Eastern reflector, 1 November 1907

Preaching U
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This is in charge of W. Ii. Parker who authorized
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S ti be . be court
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ville, S, . . -a . nil demur
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pa I ;.
in .-aid
I . of
C. Moore,
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to pitch into sin which . i
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th pay th fr i NOTICE
I will at the following
feller always times and places the purpose
r. . the
. old
John r.;. a
. ,; v Bi-
N. C Oct.
Our farmers report exceedingly
t crops cotton, and now
killing h i a A
la e crop of boll O
is reported
Sweet potatoes but few to
hill. Peanuts seem to very
but or
and hay are short. Tobacco is
sol very well i b.
the rise for the la few days.
Mrs. Marl ha who
been quite sick for several days
with the is improving
to report.
There much
of cold, influenza or some-
makes us es .
snort and fed bad
throughout our
W. H Wilkinson is improving
we learn, but is unable to be out
Our mayor. R. E Belcher, left
for the exposition this morning.
The conference of the Adv
church will iv hold at
this week bi ii n on
Thursday and close on Sunday.
M. Smith, who. e add appears
in week's issue is from Rich
Ya-, and is an up
on business, and y u might
if will give him
-no. -i. Howls in ins
residence on upper Wilson
N Southern depot
s enlarged already.
shows is
doing- Work on the branch hue
from hen to Snow Hill is moving
on fast and the E. C. R.
to Hookerton is ready for the
rolling stock.
s are being placed all
by the Bell Telephone-
Next Fri lay evening at
o'clock, ;. hell at the
of J. A. Lang, a
bee illicit any and
all c enter and test their
knowledge of spelling.
five; for
ten cents. the
there will be served
id. The event prom-
to be a happy one. Come
one and all d enjoy the fun.
By request of Aid
a fail
t the
and . of for the year
s, township, Sat-
. . . th,
. 9th, 1907.
X . Bel vi town-
Oct. 1907.
. . s r
. I, township, Sat-
. i 1907.
. .; township,
in th, 1907.
X. C.
s an teed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
b Sharp
26th, 1907.
hill II
the .
The urn
r l; I
.; ;. .
t a at
lawyer matter
if I'd had two such this
would have hang me for
ti I
A . day
Nap Icon if he v. . d go
. ;. if he pr answered, your
but only as accredited
representative of
. y, I
V, township,
. 1907.
; . taxes are re-
d to .; neat these
L. W
Ca of Fire.
the C not
alway i re is well
j. . lie
A t tor in -iii I
. I
. ;. . Jo r
n to bed,
e i
. re.
sh try
coals of re
the tin
. Man
I water
i lire- w,
In Japan.
Major General who vat
the Australian officer attached to
. nose army tho
with --in. saw some amusing
in Tokyo over
n of over
e r's and lies Furnish-
ed on in front of
draper's. He had a memorable
in a conn crammed with
forty men, w and children. He
made n resolution not to fall asleep,
but ho woke up in the morning to
find that patient little Japanese
had been supporting his head
on her
OWN the Wonderful E d i s o r.
Phonograph. it sings, talks, GOOD
laugh and .
Let us put in year home
any one else and you nave no
press to pay. You can hear
records buy them
Sold on Easy
Write or Conic to See Us.
. her. Sheriff-
i you if
for If not, you shot s
yes give
s Groin Peril.
Severn I
It is
b; .
I Loci
. I
Beautiful Mixed Metaphor.
I think your readers may be in-
in a mixed which
recently appeared in the Egyptian
Standard, tho paper of
Pasha. That paper says that
if the Whig element were dropped
of the cabinet truly liberal
wind might become tho guiding
light of the foreign office, and tho
introduction of a homo rule bill fur
might mean tho beginning
of justice for I think the
idea of a wind being n guiding light
is an example of mixed metaphor
which in. . hard to beat. l-i-t-
h in col-1
ill in col
; in London Spectator.
. more L
of Liver
Bladder Other
say n bottle and if
it cure we will refund
. ll I V. o ;
fill size free bottle A
if it
OVA SOL until
This ad vi out entitles yo
to u l Lat
Only a limited numb r bottles
given away. this op
; v
Let me fit your
desired relief
C. E.
Optician Jeweler
Phil; College
of Horology and Optics
up with my stock a male hi n.
weighing or pounds, u.
marked ;
rump and head. now
hog taken up and held for
who can get same by proving
property paying
his Oct. 10th, 1907.
B. T. Smith,
K. F. P. U. c
glad to note.
Norfolk is
improvements on the v
depot by lowering it.
Work on Snow Hill brunch
raj idly progressing.
t. of the E. I .
railroad, who has been sick for
six weeks more, leaves f r
Washington hospital. We
he may soon be restored to health
and return able to perform his
duties again.
Our town people are anxiously
awaiting the arrival of th
They always give so
much amusement when they
Misses d
of Saratoga, visiting their
Farmville, N. C. 1907
Well, we don't have to
much to get up a dost d Every trace of kidney trouble is
F no v. j eliminated
gave us K
good plays I nights the past V
ween and we hi there will he .,, , . ., a troupe her his we. k. I f
., T ,. , , Lo. of Baltimore,
Mr. James died last for any case of kidney
Pal .
h. C.
airing of Cant
of work in
wen .
Company will insure any on
any trace of
Mr An
I with a stroke of and
buried in . e m
a wife and children
son M, T. Hot bin,
playing on bales of
quite a painful run
one leg.
Our phi
trouble SOL will not help-
A word to the wise.
For sale by
N. C.
thousand well burned
brick at my factory now
ready for at reasonable
prices, P. E
Farmville N C
r ii . . pr
ill I ill
. . lie
Hon. I . n
, with epilepsy and
ti Iii .
widow of tho
man bore the great his-
n children, of
twelve, six sons six daughters,
are Mill living. himself
was so self centered and engrossed
with his ideas that lie often c I
his offspring in th
The above named
will take notice at an
entitled above has been com
r in the r Court of
street without I county to obtain from
is given that
certificate r one share
the Mutual Aid Banking
Co., of New Bern, been
lest, application will be mode to
, have new certificate in
I Superior place of same.
p. This Oct. 1907.
the me Ard the raid defer.
fr . man dent will further take notice that
of the birth of his nth. is to appear at
b a boy, Herr The pro- court of
turned, annoyed. him to held on th
to he replied. the
n mill ; .
for calling
-lie wanted t;
the question and
mi nor W grammarnothing p- complaint
or his I he h Hf y of
r 1907.1 D.
4th, District of North Carolina.
r. Mil
virtue of t I In sec
lion R. under
of i- ,. thereunder
s f. r
Mm e Internal Kev-
one of
land g iii mid
known tract
tS Ci mine i r the
of lard h
and upon which he is now cut i
B e. of will
l- f.-i to the
on .
m. t the House door
of N. C.
has been out
the count
views and
is a hustler any way.
Rev. Mr. Duncan
have just returned from the
I northern markets, where I
filled a superb and complete
Sunday lino notions, sick
morning and in
; i,., in and price- Will
Mrs-M. E. Shaw, Of my same milliner. Miss
came in Saturday to visit her who can trim to
daughter, Mrs. J. Stanley Smith, most
Mrs. W. R. Home Mrs. J. P Joyner
Christian R. L. Bros
last week in Norfolk, and report i store.
a grand convention. I.,.,. . .--------
invited to call
Miss Mary Louise
came down from Tarboro
day and spent Sunday with
friends here.
Miss Olive Morrill, of Snow
Hill, and her friend Miss
of New Bern, were the guests of
Dr. D. S. Morrill and family a
few days the past week.
Mrs. N. E. is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. W. R.
near Kinston.
T. L. has returned
J. , . . , .
collector in trip to Washing-
Farmville. N. C.
years in Ph
Artistic work guaranteed
D J. WHICHARD, Editor and Owner.
VOL. No.
Tale of Disaster.
Ransom Godwin, a farmer of j
Johnston county, who August
brutally shot and ,
wood, com- the at Rudd
here that II
,,. the will of th
Th y voted for saloons
against, nuking and
to blight and stay by
the vote of who heed-
and since that
himself through the heart. Jg . J
A report -even
passengers, is at
there was not only no attempt at Spencer. He is reported trace
quarantine, school mates
were allowed by the
afflicted child, to visit the child
afterwards attending school.
When the facts became known,
the school was suspended to
Free Press.
Two buildings of the New
Bern Cotton Oil and
factory were destroyed by lire
Thursday morning, causing a loss
of 1.20,000- The same mills were
burned last year.
Being left alone a few minutes
by its mother, the little child of
Ed. Lyon, of Durham, crawled
to the open fire place, began
playing in the fire and was
enveloped in flames. The child
was so badly burned that death
Mr. W. T- Dixon, cf Hooker
ton, died at o'clock last
In the eighty first year of his age.
