Eastern reflector, 29 November 1907

This Department is in charge of V . ,
to represent the in j
Clark, Proprietor.
Farmville, N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
Clean Tow-
Gents x repaired, clean
ed and pressed.
At both my Ayden and Greenville stables
Direct from the Breeders and Raisers of the W
need anything in this line be sure to see me as I
you money.
N. C
c ; ;
Jo years Pint
work guaranteed
N. C.
. y trouble is
An old time-honored om
of th President of the Nation
and the Governors of various
States is to issue year a
Thanksgiving i
More miles of have
been built; more factories
every desolation more
looms, spindles, planes, saws
and furnaces in operation,
until the year 1907 has become
the in our history in
rial development and in
on the people . give progressive
passion by words ff praise farm haTe com-
higher prices than
I heretofore, which, entail-
upon them by an all- , on
wise and good God To me this I has gain
is a most beautiful maintain-
custom, for if a State or
gratitude to their j
of the
them by an
State or
will only compare their
many blessings the r few
ills, each will find the good
bestowed is far in excess of the
evil, and therefore a mater for
profoundest rejoicing.
While since tin last
some have
curred in the State are to
be and some f I
engendered that may have left j
the parity of wealth. Money
has been obtainable on easy
terms, and not the
of Wall Street has
to any great extent our
financial condition. Invest
have declared d
and fine returns have
been on every of
work both in t
and industrial
u Never before the history
a sting, still when these disturb-
and excitement ore for- j of the State has there bean such
gotten, or only taken in public
having taught lessons of patriot- while a temperance w
ism and peace. has swept over the entire Co n-
plenty and blessings of the past showing that
great and small, must obey its
The mercies thus shown us by
a bountiful Creator have been so
prodigious, and the percentage
of increase-agriculturally, in-
educationally and
wonderful, that it
has attracted not only the notice
of our nation, but of the entire
world, and has made it our duty
to magnify the name of who
has thus as the increase.
For the purpose, therefore, of
giving in opportunity of ex-
pressing and love,
R, B. Glenn, governor North
Carolina do join the
dent of the United States in pro-
claiming Thursday, the twenty-
eighth day of November, 1907.
.; a day of thanksgiving
prayer rejoicing
On this day I earnestly hope
and ask that every kind of
be suspended and a holiday
given, and that the as-
at their usual places of
worship and offer thanks to Al-
mighty for His many mer-
and there renew their vows
and dedicate themselves afresh
to lives of thrift and honor and
o of their State, their
and their God- I like-
wise respectfully that the
ministers of all churches that
have on Thanksgiving
day read this proclamation to
virtue of the pow r of sale
contained in a c . Mortgage
Deed executed d red by
ft S. and . ii a,
Vinson, to James N. Vinson on
the 23rd day of November, 1906,
and duly -riled in th i
of office of county,
North Carolina. page
the undersigned w ill expose
to public sale, b
House in Gr ill . t the
bidder, on Saturday the
7th day of December, a
certain tract or . reel of land
lying and being the of
Pitt and Si of forth
and as follows, to
Beginning art.-kn the
road near Manning's f m-
Emily Mel
run.-; Tar road
degrees we and poles to the
head of a with said
ditch and ; id N,
east poles t i stake in an-
other ditch, with said
ditch S. I degrees
poles of same, thence
with aitch the fallowing
courses. d . 1-2
degrees E. 4-5 poles to crook
of ch S deg s E.
poles to another crook E.
duly before the
clerk of Pitt county as
of the but will of
J. notice is
hereby -On to all pOI a indebted to
st .- make i
u and ill
sent on e
of or thin no-
will i i bar of recovery
T, IT. Bowers, Executor of Mary
Ry virtue of the power of
in a executed
and by Oscar H.
A. on tie Slat day
November. and
the of deeds of Put
North in rook
page i c
to public sale, th
door in for cash to
bidder, on Monday, the
of the
real property t A cert an tract
of land fifty acre
or less, the of C.
A. Randolph, tie e Spain
heirs, th-- of J. J.
away and as the
sail tract of land in
Pitt county, of No th
said mortgage
This 13th day of 1907.
L. A. mortgage.
J. L. Fleming. Atty.
Mil.trouble U A . v, I'd help.
pole.; to
S. d
r crook of
et gum J.
thence with said
year will be as have millions for people, making such com I various
cause for the expression of our. vestments, improvements and upon it as to them seems. ear
deepest gratitude to the author education, they arc tired and right on such an
of all good. money squandered for of praise and
No pestilence or drink, that only brings In particular also do I ask that
of sickness has vi shame, for they have this day of thanksgiving we
afflicted, the widows and
.--. ., j- or.
people, but unusual health and i ascertained that the true worth the poor, the
freedom from disease have been a nation or State is afflicted the
enjoyed throughout the entire
State, and a manifestation of
kindly consideration and love for
the sick, the unfortunate and
afflicted has been exhibited in of its
building of new hospitals and in Isaiah said,
the better equipment of our man more precious than fine
institutions. I In the hour of our great
The demand for laborers in prosperity w; must not forget
department of business we are with souls.
to be by the
amount of its finances, the
strength of its army, or the value
of its products, but by the char-
men and women-
will make a
has been so great that good
wages for reasonable hours have
been given all who toil, and
there has been no excuse for
any able-bodied person eating
the bread of idleness being
dependent on charity.
Peace and have ex-
between capital and labor,
and employers and employees
as well as men, for
soundness of heart and purity
of life are the State's greatest
bulwark of safety.
Law and order have been main-
and no unlawful mobs as-
but the people have
been quiet and given up to deeds
of industry and thrift.
While trying to do full justice
enjoyed closer relations to all and protecting every class,
ever before-each high ard low, during the year
brotherly love doing
duty to the other.
his full the State has maintained that it
is supreme, and that both
orphans, and all others in dis-
tress, and at the collection en
give to their wants as the Lord
has prospered us. Let us
remember on day of thanks-
giving and rejoicing to d j
in reflecting on the name of our
State, but let us bear ourselves
as patriotic citizens
and faithful Christian people.
In witness whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and caused
the Great Seal of the State to be
Done in City of Raleigh,
this the eleventh day of
id t the one
and thirty second year of
our American Independence.
By the
A- H. Arlington,
private Secretary.
P m
Moore Lo
poles to an-
id at a
Corey's line,
. Mrs Emily
r to
r d j.
of N
e M. C.
.; Of
Today lo
out i
t or. v.
baskets I
with a
c several large
cotton and
one- of the baskets fell off in the
mud lie tried to gather up the
seed there was too much
mud a quantity of thorn
w e lest- They may help the
Policeman G i ire Clark says
there is a in fattening
for The -r. That's go. d
If we can scare up a yam potato
to go along with it by the
la ready, there
v. id Lea feast
By virtue of a decree of. the Superior
Curt of Pitt special Proceed
entitled J. it. Ta
Robert S the com-
will sell or before the
court house door in Greenville on on
day Se-t. toe following d.
scribed estate. One it,
of being the store lot now j
occupied by J. Bunting and the
buddings on said said lot
o i th north by st. on ti .
by th lot owned by V. Crimea I
CO., on the south by Mock
id Bros, on the by
it A and hotel,
that l
to cherry Bunting two
s o. e M I- i I. the
other deed u.-o
One in hounded i
north by street, on by
II the lot
by co flack G t
on west by Nelson
Also one or of
by Railroad sir et
a id the Nelson on the cast by
tie properly, tH
in Gear n, Mai k
and on the west
by Main st. containing acres mo-e
or ens, V.
. . -i
N. C.
of. Carts
d of work In
ire aw on
To of Live.- or
r . Other
fact tin s s and if
U car
your u f. v Make
full fr d bottle
if it . then
m entitles yd
to it u Ai
Only a Until c number f
given away, U . this op
put i unity a
You Should
OWN the wonderful Edison
Phonograph. it sins, talks,
and music of ail
v x
1.1 home for
tr m as as
you have
. -i hem the
. you buy them,
. N. C. ;
Having duly qualified before the Pr-
clerk of Fit toe Hy i
of i.
given to to the
estate to make
undersigned, and all having
claims said estate
ti same to ed
payment or th
of September, 1908, J
be in of recovery.
