Eastern reflector, 18 October 1907

in nil I sue,
A Dreamland to the
the of Feature
Leads All
and Navy
Never before In history of the
been bolt u
with so many attractive features
AM the
SB, full swing on the historic of
Hamilton The is
ow complete in ail of its detail, and
to the visitor
The exhibit
state mil
of a permanent or
constriction, set off with tin most
trees and to this
an distinct from
all of predecessors.
hour's ride either
ear a-. places Yorktown,
C to the
land, of where
now the old rains of the
first church In America. Just across
he of Hampton are
ed Point Comfort and.
me. t strongest and moat
taut station on the Atlantic
whose prim walls and winding .
make It one of riot
In the country. These and
Other places of historic Interest
to the
rates tho hundredth
of the English speak-
tap settlement la America, the roost
the history of
f- the fact that the James-
town Tercentennial is the first j
Don c hold on deep waler this
there has been going ea
t a grand naval spec- ,
tart. of a kind such as America has
seen before. The entire North
fleet, under the command of
Rear Admiral p. squad-
by in. will rendezvous in
Hampton from time to time,
the visitor to Use exposition
simple opportunity to see the strongest
sleet of battleships In the world. There
will at all times during the summer
be at least six men-of-war roads.
The army as well tho navy la well
at the Tercentennial, and
parades by crack regiments of
United States troops are to be seen on
one of the largest and
equipped drill plains In the
try at the ex position
t present are toe entire Twenty-third
of United the
Second squadron of the Twelfth
States cavalry and D battery of the
Held artillery. Several
of the national guard of
states, besides numerous military
and are en-
at exposition from time
time. of these military organize
brings Its own band, which, to-
with the exposition orchestras
and bands, a continual and
government exhibits, housed In
four h structures en tho water
front of the exposition, one
of the most complete and
displays of the work of the
Various departments of he government
ewer .- The Individual states
forward at
with their heartiest support and
and twenty of them have
to represent them at
the Tercentennial, while practically
very state Is represented in exhibits
historical, or Industrial
These slate buildings are located on
Boulevard, a grand avenue
paralleling the water from, and from
tile . id of the State
visitors may rest and view the
whereon vessels of the world might
rest at anchor. In the immediate front
appear tilt great white men-of-war of
our own and a foreign
and yachts, sloops, schooners
and merchant of every kind.
Beyond are the walls of
Port Monroe and the beautiful so-
retreat of coast. Old Point
Comfort. To left may be seen the
Come In and examine my
Your; c
beg leave that we are
and Retail
for N
Ready Paints.
is no line in the world better
vie line. It has behind it a century
for honorable wares and
If you use the Harrison
worry quality.
We trust that you will favor us with your
orders whenever you want good paint for any
Have just a car load and
will ice.
Paints you need
Guards of Arc
to is c.
e r-t par
every there i-
to they
arm r. A a l tile
July An-
Men would landed on
lea Juno and left to watch
for tho animals to haul up on the
beach at certain points,
to the government
1st come or
the ice sleep.
is well one or two
are rally h.
The Ne-t
now creeps up and n
r He or two kills th.;
Owing to their very defective hear-
mode the rifle
not then. The pat
aside each hunter, united with
sharp ax, approaches the Bleeping
cuts the f as
That Calls For tho
of Much Tact.
there's one said the
man reflectively calls
for the of infinite tact it i.-
giving of reproof.;. There are of
course some occasion when the
manner of rebuking have to
he taken into
when reprimand should
lie as decisive and -harp as you can
But there are other times
plenty of a quick
is the worst possible medicine
to administer. An employer or a
superintendent owe it to his
to nothing of what ho owe-
to tho men him, to take into
consideration the kind of man to
whom ho Personally
don't believe in but
know that imitation in reproof
give weight to those I want to
one or another, think it's
only fair to he charitable to the cm-
who errs through zeal or as
result of ignorance. If a man
is trying to do his heat know it
By virtue of a power of
contained in a certain deed
f from Mack Man-
duly in.
the r of
county in book P, at page
we will on Monday 14th. day of
1907, at the Court house
door of Pict county at twelve
o'clock noon, offer for sale at
public auction following de-
Adjoining the lands of L. D.
, Mo Law horn, Jim Griffin, Ben
Allen Jones and others and
bounded as fallows; on the north
by L. D. on the
east by J. A. Griffin, on th
south by L. on
the west by Ben Allen Jones;
containing twenty one acres
more or less.
Terms of sale cash. This 6th
cay September, 1907.
E. R.
John Dennis,
O. Moore
North Carolina, Pitt
the court August torn 1907.
J. L, Bland and wife M. A. Bland.
E. R. A. B. and the
Bank of
The defendants, E. K.
and the Bank of in
the above entitled action will take notice
that action has been commenced in
the superior Court of Pitt county
led us above, which said action is
the a
which will be specifically
set out and described in the
tiled in said action, on real
situate in the state of North Carolina
defendants will further
take notice that they are requested to
appear at the next term of the superior
court of Pitt county, to b- held on the
2nd Monday before the 1st Monday in
September, it being the 19th of Au-
gust 1907, at the court House in said
County, in Greenville, North Carolina,
and answer or demur to the complaint
in said Action, or the plaintiff will
ply to the court tho relief demand-
d in said complaint.
This the of July 1907.
D. c. Moore,
clerk superior court. Pitt count
many of then as possible before the or you to and such a man in-
become alarmed and
for the water escape.
The while hunters rarely make
use of anything but the two long,;
curved tusks with which the-
us interest in his
work when h- is subjected to any-
thing that looks to him like
is equipped and which average
about live pounds to the pair. If
time permits, however, tho flesh is
boiled and the oil saved. To many
of the Eskimos, especially on the
arctic shore, the walrus is almost a
necessity of life, and the
wrought among the herds by
the whalers has been is vet the
cause of fearful suffering and death
i to many of the natives.
The flesh is fond for men am
dogs. The oil is used for
for lighting and heating lite
noted school Hampton, houses. skin when
ant tardier op the roods, toward oiled makes n durable cover the
the might; mingles its
Hi- salt tide of the sea,
may be city of Newport News,
includes one or two by whom
been employed
the greatest shipyards la the
To tin- right appears the broad-
channel r. to bay and
from bay to bread and mighty At
out between Hie of Charles
and Henry.
Tie- I at is a scone
in worthy a or u thou
sand miles to with nil
the of the aglow,
the of the Canoe Trail mid
Lane lug the myriads
of War Path a
of electricity, the powerful
playing with
miles of shore dotted with the
of a dozen cities and nestling
towns, what spectacle men sublime or
could be Imagined
the amusement section of the ex-
the War Path, there
la every amusement
diversion, where visitor to the ex-
position, after a long day of sightsee-
eon relax let drift
with the pleasure seeking from one
amusement to the next on this
White where the lights ever
and the noise of the oriental
Is ever in the sir.
skin boats. The .
make water roof clothing, window
covers and floats. Tho tusks
used for or spear points or ire
carved into a great variety of useful
and ornamental objects, and the
bones are used to make heads for
spears and for other purposes.
In addition to hunting the
j ms themselves the whalers
. chase from the Eskimos the tusks,
or ivory, that they have secured.
New York Sun.
Renowned for caution in
for bis
of the
a walked
n Senator
e day lot
. . .-,
seem to realize that feelings aren't
entirely eliminated in business deal-
They are hard taskmasters;
their method of riding is roughshod.
They'd get more help on the way if
they used different tactics.
the of co-operation
that I'm trying to hold up as an
ideal. The moment the head of an
establishment gets his associates to
tho fact that they are all pull-
oil her for a common end ho
has Ions way toward
That needn't detract
from position as director, ruler
whatever you want to call
th least. insistence on
ploy, and it is by team play
. n and commercial
Pi the youngest grand
mother of we have record
n Lady Child of Shropshire
She had married at
of ago and a child
her thirteenth year was completed
child in turn married
very with the
that was a
at The most
cases of
of Mrs. Honey wood of Char
Kent, Temple
Stow. the former died, of
May aged ninety-three
he as her descendants six
teen children, grandchildren.
great-grandchildren and nine
case was even remarkable
Lady Temple, who died in
had given birth to four sons and
nine daughters and lived to see
more than descendants.
Reporters Gallery
It was my privilege once to wit-
statesmen absolutely refusing
to allow the great machinery of par-
to be put in motion in the
absence of the reporters. It was
Dec. 1902, when the education
bill was before the house of lords.
Tho Marquis of Londonderry, pres-
of the council of education,
refused to address the house until
the arrived. What an ab-
solute change in the point of view
of statesmen since William Wood-
fall sat in the gallery of
tho house of commons with
eyes, endeavoring to fix on his
the points of the
later still Charles Dickens stood
for hours with tired feet among the
crowd at the bar of the house of
lords furtively
Air Hoes.
hog is tho epithet applied by
tho author of one of the typical
growls the English send to the ed-
of the London Times. The
respondent was sitting reading in
his garden, he says, when he no-
a balloon pass overhead and
pretty soon after received a
of the ballast that was nothing
or less than dirt. He goes on
work up indignation against tin
time when air travel becomes a fad
of the vulgar rich. I am
peacefully tracking a to its
lair and I am suddenly assailed with
the tea slops and heel taps of a mil-
tea party. Multiply the
instance and you have a country
oppressed as if under tho
of the Boston
Bo Not Afraid.