Several weeks ago Mr. Dixon
an operation, which was
partially successful, but
in which, with his
extreme old age, resulted in his
death last night. Mr. Dixon
was an active number of the
Methodist church, having been a
steward in the church for many
years. He was also a Mason in
good standing. He was a strong
and he was the of
a man to draw friends to him.
He is survived by four children.
Mr. D. V. Dixon. of Kinston,
Mr. W. Dixon, of Hookerton,
Mr. D. H- Dixon. of Goldsboro,
sad Mrs. Addie L. of
The remains were
interred at the old Dixon bury-
ground near Hookerton. Rev.
R F. Taylor, pastor of th
Methodist church, conducted the
burial Free-
stated that he walked all the way
home through the woods for
of being caught, and had nothing
to cat the whole time. Explain-
the accident says
our women, the best, the
; , the most heroic. How
re longed and
Too Mack Re-
A dog is not a subject of
unless it is listed for
any more than a deer or
Put in its Place.
of the most useful
as a
Nobody is
young, nobody
habit-; tr reading The
bit or the wild animal in the for- in is to put everything j C For that
est. J H. Vick of No. a m place- And it is as useful t one of the most
on the farm as in the home, appropriate of Christmas
Every year thousands of few whose actual
worth of machinery is scattered worth far outweighs the cost.
dog that he prized, but not
enough to pay tax on it. Will
Staton because of it broke both
the tenth and eighth command
This led Mr. Vick to
ply to Squire Pender for a war-
rant. His worship aware of the
hoped for glad day of deliver-j cf larceny made further
and elicited the fact
have pleaded with their that the dog was tied in the yard
and brothers to pro-1 by a rope and that the rope was
them from the foul oft taken also. So he made Mr.
that be had been duty which dares to enter
twenty-three hours without -y home and steal away
band and son and brother
stalwart Saxons t
have heard the call of their worn-
sleep; that the. switch was
Fertilizer as soon as the freight
ed on the siding and he sat down
wailing for No. to pass; he
dropped off to sleep and as No.
approached he with a
start, and, having the switch on
his mind, he frantically pulled it
open without realizing what he
was doing. This corroborates
completely the statement made
by, Engineer Holton, who was
running No. The morning
after the accident, while he was
perfectly rational. Engineer
Holton stated to his physicians
at the hospital, that as he
the siding the white
light burning showing a clear
track and closed switch, but just
as his train neared the siding, and
t late to even apply brakes, the
red light showed up and he rush-
ed to ion. Engineer
Holton adhered to this statement
until he died so unexpectedly Fri-
day News Ob-
Vick happy by issuing a warrant
charging the man with stealing
the Southerner.
Important to Juror.
Judge Ward nude an imp r-
ruling last week in the case
of Brown vs. Brown in regard to
the pay of witnesses and jurors.
He decided that jurors who are
witnesses also, or witnesses who
happen called as juror-can-
not draw pay at the same time
in the two capacities.
person who is a witness in
than one cannot draw wit
fees in more than one case
day. In other words, juror's and
witnesses are paid for their real
time, and they cannot or
speculate on time t pay for
or hours in hours
actual time. This is important
and the right fort of law, It ha;
not been followed in this
because the matter has
been brought before
of our officers. The J
commissioners can save a
court expenses by
investigating the claims In
cases which go nIT at tho i
the county.
The report, issued
day, shows that
of this crop had been
up to Oct 18th. against
for thy same last
Sara Hal Wat.
The reason temperance
and the closing of saloons
made such slow progress prior
to 1900 was because all the
could vote. Except a few
preachers, teachers and others
of the best type, the vote
was always an asset of the saloon.
Therefore an election, with the
division found among while men
upon most questions was In most
places certain to go wot. But
with the elimination of the
vote by the suffrage
the of temperance has
gone forward with a mighty
impetus. In Anson county,
when the fight commenced for
those who favored
the continuance of the saloons
procured th registration of
who had not been permit-
to vote since the passage Of
the suffrage amendment. he
of the
of excluded from other
elections, outraged the people
and made many for pro-
The forced in
by a vote of ti I
the victory to
vote, as the following
in the North Carolina
edited by Mr. John A.
Hill Voted Wot Hew
town of Snow Hill con.
her shame.
the election last week e
vote was for saloons and
against saloons. But that is
ill the worst is j e
to he told.
white people heard
appeal of the women and
d.-en. and said we will no longer
tolerate the saloons in our town,
the breeders of shame and
Tho waits nun voted S-
saloons to fur is
II done
here conies in the
easy tool of the saloons-
their will has been
thwarted, their votes nullified,
their women repelled and their
wishes ignored by the
voters, under tho influence and
control of the saloon, and against
the of bettor men of
their race,
the saloons defeat the
will of our people. In their
desperation they bring the
voter back as an
active factor to say what the
moral laws of a community shall
to argue this
question to state the
cold facts they are, and let
you for yourself and
think upon
people of North Carolina
not go through the campaign
of 1899 and 1900, -as a of
which the mass of
voters were excluded from
the polls, to permit the
vote to be thrown as a balance of
power to perpetuate the
loon. Che victory won at Snow
Hid will c to create a still
stronger sentiment in the State
a the evil, and t c
day not far distant when the
people will shut up every saloon
and Still in the Mate. J
Independent of question of
whether prohibition or saloons
should prevail in a community,
tho reintroduction of
in politics question of the
st importance If they can
vote keep open, they
can thereafter vote in every
and encouraged there
will soon be a return in part of
the political conditions that
avid that required the
strenuous campaign of 1898 to
redeem If the
voted the saloon,
this papa just as
earn a their re-
over the farm, and is wearing I Welcome as the paper may be to
out much faster than if it were casual reader the train, at
Tomorrow afternoon at
o'clock, Miss Elizabeth Moore,
State secretary of W. C. T. U.,
will lecture in the Methodist
church. Members of the various
churches and the general public
are urged to be present A
musical program has been
Mora Houses Needed.
We have heard several
who want to move to Greenville
with the coming of the new
year, inquiring if they can
houses to live In. That is a
question that needs attention.
There are a not enough houses
here, and the town cannot grow
faster than there are houses for
the people. It is evident that
more houses should be built.
The last report of the Pension
Commissioner affords an inter-
study. It shows that
during the fiscal year,
pensioners died. The
says that the total pen
June 1907, was
and the total value of the
pension roll at that date was
This is greater by
above the of the
roll for the year previews, and is
accounted for by the higher
rates of pensions provided by the
act of 1907, under
which act there had been
rolled June of the present
at use. This is beneficial to the
manufacturers whose sale bills
are increased thereby, but it is
hard on the farmer who is trying
to get ahead.
when we commence this
tide we had in mind the keeping
of things in their in the
home. Children especially are
prone to be careless in this re-
If children would thought-
fully keep their things, or what
ever they use or handle, in their
proper places, many a weary
step of a tired mother would be
saved- Children are now in
school, and then is when they
are particularly careless about
their things at home- seem
to think that while they are
with their own affairs
everybody else must look
their conveniences, and books,
hats, wraps, etc., are thrown
around promiscuously.
Then comes the vexatious hunt-
for things when it is time to
go to school, the worry and de-
lay, the leaving home in excite-
and turmoil. We arc but
telling what happens day,
not in all the homes, but in many
of them all over the country.
Learn the little lesson of put-
ting everything in its proper
place It will be worth more
through as. an acquired
habit than lesson you will
learn at school.
the office, in tho public library,
it is, after all. the paper of the
home. The regularity and
of visits, the cordial
sincerity of its tone, make for it
soon place of a familiar
friend in the house. Like a good
friend, too, it stands always tor
those traits and qualities which
typified in the ideal home,
and are sources of a ration's
health and true prosperity. Is
there another Christmas present
costing so little that equals it
On receipt of the yearly
subscription publishers
send to the new subscriber all
the remaining issues of The
Companion for 1907 and the Four
Leaf Hanging calendar for 1908
full color-
Full illustrated announcement
of new volume for 1908 will
be sent with sample copies of the
paper to any address free.
The Youth's Companion.
Berkley Street, Boston, Mass.
link . at Fault Slid to Have
Flagman Leonard, who was
for the wreck of
train No. at Rudd last
day night, is said to have been
on duty hours and
without rest when the wreck oar
occurred. It is d, and
reason, that if this fact can be
established some one higher up
should b made to suffer. Leon-
ard disappeared at the time of
the accident and nothing has
been heard from him then.
Greensboro Record.
t ballot, They arc
Hi G is
good, q power dim-
The state is going
f . open the door,
lid i ii . box of evils
.- u again for worse
. . cat r trouble.
. v Hill victory by
;. vote will help to
up saloon and keep
them shut. Liquor is bad, but
. which means that
the saloon will control
tenths of their votes, is worse.
