Jet given to Elm Street Park

Jet given to Elm Street Park
Two men tethering a McDonnell F2H Banshee to the ground at Elm Street Park. Date from negative sleeve.
February 12, 1959
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10cm x 12cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Chris Hargett Nov 13 2019

The description is wrong. Definitely not a Grumman F9 Panther. It's a McDonnell F2H Banshee. You can tell by the cowling shape and the cannon outcropping on the nose. See videos for comparison.Banshee gun placement and cannon outcropping: Engine Intake Cowling gun placement doesn't match and no cannon outcropping. Engine intake cowling doesn't match

Chris Hargett Nov 12 2019

Almost positive that's a late 1940s Mcdonnell F2H Banshee. You can see some video of those here to confirm.

Gerard Ryan Mar 13 2019

"Flew" many "combat missions" while a kid in the early 60s. Miss those days.

GJ Owens Jun 27 2013

Loved "flying" it! Does anyone know what happened to the jet?

Billy Moore Feb 07 2011

It would be nice to get another Jet for the park.

G.T.Allen Jan 09 2010

At 10-12 yr. of age, flew many missions and destoyed many enemy aircraft in this plane.

Candace Pearce Mar 15 2009

Name of plane was "Greenville". We all played on it all the time. Proof that kids can destroy air craft.

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