Eastern reflector, 25 October 1907

ti C arc i
It to I an.
In the third week in June, -n lie tr -j which is not
a custom a . It is
thousand years Beat to fold all one's clothes when
of thousands flock to in biking them oil for the night, but
so, India, for the religious festival it is not hygienic to do this, for the
Fro-1 the temple the famous car
of is brought forth and
through the streets. It
the annual procession of
of the cod or
lord of the universe, whose
image or logs and
with stumps of rests within
the colossal car.
Hundreds of pilgrims harness
themselves to the stout cables by
which the cot is drawn. As they
pull the ponderous t a r on its
wheels themselves
up to a degree of fervor
little short of madness. And fa-
to under the
wheels as voluntary If to
their idol, civil
Tent any of suicide.
that to fain
favor of opens
the gates of Therefore in
the days before the
of India natives occasionally
cast their bodies under the car to
be crushed to a pulp, the belief be-
that self immolation would
be speedily rewarded by entrance
into paradise.
The car is forty-three feet high.
Its wheels are each more than six
feet high. A wooden cage around
the an of recent years,
keeps fanatics from jumping upon
their idol within. Body and wheels
are of wood sculptured
and inlaid, and for the festival the
car is draped with gold
Lucky Escape.
years says an Ala-
congressman, son of Erin
had the misfortune to be charged
with stealing pork. Being without
counsel, the court appointed a young
sprig of the law to represent him. j buttons
It was a poor effort made to defend Stitch this
garments must be aired if they are
to be sanitary. Even if they have
worn only a few hours odors
f the body have been absorbed and
should be given an opportunity to
evaporate. This is best
by spreading every piece of
so that it will air, and in
the morning, if not put on, then it
may be folded neatly and put away,
been cleaned its air
At all seasons beds should
stripped of covers every morning
and spread near a window, where
the sun will strike them for a time.
put into the win-
i not only sun. but draft,
will play about to air end keep them
from getting musty. This may be
early in the morning without
offending the eyes of the neighbors.
should be half turned
and r. lowed to stay in the sunlight
in to be surrounded by air.
Other thing that need airing are
and slippers. To keep them
R h rt say
do a i j
worry about him n
hi i- nut of sight. We . e.- s
I V rel. I
he is will ; I n
of t-. We know the
ill w n
e will Know all
We d.
lo as him when he is going- or
how long he will cone every
time he leaves the house.
don't lave to call him back a
make him the
same thing over and i. When
h s .,.;, I . r I
that settle it
. n
he is
h Seen t
n of
be members of Tar River
L d e No. Knights of
have learned with profound re-
of the gloom that has settled
in the home of and
brother, Mr. J. S Mooring, tried or of infant
wish t i Brother
Mooring and his wife our tender
kt in the bereave
We re our
they should be put into a the beautiful
window as soon taken off and
allowed to remain there for
At least a week all should
pieced where strong inn will beat
into them, but before this sunning
should be wiped with soda
Long or Short Sleeve.
is a scheme
which one
the prisoner, and the members of
the jury without leaving their seats
returned a verdict of guilty. The
court asked the prisoner if he had
anything to say why sentence should
not be pronounced. His reply
honor, it is hard for a
man to go to prison without a fair
had a fair said
the judge. court appointed
counsel to defend
Irishman cast a glance at
the young and
if I'd had two such this
jury would have hung me for
may have n long or short sleeve in
one gown. Make a sleeve that
reaches to the wrist. Finish so that
it will be large enough for the el-
bow also. Then take a strip of em-
that has perforation on its
lower edge in color like the waist
and stitch it straight around the
sleeve five inches below the
earn. Make a band of the
goods i inch wide sew pretty
in groups all around it.
about five
of F. C H. is ever alive in
and when one r is
called upon to pass through the
sorrow, the
beats in unison with his in
his hour of
A. B. Ellington,
R I G .-.
H. B. Smith.
Reports received by the
i at from the
warehouses of the state places
Wilson the lead
with n place
and -to-i third
Rocky Mount, L-0
t ice and
The amount of re j s
it i by ., i
hand s lies from t i
e in
;,. i
By i of sale
. ; in n n deed
if m from Mack Mar.-
wife. Manning
i f
n d duly in th office
of Pitt
county in b P page
we will on day day of
Goto 1901 t the Court house
of Put. county at
noon, i If r for sale at
auction ire following de
Adjoining the land of L D.
Jim Griffin, Ben
Jones and and
bounded as s; on the
y L. D. on
east by J. A. on the
U. Parker who is
d to represent the r in and vicinity
Farmville, N. C, Oct 1907
W R. Home and W . Lang WILSON STREET.
to . Farmville. N. G.
J f
IV- who bi ;
doom Sat
o-c ii to their parents
and returned Monday. re-
port a very full school.
The Woman's B A-
grad had
a sale after-
noon and cleared tor the
t of the building and
grounds of the school
Airs. John departed
this life last Saturday morning.
She had in poor i
en months and went t. the
hospital in Tarboro hoping t Le
b. but the grim
death, who calls the fairest
called her away.
infant child died only a
few minutes previous and was
with her.
She was a faithful member of
years in
Artistic work guaranteed
Enlarging a
Clark, Proprietor.
N. C.
guaranteed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
Razors, Clean
D. on; the ME church and her friends
NO acE. e west by Bi n A n j j b ;,.,, .,
co riming one acres
more or less. She
Terms of sale This . .;
lay of September,
Coal of Fir.
That the does not
appreciate metaphor-is well
illustrated by the following
A district visitor in a small town
was calling at the house of a poor
woman whose husband occasionally
came home much the worse for
liquor. a trouble,
the poor woman complain-
ed, the time I've to
git out bed and walk
over the stairs and open the door to
and car carry him to bed,
e so drunk
most hate to a
remonstrated the lady visitor,
should try gentler means and heap
coals of fire upon his
of fire Fancy that, and I
never thought upon
the time I've water
over but .-awls of
Grand Magazine.
will depend upon the sleeve length,
also whether elbow length or not is
embroidery per-
Fasten the perforations
over the buttons if you de. ire short
sleeves and unbutton when you
wish them long. The decoration is
attractive on either. Unbutton
when wash waist.
Homo Nursing.
A bottle full of hot water at the
back of the neck will often cure
nervous headache.
For. neuralgia on the left side of
the free put the right hand in
as hot as can be borne. If the
is on the right side, hold the
left hand in the water. Neuralgia
is purely a nerve ailment, as its
name implies, and this simple treat-
warms the chilled nerves
which arc suffering.
Some one who has tried it says
that heal an ingrowing
toe mil when less simple remedies
have effect. the head of a
match and powder the charred part,
pressing it down around the nail.
Codfish Hash.
Cut fine one cup of potatoes as
for hash and add ore cup of salt
washed and shredded into small
Put the fish and potatoes
into a frying pan and cover with
boiling water. Cook until potatoes
are tender, drain, add lard or any
fat you may prefer and fry. If
have any
makes it
salt pork or bacon, it
to cut it into
North Pi t
r M
A wilt
R. and D. O. Moore.
if mis i-;. R
id O. above U
notice that c
bus been d in the Sup-
r e . Pi . by the
p. twined against
the t ab e n mod for
i , j . ; ,.,
. . in I .
CO e. oil
d o. hi
II this and fur Die
p . s
and and
vii d. Hid the said
E i. an D
w i.
l. the
. . r term, th ; up
in it of Pi t to be
b d mi M- in
. ii being the day of
at court
in y in Green-
N, i. on demur
complaint of the plaintiffs
i -i. or
will ii;. to tie court f r the
d com
lie t of
D. C. Moore,
sup court
TAX not;
will attend the owing
times and places purpose
of Pitt for the year
E. R.
O Moore
several whom we extend
I sympathy.
The young. t child of Mrs,
. Mary who died a few
I we last Sunday.
. Oct, 3rd,
Mrs. J. x. Jo
Tho Green Peril.
is a liquor prepared by
steeping especially
anise and wormwood, in alcohol for
several days. It is greenish in col-
or. It was introduced into
by soldiers stationed in Algiers be-
tween 1830 and 1850, for whom it
had been prescribed as a
Its indulgence becomes a habit like
that of alcohol, opium, cocaine, etc., J
but its are more
than those of most liquors or
drugs. produces
and loss of mental
Stokes, Carolina towns-hp, Sat-
urn add to the hash Oct. 19th
Falkland. township,
Saturday, Oct 19th, 1907.
without the power
habitual use brings
Baked Codfish.
Cover km cup
with cold . and let it come to
a boil. Drain off the water, cut the
fish in small and mix it with
two of mashed potatoes, one- Wednesday,
half a cup of molted butter, two
cups of milk or cream, two well
beaten and a little pepper.
Bake in a quick oven for one-half
f , , Ayden. township
of salted codfish Saturday, Oct 19th, 1907.
Hells X Roads, town-
Tuesday. Oct. 1907.
Smith's, Beaver Dam town,
of action. Its
on tremors and paralysis in
arms especially, with epilepsy
delusional insanity.
Singular and
Little Mabel had often to
her father over the telephone, but
had never gone through the
formalities necessary for calling
him up.
At la
Potato Fritters.
Grate five boiled potatoes, mis
well with five of
flour, one of baking
powder and a little salt, mixing at
lightly as possible. Add one-half
cup milk and two well beaten
eggs. Drop the mixture by table
spoonfuls in boiling fat tor eight
minutes. Drain well and sine.
To Clean Mica.
Ai stoves are generally
fitted with little mica windows. If
these get wipe them
last, however, she wanted to with a cloth dipped in warm
his, so she took the receiver and afterward polish with dry dust-
Never use water for cleaning
Be the, Bethel township, Sat-
Oct. 1907.
Oct. 26th 1907.
Creek town-
ship, Saturday, Oct. 26th, 1907.
day, Oct- 26th, 1907.
P. township,
pi rt es owing taxes are re-
quest d meet me at these
L. W. Tucker, Sheriff.
a blessing. Hive you tot it
not, you should wear glasses
It will only make it dull
the hook.
want to speak to she
asked central
In that calm, passively resistant
which is to found only in
telephone ladies.
replied little Mabel,
surprised at the question and proud of prepare chalk. This liquid pow.
her knowledge of grammar, u perfectly harmless.
the mica,
Liquid Powder.
To one-half ounce of tincture
add one ounce of
one ounce f and two ounces, J
Let me lit your eye, and
desired relief
Horology and Optics
i a
North Carolina, Pit c ,
the 1907.