This 28th day of September. 1907
Jesse Cannon,
Administrator of Cicero M. Smith
One black and spotted male
weighing about or
crop and slit the
left, swallow fork and
the taken up with my hogs
about five months ago. Owner
can him by cost and
proving property. L. c. Moore.
I Superior
-by U. C.
I I y Hon. C.
Sail o in a
herein e.
t ti ;
ex I
in or
i i in l
l .
I. In the if th i land of
.- bounded
-.- i r . i . mill i SB W,
om the same d,
, down said creek point
, will col I'M cypress
on e rounds; thence H
. , I stake
, . s
I i , I
mo e Al o part, of said
;. with bit a and Darns which,
be d Bed, at.
point lot ditch
i- a i road, containing
1.1. . he two parcels or
i v ill b s -1
i i . . I b in twelve
ii ii- tho to
i., i . i once,
an I by mortgagee
e pr pi it.
., . of November
W, II.
Court held cut the full two
term did not
until today. More was
done than at civil term held
here in time.
o -l
D J. WHICHARD, Editor and Owner.
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
if f
VOL. No.
The most popular business man
is always the man who minds his
o n business.
The couple that marries in
haste on a short purse seldom
has any leisure in which to re-
If this Democratic prohibition
sweeps on. Tammany may
have to vote with the Republicans
R. G. Dunn Co., in their
weekly trade review, report con-
improvement in the
financial and industrial situation.
Thanksgiving day i I
spent unless you remember the
orphans, Get in read-
to give then next
day, and your donation be
In addition to the general pro-
bill passed by the Ala-
Legislature, the Senate has
passed t bill prohibiting the sell
or giving away of strong
drink by clubs. The
should be passed by tho House
and placed upon the statute
Charlotte Observer, has
had homicides in
last three years, and not a
hanging. If the ratio was a
little nearer together the number
of homicides might, decrease. In
other words if there were more
hangings would be fewer
Whenever there is a
election, the advocates of
in their desperation are
apt to do very foolish
things to try to carry their side
of it, end such acts always turn
against them. You do
not want any better evidence of
this than the recent election in
Scotland Neck. It seems hard
to convince saloon advocates that
their business is doomed-
From the way certain large
concerns are reducing
wages, it looks like the wage
earners are to be made to bear
the brunt of the financial
And in most cases they
are the ones who can the least
afford to bear it. If the wage
earner is to get less pay, a re-
in the cost of
that make up his living expenses
necessarily follow.
If policemen come up
to the requirements of the
lice s. that city
will have a good set of uniform
wearers. The commissioners de-
courage, intelligence, good
good temper, promptitude,
impartiality and pleasant address
are the essential requisites of b
good Tho man
who measures up to that cede is
all right.
pf the r who refrains from
too many too many
would probably he denounced
from the while
fake except for the c tint
the his
A poet recently died
worth This proves
that writing poetry does not
interfere with successful
One advantage about not hold-
the offices is that the
can charge up about all the
in public life to the
Republicans, and there's a
In discussing the new ten
gold pieces a good many
newspaper men are of a
they know nothing what-
r about
Both branches of the f Alabama
legislature have passed a
bill for that State,
law to be effective January 1st,
Bishop Morrison, who presided
at the recent session of the
Western North Carolina Confer-
at gave the
preachers a considerable shaking
up when he read the list of
The bishop acted
on the idea that about is
fair and prefaced reading
the appointments a remark
that the preachers who had been
holding fat positions should be
willing to take a lean one. and
give the others a chance Of
course a preacher is
expected to go wherever the
bishop saws, but if reports are
true the appointments as read
at Salisbury considerable
Some the are
ad. people of small mean
who have money hid away to
get it out and invest it the
certificates soon to be issued by
the These
will be Issued In
of and will bear per
interest. The person who
has hid away make a
good investment by giving it for
one of these and at
the same time be putting hie
money in circulation and draw
interest on it To keep money
in hiding about the home does
nobody any good, not even the
holder of it yet It keeps him in
constant danger of being robbed,
but to put it in circulation helps
everybody. If you have a
plus invest it in the government
certificates or make a time de
posit in the basks and get inter-
est on it
The morning papers of
The Star end The
have announced that
they will keep hands off the
, ml. iii it ion campaign in that
city and let the people fight it
themselves. A more re-
position for a news-
paper to take is to get on ire
or the other, and not be op
the fence. If the Wilmington
papers are in
they should
to say so, and if they
re for it they should have the
i to their
Receives Credit For the He Hat
Dane Toward Securing Inland
Water Route.
Philadelphia, Nov. 20.-The
prominent part taken by North
Carolina in the Atlantic deeper
waterways conference is a mat-
of interest to all North Caro-
Congressman John H
Small receives all the credit
which he so richly deserves as he
has worked for the project in
season, and has obtained the first
appropriation from Congress for
the construction of any portion
for water ways. The
outlining the plans
conference and calling upon
Congress for tho necessary
appropriations for the Boston-
Beaufort waterway, presented
for the committee by its chair-
mar, Prof. Collier Cobb, were
upon motion of Mr. George W-
Morton, of Wilmington, amend-
ed to extend the project to Key
Fla. In the permanent
organization Mr. J. H. Leroy, of
Elizabeth City, was made vice-
president for North Carolina, and
Mr. delegate at large.
After adjournment delegates
from Virginia, North and South
Carolina, met and agreed upon
January 1908, as the date and
Charleston the place for the next
meeting of the
Another Peabody
Announcement is made that at
the next meeting of the trustees
of the Peabody fund, to be held
within a month, a grant cf a
million dollars be for
the establishment of a
college in connection with the
Peabody Normal school at Nash-
This grant to the Nashville
college, it is been
delayed because of the technical
differences between the trustees,
on the one hand, and the state of
Tennessee and the city of Nash-
ville, on the other, but through
the good offices of Richard A.
and Joseph H. Choate
these differences have now been
settled, and the grant will be
This is a magnificent gift and
comes to supplement the
benefactions of the great
philanthropist whose legacy has
done so much for the cause
of education It the south The
fund he left for the furtherance
of education in the south has
been well and wisely administer-
ed and thousands of teachers
have prepared themselves for a
life of usefulness through the
kindness of Peabody.
Students of education have
long since learned that
can be no efficient system of
training the youthful mind which
not with the education of
teaser for the work in hand
Pedagogy increasingly
of the most complex
and far-reaching of all sciences,
and the need for scientific train-
training on the part of those
are to the fresh in-
o'er the is being
more freely recognized
Nashville is already a great ed-
center, and there is
invidious desire on the part of
any of the cities of the south to
minimize her good fortune. It is
a source of genuine satisfaction
to the south that she is to
get this million dollar gnu t, and
we feel sure that it will result in
great good to the cause of
A grand jury in Oklahoma in-
a man for calling another
a liar. Perhaps this is the real
reason why President Roosevelt
does not like Oklahoma ways.
North and South Join Hands and Hearts.
At one o'clock this afternoon,
the charming
try home of Col. and Mrs. R R.
Cotten. their youngest daughter,
Miss Elba Brown Cotten, was
given in marriage to Mr. Douglas
Bertram Wesson, of Springfield,
Mass., Rev. W. E. Cox, of Green-
ville, being the officiating clergy-
The day was i Jo and the
for the marriage
were beautifully planned. A
chapel-erected on the lawn for
the ceremony-was trimmed in
white and decorated with cedar,
evergreens and potted plants.
Special guests of honor were
Mr. and Mrs. Wesson, parents of
the bridegroom; Mr. and Mrs.
William C. Taylor.
The maid of honor was Miss
Eleanor Wesson, sister of the
bridegroom, and the best man
Mr. Flynt Lincoln, both of
Springfield, Mass.
