The East Carolinian, February 16, 2005

Volume 80 Number 55 WEDNESDAY February 16, 2005
BOG rejects UNC system tuition
increase proposals for following year
Average tuition and fees at U.S. colleges, In 2002 dollars:
���� Private ��� Public ���� Public
four-year four-year two-year
81 83 85 87 89 91 03 95 97 98 01 03
Note: fta're repiwent the end of the acedemlc year
Source: The College Boa0 Graphic. Chicago Tribune
Officials say other
resources of funding
must be considered
The Board of Governors
decided not to endorse the pro-
posed tuition increases for in-
state undergraduates for the
200S-2006 school year.
One major ������
mittee met for seven hours Thurs-
day and heard presentations from
IS of the 16 chancellors within
the UNC system about the need
to increase tuition. They then
considered these arguments
and debated the issue among
themselves before unanimously
making a recommendation to
the full board not to endorse
tuition increases to any of the
UNC system schools.
The main arguments from
the various chancellors included
������ the universi-
reason the
board voted
against the
increase was
that tuition has
been raised sev-
eral times over
the past sev-
eral years and
has not solved
the existing
Out- of-
state and graduate student tuition
Increases are still being consid-
ered and will be decided on by
the BOG in its March meeting.
The budget and finance com-
"We have raised tuition over the
last five years and the problem
is not solved. That would
certainly suggest that we're
not going to solve the problem
through tuition increases
-Brad Wilson Chairman
of the Board of Governors ofNC
ties need addi-
tional fund-
ing for faculty
retention and
need based
financial aid.
needs that we
are hearing
about today
are the same
as we heard
five years ago We have raised
tuition over the last five years
and the problem is not solved.
That would certainly suggest
that we're not going to solve
the problem through tuition
increases said Brad Wilson,
chairman of the Board of
Governors of North Carolina.
"We can't raise tuition fast
enough or high enough to solve
the issues that we continue to
hear about that's impossible
Wilson said the reasons for
the proposed increases are vir-
tually identical with every uni-
versity, and the needs addressed
are not specifically unique to
ECU. The main incentive in
increasing the faculty salaries
was to help attract new and more
qualified faculty and help retain
the current faculty, in addition
to expanding the need-based
financial aid.
Wilson said universities get
their funding from three places
including state appropriations,
tuition and fees and private
sectors or gifts from alumni
and federal and state grants.
He said universities are able to
look to these other resources to
help serve the issue, but would
still be faced with challenges to
adequately meet their needs.
"None of those revenue
streams have been adequate
to keep up with the dramatic
see TUITION page A3
City mandates heightened fire safety measures in Greek houses
Fire alarms become a
house requirement
The City of Greenville has
implemented a Jan. 1 deadline
for all off-campus Greek houses
to install an approved fire alarm
system in an effort to increase
fire safety.
The new standards require
the houses have fire alarms
that meet current standards set
by the National Fire Protection
The City of Greenville was
granted approval from the
NC General Assembly, permit-
ting the city council to require
all Greek houses to instal
an approved fire alarm system.
The Greenville City Council
adopted the ordinance Feb.
IS, 2002, and gave the Greek
houses three years to raise the
money for fire alarm install-
ECU Greek houses have
all complied with the ordinance
and have been approved by
the National Fire Protection
Association. A firfe of $100
was set for each day after the
deadline if alarms were not
Funding for the alarm install-
ments was raised through alumni,
loans and nationals. The price of
the added requirements ranged
from $3,000 to $16,000, depend-
ing on the house and what they
were having done.
This policy was mandated
partly because of the tragic inci-
dent in 1996, in which two broth-
ers of the Delta Chi fraternity at
UNC-Chapel Hill were killed in
a fire in their fraternity house.
The two men were not warned
' of the fire because there was no
fire alarm.
"Fire safety is top priority
said Ion Outterbridge, director
I of Greek life.
"We are being proactive in
that we are making these houses
safe, and this was the final step
Tau Kappa Epsilon completed their renovation and is now the first Greek house on ECU'S
campus to have a sprinkler system as a fire safety measure.
to ensure their safety
Outterbridge was in charge
of making sure the Greek houses
were informed and in com-
pliance with the ordinance.
Certain houses went through
a complete renovation and during
the construction, they added
fire alarm systems. Greek houses
that underwent recent demoli-
tion include Tau Kappa Epsilon,
Phi Kappa Tau and Alpha Delta
Pi. Tau Kappa Epsilon is finishing
their renovations and is the only
fraternity that installed a sprin-
kler system within their house.
Students expressed appre-
ciation in knowing their Greek
houses will be safer.
"We hope to lead the way for
other Greeks said Tim Asbill of
Tau Kappa Epsilon.
"Yes, fire alarms must be
installed, but having a sprinkler
system adds to my confidence of
being safe
Amy Williams, senior man-
agement major and sister of
Alpha Delta Pi, said the number
of people who live in Greek
houses requires stricter safety
"Greek houses are a fire
hazard. There are so many people
in one house that safety should
definitely be top priority. I am
glad it fire alarms is mandated
said Williams.
Every city fire department
within the state was in charge of
setting up a time schedule for the
deadline to have these systems
Outterbridge expressed his
sincerity toward this issue by
saying that he was "proud of the
sororities and fraternities in that
they are all in compliance
Other UNC system schools
are required to carry out this
mandate as well.
"Delta Chi of UNC-Chapel
Hill experienced something that
I pray will never happen again in
anyone's sorority or fraternity, so
this is the first step in preventing
fires and establishing fire safety,
so if a fire were to break out, the
people inside could escape said
Erin Bullock of Zeta Tau Alpha.
This writer can be contacted at
TKE becomes the first
Greek house to install
sprinkler system
The Tau Kappa Epsilon fra-
ternity has recently completed a
$230,000 renovation of its house
and is now the first Greek house
to have a sprinkler system fire
security measure.
The brothers and local alumni
of the fraternity stripped 80 per-
cent of the house away to save
costs and construct an improved
house that would place safety as
the top priority.
"This house was in condem-
nable shape and the work was
hard and dirty, but worth it
said Nathan Gminder, alumni
president of TKE.
Gminder visited the TKE
house during homecoming in
2003, when he realized some-
thing had to be done to make
house improvements. He joined
with another chapter alumnus,
Don Trotman, and made a phone
list of all alumni in hopes of
creating a bank for the men of
TKE to use for the renovation
"We were at ground zero. The
house was going to be foreclosed,
so we started making phone
calls Gminder said.
Trotman and Gminder col-
lected at least 80 alumni con-
tributors who helped renovate
the house dedicated to the late
Colonial Charles R. Blake. Blake
was an assistant of the chancellor
for 25 years and TKE's adviser. He
was also Gminder's father-in-law.
Gminder, having survived
the fire in 1982, wanted to make
safety the first and foremost
issue when building the house.
Gminder was unharmed in the
fire, but lost all of his possessions
and made the installation of a
sprinkler system in the house a
top priority instead of the stan-
dard alarm.
Delta Chi at UNC-Chapel Hill
lost two brothers to fires in 1996.
The City of Greenville mandated
an ordinance to make each Greek
house have fire alarms within
the house by Jan. 1, 2005. TKE
is the first fraternity to use a fire
sprinkler system.
"There have been numerous
times when a brother has fallen
asleep with a cigarette in his
mouth and escaped unharmed,
but Delta Chi of UNC-Chapel
Hill was not as fortunate said
Ryan Romasko, current brother
of TKE.
Gminder said the installment
of the sprinkler system set the
move-in date back and four of
the brothers lived in a hotel room
at the East Carolina Inn for the
fall semester. Six resided there
in January. Others who were
involved with the renovations
include Cliff Cahoon, Robert
Still, Scott Buck and Ray Craft.
Gminder expressed his gratitude
for the professional, efficient
work these men contributed.
"When road blocks appeared,
these are the men (including
Trotman who I could call upon
for help Gminder said.
Not only was a fire alarm
system required by the city
council, but TKE had to alter the
renovations a bit to meet specific
requirements such as includ-
ing a handicap ramp, handicap
equipped bathroom and handi-
cap parking space.
"These adjustments are a
good thing because everyone
should be able to accommodate
handicapped persons said Tim
Asbill, old risk management
director for TKE.
Eight people now live in the
house, and the brothers have
started to move in.
"This has been a dream. With
all the help of the alumni, we
made it a reality said Trotman.
"Making safety the top pri-
ority was a good idea in that we
hope to have set the standard
for obtaining a fire alarm a little
higher. We want other Greeks to
have a sprinkler system for safety
see TKE page A3
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Page A2 252. 328. 6366
NICK HENNE News Editor KRISTIN DAY Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY February 16, 2005
Campus News
Tsunami Relief
The College Democrats will
collect $1 donations to help
victims of the tsunami this week
at Wright Plaza.
African American
Reading Day
The department of English and
Ledonia Wight Cultural Center are
sponsoring this free event from
2 - 4 p.m. It will take place in the
Ledonia Wright Cultural Center. If
you wish to read a few minutes
from a work by your favorite
author or text, contact Seodlal
Deena at 328-6683 or e-mail
Sexual Responsibility
The ECU Healthy Pirates
and Wellness Education are
sponsoring many events for
this year's Sexual Responsibility
Awareness Week. There will be
a Wheel of Health and STD Fear
Factor Feb. 16 from 11 am. -1 p.m.
at Wright Plaza. Feb. 17 from 11
am -1 p.m. at Wright Race, they
will host "Healthy Relationships:
Be a 'Smartie A Family Feud
Special Edition: Battle of the
Sexes will also be Feb. 17 at 7 p.m.
in C309 Science and Technology
Building. The event is free and
the first 100 people will receive a
safer sex kit
VM Raffle Winners
The raffle winners from this
weekend's performance of The
Vagina Monologues should be
posted on their Web site by
Wednesday. Visit ecu.eduwost
event html to see who won.
Spring Career Fairs
The first of many career fairs
will be held Feb. 16 from 10
am - 2 p.m. in the Science and
Technology Building. This fair will
include information for careers
in Industrial technology and
computer science. These career
fairs are provided by Student
Professional Development at
ECU. For additional information,
visit ecu.edue3careers or call
Slam Poetry Jam
The Spectrum and Cultural
Awareness Committees are
sponsoring the Slam Poetry Jam
in the Pirate Underground Feb.