J. ,. bland and wife M. A. Bland.
E. A. ii. with tin latest
o v,
The lie K. it. . r was
that an action has beta In I Tuesday and Wednesday.
the superior court of county
led us which said Mrs. J. Stanley Smith enter-
by the a per-1, . , , .
Mon will be tamed the Woman's Magazine
evening at
on street.
to A most enjoyable program was
superior .
; on the carried out and all enjoyed the
very much, this being
first meeting they have had
situate in tho State
And the said defendants
take that they are r
the next term oft
court of I'm county, to b- Ii
2nd Monday before the 1st
September, it being the 19th
gust 1907, at the court House
and answer or demur to the ,. plaint their president, Mrs Smith
in Action, the will
to the court the relief demand- presort for some time Those
July 1907. Present were Mesdames W. C
a. c. Moore. I Askew, W. R. Home, J. F. Joy-
clerk tout. Pitt count w j,
M. Pollard, Sue M.
OF A-CANT LAND. Perkins.
T r. , . Merrill and Mollie E. Rouse.
J K- enters aid m, . ,
claims about acres, more or Th young men gave a dance
of vacant land lying in on Wednesday night in
township, Pitt county, N. hall that was most highly enjoyed
C, on north side of river, in those dancing. Quite a
and en the cast side of Pea out of town were present
adjoining the t u
lands of J. R. Davenport's ; IS
and Tucker place, the John Ward and surpasses any of the
J. J. Sat- kind ever lure before.
heirs, Howell White-
ts repaired, clean-
el and pressed.
J. G.
lAt Parker's Old
N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Carts
and W
kind of work in
k guaranteed.
Company will insure any on
any trace of
Every trace of kidney trouble is
will be paid by the
Co- of
any case of kidney
trouble SOL will not help
A word to the wise.
For sale by
Farmville, N. C.
For Sal v One Pony th
v. an kind and gentle. Any
can drive Apply to
I Farmville, N- C.
head, deceased, Walter
This August th,
F. Davenport,
for J. R. rt.;
Any person or persons Internal Revenue Service
title to interest in the fore-
going described land must
their protest in with mt
within the next thirty days, or
they will be barred by law.
By virtue of the power of con
c Dennis and
the day of September and
recorded in the Register of deeds
office of Pitt North Carolina,
in to S, the d
will e. one to sale, before the
s door in to tip
; ft,
n certain tract or I of I n
lying and being in the county of
and Carolina de-
scribed as to ;
In township
ed as follow; near Ayden
known the. Rowe-i tract of and
owned by Dennis, and
the lam's of Rachael Cox,
Frank John Cox Joe
contain acres n ore or c.-8. Ami
3-7 of the i former y by
the Jordan Cox heirs and Aaron
horn J. M. Dixon and the late
John James land, to satisfy
mortgage died. Terms of sale,
his of
R. COt
Skinner e. Attorneys,
District of North Carolina
Littleton, N. C , Sept. 3rd 1907.
virtue of authority given in sec-
wan ant
of issued against
John taxes
against him under the I,
I have Two and one halt
town lots in the town of
N. C. being the same or of
land upon which is situated a store
house occupied by T . i and
aid in which they
business. This lot or parcel of lam
well burned
brick at my factory now
for sale at reasonable
Prices, R. E Belcher
. , . Farmville N C
I have just returned from the
northern markets, where I
a superb and complete
line of millinery, notions, sick
dress trimmings,
a Am prepared to suit all
both In quality and p-ice. Will
same milliner. Miss
El in Watson; who ran trim to
in The
public invited to call
and Inspect my store.
r i, P
L. Davis and Bros
wife rah Dennis to t. it. i will be i gored for-ale to the
th,, ill Infill.,, . l m , . J W
bidder for cash on Tuesday the 1st.
of October 1907 at o'clock m at
l house door in the town of Green
v lie N. C. R. J. Lewis
Deputy Collector
Revenue Service.
4th North
Col tor's Office.
Littleton, N. C. Aug. 10th 1907.
By virtue u
ii am J. tuxes as-
st him the Internal
laws, have the
ii of a power of sale
C.-n If a certain deed of
from C. A. Fair and
Hie E. Fair his wife, to E. R.
k. rand D. O. Moore, dated
day October, 1906, and
in the office of the
of de of Pitt
e day of
the court hi u.-e door of
county .-it twelve
n i-. offer for sale at public
the following described
r Cox's
southwest corner on Academy
St., and runs easterly with Jose-
Cox's line to his other
thence parallel
with Academy St., yards,
parallel with Josephus
Cox. s line to Academy St, thence
the begin-
Mules and Th s property will ore-half acre
e ;. J under the farm or terms of sale Cash.
Wanning near C of Sen ember. 1907
the U day of Sept. 1907 R
N. C. R- J-
V ;
Truth in Fiction.
,. E liter and Owner.
.,. i i ii as i n l i i i j i
g i
by la of
N. C, Oct.
., v I at o'clock Mrs ting to the fact that the Baptists It has been but a few years Ada
steamboats on Tar river longer and Mrs- Potter, fl ho had for since every State I
than man a knows hr
on River. A
who has been captain or Richmond. Oct.
In a sermon in Raleigh
in a sermon in last .,.,, r c n , ,
Sunday Rev. Livingston Johnson, Pm-P Extra Pay for N .
corresponding secretary of the
Baptist State Convention,
Washington, D. C, Oct
of of North
Staton, who tor e since every . a-J
ii the Tayloe Hospital Wash i separation of Church and St ; the rising . , .
K, like a book, in W-wt --l her lit to l
Greenville the general th
He brought up steamer , . last even
Bell, which he tells will on
begin a regular Bishop Fer u on. Africa,
j v . -.-. i. d ;
for carrying
The i
operating s ,,,. a col .
also negotiating of circle on terms -I
steam rs between Washington a . at
and Norfolk, and the Hay his is
Susie Pool
died. She had boon unconscious
in to West, and
act of the last Legislature with there was presented treasury for some for ad-
turned the hands on the dial bat k an inviting picture of the for- diurnal pay r sol-
. . . . . MA . . C
war for the
s period to their muster
almost the whole time since the years. A woman came to tunes that awaited who
of her child, and the strain during the sitting of e would take the opportunity. That s . period i to their muster
J, of grief was too for the legislature who could teach a section of our country with its in- the States army has
to Lear. railroad -r in of lob- abundant fields, supposed rich . the O
Mis. Staton belonged to one of She said she found- of every kind of ore, and
the oldest most prominent ed an orphanage and de- prices offered for labor.
families in this
i- . t vi . . i
section. She pending on the Lord alone for its expenses almost nothing, found due by the
Big Cay's
The National of Green-
h id a record breaking day's
business on Monday. The
is of i i
t, and
This is
record, especially torn
bank that is only s year-and-a-
did, and sh how y
the National lank of
grows in with the business
The and
-r- a-.- d
the work it is
Hr- F. -I. i re-
cash r of this bank
proving an fir the
He is one of own
b- and eve-
rain of
The B- Side
Much of in life
d Is upon way
I you are looking for the
things will be pretty
find tin n. But if you
are for tin; brightening
u also b
Try and see the
boat that is in ; everyone
has s m good qualities if you
trouble t- look f r ti
There are some unfortunates
who if turning
t W I w an
often is great
leave them alone But we
must not do that, for on every
one there rests a m o-
n to help our fellow beings
all can ; in finding good
in them we re helping them
w higher plane, both in
their own and the world's
M. F. in Word and
the dinner h honor of
th African bishop r. it which was fashionable in those
has-been I w-i id- Mrs. father, th.
Theodore Boole, while he
those who have h of it, aid Was Senator of this district, went
in ; to in seeming perfect
and it i
pub ass slur upon lb i,
then pi of vPotter is accepting.
This is only ,
which Bishop i bus
entertained socially in R i n I.
were pres
so far as can
.-.-. . Carolina, whoa
V jumped into the water and to have dropped from the Lord r in this
was saved by her hoop skirt, last Legislature, a sacred But to the majority,
which has always been reports as to
cherished by the i ; rich have
ruthlessly trampled under foil. thrown on them by
Some that the property d-vs t, . iS v.;,., have be
not b a church out , . ,,;
vest d the manager,
health, and dropped dead in the I
Yarborough House A few ., h
years after his death, Mrs. Sta- D that matters any ;., .,,.
i in l . . ., .-,
crop i
ton, th n a young girl with her
for A.-h
for the summer . d
Statesville they were in the fa-
Bostian bridge wreck, the .
the most disastrous in
of in
The two were
thrown out of the train, and t
II is the . to w
i to pi- i.
e this ho in the
i i .
I that living
oh of the institution to which I
this , is given a meeting is a
being held by those who hold that former resident of North Car
religious The
Mr. Johnson is right.
Una who is tern k in th
section appearing elsewhere in
this . the heading
charged to the
late -r. The tabulation
s, out a
. ,. i om checks
will w it fro i
ices i .-
r p y the troops
led t i in an
, h
a n Ii e
. . .-.
on r
at r ice
i o t a of the
r State; u
J it
th grew into
of ad persons and popular in
through -J. tin succumb- many the State.
to The she reached woman-
hamlet holds r -cord she her first
its number victims, and
of the occurrence a
was erected on the
there. Now ye r
there is a procession. Host
it turn .-it h-re, where they lived happily
insect p and o H-vii- m for
the in mo-i-i
James Grist Staton, at the re-i-
d. of her relative, Mrs, W. T
in after
they went their family
young to hear of anybody one dollar i con-s
can defend it The Biblical Re- two dollars per day, and when
cord The Landmark, and yon get there, you will be no
other papers condemned it j nearer the promised land than
as sin; is was made you are now
Miss Perry may
a good w we make no
man. stay at
,. h-is men scene
i many a delightful party of the
young s friends.
st r of
When the is a
i; in search
If North Carolina county
News and Observer
; carry
m with
b is poured int.
and a m i The
anniversary is the
most event of
Country Gentleman.
John Dennis and wife
B. i E Jones D. O.
The fen B. B.
viii i., e that an
in tho
curt by the
above i against
defendants above for
the purpose of enjoining and
restraining the said defendant
from mortgage
. and tho notes set out
Washington to Raleigh on described in complaint
schedule. It is going to tiled In this cause
afford a convenient line for pet-
ting from here to Raleigh, or
westward from that city.