The bridesmaids were, Misses
Annie Gray Nash, Tarboro; Ger-
Sullivan. Birmingham.
Ala; Janie Murray, Columbia,
S- C. Kathleen
Baltimore, Md.; Marj Stearnes,
Newport News, Va.; Julia
Worth, Wilmington, N. C; Edna
Philadelphia; Rena
Clark, Tarboro; Louise
Philadelphia; Margaret Skinner,
Greenville; Boyer Day-
ton, Margaret Elliott, Wash-
D- C-
Dames of Mrs. Julian
Timberlake. Raleigh; Mrs.
sell Boston; both sisters
of the bride.
Flower girl Miss Agnes Cotten
Timberlake, Raleigh; niece of
the bride.
Lieut Cotten,
U. S. A i Harold
Russell Boston;
Julian Timberlake, Raleigh; Pres-
ton Cotten, Julian Tim-
Jr., Raleigh; F. M.
Wooten, Greenville.
bride's gown was white
chiffon, embroidered in white
morning glories, on satin panels,
trimmed in white lace,
an heirloom of her
grandmother. She carried a
shower bouquet of lilies of the
The gown of the maid of honor
was white dotted chiffon, trim-
med in gold and cut mother of
pearl, and she carried pink roses.
The gowns of the dames of
Timberlake white
Irish lace and diamonds; Mrs.
in her wedding dress of
white satin, embroidered in
pearls. They carried roses.
The bridesmaids were all
dressed in white and carried pink
roses and maidenhair ferns.
The gown of Mrs. Wesson,
mother of the bridegroom, was
green chiffon with emeralds,
Mrs, Taylor's gown was green
chiffon, trimmed in pale blue
cloth. Mrs. Cotten, mother of
the bride was gowned in white
crepe de chine-
A dinner party was given
Wednesday night by Mr. and
Mrs. Cotten at which there were
forty-two covers. This was also
the anniversary of the
of their daughter, Mrs,
Numerous toasts wen
offered by the guests to the
bride of a year ago and
bride of today. Ital-
band furnished music it
the dinner party and marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Wesson came
Greenville this afternoon
leave on the six o'clock train
an extended southern tour,
which they will be at home at
An That Will Help
-cumulating from
Due to the energy and public no foundation for
spirit of Governor Jarvis Mess, or business depression. Ex-
i ti ire due absolute-
and entirely to a lack of
the people.
i as confidence is re-
R J. Cobb, O L and
other prominent citizens of
Greenville, this city has obtained
new plant of the
Veneer Company, b will
their mill at the site and the people who have
the A. C. L. tracks and the withdrawn their deposits from
fronting on r. to circulation.
the present stringency will be at
an end, without-waiting for the
river, formerly owned by Mr.
C. D. Rountree.
As the company has acquired
external timber holdings on Tar
river, this site is admirably lo
their logs coming in
river, or by rail.
A sawmill will form a part of
one else to
come to our rescue.
There could be no higher
as to the condition of the
country than the National
the plant, which will be much of Credit Men, whose
appreciated in Greenville for
local use.
The veneer plant will
equipped with most modern
labor saving plans to produce
fine furniture veneers from oak
and gum, such as is used by
High Point, N. C. and Northern
furniture makers, in thickness
from 1-32 up to 3-16.
No basket veneers will be
The owners, of this plant are
practical and experienced men
thoroughly versed in it, and in
the manufacture of built up
veneers into panels, which will
also be made.
About hands will be cm-
st is to their fingers on
pulse of the country, and at
a meeting of that
held at Indianapolis, the
I, That from trust-
trade and financial in-
formation received from every
section of the country, the
ion unhesitatingly declares
general conditions to be
fundamentally sound, and be-
the present financial dis-
notwithstanding the
stringency of the currency, will
be of short duration- Be i
Resolved, That the association
calls on all its member to sup-
port one another in an to
ployed and it will be great restore the confidence of
benefit to the whole country, to
have a river and rail mill, fur
pie, so unnecessarily shaken at
this moment, and to urge upon
for logs everyone the necessity of up-
points, holding business interests by
Hitherto owners of river their money now, as
have had to sell at Washing-
ton, N. C , miles
This enterprise deserves to,
and no doubt will, receive the
cordial support of this section
and no man should obtain or sell
his timber of any kind without
consulting them and giving them
Let our timber be
at homo. A large force
work grading the site
which has been rapidly cleared
The company will have e
finest site in this a
large natural pond of several
acres, made by filling up the
river edge, and damming the
creek now running through
the ravine, whose sides will
make the walls of the pond.
They have come here on strict
business principles without seek-
bonus or gift, and the fact
that Mr R. J. Cobb is an officer
and a director will at once give
the enterprise public confidence.
It is now proposed to u
checks instead of greenbacks
because there are no microbes o.
the checks, though a tainted
greenback is better than a
against a balance when
Senator is still think-
of himself as a
If he remains a
candidate he will certainly re-
something at the hands of
his party, but he may not want
it when he gets it.
Since the and fire in
San Francisco, eighteen months
ago, the sum of has
been spent for rehabilitation and
in the past, in the banks of their
cities and towns, to
the end that it may be used for
its legitimate purposes, viz, the
carrying on of the vast business
of the country. it
Resolved further. That this
association pledges every
to do all in his power to re-
u the confidence of public
at large in the solvency and
prosperity of cur
This is a clean cut and con-
from a body of
men who know what they are
talking about. They are not
whistling to keep their courage
up. and certainly they are not
attempting to deceive the
Great weight should be
attached to tho cheerful and
encouraging resolutions they
hive adopted
The city of Tacoma, Washing-
ton, a population of only
I, is to have the largest
t in th world. It will be
twenty-four stories high, feet
broad, feet long, and will
r with it. roof an area of
forty-eight acres,
General Isaac Sherwood,
who was elected to Congress
from the Toledo, Ohio, district,
returns to that body after thirty-
four years He was re-elected
after three attempt
Wesley who
government as a mes-
boy in War Depart-
in 1835, i now, at the age
of l years, serving the gov-
as in
the Forest Service, Department
of Agriculture. He ha; served
the government for

r. J.
. . r Ian P e.
C u-vi-r
In l
N G B b
by some i. i ca c
I he goes at m
chi s. a- I i go r
i i in.-
c in-
. i.
I- p
i . hi g W
. i . On
is I I
it X I I
. I Ho Up Chi
U . i n
Recently this section has been
fl with anonymous
Mb that arc an attack Ml the
A, the lit ;
several of gold over with
. ,
moral, the
interests of N
I has ever
i hi
know- lie t i
places in the State
Carolina, and in can , . .
. . , e , i i needs Christian men
stretched arr, if she do this more than by , . .
and women, that our pro
as fa going among th- and
tacked was taking step. to help
the in this time if de-
money panic.
The directors of Farmers
held a meeting, adopted
showing the in of
the tobacco farmers of this sec-
and the shortness of the
crop, and declaring that if the
farmers did not get a good price
for the remainder of the crop
unsold they would not realize the
cost of production for the year's
crop. The directors then sent
one of their number to Richmond
to lay this matter before the
officers of the American and
tobacco companies,
of whom are large buy on
market, and urge them to do
everything possible to aid the
farmers and not let the market
be d u-d -r of
money- The representatives
these companies them-
selves as glad this matter had
been thus called to their
fad promised to do all they
could to situation.
A a result of this prices of
tobACCO have continued good.
and tobacco farmer has
The moral of
this is The farm-is
ought to see that the only
people here who had enough in-
in them to take steps to
are the Farmers Con-
And while the company was
doing this good work, others
were going about secretly trying
to traduce them.
In Saturday's r we
gave the estimate of
cm Commissioners f
people lo higher
Wherever he goes he an
impress for d, fir i
ideals into t n of
hearers and gives i
of the cotton .,,,.
f this year. The Census Du- Surely coming t-i Greenville
report, made at Washington ., this noble mid-ion Has
City by
At I th s choir
d r d excellent with Prof
II. of Washington
the organ.
here Governor Glenn
was the guest of ex Gov. and
Mr T. Jarvis He drove
Pay farmers what their
is worth and money will not be
long getting in circulation.