17 at 8 p.m.
A Tribute to Motown
The school of music will host
a concert honoring Motown
artists Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. in Wright
Auditorium. Carroll V. Dashiell,
Jr. will be the director for the
evening. Call 328-6851 for more
ACSS Workshop
Adult and Commuter Student
Services and Janie Sowers, clinical
director of child development and
family relations, will present a
series of workshops designed
to help students keep a healthy
relationship with their significant
other while balancing school, work
and a family. These workshops
beginning Feb. 18 will cover
topics Including money, roles in a
relationship, sex, children, fun and
relaxation. All workshops will be
held in 212 Mendenhall from 12
-1:30 p.m. For more Information,
please call 328-6881.
Salsa Dance
The ECU Folk and Country
Dancers are sponsoring a
salsa dance Feb. 18 at the Willis
Building downtown. Instruction
by Procopio and Heidi begins at
7:30 p.m. and the dance with DJ
, Ramon will be from 8:30 -11 p.m.
Students can be admitted for $3,
FASG members for $5 and the
general public for $8. Call 752-
7350 for more information.
Want your event printed in TEC?
Please send your announcement
along with the date, time, location
and contact information to assis
News Briefs
Durham police arrest
four In city's largest cocaine bust
DURHAM, NC - Police arrested four
men and seized 167 pounds of
cocaine, worth $1.9 million, in what
officials said was the largest cocaine
bust In the city of Durham's history.
The arrests occurred two weeks ago,
but were announced Monday by
Police Chief Steve Chalmers. .
Officers also seized $150,000
in cash, nine vehicles, a gun, a
money-counting machine and drug-
packaging materials.
'I feel that these arrests will have a
significant impact on drug activity In
Durham Chalmers said.
Police identified the arrested men
as Jcse Antonio Martinez-Mora, 32;
Alfredo Castillo, 31; Rene Utrera
Pulldo, 31 and Gregorio Martinez-
Mora, 29. They were charged with
attempting to possess 500 grams
(1.1 pounds) or more of cocaine,
possession of 500 grams or more of
cocaine and conspiracy to distribute
500 grams or more of cocaine.
With two interstate highways passing
through the city, Durham long has
beenonmajordrug routes, particularly
north-south on i-85. Police said the
men were being held by the U.S.
Marshals Service.
Police Capt. Steve Mihaich said drug
dealers shouldn't relax.
"The chief has directed us to not only
look at crack houses but mid- to high-
level dealers, as well he said. "I think
the main message is we're going after
the big ones and not just the little
ones. And It's not over
Judge finds topless club In
GRAHAM, NC - An Alamance County
judge ruled that a topless club has
violated a court order preventing
workers from erotically touching
customers for money.
Superior Court Judge Leon Stanback
Jr. fined the Dockside Dolls club
$1,000 on Monday, the maximum
allowable and said he will consider
an order shutting the club down
between now and a March trial on a
nuisance-abatement complaint.
"I think there was a willful violation" of
the court order, Stanback said. They
had cameras in the room, and they
should know what goes on in those
Pastors and churchgoers who want
the club put out of business watched
testimony Monday from the Alamance
County sheriff, an undercover
detective, a Baptist preacher and an
unhappy neighbor of the club, which
sits next to Interstate 8540.
The undercover officer testified that
employees touched him behind
closed doors in the club's "champagne
room" and other private rooms.
The county sued the club in
September after an undercover
operation led to the arrest of four
dancers on charges of selling drugs
and soliciting prostitution. The club
has stayed open while a trial is
pending, but under an order that bars
workers from allowing illegal conduct �
on the property.
Inmate advocates worry
about defrocked priest's safety
BOSTON - Defrocked priest Paul
Shanley, one of the most recognizable
figures in the Boston Archdiocese sex
scandal, faces the possibility of life
in prison for his conviction on child
rape charges.
But some inmate advocates say
whatever term Shanley gets could
amount to a death sentence.
Another key figure in the scandal,
former priest John Geoghan, was
beaten and strangled behind bars
in 2003, a year after being convicted
of molesting a 10-year-old boy. A
fellow prisoner later told investigators
he killed Geoghan "to save the
Shanley was scheduled to be
sentenced Tuesday.
"He's so high-profile that that puts a
big target on his back said James
Plngeon, a lawyer at Massachusetts
Correctional Legal Services, a group
that provides civil legal services
to inmates. "We feel concerned.
Obviously he's a vulnerable person
because of his notoriety and his age
Shanley, now 74, was once known for a
being a hip "street priest" who reached
out to troubled children, homosexuals
and other disenfranchised. He was
convicted last week of repeatedly
raping and fondling a boy at a church
in the 1980s. He could get up to 10
years in prison on each of two counts
of indecent assault and battery on a
child, and up to life on two counts of
child rape.
Michael Jackson defense
reveals star-studded witness list
SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Michael
Jackson's defense lawyers
announced they may call Elizabeth
Taylor, Jay Leno, Quincy Jones and
Kobe Bryant to the witness stand in
the pop star's molestation trial.
The list of possible witnesses sounded
like coming attractions for a major
Hollywood spectacle. But the judge
in the case dimmed that prospect,
saying not all of the celebrities would
necessarily testify.
Attorneys are In the process of
selecting 12 jurors and eight
alternates who will decide whether
Jackson molested a teenage cancer
patient at his Neverland Ranch and
plied the youth with alcohol.
Names of defense and prosecution
witnesses were revealed to
prospective jurors Monday so
attorneys could find out if any of
the more than 240 members of the
pool had associations that may be
important In jury selection.
Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau
Jr. also named. Jackson's children,
Paris and Prince Michael. Possible
prosecution witnesses Included
Debbie Rowe, their mother.
Other possible witnesses included
Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Chris
Tucker, former child actor Corey
Feldman, Backstreet Boy Nick
Carter and younger brother Aaron,
CBS correspondent Ed Bradley,
CNN's Larry King, Fox broadcaster
Rita Cosby, New Age guru Deepak
Chopra, psychic Uri Geller, illusionist
David Blaine, Las Vegas tycoon Steve
Wynn and relatives of the late Marlon
Fatal fire at Tehran mosque
caused by kerosene heater
TEHRAN, Iran - A mosque fire that
killed 59 people and injured another
350 was blamed on a kerosene
heater that was placed too close to a
thick curtain that separated male and
female worshippers, an Iranian news
agency reported Tuesday.
A survivor of Monday's fire said some
of the deaths were caused by a
stampede of panicked people trying
to escape the flames racing through
the Arg Mosque, which was more
crowded than usual because of a
Muslim holiday.
Some worshippers, many of them
women, were injured when they
jumped from second- floor windows,
the witness said, speaking on
condition of anonymity. Women pray
on the second floor, separated from
the men.
Police Chief Brig. Gen. Morteza
Talaie said "basic safety rules" were
Ignored, including the Installation of
the kerosene heater too close to the
curtain, the official Islamic Republic
News Agency reported.
IRNA also carried a different account
of the cause, however, quoting
unidentified witnesses as saying a
woman's veil caught fire from the
heater and spread to the curtain.
Heaters were being used because
of unusually cola winter weather in
An initial report Monday blamed
a faulty electrical outlet, but IRNA
reported that theory had been
discarded. It also said arson or a
bomb was ruled out.
Final agreement
reached on Jericho handover
JERUSALEM - A Palestinian
negotiator said Tuesday he has
reached final agreement with Israel
on the handover of the West Bank
town of Jericho to Palestinian control,
including the removal of the main
Israeli roadblock in the area, in what
would be an important precedent for
pullbacks from four more West Bank
towns in coming weeks.
However, Israeli military officials said
negotiations are continuing.
In Israel, hundreds of Jewish settlers
and their supporters blocked several
main roads during evening rush hour
Monday, scuffling with police, burning
tires and causing traffic jams, to
protest Israel's planned withdrawal
from the Gaza Strip this summer.
Police dragged protesters away and
detained dozens.
The protest came as Jewish extremists
increasingly targeted politicians who
support the withdrawal. Several
Cabinet ministers have received
threatening letters in recent days,
alarming law enforcement officials
who fear ultranationalists could try
to harm Israeli leaders.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told
legislators Monday that he has hired
private security guards to protect the
grave of his wife, Lily, for fear it would
be desecrated by opponents to his
withdrawal plan.
The handover of five West Bank
towns to Palestinian control-was
agreed on in principle by Sharon and
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas
at a meeting last week. However, a
last-minute dispute over the removal
of roadblocks and the area to be
handed over held up the first Israeli
pullback, from Jericho.
Professor conducts study to investigate
effectiveness of Distance Education program
Cerutti discusses diversity in race and cultures with students.
ECU center hosts
'Dialogue on Diversity'
Program creates forum
for discussion
ECU'S Ledonia Wright Cul-
tural Center hosted an event
titled "Dialogue on Diversity"
moderating an open discussion
on race, culture and ethnicity.
The event drew a crowd of
about thirty people to the center
to voice their opinions, com-
ments and questions on diversity
in a group setting with Chandra
Cerutti, lecturer in the depart-
ment of English.
Opening discussions centered
on people's initial reaction to
racial differences and how this
can lead to racial categorization,
where attendees listed skin color
and hair texture among other
things as contributing factors.
The group discussed one of
the dangers that categorizing
by race causes, which is the
tendency to stereotype indi-
viduals. Examples given during
the discussion included the idea
that all people of Arabic descent
are terrorists or all Asians are of
higher intelligence.
Cerutti said a former student
came to her and vented her frus-
tration at people assuming that
she had musical talent due to her
Asian descent.
"It's easy that you can iden-
tify or perceive these very com-
plicated traits just by looking at
someone said Cerutti.
The social aspects of race were
also brought forth for discussion
from the group drawing a variety
of different opinions.
One group participant identified
herself as a citizen of Aruba who has
sco DIALOG page A3
Bell looks to assess DE
program success
With ECU expanding more
each year in Distance Education
programs, a professor is in the
process of conducting a study
to examine the compatibility of
students and this new modern-
ized form of learning.
"The intent of the study is
to determine whether factors
related to self regulated learn-
ing and epistemological beliefs,
beliefs about knowledge and
learning, are associated with
learner achievement in online
courses said Paul Bell, associate
professor in the department of
health information management
and conductor of the study.