Through Schedule to
On Thursday, 24th. the Nor-
folk Southern railway will be-
gin running trains through from
no . ,. , , .
of that fact. But the
orphanage at Thomasville, I preserving your present home,
the Methodist and Catholic or- j property and happiness in the
y -v at Raleigh, the North State than in throwing
IV ,.
been the scene of pal at Charlotte t em and trying a new
tho Presbyterian orphanage at In the majority
Barium are doing and have long cares, it fails and that which you
been doing a good noble once had cannot be regained.-
work. If the State is going to Winston Union Republican,
to orphanages some of these
institutions, or all of them, have
a stronger claim than the
at Marion. And yet to give
to any of them would violate a
Tract of land containing
s. six miles from
on road. Good
virtue the power of sale
contained in a mortgage deed and
lien execute and delivered by
Joseph H. Everett to Webb ft
White on the of
and duly recorded in
the register of deeds
Pi-t i-
N page the
signed will expose to public Bale,
before the court house door in
for cash, to
highest bidder, on Saturday the
Kith day of November the
owing real property to wit;
A tract, or parcel of ind lying
in township. Pitt county
h containing one
acres more or less,
the lands of A
; on. Harry
y and being a part
. Keel land, to satisfy
October 1907
White, Mortgagees, i
j u
lose of having the
and null and
void, and the said defendants B,
II ii and . , O .
will further take
are r at t o
of t e
Superior coo t of county,
t be hold on b Monday
Four Now.
Sometime ago, about the be-
ginning of the tobacco season,
the board of began con-
principle which others than t of town th
hold dear. Mr. Johnson force being three. Tao
remarks arc timely. This act of additional men, Messrs. M. Flem-
the legislature is in
Statesville Landmark.
the time had
case t nut was
by n
ed by in pi a new
Dill I id C I
s until
January 1st,
Mr. J. J Cher t the
here for the T r
the now
company that will, team-
between and
Greenville. Jo is a
f f. u-e at the wharf,
f j ears be an
agent the
com s t hat have op -rated
river n The new
is fortunate in scoring
him, for be knows the business
thoroughly and a the
confidence of all -i people
and shippers of th He
will draw a liberal share of
The News has it on the very
best authority that there is a
strong probability of a com-
promise between the state and
and J. W. Tucker, were nut
on temporarily so as to determine
what force was needed. At the p
last regular meeting of the board I he the suits now
it was decided that the services the terms of
of one of the extra could, the state will dismiss its
riff G. M. Mooring, in be dispensed with alter the its and fines imposed if
township. his daughter November lo de J
and ad.
o of the plaintiffs m said
actions or the p will
suit pure, -i r.
apply to E.
R. F. D. No. C, Greenville,
Baptist association
meet with church
to the court relief de-
in sail
This tho day of Septum-
Moo-e Ho k superior
emit of Pitt county.
Tuesday afternoon at the home
Miss Ida and Mr. Ernest B.
Whichard were married by Elder
M. T. Lawrence. Mrs. Levi
Holliday played the wedding
march as the couple entered the
parlor, and ts and
during the ceremony. A large
relatives and friends
were in attendance upon the
marriage and the couple received
many handsome presents.
The bride was married in a
beautiful dress of white silk, and
soon the ceremony this
was changed to a handsome
brown coat suit. The couple
on the evening train for a
bridal tour to northern cities.
November, to . ,.,.,
one to keep in service the board railroads will submit to the rate
held a special meeting Tuesday i and try it fairly until the
. a. M , . . ,. , i . , t . t n
night, Mr. Fleming was
elected a regular member of the
police force.
Graded Notes.
People living within the bounds
of the Greenville graded school
district are hereby that
no children who are beginners
will be admitted to the school
after Nov. 1st. .
Children who will be six years
old before Dec. may enter at
any time before Nov. 1st.
Children who are not begin-
will be admitted at any time
during year.
Oct. H B. Smith, Supt.
next session of legislature.
We would be exceedingly glad
to see this vexing question set-
in this way. We believe it
would go far towards allaying
the feeling that now exists
against the railroads.
And we believe further, that
if after a fair trial the cent
rate proves too low that the
of the state will see to it that
justice is done the railroads.
hope that some
such amicable solution as that
suggested above may be reached
at an early date.

l p HI
C; i I M la -ho-.-ii. together with a
in the in which he
, . if
J . -1
. , , . r , i ,,,;., r-. y. v I
t I rate Teach, or
i . v m ,
, detail r .
. , . bin of men s will
. bin; of men names will
i t i mg i i i
i ;
An it A. then, is
. i poi in-
,, tors.
v. I
. i I
aid Disc ti Stock paid in
Secured 1.000.08
ired 3.503.77
, Banks if sit
. b .
I, J. R. V
s s. l I
u .
M. TM vis
. .
r . .
., fin . Lin . ,
ii . i.
. i
j .,
A .
. . .
I i
F. A. M. to be held
twere h s
. on fro i ,
; , . . . is
i , .;
i . i
You will L
. K u e I I I
, id-.
i .-. . I
c .
I . I,
h .
. j.
i ho .
. . i t
i all .
i .
. i.
i; . V. l. m
i a . I i i
i I. I .
i i. ; i ,. re .
. and n B
. -J .- . .
,. X. r, . i V
ck m. I II i
in t.-., i .
i t n-j
i f,
R. J. ;
I. . i. I u
. , V
him Beaufort
K ; with
I .
Bryan with L
Tucker with George
Smith with Charles
Margaret I low with
Mildred Carr,
ind Essie Whichard
and Tom
. i
, . I . ,
j we will refund
ii i.
also i of .
and if It hen lit n, i
SOL i mil .
This out s yo
Only a limited r
given away.
Wt ill it, II ,
h-porn . , ,.
co .
. A rent
i .
. u e . i
i n .-. . ;
. i .
ton, Alfred re . I
s i i ail.
Donald recall ti .
. I lady,
and are of tie
oil, r obj inter it
are the c ill n
. , m, r
Ai Jacks .,. el
penned by that worthy
in which a
after court
A sf John
adopted of
I , .;
on or October
b or this n. ice
bar of recovery
All Indebted to
ate payment
the h day of October
W, .
rt .
I .- M
N. C.
B . i.
. i
l r
in Hi i I H . well
fa mi
be and join
with a
cause, i i
it, .
from , . ,;.
; i fire, u
. . . I .
.-; ,
i t
month. I t . .
J . ., . .
turn, l .
i. . .
. . , . r
a I
around I i
will m
he i
void of
. on
. in their we
I .
., , .,. ii ;
.,. . . . ; B
. it
ii i
. ; . .
.-.; .
. .,. u . e a
. the . a
. of; ,;
TI laurel ., . ice i
a man's r p
r. I
I . Tl laurel . . . surplus , . , . ,
r i I ; . , . ; .
h. ; .
h ; I, think I ere ., , . ;.
tar . . . i i , y i I ;
K i .occasional , ;. ., ,
f.- ft former . j . , B. j , .
r . i of th
. ;
. , , , a
i o.
found to .,. U . ,
. n and
or st
, , ; , ,
of looking t
m. . v.
honest i
when v av
. ;
better res
The Post IT
rev . . i
will .
at an
Ho V. I I
day and
,.,. . . . . , under .
. ;
. .
. ,, farm
m . .--
street. . I . , a i
i ,
. I on
On I con
I .-. .- it the
i , .
. . h not at
I, . . or rat. mi
. I
in i .-.
; ii ,
. . . ,,.
. i .
. i ; .
. i.
. ; -i .
. ,. e, Io me .
,.; a., Was pa tor
., eh , i i G hi
J. , .
. . aid d
D. C
. i
e c
the boxes,
, Co
. due .- .
, I i a
I.- . ,
, j -vis M c lurch. Dr.
, i re
., l him.
. . that
Z , take the

r. J. Edi OB
. i Jan. 1907 at the m N
C u i. i Congress of March a, 1878
in preference to
i- to be gel
hi i
me .,
. . . I-
A ii. s
m u
; i . l
i Andrews
i hung If .
d hi w would
i u w hi , ii Dr l
ii s
w s
; ,.,
in its victims.
U has i
is try k sh w that he is gar
i to a i lent
Mr F y n i t
this week. At east h
had captured and around putting more outs the mouths of the popular
ton wants to
Tine with Charlotte.
Greensboro and Winston
have a fair.
firs that had Mr. Bryan
as n earn no doubt
I he worth of their money,
from tho crowds that at
It cost the o
v ii . in- l to c
recent election in that city
d was worth the price.
bid; has not submit i an
of ho.- it cost to
t beaten.
Mr. Bryan has pot them guess-
n I his speeches in this State
o said it hi
lacy for the nomination for
bat he express d a
f sound doctrine.
is the man of the day.
Isn't it nice to b a cabinet
officer and junket around the
The two opposition Republic n
pap.-rs of haw
The Daily
. .-.- absorbed The Semi
will now be peace in lie
I The P. fleeter ed you
warning you not to i k
v surplus m to tho fair
pockets to get, you
show your appreciation
y r in part of th
swap it for a
question in
at Wake Forest Y liege
to be whether the faculty
r the students shall direct the
p of the college. We
t public sentiment is on the
of e faculty.
ill u i j i n m ; V . unit
peculators is not getting mac
from the try C
Durham keens on the up
of a city. two i
was held up on the
y masked with a I
i- ed of all cash
According to the Wilmington
Star, if the politician could have
the three inch skin of the hippo-
he would be better
equipped for business. At any
rate his hide would be more
immune to puncture.
girls re composed entirely of
m-i tie New R. Sun
i- know why re are no
,. i That's easy,
the ova o off.
d--s have
jumped a hi hut that was all.
his business
the i-
I t pets
i i-o
. kn m t
is Th n n . e
ii so much of
on editor is
not go to the State fair.
against pick pockets,
some ck would I
I- the effort to
him if had b . . .-,
of hi fat. pock t. So we
and m N
with .
New Bern Sin. He also talked
pickpocket, then was
en ugh to go to and
lost all he had. Poor Bob May
be the fellow who touched him
got enough to buy a street car
Some of the papers Keep on
ailing for ah at the books,
lot withstanding Judge
has said they are closed-
Since Judge Boyd has decided
a convicted man is not a
fitness, the
Times might afford at up
other folks.
According to some of the
ires in the papers Mr. is
lot a day older than he was ten
twelve years ago Durham
Perhaps those pictures you see
are the same ones the papers
ten years ago, and have been
pulled out from hiding to use
Only a few weeks longer for
the Jamestown exposition to re
an you no .
t is t mi j i
mi d do so, l , well
v e.