The Jamestown exposition is
having its last week and is
a big time of it. The expo-
will close Saturday night.
New tenement houses
are such fire traps that they are
more dangerous than riding on
the railroads Another ore was
burned Tuesday and thirteen
people lost their lives.
Those papers which are won-
who Mr. Roosevelt favors
for president, could give their
anxiety a rest by coming down
to the fact that he is for himself
from alt over the South, places no
the of the crop at
bales, 87.000 bales in ex-
of the other estimate There
is no longer any reason to
the fact that the crop is very
from here over to Winterville
farmers and business men
of Anson county are not a bit
.-cared over the financial
and are not their
tin stockings
other out-of-the-way places.
Instead they organizing a
bank which will lend money to
in nerd ad
the iii isn't
gold and
, .
hard horse what either is.
The Boston Transcript ports
a bank examiner rs say ; i
the officers of a
in that city . not
dipping into you; ; arc
not doing your by
The Charlotte Observe
on this regard, as
advice that h-v re-
serve be allowed lapse U little,
and adds winking at a
degree of violation of the law
could only be rated as a
war measure, but not ex-
for of the law
should never he
Tread lightly on points contrary
to law, brother, or you stir
up more trouble than you may
now anticipate existing
conditions, regardless of the
soundness of the declaration.
Vesuvius is again behaving in
such a way as to add to the
panic of the times. There will
be no complaint if the
will hold all it's got and not turn
It loose.
If the president is going to use
. in tossing and
ti decide between applicants for
office, as he did the other day,
perhaps it is well enough that
recommended removing the
motto God we trust
Up on N. S.
The westbound Norfolk
Southern train had a consider-
able shake-up this morning. At
a coal car jumped
the track, drawing with it four
or five freight cars, which were
smashed. passenger cars
in which were several persons,
fortunately remained on the
track, and while all were
shaken up and rather badly
only one passenger,
a colored woman, It
is said that her was
The conductor was the
other person injured, his
face and nose being right badly
The chief engineer's special
train was on the at the
time of the accident and brought
the passenger cars on without
much delay-
through s w mid
When it announced from that town took the noon
that he was speak twice on I train to Grifton where he made
Sunday in Jarvis temperance this after-
church our people
glad, and their in
shown in the
that filled the largo edifice,
morning and evening, from
town and surrounding country.
St N , Nov. 1907.
th- I
ct mt.-. at C
I i , .
a i
in i
and the . p . r
i-i its few Miss Lily Helen Pair, of K .
i--. principal of th a id
Miss M of m .
and Miss
are the
O i last Friday an
was given in
school by I ho Woman's B
of the district
, ; I
ii I
. e. v M.
i i . i i
. i . in out of the
i . mt w , T
h i crowd from
ho Mi v r i n i on-;
i liberally all
i id
her be n favorable and it
had what was in
for visitors the entertain-
would have doubtless
. d to of the
under the Supervision these .,,.
teachers tor u .,,.,, K A ,; , h.
We attempt in limited her.-, and i h, h we are going
spice a synopsis of Governor
Glenn's two addresses here,
cm only speak of them in a gen-
way. Every he
uttered breathed of the Christ
spirit, the spirit of higher life,
higher ideals, higher ambitions,
to enjoy it.
Several from here at-
tended apron party at Mill,
Hill Friday night. All I
awry nice time.
Two young men on their j
v. to the party happened to a
and awakened in bad accident end landed them-
for Christ, mere love selves in the bottom of an old
for humanity, and mere love for I One them got his face
State little bruised. We are not
The subject of his morning going to tell their names.
address was the Young Man C. F. Page and were in
First reciting briefly town evening. We
story of David and and I are always glad to see our
the anxiety of the king for
welfare of his wayward he
friends out-
We are glad to know that Mrs.
brought the lesson home to every C. House, who has been
father and mother by asking is
your son is your daughter
safe Many times did he repeat
these questions with emphasis as
he pointed out temptations and
dangers lo which the young are
subjected and warned parents or
their duty in saving their child-
from these. Some of the
dangers mentioned were impure
sick for a long time, is able
be getting around mere.
While J. E. was out
calling last Sunday night, his
horse ran away, tearing his
to smash. Hope he will
be able to call again.
S C. Whichard went to Green-
ville Friday.
Miss Susie still remains
at but hope she
literature, the saloons, the dis-I will return home.
the gambling den, j We are that Miss Mollie
questionable Cherry has fever.
taking short cuts in business, Tl d on
. , . I will tell more time.
living too fast and going beyond, Bot t, , fa one thinK
the income trying to keep UP Ion our mind. There is going
be a soon, but we
will not names.
We are
having lots of wet
Safe Cracked
Monday Mr. W C. re-
a message asking him to
look out for suspicious parties
who cracked and the safe
of Moore Corbet, merchants at
Sunday night.
While the exact amount was not
stated, the message said the rob-
got away with several
appearance, and so on.
Two dangers
nation he mentioned were
bath desecration, and the war-
fare between capital and labor.
He pointed out how France was
disrupted by trying to
change the Sabbath and said any
nation that disregards God's law
in this particular is In danger.
As to the other he said if men
would observe the Golden Rule
and do unto other.-; as you would
have them do unto you, rife
between capital and labor would
be unknown.
is better than
Governor Glenn declared.
You cannot impress your children
that the Sunday IS a good Hording, Atty., and claims
place for them, if you tell them
to go while yOU Stay at In Swift swamp, on both
Irish or loaf the adjoining the lands of M.
reading N on the
Streets. The thing to do m. H.
with to by
and by and Little-
and skillful execution we
sure we are right in say
nothing of the kind has
been attempted in a -a sch
Notice of ti e
appeared as
of the
Hippodrome, Friday Nov
that in deed and
in it rich and rare
cultivation of new and interest-
features expresses only
of the truth. The Mysterious
Chamber of Horrors, the Weird
the Charming Beauty
show of Pitt county Babies, th
Erratic Angler's the
Stupendous Menagerie with the
Waltzing Polar did
Nook, the Gypsy Fortune Teller,
funny Punch and Judy
show, the generous Grab B
the Matrimonial Forecaster,
Choice Candy B . and various
other attractions made this one
of the must enjoyable entertain-
m ever given in our midst.
had been erected
every room of the beautiful
school house and everything was
gotten in readiness for a great
evening of fun. and those who
were th. re will bear out the
statement that 1.0 one was dis-
Some of the signs the ex-
of booths were as fol-
of your Future
Madam Toto Road Your
Hands Held While
Wholesale Dealer in
Love, Hugs and The
Weird etc., etc. Miss
Pair in charge of the Pitt county
Baby Show a rousing sue
Absolutely her conduct of
this was perfect
The babies were only weeks
old and the lightest one weighed
not less than The
and Screaming
was greater even than the
weight. Miss Scott, as the
even her most ardent admirers
and friends. It will be a long
time before any one who was
and their who helped
them in giving a pleasant
evening. will
to . its place among
the a of the State as long
as it. i; i.- th s care of such
splendid ladies and surrounded
such a noble citizenship.
I Not Quite t
I you -an a
nail it driver o
Have a
t b ix and in- prepared for
is a and
. ire .; your v.
not I,
t s
A Horse . c
I J P.
j W.
And Provisions
j Bagging and
Ties always on
I Fresh kept con-
I in stock. Country
Produce Bought and Sold
D. W.
North Carolina.
Entry of Vacant I Aid.
Just Arrived At
Sale cf Personal Property.
offer Bale on Wednesday
4th 1907, my personal property
consisting of
and farming implement of every
t M. Smith
Sunday Neither the
children safe when left at home
with the cook while mothers are
spending their time running to
whist am bridge parties The
children get their most lasting
impressions from the parents in
the home. Home should be made
attractive for them and the
of character and right Croup Pneumonia Dangerous dis-
should he taught then, there treatment.