Bell said this idea was sparked
when his program of health
services and Information man-
agement went online about two
years ago. He has since noticed
some students were successful
with the DE courses, while other
students were not. The students
who did not do as well with
online learning actually ranged
from adequate to good students
based on their grades in the tra-
ditional face-to-face classroom
Bell and his colleagues then
outlined some of the major dif-
ferences with the online courses
and the face-to-face courses. They
concluded there was a vast differ-
Bell is conducting a study to discover the relationship
between epistemological beliefs and distance education.
ence between the two, and online
learning may not best suit some
students. Unlike the traditional
classroom setting, online learn-
ing is a much more learner-con-
trolled environment and requires
students to be solely responsible
for their learning. Bell said some
students are used to only the class-
room-based setting, and having
to learn online could poten-
tially be a "recipe for disaster
The traditional face-to-face
learning environment provides
regular contact with the instruc-
tor in which a student can lean
on professors for support and
receive reminders about upcom-
ing tests and verbal cues in a
classroom, which communicate
to students the main aspects on
which to concentrate.
"It's harder to do that in
cyberspace Bell said.
"The whole issue of learner
control and learner indepen-
dence and taking the responsibil-
ity for one's learning has been
dubbed by the literature as self
regulating learning
The study consists of a ques-
tionnaire that has students to self
rate and evaluate themselves.
Self-regulated learning and
epistemological beliefs have dif-
ferent sub factors that may or
may not be related to achieve-
see BELL page A3
Crime Scene
Feb. 8
11:15 p.m.
Unknown person(s) entered a room
In Fletcher Hall and took away
Playstation gaming system.
11:30 p.m.
Misdemeanor larceny
Unknown person(s) took away a
cellular phone in the Clement Hall
Feb. 9
9:55 p.m.
Damage to motor vehicle
Person(s) damaged the front left
outer panel and tire well of a Ford
F150 truck parked at Fletcher Music
Feb. 10
1:30 am.
Possessing a fictitious license
Subject possessed a fake ID In a
parking lot
Feb. 12
2:40 am
Indecent exposure
Four males exposed their genitals In
the presence of females at the Belk
Hall north exterior.
Feb. 13
2:08 am.
Drug violations
Subject possessed less than one
ounce of marijuana in a parking
2:55 am.
Criminal damage to property
Unknown persons threw a rock and
broke the window of a 2003 Pontiac
Sunflre parked In a lot
O Weekly
Crime Tip
Be aware of what Is going on
around you. If you see anyone
suspicious, try to remember what
he or she looks like. Remembering
the type of clothing, piercings, facial
hair and tattoos can help Identify a
suspecL but do not put yourself Into
harm's way while trying to identify
someone. ,
ECU Juniors and Seniors!
re, Learn, and Earn
The University of North Carolina
Semester in
Washington, D.C.
�Earn 12-15 semester hours
�Work 32 hours per week in
a Washington internship
�Explore ideas and places
through the Washington
Experience Seminar.
Three ECU students per
term. Open to full-time
'D IJH -17 Juniors and Seniors
with minimum 3.0 GPA.
Competitive application.
March 1 deadline for Fall 2005 term.
Information at http:www.ecu.eduaauncwashington

y 16, 2005
londay blamed
utlet, but IRNA
ory had been
said arson or a
ho handover
lesday he has
Ttent with Israel
the West Bank
lestinian control,
val of the main
he area, in what
int precedent for
nore West Bank
ary officials said
f Jewish settlers
blocked several
rening rush hour
h police, burning
traffic jams, to
ned withdrawal
p this summer,
jsters away and
ewish extremists
I politicians who
rawal. Several
have received
in recent days,
:ement officials
lalists could try
Ariel Sharon told
lat he has hired
ds to protect the
for fear it would
Dponents to his
ve West Bank
in control-was
3 by Sharon and
ahmoud Abbas
sek. However, a
wer the removal
the area to be
) the first Israeli
iin aspects on
a do that in
ue of learner
ler indepen-
ing has been
mature as self
ists of a ques-
learning and
liefs have dif-
that may or
d to achieve-
ELL page A3
ster hours
er week in
1 places
ents per
I Seniors
from page A1
increase in faculty salary and
benefits. There is the problem
Wilson said.
He said the focus needs to be
on state appropriations to receive
the needed funding.
The governor and the general
assembly have been supportive
of the universities during tough
financial times. Universities
must recognize the governor and
general assembly need to balance
all of the needs of the state.
"They've done a great job in
doing all they can do, but the
problem still exists Wilson said.
In addition to the tuition
increases, the general assembly
has approved salary increases
for air state employees, which
would therefore include public
university faculty.
As far as tuition rates for in-
state students in public institu-
tions, North Carolina remains in
the lower half of public institu-
tions nationwide.
"Even with the tuition
increases that have been approved
in North Carolina over the past
five years, higher education
in North Carolina is a bargain
when compared to the nation
Wilson said.
Wilson said this bargain does
not mean it's not tough for many
students to meet that cost, but
when you compare the quality
and costs of our public higher
education system with that of
many other states' higher educa-
tion systems, North Carolina is
still a bargain.
The number of applica-
tions for admission to ECU
shows a supply and demand
system. Every campus gets far
more applications for admission
than they can accommodate.
"That suggests we have some-
thing good going on here in
North Carolina Wilson said.
"If it were too expensive or
poor quality, I don't think we
would have that many students
While the tuition increase
proposals have been decided
on by the BOG, it still has to go
through the general assembly,
which would be able to endorse
tuition increases.
Students showed nothing but
positive reactions to this decision.
"I don't think ECU needs to
raise tuition In terms of what
I have heard from my professors
they are satisfied with their
salaries said April Faison, fresh-
man dance major.
Kelly Woody, freshman
apparel merchandising major,
said she was pleased with the
decision, but she pays out-of-
state tuition so she is still waiting
on the later decision by the Board
of Governors.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
from page A2
ment. Another purpose of the
study is to determine which sub
factors are related to success in
online learning.
Bell is going to take the
results from the study and see
if they correlate with the online
courses they are taking this
semester. Bell thinks those who
rate high in certain dimensions
of self regulated learning and
epistemological beliefs of knowl-
edge and learning will have
higher final grades.
If these two factors have an
association with achievement in
online learning, then we should
assess them before a student is
placed in an online learning
"It may be that online learn-
ing is not appropriate for their
learning because they are not
used to taking responsibility for
their own learning Bell said.
According to Bell, the study
is meant to measure the stu-
dents' "degree of self-regulation
in learning and their beliefs
about knowledge and learning
Previous research indicated that
students with more sophisticated
notions about learning had
higher rates of success than other
Self-regulated learning
involved motivation, time and
place study resource manage-
ment and how confident a person
is in their ability to learn.
Knowing how individual
learner characteristics, such as
self-regulated learning and epis-
temological beliefs are related to
success in learning online can
help in the instructional design
of online courses. Internet based
courses can include elements
that help foster the develop-
ment of individual self-regulated
learning and facilitate sophisti-
cated beliefs about knowledge
and learning.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
from page A2
been taken aback by the emphasis
on race in the United States since
coming to ECU. She has found
the subject on her mind increas-
ing since her arrival in America.
Other participants talked
about the expression "melt-
ing pot" in relation to Ameri-
can society and how concepts
such as that can lead individ-
uals to assimilate and forget
from page A1
�fine(Ti s &afe
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their heritage and culture.
The dialogues closed with
a discussion on the historical
emphasis of minority highlight-
ing in school curriculums.
"Dialogue on Diversity"
events began around two years ago
and are held about once a month.
"The benefit is to provide a
forum where students, faculty
and staff can come in to have a
dialogue to share said Lathan
Turner, director of the Ledonia
Wright Cultural Center.
Toya Jacobs, assistant director
of the Ledonia Wright Cultural
Center, said these open dialogues
benefit ECU because of their civi-
lized and welcoming nature.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
The brothers of TKE and the
alumni who created this project
are throwing a house warming
party for the city council and
those who were involved once
the house has been decorated
and fully moved in to.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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2005 Housing Guide
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Looking for a
place to live?
Watch for our 2005 Housing Guide Inserted
In the Thursday, February 17 Edition of The East

Page A4
WEDNESDAY February 16,2005 Page
Our View
CDC encourages college students
to vaccinate for meningitis
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
recently issued an official government advisory
recommending college students be vaccinated
for meningitis.
Health officials have recommended the shot
for college students since the late 1990s, but
it wasn't until last week that the CDC officially
endorsed It
Meningitis, or meningococcal disease, is a
potentially life-threatening disease caused by
bacteria infecting the membranes around the
spinal cord and brain.
It is important for college students to receive
a meningitis vaccine because people in our
age group are six times as likely to contract
the disease than others. This is especially
true for students living in the dorms, because
meningitis is spread through contact in kissing,
sharing kitchen utensils, sneezing and other
habits engaged in by those living in such close
Meningitis kills approximately 300 Americans
per year, and while this may not seem like an
immediate danger, it is important to protect
yourself from this disease. Many people who
have meningitis are initially misdiagndsed
because the symptoms are similar to the flu
(i.e. fever, headache, stiff neck, nausea and
The CDC's decision was largely pushed by
the development of a new meningitis vaccine
called Menactra, made by Sanofi Pasteur. The
new vaccine lasts for eight years, versus the old
one which lasted for only 3 - 5 years. Also, the
old vaccine didn't prevent people from being
carriers of the disease.
TEC encourages students to vaccinate them-
selves from the disease. The new vaccine is
expected to cost around $100, but it is a small
price to pay when considering your future.
For more information on the CDC's decision or
more information on meningitis, visit the Web
sites below:
In My Opinion
Coach Herrion deserves another year
Murmurs beginning to
circulate among students
Our Staff
Amanda Q. Ungerfelt
Editor in Chief
Nick Henne
News Editor
Kristin Day
Asst News Editor
Carolyn Scandura Kristin Murnane
Features Editor Asst Features Editor
Tony Zoppo Brandon Hughes
Sports Editor Asst. Sports Editor
Nina Coefield Rachel Landen
Head Copy Editor Special Sections Editor
Tanesha Sistrunk Herb Sneed
Photo Editor Asst Photo Editor
Alexander Marclniak Dustin Jones
The athletics programs at ECU are
undergoing a transformation under new
Athletic Director Terry Holland. Just a
few months ago, head football coach
John Thompson was released because
of a failure to return the Pirates to their
traditional status as a winning program
in addition to dissent among Pirate
Club members who support ECU's
athletic teams. Murmurs have started
circulating about the status of men's
basketball Head Coach Bill Herrion's
job at the end of the season. It seems my
previous editorial on Thompson was a
bit reactionary and pre-mature, but my
thoughts on Herrion are much more
organized and accurate. ECU needs to
stick by Herrion's side.
