Letter from Dinson A. Caldwell to Robert C. and Mag Caldwell, April 10, 1862

April 10th, 62

Dear Brother and Sister

I avail mySelf of the present opportunity to inform you of my health I am improving very fast considering the weather and the condition of our quarters It has been rainy here for 3 days to day [illegible] or has the appearence of fare weather we are stationed 5 miles below Kinston we are expecting to advance every day we are going out on picket[note] to morrow at 11 oclock,am we have to go 8 miles, to wards Newbern (our pickets brought in 9 of the Yankees yes=-terday killed 3. We lost one man, this was the caverley, Spruald Regt,,) this is avery Ruff country down here. Nothing but Swamps and thicketts,, we are presing into service all the horses they can get and Some Negroes and waggons and teams you have herd So mutch about the Battle at Newbern. I wont Say any thing about it only I am of the impression that a man is harder to kill than I thought they were but I Saw a many a good fellow fall and never breath but It never had no more affect on me than if they were dum bruts,, I have been hiley complimented by our Col.. and Magor[note] Since the Battle and White recd[note] the Same that is our ordley, We are under Gen Ransom now ar in his Brigade he is a very strict Dissip=-linarian he makes us to the mark every time we have to drill 6 hours every day and Duble quick ¼ of the time and only 30 minutes of the time to Rest it is prity tight but our Boys fatten[note] at it they all look better than I have seen them look Since we first came into camp and our Sick list is less now than it has Ever been we have gut Some few tents but not Near a nuff,,. There is or appears to be a grate deal of dissadfaction ..about our Col. but I wont Say any thing myself about it at present nor give my oppinon on the matter,, you will pleas except my gratefull acknoledge=-ments fore the provisions I Recd from you at a very Needfull hour,, and I hope you will continue the good work,, and bring your knitting and come and See me Sometime,, and See how a Soilder lives give my warmest affectionates to all inquiring friends and Recd the Desiered potian intended by your affectionare Brother to your Selves

Write Soon Direct to Kinston N.C., 35 Regt
Dinson A. Caldwell

To R.C. and M.J. Caldwell

Letter from Dinson A. Caldwell to Robert C. and Mag Caldwell, April 10, 1862
Letter from Confederate soldier 3rd Lieutenant Dinson (or Denson) Alexander Caldwell to his brother Robert Caldwell and Mag Caldwell. Dinson describes his experiences with the 35th Regiment North Carolina Troops in the Battle of New Bern, North Carolina, and in camp near Kinston, North Carolina.
April 10, 1862
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