Sunday night Governor Glenn s
subject was Carolina's VICK'S CROUP PNEUMONIA SALVE IS
Need of -Strong Young Christian Emergency Doctor in your hone. or
Men and are luck. trial sue it stores.
John land on the
This Nov.
R. H.
F. C Atty.
Any person or persons claiming title
to or interest in the foregoing- deal
their In writing
with me within the next thirty days, or
they will haired by law.
Entry Taker
Where you will find a complete
line at all times. They handle
paints in car lots always keeping
good assortments, quality
celled, guarantee it per
cent pure- Don't fail to see
their line, of Heaters, cook
stoves, shot guns,
ware It is the
place to buy your shells. They
also keep on hand the celebrated
American Wire Fence, the kind
that is pig and different
heights. Their place is head-
quarters for Hoofing, which you
will in Iron, travel,
and Taper Take a look at
their plows and other
implements In fact almost
every want in the Hardware can
be supplied by
Baker Hart
and Am
f an
j;. TProd
has been d
They will handle n,
seed, hulls, etc. Thy
will be found next d or to the
a ;
department in our bu
is hard fur our me r to keep
up with too many and
will them oft i.
Our entire stock of suit.--
at cost for the next days. B. T.
. r ;
fa ; Co.
the w
I ton r
0.1 our box paper
P. T.
all .-
Ken .
j; i-rt
well r
T. W. Wood S i
I carts and
i in
nip and car e Pi
had at the j Dr m r
P. Manning's ;
They must go -B. P. Manning
R. T- Cox and W. A.
horn went to Greenville Friday
The sewing ma-j
chine is one of the best machines
a won
I mini
A other lo . and
work done Carolina ;., Come
First ca a
do in
Mr. Dr. Cox f
day i veiling for ton. N
C , she will s
days v.- it n I
Bath r Co,
hen tree.; to purchase
.-ct Mrs Pierce,
h T l v -in i Hirer
n . .-law s
. ; , if ;
I I . I r
of , S
i lire
r in r t
the and
. L. J .
ti in i
store. We r
m out of bu.-i e's.
I he i-i one of . I a id
wan ,, .
ware and coffee mills w
received. Harrington, urn t
J F. and Mr Ed-
wards, of Ayden, were here
Get meal, fresh from new
home he generally c insiders t
I. and th i mis veil .- .
in i ; . r ire why not
i to
p v s by calling
I he ,;. M Mil u;
. m
in i
. for handy n
i Band which i; heap I e-
i being durable.
om the market, and it will not
co t you s fortune to buy one
They range up.
Isn't there a bargain in thee ;
these prices A W.
and Dr.
J. Hudson r turned from the
exposition nay
.; a ma
v, ;,; weight about rounds,
morning to hoar . slit in h
V, i ;
he A- cox lading a d pay in-
Rh ; u
Milling and Man- ,, .,. ,,,, , ;
lid simplex
guano era for
The rs will lo
to pr a
id flag to the public
l r
. r
e ;
n r
B. Wing
Mil s Laura Cox came in from
Ayden yesterday afternoon to
spend Sunday.
We have on hen a few copies
of the history of the San
Usual price W 50-
From fur n
before t e sec
Mis. E,
e, N C.
h h i is . r r
v. Lo re.
For fresh and cheap goods go
ti Ii S. ft C; .
hive best.
P. i ill h
a hi f
j Cotton i coming in m rap-
idly th in for time past.
A Chi i h
i on. p
r from t C you
-vi d w one and
and money- See
f and brand .
of pocket knives M M Sauls
arrival of
. y there hid s
at. depot a
; of our and
.-,; . , and c
c North
The A. G x I u Luring
have iv. w
a general tonic at
I I . buy Sail . store, Ayden, C.
s, of
f i- th ;. i th in-.
. Li a been
The A. G. C x Co. .,.,.; and Lena Harris.
all w a premium of I per cent for Overcoats at a lot
ail Cashiers . on j.-. t received.
Our price, B T.
Bro. Gel a of r bootH and
Fri- w iii-ad
Mini n u t n all -i on or j Bee our
evening to spend be before t, .;, R
her home in Bet net. . . . , . , , C
The famous Hawks at in the ,,
B. T. Cox Bro neglect churches In the in then .
your eye.-. I at the Methodist at Card at
K. our Baptist church j
photographer, of at
line be-
Keeper Charlie
no-. A train ; . ; i i r.
w is tendered Gov. Glenn
th it must have U
him. i to c ills in s
; i; at c
i in man
n in as
hours. Gov. Glenn ha
warm place in the hearts of
folk i, or like
r D ; t and i
whenever and r B
drops in then- midst hi
; Prow
her he to
he made a speech in
on the prohibition
that is now agitating
. i thought of the good
f that prosper us and thriving
little town.
lot latent very
Wednesday comfortable at J. R. Smith Co-
hero doing buggies
work for Winterville high school. if you want a nice up-to- j
Harrington Barber have date runabout buggy you had
a stock of ready made r give him an early call
Clothing see him before you get
your next suit.
A. house and lot
located business section of
NOTICE-We will pay I per town, for sale. For terms see
cent, premium on cashier's Nelson,
Checks till Dec. 1907. cold w brings
B. F.
T. L.
his sister,
of Kinds
at the Carolina Milling mfg.
was here yesterday in the inter-1
est of the department. I on tho market, come ex
Some days ago, Geo. I it and see if you will not
The town of certainly
did herself proud in tho
election of
registered voters votes were
every one of them for pro-
Not a man in the en-
tire town cast a vote tot saloon ,
. Ling weights and
Tripp, Ii Co , now in
possession of the old white hone
Miss Savage came down
from Greenville -day even-
and has accepted a
las teacher in too graded school.
There are now about pupils
a record which o
in school,
J R. Smith Co. have just re-
Nice r tubs f all biz
at Barber
furnish us for
shipped a pony to New
N. C.
Mrs. fl. L. Patrick, of Ayden,
spent here visiting n I-
due Dr. W. Mr. l
, for , the Ayden in The
work w n-n of us, please,
A. worked nobly for friends
pl c Is i he best cut- . Now f a new fall suit. D
I fail our line before you buy
J. R. Turnage and
. i Manning, of Winterville,
Rev. w. H. Davis, of v
will preach In the B if church
at next Sunday, Dec.
1st, at o'clock a. m.
agree with us. F Manning
Have your carts, wagons and
buggies put in goad trim for the
fall use. All kinda of repair
work don- promptly. Carolina
Arden Tucker, an employee of Milling Mfg. Co.
Try a tree brand pocket knife-
They under
are kept in stock T.
Now is the time to gel single
and double low down
at A. W. Angle Co
sacks of salt at Harrington
Barber Co.
A new line of plaids and home
spun at B F Manning company
New is the time to purchase
your Box Body Carts while they
are cheap The A. G. Cox Man-
Co., have plenty of
them on hand. Call and see them.
Blind to Wed.
Today Register of B,
Williams issued a marriage
for Mr. J. J. Lassiter, of
the A. G. Cox Mfg. Co , had his
hand cut in one of the
machines last It was
necessary to amputate the thumb
and fore-linger. We are glad to
report that he is doing
Nice lamps of all t hes, liar
Barber Co.
You talk good and
comfortable school that are
hut I can assure you that
school desk m de
cox Manufacturing
company has all these qualities
Nice dress shoes for ladies and
gentlemen just in at Harrington,
Barber Co-
The A G Manufacturing
company are selling their famous
welded fence fast
Any one in need good fence Va , and Miss
and barb wire will be to their in- j Nobles, of this county. What
est to call to see them before I most remarkable about this is
Portland Cement at
J. R. Smith
lady friend would
of those box
of tors
Cards ha received by drugstore, N. C.
their friends in Greenville read- See our beautiful line of ladies
log fallow
they buy.