News and
Mr. W. B. Ricks
Mr. W. B. Ricks died only
this morning at the h me of
brother, Mr. J- A. Rick, on
Fifth street, with whom he lived.
He leaves two brothers, Messrs-.
J. A. and W. H- Hicks, and two
children. Ho was about j cars
The funeral will take place
tomorrow at the Taft burial
ground about miles from
Tract lard containing
acres, six miles from Greenville
n road. Good
house and necessary
also one tenant house
Fine mineral on property.
sell half or all the land to
But purchaser. For
apply to E. . Parker.
Carolina Pitt
John Dennis and wife
It. J. E D. O,
Tho B. R.
and D O. Moore above named
kill that an action
has been commenced in the Sup-
court of Pitt county by the
above name against
the defendants above for
the so of enjoining and
restraining the
from foreclosing mortgage
and the set out
and described in the compact
filed in this cause and tor the
purpose of having the same de-
fraudulent and null and
void, and the said defendants E.
R. and O.
will further notice that they
are required to appear at
November 19.17 of t-e
Superior of Pitt
to held on the Monday
after the 1st Monday in
it being tho day of Nov
1907. at tho court
in in Greenville, N c.
and to answer or demur to the
c cf the plaintiffs
actions or the p will
ply to tho court for the relief de-
In co
This the 30th day of
D. C CO superior
Former Senator David B
of New York, is now reported to
be a rooting for Bryan for
dent This is one of the strong
est things that has d
recently. Hill heard Bryan
speak in New York a few days
ago and probably that accounts
for Star.
K. P. D. No. G, Greenville, of Pitt
By virtue or the r of
contained in a mortgage deed and
lien executed and delivered by
Joseph H. Everett to
White on the day of
1906, and duly recorded in
the register of deeds office of
Pitt North Carolina, it
Book N-8, page the under
signed will expose to public sale,
before the court house door in
Greenville, for cash, to
highest bidder, on Saturday the
16th day of November 1907. the
fol owing real property, to
A tract or parcel of land lying
in Carolina township, Pitt county
North Carolina, containing one
hundred acres more or less,
and adjoining the lands of A
B Congleton. Harry Whitfield
and being a part of
A gleam of promise twinkles
wen in the garishness of the
city. Island, for
is the last place where on
would look for an exhibition
appealing to any of the
ideals of humanity. a
recent publication Maxim
attempts to dim the luster of
this famous of America's
popular resorts- And must be
confessed that island a
sort of brilliantly
Nevertheless, one of the
things that impresses the slight-
seer is the fact that the steam-
boat that carries him to the city
of light and is called
Pegasus, and that the ticket
purchased gives him admission
At he very entrance of the
blaze of glory are barkers, quot
Scripture, telling of the
of an depicting the
ere it ion of the world A Tittle
further down the incandescent a
Ins is a panoramic reproduction
of the
No one wilt contend that
Island is creating art in
the of
creation and cataclysm and
tragedies, but the
fact the designers of amuse-
have to t Bible for
dramatic material, a that such
exhibitions have proven
in a city supposed
to i e given over altogether to
relaxation and laughter indicates
a phase the of the
people of the which
cannot easily ignored.
Harold in Remus's
Magazine for November.
We take this method of ex-
pressing to the good people of
our sincere and heart-
j fell gratitude for their many
of kindness done us during
the J. C. Keel to satisfy I the illness and death of our in-
If ant, and also for their kindly
1907 Offices in the interment of the
Webb Mortgagees.
J B A. L. Peed.

i. at Greenville, N
C C March 1879
.; red U
. ;
Fill NOV I,
Una airs of th
, n i i
mi through the de-
tho i and th
miss n in ;
i the i
ma the last
warm for board of
w id that they hold aerate
affairs of the county. It
mid i lings I talk
the p;
When looking I a good in-
vi ill He is
is going to astonish
e a tho natives in the next I
M I th
p ; will get or i .
id Le mi
as . to e um
at time.
w rs . about the New
Y panic that it scared
much money into hiding,
If rate case
is e i- it will suit
. i. of the
i . . in New Y i
i . . the case
F i
a i
is f
t . therm male a jump
f Keep your
The r i Char i
week and the Mi .
way cotton has gone down
. bears an
a stiff fight against the farmers.
farmers are not going to
win by rushing their cotton to
market on the low prices,
My The
ail who lay claim
the f blood
h m
, .
fa lie
Blackburn already loot his
mouth, and now his -vs-
x mouth piece has .
re. be from
I i Cl . roll
. 1912, and we had just
as ell jet ready to i in a South
pr would
us if there is not
up in the country by
that time fur us to elect a
em mi a, too. Republicanism
an i are both
their grip, and pensions and pie
an ab ail th it keep
on now.
Wilmington has decided that
municipal ownership Is b. st, and
has purchased th water works
system in that city heretofore
owned by a private corporation.
a that these new commie-
. did not official oath
when entering upon the discharge
duties, and some
is through spite had
indicted. The trial was held ac
n Wednesday and resulted
in acquittal of the commissioners.
S u i n is tho home of
t r ii the
was i id r ii control
w . it E in such bad
Homo, published at
i. Union county,
as to what farmers are do-
with their surplus cash over
n . n of th state. It
, n numb r of more
fan In the county
. .- in II corp
v w for
i them fill
y from I to per
on the investment. If more
farmers will g t of
and t their surplus
i i in i they will
bi results and at the
lame contribute to the de-
el of our resources and
permanent prosperity of
section in which
Li ; simply that the
ion county farmer is taking a
at both ends of the
business He is making;
i -1 then he turns abound and
takes a farewell shot at it by
s in the profits of the men
. ho make it up m to yarn or
i, The ordinary individual
co . at Ii ms If with
. of the man-
of cotton
r some product
But the farmer is no ordinary
individual; he can produce
raw material from the soil, and
n i its
r P
have some fas men here in
Pitt co too, who are doing
b on a plan and
B both ends of the
transaction. They are tobacco
growers, and something like a
of them compose what
is known as the Con-
s Tobacco They
not only raise tobacco, but they
doing a warehouse business
and sell their crop at their own
warehouses. Statistics of sales
nave proven that their ware-
houses have obtained higher
than other houses, and
in addition to this their profits
or, the warehouse business, which
are distributed in annual
among the stockholders,
has in four years amounted to
per cent, their investment.
If anything can boat this for
making money at both ends of
tho business we would like to
know what it it. Yes, sir, the
time, is the
business man
When you are working against
time, did you ever notice how
much faster th hands the
cluck seem to go as they approach
i fellows who had the
money to put up to relieve the
pi . on Wall street did a
with it. Some others
Whoop the building and
loan ard build more
houses bi Greenville.
We hear something in the
air for Greenville, and have
. capita, but that is
doubtless as great as the
According to a
Chicago is the most musical
American city. From which it
is evident that he never took a
Market in
promised particulars for publics- Philadelphia while the gnu no-
in a few days.
Every day the New
starts off it editorial i
with s suggestion as to what
country needs The last item
k as
in v have done Ilk wise, but
t just didn't have it ;,. of the
t I
J. P Morgan and J. D. Roche be picked among hie
Washington. Oct.
dent Roosevelt issued
Thanksgiving on,
the Secretary of S,;
all going full blast. I naming the last
i woman ma i
live- Lin the h . . of the
. he didn't go so when, in accord
is t i decide that she must pay custom of our
ii i- a for generations past,
. .
feller both came in handy with
their during the New
York panic. No questions asked
about fainted money then. It
helped out as good as any other.
Raleigh never fails to make
people stand and deliver when-
ever the-e is a chance at them.
custom has lost that city
the State conventions, and is
make it lose other
likely to
Snow is reported up in the
mountains. That is getting
d to winter business early.
gives the
much comfort when a preacher
prohibition is a failure, as a
visiting bishop said in Raleigh
Wall Bit set is doing business
at the same stand, with money a
plenty to meet the demands
This a hare
one to shake.
his intention of issuing a
on Nov 16th, admit
there will l-e another star
in the flag.
While farmers are holding their
cotton, as is best for them to do.
they should bar in mind that it
makes it hard on the merchants
and others whom they may owe
To help conditions along under
such circumstances every one
should endeavor to pay as much
as possible on what he owes.
weather man was certainly
to the fairs and the crow-Is
were equally good to. the pick
Recent development show
f the To-
k Company, of Wilson,
makers the
cigarettes, has been owned by
the American Tobacco Company
since 1903, the public in the
meantime thinking it was an
The British embassy has been
charged to make inquiry into the
action of this in
seizing that shipment of cigar-
the American Tobacco was
making to the British American
Tobacco Company. Now watch
and see if John Bull and Uncle
Sam have any squabble over the
President Roosevelt says he is
going to take next bear hunt
in North Carolina. If he will
come down to Pitt county and
foil in with some of our famous
hunters he will have some
right Mr. Calvin Mills
could show him a thing or two
when it comes to killing bears.
suggestions of what the
Cotton has got to do much
moving up to get to fifteen cents,
but longer bridges than the
between that figure and
the present price been
The farmers will win is the man who is doing
out this time if they be firm. , things count in this day some factories.