By a
his r
ported the president's camp
in Louisiana, hut it is only
heavy firing is reported from
white house that the officeholders
to get
Every time Hetty Green talks
publication, she betrays the
that she is blessed with
sense as the green.
In twin brothers
whipped by their teacher
r to the guilty one. I
is not likely that they w
up the debtors will insist pay-
both in order to satisfy
right one.
a dinner ever a
asks an Oregon editor. It may
be at times, but much oftener it
may be regarded as a punish-
Hammerstein has con-
fessed that he has all the money
he wants. He and Andrew Car-
can now go off somewhere
and be lonesome for the rest of
their lives.
Governor Deneen has submit-
a word message to the
Illinois legislature. The charge
that he has presidential
seems to be well founded
Secretary Taft and Minister
Wu haven't ye announced
r they intend to cut
into fives or sixes It is pretty
Fr Mr. the hen. in
Mr Hearst, the elephant right in
New York. The
in mighty hunters.
Ii is doubtful that the New
. Herald will be able to tin
to whom we even
lend the Philippines
ii. is discovered that
is not the author of
his plays However tins thing
of trying to make the Bard of
Avon another is a
In this State it is still tho
ion local extra terms of
to permit terms to go y
default on account of the
of a judge. Adverting to
this condition of affairs, The
Greenville Reflector that to
meet such emergencies,
State could do better than
I fleet an extra judge whose duty
price for it shall be to held the special
help of court and take the I
in they are of any judge who may be I
by , .
Efforts have been
in turn de for years past to induce the
more business for the legislature to remedy this
chants. These ere points Green deficiency in our system,
v on hold of but to no avail. As it is.
suits are delayed
in Nor Put to much expense
will open of the iT be
avoided. One or two extra
somebody are
A hank in pure
the entire bond issue of
n ends voted by tho town of
for public i,
This is a example f
me enterprise that is commend
he sheriff of n
is been relieved
lino job. A .
rapist was in jail
ex i Sat
night in
ii cell by which
id bee-; ,,. some
This football is claim- Soap has been advanced n
We knew salvation
will free list next-
is next to godliness,
Roosevelt b
--ill l
p ii am t-
tho ins i ran
Another Ame in s I g e-
before the
and will Cm e chi count.
A street paper says money
be about the middle
of November. Nobody ever
of it being
he middle of
Ir there was room enough in
the Pacific for
e room enough for the fleet
The American fleet ought to be
in the Pacific ocean long before
the Japanese get over their good
i lit brought by Mr.
ling to the statisticians,
there are different kinds
drinks used
And each probably
lops a different kind
i d for the morning aft r
It takes more than a
steamboat to hold up r
is go to squander h
million d
of on a t of
i, to have
a sort of a joy trust.
Joe Cannon
boom seems to have
d hie-h a summit of
obscurity as any boom could be
d to obtain.
Baltimore k putting
electric clothes for homecoming
Juggler is likely to
let fall some of those railroads
h- has kept up in the air so
Now that it has a new count to
play with. Newport has dropped
the Teddy bear and the Harry
monkey. ,
On of the best stories ever
sent out from Washington, fol-
lowed the departure of President
Roosevelt for the Louisiana bear
hunt. A day, or two he
left it is reported that two
bulls visited the white-house
and took a look around it
ind the monument grounds. It
was even reported that they
a up a tree and kept
him there all night This is a
verified fact. But no bulls or
any other animals ever dared to
take liberties in the white house
grounds, with Teddy on deck
It is a wise bull that knows his
The Virginia
trying to get Georgi
Washington's name on the hen
of tho Ananias dun, is
to called down for
n ; such a step w ad-
vice and of its
Gov. says re
public is tottering to its
lie must haw his seasons mixed,
or the republic really stagger
to its winter
A mar. who claimed
killed h's wife by accident
while joking, has been sent to
he for seventeen
y. r--. By the end of that time,
he may come to tin conclusion
that nature didn't intend him for
a humorist.
A St, Louis contemporary says
Mr Taft is our first war minister
to go around the world talking
of Dandy and and Ma Only Tan
What of It
Dandy laddie were The standard of morals is not the
dogs and brother, and they game all the world In Mont-
by brothers, too, farmers up
in New Hampshire. The farms ad-
joined, and farmers pastured
their stock in common. The dogs
visited each other frequently and
for example, conduct is seen
from another point of than
among ourselves. This lends inter-
est to a report in Land of the
Black as to crime in
were great friends. One day when, of th ET
Laddie was gnawing bone Dan-1
a net kitten belonging to Dan- . if, came ,
manned at her. Dandy instantly . , moodily
Hew his throat, and they had a on the ground before
hot before they could be a to
smiling faces
It is said that neither dog th
crossed the boundary line between
the two farms after that.
such as the and better
drove his flock of sheen down , ., , , ,
ho is I asked.
i down
until he reached the
ding wall, where , A clerk convicted
charge and drove Hum., to pas- was the answer.
weeks in chains is his sen-
the lam
took to pas
At night Dandy brought
the and Laddie would ho
wailing for them the regular
place. Not once after their light
did take the slightest notice of
each News.
what have the other
done was our next
they have mostly quarreled
themselves. are not
We tow thieves
and robbers in This
went on our informant,
to o man with
I who with
n- he noticed the v.
which him. a ion
we repeated,
An Experiment.
Hater is composed of two
oxygen and hydrogen, and
those elements when the
flame of the candle gives its
into the of the air.
You may prove this a simple ex-
Hold a co and perfect- .,
dry tumbler over a burning can-
die, and the inner of , arc
will become dimmed ,
with moisture. Presently little L a light
drop, of water will on it. mean
and if it were possible to keep H
tumbler cool tine might , , cam
he id re; land
is pi from murder as any other
clan's trick, but it is a simple law ho one kills to rob or
of nature. The vapor Rt we
the burning is condensed into water f f
hot n and shoot quickly, that
you m
get enough to another
t l-l This seems like a magi
by contact with the cool glass.
Bo to a Goose.
It is sometimes mid of a timid
person, looks as if he couldn't
say Bo to a Did you ever
hear how tho expression originated
It may found perhaps in the
story of Bo, a great captain and a
one, v. ho was son l i Odin in
the mythology of the north.
name was used by bis soldiers to I
frighten the enemy. They tell
good story of Bu the poet,
in connection with the saying.
He was introduced to a Lord Some-
body or other, and the nobleman
was so much surprised at the home-
appearance of the poet that he
are you lien
You look as if you could not say
Bo to a Mid Jonson,
making a bow to his lordship.
A O.-r,
Cot ton mills be
by giving i
to Mo
How it Sells at Star.
Today Mr. Joyner
sold two bans of tobacco at the
Star warehouse branch of the
Farmers Consolidated Tobacco
c at the following
Pounds at at
at at
at at at
at at at
This is the way Foxhall doe-
for bis customers at tho Star,
and can do just as well by
lucky left his um-
like this. It a nice
shade for
of Air.
The us that
pressure at sea level is
teen pounds to tho square inch. Es-
that the earth's
extends forty-eight miles up
into it may extend, a
deal higher than
square inch of that air. reaching
from the earth's surface to the top
of the atmosphere, therefore
about fifteen pounds. Now, if we
could gather up all that atmosphere
and put it into a gigantic balance,
should have to put into the op-
scale a solid globe of lead
sixty miles in diameter to
the weight. Air is not so light as
some persons thing it is, you see.
Chicago News.
The from paused
front of little shop and read and
reread th mysterious sign that was
suspended from the wall. It
will please not
stand over this grating while talk-
The more the read tho
sign tho more he mystified.
Finally he summoned up his
age and entered the shop.
he greeted
you tell me why you
have that sign out there which
will please not
stand over this grating while talk-
can, replied the shop-
why, my man f
you fee. if they stood there
talking would drop their h's,
ind the porter would have to lose
time down in the basement
looking for
And the man from London walk-
ed away after remarking that Amer-
was a queer
Brooklyn Citizen.
It Did Not Fit Him.
The were entertaining
a distant r dative, a man of ponder-
physical attainments, who
weighed nearly pounds. On tho
morning after Ids arrival he came
down to breakfast rather late and
looking as ho had not had a good
night's rest.
are not feeling well this
morning, are you. Mr. Barnes ask-
ed his host, with some anxiety.
it's nothing said
the guest. have caught a little
whispered tho
member of the family,
loudly enough to he heard by tho
visitor, can n man as big as ha
is have a little Youth's
Rainbow Road.
We followed tho Rainbow road
storm by.
Tl. nil by tho wood.
With III lop sky.
Dot and and
do with tho curly
And n to dig for our treasure big.
A and a new tin pail.
a tho company, I In command,
Cos went along to guard
Tho colon down to the ground.
So-nobody told us so.
And n told how a pot of gold
Was hid at tho end of tho bow.
We hurried along, a-row.
Ready to seek
I led tho lot and next came Dot.
With the curly tailed dog behind.
Dot a girl, and so. In case
Of danger, I gave her the safest
Oh, we were almost there.
And would been rich, no doubt-
But the wind by with a dreadful
And beautiful bow went out.
we turned to look
Tho great black dark bad coma.
We ran so fast that Dot was lost.
And the dog the first one homo.
And the come and rainbow
But Dot and doc and I-we know
It Wouldn't Work.
lie wise old doctor was
upon his little patient tho
of mastication.
he advised, matter
what yon eat, always chew each
mouthful thirty
Bat Jimmy shook his head
wouldn't do at our house,
why not, my son
I'd always lie hungry.
The rest of the kids would
table off before I got through
with that one
City Independent.
Harking Back.
Mrs. don't wont to
impertinent, but how old are you
anyway Some of the ladies were
discussing your age at the club the
other day, and several of them
claimed that you were at least
but I insisted that you were
more than thirty-three.
Mrs. glad you were
kind. Of you didn't men-
tho fact that you were ready to
the grammar grade when I
was in the primary class at school,
is in F. C. NYE, who is authorized to rep
resent the Eastern Reflector in and territory
Root paint, varnish, stains,
Rubber shoes of all sizes and
We sell Laughlin, Eclipse and Jg. rubber Manning
fountain pens
the Carolina Milling Mai. r
Dr. B. T. Cox left Co are prepared to
to accompany Mrs. g fr you at
time- Wood work also a
B T.
Chas a in
We have on hand a few
history f the San
disaster. Usual
Our price,
W- E. Cox
Toe famous Hawks glasses St
The carpenters are erecting n
steeple to the church.
This will add greatly to its
and convenience.