Gents dress shoes just arrived
at Harrington Barber and com-
Rev. T. II. King filled Ids reg-
appointment at the Baptist
church Saturday and
Sundry morning and
the parties to the marriage
are blind. Miss is a
of Mr. Simon Nobles
She lost the sight of both eyes
by an accident when a small child,
and notwithstanding this mis
fortune oh an unusually lit
and intelligent, woman.
Mr. Mrs John
invite to be sent
at the Baptist church
North Carolina
on Wednesday afternoon,
At four o'clock
to witness the marriage of their
Blanche Caspar
Mr. Fred James
be afraid of the banks
during the panic and hi up
your money at home, We read
almost daily occurrences win re
money is stolen the h or
destroyed by fire. It into
the of the
benefit of its circulation and at
the same time J. L. Jackson, Cashier.
Cut ton meal and Lulls at
V. V. Johns n's, w
S e F. V- n ft r
thing in the of
is goods I re you buy. J
R, Turin, company.
Cotton is coming in slow y.
Keen cutlery and hard-
ware J. It. co-
Buy a pair of our patent
leather for men. Every
pair guaranteed to crack
K. Turnage and Company.
Mr. J. B. Tripp, of
Mr. J. C. Tripp and
daughters, Misses Nancy
Li in. of Greenville, are visiting
Mrs. Titus Jelly.
This is the time of tho year
that your face and hands chap
badly don't suffer with it but
call i M- M. drug store
and get u bottle of violet cream.
only per bottle.
Mrs. R. M- who has
been an invalid to her
lied for a number of years, died
her home n ii r here
day and was buried
Go to E new
I for beef, fresh
and fresh
tic will have a full line
r's- Candies, also apples,
oranges, bananas, raisins, nuts
any thing-you. want in
Christmas good-.
J N. Alexander and C.
Those pupils as they pa-
our streets Monday n
As viewed them it
see every child in tie county
was here, babies thrown in. Not
so however, the Free Will
nary had they known
in time would have been In the
procession and then surely would
the school system Ayden been
made manifest Ayden ain't no
Anything, everything,
present you want and the pres-
you do not want in our
J. N. Alexander and Co.
J. R. Turnage has been to
returned Kinston lately.
Pine I cough balsam will re-
your cough and cold Get a
bottle from M M Sauls
Overcoats and rain coats at
bargains Don't fail to them
J R Turnage and company
The way painters are
around here adds
considerable to the appearance of
our town.
I- a i . it rd;
last i
ave the t of
e m to
V I-. ; con see u-. before
I . -x and C .
ml i on it and
J. R. Smith
i co.
S no f I in but
th id are no g
work in the swamps
re Vi m
one of tie
s for a birthday or
present, nothing more
M M Sauls druggist
W -i K aid . u ., ,
if.- in
cf the State during h; past
have come home.
y a new we
h them, Latest styles and
w in j R Turnage
The report of
for the last quarter
I; total of
of giving
net town of
The a Milling Co.,
all the
ii v mill, shop,
machine, electric
rant, with all the estate
to same will be sold
. r c id, 1907, by J. R.
nu toe, u the highest
bidder for cash. This is a
lid business, and some
rood I buy same and
is before.
at J. R S h
i co
Ayden h riot, now, has
never been, nor will it be, in the
i's v
in and
don't forget it.
We will have anything you
want Christmas for your mother,
father, brother, and broth-
sister and best of all for your
J N, Alexander and
candy from
factory Saul's store.
R. F Johnson and Joe
of spent the day
here Monday.
Our line of 3.00 Hat
just received. Any style and
Guaranteed. J. R.
and company
Mr Martin, cf Greenville,
scent Sunday night here. He
next morning with a smile
bland and serene.
Notice-The big opening cf
our Christmas goods Dec. 12th.
J. N. Alexander.
J R. Turnage and Co., one day
last week bought a bale of cotton
from W. H. Worthington weigh-
pounds for which they
paid cents, the whole bale
to How is
that when other cotton is selling
for cents Why our farm-
just know how to make it.
J. J. Edwards A Son have just
received a cm- load of Ellwood
wire fence. Can furnish any
The largest and cheapest line
of stationary in town don't buy
until you have examined M. M.
At the of Aw.
Duo from banks and
items to W 181.07
coin checks out standing
Silver coin
Nut. lilt I 1,886
. t
I. B i of named hank, do that
I tho . II line r my knowledge ant

This Department is in charge cf V I
Tonsorial J ft
N. C.
m I ad. Strict-
Exp Bar-
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow
. i n -sod.
N. C.
N. c.
repairing of
and W
any kind of work in
I I iron.
A work
work guaranteed
J. T.
Company will insure any on ha
trace of
At my Ayden and stables
Direct from the Breeders and Raisers of the West
anything in this line
you money.
the power of sale con
in a deed executed
; aid d Oscar H.
to see me as
I v W the
J U November. in
w I. of Pitt
will be paid by the Inter-
for any ease of kidney
trouble will not help
A word to the wise.
For sale by
Sol Will
i. re c art
, to the
. Monday, the
day or D
real property to A certain tract
or land containing fifty
MOW or I W. adjoining the of C.
LAY S . the benefit of arguing funds l a library in the
State and
from Cure in-
Mr. -a-
t r I was m
to devil bis
;. and say whit good we
get out of his too.
But look here Let
em How happy I am this day s I liked to forgot
of our Lord, Nov., 1907 Battle in town
I would the death f
the and quit
foolishness; but while the will
the is o. way
look here; let me tell you i
Jule, an 1.1
S you Bro.
take an the better
of the of
land. Amen.
The Jacksonville, Florida,
Times-Union thinks it would be
conditions of
h th horn of J. J. Hath-
away and kn n the
fa-d tract land situated in
of No-th
This 13th
, . A.
J. L. riming, Arty.
run oil With a
toe way from th top i, a-en bales than that
to the bottom of heS, and 1908 there is no reason
why the farmers no; re-
a r price for the .
While I feel like VS
journey I have come Kinston, was with u, of population and the
the conclusion that I would be an ms view of of civilization, and the
glad to make it a journey a expressed in his I cl
instead of a short one- I'm for an hour or ,
having too much fun had to under bier, whose interest it is to
now to want to kick off this Wows down price i until the crop is out
Bat I .-, f
M my part to old all reports false th.
now tin
wouldn't it, with Roosevelt run- ,
hog weighing about seventy or
on Bryan's platform and about
Bryan running on
Come to think of it -S and
yes. we believe it mM UP hogs
about five months ago. Owner
him by paying cost and
To Liver or
; Other
a bottle and if
we will refund
money. We take
foil free
and if it then
use SOL until
This advertisement entitles yo
to a bottle
Only a limited number -f bottles
given away. Don't this op
to test
The sheriff of Harnett county property. L c. Moore.
the first tr, full settle- N. C
of taxes with
several years, but the honor now
to Harnett.
Grifton is having such a good j Hon. ,
time in more ways than one. night last, h his I is
take the and happy style iV , i .
on i, M ; S l
town, now, I thin t f any we have had
of the and be should
full value for his
now the reason
days and who net
it in a number of years, the
improvements ard changes are
boom, in the than to those
of the Washington City Herald, have remained here v
hardly be flutter it the seen the work g, on day by day.
Had stepped upon it There la no the fact and pT mo all
Himself. it must be . u . . rinds.
town has improved In one in or
It has broadened, VIi sell th m as cheap at
any one else and you have no ex-
any one here wants to
fore the agony is all t
This is strange logic, a man
to want to travel a
road instead of a abort one, and
to continue a life in t
continual agony; but there is
where the fun comes in. i is
funny to see so n my
lawyers up h
merits and demerits of the
option Watts liquor law. Some
Tim id forbid my i
any elaborate view of his breech,
tell you he.
was here and covered t
widened and gone out
j even, than its own people are
posed that it had received its reason to be
Baltimore American
are to spelling J
it seems, fr the r
in good music and
lovely smiles as a token of the
good will on all these occasions.
of them say and So, n
some say and Thus, aid I y to be as
thing. So long. Toledo, blow when I of their work, or to be
Now, Mr. I mu . ., novelist, while the went
for the ladies. T., of San la a poet Mil.
all the meeting-, I however, claims to I ave
their all rivals a in
that has been j J
solicited to go into vaudeville far a month
A Monroe county farmer, s
tell you it is to make th
man cuss to see how much
fuss is being made by
them who don't know whit they
think they know. Some say
haven't got no gov-
and some
have; and I am almost come i
the that it may
may not be so.
