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Letter from Dinson A. Caldwell to Robert C. Caldwell

Date: Nov. 16 1862 | Identifier: 845.1.b.2
Letter from Confederate soldier Dinson A. Caldwell to his brother Robert C. Caldwell. Dinson, a member of Company F, 63rd Regiment North Carolina Troops (5th Regiment North Carolina Cavalry), writes from Camp Long, near Garysburg, in Halifax County, N.C. He describes wintry conditions at camp, the condition of soldiers and horses, and a battle to keep Union soldiers from the Weldon & Wilmington Railroad. more...

Camp Lang
Nov 16th 1862

Dear Brother and Sister

I Avail my Self of the opportunity to inform you of my health and my whereabouts etc. I am well and am in camp near Garysburg 24 miles beyond Weldon. I have just returned a few days Since from a voyage down East I was gone 5 days I was about 40 miles from camp the Y-[note] landed near Hamilton and were advancing toward Weldon,, but we began to run a prity Strong force down there from Peters-burg and our caverly and they run back to water there was Some of our company captured Some little things from them that they had to drop gut some 14 mules and a waggan or two if they had not gut to there gun boats we would give them fits they No 1000 we had a very Ruff time when we left camp the Snow was 6 inch deep and very cold,, I think the Y- are determi-=ned to get to Weldon before land,, there intention is to come up Ranoke R-[note] if they can, and from black water I am thinking they are going to hold us prity hard this winter. I think March will test the matter I think they intend to gives us there best this winter,, we, that is our Regt will operate apperate from city points to Tar R- we will be in that boundry all winter I donte no wether this place will be our winter quarters or not I think it likely so if they donte make us skedadle from here. I cant brag on our leeders bravry nor ther comptency either. I think ther Skill is quite limited but that aint for me to Say.

The health of this Regt is good considring the Exposure they have to indure some is as good as barefooted and some very near naked,, Some bare headed ect our horses look very well not with the Distemper and hard riding that they have done Raben is the hase among hases[note],, we get plenty of forage and I use it frealy we ourselves are getting rations more bountifull than we did Some time back, when we are out in pickett we fare Somstainsly[note],, When we are down on pickett last week we were in the neighborhood of the Y- and people gave plentifull and it was heart braking to See the distress amongst the fair and I saw more tears than a few they would Shout when they would see us coming and we would go out of hearing of them Shouting and Some moving away etc.

Jim Jessee and Parkey are all well.

I am very much oblige to you for your very lengthy Epistle. I want you to try your hand again and that prity soon, and tell me if you want to Sell Betsey Ann, and what is your price, and give the perticklar newes of the neighborhood genarly I don't write mutch to no one fore I have no chance and my time is limited Some what, Mag if R don't write you make him write and you do the same and you would bestoe a grate favor on me if you would make me a pr of lagons[note] of some substanion cloth to keep my legs warm and send me something good Eat for I have a powerful hankern after a change of food if you want to send me a small box send it by Express to Weldon N.C. and tell me when you start it and I will get it, and I will send you the cast back.

give my love to Miss Martha, and to all inquiring Friend if there should be any
your Brother Dinson

Direct to Garysburg NC 63 Regt. Co F Care Cap Erwin[note]

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