1 think Herrion's profile speaks
for itself, although his record as the
head coach of ECU is less than stellar.
Herrion began his career at Drexel
University who plays in the Northern
Atlantic Conference. Herrion was
named Coach of the Year in the con-
ference four times in his eight seasons
and guided the Drexel Dragons to a
mark of 121-32, three NCAA tourna-
ment appearances, a tournament win
and one berth in the NIT. Herrion then
came to ECU, a struggling program in
the Colonial conference, and oversaw
it as it transitioned to primetime in
Conference USA.
Since arriving at ECU, Herr'ion
has a record of 68-92, far from what
Herrion is accustomed. However, ECU
has shown steady progress, although
one may argue this year's young Pirate
squad has struggled at times. Herrion
guided the Pirates to their first ever win
over a top 10 team beating Marquette
when the Golden Eagles were ranked
number nine. Herrion has also guided
the Pirates to two appearances in the C-
USA tournament in the last three years.
ECU can also boast wins over Louisville
and UNC-Charlotte and over perennial
NCAA tournament teams such as Pep-
perdine and Oregon State. This year has
been somewhat tough for the Pirates
because they played an insanely dif-
ficult out-of-conference schedule. ECU
is currently playing the 33rd toughest
schedule in the nation and is ranked
in the top half of the RPI at 153. The
Pirates have only played two teams in
D-l with losing records. But, in case the
7-13 mark and the loss to Gardner-Webb
are still aching in the back of your
mind, evidence that the Pirates have
improved abound everywhere.
I'll admit it. After his first two
seasons, I was a Corey Rouse skeptic.
1 completely regret such a sentiment.
Rouse has matured exponentially
between his sophomore and junior
seasons. This season, he is leading C-
USA in rebounding and nearly averages
a double-double per game - for most of
the season he has been one of only six
men in the nation averaging a double-
double per game.
Moussa Badianne has continued to
elevate his game every year. Badianne
arrived at ECU practically a novice to
basketball (compared to other play-
ers in the NCAA), but has honed his
uncanny ability to block shots - eclips-
ing the C-USA record last week - and
steadily improved his offense.
The young players are starting to
come around as well. Japhet McNeil
has overcome the frustration of
his freshman year (might I add, asking
any freshman to handle the ball in C-
USA is an insurmountable task) and is
second in C-USA in steals. Josh King
and Tom Hammonds have each con-
tributed in major ways in ECU's wins
over St. Louis and UNC-Charlotte.
Jonathan Hart is loaded with athletic
ability and although his playing time
has beefi limited, has hit a couple of
jumpers at clutch times this season.
Taylor Gagnon has seen increased play-
ing time and now leads the Pirates in
three-point percentage at 35 percent.
Marvin Kilgore played some solid
games, especially earlier in the season,
and Mike Castro has become a force to
be reckoned with on the boards. And
as always, Mike Cook just seems to
find ways to score and is ranked ninth
in points-per-game in C-USA. Herrion
has assembled a nucleus of young
talent around which he can build a
solid team. Add in forwards Charles
Bronson and a transfer from Wake
Forest, who will begin play next year,
and the front court looks up as well. If
the maturation process continues next
season as it has this past season, ECU's
young players will be a force for the
next three years.
But, what speaks volumes about
Herrion is his demeanor on the bench.
It is such a pleasure to watch him teach
his kids and correct them when they
come off the court. Herrion is always
standing and actively involved in the
game - which is evidenced by the tre-
mendous amount of sweat on his shirts.
Herrion has an unparalleled passion for
the game of basketball, and it shows
each time his team steps on the court.
He instills his love for the game in the
Pirates, which makes them a dangerous
team at any time - if you don't believe
me - ask Bobby Lutz or Tom Crean and
I'm sure they'll tell you.
So, in advance, coach Holland, 1
think Herrion needs a few more years,
and he has earned that right. Losing
under Herrion doesn't reflect nearly
as bad on him as it does this univer-
sity because Herrion has established
his ability to win. Even with a losing
record, he has boosted attendance
at home games by more than 1,000
people per year. A public statement of
his job assurance would be welcomed
and Pirate Nation would be thankful.
After all, Herrion has made Billville
a wonderfuL place to live during bas-
ketball season and after the C-USA
tournament (or NCAA tournament) we
will all look forward to returning home
next season.
In the midst of all of this athletics
turmoil, at least students can be assured
Randy Mazey's job is safe.
Letters to the Editor
Web Editor
Jennifer Hobbs
Production Manager
Asst Web Editor
Kltch Hines
Managing Editor
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity) We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number. Letters may be sent via
e-mail to or to The East
Carolinian, Student Publications Building, Greenville,
NC 27858-4353. Call 252-328-6366 for more
information. One copy of TEC Is free, each additional
copy is $1.
Dear Editor,
This is concerning the Pirate Rant
section from Feb. 1. I'm a big fan and
get a good laugh from the rants but
one rant that disturbed me was "I bleed
from my Metallica Tatoos I'm not
sure what this person was implying,
but it seemed a bit psycho. I'm also a
Metallica fan and understand fan loy-
alty, but cutting yourself is unsanitary
and down right scary. I understand
the freedom of speech and your job of
posting the rants, but this individual
needs professional help, and I person-
ally don't think they need any motiva-
tion to continue this self-inflicted pain.
Recent reports imply that it is reaching
"epidemic proportions particularly
among young people. Furthermore,
research suggests that it is a frequent
companion to eating disorders, alco-
hol and drug abuse, depression, post-
traumatic stress disorder, borderline
personality disorder and dissociative
disorders. I'm not saying this die hard
fan shows any of these traits, yet it con-
terns me that a fellow student would
openly express these actions. It almost
seems like a cry for help. I just felt that
1 should express my concern.
Shane Benfield
Senior, construction management
Dear Editor,
This letter is in response to Peter
Kalajian's Feb. 10 opinion piece, "Evo-
lutionary theory takes a beating
I wholeheartedly agree that we need
to teach science in public schools, but
I do not agree that we should ignore
religious topics within our public disci-
plines. This country was founded upon
religious freedoms, and the impact
of religion - especially Christianity
should not be ignored. I find that we
do our students a dis-service when we
minimize the influence of Catholic and
Protestant doctrine upon the forefa-
thers of our nation. Whether you are
African American, Arabic, Jewish or
Irish, religion has been the cornerstone
of not only these nationalities but
many more. Our money, our pledge
of allegiance and our judicial systems
are reflections of our nation's religious
Certainly, the question can be
raised in how to approach religious
themes, but it is impossible to ignore
that even in 2005, our nation is still
perhaps one of the largest religious
superstructures in the world. To elimi-
nate the teaching of religion in public
schools is damaging to our future gen-
erations. The aim of education should
be to assist our students in exploring
the past, considering the present,
and preparing them for the future.
If we constantly eliminate "touchy"
subjects such as religion, or if we poorly
expound upon other subjects such
as the heritage of Native Americans
and the fact what Christopher
Columbus discovered was already
discovered, we leave very little for our
children to consider, and even less tools
for them to use in the future. As an
unabashed Christian to an unabashed
Darwinist, I think it would only be fair
to expose our children to both science
and religion. After all, religion led
Darwin to his studies at Cambridge,
Christ College and later to his studies
in natural science. If you really want
to consider the state of America - both
its past, present and future - you must
take into consideration religion. Dis-
regarding religion's influence on our
nation is synonymous to disregarding
the 200 and some odd years of slavery's
influence on our nation. Both are
gross understatements, and it would
be unwise to continue this charade in
public, private or religious institutions
of education.
Danielle Melvln
ECU English lecturer
Pirate Rant
Is it just me, or does it look
like the jungle is no more? It
seems like a movement around
this campus to do away with
tailgating and anything related. I
tell you what - if the jungle is no
more and tailgating is no more,
this college will not get a dime
of mine when I graduate. Fellow
ECU fans, voice your opinion
about the jungle.
To the people who wear sweat
bands to class: Man, I give it up
to you guys working so hard in
class that you work up a feverish
sweat. Watching you mentally
give your all until the sweat just
pours out is amazing. Oh yeah,
make sure you take it off before
you go the gym so it doesn't get
messed up, dorks.
Look guys, if you want to
have a better sports program in
general, you have to support it.
The Big East seems to be looking
at ECU very closely. Can you get
your rear end to the games, on
time, and cheer your heart out
like a true Pirate? Also, leave that
ugly, UNC sweatshirt at home
- you are a Pirate, act like it.
Professors of ECU: Here is an
idea - if you are sick, how about
sending out this little thing called
an e-mail instead of making
us come to class and waste two
hours of our life watching videos
with your grad assistant?
Dear annoying student: If we
have a guess speaker in our class
it is not the time for you to ask
them a million questions about
your own personal health issues.
If you need personal advice, go to
the Student Health Center and
stop wasting our time.
Props to Taylor Gagnon - he
is the only Pirate that makes a
point to cover his heart during
the National Anthem and keep
his eyes on the flag.
Uh, where did the jungle
go? They cut down all the trees
and filled it with dirt. That's not
You know, if you have a prob-
lem telling other people what
your GPA is, maybe it's some-
thing that needs to be worked
on. Open a book before you open
your mouth.
In case no one has noticed,
everyone has a certain bias and
that includes your professors.
If you aren't smart enough to
wade through a professor's bias
and see the objective lesson they
are really trying to teach, I don't
think you belong in college.
When did my roommate's
boyfriend's Subaru and her Trans
Am become so important, they
can park their cars in the yard
like they have show cars?
The next time you dial the
wrong number and call my
phone, don't get mad at me
because I'm not your boyfriend.
You're the one who doesn't know
how to work the phone.
If you are afraid of dogs, and
I make an effort to get off the
sidewalk, and pull them into me,
don't say "I'll sue" sarcastically as
you walk by. It makes me wish
they would bite you. Don't be so
ignorant. If my dogs bit people
I wouldn't walk them through
So, people think our presi-
dent is dumb, eh? Well that's
funny considering he scored 20
points higher on the IQ test than
precious John Kerry did. People,
he's our president. You don't have
to like him, but jeez, respect the
position he holds.