The kind of financial upheaval
the country needs is one that
shakes the money loose and lets
it stir among the people.
A Greenville man says he saw
a bright light in the sky
night, and that the light went
out all of a sudden and left a big
hole up there. Wonder what the
brand was.
Charlotte profited well by the
presence of pick pockets at the
fair, even if it did come out of
the pockets of visitors. Over
was forfeited to the city by
the slick fingered gentry who
were arrested, put up cash bonds
and skipped. Pity but what the
money could be distributed pro
among the victims.
We hear man
from the North, wearing a blue
uniform, attending a
reunion at the ex
last week, and he.,
some one eulogize record
General Grant asked a
Grant here
would like to see Didn't
even know that General Grant
had been dead many years
Doubtless he doesn't know that
he war is over, and never knew,
about the war except
what he got hear say, but
draws bis pension all right.
The Kansas City Journal prints
an editorial headed
Football The genial
seems to have made as
a hit with his football as
he does every winter with his
Count says hi
I loves Miss G Va id
I n
doesn't deny that he ids the
A Chicago woman has t
ed a large fortune from a Me
can gentleman who never saw
Kr in his life- This ought to
teach the average i beauty
the advantages of Keeping out of
sight; but doubtless it wont.
yourself in Swarthmore
College's place, which was offer-
ed to give up sport.
Wouldn't you give up
or asks the New
York mail. Sure we would, we'd
do it for
a single murder or
at the coroner's
office for twenty-four is
New York's record for last
day. In one respect a red letter
day, although fewer persons
must have been painting the
town red.
That Black Duck, Minn.,
who shot a bear with the
initials in big letters on
his side, missed the chance of a
life time by not capturing him
alive and getting him into the
Louisiana canebrakes in time.
A exchange claims
th on ., .
l i
. will
undoubtedly necessity of
taking something for his liver
the dread catastrophe is
Prof. now asserts that
Solomon did not write the
of A few thousand
from now some one may
have the audacity to claim that
George Ade never wrote the
fables that made him famous.
claims that
lazy men are really sick. Now
there may be a little less
among the women, who take
in washing to support their
The Democrats haven't had
the presidency very often in th
last forty years, but neither have
they wanted it bad enough to
steal it
The Southern has a j b before
it almost as hard to solve as the
rate question. It has issued an
order that no more cigarette
smokers will be employed; that
if a man is known to smoke
them even when off duty he will
be discharged. It is a wise move,
b th for the road and for the
men. Cigarettes do not kill a
man as quick as liquor
and may not make him such a
fool, but in time it will ruin
in a short time his mind will be-
come impaired, unfitting him
for anything. Still they will
kick. Most of the have
an iron clad rule that a man
shall not drink while on duty.
He may abide by it ard still be
unfit for work, for should he
tank up one night and have to
go out next morning on his run
he would be in a worse fix than
if he had a few drinks.
is needed is a rule prohibiting
drinking at any aim. This
would not interfere
with th. prohibitionist who I., ops
home and takes a
for his stomach's sake only,
for Kw
Ir. . O. V.
-at appoints a cay as
; occasion for all
raise and
he past year we have
from famine, from
pestilence, from war.
peace with all the rest of man-
kind. Our resources
at least as great as those of any
other nation. We believe that
in ability to develop and take
advantage of these resources the
average man this nation
stands at least as high as the
average man of any other.
where else in the world is there
such an opportunity for a free
people to develop to the fullest
extent all its powers of body, of
mind and of that which stands
above both body and
has been Riven us from
on high and much will rightly be
expected of us in return Into
our care the ten talents have
been entrusted; an we are
to be pardoned neither if w
squander and waste them ;
yet if we hide them in a napkin ;
for they must be fruitful in our
hands. Ever throughout the
ages, at all times and among all
peoples, has been
with danger, and it be-
hooves us to beseech the Giver of
all things that we may not fall
into love of ease and of luxury ;
that we may not Io.-q our sense
of ; that we
may not forget our duty to God
and to our neighbor
great democracy like ours,
a democracy based
of orderly liberty, can be
perpetuate only if in the heart
of the ordinary citizen there
dwells a keen sense of righteous-
and justice. should
earnestly pray that this spirit of
righteousness and justice may
grow ever greater the hearts
of all of us and that our souls
may be inclined evermore both
toward Hie virtues that tell for
and tenderness, and
for loving kindness and forbear-
with and to-
ward those no less necessary
; that make
n I i
qualities neither nation
. can to the level
v. seen; , r,,.,
, . . , B j
therefore, I,
. . ,, j Rook. . President
Three pressing needs of Green-
shares p ken for ire I. a
who contemplate houses
to rent through the aid of the
association. This U a move in the
right direction Greenville needs
more houses and an easy way to
build them is through the
Rent money will almost
meet the payments to the
and leave the owner the
house as a practically clear In-
vestment in little over six years.
Mn. in Wed
Parties here from Bethel town-
ship today tell us of a sad suicide
that occurred early this morning
about miles from
About sunrise Mrs, Ann Reddick
wife of Mr. J. A. jump-
ed in a well and killed herself.
She was missed in a short while
and the family searched for her
and she was dead when found in
the well.
About throe weeks ago Mrs
Reddick took laudanum with the
of killing herself, but
her life was saved then. For
weeks it had been noticed
that her mind was as
strangely. The leaves
houses, better streets any other in America. p and four children, all
No mention i made of the latter being grown.
of tho
. set
. the day of No-
yen a day general
and prayer, and on
day I recommend that tho
people shall Cease from
and, In their homes in
their meet devoutly to
thank tho Almighty for the many
and great blessings
received in the and to pray
that they may be given the
strength so t order their lives as
to deserve a of
these blessings in the future.
whereof I have
hereunto set my and and
ed the seal of tho United States
to be affixed.
City of Washing-
ton the h day of t.
in the year of our Lord, one
thousand nine hundred and
seven, and of the
of States tin one
and thirty second
who If rep
r and territory
fount; ;
B. T. O
Mr R.
Hi t
at the Baptist
, T fan,
i . I
id , aft t
., . homes
nerd Sunday.
Co. are prepared to
, boys . real for you at
at for the next days . Wood work a
Co , ,,
Re. T. H. King
the school house
Tb sewing a-
one of the s
on market, and it. will
cos; a t one
e-the. They range . -cm up
a bargain in these t
those prices -A W. An j
G. E. little
girls, Ruth and Margaret and
Brewer went to Ki
Glass ware and coffee nulls just
W. H. and Henry
spent Sunday night in
town and returned to Bethel
your meal, fresh from
earns- Carolina Milling and Mar-
J. of .
same in Tuesday night t a Ii w
J. who will i
days at his old home
We have on hand few s
of the history of the Sin
co disaster. Usual i
Our price, els. o- S. Lox
Rev. of an; e
filled his liniment ac the
Baptist church Sunday m
and night. At the close of
morning service, Mis. J. L.
Jackson the ordinance
of baptism. On Sunday
at the church conference t
King tendered bis
pastor to take place at an ea
him up. He always hi i
and attentive
always having a message fort
people, they gladly .
and Lydia
a came in last night to
their Bis-
i. . Roberson
. ; at the girl's
k of station
i re must make
i- i stock of
. . During
the . we will make
to all our customers
i . papers
T. Cox Bro.
sons from
In th there is plenty,
. ,.,. . this
a i i i i . iring our
. . be dry when the
cold lain cows co Our
J. M. BLOW, Manager and Agent.
I; made
for our
. a feeling as
. II. . . hen it is a
care for
. longer they are
to i i I
T. W. Sons
; seed can now
s ha -i . tore of Dr-
,;. Cos
Rubber shoes of all sizes and
rubber coal, at B. P
Hen's fa- silk mufflers for
the cold winter wind at F.
Manning Co.
When in need of nice kid
gloves, driving gloves, and work
gloves, see B. F Manning Co.
We learn the A. G. Cox
Co. are shipping
their well known Co.,
School to different parts
of the State, No school should
be without them
Remember that the A. G. Cox
Manufacturing company are still
making their well known Tar
Heel carts and
dress shoes for gentlemen
P. Manning's company.
A new line of plaids and home
spun at B F Manning company
G dross shoes just arrived
at Harrington Barber and com-
Chairs from the nicest willow
r to the single stool chair.