Harrington Barber Co
ready made
clothing see him before you get
your next suit
Miss Mollie came in
from tokes last night to spend
Sunday at home-
FOR two horse
wagon and a disc harrow Mrs.
J. L. Butt, one mile from W in
J. L
Another large shipment of
stove of all sizes received
at A. W. Co-
H. Galloway and
J. L Gibson, of Grimesland,
spent Friday with Mrs. R. G.
Our fall Stock of dry goods,
shoes, notions are open
Come and see us be-
where. We are
to give you bargains.
Harrington, Barber I o.
Dr. Nash will continue services
at the Methodist
Sunday morning and
night. He is doing some excel-
lent preaching. There
our to th; church
of all kinds n
at the Carolina Milling
Miss Rowland Cobb,
by Miss Cox,
for her home at
evening whore th-y will
Nice dress shoes for ladies and
gentlemen just in at Harrington,
Barber Co
There have been many
made in the interior
of the Baptist church here. It
has been reseated, the walls
papered and new carpeting put
Now is the time to purchase
your Box Body Carts while they
are cheap. A. Man-
Co., have plenty of
them on hand Cs and see them.
Have your carts, wagons and
put in good trim for the
fall use. All kinds of repair
work done promptly. Carolina
Milling Mfg. Co.
Try a tree brand pocket knife.
are under guarantor
They are kept- in stock by B. T.
Cox ft Bro,
L. L R. Croom and
G. E Jacks-m left Tuesday morn-
for the i
Now is the time to get single
and double bedsteads low down
at A. W. A ft o-
Dr T. ox returned from
Baltimore hist
The cold weather is coming on.
See A. W. Angle Co. for bar-
gains on mattings.
sacks of salt at Harrington
Barber Co.
Chairs from the nicest willow
r to the single stool chair.
A. W.
Prof, and Mrs G. E- Lineberry
went to Greenville Saturday
A new lot of best flour at
Barber Co.
Misses Rowland Cobb and Mag-
Cox returned Cone-
toe Sunday evening, where they
spent Sunday at Miss Cobb's
Nice lamps of I
ft Co.
of station-
must go. We make
room for our immense stock
new goods now coming During
the next forty days we make
special prices to all our customers
in our box papers.
B. T. Cox ft Bro.
T. W. Wood Sons 1907
nips and can now
tie had at the drug store of Dr
B. T. Cox Bro.
ed id
coats at B P. Man
The series of meetings at tie
Methodist church closed Sunday
night. Dr Nash preached some
excellent sermons and we believe
much will be accomplished
by his coming among u. He
left for Greenville Sunday after-
and Rev. B. E.
preached at night.
Look out for our immense fall
which will be here in
few days.
We are glad to inform oar
friends and depositors that the
business of bank is the great-
in its history. People are
learning the convenience and
safely of a bank. They soon
catch on to a good thing. J. L.
Jackson, cashier of the Bank of
Miss Novella Bunting spent
Sunday with friends in
ville and returned S ind even
all your wood
work done at the Carolina
First class
Alias return d So
Ayden Sunday afternoon-
Remember that the-A. G. Cox
Co. are still
lug well known Tar heel
wag . at their usual low price-
R.-v. T- II King will it
school house near Mr Bryant
store next
Oct. All are in
to attend
Hunsucker buggies are still go-
if you want a nice up-to-
date runabout buggy you had
batter give him an early call.
Several of our young
attended the play at n
Monday and Tuesday nights.
Ward-robe, tables, safes etc
made to order. Carolina Milling
ft Mfg. co.
A specialty of stationery at
Saul's drug store.
hams and shoulders
at J. K. Smith ft co.
Cox Manufacturing
Co. have just received a car load
of the Pittsburgh welded
fence of t he most popular
Prices are nothing but rock bot-
tom Call and sec them before
you buy.
Nice juniper tubs of all sizes
at Harrington Co.
Bilging an tin at Harrington
Barber ft Co.
Men's fancy silk mufflers for
the cold winter wind at B. P.
Manning Co.
When in need of nice kid
gloves, driving gloves, and work
gloves, see B. P. Manning Co.
Dress goods a specialty, at
R. F. Manning Co.
We learn that the A. G. Cox
I -e take
writing re lots for
In . t it
nil their mall
We also orders
for printing
Reuben Wall, a very ti
lady and tho wife of a
prosperous farmer living near
here, died yesterday and will bi
For fresh and cheap goods go
Manufacturing Co are n k i.
their well known Co
have the best.
II. Lilly, of Maple r
father of our townsman, Lilly,
has been hero I
School to i its
of the State. No school should
be without them
Remember that the A. G. Cox
manufacturing company are still
making their well known Tar
Heel carts and wagons.
dress shoes for at B.
P. Manning's company
A new line of plaids an home
spun at B F Manning company
shoes just arrived
at Harrington Barber and com-
u and
k Ins.
Skimming River For o
men Who Net Corks.
Skimming n river for a living may
be said t-i one f the must
examples of the utilization of
waste. is done in Paris. There
is one individual at least in tho
French capital who makes bis
daily business to skim tho Seine.
He is early morning in an
old flat bottomed boat, armed with
x skimming pan. With this
skims off the surface of the river
the grease which collects there
the and which he disposes
of to a soap Generally he
makes a quarter or by his morn-
him to
sidling n on our
Overcoats I i; I
. ; d. S our b
buy. J. R. Tun
i wishing to kn i v the
are to ti I h is the
exposition, provided h hasn't
been lost.
There complain th
arrival of the Daily i;
this every
nth r bight even later.
Things against us
this week, I Ed.
J R Smith Co. have just re
a ca load of
Raymond has been to
Now for a n- w
fail to see our line before you buy
J. R. Turnage and
B. F. an family went
up the road
Buy a pair of our patent
leather for men. Every
not to
.-. .
work, which
. . ,.,. m ., Comp
In Pans, tho Chicago ., , .
also there are a number of r.-, .
pie who make a living out of waste; a visit to Ki
which they from candy direct from
r factory at Saul's ; I . ,
Don't forget the
HA lit
One thirty-seven
A M ha
Bring your beeswax.
hams, shoulders, i ens i eggs R, Smith Co.
j l.
Miss Dora
been here on a visit to her par
has r to h
. i
I i ivy Ii.-. .
A Red
, e
now d in av
J ready for
Go to V, e- new
I meal t,
mu an fret h
If you wish i thin i
-i .
Saul's a the hi re.
ml -i ill i
have them, I i i
R r . I Turn
ind company
Ca v the Drug ands y
cure one of In -v t ,
M. M, Sauls.
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say of the
in having a class
Pen. Call Drug
Store secure this much need-
B -r v-y
comfortable at J. R. Smith Co
X C.
Oil; -y. V.
W. T. and ,.
MrR. Wills vent I
;. . .
i i
Co y all cu
Mr i i M s K.
I .
ii d I h re i-i id
O r
resins Don't fail
., i
bank at daybreak, each with o
pole, the end of which is a small
net. set to work to gather in
the corks, subsequently sell-
them to the cork merchants in
the neighborhood.
There are about n score or so of
these cork who have
themselves into a sort of
craft and who guard their interests
jealously. If they sight of a
stranger netting corks they fall on i
Monday, and
day nights, -and in the
Opera House. If you want a
nice time go.
Our line f Hat
just received. style
shape Guaranteed. J. R.
The Woman's Missionary So-
him in a body. Duly recently the will the Methodist
police rescued one of the.;. novices next Sunday afternoon
iii time to save Ins . ,, ,, , . The of a floor might Everybody invited
well con as so much waste. to attend.
Yet through a lire in London tho
other day, which consumed a
of sweepings in the base-
n certain firm lost several
thousand The heap of dust
and rubbish contained silver filings,
J. J. Edwards Son have just
received a car load of
wire fence. Can furnish any
intruded to extract
later on.
This is done regular;
Men's fancy ties of all size-, at
B. F. Manning
are glad to see G. R. Dixon
again. He says that he
like a new man
A Bad Case.
A physician was one
d called to attend a sick child
in a quarter
of the Windy City.
the to
the mother, should send
child into the country for
weeks each
am sorry to say,
responded the woman, we
are not rich enough to d
suggested the
her sent by the fresh
exclaimed the
woman, are not poor
works where silver or gold i;
In gold premises even tho
soot in the chimneys is not allowed
to be treated us waste. It is
to contain i of tho
precious which are far too
valuable be lo t.
In places
tie hi I
or mil ,
where are b;
These on
. From i woo
from shoe
i. is now
On Saturday 9th. of No
1907 under an
issued by J. F. P. in
attachment proceedings of .
Ed Carrie
Rouse to satisfy said execution i
will expose at sale H
town of Ayden, N. the foil in
personal tub and-
contents, and
stove. box and contents,
and contents, French Horn,
ice Cream bucket
wash pot. table. box, ii bed
steads. bed gs, Boy
wagon, l Bench and Jar,
chairs. This Oct. 1907
I i the sake of
mimes are tho
f the following, which
, card passed around
fro cit; I I lo bi a d i n
found lodgment with the board of
; i, will serve to show how
En son of hum r often help
oft e of that board to
I would
said the writer,
j o ; i i-i the best
. Ii, he led his name,
Blank of b number,
t, i- id of
gnats and four dogs without
I four . ow u horse and two
tome i
G W. Cox, of Greenville, was
here Wednesday.
See our beautiful line of ladies
dress goods you buy. J
R. company.
The banquet
day evening was a delightful
affair. After pleasant
in their hall repaired to
Hotel Blount where oysters wore
served in different forms
s.- delicacies were served-
Royal flour, always good
good always R. Smith co.
real y amusing as well as
interesting at times, on our cot-
ton market, to note the intensity
with which buyer seems
with his purpose co obtain
the fleecy staple- Indeed it is a
striking illustration of the
on the cotton exchange on Wall
street. We have just simply got
the hustlers and they are getting
the cotton, for they pay the
that brings it.
Mrs. Agnes Blount and Miss
i a new o
of a I . j apparatus
i .
ton la-;
Tho out i to look
over. He n -Veil up tho shaker. Ii
re, he said to the
butler, call ii fur
man tell him this
is too heavy. Why, none but a
modern Ajax could
tho butler, and
went to the telephone.
furnace lie -aid,
put in the Brazilian em-
is too heavy. Why,
short of a modern jackass
. S. Moor.
j . i
Offer their entire N i
Groceries and Confection-
for sale in
cash, call on th to if you wish u
bargain- A nice large
large brick store in which to con-
duct business can be rented on
easy terms.
D. S. Moore,
i Ii and inn chickens.