Here's hoping the Pirates can
learn to play on the road. The
team has tons of talent but won't
go to the NCAA (or NIT) for that
matter, unless they start to win a
few on the road.
Has anybody else noticed that
the song from the lPod shuffle
commercial is about masturba-
When did it become normal
conversation to ask a girl if her
breasts are real? And yes, they
are real.
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant is
an anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice
their opinions. Submissions can be
submitted anonymously online at, or e-
mailed to editormheeastcarolinian.
com. The editor reserves the right
to edit opinions for content and

jary 16,2005
e, or does it look
e is no more? It
lovement around
o do away with
nything related. 1
if the jungle is no
ating is no more,
II not get a dime
graduate. Fellow
ce your opinion
le who wear sweat
Man, I give it up
irking so hard in
rark up a feverish
ig you mentally
itil the sweat just
nazing. Oh yeah,
take it off before
i so it doesn't get
if you want to
jorts program in
ive to support it.
ms to be looking
sely. Can you get
0 the games, on
r your heart out
7 Also, leave that
atshirt at home
te, act like it.
f ECU: Here is an
! sick, how about
little thing called
ead of making
s and waste two
watching videos
ng student: If we
�akcr in our class
le for you to ask
questions about
lal health issues,
inal advice, go to
alth Center and
r time.
lor Gagnon - he
ite that makes a
tiis heart during
ithem and keep
did the jungle
iwn all the trees
1 dirt. That's not
you have a prob-
ler people what
laybe it's some-
Is to be worked
before you open
me has noticed,
certain bias and
our professors,
nart enough to
professor's bias
:tlve lesson they
to teach, I don't
g in college.
ny roommate's
ru and her Trans
important, they
:ars in the yard
iow cars?
ne you dial the
r and call my
jet mad at me
your boyfriend,
ho doesn't know
aid of dogs, and
t to get off the
II them into me,
"sarcastically as
makes me wish
Kou. Don't be so
dogs bit people
them through
hink our presi-
;h? Well that's
ig he scored 20
the IQ test than
Try did. People,
You don't have
eez, respect the
; the Pirates can
i the road. The
talent but won't
;or NIT) for that
ey start to win a
else noticed that
he iPod shuffle
bout masturba-
become normal
ask a girl if her
And yes, they
The Pirate Rant is
v for students ami
mmunity to voice
Emissions can be
nously online at, or e-
eserves the right
for content and
Arts & Entertair
II 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor Wl
Mendenhall Movies:
Wednesday: 7 p.m.
Thursday: 9:30 p.m.
Friday: 7 p.m. and Midnight
Saturday: 9:30 p.m.
Sunday: 7 p.m.
The Incredibles
Wednesday: 9:30 p.m.
Thursday: 7 p.m.
Friday: 9:30 p.m.
Saturday: 7 p.m. and Midnight
Sunday: 7 p.m.
Top 5's
Top 5 Movies:
1. Boogeyman
2. The Wedding Date
3. Are We There Yet?
4. Hide and Seek
5. Million Dollar Baby
Top 5 DVD's
1. AVP: Alien vs. Predator
2. Friday Night Ughts
3. The Forgotten
4. Sky Captain and the World of
5. Cellular
Top 5 TV Shows
1. "Super Bowl XXXIX"
2. "American Idol-Tues"
3. "American Idol-Wed"
4. "Desperate Housewives"
5. "CSI"
Top 5 CD's
1.7he Game
2. Green Day
3. Eminem
4. Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz
5. John Legend
Top 5 Books
7. The Broker
2. The Da Vinci Code
3.The Five People You Meet in
4. State of Fear
5. Chainfire
Aries: Your curiosity will soon
be piqued by an author recently
discovered. Study well - you'll have.
a chance to use this information
Taurus: Authority figures are likely
to be in a generous mood and you
know just what they need. That's
the clue. Provide it.
Gemini: Don't let a rejection
or two slow you down. Being
respected is actually better In the
long run than being liked. Stand
up for what's right.
Cancer: For the next several
weeks, you'll be obsessed with
dreams of far distant places. For
the next two days, you'll be stuck
here, cleaning up old messes.
Leo: For the next few weeks,
you'll become more interested In
how you save your money. This Is
good, since you've been paying
more attention to other things
for a while.
Virgo: Learning to delegate is a
skill you'll get to practice now. This
will make It possible for you to do
much more.
Ubra: You're very smart and very
good at getting the message out.
Move up a notch In effectiveness
by listening carefully now.
Scorpio: Sort through your bills
and the other paperwork that's
been stacking up. You'll want to
know how much you can spend
on your romantic outing this
Sagittarius Conditions
are Improving, and so are
communications. Compromise
will be required, however. Set
Capricorn: Your workload
increases for the next few days.
For heaven's sake, don't complain.
You've already thought of at
least one very good use for the
Aquarius You've worked hard,
but don't despair. Some things
are about to get easier. Rearrange
your schedule to make more free
time with the people you love.
Pisces Nobody really
understands how the learning
process works, but in the next few
weeks your knowledge increases
substantially. Take care.
Artists rock the Grammy's
Ray Charles, Alicia
Keys among many
receiving trophies
The 47th annual Grammy
Awards aired Sunday, Feb. 13 at
8 p.m. These much-anticipated
awards stood up to their long-
standing tradition of elegance
and surprise.
Genius loves company, and
Ray Charles leaves with the
accompaniment of six Grammy's,
including the award for Best
Album. The sentimental push
and a night seemingly dedi-
cated to the fallen artist made
the awards a fitting memorial.
Alicia Keys was another big
winner of the night, garnering
four trophies of her own. Keys'
songs, "If I Aint Got You "My
Boo" and "You Don't Know My
Name won awards for Female
R&B, R&B duogroup and R&B
song respectively. Keys, who
looked absolutely stunning in
her white dress, also accepted the
coveted Best R&B Award with her
album The Diary of Alicia Keys.
The man nominated for the
most Grammy's, Kanye West,
took home three. Obviously
moved in his acceptance speech,
West reflected on his crippling
accident that nearly took his
life, advising others to live for
each day. He added, "people
were asking me what I would
do if I didn't win he paused,
then continued as he hoisted his
newly won hardware, "I guess
we'll never know West won the
Grammy for Best Rap album with
his debut The College Dropout,
conspicuously beating out Jay-Z's,
The Black Album.
After a lifetime of musi-
cal achievement, Brian Wilson
finally took home the first
Grammy of his career. The lead
singersongwriter of The Beach
Boys won the award for his single
"Mrs. O'Leary's Cow" in the best
rock instrumental performance
.category. He is cited as saying to
USA Today, "I waited 42 years for
this Grammy it represents a
triumph and an achievement
music that I feel I deserve an
very glad that I won
Already, former President
Bill Clinton has eclipsed Brian
Wilson in these awards, winning
his second Grammy for Spoken
Word Album for his book My Life.
Joining Brian Wilson as a
first time Grammy winner was
Rod Stewart, who was presented
with the trophy in the traditional
pop album for his album Stardusk
The Great American Songbook
Volume III.
Another oldie but goodie gave
an acceptance speech Grammy
night, in the person of Loretta
Lynn. Lynn was inducted into the
Country Music Hall of Fame in
1981. Sissy Spacek won an Oscar
for her portrayal of Loretta Lynn
in 1981. At the ripe age of 69,
Lynn, however, continues to shock
and awe, winning two awards for
Countiy Album and for her work
with Jack White of the band The
White Stripes on the song "Port-
land, Oregon" in the country vocal
collaboration category.
Recognizing the achieve-
ments of musicians nationwide,
the Grammy's would not be
such without moving musical
TUESDAY February 16, 2005
see GRAMMY page A6
Fall head over heels for love Letters' play
Jeffrey Hayden and Eva Marie Saint, creators of Love Letters.
An ECU extension of
love through writings
William A. Henry III said,
"Few plays have been tinier, more
beautiful than this tender sketch
of the bond between two people
who cannot live with, or without,
each other
February is the month of love,
and ECU has provided its stu-
dents, faculty and the Greenville
community with an extension of
the loving spirit with the upcom-
ing play, Love Letters. A play by
renowned dramatist A.R. Gurney,
Love Letters will be performed
Saturday, Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. in
Wright Auditorium as part of the
S. Rudolph Alexander Performing
Arts Series.
Love Letters tracks the lives of
two lifelong friends through 50
years of correspondence of first
loves, lost loves and the undeni-
able bond of friendship.
"The show has a lot to offer
Greenville. I have read the A.R.
Gurney play and thoroughly
enjoyed it. The characters,
Melissa and Andy, are so candid
in their correspondence, and the
structure of the play is unique in
that the audience begins caring
for the characters despite the
absence of anything actually
occurring on stage said JoEllen
Birch from the Cultural Outreach
The play stars Academy
Award-winning actress Eva Marie
Saint and husband, acclaimed
film, television and theatre pro-
ducerdirector, Jeffrey Hayden.
Saint has starred in films like
Alfred Hitchcock's On the Water-
front with Marlon Brando, North
by Northwest with Cary Grant and
Our Town with Paul Newman. In
1990, she won an Emmy for her
performance in the NBC miniseries
"People Like Us
"The play's success is largely
dependent on the talent and
chemistry between the actors
and actresses. In Love Letters, the
only two characters are played by
a couple who have been married
for over 50 years" Birch said.
Saint's co-star and husband
began his media career working
for NBC after graduating from
UNC-Chapel Hill. Since then, he
has helped direct live television
dramas through "The Philco Tele-
vison Playhouse taping stars
like James Dean, Paul Newman
and Walter Matthou.
Hayden has worked on shows
including "Leave it to Beaver"
and "The Andy Griffith Show
His most recent achievement was
writing, producing and directing
the award-winning documentary
see LETTERS page A7
Children's author visits
local Barnes and Noble
Who wants to be Ron Jeremy?
New children's book
takes place in the
Outer Banks
Children's author Audrey
Penn will be in Greenville Sat-
urday, Feb. 19 at 5 p.m signing
copies of her new book Mystery
at Blackbeard's Cove.
