Murder of Chief McIntosh pamphlet

Murder of Chief McIntosh pamphlet
Pamphlet advertising The Murder of Chief McIntosh; which was presented by the West Georgia College Theatre Company in the 1990s. Written by Benjamin Griffith and directed by Philip Depoy, the play highlights McIntosh’s real life decision to sign the Treaty of Indian Springs and the subsequent outcry it caused. 1996 was their fifth season.
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Lori Burnette Helm Jul 18 2017

Hi, I remember this pamphlet well. I was in the original cast of this show in 1992. I played Peggy that year, Suzanna the next, and Eliza the year after. This pamphlet was sent out to local groups to try and boost sales of tickets. I was not in the cast in 1996, but worked behind the scenes. It was an amazing experience. The Script was given to the West Georgia Theatre company in 1992 by Benjamin Griffith. He allowed us to work on the script so that it flowed better and really make it our own. The first summer that we did the show, It rained almost every night right before the second act. We didn't think that we would ever get the full show done. We joked that McIntosh's ghost didn't like the second act because it painted him in a bad light. Eventually we were able to make it through, and the crowds were good. I cherish those summers on the banks of the Chattahoochee as some of the best of my life. It was wonderful to see this,Lori Helm

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