These are all a nuisance to the
, Iii Horses run louse,
I nuts even eat porches. Chick
ens .;. i the neighborhood, in-
flowers. Small favors t
i red.
S. They also sell
which contains everything but bat-
F.-n Ty-hold.
Fan baths are the latest remedy
en ployed by the Boston City hos-
inns in tho treatment
. id I fore ice
plunge was used, and a patient;
i. c nil ire had re
in a hi
tub with broken ice until hi;
teeth rattled. This
a ti. was found to In
r, the shock win too severe
p hues
i m I r . I were
h I, the
. ore the
The i is sponged off with ice
. r first. I i n i has
been soaked in ice water is wrapped
about t and more ice water
is sprinkled on the sheet. The cur-
rent of . in i-.
. him, an Ll he chilled by
r rt pi , .-. i con i d the
proved this highly success
. I
n. j.
the of v
. h, W
Nichols spent Thursday in
Overdrafts it.,.
The census taker culled
t the residence in Worcester of
late Congressman Rockwell Hoar.
Hoar's daughter, Marjorie, a
eleven tho
When the question regarding re-
was asked Miss
said. he is a Unitarian;
is an Episcopalian, Me,
my lister, i only three and is too
young to decide, and well, I am
cutlery and hard-
ware at J. R. Smith co.
Don-t forget the
Mason fruit jars, taps and rub-
at J. R. Smith co-
James Harris from over the
river was here last P
Pneumonia Cure at J. R. Smith
E. Peden has return- i
ed from Nashville.
Sauls guarantees all he sells,
especially candy.
hem banks and banker H
coin 1.872,16
Nat. bit notes
Capital stock 10.011
r.-. fund
i profits
subject to
K. Boil b, of the bad , do I .-, w
t statement to best of .
J. R, ii,
and sworn to JOSEPH DIXON
me. 27th day f Aug 1907

i t.
h Id
. . I r
Norfolk and S
t i
on ti, l-
When you get a man
ii. m
m- and he
i- . ,. i
. i
; . I
. V,
. we w
Di for war i
I m ; we v. u v
Ha. . M
.,.,. of PM i w
the will
Dr. J. A. . A ,,,,. m d h
,;. . pr n I t of . . .,., ,
. II j
. u .
i ;. Drhas corresponded with
. i u or it .
,.,. lowers
,. ; ill.
. j f m r I i
. . I i ac
, con the S
my wife i
m her gram r. The
.; town knew I
The Slows tell the
following story about
The doctor wan Belted
hi- in n
where ho practice i i -s
profession several months even
year. The last patient admitted
burly man, who sat quietly in
i chair opposite doctor's desk
i latter looked up and, ask-
, . can I do tor The
man drew a paper out of Ms pocket
ii to the professor, who
I want After
, , a few a the writ-
ten i was laid i n desk,
e n said, I no nun-
but if had would i I it
i o ill i the
, ; . .; from
tot a largo revolver.
aid the doctor, p
ii the
pat several minutes,
, ill arm
. Pro-
How off-u you
i lacking.
; enc O
w Will t.- . m
CC o
Dr. and a party of
n i
. i.-e a
. ., , .
i my.
. the man. his
i lo
. a
; ii oar bosoms.
2nd. ire extend
. .
i-d i
s n
. E . ;
i p in .
your, tin
. in for p
i r his
cook, to
. I
. i.
. , . I
. ., t
. .y I y
. Ruler of the
. . ,
;. are
. W ii re. y r
L, who ii gr it I
. r b
. ; I
winter was unusually robust-
; t- i n was l
.-. . i in ill
form, an I n. ha
., p r
n e i i
, . i p ins ital
. it i.
. ,,
i tn J-o
I Mill-
and i
, , l
Tl i . HI
. i . . lo
. . . lid.
.;. . , .-,.
i- day at a
. i n
I c
. . i . and went
i to i. i n the
r ,
; . i man a
e or a I I j
-.- la . o,
. was i a boss nice
family our deceased
. . . and
. . of r
after t
i i
I. . . .-ii .--
. lot hi home
i ,. . , . i
i . . . . l , . --In
. been attack d I,
of Mr.
vent of I
greatly be re
. Pi
i . I if h i
v y to
at once,
F. y
. school
. mi.
i I
. . I.
. door i i
. . c e.
; . the
j H. ;
o . i i-. h
, n r by m.
. i th by
. tin- w
mill Bros, i .
i g . ., cherry a i
, . i i -r in -I
,. i -L- i
. o t m it t
, i. R . -1 st I.
. I . . .-.-----
ii . a
So n prov .
,.,,. n years, . i. V. C ;
at i, on a long
era there are . . .;
i I ,;
if tree i all ; .,
LI Lord
J. L.
Ml i
HI a r f
n I ;
In Pi . t i poems if
, ,; cation at the
.- I
. ,
, i i to
ha P
. .
i- . . I
n i He a
,. n .
. Mr. I
., on t.-
I cf
i i
. . i
to, ii .
for p
l. pi ad i
his i
. it other
. i. , j ti t.
. no was m
., r exciting i
. i earth
. fir . wars tr
,; Our worries are much
dreadful in our
is one thing tint i e
uncial world
, . i acute n f
fl and nothing Um
I the financial suffers
D t-e than from the fear . and bringing A , of danger is
The contents cf i i
. i
iv i
ages. The a-,
a s the i
. ii them
r rood in the j
the pip
. .-1 . i . i and
I ,,. , d
. . i pi of all.
0- Th m for
ii th
. ;
, ,
the rem I
besides the gift of m
pinion's B
Calendar for 1908, .
The Youth's Companion,
Berkeley Street,
Boston, Mail
ft P
I . ,.
, in Little
for i i ho I i
. .
. broad . ma
i- i wig t varieties.
. ,. . to the
little ti Lord F
he man
in i
i in N k.
. . trail. v I
. . i . . . . i .
. mi I. ire, v u
A. mi
going to hap-
and tho ion of
man-- Journal-
ii AV U
. in one
. v I d.
. ; ., . the lei tun . One
. r
was no re h
i In
. tho ah boy in tho
i i o before lip-
With Words.
A ,. will soon be put
. market which will write a
,. . , i R one stroke. Tail
,, i moan avow word in
ill i- printed so ea
ii, h words,
used in correspond-
;,,,. been chosen, and
i. indicated on the keyboard
. u
. .-.
i. ran
. J
York f
Theodore chair-
man of the I
and no of the
been h m a of
It is rob in
t. t
v Some on .
; u
lip i , locked I
Idols i
to In
Of I used to
, the Scientific
. .
. . in
. re-
i .
p .
. X i.-
. .
of th
I in
. TICK Ti f
. i I v
n i
. L
y. . or I lie
of mi v ;
;. . , i. there
.,. . , ,. .
. . i. .
. roe
.on right
. . land
. . at
. I
the in-
I a
.- . ., . . to n
. var
i.,,. it . i-, . i
or .
, . n
.-. . i , .
. . .
. u . ii,
i eel
. .-- B
. i.
. ix it tail
v. the .
; . . in l MIS
; C B
in none of the l
used i have i
; . the ti ; i
the i
.into a i
lie bad
. and
bi., vi i i
;. , ;. ; .,. c I
.,. ;
I'm a hi .
; Work Tin
I-.- ii- .
n th red i ice. ; v ,.;, .;,. ,.
, , . . y y ,, I.
i.; . i . tuna- ,. . ,. .,. . , .-.-
in ;. -1 in print by I lank, . . , , blank, or-------- The
i,., . ore's ii all
, . . it said the iii h-
. not me mother
I, . ii.-t. Her View.
A r-n in ii n city
, , I be n on I or
i- . . . i
J . . II
i- tn this he u
y, i- I
to It Mr. farm
. t .
i . o-i, I
said Mr.
; I o
. to of i to find . i.-, W
. n her . They .
, . . . for the or- ;
. . . . , . , , i
. . n- ore upon the details ;
n- ore upon the
II . . i- do o c
i . , . they d
. . l
.-. .
. u
I.,,,. tie de i id had any spa-
. a . , . the
. . ,., I
. ;. . ; band to ,. . A no
. . . I i as I . .
in. M. said the woman in as- ,;
. I. never done . , ;
i . i i . . . . i . i. f. . . , i . . i
. ,.,.,. , . .
El ; In .
. H
. f. . i
i In ii i
; ,. .; i.
. ,
I Elton, i
in- to ch
a o
win , .
v I I
nu I
I. , I II I
I .; ;
; . . . , . in.- Hint l i r
., . i I B O . . . I am still
. . . . ,. . , i. n . ct . i .
. . i .,, .
f. re mi h . . Aug. r . a are menu .
S. I. I . I , . . ,
Jo . .-
i-u. , i. ., j. v. I
It IV,
II. W. i
takes the
s the breath.
Props. ,,., r I lit
. r. I if . I . ,
L sec-,,,. . toWn, Four chairs I pill, Em to I
, . . , , . I Drives
. i ,. , .
Our pace Is . r future v,
Our tow in.
V.LEA H hockey I or
All kinds nil of choice cut flow
rs in attention
Wedding Funeral
stock, Pot plants for Winter
plants. Evergreens Shads trees
for past
and ask to call
good work ii-, wanted.
in.-r. Flan tin Ir
madly a ball On
. he her i id i ii be i
than woman,
as a daily companion i
prove tho most
bore n could
I, . . . I
i,. i iii St. J ill
. m for men j
., won . said Mr.
Mil- . Ill I
tho famous hut
i .
day hi
basket, a
man. h
ii .
. . i

Preaching U
Ti. I d M
. i-r.
i . Con t
. . . v ,
This is in charge of W. Ii. Parker who authorized
in n-
I .
And i i-
and a writer
int and
. real fault
lining conceit, a
res his
the i r's
. will
dial me r you
i ; nun ed
. n
it th ;. i
i i
. it h d
h e . a . i . .
been d in the Hap-
you i i by the
. in
I the
I he n set out
I I in
hew i , . r . .,,.,. a,,;
tier is ;.; o in the same de
dared null
. . defendants
and D O. M ore
e i it i
i . i iii i m u mi
way, and I is ,
curled up speech-
ten pan
i . . I
i . pea
. . i k sin i
. d i-i it around ll e
i . i ;.
.- i Once .
but he is
.,. d . i
Cl .
to at the
in. up
ii n Sop-
. the day
S ti be . be court
i i ii in y in Green-
ville, S, . . -a . nil demur
in .
court f t the
No r In
. . . ,
until the In
ed and
it to
if In
i . in i
pa I ;.
in .-aid
I . of
C. Moore,
. r mt st . I . i i-
. . t talk v.