Penn was the Ed Press Dis-
tinguished Award Winner for
her book The Kissing Hand. She
is also the author of its sequel A
Pocket Full of Kisses and a collec-
tion of other children's books
including Sassafras, Feathers and
Fur, A.D.D. Not B.A.D. and The
Whistling Tree.
Her latest book is Mystery at
Blackbeard's Cove, and it's her
first book written in chapter
format. The story takes place
In our very own Ocracoke
Island. It follows the-foursome
of Billy, Daniel, Stephanie and
Mark, all of whom are friends
with the eccentric old Mrs.
McNemmlsh. Her dying wish
is to be buried at sea with her
ancestor, who happens to be
Blackbeard. Her island friends
are determined to make sure
this happens. They break into
the local church in an attempt
to steal her body so they can
dump it off into the sea. The
attempts to do this only trigger
a series of hilarious mishaps.
Penn's novel contains illus-
trations from Joshua Miller and
Philip Howard, who is a direct
descendent of William Howard,
who was Blackbeard's quar-
termaster. The novel is quite
lengthy for a children's book,
coming in just shy of 350 pages.
According to, it is
suggested for children ages 9 -
12. Given the subject matter of
the story, some students at ECU
might find this book rather
amusing as well.
"Young readers love books
with mystery, adventure and
characters they can relate to
Mystery t Diacftbearb's Co?e 1
NC history depicted by Penn.
said Arwen Parris, Community
Relations Manager for the local
Barnes and Noble store.
"Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove
has those elements
Penn has spent more than
30 years visiting Ocracoke
Island getting to know the
locals better. This has helped
her get to know how people
on that island would react to
specific situations. This is a
sign of a good author. She has
done the research well enough
so she knows exactly how the
people in this area would do
certain things. Very seldom
do we find stories where the
characters do what they want
to do. Most of the time, we find
stories where the characters
do what we as the audience
would like them to do in certain
situations. It's good to see
there is at least one author
In the world still doing these
The signing takes place this
Saturday at the local Barnes and
Noble store located in the same
shopping center as Target and
Circuit City. You can check out
this new novel and get it signed
by Penn. It's worth checking
out, if only to meet this award
winning author.
This writer can be contacted at
Or better yet,
who doesn't?
Although it wasn't a huge
success with movie audiences,
film critics have always held a
special place in their hearts for
1999's Being John Malkovich. It's
the story of a young filing clerk,
played by John Cusack, who
discovers a hidden tunnel in his
office building, which allows
him to enter the mind and see
through the eyes of actor John
The film received glowing
reviews from leading film crit-
ics across America and earned
three Academy Award nomina-
tions, but there was one glaring
problem with the story. When
transported into the actor's
body, 'being' John Malkovich
usually consisted of reading the
newspaper, taking a shower and
other normal day-to-day activi-
ties. Certainly somebody left the
theater after seeing the film with
an obvious question - who wants
to be John Malkovich?
That's exactly what comedian
Brian Berke was thinking. If such
a portal did exist, Berke wouldn't
want to waste his time inside
the mind of some offbeat actor
doing chores. Instead, Berke envi-
sioned jumping into the mind of
somebody a little more exciting
- somebody who lives the life
most people would kill for.
"The first thing I thought
when John Malkovich came out
was who better to do that with
than Ron Jeremy said Berke in
a press release discussing where
his vision came from.
Ron Jeremy is a hero to mil-
lions of young men around the
globe. Hairy and overweight, he's
an average guy who's had sex
with 4,000 women. The rarest of
commodities in show business, a
male porno superstar, Jeremy has
transcended his genre and has
become a household name.
Believe it or not, Jeremy
began his career with hopes of
becoming a mainstream actor
and performed in off-Broadway
theater. He soon discovered that
making a living doing theater
was virtually impossible and
decided he would try to break
5 ' I 11 T! r
y i jib

The front of the DVD cover gives incredible movie insight.
into mainstream films through
porn. Since starting in the indus-
try in 1978, Jeremy has appeared
In more than 1,750 adult films
including leading roles in Kneel
Before Me, Terms of Endowment and
Little Red Riding Hood, in which he
played The Wolf.
In light of his taboo profes-
sion, Jeremy saw many doors in
the mainstream entertainment
business slam in his face. Over
time though, some doors would
begin to open, leading Jeremy to
win roles in films like Detroit Rock
City and Men in Black. Recently,
he's been in more demand
than ever, performing stand-up
comedy to packed houses across
the country and appearing in
a handful of television shows
Including "The Surreal Life
In Being Ron Jeremy, Berke
directs and also stars as Brian
Pickles, a down-and-out come-
dian who's hopelessly in love
with an adult video store clerk.
One day, he stumbles upon a
portal which transports him
into the mind of Ron Jeremy. At
first, being in control of some-
one with an amazing life like
Jeremy's is fantastic, but unfor-
tunately, Brian doesn't have the
porn legend's stamina and as a
result, Jeremy's porn career suf-
fers. It's up to Jeremy to find out
what is happening to him before
his stellar career Is brought to a
screeching halt.
Like John Malkovich in Being
John Malkovich, Jeremy paro-
dies himself by playing on the
public's misconceptions about
his true character and does sur-
prisingly good work in the star-
ring role.
"He is really good in the role
Berke said.
" I le does a good job of poking
fun at himself. He was really
funny always joking around
The film also stars comic
Andy Dick, who plays Jeremy's
porn acting coach. Dick and
Jeremy, real-life friends, share
some of the film's funniest scenes
together and rise above the mate-
see JEREMY page A7

Maroon 5 headlines fifth tour Grammy
from page A5
Honda Civic 2005 Tour
It seems the wildly
popular Maroon S ust keeps
climbing the ultra-swank ladder
to fame. These boys will be
kicking off the fifth annual
Honda Civic tour March 11 at
the Universal Amphitheatre in
Los Angeles. With more than 35
stops nationwide, they will be
playing bigger venues and more
concert dates than ever before.
For fans, this will mark the only
opportunity to see Maroon 5 on
tour this year.
You'd think that being asked
to headline a tour that in years
prior featured such names as
Everclear, Incubus, Good Char-
lotte, New Found Glory and
Dashboard Confessional would
be enough, but in fact there's
more, The Donnas or The Thrills
will be opening up for them, each
on various tour dates.
Maroon 5 have received the
Best New Artist award at the
MTV "Video Music Awards a
Billboard Music Award and two
Grammy nominations. These
boys were honored by the readers
of Rolling Stone, who recently
named Maroon 5 as the second
best band in the world (after U2)
with the number three single of
last year, "This Love
"Best new artist Maroon 5.
Even with the mega-hit-head-
liners this group seems to con-
stantly pump out, the impressive
opening acts and certainly mil-
lions of dollars in profits to boot,
the men of Maroon 5 manage to
stay grounded.
It has been said these men are
not only passionate musicians,
but also committed to protecting
the environment. As a part of
the Honda Civic Tour, Maroon
S has created a special webpage,
maroonS.comhybrid, to share
important information about
the planet, providing links to
environmental organizations in
efforts to encourage their fans to
help make a difference.
Not only have these guys set
up their own "environmentally
friendly" Web site, but they've
also made sure to unleash their
creativity in choosing special
custom features for the Honda
Civic hybrid, and the Civic
coupe. Both cars will be on tour
with the band and showcased at
all their concert venues. ,
Fans will have the exclu-
sive opportunity to win these
customized cars, which should
be "music to the ears" of every
college student who loves this
band. Not only will you have
the chance to hear what should
be a sold out concert, but also
win an environmentally friendly
ride that your favorite rock stars
personally customized.
Many people seem to be sup-
porting Maroon S with their tour
"We're thrilled to celebrate
the fifth anniversary of the
Honda Civic Tour with Maroon
5said Ton Peyton, senior man-
ager of the National Advertising
for American Honda Motor Co.
"You may have heard Maroon
S on the radio or seen them on
TV, but the Honda Civic Tour is
bringing them to you for a spec-
tacular musical event
If interested, Maroon 5 will
perform at the Cricket Arena in
Charlotte, NC on March 22. Tick-
ets started selling Saturday, Feb.
Sat 10 a.m. Tickets are between
$27.50 and $35. You can find
tickets at the Cricket Arena Box
Office and all Ticket Master loca-
tions. In Charlotte the opening
act will be the Donnas, which are
set to begin at 7:30 p.m.
This writer can be contacted at
performances. John Legend,
Mavis Staples and the Blind Boys
of Alabama had us soul search-
ing with inspirational gospel,
covering The Staples song "I'll
Take You There Immediately
following, Kanye West took the
reigns to perform "Jesus Walks
the tune that won him Best Rap
Song. Also inspirational was the
performance by Melissa Ether-
idge and Joss Stone in a tribute
to music legend Janis Joplin.
Recently undergoing chemo-
therapy treatments for cancer,
Melissa Etheridge stormed the
stage completely bald yet embold-
ened and enlivened, whose per-
formance followed a heartfelt
standing ovation.
Gossip columnists had further
fodder, aside from the attire of the
attendees, with Jennifer Lopez
and husband Marc Anthony's
duet "Escapemos Their stage
was a hotel setting as the two
performed a song in his Grammy
winning album ArnarSin Mentiras.
However, the night is most
remembered for the awards and
tribute to Ray Charles. With 609
million people watching world-
wide, audiences saw Jamie Foxx
give a singing tribute to the man
he played in the movie Ray, and.
the conclusion of the show with
Charles winning the most sought
after award, Best Album.
This writer can be contacted at

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Greenville, NC

National Survey of
Student Engagement
ECU'S 2001 &
2004 NSSE
Survey results
can be viewed at
National Survey
of Student
For more
information about
the survey,
contact the Office
of Institutional
Research, and
ECU Wants
Your Feedback
This week you will receive an e-mail
from Chancellor Ballard requesting
that you complete the National
Survey of Student Engagement.
This survey seeks information about
your educational experiences at ECU
and about the types of interactions
you have had with faculty, staff, and
fellow students.
Your participation is important
because the information we receive
helps us identify ways to improve
the ECU experience. We will also
be able to see how ECU students'
experiences compare to those of
students at other universities.
from page A5
"Primary Colors: The Story of
Corita" and "Children in Ameri-
can Schools" with Bill Moyers,
both for the PBS network.
Love Letters is not a newly
produced play as Hayden noted
in a recent interview.