He has not learned the lesson of
his life who docs not every day
mount a fear. If you have no faith
in a beneficent power above yon,
but see only on
coiling its folds about nature and
man, then reflect that the best use
of fate is to teach us courage. If
you have no confidence In any for-
mind, then be bravo because
there is always one opinion
which must always of importance
to your
Waldo Emerson.
my said the old gentle
man solemnly, you know it h
a brier in my side every time I
you smoking that pipe Do
chuckled tho
youth, it is
happens to be a brier
This Department is in charge of W. R. Parker who is
to It CM lit I lit-
Advice to a
kind of views would
advise mo to set forth in my
lecture tour inquired the habitual
answered the
theorist, I were I'd gel
Farmville, N. C. Oct 1907
W R. Home and W M. Lang
to Kinston on a business
trip last Thursday and returned
Reid and Lady
who are attending
school at Atlantic Christian Col-
at Wilson, came home Sat-
on a visit to their parents
and returned Monday. They re-
port a very full school.
The Woman's Betterment As-
of the graded school had
a rummage sale Saturday after-
noon and cleared for the
of the building and
grounds of the school-
Mrs;. John Barrett departed
this life last Saturday morning.
had been in poor health
months and went to the
hospital in Tarboro hoping to be
but the grim
death, who calls the fairest
called her
child died only a
minutes previous and was
bin led with her.
She was a faithful of
the A- E church and her friends
numbered by her acquaint-
am small- children to
we extend our deepest
The youngest child of Mrs.
who died a few
weeks ago, died last Sunday.
Farmville, N. C. Oct. 3rd,
Mrs. J. T. Joyner's
with all the latest stylos
for the fall and winter was great-
admired by the fair sex on
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs. J. Stanley Smith enter-
the Woman's Magazine
Club on Wednesday evening at
her home on street.
A most enjoyable program was
carried out and all enjoyed the
evening very much, this being
the first meeting they have had
with their president, Mrs. Smith
present for some time Those
present were Mesdames W. C
Askew. W. R. J. F. Joy-
W. M. Lang, Edgar Warren,
S M. Hard. Sue M.
Misses Annie Perkins.
Mollie E. Rouse.
The men save a
on in Turnage
hall that was most highly enjoyed
by those dancing. Quite a
out of town were present.
W. M. Lang's fall opening is
and surpasses any of the
ever here before.
Internal Revenue Service 4th
District of North Carolina
N C-, Sept. 3rd 1907.
By virtue of authority given in sec-
RS and acting under warrant
issued thereunder against
John Thompson for tuxes assessed
him under the Internal
laws I have seized Two and one half
town in the town of Grifton
N. C. being the same lots or parcel of
land upon which is situated a store
house occupied by and Bro.
which they conduct a
business. This lot or parcel of
will be to the highest
bidder for cash on Tuesday the 1st day
of October at o'clock m at
Court door in town of
N. C R. J. Lewis
Deputy Collector
Internal Revenue Service.
4th Carolina.
Deputy Collector's Office.
Littleton, N. C. Aug. 10th 1907.
By virtue of a warrant of
against W. J. Manning for taxes as-
him under the Internal
Revenue laws, have seized the fol-
Farmville. N. C.
years in
Artistic work guaranteed
Enlarging a
Clark, Proprietor.
Farmville, N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
Sharp Razor, Clean Tow-
ts repaired, clean-
ed and pressed.
Parker's Old
Farmville. N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Carts
and Wagons.
In fact any kind of work in
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
Company will insure any on
any trace of
Kidney T rube
Every trace of kidney trouble I is
will be paid by Inter-
state Chemical Co., of Baltimore,
Md., for any case of kidney
trouble SOL will not help.
A word to the wise.
For sale by
Farmville, N. C.
For three
years old, kind and gentle. Any
Lady can drive Apply to
J. L. Flanagan,
J Farmville, N. C.
thousand well burned
slop brick at my factory now
ready for -ale at reasonable
prices, P. E
Farmville N C
I have just r d from the
northern markets, where I
chased a superb and complete
line of millinery, notions, sick
wear, dress trimmings,
and furs. Am prepared to suit all
in quality and price- Will
my same milliner, Miss
Ella Watson; who can trim to
suit th. The
public invited to call
and Inspect my store.
Mrs J. F Joyner
Opposite R. L. Davis Bros
By virtue of a power of sale
contained in a certain deed of
mortgage from C. A. Fair and
Nellie E, Fair his wife, to E. R.
D. Moore, dated
13th day of October, 1906, and
duly recorded in the office of the
register of of Pitt, county
k P. page I will on
Monday, Men day October,
1907, the court house door of
Pitt at twelve o'clock
noon, offer for at public
auction the following described
Beginning at Cox's
southwest corner on Academy
St., and runs easterly with Jose-
Cox's line to his other
thence parallel
with Academy St. yards,
thence parallel with Josephus
line to Academy St., thence
with Academy St. to begin-
containing ore-half acre
lowing personal property belonging to
said Manning Viz. One bay horse,
Mules and This property will .
he sold under said warrant, at the farm more or less. I of sale Cash.
of Manning near Greenville N. C 1907
on Thursday the day of Sept. 1907 A
at m. to the highest bidder
B. J. Lewis,
E. R.
D O. Moore,
D J. Editor and Owner.
Truth In s I
w i
VOL. No.
Red Men
Closes With
The district meeting of
fourth district of the Great
of North Carolina I. O. R
M. was held in the Masonic Torn
pie in Greenville on Thursday
evening b ginning at o'clock
The supervisor of the district
Great Junior S. T.
White acting called the
meeting to order filled the
stumps as follows.
S. M- Pollard, of Farmville,
W. H- Moore, of Falkland,
Rev. J. E. of Green-
ville, Prophet.
W. Ben Goodwin, of Elizabeth
City, Chief of Records
E. A Beaman, 1st
J R. Cooper, of Winterville,
Guy V. Smith, of Falkland, 3rd
E Moore, 4th
Willis Dix n, of
Guard of Wigwam-
W. J. of Saratoga,
Guard of Forest.
Past Sachem, Roy C. Flanagan
of Tribe No.
delivered the address of welcome
which was to by Dr.
Morrill on behalf of the
Under the head of roll call of
Tribes the following brothers re-
Saratoga No. of Saratoga,
by D. A. Windham-
No. of
Greenville, by S. T. White.
No. of Falkland,
by W. H- Moore.
No. of Farm-
ville, by C.
No. of Winterville,
by O. W. Rollins.
Shawnee No. Grimesland,
D. Tucker.
No. of
ville, by Willis Dixon.
No of Snow
Hill, by J. Ashley
The following Tribes of the
district mt represented
No. of Hookerton.
Nahunta No- of Rocky
of Tarboro.
This was followed by an ex-
of the unwritten
work by Great Chief of Records,
W. Ben Goodwin, of Elizabeth
Under of the
Dr. D. L. James delivered the
of the evening which
was received by deafening
The degree staff of
Tribe No. of Green-
e, conferred the adoption de-
in a very meritorious man-
The election of District chiefs
for the next meeting resulted as
J. A. Hill,
District Sachem.
Roy Flanagan, Greenville,
District Senior
Morrill, Falkland, Dis-
J N. Edwards,
District Chief of Records.
Farmville was selected as the
next place of meeting t such
time as may be arranged by the
executive committee.
A unanimous vote of thanks
was tender d the Masons, Odd
Fellows Knight of Pythias
for the us of tails.
A vote of thanks was tendered
by the visiting to
Tribe No. if
u the district meeting
i temple a delightful
banquet was given in
opera house, which was an en-
finale to the
True to their nature the Red
Men were hungry at this lute
hour after returning from their
hunt, and the way the good
things disappeared before them
was pleasant to behold- The
menu consisted of sliced turkey,
chicken salad, ham
cheese straws, beaten biscuits,
crackers, coffee
with whipped cream, cream,
cake and cigars.
The menu was prepared by the
Ladies Aid Society of the Baptist
church, and the ladies received
many compliments upon its ex
There were Red
Men in
The I. O R. M is a flourishing
order and the largest in this sec-
It is accomplishing much
good for humanity.
Its many friends will be
to learn that Littleton Col-
an advertisement of which
appeared in this paper during
the summer, has bad the largest
opening in its history. The
growth of this school has been
almost phenomenal, the total en-
last year showing an
increase about per cent over
the previous year.
This institution is doing a most
for the young
women of the South and richly
merits the esteem in which i
is held by the public.
Any parent having a daughter
to send off to school would do
well to correspond with the man-
of Littleton college-
List cf Jurors for November Court
The following is the list of
Jurors for November term of
Pitt Superior court as drawn by
the bard of county
First A. White, J i
Brown. J. B. Little, Ed. H.
burn, Oscar Tucker, D S
J If Cox, Jr. C M fucker, W C
Moore, H E Ellis, J S Allen, J L
Henry Hardy, J ML
J L lay
L Cox, C A Tucker
Second J Lang, D N
Nobles J F Ira J
J D Smith, Frank Wilson,
it J Cobb, C G Moore, R L John
son, T E Langley, J B White
Eugene J B Pat
rick, F V Johnston, W R Smith,
W T Forest, J S Rollins,
List of Jurors for December Court.