. st tea the p pie
. he n I
to pitch into sin which . i
. . and hind
th pay th fr i NOTICE
I will at the following
feller always times and places the purpose
r. . the
. old
John r.;. a
. ,; v Bi-
N. C Oct.
Our farmers report exceedingly
t crops cotton, and now
killing h i a A
la e crop of boll O
is reported
Sweet potatoes but few to
hill. Peanuts seem to very
but or
and hay are short. Tobacco is
sol very well i b.
the rise for the la few days.
Mrs. Marl ha who
been quite sick for several days
with the is improving
to report.
There much
of cold, influenza or some-
makes us es .
snort and fed bad
throughout our
W. H Wilkinson is improving
we learn, but is unable to be out
Our mayor. R. E Belcher, left
for the exposition this morning.
The conference of the Adv
church will iv hold at
this week bi ii n on
Thursday and close on Sunday.
M. Smith, who. e add appears
in week's issue is from Rich
Ya-, and is an up
on business, and y u might
if will give him
-no. -i. Howls in ins
residence on upper Wilson
N Southern depot
s enlarged already.
shows is
doing- Work on the branch hue
from hen to Snow Hill is moving
on fast and the E. C. R.
to Hookerton is ready for the
rolling stock.
s are being placed all
by the Bell Telephone-
Next Fri lay evening at
o'clock, ;. hell at the
of J. A. Lang, a
bee illicit any and
all c enter and test their
knowledge of spelling.
five; for
ten cents. the
there will be served
id. The event prom-
to be a happy one. Come
one and all d enjoy the fun.
By request of Aid
a fail
t the
and . of for the year
s, township, Sat-
. . . th,
. 9th, 1907.
X . Bel vi town-
Oct. 1907.
. . s r
. I, township, Sat-
. i 1907.
. .; township,
in th, 1907.
X. C.
s an teed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
b Sharp
26th, 1907.
hill II
the .
The urn
r l; I
.; ;. .
t a at
lawyer matter
if I'd had two such this
would have hang me for
ti I
A . day
Nap Icon if he v. . d go
. ;. if he pr answered, your
but only as accredited
representative of
. y, I
V, township,
. 1907.
; . taxes are re-
d to .; neat these
L. W
Ca of Fire.
the C not
alway i re is well
j. . lie
A t tor in -iii I
. I
. ;. . Jo r
n to bed,
e i
. re.
sh try
coals of re
the tin
. Man
I water
i lire- w,
In Japan.
Major General who vat
the Australian officer attached to
. nose army tho
with --in. saw some amusing
in Tokyo over
n of over
e r's and lies Furnish-
ed on in front of
draper's. He had a memorable
in a conn crammed with
forty men, w and children. He
made n resolution not to fall asleep,
but ho woke up in the morning to
find that patient little Japanese
had been supporting his head
on her
OWN the Wonderful E d i s o r.
Phonograph. it sings, talks, GOOD
laugh and .
Let us put in year home
any one else and you nave no
press to pay. You can hear
records buy them
Sold on Easy
Write or Conic to See Us.
. her. Sheriff-
i you if
for If not, you shot s
yes give
s Groin Peril.
Severn I
It is
b; .
I Loci
. I
Beautiful Mixed Metaphor.
I think your readers may be in-
in a mixed which
recently appeared in the Egyptian
Standard, tho paper of
Pasha. That paper says that
if the Whig element were dropped
of the cabinet truly liberal
wind might become tho guiding
light of the foreign office, and tho
introduction of a homo rule bill fur
might mean tho beginning
of justice for I think the
idea of a wind being n guiding light
is an example of mixed metaphor
which in. . hard to beat. l-i-t-
h in col-1
ill in col
; in London Spectator.
. more L
of Liver
Bladder Other
say n bottle and if
it cure we will refund
. ll I V. o ;
fill size free bottle A
if it
OVA SOL until
This ad vi out entitles yo
to u l Lat
Only a limited numb r bottles
given away. this op
; v
Let me fit your
desired relief
C. E.
Optician Jeweler
Phil; College
of Horology and Optics
up with my stock a male hi n.
weighing or pounds, u.
marked ;
rump and head. now
hog taken up and held for
who can get same by proving
property paying
his Oct. 10th, 1907.
B. T. Smith,
K. F. P. U. c
glad to note.
Norfolk is
improvements on the v
depot by lowering it.
Work on Snow Hill brunch
raj idly progressing.
t. of the E. I .
railroad, who has been sick for
six weeks more, leaves f r
Washington hospital. We
he may soon be restored to health
and return able to perform his
duties again.
Our town people are anxiously
awaiting the arrival of th
They always give so
much amusement when they
Misses d
of Saratoga, visiting their
Farmville, N. C. 1907
Well, we don't have to
much to get up a dost d Every trace of kidney trouble is
F no v. j eliminated
gave us K
good plays I nights the past V
ween and we hi there will he .,, , . ., a troupe her his we. k. I f
., T ,. , , Lo. of Baltimore,
Mr. James died last for any case of kidney
Pal .
h. C.
airing of Cant
of work in
wen .
Company will insure any on
any trace of
Mr An
I with a stroke of and
buried in . e m
a wife and children
son M, T. Hot bin,
playing on bales of
quite a painful run
one leg.
Our phi
trouble SOL will not help-
A word to the wise.
For sale by
N. C.
thousand well burned
brick at my factory now
ready for at reasonable
prices, P. E
Farmville N C
r ii . . pr
ill I ill
. . lie
Hon. I . n
, with epilepsy and
ti Iii .
widow of tho
man bore the great his-
n children, of
twelve, six sons six daughters,
are Mill living. himself
was so self centered and engrossed
with his ideas that lie often c I
his offspring in th
The above named
will take notice at an
entitled above has been com
r in the r Court of
street without I county to obtain from
is given that
certificate r one share
the Mutual Aid Banking
Co., of New Bern, been
lest, application will be mode to
, have new certificate in
I Superior place of same.
p. This Oct. 1907.
the me Ard the raid defer.
fr . man dent will further take notice that
of the birth of his nth. is to appear at
b a boy, Herr The pro- court of
turned, annoyed. him to held on th
to he replied. the
n mill ; .
for calling
-lie wanted t;
the question and
mi nor W grammarnothing p- complaint
or his I he h Hf y of
r 1907.1 D.
4th, District of North Carolina.
r. Mil
virtue of t I In sec
lion R. under
of i- ,. thereunder
s f. r
Mm e Internal Kev-
one of
land g iii mid
known tract
tS Ci mine i r the
of lard h
and upon which he is now cut i
B e. of will
l- f.-i to the
on .
m. t the House door
of N. C.
has been out
the count
views and
is a hustler any way.
Rev. Mr. Duncan
have just returned from the
I northern markets, where I
filled a superb and complete
Sunday lino notions, sick
morning and in
; i,., in and price- Will
Mrs-M. E. Shaw, Of my same milliner. Miss
came in Saturday to visit her who can trim to
daughter, Mrs. J. Stanley Smith, most
Mrs. W. R. Home Mrs. J. P Joyner
Christian R. L. Bros
last week in Norfolk, and report i store.
a grand convention. I.,.,. . .--------
invited to call
Miss Mary Louise
came down from Tarboro
day and spent Sunday with
friends here.
Miss Olive Morrill, of Snow
Hill, and her friend Miss
of New Bern, were the guests of
Dr. D. S. Morrill and family a
few days the past week.
Mrs. N. E. is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. W. R.
near Kinston.
T. L. has returned
J. , . . , .
collector in trip to Washing-
Farmville. N. C.
years in Ph
Artistic work guaranteed
D J. WHICHARD, Editor and Owner.
VOL. No.
Tale of Disaster.
Ransom Godwin, a farmer of j
Johnston county, who August
brutally shot and ,
wood, com- the at Rudd
here that II
,,. the will of th
Th y voted for saloons
against, nuking and
to blight and stay by
the vote of who heed-
and since that
himself through the heart. Jg . J
A report -even
passengers, is at
there was not only no attempt at Spencer. He is reported trace
quarantine, school mates
were allowed by the
afflicted child, to visit the child
afterwards attending school.
When the facts became known,
the school was suspended to
Free Press.
Two buildings of the New
Bern Cotton Oil and
factory were destroyed by lire
Thursday morning, causing a loss
of 1.20,000- The same mills were
burned last year.
Being left alone a few minutes
by its mother, the little child of
Ed. Lyon, of Durham, crawled
to the open fire place, began
playing in the fire and was
enveloped in flames. The child
was so badly burned that death
Mr. W. T- Dixon, cf Hooker
ton, died at o'clock last
In the eighty first year of his age.
Several weeks ago Mr. Dixon
an operation, which was
partially successful, but
in which, with his
extreme old age, resulted in his
death last night. Mr. Dixon
was an active number of the
Methodist church, having been a
steward in the church for many
years. He was also a Mason in
good standing. He was a strong
and he was the of
a man to draw friends to him.
He is survived by four children.
Mr. D. V. Dixon. of Kinston,
Mr. W. Dixon, of Hookerton,
Mr. D. H- Dixon. of Goldsboro,
sad Mrs. Addie L. of
The remains were
interred at the old Dixon bury-
ground near Hookerton. Rev.
R F. Taylor, pastor of th
Methodist church, conducted the
burial Free-
stated that he walked all the way
home through the woods for
of being caught, and had nothing
to cat the whole time. Explain-
the accident says
our women, the best, the
; , the most heroic. How
re longed and
Too Mack Re-
A dog is not a subject of
unless it is listed for
any more than a deer or
Put in its Place.
of the most useful
as a
Nobody is
young, nobody
habit-; tr reading The
bit or the wild animal in the for- in is to put everything j C For that
est. J H. Vick of No. a m place- And it is as useful t one of the most
on the farm as in the home, appropriate of Christmas
Every year thousands of few whose actual
worth of machinery is scattered worth far outweighs the cost.
dog that he prized, but not
enough to pay tax on it. Will
Staton because of it broke both
the tenth and eighth command
This led Mr. Vick to
ply to Squire Pender for a war-
rant. His worship aware of the
hoped for glad day of deliver-j cf larceny made further
and elicited the fact
have pleaded with their that the dog was tied in the yard
and brothers to pro-1 by a rope and that the rope was
them from the foul oft taken also. So he made Mr.
that be had been duty which dares to enter
twenty-three hours without -y home and steal away
band and son and brother
stalwart Saxons t
have heard the call of their worn-
sleep; that the. switch was
Fertilizer as soon as the freight
ed on the siding and he sat down
wailing for No. to pass; he
dropped off to sleep and as No.
approached he with a
start, and, having the switch on
his mind, he frantically pulled it
open without realizing what he
was doing. This corroborates
completely the statement made
by, Engineer Holton, who was
running No. The morning
after the accident, while he was
perfectly rational. Engineer
Holton stated to his physicians
at the hospital, that as he
the siding the white
light burning showing a clear
track and closed switch, but just
as his train neared the siding, and
t late to even apply brakes, the
red light showed up and he rush-
ed to ion. Engineer
Holton adhered to this statement
until he died so unexpectedly Fri-
day News Ob-
Vick happy by issuing a warrant
charging the man with stealing
the Southerner.