Have your carts, wagons and
buggies put in good trim for the
fall me. All kinds of repair
work done promptly. Carolina
Milling Mfg. Co. , ,
The season for public schools
to begin is here. The respective
teachers who their
schools can not do a better thing
than to do every thing in their
power to induce their patrons to
provide good literature for their
children in their homes. Every
home needs a good daily paper.
The Youth's Companion, and
their church paper at least. This
will not only make the home at-
tractive, bit it will also help
ts i . . Man-
W i
ad o inform our
for Daily
in i we
. i and writing for
We a lift
oil receive their mail mi
c. We also take lei
It takes products
to bring the stuff. 1200 pounds
tobacco bales cotton
is nothing to be ashamed
of. We live in civilized
where everything is plentiful,
money to burn, the best land in
the world, and we are the only
living sorry mankind in the
whole territory. Even then we
are glad to be here.
For fresh and cheap goods go
to E. E. Co., they alway
have the best.
W. O. and W. C- Jack-
son have disappeared and
don't know where. There is
some talk of sending a chaser
Overcoats at a bargain Big lot
just received. See our line be-
fore you buy. J. R. Turnage
Miss Ida W. Edwards lost a
pocket book with a small sum of
money. The return of same
will be highly appreciated.
J- R. Smith Co. have just re
a ear load of lime.
Several seminary students
attending a Will conference
in Onslow this week,
Now for a new fall Don't
fail to see our line before you buy
J. it Turnage and company
Elder J. left Tues-
day for South Carolina
so much in their education. Will attend a convention of his
it will only taKe a few dollars to
supply literature It we
and d p liters that the
bu of bank is the great-
est its history, People are
i . the convenience and
i bank. They soon
o a good thing. J. L.
i . Bank of
Have to be with either
let it be with tine dress. Give
knowledge, the other
take of them-
selves. The face of a
child is cue of the grandest or
tents that ever adorned a
I human being-
The famous Hawks glass
. i
B. T. Cox Bro,
your eyes-
Miss Cora Carroll
home Tuesday tar i
some, time with Mis.- s I la an
Kate Chapman,
The Sunday Might
Harrington Barber Co.
a complete stock i ea
see him before you .-. I
your next suit.
. Miss Loath i turn
W. H. S. after
few days at her
FOR two nor.-,
wagon and a disc harrow- Mis.
j. h. from m
Mrs. O. H. Jackson left Mon-
day evening where
she will her sister. Mrs. W.
t- Fry- , ,
of all Kinds prepared
at the Carolina Milling mi.
Co. . ,
Miss Mayne Ives, after having
spent here loft for Grit-
H ton Monday.
I , Miss Roberson
I to Robersonville Saturday morn
dress shoes for Indies an .
just mat o,
Barber Co.
j J. D. Rogers, of W H. S. spent
Sunday with his brother, at Core
creek returned Monday.
Now is the time to purchase
your Box Body Carts while they
are cheap, A. G. ox M u-
Co., have plenty
them hand. and i th
George Denmark Taylor,
from will give an
entertainment in the
of H. S. Monday evening,
Nov. 4th, at He
highly from m m,
towns in
. this week's
is a gem.
. . future in-
c i him. Our people
, late his groat work
r from n.
to y
. own people, a
t,. ; any
. a glad that the South
. . to the point
can her sons of
, id character. We are
. ,
all your, wood turning
the Carolina Milling
;. C First class work
. , tho A.
i are still
. i kn Tar Hoe
o a th usual low price,
i b ii t are still go-
In r. y . want a nice up-to
date buggy you had
. n early call
1-robe, tables, safes etc
Buy a pair of our -100 patent
leather shoes for men. Every
pair teed not to crack
Turnage and Company.
A. L. Blow, of Greenville, was
here Tuesday and Wednesday on
professional business,
i candy from
Try a tree brand knife-1 factory at Saul's dug store.
They are under guarantee. M u came in
are kept in stock by ts. i. , . ,., .
Cox Bro I from evening
. i., R, Croom and to spend sometime with her sis-
G. E. Jackson have returned Mrs M. Sauls.
John I Our line 3.00 Hat
New is the time to get single received- Any style and
i shape Guaranteed. J. R.
and company
Carolina Milling
ma to order.
i co
i. v n. Cos Manufacturing
Co. Ii j i a car load
. . . . welded
and double bedsteads low down
at A. W. Angle Co.
Laura Cox came from
to spend Sunday.
sacks of salt at
Barber Co.
Rescue Home.
Denver. Col. Oct. -John
D. and Miss Helen
Gould are reported to be the
principal financial x meters of
a home for fallen d
to be established shortly in
require an expenditure of about
and it is thought that
the oil magnate and Miss Gould
considerable portion
of this amount- Many of
also in in the project.
Soil your goods, not your cu-
A wise man puts the shoulders
of other men to tho wheel.
A poor man's wife never
popular heights, over sentimental novels-
Mrs D. B. ins and son,
Goodwin, are on a visit her
father Capt, D. G. Berry.
J. J. Edwards Son have just
received a car load of Ell wood
wire fence. Can furnish any
Mrs. Charles Davis, of Cone-
toe, is spending sometime with
her sister, Mrs. F. G.
See our beautiful line of ladies
dress woods before you buy. J-
R, Turnage and company.
Wednesday evening near Or-
Mr. W. H Smith, a
popular salesman, of Holton,
Spier Co. was united in mar-
to Miss Annie Stocks, the
ceremony being by
Elder C. O- Armstrong- The
attendants Harvey
and Miss Allie M
Lawhorn and Alice Smith;
Joseph Little and Lena
Stock; Leo Humbles and Miss
Clara Smith.
Keen cutlery and hard-
ware at J. R. Smith co
It is said the wedding bells will
ling at next
One thirty-seven acre form
just outside corporation at
A will be on easy
Ayden Loan a Ins. Co.
patterns at J. R. Smith
The family of Dr. Redditt have
arrived and occupy rooms in the
E. G. Cox residence.
Tiring us your beeswax, wool,
hams, shoulders, chickens and
eggs to J. R. Smith Co.
Gum wood which has hereto-
fore been considered of little use,
and of which there are vast
in our section, is now de-
excellent prices- R- H.
and A- B. Garris last week sold
the Ayden Lumber Company the
privilege of a tract of land
mated to contain one million feet
for How is that for
something never before known
to bring a cent to the pocket of
the farmers. There are thous-
ands of acres in this county that
will in the next few years
millions of dollars to our
people and that, too, when it was
never more badly needed and its
good effect felt all among
What is to the interest of one is
certainly conducive to the
fare of others, in this particular
at least.
Ice cream at J. R. Smith
Walter Hocks, attorney at law,
of Kenly, has located
in Ayden for the practice of his
profession. Mr. Hooks comes to
us highly and we
take him to be a man of sterling
qualities, possessed with a
knowledge and a learning
will soon place him in his
profession. We believe
will like him and that he will
he popular as is evident of the
fact that he represented his native
county, Jackson, in the last
of the General Assembly.
We wish him success.
Call at the Drug Store
cure one of those excellent
M, Sauls.
Leon Whichard, of Kinston,
was here Sunday.
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say nothing of the
in having a class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store secure this much need-
ed article.
Mrs. C. G. Smith, of Winter
ville, spent Friday with Mrs. F.
Big lot cots latest styles,
at J. R. Smith Co-
R. H. and J. R. Smith
left Monday to attend the Federal
court at New Bern this week.
Overcoats and rain coats at
bargains Don't fail to see them
J R and company
Robert Worthington, D. G.
Berry, Mrs. C. M. Holton and
Miss Roberta Worthington, of
Ayden, S. A. and J. E
Cannon left Monday to represent
the Ayden and Rountree church-
es respectively at Christian
convention now in session at Bel-
Sauls guarantees he sells,
especially candy.
Mrs. of Scotland K
is here on a visit to the family f
her father Capt. G.
The very best and t
hairbrushes, combs,
at Saul's drug store,
Levi of Grimes
spent the day here Monday on
Dr. C- A Reddick, a practical
dentist, of whom we wrote some-
time since, is now located in
den and ready for the practice of
his profession.
Mrs. W. J. Hemby was
suddenly very sick last Sunday
and for some time grave
were felt as to her
We are plea d that the
is very much improved-
Go to E E- new
market for f meats,
and fresh .
Two marriages near
Ayden at the early hour of
o'clock this morning. Out at
church Mr. G. Henry
Pittman, of Falkland, and Miss
Daisy daughter of E- C.
Esq , were married by
Rev. D. W. Davis. The
were Charlie Wooten, of
Falkland, with Miss Lizzie
berry, Marvin with Miss
Carrie Dr. M. T.
of Ayden with Miss Carr, of
If you wish something nice
buy a box of candy from
Saul's at the drug store.