You see the pint, Mr. Editor,
with Vanderbilt. Be is not
for trouble. But if
comes to he will be on
the right side without fail.
Some say that I've got to make
a speech before the
closes. If I must, I must,
look here, let me tell you the
If they draw me out I
shall take up sides and
from both standpoints. While
sentinels at the forks of th
roads through life to guide men
in the right direction. It looks
me like she thinks it duty
do this as a on
her part for getting Adam into
an apple. If
she can do nothing better than
to see that her influence should
be used the benefit of man
in every way she can to make
pleasant for him here, as some
us can't expect the minister,
angels to soothe the fevered
brow, or the parched lips m
the world to com
Why, bless their dear
and souls, the ladies of the town
and vicinity are going to give us
an historical entertainment at
the graded school house on the
evening of the 27th to raise
full grown yet. it never wilt
reach a state of perfect com
i a room
this winter, or for a year, a widening out and building
discouraged over I lie progress
made. Of course the t isn't
The cotton of 1907. c up let all who
can u b and his wood, I., . , , ,
in the
surely all are interested Like
courage, draw a good
breath, and pull together for
further progress.
ling to the estimate of I ii I
States of A . and
Work r., at their recent session
press to pay. You can hear the
record's BEFORE you buy them,
Sold on Easy Teams.
Write or Conic to Sec U.
meal, eked corn,
at Columbia, S. C, i 11,412.829 d meal null,
is 2.026,906 bales l. t the gin on corner of Fifth
less than the crop of
MaW Coming.
The Wilmington Star of y
i is announced that the Rev.
streets, neat
For Rent
The store and one warehouse
W. b F V
who .,. . .-., be for rent 1st.
J- A. Andrews.
who recently accepted a t,
the of St. John's par
in this city, will arrive in
to conduct the services the
first Sunday in r He
I h r hand, torn.
Your health i
Co drink some
Wooten's Drug Store.
street early In tho new or in any trespass
year, bringing his bride to as th Wilson
at that time. Perkins farms, north of the
. C, T.
An every night all year round
All persons are hereby warned to take,
results, h's
T-a, the treat-
I M Tea i
Wooten's i
r W. II.
, u of
Ry virtue of n decree of the Superior
coil, to. Pitt county made by I. C.
Moore, approve i C.
presiding at
of said court In a certain
proceed a- en-
Mabel M Cotter, a minor I
III on Thursday U. c. I sell
it public tale before the court boom
in a piece or
parcel of lend situate in i
t known an lot No.
I. in the of i f Mary
B. I
described as follows. to-it.
at a on reed
of lot No.
piles to three i the of low
r ti am a e . g,
bank; than e down point
. r. will come out to a s
on the.- m of low thorn N
poles to a stake of
N. 161-8 with d a
Inning, e ii i . acre
that art of mid
tot. No. with i i
to said d . ;.
a , lobe
follows H.
hack to mid i a
acre. The two parcels i
land will be B lately.
One half and the a
months. With Option to the pure it
pa, the whole union, tat once, d-f red
payments to he cured by
pr. pert
D J. Editor and Owner.
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
Preparing to More Forward
Rev. W. J. pastor or
the Methodist church at Grifton.
is a very happy man. His pleas-
was already great over the
result of the recent prohibition
election in that town, and an
incident occurred Sunday morn-
that filled his cup of joy to
overflowing. Just as the morn-
in his church was
about to conclude. Prof. Cole,
superintendent of the graded
school, arose in the congregation
and in behalf of the people of the
town presented Mr.
with a gold watch in
of his efforts in the
campaign In accepting the
watch the minister expressed his
gratitude at such an expression
of esteem from the people among
whom he labored-
Mr. was in Greenville
today, and in talking with The
Reflector the effect of pro-
on the town and
ton's prospects, said the town is
already taking on new life and
everything points to a bright
future. He says that in the next
year Grifton will more
erect more buildings nod
rate more business enterprises
than in any year in its history,
and that prohibition is going to
help the town's progress-
Mr. R. T Witt Dead.
Mr. Robert T. Wilson this
morning at o'clock at hi
home near Grimesland He was
years of age and one of the
county's most highly respected
and useful citizens. He leaves a
wife and two children, one of
the latter being Mrs W. H.
Ricks, of Greenville. The
will take place at Chocowinity
Wednesday at noon.
Colored Man Killed.
Early Saturday night Mr.
Henry Alien was going from
Greenville to his home a few
miles in the country Riding
with him on the cart was a col-
man named Hardy
Out near the Mo ye place
the horse took fright and ran
away, throwing the colored man
the cart and breaking his
neck in the fall
Register of Deeds R. Williams
has issued the following licenses
since last report.
Fernando Taylor and
die Tripp.
H. E. Elks and Maggie Moore.
A. Clark and Maggie L.
J. J.
Mayo Mattie Wilson
Hilliard and Cora
James Knight and Sallie Cox.
This completes the fiscal year
during which time the total
of licenses issued was
being more than during the
preceding fiscal year-
Court Nest Week.
The December term of Pitt
Superior Court will begin next
Monday. 9th, and The Reflector
hopes a large number of it sub-
throughout the county
will come in and settle for their
paper- So far this fall we have
not had opportunity to send out
subscription account., but we
hope none will hold back waiting
for a statement.
Rumor of Railroad
There is a rumor current on
streets today that the Nor-
folk Southern Railroad had
sold out its entire business, in-
all rolling stock, equip-
etc., and all right title and
interest in all its roads, etc. to
the A-C. L.
Free Press, 2nd.
La Foliate Beaten hi Debits by
It is not generally known that
I the wife of Senator La
, took her university degree in the
same class with her husband,
says the December
As Miss Belle Case she van-
La in a
l joint oratorical contest at the
I University of Wisconsin She
then permitted herself to be won
i by the doughty young student,
and in turn pointed the way to
the governorship of his native
state, and, later the United
States Senate.
Before her marriage this Bad-
girl had been admitted
to the practice of law, and the
partnership was followed
by a business one, for a shingle,
reading, La Fol-
announced to the good
people of that the newly-
couple had opened an
attractive office and were ready
for any legal clients who might
Calling in Certificates.
The determination to call in
the clearing house certificates
and resume specie payment has
taken on very definite shape,
says the Atlanta Journal.
Chicago has already destroyed
twenty-five thousand dollars
worth of the certificates which
have been paid back into the
banks, and this will be continued
as fast as they find their way
bad- to the banks.
Chicago is not alone in her
to follow- this course.
The bank officials of that city
have sent out one thousand let-
to banks in the south and
west, asking their opinion of
calling in the certificates.
hundred and ninety-eight of
these have promptly expressed
their willingness to resume pay-
in currency, and only two
have temporized about the m it-
With the exception of the-e
two banks, they are one and all
ready and willing to go back to
real They realize that
the storm is over and that the
only thing which stands in the
way is a certain lack of
This cannot be restored
absolutely and completely until
the certificates have been called
in and the banks once more re-
specie payment
A significant feature of this
of opinion taken by
the Chicago banks is the fact
that the banks of the south and
west, where the scarcity of
money has been most deeply felt,
are as as those of any
other section of the country in
their consent to the resumption
of currency payments.
Facts like these cannot be dis-
counted. It is a substantial and
convincing evidence that the
worst of the financial stringency
is over and that business will
resume its normal sway as soon
as the people themselves make
up their minds completely that
there is nothing more to fear-
Oakley, N. C. Dec. 3rd-
I J. Williams and J. J. James
i went to Greenville Monday.
i Elma Parker is spending this
week in Goldsboro.
Congleton and wife, of
Robersonville, spent Sunday here
I with his brother, S A.