The following is the list of
for December term of Pitt
Superior court as drawn by
board of county commissioners
First, week. -I N J
G M Shirley, J R
H P Brown, Adrian
age, James Long, John E King,
D E House, J L R- L
Bomber, F J R Turn-
age, W I W B Greene,
Alfred Moore, John S Smith, C L
Second week W D White-
N G White, J D Jones R
II Keel, W j Sermons. W H
Jenkins. W H Smith, E C
Tims, J G Taylor, W E Moore,
E Boyce, J E Cannon, H C
Cannon, J H Hardy, R A
M L R C Cannon,
L Joyner.
Mrs, G. M. Mooring
invite you to be
at the marriage of their daughter
Ida Gertrude
Mr. Ernest Bryant
Tuesday October 22nd
nineteen hundred and seven
at three o'clock
at home
near N. C.
Weighing El
Two men entered a
restaurant and alter putting a
to the head waiter went
did they asked
a customer.
wanted to know if we
have scales here so they could
Weigh themselves before begin-
to eat. That seems to be a fad
nowadays with
concerned as much with the
quantity as well as the quality of
the food
solves a certain number of
es each me . not con-
tent with v. th food, but
jump in u
before tor to make
sure ;, n i ; overdo or
of feeding.
s ells-
they went on to
New V k Sim.
not prepared
j th
I, f. r
S Lay Up.
About August 1st there took
up h my stock a main hog.
weighing or GO pounds,
marked, white with black
rump and head. I now have this
hug up and held for owner
who can got same by proving
property and paying charges.
This Oct. 10th, 1907.
B. T.
R. F. D. Greenville, N. C.
links to th.- of
Divine Providence bestows no
greater blessing on man than the
Life without women is not
worth living, or a home without
on is no home at all. The world
without them would not be com-
The perfect lady is next
in the universe to the angels of
God The sweet, char-
of a gentle, loving, and
kind-hearted, woman is a mag-
that draws the love and
sympathy of all men. What a
wonderful blessing they are
The men of are
wonderfully blessed along this
lire. They have a host of charm-
w men. Even the smiles are
enough to check the dreadful
march of Sherman or Napoleon,
or soften the heart the worst
but such women as those who
co faithfully prepared the ban-
supper at the district meet-
of the Improved Order of Red
Men when they met with Green-
ville Tribe, have done the good
put and will occupy a special
place in our wherever
we go,
Without hesitating I the
authority of speaking for th
meeting at large. No woman
can surpass the women of Green-
The meeting was a good one
but the part most enjoyed, as is
alway- the case, part in
which the women assisted
After the meeting was over
and thought the pleasure for
the night was ended, realized
the of joy was just
We were escorted from tie
ball to a large banquet room
where we enjoyed the
blessing prepared by the
I of Greenville.
Sun we enjoy d our visit t
I Greenville, but a good per cent
of our moat sincere thanks are
extended to the good women for
their during the
Rev L. A Windham.
N- C-
pi. Church,
sortie days to the jet
E- Cox, of Greenville.
. had accepted the call to
parish of St. John's
Church in this city, were
confirmed yesterday by
f the vestry upon receipt of a
of acceptance from the
reverend gentleman. Mr. Cox is
to arrive in the city to
up his duties as rector of the
on the first of November.
He is one of the ablest of the
younger members of the
ind the parish accounts it sell .
He will be given a cordial
welcome to Wilmington, where
is already well known and
popular. Wilmington
All that The Star soys about
Mr- C x is true, and
will with him very
yet wishes him
in larger field of labor
He is a Pitt county hoy of whom
his county justly proud, and
will make his mark anywhere.
The old lady has struck it
and struck it right, at last Mrs.
Carrie Nation is now the
of a theatrical com-
touring the West in a play
Nights in a Bar
and that was first put on
when Noah found a spot of
ground dry enough to
date the play and the audience.
The star gets a week which
is no sufficient to over-
come her prejudices against the
wickedness of the stage. But
we must give her her due With
the money she makes she pro-
poses to establish a shop
in Washington where the
may be made over a
small Chronicle.
The oldest living brother and
we are Mr
Oliver and hi; sister
Nancey the widow of
the late William T. Mr
will be years old next
December and Mrs.
be next May. Both of them
arc well preserved,
and we hope may live several
years longer. Mrs. is
the mother of our good old friend
Manly who la over
years Record.
Cox Mill, N. C, Oct
II. A Moore Bro.
a dry goods and grocery store
here. We hope they will have
Carroll and W. F. Car-
roll and little son left today for
the exposition at Norfolk.
of our people who claim
to hive received the Holy Ghost,
passed through Sunday going to
their meeting near Simpson.
J. D and A. E. Evans and F
L. spent Saturday night
and Mrs. H L Forties, of
spent Saturday night
and Sunday with Guilford Page-
Mrs. W- S. Cox is on the sick
this week.
Evans went to
Avery sold tobacco in
Greenville Monday at an average
of and returned home
all smiles-
Harvey Stokes has bought a
new buggy.
We were glad to see John
Moore out Sunday
Oakley, N. C. Oct.
School has again opened at
Piney Green with Miss Everett as
capt. Frank Warren, of Tillery,
is f pending a few days in this
section with friends.
Mrs. T- F. Nelson visited in
Bethel last week.
Yearly meetings are over, so
we have settled down on every
day rations once more.
Good many attended church at
Swamp Sunday
fine sermon and good dinner.
Most of the farmers from
section are selling tobacco
North Carolina Pitt county
Dennis wife
J. E Jones D.
The defendants E. R.
and D Moore above named
will notice that an action
has been commenced in the
court of Pitt county by the
above name I against
the defendants above a I for
the of enjoining and
the said milts
from foreclosing the montage
and tho notes bet
and described in the complaint
tiled in this and for the
of having the
ed fraudulent and and
void, and the defendants E.
K. and , Moo it
w II further take notion that they
are required i at
November of t
Superior of county,
to be held on the Monday
after the 1st in
It being the day Nov
amber. 1907, t be court
in said e in Greenville, N
or demur to com-
plain, f the mitt's in
Hie plaintiffs will apply
l the court relief
ed in
the Both day of
II Moo c k superior
o Pitt
Forty fifty of our at-
tended church at Parmele Sun-
day evening.
Frost came on the 14th, one
day later than last year, it came
on Oct 18th last year,
J. Williams made business
in Saturday.
J. S. I family, of
Stoke, visited in this section
J. E. Hines, of Wilmington,
spent a few days here this week.
Took Friends By Surprise-
Mr, Adrian and Miss
Lacy White took their friends by
surprise Monday, by making it
known that they were married.
They were both in last
week attending the exposition,
and were married in that city
evening came
Sunday as fir as
from re th-y drove to the
home of Mr.
miles from town. They came
over to Monday and
informed the bride's mother,
Mrs. M. A White, of the par
By vi tie of mortgage
ard delivered to J. a. Smith
by C B. the End day
M which mortgage
curded in of the m
county in book k-
will Bell r cash
in the town Ayden v i.
I i -1-1 His follow-
articles of u r property,
writ. Throe two dray
earl four sot
he same based . T. w.
id n; small bay
J. one other an
buggy, iv . i-t
h bought
i. e, j . manure
now hi by said
K. Pall, mi if In
By F. G. James Atty.
-t i
The senior class of the graded,
elected for the year.
president is Conrad Lanier;
vice-president Miss Lucille Cob,.
secretary. Miss Lillie
Committees were appointed to
select class colors, also to choose
a suitable class pin. The class
colors are yellow and the
class pin will be diamond shaped
of geld, and will have a black
l front with engraved
upon it, very handsome
The graduating class of this
year is a most excellent one. both
in preparation and in numbers,
should all graduate, they will
number fifteen, the largest class
by far in the history of the school.
The names of the members are
Conrad Lanier. Wiley Brown,
Bruce Hooker,. John Bagwell,
George Jr.,
Tucker, David Watson; t Cecil
Cobb, Ethel Skinner, Jamie
an, Margaret Blow, Lillie Tucker,
Lillian Burch, Essie
and Lucille Cobb.
A number of the class will
compete for the scholarships to
University and to Trinity college.
Both scholarships are quite
able, and the of them
may feel with certainty that they
have something of which they
may justly feel gratified Supt.
Smith hopes to be able to capture
one or two more scholarships at
an early date.
The literary societies
last Friday for the year be-
fore them. The boys chose of-
as President,
Wiley J. vice-president,
Bruce Ho ; secretary, Royce
The first debate will be
h one week from next Friday,
the query being That
Abraham Lincoln was a friend
to the The boys are
ready at work on their speeches,
and doubt they will have a
lively discussion.
The chose officers for the
first term as follows President
Miss Jamb Bryan ; .
dent Miss Ethel -Skinner;
Miss Essie It is
the purpose of the girls to spend
time studying tho history
and literature of North Carolina.