"We've done Love Letters for
several years in many theaters
said llayden.
"We're always working on
it. We rehearse and find new
things in it all the time. 1 can't
tell you how many perfor-
mances we've done but sev-
eral times a year for about eight
years. Plenty
Tickets can be purchased
by calling the Central Ticket
Office at 328-4788 or 1-800-ECU-
ARTS, or at the office located in
Mendenhall. Advance individual
tickets are $25 for the public,
$23 for ECU FacultyStaff, $13
for youth and $10 for ECU stu-
dents. All tickets purchased
at the door will be $25. Addi-
tional information is available
This writer can be contacted at
Jeremy from page A5
rial at times.
"From a directing standpoint,
the biggest thrill was to work
with a comedic genius like Andy
Dick. You just point the camera
in his direction and let him do
his thing Berke said.
The film also features cameos
from a handful of top female
adult stars including Kendra Jade,
Mary Carey, Alexandra Nice and
Teri Weigel.
Thus far, the response to the
film has been limited, as few
have actually seen the finished
product. In 2004, the film was
selected to screen at the Mon-
treal Comedy Festival and sold
out two shows. The responses
following those screenings were
overwhelmingly positive and
reaffirmed the nation's fasci-
nation and love for the porno
world's antihero and his new
Hegit' project.
On March 15, Image Enter-
tainment will release the film on
DVD. What the 40-minute film
lacks in length, the production
company has more than made
up for by piling bonus features on
the disc. The DVD includes a live
stand-up comedy performance
by Ron Jeremy, as well as an in
depth "Inside the Porn Actors
Studio" interview with him. The
disc also contains the obligatory
"Deleted Scenes and Outtakes"
section and behind the scenes
footage including many revealing
shots of Jeremy's many beautiful
So who wants to 'be' Ron
Jeremy? The man is a slovenly,
hairy, disgusting man who sleeps
with beautiful women half his
age for a living. Sure, Tom Hanks
may have more respect and Jim
Carrey may have more money,
but nobody has more fun than
Ron Jeremy. He's a one-of-a-kind
person, the likes of which will
probably never be seen again.
So if you really want to 'be'
Ron Jeremy, you can go ahead
and shave that goofy mustache
and put those ugly Hawaiian
shirts away because tHe closest
you can ever come to being the
man is bv buying this hysterical
This writer can be contacted at
Gat SOnFthillg tO Say? Send us your pirate rants!
Submit online at, or e-mail
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Wednesday, February 2
5:OOpm-S:?Opm "
Bate I02o
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Page A8 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY February 16, 2005
This Kobe is the real deal
Head swimming coach
in his 26th year at ECU
It's not often times you meet
someone named Kobe. A guy who
is faithful to his family, excited
about his work, a wonderful
people person and just all-around
the type of person you want to
surround yourself with.
Someone who radiates suc-
cess, although the stuff around
him speaks volumes - trophies,
awards, photographs with celeb-
rities. The type of guy that, wait,
you didn't think I was talking
about that Kobe did you. Oh
come on.
I'm speaking of Rick Kobe
- head coach of one of the most
successful programs in the his-
tory of ECU athletics. The Pirate
men and women's swim teams is
where this Kobe's success comes
from. And to think all this time
you thought I was talking about
the Bryant kid.
Recently remarried, Rick Kobe
has two daughters, Suzanne who
is a sophomore at N VU, and Cath-
erine who is a sophomore at Rose
High. His wife brings three step-
daughters into the relationship,
Lindsay, Tyler and Holton, who
attend Parrot Academy, Rose and
Oakley Elementary respectively.
Kobe is now firmly set in
Greenville, a fixture here for
more than 25 years, but the road !
to ECU was all over the place to $
say the least.
As a kid, the Pirate leader
grew up in Vermont, so swim-
ming was something that wasn't
very popular throughout the
majority of the year.
"I started swimming in the
summers in Vermont said Kobe.
"It's the only time of the year
you can swim there, cause it's the
Kobe and the women's team held a No. 1 ranking among the nation's Division I Mid-Major schools for a month this year.
only time everything melts
Kobe also played basketball,
baseball and football in high
school, but ultimately his passion
would become swimming.
"The place we swam at was
a lake, which had some lanes in
it Kobe said.
"We would have our summer
meets there.
"My mother used to coach in
the summertime swimming, so
1 really started to like it and for
summer swimming, I got pretty
good for being up in Vermont
Some of Kobe's old high
school coaches then started
to send out his name to
surrounding universities in
regard to some of the sports that
Kobe participated in during high
school. Swimming, although
never part of his high school
activities, was on the list, and
soon thereafter was picked up
by a coach at Fairmont in West
see KOBE page A10
Men's struggle to win in C-USA continues
Sometimes being
a journalist U tough.
Every time we turn
on our television and
watch coverage of the
war in Iraq, some jour-
nalist has to be there
wit h his or her camera
crew to capture the
When you cover
a sports program that
you consider yourself a fan of, like I do, it is
sometimes rough.
As much as it hurts
me to write the follow-
ing things because I
am a fan, they are all
The first thing that
must be addressed is
free throw shooting. It
is atrocious. I pointed
out the numbers last
week in this article
and talked about how
ugly they were. The
Pirates didn't show
any signs of improve-
ment against Mar-
quette when they
went 16-of-30 from
the line. Corey Rouse was only able to
convert four times on 12 attempts.
I know when it comes to free throw
shooting with this team that 1 seem to
always point the finger at Rouse.
Rouse is such an aggressive player - he
is going to get to the line a lot. This cre-
ates more free throw attempts and more
criticism from me. I am so glad Rouse plays
aggressively, and I am thrilled with the
way he has played this season, but 4-of-12
is ridiculous. Once again, we lose a close
game thanks to free throw shooting. It's
starting to add up and it's starting to get
out of hand.
"For some reason, as we saw
in the Marquette game, this
team almost always finds a
way to keep a game close, but
just cannot win it It was so bad
last season as well that at one
point a student brought a big
sign that simply read, "FINISH
The next thing that bugs me is this
team really does not know how to win.
Looking at the numbers from this past
Saturday without knowing the final score, I
would say ECU would have won the game.
They out shot their opponent (ECU 43
percent, Marquette 41 percent). They out
rebounded their opponent (ECU 41 Mar-
quette 40). Three point percentage, once
again in ECU'S favor (31 percent to 30 per-
cent). ECU also made more trips to the free
throw line than Marquette (30 to 27).
I really feel that when you out shoot
your opponent, out rebound your oppo-
nent and you get to the
line more than your
opponent does, you
should win that game.
It really boggled my
mind looking at the
game stats knowing
we lost this game. This
team just cannot win a
close game.
1 really cannot
figure out why - there
is just something miss-
ing. I have said in so
many articles we need
to do this better or that
better, but now I really
cannot point out what
we are missing, other
than free throw shooting. We have the
Conference USA's leading rebounder in
Rouse. He also is one of the few players in
the country who averages a double double.
We have a go-to guy who can hit shots
and create off the dribble in Mike Cook.
We have two of the best defenders in the
conference in Moussa and JaPhet. We have
a pure shooter like Josh King. The thing we
do not have is wins.
Winning does miracles for a team. After
ECU beat Charlotte for its second win a
row, Bill Herrion told the Pirate Sports
Network how great practices had been after
see FCP page aw japhet McNeil lies on the court after ECU'S heartbreaking loss to Marquette.
Diet Diary:
Part III
Four pounds in three
weeks isn't too bad
My legs were aching the
whole week, in part due to my
workouts I have been getting at
the student recreation center and
also in part due to the running I
do in my spare time. Either way,
I knew there were not going to be
too many things I could do head-
ing into the final day with my
personal trainer, Leslie Warren.
To top off the pain in my legs,
I managed to catch a slight cold.
It was the same cold that the
whole ECU campus seemed to
catch within the last two weeks.
My chest was a little congested
and my nose was running, but I
felt I was still able to do maybe a
slight workout.
I made my way into the locker
room to change my clothes when
I realized something was going to
be a slight problem. Maybe it was
because 1 was a little tired from
the night before, or maybe it was
the non-drowsy Sudafed that I
was on that made me do it, but I
forgot to bring a change of shoes
to the SRC. I was in brown casual
shoes, which were heavier than
my sneakers. Seeing no other
alternative, I decided to wear my
white t-shirt, black shorts, and
brown casual shoes.
I made my way to the juice bar,
looking probably like the tackiest
person at the SRC. Within min-
utes, Warren met me and we
began our workout. She had
planned for me to run a mile on
the track upstairs, but I was in no
condition to do any running with
the shoes that I had on, so she
had to alter the workout a bit. '
The first thing we did was
jump on one of the stationary
bikes on the second floor of the
building. I started pedaling,
instantly feeling my weary legs
beginning to resist. Ten minutes
is what I had in store for me.
Ten minutes of pedaling with
my personal trainer at my side
encouraging me to keep going.
To be honest, I did not think I
would last the entire 10 minutes,
but after the first eight, I was able
to push it to the end.
Next was weight lifting time.
Warren took me downstairs to
the weight area and gave me
dumbbells to curl. I was very:
acquainted to curling dumbbells
in the past, so I was comfortable
with this part of the workout.
The only difference in curling
this time was it was at a much
slower pace. I was not accustomed
to curling at a slower pace and it
was something the soreness in
my arms would not let me forget
for a couple days to come.
The rest of the hour was spent
lifting light weights for my back. I
think every day I had Warren as a
personal trainer, she managed to
work in at least one back activity.
I really didn't mind back exer-
cises but before personal training
I did not do them too often.
The final part of my workout
was the cool down. On this day,
Warren had selected the stair-
stepper machines. By now, I was
fully feeling the effects of my .
cold, but I wanted to hang in
there to see how much I could
do. The stair-stepper is another
machine at the SRC that I really
was not familiar with.
Warren set the time for 10
minutes as I stepped on the
machine. After the first minute
went by I knew right then, those;
ten minutes were just not going
see DIARIES page A10
Lady Pirates sweep opponents in weekend road tournament
ECU Softball stays
undefeated thus far
The ECU Softball team was
trying to maintain their per-
fect record as they headed into
Atlanta last weekend to take
part in the Georgia State Invi-
tational. The Lady Pirates were
just coming off a season open-
ing, which included two wins
against in-state rival Campbell,
and were looking to extend their
win streak to six games.