At the home of Mr. Will
in East Ayden, Mr- Clayton
Mayo, of Falkland and Miss Em-
ma Brown were married by Rev.
B. E. Stanfield.
If you want a new fall suit,
have them, Latest styles and
prices reasonable. J R Turnage
and company
Both couples took the morn re-
train for a trip to the
exposition and other points. A
large crowd of friends were at
the depot to see them off.
Dr Joseph Dixon
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Bank Building
. S. Moore
Offer their entire stock of No
Cons, Groceries and Confection-
for sale in hulk. Terms
cash, call on them if you wish a
bargain. A nice large
large brick store in which to con
duct business can be rented on
easy terms.
Pi , f but rock hot- hasn't time,
Call d see them before Don't mind if people say you
, have a big head. There may be
nothing in
every great
D. S.
W. H.
Office in Bank Building
of all
i . Harrington
. . . Co.
of all sizes
i . Co.
pr I Q. E- Line-
i Friday
dies, Bar
. . Co.
., I en Tucker and
. r wont to Greenville
of humanity was evolved
from a crank's
The lucky man puts best
foot forward instead of depend-
on tho hind foot of a rabbit.
The death rate would be less-
if we could banish persons
who say disagreeable things.
Mason fruit jars, taps and rub-
at J. R. Smith co-
Mr. . Cherry, of Conetoe, was
here last week visiting her sister,
Miss Mary one of the
teachers in the graded school
Pneumonia Cure at J. R. Smith
Hen R. King, of Goldsboro,
has made us a pleasant
Mrs. Fulton, Hall, of Golds-
for the past ten days has
been visiting relatives in and
R. H. Jones has resigned
the pastorate of the Disciple
At the of business
Overdrafts secured
Furniture and Fixtures
Due from banks and bankers
cash items
Gold coin ,
Nat nous other 1,186.00
Capital stock 124,400.00
surplus fund 8,640.00
profits 438.79
ills 10,000.00
Deposits subject to 80,181.07
Cashier's checks outstanding
R Smith, Cashier of the above to , e
that the above ts true to the best of my
J. B,
and sworn to JOSEPH DIXON
here and bade us all 27th

he re .
Brooklyn i
ray bill i bad
of f.
his a
i- up
was I it n
TO r . v.
of tho
. in I fa
but you
i. . i
co-it of t
or when i
Tr i
tho i
on . I a i
i. i back
to hi desk and en-
It l i
at i ;
paid for rat
the being i on that
w Am
The Cheap Rate.
o ere in the habit of
,.,. trains know that
calm r about the
I Bi n y at the
i the veriest non-
. V b . believe that
,. i making
money on its passenger
. than it did the first
six months of the year. The
. are not sincere. They
re making this outcry because
. arc afraid the freight rate
be That is the
point, and this accounts
this fuss and about
money. We thought that
was rather too
. c in cutting the rate from
to 21-4 cents. We think
go still, but we confess
the wail that has
up about the bankrupt
that is staring the railroads in
the face, though their trains are
crowded with passengers, has
; us to the radical action
of the legislature. We dare say
i . H railroads could be assured
that the present
rate should be
they would be content to
at the present
rate, and they would easily
d the money to continue their
. The railroad
, i have displayed leas sense
I an we thought they had in the
I their case, and
have largely lost the
y had at the beginning
controversy. Railroads
, not to oppressed but
. the people to be
d -Charity and Children.
The Mm awl the
and K
The real man of size is
by measuring him as he
stands apart from the accident
of position. Among the
dents and misfits which one en-
counters in the course of human
events is the small man in the
large position- Such a man in
sometimes seems
big for a brief day, because of a
connection with a large position
He comes into the position by
accident. He most probably
it as a providence and ac-
cording to the divine of
things. If he does not invest
with all the importance
attaching torus position it a
So small is he as compared
with his position, that he is ab
dependent on the
for power and prestige.
He must do business on the
credit of his position. His glory
is the reflected glory of his
sake The way he shrinks
when separated from his position
is pathetic.
We have known men to go
down from positions where ac-
temporarily placed
them, who endeavored to use the
of that former position
to advance them in their own lit-
When a man is not bigger than
his position he is too small for it.
Only small men have to depend
on large positions for their own
Neck n a Pam Cut.; is is in charge of W Parker who is authorize
to represent the Reflector in Farmville and vicinity.
On Thursday afternoon Mr. J.
Frank Allen, of Beaver Dam
township, met with sudden J
He assisting in I lading i
cotton On a cart preparatory to;
to taking it to gin. Mr.
A o
vented In lily I
from getting to . d
on the -art whiled evening, a w I
others were handing up the Las- very much regretted
of cotton for him M empty, avoidable. Thus day i the day
Be accidentally
part, and .
head lira his neck
He leaves a wife
,. off
. i
. is broken
and several
Walked Bi k.
Admiral S kin
war and peace . I Port I
must still go o i, c said.
is not yd I ; i a
developed to pi i et I am
in favor f o e and peace
congresses, for these help
the cause of
bring the day of u o a
little m
I . o
he it
-V,. ho will
peace day, it in
our heart .
their hearts
of Ni-. irk had for I
. kept pi , la
dozen bird an.
the pi r
let out to
it, ill In no
i them
but ho loft I
i .
and J
slowly into the old o in
Tribute to th Ad.
Tho late Will of
Brooklyn, tho i I
Ink, was for n
of the
An ii writer said of
him tho i
Jo n i bad o of ad-
on i his
tongue. lie to I hi
young II ha
of his
two i I
to their
land asked if mi lit
said you
Play re i e, but
make a noise.
leader child don't
N -th Carolina, Pitt county,
Superior court-
Ha Manning and wife Martha
R and D
The defendants E. R.
and D, Moore above named
will take notice that en action
has been commenced in the
court of Pitt county by the
plaintiff above named against
above named for
purpose joining and restrain-
the said defendants from
foreclosing the mortgage and co
Ii the notes set out and
the complaint filed in
this cause and the purpose of
having tho same declared fraud-
null and void, and the
defendant E R-
and D. Moore will further
take notice that they are
ed to appear at the November
1907, of tho Superior court
of Pitt county, to be held on the
9th Monday after the first Mon-
day in September, it being the
II h day of November 1907, at
he house in said county in
N. C, to answer or
to the complaint of
raid action, or
apply to the court
for the relief demanded in
80th day of Sept. 1907.
D- c. Moore,
cit court of Pitt co-
By of a the Superior
Court county in Special Proceed
1485, entitled J. It. Bunting- v
Robert the undersigned com-
loner will Mil tor cash before
. i hi door in Greenville on Mon-
; t. 1907, the following
i r real estate. One lot in the
. being- the store lot now
by J. If. and the
on said lot, lot
I., th.- north by Railroad t. on the
.- I y the lot owned M J Grimes
t , the south by Mack G
and Bros, on the west by
. store and hotel,
me property that was
to cherry Bunting by two
. one M I. T Davis and th
ill c-r ii skI from Bro
i. , other I t in Bethel bounded on
I street, on east by Mr
i . Hocks, south by the lot own-
I by Mack G Rogers
t st by J R Nelson property.
S n one i or of hind
north by street
and the Nelson property, i east by
I ho Nelson on by the
W Mack
c s T and on the west
Main containing acres more
or James,
Having duly qualified before the
court clerk of Pitt county as ex-
of the last will and of
Mary J. Bowers, deceased notice is
hereby to all persons indebted to
the estate t make immediate payment
to the undersigned, and all persons
claims against said estate must
sent the same for payment on or before
the day of Sept. 1908, or this no-
will be plead in bar of recovery
This 23rd day of
T. Bowers, Executor of Mary J.
Bowers 23rd ltd
is a blessing. Have you cot it
If not, you should wear glasses
During last few there
has n considers b .felt and expressed b people
and .- m .-. in
i t
prices to-- and today
stone were in
about market
and prospect. Mr. O L. Joyner,
the Farmer Con-
Tobacco Co., was seen
and ed about prices and the
cause of the anxiety, etc. He
said he thought the present
alarm was much moM in the
minds of the public than in the
that while some few
grades of tobacco that had been
selling higher than ever before
was now lower than
they were a week or ten days
-go, yet they hail not
affected the market, the
average of the to-
Co. tho past six days
were as Oct.
Oct. Oct.
Oct. Oct.
These figures certainly do not
show any of s
on the market
Asked about the of
cigarettes in tram it from Dur-
ham to a British concern as
any affect on the t,
Mr. Joyner replied that he knew
nothing except what ho h
the Raleigh
the weekly ; has to be
print.-1 as . th Tl
of the
put in
word came from
station that power would
have to I cat o . for a rt
while r r. to
n . There was
to do b .; but the
I . th-j I . lines
. . i. day, and
r. v. v.-ell before
there any power, so it took
the of tho day to get
off weekly edition. In the
meantime our man went
to bed with a chill. The re
the force were
equal to the task of getting the
cut after night, so the is-
sue to be mil Bed, much
Let me fit your eyes and give the
desired relief.