At some time during the year
the societies of the school hope to
have Dr- Alphonso Smith of the
State University, and some of the
other leading professors and ed-
to speak before them and
their friends. It is confidently
that this will a most
excellent feature of school life,
it will also be a valuable con-
to the refinement and
culture of ti e community.
virtue the power of sale
in a mortgage deed and
ox and delivered by
Everett to Webb
White on the day of
i, and duly recorded in
1.-1 r of office of
county, North Carolina, in
N S, page the under-
ed will expose to public sale,
before t he court house door in
Greenville, for cash, to the-
highest id on the
lorn of November
owing real property to wit;
A or parcel of land lying
in Pitt county
N h Carolina, containing one
d acres more or less,
and the lands of A-
B. Harry
an rs being a part of
J. C Keel land, to satisfy
mo deed.
14th day of October 1907.
J L Fleming,

i I
E. J. . and
Entered as
natter Jan. at the at N
of March
in to
Cotton took a tumble the
instead of going
Next time UM president might
take along Teddy
shoot at
Is really going to slip
back to ten It may do
that unless the do
tight holding.
Mrs. Casie
Thursday night in the
at Columbus, Ohio,
she was a prisoner
The should
now be drawn fault
and let her be
Wouldn't it y.-i- ma the
n if th y e
national capital w go
Lit it is coming to that tome of
these days.
The town of Snow Hill will
vote on 15th on the question
of abolishing saloons No t
it will b an case of
are tie worn-n
victory in Asheville m-n
ire responsible for mo t th
g g that c tine
is the w; y heading of a
Medicine t
reads. That medicine would rot
find any sale at all down this
way. We have no y
women, are all pr.-tty
This prohibition i
going to keep right on growing
until it sweeps the nation.
it came in the life time
some of the present day folks.
F q a
is on rel to held in
in the State. Aid
i not for
court to be
he-a of the judge b-me rick
meet emergencies that
conditions the Stat
c not do better than a
judge whose duty it
to hold the special
court and also take the
any judge who may
fiat no courts he muse
It. has not been
give a n
honor f the viand-
the fair. This may lie
overlooked a a drawing car
If the a men t Gr i
ville have beard
teachers, who we-o Here la. t
m v a to
what had
plated rest i, they
would have I e inking son e
action to it The need
f a rest in is never more ft
such days as last
day when there a large cum-
of torn. It is no I
only needed n teachers an
here, but
ladies from the surrounding
try cc me here shopping. It is a
hardship on these good worm r.
they must spend most e
day around the stores or on
u reels, and find no quiet
to which they can U
rest a while. The town
provides conveniences for then
viii their visits the .
must rid itself of e
spirit that opposes an
of this kind because a
cation suggested for it t
e a few feet near r to one place
business than another. Such
i is hurtful to the
of the to n-
la form. It is a
filled with in-
matter and
of Mt.
S mi tints tn t con
mate crook is . v m pleas-
That is th have
b on t r-
e Reflector.
Th r sh gin
names, particulars, for the
benefit of others, ugh we
to know s i-n i of r
experiences a
certain slick fellow of pleasing
I w.
N w. piss
unit, and if any of v.
in locating Sherman
in wire chief of
aid the
-a -y.
faculty of Wake Forest
College did the right thing in
suspending several pupils
engaging in hazing. It is a
brutal practice that should be
broken up in every college.
f wants to
know will a girl marry beneath
her That depends entirely on
the taste of the girl, as she usu
ally does whatever she takes a
to do. And plenty of
them do come down in the scale
when they approach the altar
Federal Pritchard
the books of the Southern rail-
way cannot be examined f
back than two years. Te, much
was being brought to light from
the books.
We wonder if the Winston
dropping dead at the
sight of a telegram which a met
boy was about to
to her, will be a cause to
the In these; days of
flimsy excuse for suits
corporations it. be no
The Standard Oil Company
hiving bought a majority of the
stock in the paper trust, may
have it in mind to even up with
the for the whacks
tiny have the oil trust.
At any rate something is
to cause the price of print pacer
to keep climbing up.
Not only or,
but we believe tr
the Western part of i
outrunning E st in r.
and t educational spirit
The mountains are will
enthusiasm for schools and Pied
North Carolina is
time with music from the n
Charity an
Not too fast, Pr
Just take a run d Pi i
county if you want to s e what
a earnest educations
spirit looks like
The Cox Mill correspondent
the Greenville Reflector writes
have something new her
some of our people claiming to
have the Ghost. I
know what they will
possessed of the devil think
have the Ghost.
Statesville irk.
Just a this time the pipers in
of the larger towns a
attention to fact that
i. .-t places there is too much
government In r
cords there are so many
f one kind another t
have a finger in the t
municipal affairs tis to male
tie administration
full of friction, attended
or loss and unnecessary
to the municipality am
the tax payers, The re-
suggested is that a
capable business man could
municipal affair far more
and economically
than by having so many board.-.
n this connection, sit down at
s.- Gold Leaf.
all seen to agree
file the teach
must insist there be no
Her the Speak
IO, U-fl and tell by
N w .
. The Reflector was stung,
bit the mater his not keen
made he because
we were trying to catch the
clues haw been run down in t u
of Inciting him, bu these
proved u.-.- and it look
lie o-
in a hive.
Now as the brethren seem
forested we doing to give
them the story, which they cu
publicity a- they de
sire, and by this means may put
other brethren on their
and prevent them
by such an impostor. It
In June last a man giving his
F. Sherman
by a worn m he . i i
be his wife, came to Greenville
a contract with us to
an industrial edition of
The Reflector. Under this con
S had all
was to do all the work on
he edition and turn it in
complete ready for distribution.
He came with good testimonials
other with whom
had made such deals, among
them the Argus
and Express, and he was
The r was ideal the
more the i o- hundred were
Aft r
y Prut. of Gov.
I , Greenville, was
sent d by Prof The
governor was feeling well and
gave a most excellent address
He to great calling
the by that
great general and admirals go
down in history because of the
displayed by the
th y comm greater
x than these e church an
he great
was brought about b the
of the teachers and mi- ion
tries. Me-, ard women do no
accomplish much unless they
n for their work.
he future of county de-
pends upon the great
I judges arc
Under a
c to train
i rests
One would think from reading
late issues the Raleigh Times
that it had discovered a
Possibly it is trying to
hide own misconduct in being
caught with the four thousand.
Not the first instance of trying
to hide one's misdoings by kick-
up a dust around somebody
One only among p
farmers to learn that
to grow in popularity.
farmer who through a bit of
prejudice on his own part, or
misrepresentation on the of
others, stands aloof and refuses
to co operate with the company,
is simply not awake to his bast
interest. As long as the farmer
is at the mercy of the buyer i f
his products so far as price is
concerned, just so long will
play the small end of the game.
is the only means
through which the farmer can
be independent and the
price of his own products.
manipulations of he cotton mar-
against him is a
proof of this. The Con-
offers the opportunity of being
in control of at least on of his
products. It on its
business and the profits arising
from it go back into the
those who grow the t i
o nun who in one way and
another, through the t
and draw upon
f Greenville.
For a town of less than
population number will ; s-
you look at the
amount cf t-.-. from
all sources expend
ed in the of
city c the
cost with what is
and see if like all
other towns, is not paying
for what it gets. This does not
mean that there is wrong
anywhere, but that our pr
day system of municipal
is bad from the fact that t
is too See if you do
not conclude a few good
men could conduct affairs
a min of such address to
i no impression that he was
the rascal he later proved to b .
The industrial edition of The
was issued and it was a
one, being praised through
length and breadth th.
State and even in other States.
It was a real benefit to Green-
ville and Pitt county, and for
that part of it we fell glad.
Where the stinging came in was
the mean advantage Sherman
took of a circumstance that befell
us just as the special edition
being circulated and while col-
were being made.
A sudden death occurred in our
home which necessitated our ab-
from th office for the time
and during such absence
and his wife skipped
t he town.
It later that Sher
man had forged our name in
ordering cuts, printing and other
matter necessary for the special
edition which under the contract
he was to pay for, and had paid
none of these bills To protect
reputation of the paper wt
ad to for these bills
It is net pleasant to publish
such an article as this, nor to ac-
knowledge being stung, at the
same time it may be the proper
thing to do, so that other
may be warned against such a
Tn this connection we will
give as good a at
possible from memory of the
Sherman is a medium sized
man, looks to be about
Weighs about or
pounds, M smooth faced with
prominent irregular nose, speaks
i- enthusiasm
with which iii. do their
what W.
i i
within pi i ind this reach-
s the i m. . and judges
Li supreme court
N Carolina decided that
i a limit to
or school purposes
of the provision in
the constitution for a four
o Only a few
days ago the Supreme Court re-
versed the decision and aid that
enough taxes should be levied by
the commissioners to support a
four months term, thus showing
the effect of the educational sen-
in our State upon our
courts, f he man or the woman
who is not in the profession be-
cause of the deep interest which
they should have, ought to get
After several short talks by the
teachers the committee reported
the following officers for
H. H, Smith, Greenville,
W. H. Cale, Vite
Miss Elizabeth Boushall, Win-
Miss Randolph Archer,
land, Reporter.
A campaign of education i
needed in this town with regard
to theater A show with a
full of half
men, high kickers and broad
appeals too strongly
to too many, while a
drama gets the cold shoulder.
Greensboro Record,
That is usually the case among
goers in most towns. Ii
would never do to tell people in
cold words how their tastes run,
but the attendance upon the
different plays mentioned by Th.
R usually tells its own story
The Mount Tribune has
done itself in a
4.0-page industrial and historical
Mr. J B.
