with the hiring of Ricky
Stokes, he bunted. And bunted
This whole weird "Young and
the Restless" tale began when
1 lolland and associate Nick Floyd
met with now-former coach Bill
Herrion and asked him to be
a "fundraiser" on Feb. 22. The
Pirates were poised for the Con-
ference USA tournament, playing
fairly well and had a favorable
schedule to end the season.
Instead, Holland and Floyd
caused uproar among the Pirate
Nation forcing fans to choose
sides between an embattled
coach and a new administrative
regime. The weird part is that
the news was not supposed to be
exposed until after the season
ended. Holland had to provide
an "open letter" online justifying
the firing attempting to soothe
the hornet mad fans.
The very next day, Herrion
and Holland were reported to
have had "words" inside Minges
Coliseum. However, the Pirates
fizzled late In the season and
did not make the C-USA tourna-
ment for the second time in four
The momentum of the Pirate
Nation started to swing into one
of hope for a new day in Pirate
basketball with national promi-
nence and at-large NCAA berths.
People were speculating that Hol-
land was going to use his Yellow
Pages-like Rolodex and find a
diamond in the rough.
On March IS, the day before
the Stokes announcement, Hol-
land held a press conference
updating the press about the
search. He concluded that it
would be "10 days to two weeks"
before an announcement was
made. Awkwardly, the very next
day, Stokes was announced the
new coach at an impromptu press
Much like Skip Holtz, Ricky
Stokes had been a head coach
once prior to heading up the ECU
program. Holtz won at the Uni-
versity at Connecticut and left on
his own terms. Stokes didn't win
at Virginia Tech and was fired.
Given his walking papers. See you
later. That kind of fired.
Stokes went 45-70 at Virginia
Tech. In his first season in Blacks-
burg, Stokes' team went 16-15 and
8-8 in the Atlantic 10. The team
bowed out in the second round
of the Atlantic 10 with a 19-point
loss to Temple. The 1999-2000
team also had embarrassing
losses at East Tennessee State
and home to Radford and Liberty!
Stokes' second season and
first in the Big East is probably
one he would like to forget. The
team was pitiful going 8-19 over-
all and 2-14 in the Big East The
Hokies lost 12 of their 13 games
Embarrassing losses included
William & Mary and Liberty at
home and away versus a Mack
McCarthy (now the ECU associ-
ate head coach) coached Tennes-
see-Chattanooga squad.
Stokes began to implement '
his system and recruit his type
of players in his last two seasons
In his third year, the Hokies
made a steady improvement to
go 10-18 overall and 4-12 in the
Big East. The 2001-2002 team
dropped ten games in the middle
of the season. Bad losses included
Murray State and now-Cinderella
Wisconsin-Milwaukee at neutral
sites, at home to Western Michi
gan and at Old Dominion. The '
Hokies ironically enough beat :
ECU 90-62 in Blacksburg !
With Stokes on the hot seat
he needed to prove himself iri
see CONS page A10

Self Defense
SRC 240 Register in Main Office
Power Eating for Fitness
SRC Classroom Register in Main office
Manufacturing Muscle: Training for Size
SRC Classroom Register by. 48
I Employee Health and Fitness Day
Free Group Fitness Classes
SRC 240 See schedule
hssnsi (252) 328-6387
Lady Pirates improve
to 36-8 for the season
ECU softball team wins
12 of 15 games
After defeating St. Louis in
two out of three games, the ECU
softball team had confidence and
momentum heading into the
spring break. The Lady Pirates'
first competition of the break
came in the form of the Win-
throp Invitational in Rock Hill,
SC. The tournament was practice
for the team's upcoming confer-
ence games against UAB.
Sophomore Keli Harrell took
the mound for the Lady Pirates in
their first game of the invitational
against Akron. Harrell pitched a
complete game allowing only
two hits, as ECU went on to win
their 25th game of the year, 2-1.
The winning continued for
the Lady Pirates later in the day
as they won their second game
against Charleston Southern 7-5.
On day two of the tourna-
ment ECU was able to keep
up their winning momentum
defeating East Tennessee State 3-
0. Junior pitcher Stephanie Hayes
was credited with the shutout as
she picked up her sixth win of
the season.
In the second game of the
day, senior Mandi Nichols hit a
three-run home run to help the
ECU softball team win against
Garner-Webb 5-4.
The final day of the tourna-
ment pitted the Lady Pirates
against Winthrop. Harrell tossed
Harrell posted her sixth shutout of the year against Bowling Green.
another shutout to lead ECU past
Winthrop 2-0. The win earned
the team rights to play in the
championship game against the
College of Charleston.
Senior Kate Manuse was
able to tie the score against C
of C at four in the fifth inning
with a solo home run. Junior
Krista Jessup was able to score
the game-winning run in the
eighth inning to lead ECU over
C of C 5-4.
Jessup was named the tour-
nament's MVP for her perfor-
mance. Hayes was voted the
see SOFTBALL page A10
PrOS from page A8
we have now said Greenberg.
"Ricky Stokes is a great
person and a great evaluator
of talent. Successful players in
our program today, like Carlos
Dixon and Coleman Collins, are
here because of his recruiting
Dixon and Collins were the
I lokies' second and third-leading
scorers this year.