C. E. Rountree
Optician and Jeweler
Graduate Philadelphia College
of Horology and Optics
To sufferers of Kidney Liver or
Ii ladder Other
say a bottle and if
it we will
your money. We
full size free bottle
and if it benefits
SOL until
This entitles yo
to a bottle
Only a limited
given away. Don't this op
to test
Superior Court
North Carolina
Pitt County
VS. Stewart.
The defendant above
will take notice that an action
entitled as above has been com-
in the Superior Court
Pit county to obtain from the
aid defendant a decree of
divorce. And the said
dint will further take notice that
is required to appear at the
next term of Superior court
said county to be held on the
ninth Monday after the first Mon-
day in September 1907, it
the 4th day of November 1907,
at the Court House in said
and in Greenville and answer
or demur to the complaint in said
action, or the plaintiff will
to tho court for the relief de-
in said complaint
This the 19th of October
1907. D. C. Moore,
it lakes Up.
About August 1st there took
up with my stock a male hog,
weighing or pounds,
marked, body whit with black
rump and head. I now have this
hog taken up and held for owner
who can get by proving
property and paying charges.
This Oct. 10th, 1907.
B. T. Smith,
B. F. D. Greenville, N. C.
Carolina Pitt county
Superior l
C- A. Mid Wife Nellie
E- R. and D.
The E. It
and D. O. Moore d
will take at on action
ha been in the
c of Pitt by the
plaintiffs above named
the defendants above named for
and collecting the set
and described in the complaint
in I his and for
purpose or having the de-
fraudulent and null and
d, and tho defendants
E R. and D .
will take they
are required to at the
r of t up
held on tho 0th Monday in
It being the day
h i
in n-
to answer on demur
to tho complaint of the. i
in t-aid action, or tho
will apply to the court fr
d minded In said com-
s the of S p
D, C. Moor,
On Monday,
roT, at o'clock before the
court house door in the town of
Greenville, I .-ell at public
auction, for shares of
ed c .
to the the Ute
J. M. C.
Clark, Proprietor.
N. C.
guaranteed. Strict
i repaired, clean-
. i
J. G.
All kinds of repairing
In -i am kind of work in
woo I .- i iron.
A work guaranteed.
Company will insure any on
any trace of
trace of kidney
lated by
Every trace of kidney trouble
of on th
of 1907, ;. Lo notify
ill . nil u
f said deceased
to exhibit th i
on or before October
or this will be
in bar of recovery.
All persons indebted to said
estate will pl a make
ate payment to
This the day of October
Geo W. Jefferson,
F. G
Will lent.- H-.-t.
Rev. J. E. pastor of
the Baptist
went to Rocky Mount to
attend meeting lock
to tin ion of a new
association of churches in
section from the
River Association at the
ti I
ville church,
s on invitation to the new at-
I will i i the following
and the purpose
f collecting tho
county of for year
Carolina township, Sat-
Oct. 1907.
Falkland, Falkland township,
Saturday, Oct. 19th, 1907.
Ayden, township
Saturday, Oct 19th, 1907.
Bells X Roads, town
Oct. 1907
s. Beaver Darn town,
Oct. 1907
Bethel, Bethel township, Sat-
Oct. 1907.
Grimesland, township,
Saturday, Oct. 1907.
Creek town-
Saturday, Oct. 26th, 1907.
Farmville, Farmville township,
Saturday, Oct. 26th, 1907. . AI F
township, Ab
Wednesday, 30th. 1907. , horse farm i mile
All owing taxes arc re- fr ii in limit, i mile from
to meet me at these g.- building.
a farm write me at
x ., m. i i on J- L- Robertson,
L. W. Tucker. Sheriff. N. C.
You Should
OW N the E d i t o r,
Phonograph, It sings, talks,
ind plays of all
Let us pot one in your home for
you. them as a
any one die and you
press to pay. hear
BEFORE buy then
Sold on Easy Tc in.;.
Write or Come to See Us.
ft gook Slope
will be paid by the Inter-
state Chemical Co., of Baltimore,
for any case of kidney
trouble SOL will not help
A word to the wise.
For sale by
Farmville, N. C.
thousand well burned
slop brick at my factory now
ready for sale at reasonable
prices, R.
I have just returned from the
northern markets, where I
chased a superb and complete
line of millinery, notions, sick
wear, dress trimmings,
and furs. Am prepared to suit all
in quality and price- Will
have my same milliner. Miss
who can trim to
suit the The
public invited to call
and inspect my store.
Mrs. J. F Joyner
Opposite R, L. Davis and Bros
Farmville, N. C.
years in
work guaranteed
Enlarging a
n. nil Carolina.
i N. C. MOT.
ii-. of authority In m-
i ii K. S. and under
it issued Hi,
W, J, for
him w tie Ker-
I one tract of
In id to mi d and
ii ch the flu-k and
sons mars or Ions, th
tract of land h
n I, mill upon which he in now
ii This t-act of land will
Rain lo the his-heat
on Sept. M
in. the Court door
in tho N. C.
R. J.
fr i y I before Sb-
or coil ii of Pitt county ad-
m of tho M.
i's i hereby
lo ill to too
M I I immediate payment to
th r all
o i it r,.
to t tho tho
p .; i cut on or b fore the 28th
. 1908, or thin l
pl in of recovery.
his 28th day of 1907
Administrator Cicero
It Editor and Owner.
Truth in Fiction.
In the southern
of this
Coast Line Market has
n state officers are j The
In- wt in in n county. It has . , , . . , Idle, Bad Boy,
is Mrs stubbed head, with teeth to chosen- In. New Jersey a What done
-me hat . j J
the ore, lies;, woman at; of a porcupine. Mr Cohen next In
of death . which R lode Island,
the point , most The and Kentucky a gov.
and wort
question ,
and she has been de those of a squirrel,
pendent on the , long clawed looking feet.
city- A few
band left
arrangers, are
farm near Low G p w here he re-
until ht h ire by an
officer. c Cut Proposed.
The I lie mat- ,, he . Mr E A
and brought on the charge of peonage,
here for trial, but ave no prosed at the present
for the of hie wife, term of Federal court in New
and her burial in th Mr. Kline was
and Mi;., I to ;. and at the special term
November 1907.
a. m. Devotional
Rev J. E.
Edward Pawn h tho a
on Long Tramp. more college i
Portland, Me., October 29.- to ch-
Planning to repeat his feat
W- H- Grifton school.
Opening exercises, of
her bus- Its have been used curt of appeals; in Pennsylvania, what h consist Mis s
t her am it. battle t. s , state treasurer, and in pair
. for be to his Assembling and Dis-
J Archer, Falkland
two agents of the State p ., H
In Ohio, Utah and
municipal officers are to
elected, while in New Illustrated
and lecture, Mrs. C. W. Read, Nash-
a sheriff are to be voted for.
The Prohibitionists have a
state ticket in all the states, ex-
she dies, return of in Beaufort in
mountain home wit n; but was held on another
seeing the woman h l to charge of the same nature to the
love and protect. law
be inadequate to do justice to
this kind, but as sure there is
God, justice will so
a creature of a
crime. Mt. Airy L
regular term. The case was not
passed for want of evidence.
Oakley. N. C 1907.
Hob. Congleton, of
was a caller in our city Friday.
Will Highsmith was here Sat-
I. H. Little returned from Nor-
folk Saturday and says hi spent
a pleasant time.
J. R. Williams made business
calls in Greenville this week.
J. S. Overton, of Stoke.-, was a
caller in Oakley Saturday.
Dr. of Stokes, was
a in our town
Good many of our young men
went to Parmele Sunday.
F. Q. Hines and little son, Eu-
gene, of Dudley, spent two
days hire this reek with
and friends.
S. R Jenkins and J James
went to Greenville Monday on
William Nelson, of Bethel, was
here Monday.
No church at bi t Sun
T. went to Gr.
Stories have been told f but
tons, tacks an van
substances ind
boxes, but it
that a church r ;
blow so severe as hat de
A Fox dab
The Mosby Hall Fox Hunters
Club was organized at
Springs this week. The officers
are James T. Twitty, Buffalo.
N. Y, president; Mrs. James T.
Twitty, secretary and
vice presidents, J. Jr.,
Eugene Johnston, A. E. Morris,
of Littleton, Sidney Cooper, Hen-
N. C, W O. Coleman,
Macon, N. C, T. Perkinson,
Wise, N, C. Geo. S. Prichard, B.
F. Panacea Springs,
N. C. Geo. E. Lattimer, E. R.
Smith, Buffalo, N Y-. W. P
Weaver Cleveland, Ohio. Murphy
Jackson, Roanoke Rapids, N. C.