Pitt county ought more
farmers like J. B.
township He
farms not on the extensive bit
on the intensive plan
of hi ii not so
acres, but do plenty of work i n
every acre and make
acre produce what it ought t ,
This year he planted a total of
only and on these he
his two tons, with an occasional
hired worked four teams
Only about acres to the
may look like small farming It
some people, but Mr.
make more on his acres this
year than many acre
have mad . He says his idea
next year is plant only r
to the team.
Mr. uses improved m i
and believes in i
vi low. He Should
An contributes to
the Des Capital the fol-
owing very pertinent
is to why the mail order houses
succeed in getting the business
f the rural communities away
the mail order get
out of this country each
that belongs to the home
the fault is with the
houses advertise and give
i- prices on everything they
offer sale. They tell us what
have and what they want
or it. Of course we get soaked
once in a while and if we do we
can try some other house. Most
of the home merchants who ad-
at all don't quote prices.
They neglect to tell us what we
want to price. Of
course we can go to the store and
ask price of this article, and
but you know how it is
one doesn't know so well exactly
what he wants to buy when he
in a store as when he is at
home. And there is where the
mail order houses make their hit
send their advertising mat-
into homes and we read it
when we have nothing t to do
and every member of the family
who reads their stuff usually
finds something that he or some
other member of the family
wants and many orders arc made
up and sent out just at such
here is where the home
merchant falls down. If he talk-
ed up his business to us in our
homes the same as the mail order
houses do the people would be in
to see him the next time they
came to town, and in many cases
extra trips would be made to get
the things at that we didn't
know we wanted until they were
brought to our attention.
home merchant can save
the expense of getting up a
We people read the home
papers more carefully than we do
the and if the mer-
chant wants to talk business with
us let him put his talk in the
home papers, and put it in so that
we know he means business
The home merchant likely, nine
times out of ten, sells his goods
as cheap as the mail order houses,
and I believe on many things
they are much cheaper but how
are we to know if he doesn't tell
us about it.
merchant must not think
that even his best customers
know his goods so well that they
can tell what he has without be-
is none of my business how
the home merchant runs his bus-
but don't like to see these
in id the time
US fellows get a little
in in
ind never anything sail on the
other There always
of n question, and I
have given you mine, If it is
worth anything to you you can
take it
thoroughly and the
and improved condition of
his farm shows the wisdom
his method. He is carol i.
as to the quality of his craps, r ,
as to cotton. He plant-
cotton known as pr
a variety improved Dy him
o self, and it is both in
quickly is of good appearance and productiveness. 0-
acres this year he ti
get above bales, though the
and pleasant address. His wife
is a Nine
about or pounds, a de-
with hair,
receding with musing
tenth in left front upper jaw,
season has been very adverse.
finds ready sale at
price for all coming, out
of his cotton.
A I i
the recent meeting of the
Tar River A Baptist-
held in Henderson,
was divided, it being the
largest in the State an was con-
too large. The
ton Weldon railroad was made
the line. Wet of the
line the old associational name is
held, and east of the line a new
association will be formed.
Class Work and
Prices. Iron Fencing Sold.
North Carolina
He Fired the Stick.
M. W
p is Department is in charge P. C who is authorized to rep-
resent the Pastern Reflector in Winterville and territory
J. in. and
We sell Laughlin. Eclipse and
fountain pens.
B. T. Cox Bro.
W, F.
Wyatt Tucker, Nash and
Cox left Friday morn-
for Elm City to the
Primitive Association
near there.
We have on hand a few copies
of the history of the San
co disaster. Usual puce
Our price, B T. Cox
M. Blount, of Bet el, was in
town on business-
The famous Hawks glasses at
B. T. Cox Bro Don't neglect
your eye.
Miss who it
teaching near came in
last night to spend Sunday at
Harrington Barber Co have
a complete stock of ready made
clothing see him before you get
your next suit.
Several of the braves of Win-
Order of Red Men at
tended the district meeting of
that order Wednesday in
FOR two horse
wagon and a disc harrow Mrs.
j. L. Butt, one mile from Win-
Rev. N- C. Duncan went up the
road Friday evening to fill
Another large shipment of
stove of all sizes received
at A. W. Co.
G. R. Dixon, who underwent
operation at the Robert Bruce
Hospital in Kinston,
has returned home and we are
glad to say is doing well. He
speaks in highest terms of the
service there.
Our fall stock of dry goods,
shoes, notions are open for in-
Come and see us be-
fore buying e We are
prepared to give you bargains.
Harrington, Barber Co.
Heaters of all grades and size.
just received at A. W.
yesterday after having spent
days with Miss Carroll.
near Black Jack,
of all Kinds prepared
at the Carolina Milling mfg.
Quite a number of teachers
from here attended the
association at Greenville today.
Nice dress shoes for ladies and
gentlemen just in at. Harrington,
Barber Co
Now is the time to purchase
your Box Body Carts while
are cheap. The A. G. ox Man-
Co., hive plenty el
them on hand. Call and pee them.
Interest still increases at
meetings which are in progress
at the Free Will Baptist church.
Rev. R. C. Jackson is doing some
excellent preaching.
Have your carts, wagons and
buggies put in good trim for the
fall use. All kinds of repair
work done promptly. Carolina
Milling Mfg. Co.
Dr. L, L. Nash is expected
today. He will conduct a
of meetings here at the
dist beginning Sunday
and continuing through next
Try a tree brand pocket knife-
They are under guarantee
They are kept in stock by B. T.
Cox Bro,
We were at the Bank of Win-
yesterday and Cashier
Jackson informed us that the last
month's deposits wet e the
est in the history of the bank.
The ladies and the girls all
like candy. The kind
at Saul's drug store.
Jno- Allen Hudson, of Black
spent Friday night his
son, Dr. J H. son.
The Ayden ball team
came over Wednesday afternoon
crossed bats with boys.
The score resulted in a ti, to
The was called before
the full nine innings were played
account of darkness
Boot varnish, stains,
coloring etc, at Harrington, Bar-
B. G. Taylor and W. C. Jack-
son, of Ayden. were here Tues-
day evening
Carolina Milling
Co. are prepared to
grind first meal for you at
any Wood work also a
Miss Novella Bunting spent
Sunday at her home in
Prof. G. E. went to
Ayden Tuesday evening.
Notice Our st ck of station
must go. We must make
room for our immense
new goods now coming During
the next forty days we will make
special prices to all our customers
on our box papers.
B. T. Cox Bro.
H B. an agent of the
Southern Railroad, at
spent Sunday here visiting
friends. He is an old pupil of
W. H. S. and we were glad to see
him back.
T. W. Wood Sons 1907
nips and seed can now
be had at the drug store of Dr
B. T. Cox Bro.
The Missionary Baptists are
holding services in the
um of W. II S. while the church
is undergoing repair.
Guaranteed all Rubber, feather
weight rain coats at B. F. Man-
Two wagon loads of school boys
attended the baptismal
F. mill Sunday afternoon
Look-out for our immense fall
stock which will be here in z
few days.
The moving picture entertain-
was quite a success Mon
Have all your wood turning
work done at the Carolina Milling
Mfg. First class work
Mrs. J. T. Mitchell returned to
Saturday morning.
Remember that the A. Cox
Ange a Manufacturing Co. are
the well known Tar Heel
wagons at their U low price.
Miss Chapman is spending
some time this week with Miss
Sadie Carroll in the
Hunsucker buggies are still go-
if you want a nice up-to
date buggy you had
better give him an early call-
Bad bridges are not only
out also very annoying.
We have a few in town the city
fathers ought to look through.
Ward-robe, tables, safes etc-
made to order. Carolina Milling
Mfg. co.
H. A White, of Greenville,
was here Tuesday.
A specialty of stationery at
Saul's drug store.
A- W. Ange spent Sunday with
his aged parents near Jackson
hams and shoulders
at J. K. Smith co
Mrs. A. W. Ange and Miss
Carrie Wesson spent Sunday vis-
ting relatives in Ayden.
The score in the ball game be-
w. to in favor
of W
Co have i;
of the
f f
R-v It.
C X Manufacturing
received a car load
i Pittsburgh welded
ii st popular heights
i hut rock bot-
see them b
c Jackson, of South
holding a of
it the Free Will Baptist
church this week. He is preach-
strong sermons and
m i merest is being shown.
Nice juniper tubs of all sizes
at Harrington Barber Co.
Theodore Cox re from
the exposition Saturday night.
Bagging and ties at Harrington
Barber Co.
Men's fancy ties of all at
B. F. Manning ft Co.
A new lot of best Hour at
Barber Co.
sacks of salt at Han i his Bu
Barber Co.
Rubber shoes of all sizes at.
rubber coats at B. F Manning L
Men's fancy silk mufflers for
the cold winter wind at B. F.
Manning Co.
When in need of nice
driving gloves, and wort
gloves, see B. F Manning Co
Dress goods a specialty, at
B. F Manning Co
We learn that the A. Cox
g Co. are shipping
their well known Co.,
School to different parts
of the State. No school should
Le without them-
Dr. Nash is aiding Rev.
B. E. Stanfield in a meeting
at the Methodist church this
week. sized congregations
are attending the services and
we hope much good will be ac-
Remember that the A. G. Cox
Manufacturing Company are still
making their well known Tar
Heel carts and wagons.
