Kristen F. Heiberg oral history interview, October 6, 2000

Kristen F. Heiberg oral history interview, October 6, 2000
Electrician's-Mate Class Kristen F. Heiberg served on six warships during WorldWar II, including the destroyer U.S.S. BENHAM DD-397. While serving on the BENHAM, Mr. Heiberg participated in the ferrying of planes to Wake Island just before Pearl Harbor, witnessed the immediate aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack, accompanied the Doolittle raid on Tokyo, in which BENHAM fired on Japanese fishing vessels engaging in clandestine scouting for the enemy, the Battle of Midway, in which BENHAM rescued 721 survivors from the carrier YORKTOWN, and later rescued survivors from the destroyer HAMMANN after both YORKTOWN and HAMMANN were torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-168. Interviewer: Phillip F. Reid. Length: 2 hours.
October 06, 2000
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