Bruce C. Tyson Jr. Collection

Bruce C. Tyson Jr. Collection
The first document, "Tyson-May Reunion, November 28, 1982 - The Tyson-May Compilations," discuss the purpose of the reunion and explain some of the family lineage of descendants of Mathias Tyson (d. 1710). The second document is about Jan Mattison (John Tyson) and his wife Susannika, from the Tyson-May Reunion on November 28, 1982. According to the entry, “In 1679, John Tyson and his wife Susannika and their son Mathias Tyson, bought land from William Andrews in Northampton County, Virginia. Although the surname “Tyson” was used on the deed, the original deed book listed the purchase under “Mattison, John his Conveyance from Mr. Wm. Andrews.” The document includes a copy of the last will and testament of Jan Mattison (John Tyson), a family tree of Mathias Tyson and male descendants of three of his sons, and a family tree showing some May-Tyson-Joyner connections. The third document is a typed biographical sketch about two different men named Moses Tyson listed on the Beaufort County, North Carolina, tax list in 1755. The first Moses Tyson was the son of Cornelius Tyson and grandson of Mathias Tyson and John Mills. The second Moses Tyson (12 January 1728—15 May 1803) was the son of Edmond Tyson.
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Robert Tyson Nov 10 2019

SirIs John Tyson really William Tyas (Tyse) I am 9th generation great grandson of John TysonBesides coming from Wales what is is known of this man?If I follow some genealogy list his father is by William Tyse yet Williams father is John Tyas Neither really follow what is consider a direct form of the spelling Tyson such as, Tisson, Tison, Dyson,and so onAlso the Mathison used in the name come it derive from his mother? I have seen his name tied to a Mathewsonas I am finding my way back into the family history there seems to be some confusion to me at least of our England family origins and I am not so sure if William Tyas (Tyse) isIs the name truly Anglo/Saxon or Norman & tied somehow to Gilbert Tyson of 1066 and the battle of Hastings"The Tisson (Tyson) family's name is derived from the ancient Norman culture that was established in Britain following the Norman Conquest of island in 1066. Their name originated with an early member who was a fiesty or hot-tempered person. The name is a metaphor derived from the Old French word tison meaning fire-brand."I have found no truer statement for TysonAnd what of the Domesday Book. which mentions Tission or Tyson yet the spelling is again different but some research it ties back however, is there any really evidence of our true origins Any assistance would be grateful

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