A. G. Cox and L- F- Elliott left
this morning for the State fair.
dress shoes for at B.
F. Manning's company
Our f have been saving
a lot of hay. This county
ought t raise all the hay needed.
By so doing they would save
quite an amount of money. A
farmer does not realize an
item feed is until he has to buy
all he uses, paying probably a
dollar per bushel for corn
to per ton for hay during
summer months.
A new line of plaids and home
spun at B F Manning company
Miss Sadie Carroll, from he
country, was here awhile Tues-
Gents just arrived
at Harrington Barber and com-
Rev. W, E. Cox, of Greenville,
was in town Tuesday.
Oak bedsteads from up.
chairs of all grades,
center tables. Nicest bed room
suits at A. W. Ange and
Rev. T. H. King came over
Monday morning and conducted
devotional exercises at the open-
of school
We have a large line of mat-
ting cheap- A. W. Ange and
The series of meetings at the
Free Will Baptist church closed
Sunday morning. Excellent in-
was shown throughout the
meeting. There were five
to the church. The
of baptism was
at the r Mill Sunday
afternoon. Rev. Mr. Jackson
returned to his home at Clinton
Monday morning.
Miss Mollie Bryan returned to
her school near Stokes Monday
F Carroll and son left this
t the ex;
J. R. Smith and family spent
Sunday at the home of A.
What Wat
On Sunday about half-past
o'clock there was consternation
prevailing among the sinners
and by reason of a strange
rumbling, rushing sound in the
elements Some thought it blast-
other thunder, but the sound
was too uncanny for either and
was heard in all of the
county. Ii seemed passed
over from northwest to the
southeast, and there have been
various conjectures as to what it
was. The general opinion in-
to the that it was a
meteor shooting through space
and it was, but this re-
scribe, being at church,
was undisturbed and has no
opinion to
As for
One thirty-seven
receipt outside corporation at
r Mat be n
Ayden Loan a Ins. t-o
patterns at J. R. Smith
Bring us your beeswax, wool,
hams, shoulders, chicKens and
eggs to J. R. Smith Co.
Ice cream salt at J. R. Smith
Rev. R. H- Jones has resigned
as pastor of the Ayden Chi
church to take effect 3rd Sunday
in October. He goes from here
with the best wishes of all who
know him.
Sauls guarantees all he sells,
especially candy.
Pneumonia Cure at J. R. Smith
W. T Hart and wife are off to
Kinston on pleasure and
Mason fruit jars, taps and rub-
at J. R. Smith co.
The firm of Hart Cox of this
place have mutually retired from
business, selling out their stock
of feed.
cutlery and hard-
ware at J. R. co
That portion of our town from
Cannon to the bank
now is all occupied and seems like
old times. When Smith Bro.,
Mr. Davis and others were over
there This is as good section for
business a in town.
Royal flour, always good and
always at J. R. Smith co.
All the teachers from here at-
tended the meeting in
in Greenville Saturday.
Postmaster Prescott spent the
Jay in Greenville Saturday.
W. J, has discontinued
his brokerage business and is
now for a large mer-
Miss Lizzie who has
been on a visit up in the western
part of the State for several
months has come home.
Louis after
years absence has returned
F. L. Carr and family spent
Sunday with Mrs. Agnes Blount
J. F. left yesterday
for Greensboro on matters per-
to insurance business.
There is a new constable down
J his name
The will be here
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Oct. and They come
well endorsed and we bespeak
for them a crowd.
Large quantities of cotton are
still co i in.
F. G. James was I-ere
Monday and J.
from Greenville.
The crowds from the
and the convention have all
come home-
;.; Killed.
Mr. Wright Nelson, of Bethel,
who was a in the freight
service of Atlantic Coast
Line, running between
Point and v M fell
night and the
running him cut his
body into
i all ho
M e for
For fresh and cheap goods go
c E. E. Co., they
have the best.
Aha. J. E. of
Greene county, and lira. Daisy
of have been
visiting the family of W. L.
this week.
Overcoats at a bargain Big lot
just received. See our line be-
buy. J, R.
borne or from
here attended the Red Men's
powwow at y
J. R. Smith Co. have e.
a car load of
W. G. and
Turnage have to o ashing-
ton this week.
Now for a new fall salt. Don't
fail to see our line before you
J. It. Turnage and
J- N. Alexander has gone north
to purchase his fall goods-
Mr. and Mrs Ben Smith, Mrs.
C. C. and Mrs. C. L- Pat-
rick are away in attendance upon
the Primitive Baptist Association
this week, at Elm City.
Buy a pair of our patent
leather for men. Ever
pair guaranteed not to crack
s candy duvet from
factory at Saul's drug store.
Amos Tyson, of Goldsboro, is
here on a visit to his mother
Our line of 3.00 Hat
just received- Any style and
shape Guaranteed. J. R.
and company
J. J. Edwards Son have just
received a car load of Ell wood
wire fence. Can furnish any
Harry of
was here Friday on professional
business in a J. P's court.
See our beautiful line of ladies
dress goods you buy. J
R, Turnage and company.
The very best and cheapest
hair brushes, combs, and
at Saul's drug store,
Jesse Cannon, Rev. R H.
Jones, William Forest and wife
and J. S. left yesterday to
attend the Disciple convention
now is session at Norfolk.
Go to E E- Co. new
market for beef, fresh meats,
and fresh fish.
If you wish something nice
buy a box of candy from
Saul's at the drug store.
There was a large number of
cotton sold on this mark-
et yesterday.
If you want a new fall suit, we
have them, Latest styles and
prices reasonable. J R Turnage
and comp my
Call at the Drug Store
cure one of those excellent
M, Sauls.
Thad Hart has been to Ci Seville.
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say nothing of the
in having a first class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store secure this much need-
ed article.
Big lot cots latest styles, very
comfortable at J. R. Smith Co
The reg-
meeting, Wednesday even-
anticipate a fine oyster sup-
per, squirrel on toast and
other attractive features.
Overcoats and rain coats at
bargains Don't fail to see
J R company
W- L Browning, keeper
for the J. R. Smith Go after an
absence of several weeks at his
home in Martin confined
with fever, has recovered and is
again at his post. His friends
are all glad to see him for he is
an unusually popular
R. W. Smith and W. F.
have the Pitch
Seine Beach and w put it L.
thorough condition. They will
raise the beach d widen the
channel as to operate a seine
near yards next season.
v 9th. day of No
an execution
issued by J. R J. P. in
attachment proceedings of J. J.
vs. Ed Rouse and Carrie
House to satisfy said execution I
will expose at public sale in the
Ayden. N. C. the follow
personal tub and
contents pump and piping,
stove, l box and contents,
and contents, ch Horn,
i ice Cream freezer. bucket,
wash pot. liable, box, bed-
steads, sets bed springs, Boy
wagon, Bench and stool
This Oct. 1907.
S. Moore
Offer their entire stock of No-
Groceries and Confection-
for sale in bulk. Terms
cash, call on them if you wish a
bargain. A nice large large
large brick store in which to con-
duct business can be rented on
easy terms.
D. S. Moore, Bro
per cent- of the
man family is is the
ion expressed by a Tennessee
alienist. Then how does he ac-
count for the face that a majority
of American voters permit the
Republican party to hoodwink
them into voting co keep it in
power so it can tax them
unreasonably and outrageously
for the benefit of the
Fine Farm.
For sale, lease or rent on easy
terms. One mile from Green
ville. About acres cleared.
Good land for cotton, tobacco or
trucking, foundation. No
nut crass, no grass.
Aptly to W. H, Allen, Green-
ville, N. C.
lice in Building
By e of h decree of the Superior
Court county i Special
No. 1485, entitled J. R. Bunting v
Robert the undersigned
will sell for cash before the
court house door in Greenville on
Se t. a, 1907, the following d-
real estate. One lot in the
town of being the store lot now
occupied by J. R. Bunting and the
buildings on said lot, said lot bounded
the north by Railroad st., on th
east by the lot owned by M J Grimes
Co., on the south by Mack G Rogers
and ft Bros, and on the west by
Blount I store and hotel, being
that was conveyed
to S , cherry Bunting by
deeds, from M L T and the
other deed f om Blount Bro
One I it in Bethel
north by Railroad street, on east by Mrs
H Bullocks, on south by the lot own-
by Knox ft co Mack G Rogers
and on west by J R Nelson property.
Also one piece or parcel of land
bounded on the by Railroad street
and the property, on the east by
the Nelson property, on south the
of James,
and on the west
street, containing more
or F. commissioner
Dr Joseph Dixon
Ayden, N. C.
i OF
N. w.-s-
At the of business 1906.
Overdrafts secured
Furniture Fixtures 610.59
an I era
cash items 9.80
Gold coin 120.00
Silver coin 1.872.06
Nat. bk notes other 1,836 I
Capital stock
surplus fund
profits 436.79
Bills Payable
subject to 29,181.07
cashier's checks outstanding
, of the hick, do
above statement tine to h.-t bit and b-
and sworn to
m . h of Aug 1907- .
J. If

ti C arc i
It to I an.