I W A. James, of Asheville,
visited his father here Saturday
The town was shocked by the
death of Mr. Tom Morris last
Thursday morning. He was
sick only a few days, his death
caused by heart trouble.
He leaves a wife and several
j We are glad to note
Jenkins is improving- He has
been quite for ten days
, past
Sim of
was a caller here Thanksgiving.
James, of Washington,
was here Friday.
S. Williams and family
spent Sunday at Everett
Mrs. Eli Rogers went to
Bethel Friday.
Miss Minnie spent
last week in Stokes.
David Whitehurst has moved
to Hobgood, and accepted a
with the A. C. L. Railroad.
C. Carson and Zeb Whitehurst
went to House Monday.
Lester Jones and wife, of
Washington, were callers in town
Monday afternoon.
Program for Teacher's
Dec. 1907.
a. m. Devotional
M. T. Plyler.
Reading of minutes.
11.10 Methods cf Inter-
Patrons in the Betterment
Movement. Miss Betty Wright.
11.20 a. m. Address. Mrs. W-
State Pres. of Better-
m. I. Foust.
President of State Normal Col-
Short business session.
p. m. Adjournment.
It will be seen from above
program that this meeting has
been given entirely to the Bet-
work. I
should regret very much if all of
the teachers do not avail them-
selves of the privilege of hearing
the State President. Mrs. W-
R. I can you
that you will be with
her and will be fully
sated for any trouble or expense
you may incur in attending this
President Foust of
the State Normal College, will
also with us and talk to the
Remember the date of the
December 14th. Some
have idea that the meetings
are on before the sec-
Sunday. Not so, they are
always held on the second
day. Let us make this a great
meeting. We have only
ranged for a session to last
hour and thirty minutes. Be
present at o'clock.
Perhaps the dentist wouldn't
look a gift horse in the mouth,
but he doesn't apply the same
rule to his patients.
Begins Wednesday 11th.
The bazaar to be held by the
ladies of the Christian church in
j opera house, will begin
on Wednesday night, Dec, 11th,
instead of Tuesday night; s first
intended, This change is due to
Odd Fellows arranging for a
banquet on Tuesday night- The
bazaar is going to be very inter-
and there will be many
Christmas articles on
sale. The ladies should be given
a liberal patronage.
Taken to
Mr. W. H. Rouse, who on st
suddenly afflict-
led of the
was take to Raleigh to-
y Deputy Sheriff S.
Dudley, admission in the
State hospital
Preacher Campbell's belief that
the story of the loaves and fishes
is not to be taken literally
ed angry protest from people
who lean to the loaves and fishes
Resolution Respect
Grimesland, N. c Nov.
Whereas Almighty God in His
Infinite wisdom has seen fit to
lay His hand upon our member-
ship and take from our midst our
beloved brother J. J- Laughing-
Jr., who was an upright
and faithful brother among us
Now, therefore, b; it resolved
by Grimesland Lodge A. F. A-
M. No. that while we bow in
humble submission to the wonts
and will of Great Architect
of the Universe, still we are sad-
by the death of
and extend to his
bereaved family our deepest
sympathy in this their great
and share with the n
the comfort in knowing that
all things
Resolved further, that a copy
these resolutions be sent to h I
family and a copy be sent to th
I Greenville Reflector with request
to publish the same.
W. S. Galloway
Dr. C. M. Jones
J. J. Elks
It is quite natural for a man to
look downcast when he is on bis
Wilmington Entertains
Tuesday night The Reflector
received the following
Wilmington. N. C , Dec.
To the Baptists of North
With th assistance of the com-
tend by the mayor, a
sufficient amount has been raised
and homes secured to entertain
the Baptist State Convention ct
G. E.
W. C. Pine-son,
C. C. Brown,
Commute-- on Hospitality.
The members of Tar River
Lodge No. Knights of
are hereby of the
banquet which is In given
in Hall . night
The banquet been arranged
with a good deal of care, and the
committee is hopeful of a full at-
attendance of the membership.
the Prophets.
Policeman Clark is
figuring for a chair in the school
of prophets with good
of being fleeted. This morning
he remarked in a confidential
stage whisper will snow-
here in less than twelve
About two hours later
snow was falling, and now
George says t
Fought With i.
men. William liar
and Dudley, had
a falling out today and decided
the matter with their
They passed a few lively
round t and were separated with-
out any damage of
to either.
The Panama bonds were
subscribed for many times over
and the prices offered were above
the present market No
allotment of the bonds was
when the bids were opened.
The private yacht Madeline,
o unreported. bound from
B to Jacksonville, is aground
Roanoke sound Life re-
pi-t all well on b
but not names
In the of th Louisville
aid others, involving th- right
of th- defendants tn
scalping the tick-is
tho S
train on the
ville Ki
r I
there we
President Moore's
Charlotte. N. C. 1907.
Permit me to call the attention
, of your readers to the important
meeting to he held in your
court house on Saturday.
I December
On that day there will be
, meetings all over the south to
j discuss the situation.
; the relations of banks to farmer-;,
the of changing the
for annual settlement of
to and
February, and matters of
great imp t the farmers.
President secretary and -r
officers of the county cotton as-
are to be elected on
day. Every mm in the
county who is in
maintaining a fair price for cot
ton should be interested in
of officers to serve for tin
next twelve months. The
influential men of the
should he to serve a
officers, and when elected,
Should give their very best efforts
to make the county association
means of help to every one in
The name and address of
newly elected officers b
forwarded to his at one
Even the speculators and t h
foreign spinners admit that the
cotton association has been i f
great benefit to the southern
people. It is conceded
there been no cotton
organization, the prices of cot-
ton this season would
ranged below seven cents
pound. This being so. it be-
hooves every man in the south
to take part and make the move-
and more useful.
All over th; south, mas
meets will be held on
day. A determined effort will
be made to hold cotton now r
the hands of farmers for
cents per pound, Reader, will
you help i Kit
The matter of collecting the
and bale levy should
considered next Saturday. Our
work has been sadly
capped for want of funds to
cover expenses. We should at
once create a fund ample to
cover all expenses for the next
twelve months. Every farmer
in your county will cheerfully
contribute cents a bale en the
production of ids lands, if the
matter is properly presented t
Mr. what are you do-
to try to maintain a fair
price for your cotton Will you
go to court house next Sat-
C C. Moore,
Preside t N. C. Div. S. C. A.
Most Nerd
do things
ridiculous our
fathers did remarked a
man today, we go on doing
year after without
asking ourselves why we do so.
A c in p int is the matter of
advertising, which today is
necessity in the business
If will notice it you
will find the average
man in of dullness
i begins
to retrench in tho mater of his
his adv r
it because h's r
did it and because he argues
h; cm lop it off and rest re it
less inconvenience than
he can other expenses But if
he think for a moment and
w the matter as a cold
n proposition involving dolls
cents he is bound to a
his retrenchment had best begin
advertising is a good bus-
practice at any time -iv
h is valuable when the
are buying for if its
object is to attract the purchaser
and get him into the store,
there must be greater
effort expended in that direction
when the public is buying least
No matter how severe periods of
depression are, and how
gent the money market be.
people will spend what they
must, and naturally they are at
such times more quickly at
by the offerings of ad-
as they are eager to
have their expenditures bring the
best Editor a J
D o i.-., s
N. C., D c.
Thanks riving is m w
and heard
i to at
. or no
Among he
w- i-i
i vi j US a
u m of our
land, n I me of the you i
men say.
In our we th
usual exercises
with exceptional
All business was ex-
of course it was
not Anti-Saloon League. And I
heard that their time was too
or short, to lose the
H v.-ever, they were thankful
fur all such occasions. The only
accident reported worthy note
was from Beaver Dam The son
of Mr. S. V. Joyner, out
with u of other
ads about is a shot at a
and accidentally shot his boot,
but g an amateur marksman,
he only got it th t hall of
hi longest toe was y
W. M, W

Eastern reflector, 29 November 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
November 29, 1907
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