Play opened last Saturday
with the Lady Pirates' first oppo-
nent, Tennessee Tech. ECU senior
Mandi Nichols put the first points
on the board for the Lady Pirates
with a solo shot in the top of the
second inning, putting the team
up 1-0. ECU went on to score
three more runs as they went on
to win their third straight game
of the season. ECU'S sophomore
pitcher had an outstanding game,
striking out IS in her team's 4-0
The Lady Pirates came out
swinging in their second game
"I the day against Charleston
Southern scoring 10 runs. Junior
Allison Monce hit two home runs
as ECU extended their winning
streak with a 10-2 victory.
ECU was looking to keep
their momentum heading into
the second day of play when they
faced Georgia State. The score
stayed tied at 2-2 until the Lady
Pirates were able to score three
more runs in the sixth inning
to stay on top for the 5-2 win.
With the win, ECU was able to
advance to the championship
game where they faced Georgia
State once again.
The championship game was
a pitching-duel in which ECU
junior pitcher Stephanie Hayes
came out on top. Hayes gave
up only two hits and struck out
five as the Lady Pirates rolled on to
a 1-0 championship win. The win
kept the Lady Pirates undefeated
with a 6-0 record this season.
Due to her performance in
the Georgia State Invitational,
llarrell was named Confer-
ence USA pitcher of the week,
llarrell struck out 19 batters in
19.1 innings and posted a 2-0
record. Overall this year, llarrell
is 3-0 with 34 strikeouts and a
perfect 0.00 ERA.
This weekend ECU returns
home to host the Pirate
Classic. Teams that are taking
part in the Classic include Rad-
ford, Towson, Fordham and
Ohio. Play begins Friday at 2 p.m.
against Radford.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
The ECU women have started the 2005 season 6-0
� � - - -

Page A9
WEDNESDAY February 16, 2005
e aching the
art due to my
�en getting at
:ion center and
i the running I
ne. Either way,
not going to be
could do head-
day with my
.eslie Warren,
l a slight cold,
cold that the
us seemed to
ist two weeks,
ttle congested
running, but 1
to do maybe a
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Call Hearthside Rentals at
Walk to Campus and
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Very nice. Ill Holly St.
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331 05 for 2 BRs - $99 fst
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24 Liquid sample
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28 Kitchen gizmo
29 Tell secrets
34 Paradigm
37 Authorized
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40 Man from
41 Yao of the NBA
42 Gaiety
44 Old-style poetry
45 Francis or Dahl
46 Dazzling
48 Discomposes
50 End of
53 Titular
57 Suffer from
59 Watchful
60 Feathery
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64 Danger
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67 Fidgety
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69 Dissenting votes
1 Comic routines
2 Painter Matisse
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4 Lumber
5 More daring
6 Actor Wallach
7 Mature
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9 Supervised
10 Sharp spasm
20r L23
4849� 505152
� 2005 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.
11 Otherwise
12 Disorderly
13 War god
21 Environmental
23 Illinois city near
St. Louis
26 'Touched by an
Angel" star
27 Some weasels
28 Core group
30 Entice
31 Small combo
32 Give
33 Advantage
34 " la Douce"
35 Ruminant of the
36 Actor Holliman
38 Temporary fix
40 Single-celled
43 Senselessly
44 River of NYC
47 Practice session
49 Photo collection
d33S3HSv aV
Yetf8 Y&�nctes�r
m nwf b
BY BILLY 0 KEEFE mw.Htt.uv.coM
50 Writer Jong
51 so often
52 Story-telling
53 California valley
54 "The Virginian"
writer Wister
55 Trade center
56 Eye part
58 Middle Eastern
61 Lennon's
62 Bother
2 Dudes
By Aaron Warner
foc cussts fern
,�1 t7V0U'f TMHKTHEV'P

from page A8
the Charlotte game and how high
spirits were because of the win.
For some reason, as we saw in
the Marquette game, this team
almost always finds a way to keep
a game close, but just cannot win
it. It was so bad last season as
well that at one point, a student
brought a big sign that simply
read "FINISH
So looking ahead with only
two conference wins, ECU really
controls its own destiny. The NIT
requires a .500 record to qualify,
so that's not a possibility.
The only way this team would
get into the NCAA tournament is
to win the C-USA tournament, if
they even get there.
If the season were to end
now, ECU would not be in that
tournament. Tonight, the team
is in Alabama for a game with
UAB. As a fan, I think we can
pull it out.
As a journalist, I think UAB
will run the floor with us. But
after that, my two personalities
finally agree. At USF, then here
with Southern Miss and Hous-
ton before closing the season at
How important are those
games? If we do not win two of
them, both the fan and journal-
ist sides of me will be upset. 1 do
not get to watch them play in the
tournament, and I do not get to
write about them playing in the
The writer can be contacted at
from page A8
to happen that day. I was having a
little difficulty breathing through
my nose, and it felt as if someone
had tied a 10-pound weight to
each of my shoes.
At the five-minute mark, 1
had to stop. I just could not go on
anymore. To my surprise, Warren
was letting me know how good I
did, instead of letting me know
how bad I might have done for
not finishing the machine.
A few minutes went by and
we headed back upstairs for
another weigh-in. I took off my
shoes and stepped on the scale,
267 it read. In my three weeks
with Warren, I managed to take
off four pounds.
Warren and I departed ways
that day. The following week,
I was to have a new personal
trainer. I am kind of excited to
see what kind of trainer he or
she will be. I have come to the
conclusion that Warren was just
as much of a trainer as she was a
motivational speaker. She made
me feel as if there was no wrong
as long as 1 gave effort.
I left the SRC that day just
wondering if my next trainer is
going to be the same way. On the
other hand, I could always have
a trainer that pushed me to my
limit and believed there was no
room for failure. I figured only
time would tell, as I headed out of
the SRC hurt but not broken.
This writer can be contacted at
FJrewtee Up: Landacaptnt �Wi water
retaining pUirti helps protect
rour homt tram ariMflra. FM other
umM tip at Firwi�.on.
� � m M
5 Days. Meals. Parlies. Taxes
Parly With Real World Celebrities'
Cancun $459
Jamaica $499, Florida $159
Ethics Award Winning Company1
1 800-678-6 3 86
from page A8
"He was starting a team, and
it was his second year of recruit-
ing, so he figured that I was a
pretty good athlete even though
I didn't have a big background in
swimming Kobe said.
Kobe swam four years at
Fairmont, and during his
senior year was named team
captain before moving on to
graduate school at one of ECU's
biggest rivalries at West Virginia
University. He earned a degree
in health and physical educa-
tion from Fairmont in 1976 and
went on to get his master's from
WVU in the same field in 1978.
During his time there, he
was named as a graduate assis-
tant coach, where he coached
the Mountaineers for two years,
and received one of swimming's
highest honors in the prestigious
Master's Coach Award presented
by the Collegiate Swimming
Coaches of America.
In 1978, Kobe began coach-
ing in the Raleigh Swimmer's
Association, and in 1980 he
finally came to ECU where he
served as an assistant under
Ray Scharf. On March IS, 1982,
Kobe was named ECU head
swimming coach.
"When I took this program
over, it had a rich history of
swimming Kobe said.
"It's not like when I took over,
it just got really good. We weren't
certainly at a level we wanted to
be at, we were in one of those
declining periods, but it didn't
take long to get it back up
Most people's definition of
get it back up is modest success.
Here's Kobe's - the winningest
coach in Pirate history, a .721
win percentage, eight conference
championships, coach of the
year in Conference USA for the
2002-2003 season, 199 varsity
records, 23 NCAA qualifiers, four
NCAA All-Americans, one Olym-
pic participant, 135 individual
conference champions, 64 All-
conference performers, and my
keyboard just broke.
The man is a machine when
it comes to producing results,
and it all starts with recruiting,
something Kobe is very passion-
ate about.
"Work ethic, it's all about
work ethic Kobe said.
"You need to go home, not
just me, my staff too, go home,
three or four nights a week, and
make phone calls from 8 - 9:30
p.m. or 8 - 10 p.m.
"You gotta love making them,
you gotta love talking to these
kids on the phone. You gotta
bring them in for a visit, and
once you bring them in, it's in
the hands of the athletes.
"This program sells itself,
kids can look at it and see, how
you swim, how fast you are.
Swimming is all about times,
usually they find places where
they can fit. We try to find kids
that are faster every year, so we
can increase the talent level here.
ECU is an easy place to recruit to,
it's a great school with a beautiful
Kobe isn't always business
though. He has been an avid
racquetball player for many years,
and he just recently took up
tennis. And of course, he likes golf,
whenever he gets time to play.
As far as the laid back side of
coaching goes, he takes his teams
on yearly bonding trips, which
include kayaking and the beach
among other things.
The parents support Kobe's
every move as well, as everywhere
the team goes, whether it's for
business or pleasure, a family
will bring the team in, all 60 of
them, and cook dinner for the
whole crew.
So while Kobe understands
how to be successful in the pool,
he appreciates at the same time
the time the team gets to spend
together because they may other-
wise never get that time because
of such a busy pool schedule.
Someone who understands
the ways of coaching so intri-
cately, probably had a burning
desire since a very young age to
coach right?
"I was a senior in college, and
I had no clue what I wanted to
do Kobe said.
"I was sitting outside with a
bunch of my teammates before
practice and my coach ran by
with the track coach and a couple
of his friends and I said 'You
know what, he looks like he's
happy, and likes what he's doing
Right then I said 'You know what,
maybe 1 wanna do that and it
just happened right there
Wow, right there? You know,
if we all could decide our senior
year in college what we wanted to
do and be as successful as Kobe
has been, then the world would
be a better place. We all know
that's unrealistic, and that's why
Kobe is one of a kind, because he
decides he wants to do something,
and whole heartedly pursues it
until he gets the results he wants.
Something tells me he's not
done yet either.
This writer can be contacted at
Unlimited CALL ME Minutes
Unlimited Incoming Text Messages
per mont
Ask about our Nights & Weekend
Parting at 7 p.m. and Picture Messagin
US. Cellular
We connect with you:
IUMM CAU. ME Mkartas are not deducted tai partaged mln artf are cnty avatar In Ire lecal caina.� �
�W�r minutes are avalable �
jUfcaaatennlnetete � f-P

The East Carolinian, February 16, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
February 16, 2005
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