In the third week in June, -n lie tr -j which is not
a custom a . It is
thousand years Beat to fold all one's clothes when
of thousands flock to in biking them oil for the night, but
so, India, for the religious festival it is not hygienic to do this, for the
Fro-1 the temple the famous car
of is brought forth and
through the streets. It
the annual procession of
of the cod or
lord of the universe, whose
image or logs and
with stumps of rests within
the colossal car.
Hundreds of pilgrims harness
themselves to the stout cables by
which the cot is drawn. As they
pull the ponderous t a r on its
wheels themselves
up to a degree of fervor
little short of madness. And fa-
to under the
wheels as voluntary If to
their idol, civil
Tent any of suicide.
that to fain
favor of opens
the gates of Therefore in
the days before the
of India natives occasionally
cast their bodies under the car to
be crushed to a pulp, the belief be-
that self immolation would
be speedily rewarded by entrance
into paradise.
The car is forty-three feet high.
Its wheels are each more than six
feet high. A wooden cage around
the an of recent years,
keeps fanatics from jumping upon
their idol within. Body and wheels
are of wood sculptured
and inlaid, and for the festival the
car is draped with gold
Lucky Escape.
years says an Ala-
congressman, son of Erin
had the misfortune to be charged
with stealing pork. Being without
counsel, the court appointed a young
sprig of the law to represent him. j buttons
It was a poor effort made to defend Stitch this
garments must be aired if they are
to be sanitary. Even if they have
worn only a few hours odors
f the body have been absorbed and
should be given an opportunity to
evaporate. This is best
by spreading every piece of
so that it will air, and in
the morning, if not put on, then it
may be folded neatly and put away,
been cleaned its air
At all seasons beds should
stripped of covers every morning
and spread near a window, where
the sun will strike them for a time.
put into the win-
i not only sun. but draft,
will play about to air end keep them
from getting musty. This may be
early in the morning without
offending the eyes of the neighbors.
should be half turned
and r. lowed to stay in the sunlight
in to be surrounded by air.
Other thing that need airing are
and slippers. To keep them
R h rt say
do a i j
worry about him n
hi i- nut of sight. We . e.- s
I V rel. I
he is will ; I n
of t-. We know the
ill w n
e will Know all
We d.
lo as him when he is going- or
how long he will cone every
time he leaves the house.
don't lave to call him back a
make him the
same thing over and i. When
h s .,.;, I . r I
that settle it
. n
he is
h Seen t
n of
be members of Tar River
L d e No. Knights of
have learned with profound re-
of the gloom that has settled
in the home of and
brother, Mr. J. S Mooring, tried or of infant
wish t i Brother
Mooring and his wife our tender
kt in the bereave
We re our
they should be put into a the beautiful
window as soon taken off and
allowed to remain there for
At least a week all should
pieced where strong inn will beat
into them, but before this sunning
should be wiped with soda
Long or Short Sleeve.
is a scheme
which one
the prisoner, and the members of
the jury without leaving their seats
returned a verdict of guilty. The
court asked the prisoner if he had
anything to say why sentence should
not be pronounced. His reply
honor, it is hard for a
man to go to prison without a fair
had a fair said
the judge. court appointed
counsel to defend
Irishman cast a glance at
the young and
if I'd had two such this
jury would have hung me for
may have n long or short sleeve in
one gown. Make a sleeve that
reaches to the wrist. Finish so that
it will be large enough for the el-
bow also. Then take a strip of em-
that has perforation on its
lower edge in color like the waist
and stitch it straight around the
sleeve five inches below the
earn. Make a band of the
goods i inch wide sew pretty
in groups all around it.
about five
of F. C H. is ever alive in
and when one r is
called upon to pass through the
sorrow, the
beats in unison with his in
his hour of
A. B. Ellington,
R I G .-.
H. B. Smith.
Reports received by the
i at from the
warehouses of the state places
Wilson the lead
with n place
and -to-i third
Rocky Mount, L-0
t ice and
The amount of re j s
it i by ., i
hand s lies from t i
e in
;,. i
By i of sale
. ; in n n deed
if m from Mack Mar.-
wife. Manning
i f
n d duly in th office
of Pitt
county in b P page
we will on day day of
Goto 1901 t the Court house
of Put. county at
noon, i If r for sale at
auction ire following de
Adjoining the land of L D.
Jim Griffin, Ben
Jones and and
bounded as s; on the
y L. D. on
east by J. A. on the
U. Parker who is
d to represent the r in and vicinity
Farmville, N. C, Oct 1907
W R. Home and W . Lang WILSON STREET.
to . Farmville. N. G.
J f
IV- who bi ;
doom Sat
o-c ii to their parents
and returned Monday. re-
port a very full school.
The Woman's B A-
grad had
a sale after-
noon and cleared tor the
t of the building and
grounds of the school
Airs. John departed
this life last Saturday morning.
She had in poor i
en months and went t. the
hospital in Tarboro hoping t Le
b. but the grim
death, who calls the fairest
called her away.
infant child died only a
few minutes previous and was
with her.
She was a faithful member of
years in
Artistic work guaranteed
Enlarging a
Clark, Proprietor.
N. C.
guaranteed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
Razors, Clean
D. on; the ME church and her friends
NO acE. e west by Bi n A n j j b ;,.,, .,
co riming one acres
more or less. She
Terms of sale This . .;
lay of September,
Coal of Fir.
That the does not
appreciate metaphor-is well
illustrated by the following
A district visitor in a small town
was calling at the house of a poor
woman whose husband occasionally
came home much the worse for
liquor. a trouble,
the poor woman complain-
ed, the time I've to
git out bed and walk
over the stairs and open the door to
and car carry him to bed,
e so drunk
most hate to a
remonstrated the lady visitor,
should try gentler means and heap
coals of fire upon his
of fire Fancy that, and I
never thought upon
the time I've water
over but .-awls of
Grand Magazine.
will depend upon the sleeve length,
also whether elbow length or not is
embroidery per-
Fasten the perforations
over the buttons if you de. ire short
sleeves and unbutton when you
wish them long. The decoration is
attractive on either. Unbutton
when wash waist.
Homo Nursing.
A bottle full of hot water at the
back of the neck will often cure
nervous headache.
For. neuralgia on the left side of
the free put the right hand in
as hot as can be borne. If the
is on the right side, hold the
left hand in the water. Neuralgia
is purely a nerve ailment, as its
name implies, and this simple treat-
warms the chilled nerves
which arc suffering.
Some one who has tried it says
that heal an ingrowing
toe mil when less simple remedies
have effect. the head of a
match and powder the charred part,
pressing it down around the nail.
Codfish Hash.
Cut fine one cup of potatoes as
for hash and add ore cup of salt
washed and shredded into small
Put the fish and potatoes
into a frying pan and cover with
boiling water. Cook until potatoes
are tender, drain, add lard or any
fat you may prefer and fry. If
have any
makes it
salt pork or bacon, it
to cut it into
North Pi t
r M
A wilt
R. and D. O. Moore.
if mis i-;. R
id O. above U
notice that c
bus been d in the Sup-
r e . Pi . by the
p. twined against
the t ab e n mod for
i , j . ; ,.,
. . in I .
CO e. oil
d o. hi
II this and fur Die
p . s
and and
vii d. Hid the said
E i. an D
w i.
l. the
. . r term, th ; up
in it of Pi t to be
b d mi M- in
. ii being the day of
at court
in y in Green-
N, i. on demur
complaint of the plaintiffs
i -i. or
will ii;. to tie court f r the
d com
lie t of
D. C. Moore,
sup court
TAX not;
will attend the owing
times and places purpose
of Pitt for the year
E. R.
O Moore
several whom we extend
I sympathy.
The young. t child of Mrs,
. Mary who died a few
I we last Sunday.
. Oct, 3rd,
Mrs. J. x. Jo
Tho Green Peril.
is a liquor prepared by
steeping especially
anise and wormwood, in alcohol for
several days. It is greenish in col-
or. It was introduced into
by soldiers stationed in Algiers be-
tween 1830 and 1850, for whom it
had been prescribed as a
Its indulgence becomes a habit like
that of alcohol, opium, cocaine, etc., J
but its are more
than those of most liquors or
drugs. produces
and loss of mental
Stokes, Carolina towns-hp, Sat-
urn add to the hash Oct. 19th
Falkland. township,
Saturday, Oct 19th, 1907.
without the power
habitual use brings
Baked Codfish.
Cover km cup
with cold . and let it come to
a boil. Drain off the water, cut the
fish in small and mix it with
two of mashed potatoes, one- Wednesday,
half a cup of molted butter, two
cups of milk or cream, two well
beaten and a little pepper.
Bake in a quick oven for one-half
f , , Ayden. township
of salted codfish Saturday, Oct 19th, 1907.
Hells X Roads, town-
Tuesday. Oct. 1907.
Smith's, Beaver Dam town,
of action. Its
on tremors and paralysis in
arms especially, with epilepsy
delusional insanity.
Singular and
Little Mabel had often to
her father over the telephone, but
had never gone through the
formalities necessary for calling
him up.
At la
Potato Fritters.
Grate five boiled potatoes, mis
well with five of
flour, one of baking
powder and a little salt, mixing at
lightly as possible. Add one-half
cup milk and two well beaten
eggs. Drop the mixture by table
spoonfuls in boiling fat tor eight
minutes. Drain well and sine.