The first meet of the club will
be held November 25th to
inclusive, There will be
about fox dogs in the hunt
and some of them prize winners
from meets. All fox hunt-
are cordially invited to at-
tend and bring their dogs.
ville Tana.
The State course of
. study, Supt C. L. Coon, Wilson
p. m. Address, Prof.
N. W. Walker, University of
North Carolina.
The above program, as will be
and city tickets in Cleveland and
Cincinnati, but not in San
or Salt Lake.
The Socialists have tickets,
in all the states, except Miss
and Maryland, and city in promises much for the next
Cincinnati Cleveland and Salt meeting no teacher can
. mil
con .
. .
livered by Amos
on one .
the cl
sermon Hi
whose wont it
ten certs to
of the t
take a blue slip
look at
Then, after a
d-mt in,
the slip, carefully I lid, the box. Deacon who
it, could r
an exclamation
Lord will y u,
Brother he
the sermon was over,
down the aisle to overt
prosperous grocer,
hope- e Mr.
Budd, dryly, I'm afraid you
on that being a
that I in the box. b
a bill
for kerosene that church owed
me last year, and it had been
Of course its
the same an money, though,
when you come to
Youth's Companion.
Pit county
Superior wort
John Dennis and wife
It. J. E Jones D. O.
The defendants E. R.
ind D. O Moore above named
sill notice that an action
been commenced in tho Sup-
i court of Pitt county by the
. defendants above
be so of enjoining and
said defendants
foreclosing the
the notes set
ml described the complaint
in cause and for tin
f having the de-
and null
id. and the said defendants E,
or and D, D. Moore
e take notice that they are
paired to appeal at
term, 1907 of the
Pitt to be b- d
. Mon lay after tho 1st
in September, it
4th day of 1907-
he court h so said
N C. and to answer
or to the complaint of t
tills in said actions or tin
pl will apply to the court
for tho relief demanded in said
tho 30th day of
c. Moore Clark Superior
of Pitt county.
is hereby given that
certificate number one
of the Mutual Aid t Banking
Co., of New Bern, been
lost, application will be made to
nave new certificate in
place of same.
This Oct. 21st 1907.
Lake, but not in San Francisco.
The party has
tickets in Kentucky,
setts and Now Jersey, while
Union Labor made nominations
for city officers in San Francisco.
In Massachusetts there are ten
tickets, five being divided among
Democrats, who are engaged in
a fractional tight with the state
delegation to the
convention next year in
The ballot law commission
that M, Whitney
was the nominee for governor.
In Maryland there will be a
straight contest between the
Democrats and the Republicans
only, the two parties having
nominations for stat
In New York county tho Re-
publicans and the Independence
League forces have
fused on county ticket, which
is made up of a number of
justices arid a sheriff. This give.
unusual interest to the contest.
Soon after tho nominations
were made, Mayor
who had been opposed to the
present Tammany machine, an-
that he would support
the Democratic ticket against
In Cleveland, Congressman
Theodore F. Barton is contesting
the mayoralty with Thomas L.
Johnson. There are four tickets
in Salt e City, the American
or Anti Mormon
made nominations for local
as have the Republicans
ind Democrats and Socialists.
In San Francisco the Demo
forces have combine and
the present acting mayor,
who is opposed by Republican,
as well as a Union
date, and the three cornered
tight is decidedly lively.
fail to miss. These subjects are
all practical. They are a of
the daily of every teacher-
You may expect them to be
treated in a manner that will be
exceedingly helpful to you. The
State of study is to
discussed by the man who
pared it, and probably no man
North Carolina so fully
as he does, or can
sent it in a more helpful manner
to the teachers than he can.
Each teacher will be furnished
with a copy of this course
study so that she may have it
during the discussion and there-
by fully acquaint herself with it
in every detail and thereafter b
able to use it with profit to her-
self and to her pupils. I do hope
to see every teacher in the
present at t his meeting.
believe you will be glad that you
W H.
Co. Supt. Schools.
forty years ago, of walking to
Chicago a distance of 1,250
miles in days, Edward
Weston started at o'clock to
night from the Portland post-
office amid cheers and good
wishes of people who had
gathered to see him start. He years of age. Mr. Weston
was greeted by a number of
friends including former
James P. Baxter, who watched
his departure years ago, and
was accompanied to the
Portland city line by Joseph C.
who, as a police officer,
him over the
rout on the first walk. Mayo
Clifford witnessed his
administered an oath
the conditions of the feat
be complied with
Mr. Weston expects to
it the Chicago at p
Thursday, 27th,
miles a day. He will go by th
way of Boston, Troy, Utica,
Syracuse. Buffalo, an
Cleveland. There was an
if Chicago, to start at
time for Portland.
By virtue the power salt
in a mortgage deed and
ion executed and delivered by
H. Everett to Webb
the day of
and duly recorded In
register of deeds office
Pitt North Carolina, in
Book N-8, page the under
expose to public Bale,
before the court door in
Greenville, for cash, to th-
highest bidder, on Saturday the
day of November 1907, the
fol owing real property, to
A tract or parcel of land lying
in Carolina township, county
Carolina, containing one
hundred acres more or less,
and the lands of A-
B Congleton. Harry Whitfield
others and being a part of
the J. C. Keel land, to satisfy
said mortgage deed.
This 14th day of October 1907
Webb w Mortgagees.
J. L. Fleming,
At last relief seems to be. sight for our tobacco farmers
The American Company,
which has no long ruled the to
world with ruthlessness
of a czar, is now to feel the
of an National
Government, Not only has the
Department of Justice instituted
proceedings looking to the com-
dissolution of the Tobacco
Trust on of its violation
the Sherman Anti-Trust Law,
but the Attorney-General last
week astounded not only th
trust itself but entire country
is well by producing a weapon
if attack so covered with th
lust of what Mr. Cleveland
would call
that few people were aware of
its existence. Yet, there it is
Section of the Sherman Law
the plain mandate of the law
which the Government
Norfolk, last week seized
7.000 worth of trust-made goo h
-and now compels the
Tobacco Company to int
and show cause why
seizures shall not
until it conforms to the laws
the land- Mr. Roosevelt
actively interested in
movements. With the
of the tobacco growers,
Che Trust may now at be
outlawed competition tobacco markets rest-red Pro-
Killed b din.
Tarboro, N. C, Oct
H. Anderson, a young man about
years son of Or. J. H.
Anderson, of No, township,
while attending his father's gin-
this afternoon was
in the belting that operates the
machinery and so badly crushed
that he died a few minutes after
the accident. Young Anderson
was a very industrious young
man and had many friends,
Thought lady
The story printed in our new
today from Luke Park
in county, giving
almost tragic, yet in comic
of the journey of a
white woman all the way
the barren hills of ti
Southern Georgia to marry an
man, the
been made through out
f these infamous
bureaus, again calls attention ti
that nefarious business.
As the story goes, and it it
well authenticated, the
came the long journey
marry Rev. J. J. Roberts,
who turned out to bi
a one-eyed, burnt-
faced, but rather harmless
who, when confronted
situation declared that hi
thought the
was a
If the prudence of single
an does not put these -called
bureaus out of bus
laws of the land
Mrs. Thurman
Wilson, was fatally
by falling into
She was
Miss Pansy Sugg, of Snow Hill
ind had married less
a year.
John a demented
white man confined in the jail a
y hanging himself with B pail
Carl Peace, a 12-year-old b
of High Point, was struck am
instantly killed by a train. Hi
was walking on the true
ind in attempting to get of
the way of one train stepped front of another.
Will a man
of Gastonia, while testing
wires, was killed by
in contact with a heavily ch;
ed wire- A hole four
square was burned through hit
college's r
Anna T.
had pr
of the Gen
of New .
hard nut .
in this .
m-o-n-e-y. I
fore, the
other can hi
effect. But An
that it .
another .-
authorities of
founded and sup;
of the
th it i
among the gr
offer. by the
education is new
Magazine of Bi i
i . LI
lass was organ
lie class had a v.
The following of
Mrs. R. L.
Miss .
Miss Lillian Burch,
ind treasurer
Miss Edith
Mrs. E, Hi
Broke Thumb.
Tarboro, N. C, Oct.
E. Whitehurst of Conetoe,
trashing peanuts for W. A.
pen Wednesday, had the thumb
bone above the second joint
broken by being struck by some
portion of the engine.
The m ill
Adams said
he was
rave than
and I
Not long b
loan out v.
Mr. A. a.
e .
I v,
away from
not hive
brightly nor i
face of tut
his mother.
peculiar way and
sir, all
me owe to my i
For Sal
Dickinson .
its, KOO i
formation apply to

Eastern reflector, 1 November 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
November 01, 1907
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Joyner NC Microforms
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