Mack McCarthy
Mack McCarthy will be the
associate head coach for ECU on
Stokes' staff, which is one of the
biggest positives in the Stokes
hire. Prior to his most recent
success in rebuilding Virginia
Commonwealth, McCarthy led
Chattanooga to unprecedented
success from 1986-1997, leading
the team to five NCAA tourna-
ment appearances and two trips
to the NIT. In 14 years as a head
coach, McCarthy has compiled
a 309-177 record and is one of
the most respected guys around
the nation.
To take a chance on Stokes by
taking at least a half step down
in his profession as a head coach
and come to ECU says a lot about
Stokes' character and potential
for success with the Pirates.
Stokes and McCarthy give the
men's basketball program their
best chance to make a name for
itself yet.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
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BSSBuBll from page A8
machine. ECU combined to score
31 runs in the final two games
while holding Navy to four.
Mike Flye benefited from
the offensive outburst in game
two, to pick up his fourth
win of the season. The soph-
omore pitched five innings,
scattering six hits and one
run, while striking out five.
The Pirates banged out 16 hits
in all, led by Richardson's 3-for-S
day at the plate, which included a
RBI and four runs scored.
Ostrander improved to 2-1
on the season when he pitched
five innings of scoreless ball in
game three to pick up the win.
The lefty struck out seven batters
and only gave up two hits.
Richardson was strong again
for the Pirates, collecting four
more hits. All four hits were of
different variety, the last of which
was a triple that sent the crowd
into an uproar as Richardson
completed his first career cycle.
The California native led off
the game with a homer, doubled
in the fifth, singled in the sev-
enth and capped it off with a
triple in the eighth.
As Icing on the cake, Rich-
ardson made his first career
appearance on the mound
for the Pirates, pitching the
ninth, giving up two hits,
no runs and one strikeout.
For the series, the senior
shortstop was 9-for-15 with six
RBI and six runs scored.
ECU defeated High Point
Tuesday night at Clark-LeClair
Stadium 14-5. Scott Andrews
picked up his first win of the
season, when he came on in
relief of Ricky Brooks, who
left after 1.1 innings with an
injury. Brooks has recovered
since then. Costanzo led the bucs
with three hits, and Cavanaugh
added his first home run of the
season to pace the offense for
the Pirates.
ThePiratesare 12-7 overall and
0-3 in conference. They return to
action Wednesday as they play
host to arch-rival Wilmington at
7 p.m. ECU then returns to
conference action this weekend,
when they take on another in-state
rival, this time the 49ers of Char-
lotte in Clark-LeClair stadium.
A year ago, the Pirates started
1-3 in conference before reeling
off 22 straight conference victo-
ries to seize control of the lead
and ultimately win the regular
season title.
This writer can be contacted at
sports&theeastcarolinian. com.
SOftball from page A9
most outstanding pitcher for the
Winthrop Invitational. Hayes
was later named Conference
USA pitcher of the week for her
performance in the series against
St. Louis and in the Winthrop
The wins in the tournament
gave ECU momentum head-
ing into their conference meet
against UAB at home. The first
game of the three-game series
against the Lady Blazers set the
Lady Pirates back for the first time
during spring break, losing 3-1.
ECU was able to bounce back
in their second game of the day
with a convincing 8-3 win.
In the final game of the series
ECU was able to improve their
conference record to 4-2 with
another 8-3 win against UAB.
Senior Leigh Savoy sparked the
Lady Pirates with a two-run shot
in the first inning and the team
never looked back.
The Lady Pirates closed out
spring break with another tourna-
ment, the Hoo's Who Tournament
in Charlottesville, Va. ECU came
out strong against Rutgers in the
tournament winning 16-8 only
to lose their next game against
Virginia in a close game 3-2.
ECU split in the second day
losing to Bowling Green 1-2, only to
turn around and win their second
game of the day against Toledo 4-2.
In the final day of the tourna-
ment ECU faced Bowling Green
once again, only this time the
outcome was different. The team
went on to defeat Bowling Green,
shutting them out 4-0 and earn-
ing their way to the champi-
onship game against Toledo.
In the championship game,
ECU was able to combine for 14
hits on their way to their second
tournament championship of the
break defeating Toledo 10-5.
The victories during spring
break improved the Lady Pirates'
record to an impressive 36-8.
The Lady Pirates next face UNC
Wilmington today away at Wilm-
ington in a doubleheader.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
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uOnS from page A8
year four. He had recruited vir-
tually all of the players and had
plenty of time to get his players
acclimated to his system. The
llokies ended up 12-17 overall
and 4-12 In the Big East. Virginia
Tech had quality wins against
No. 18 Connecticut and now-
ACC foe Virginia. However, the
Hokies also lost to Wofford at
home and at Western Michigan
and William St Mary. Coming
off a 28 win the year before, the
2002-2003 team lost to ECU 76-
60 in Greenville.
Stokes was fired after the
2002-2003 season and Seth
Greenberg was hired from South
Florida. The day previous to
Stokes being hired Greenberg was
named ACC Coach-of-the-Year.
While Stokes may have recruited
the majority of the players, he
received no recognition and isn't
fondly remembered in Blacks-
burg, Va.
There is no doubt Ricky Stokes
is a good person. He will graduate
his players and hit the recruit-
ing trail as hard as ever. He has
a very talented team that needs
some cohesiveness. He will be
in a revamped and perennially
weaker C-USA. But, with such
a pivotal time in ECU'S athletic
path, he must succeed. He must
Maybe Holland knows that
sometimes a bunt is the best
strategic move. But right now, it
doesn't make sense.
This writer can be contacted at
sports�theeastcarolinian. com.
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The East Carolinian, March 23, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
March 23, 2005
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