Important to Juror.
Judge Ward nude an imp r-
ruling last week in the case
of Brown vs. Brown in regard to
the pay of witnesses and jurors.
He decided that jurors who are
witnesses also, or witnesses who
happen called as juror-can-
not draw pay at the same time
in the two capacities.
person who is a witness in
than one cannot draw wit
fees in more than one case
day. In other words, juror's and
witnesses are paid for their real
time, and they cannot or
speculate on time t pay for
or hours in hours
actual time. This is important
and the right fort of law, It ha;
not been followed in this
because the matter has
been brought before
of our officers. The J
commissioners can save a
court expenses by
investigating the claims In
cases which go nIT at tho i
the county.
The report, issued
day, shows that
of this crop had been
up to Oct 18th. against
for thy same last
Sara Hal Wat.
The reason temperance
and the closing of saloons
made such slow progress prior
to 1900 was because all the
could vote. Except a few
preachers, teachers and others
of the best type, the vote
was always an asset of the saloon.
Therefore an election, with the
division found among while men
upon most questions was In most
places certain to go wot. But
with the elimination of the
vote by the suffrage
the of temperance has
gone forward with a mighty
impetus. In Anson county,
when the fight commenced for
those who favored
the continuance of the saloons
procured th registration of
who had not been permit-
to vote since the passage Of
the suffrage amendment. he
of the
of excluded from other
elections, outraged the people
and made many for pro-
The forced in
by a vote of ti I
the victory to
vote, as the following
in the North Carolina
edited by Mr. John A.
Hill Voted Wot Hew
town of Snow Hill con.
her shame.
the election last week e
vote was for saloons and
against saloons. But that is
ill the worst is j e
to he told.
white people heard
appeal of the women and
d.-en. and said we will no longer
tolerate the saloons in our town,
the breeders of shame and
Tho waits nun voted S-
saloons to fur is
II done
here conies in the
easy tool of the saloons-
their will has been
thwarted, their votes nullified,
their women repelled and their
wishes ignored by the
voters, under tho influence and
control of the saloon, and against
the of bettor men of
their race,
the saloons defeat the
will of our people. In their
desperation they bring the
voter back as an
active factor to say what the
moral laws of a community shall
to argue this
question to state the
cold facts they are, and let
you for yourself and
think upon
people of North Carolina
not go through the campaign
of 1899 and 1900, -as a of
which the mass of
voters were excluded from
the polls, to permit the
vote to be thrown as a balance of
power to perpetuate the
loon. Che victory won at Snow
Hid will c to create a still
stronger sentiment in the State
a the evil, and t c
day not far distant when the
people will shut up every saloon
and Still in the Mate. J
Independent of question of
whether prohibition or saloons
should prevail in a community,
tho reintroduction of
in politics question of the
st importance If they can
vote keep open, they
can thereafter vote in every
and encouraged there
will soon be a return in part of
the political conditions that
avid that required the
strenuous campaign of 1898 to
redeem If the
voted the saloon,
this papa just as
earn a their re-
over the farm, and is wearing I Welcome as the paper may be to
out much faster than if it were casual reader the train, at
Tomorrow afternoon at
o'clock, Miss Elizabeth Moore,
State secretary of W. C. T. U.,
will lecture in the Methodist
church. Members of the various
churches and the general public
are urged to be present A
musical program has been
Mora Houses Needed.
We have heard several
who want to move to Greenville
with the coming of the new
year, inquiring if they can
houses to live In. That is a
question that needs attention.
There are a not enough houses
here, and the town cannot grow
faster than there are houses for
the people. It is evident that
more houses should be built.
The last report of the Pension
Commissioner affords an inter-
study. It shows that
during the fiscal year,
pensioners died. The
says that the total pen
June 1907, was
and the total value of the
pension roll at that date was
This is greater by
above the of the
roll for the year previews, and is
accounted for by the higher
rates of pensions provided by the
act of 1907, under
which act there had been
rolled June of the present
at use. This is beneficial to the
manufacturers whose sale bills
are increased thereby, but it is
hard on the farmer who is trying
to get ahead.
when we commence this
tide we had in mind the keeping
of things in their in the
home. Children especially are
prone to be careless in this re-
If children would thought-
fully keep their things, or what
ever they use or handle, in their
proper places, many a weary
step of a tired mother would be
saved- Children are now in
school, and then is when they
are particularly careless about
their things at home- seem
to think that while they are
with their own affairs
everybody else must look
their conveniences, and books,
hats, wraps, etc., are thrown
around promiscuously.
Then comes the vexatious hunt-
for things when it is time to
go to school, the worry and de-
lay, the leaving home in excite-
and turmoil. We arc but
telling what happens day,
not in all the homes, but in many
of them all over the country.
Learn the little lesson of put-
ting everything in its proper
place It will be worth more
through as. an acquired
habit than lesson you will
learn at school.
the office, in tho public library,
it is, after all. the paper of the
home. The regularity and
of visits, the cordial
sincerity of its tone, make for it
soon place of a familiar
friend in the house. Like a good
friend, too, it stands always tor
those traits and qualities which
typified in the ideal home,
and are sources of a ration's
health and true prosperity. Is
there another Christmas present
costing so little that equals it
On receipt of the yearly
subscription publishers
send to the new subscriber all
the remaining issues of The
Companion for 1907 and the Four
Leaf Hanging calendar for 1908
full color-
Full illustrated announcement
of new volume for 1908 will
be sent with sample copies of the
paper to any address free.
The Youth's Companion.
Berkley Street, Boston, Mass.
link . at Fault Slid to Have
Flagman Leonard, who was
for the wreck of
train No. at Rudd last
day night, is said to have been
on duty hours and
without rest when the wreck oar
occurred. It is d, and
reason, that if this fact can be
established some one higher up
should b made to suffer. Leon-
ard disappeared at the time of
the accident and nothing has
been heard from him then.
Greensboro Record.
t ballot, They arc
Hi G is
good, q power dim-
The state is going
f . open the door,
lid i ii . box of evils
.- u again for worse
. . cat r trouble.
. v Hill victory by
;. vote will help to
up saloon and keep
them shut. Liquor is bad, but
. which means that
the saloon will control
tenths of their votes, is worse.
News and
Mr. W. B. Ricks
Mr. W. B. Ricks died only
this morning at the h me of
brother, Mr. J- A. Rick, on
Fifth street, with whom he lived.
He leaves two brothers, Messrs-.
J. A. and W. H- Hicks, and two
children. Ho was about j cars
The funeral will take place
tomorrow at the Taft burial
ground about miles from
Tract lard containing
acres, six miles from Greenville
n road. Good
house and necessary
also one tenant house
Fine mineral on property.
sell half or all the land to
But purchaser. For
apply to E. . Parker.
Carolina Pitt
John Dennis and wife
It. J. E D. O,
Tho B. R.
and D O. Moore above named
kill that an action
has been commenced in the Sup-
court of Pitt county by the
above name against
the defendants above for
the so of enjoining and
restraining the
from foreclosing mortgage
and the set out
and described in the compact
filed in this cause and tor the
purpose of having the same de-
fraudulent and null and
void, and the said defendants E.
R. and O.
will further notice that they
are required to appear at
November 19.17 of t-e
Superior of Pitt
to held on the Monday
after the 1st Monday in
it being tho day of Nov
1907. at tho court
in in Greenville, N c.
and to answer or demur to the
c cf the plaintiffs
actions or the p will
ply to tho court for the relief de-
In co
This the 30th day of
D. C CO superior
Former Senator David B
of New York, is now reported to
be a rooting for Bryan for
dent This is one of the strong
est things that has d
recently. Hill heard Bryan
speak in New York a few days
ago and probably that accounts
for Star.
K. P. D. No. G, Greenville, of Pitt
By virtue or the r of
contained in a mortgage deed and
lien executed and delivered by
Joseph H. Everett to
White on the day of
1906, and duly recorded in
the register of deeds office of
Pitt North Carolina, it
Book N-8, page the under
signed will expose to public sale,
before the court house door in
Greenville, for cash, to
highest bidder, on Saturday the
16th day of November 1907. the
fol owing real property, to
A tract or parcel of land lying
in Carolina township, Pitt county
North Carolina, containing one
hundred acres more or less,
and adjoining the lands of A
B Congleton. Harry Whitfield
and being a part of
A gleam of promise twinkles
wen in the garishness of the
city. Island, for
is the last place where on
would look for an exhibition
appealing to any of the
ideals of humanity. a
recent publication Maxim
attempts to dim the luster of
this famous of America's
popular resorts- And must be
confessed that island a
sort of brilliantly
Nevertheless, one of the
things that impresses the slight-
seer is the fact that the steam-
boat that carries him to the city
of light and is called
Pegasus, and that the ticket
purchased gives him admission
At he very entrance of the
blaze of glory are barkers, quot
Scripture, telling of the
of an depicting the
ere it ion of the world A Tittle
further down the incandescent a
Ins is a panoramic reproduction
of the
No one wilt contend that
Island is creating art in
the of
creation and cataclysm and
tragedies, but the
fact the designers of amuse-
have to t Bible for
dramatic material, a that such
exhibitions have proven
in a city supposed
to i e given over altogether to
relaxation and laughter indicates
a phase the of the
people of the which
cannot easily ignored.
Harold in Remus's
Magazine for November.
We take this method of ex-
pressing to the good people of
our sincere and heart-
j fell gratitude for their many
of kindness done us during
the J. C. Keel to satisfy I the illness and death of our in-
If ant, and also for their kindly
1907 Offices in the interment of the
Webb Mortgagees.
J B A. L. Peed.

Eastern reflector, 25 October 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
October 25, 1907
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