To Clean Mica.
Ai stoves are generally
fitted with little mica windows. If
these get wipe them
last, however, she wanted to with a cloth dipped in warm
his, so she took the receiver and afterward polish with dry dust-
Never use water for cleaning
Be the, Bethel township, Sat-
Oct. 1907.
Oct. 26th 1907.
Creek town-
ship, Saturday, Oct. 26th, 1907.
day, Oct- 26th, 1907.
P. township,
pi rt es owing taxes are re-
quest d meet me at these
L. W. Tucker, Sheriff.
a blessing. Hive you tot it
not, you should wear glasses
It will only make it dull
the hook.
want to speak to she
asked central
In that calm, passively resistant
which is to found only in
telephone ladies.
replied little Mabel,
surprised at the question and proud of prepare chalk. This liquid pow.
her knowledge of grammar, u perfectly harmless.
the mica,
Liquid Powder.
To one-half ounce of tincture
add one ounce of
one ounce f and two ounces, J
Let me lit your eye, and
desired relief
Horology and Optics
i a
North Carolina, Pit c ,
the 1907.
J. ,. bland and wife M. A. Bland.
E. A. ii. with tin latest
o v,
The lie K. it. . r was
that an action has beta In I Tuesday and Wednesday.
the superior court of county
led us which said Mrs. J. Stanley Smith enter-
by the a per-1, . , , .
Mon will be tamed the Woman's Magazine
evening at
on street.
to A most enjoyable program was
superior .
; on the carried out and all enjoyed the
very much, this being
first meeting they have had
situate in tho State
And the said defendants
take that they are r
the next term oft
court of I'm county, to b- Ii
2nd Monday before the 1st
September, it being the 19th
gust 1907, at the court House
and answer or demur to the ,. plaint their president, Mrs Smith
in Action, the will
to the court the relief demand- presort for some time Those
July 1907. Present were Mesdames W. C
a. c. Moore. I Askew, W. R. Home, J. F. Joy-
clerk tout. Pitt count w j,
M. Pollard, Sue M.
OF A-CANT LAND. Perkins.
T r. , . Merrill and Mollie E. Rouse.
J K- enters aid m, . ,
claims about acres, more or Th young men gave a dance
of vacant land lying in on Wednesday night in
township, Pitt county, N. hall that was most highly enjoyed
C, on north side of river, in those dancing. Quite a
and en the cast side of Pea out of town were present
adjoining the t u
lands of J. R. Davenport's ; IS
and Tucker place, the John Ward and surpasses any of the
J. J. Sat- kind ever lure before.
heirs, Howell White-
ts repaired, clean-
el and pressed.
J. G.
lAt Parker's Old
N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Carts
and W
kind of work in
k guaranteed.
Company will insure any on
any trace of
Every trace of kidney trouble is
will be paid by the
Co- of
any case of kidney
trouble SOL will not help
A word to the wise.
For sale by
Farmville, N. C.
For Sal v One Pony th
v. an kind and gentle. Any
can drive Apply to
I Farmville, N- C.
head, deceased, Walter
This August th,
F. Davenport,
for J. R. rt.;
Any person or persons Internal Revenue Service
title to interest in the fore-
going described land must
their protest in with mt
within the next thirty days, or
they will be barred by law.
By virtue of the power of con
c Dennis and
the day of September and
recorded in the Register of deeds
office of Pitt North Carolina,
in to S, the d
will e. one to sale, before the
s door in to tip
; ft,
n certain tract or I of I n
lying and being in the county of
and Carolina de-
scribed as to ;
In township
ed as follow; near Ayden
known the. Rowe-i tract of and
owned by Dennis, and
the lam's of Rachael Cox,
Frank John Cox Joe
contain acres n ore or c.-8. Ami
3-7 of the i former y by
the Jordan Cox heirs and Aaron
horn J. M. Dixon and the late
John James land, to satisfy
mortgage died. Terms of sale,
his of
R. COt
Skinner e. Attorneys,
District of North Carolina
Littleton, N. C , Sept. 3rd 1907.
virtue of authority given in sec-
wan ant
of issued against
John taxes
against him under the I,
I have Two and one halt
town lots in the town of
N. C. being the same or of
land upon which is situated a store
house occupied by T . i and
aid in which they
business. This lot or parcel of lam
well burned
brick at my factory now
for sale at reasonable
Prices, R. E Belcher
. , . Farmville N C
I have just returned from the
northern markets, where I
a superb and complete
line of millinery, notions, sick
dress trimmings,
a Am prepared to suit all
both In quality and p-ice. Will
same milliner. Miss
El in Watson; who ran trim to
in The
public invited to call
and Inspect my store.
r i, P
L. Davis and Bros
wife rah Dennis to t. it. i will be i gored for-ale to the
th,, ill Infill.,, . l m , . J W
bidder for cash on Tuesday the 1st.
of October 1907 at o'clock m at
l house door in the town of Green
v lie N. C. R. J. Lewis
Deputy Collector
Revenue Service.
4th North
Col tor's Office.
Littleton, N. C. Aug. 10th 1907.
By virtue u
ii am J. tuxes as-
st him the Internal
laws, have the
ii of a power of sale
C.-n If a certain deed of
from C. A. Fair and
Hie E. Fair his wife, to E. R.
k. rand D. O. Moore, dated
day October, 1906, and
in the office of the
of de of Pitt
e day of
the court hi u.-e door of
county .-it twelve
n i-. offer for sale at public
the following described
r Cox's
southwest corner on Academy
St., and runs easterly with Jose-
Cox's line to his other
thence parallel
with Academy St., yards,
parallel with Josephus
Cox. s line to Academy St, thence
the begin-
Mules and Th s property will ore-half acre
e ;. J under the farm or terms of sale Cash.
Wanning near C of Sen ember. 1907
the U day of Sept. 1907 R
N. C. R- J-
V ;
Truth in Fiction.
,. E liter and Owner.
.,. i i ii as i n l i i i j i
g i
by la of
N. C, Oct.
., v I at o'clock Mrs ting to the fact that the Baptists It has been but a few years Ada
steamboats on Tar river longer and Mrs- Potter, fl ho had for since every State I
than man a knows hr
on River. A
who has been captain or Richmond. Oct.
In a sermon in Raleigh
in a sermon in last .,.,, r c n , ,
Sunday Rev. Livingston Johnson, Pm-P Extra Pay for N .
corresponding secretary of the
Baptist State Convention,
Washington, D. C, Oct
of of North
Staton, who tor e since every . a-J
ii the Tayloe Hospital Wash i separation of Church and St ; the rising . , .
K, like a book, in W-wt --l her lit to l
Greenville the general th
He brought up steamer , . last even
Bell, which he tells will on
begin a regular Bishop Fer u on. Africa,
j v . -.-. i. d ;
for carrying
The i
operating s ,,,. a col .
also negotiating of circle on terms -I
steam rs between Washington a . at
and Norfolk, and the Hay his is
Susie Pool
died. She had boon unconscious
in to West, and
act of the last Legislature with there was presented treasury for some for ad-
turned the hands on the dial bat k an inviting picture of the for- diurnal pay r sol-
. . . . . MA . . C
war for the
s period to their muster
almost the whole time since the years. A woman came to tunes that awaited who
of her child, and the strain during the sitting of e would take the opportunity. That s . period i to their muster
J, of grief was too for the legislature who could teach a section of our country with its in- the States army has
to Lear. railroad -r in of lob- abundant fields, supposed rich . the O
Mis. Staton belonged to one of She said she found- of every kind of ore, and
the oldest most prominent ed an orphanage and de- prices offered for labor.
families in this
i- . t vi . . i
section. She pending on the Lord alone for its expenses almost nothing, found due by the
Big Cay's
The National of Green-
h id a record breaking day's
business on Monday. The
is of i i
t, and
This is
record, especially torn
bank that is only s year-and-a-
did, and sh how y
the National lank of
grows in with the business
The and
-r- a-.- d
the work it is
Hr- F. -I. i re-
cash r of this bank
proving an fir the
He is one of own
b- and eve-
rain of
The B- Side
Much of in life
d Is upon way
I you are looking for the
things will be pretty
find tin n. But if you
are for tin; brightening
u also b
Try and see the
boat that is in ; everyone
has s m good qualities if you
trouble t- look f r ti
There are some unfortunates
who if turning
t W I w an
often is great
leave them alone But we
must not do that, for on every
one there rests a m o-
n to help our fellow beings
all can ; in finding good
in them we re helping them
w higher plane, both in
their own and the world's
M. F. in Word and
the dinner h honor of
th African bishop r. it which was fashionable in those
has-been I w-i id- Mrs. father, th.
Theodore Boole, while he
those who have h of it, aid Was Senator of this district, went
in ; to in seeming perfect
and it i
pub ass slur upon lb i,
then pi of vPotter is accepting.
This is only ,
which Bishop i bus
entertained socially in R i n I.
were pres
so far as can
.-.-. . Carolina, whoa
V jumped into the water and to have dropped from the Lord r in this
was saved by her hoop skirt, last Legislature, a sacred But to the majority,
which has always been reports as to
cherished by the i ; rich have
ruthlessly trampled under foil. thrown on them by
Some that the property d-vs t, . iS v.;,., have be
not b a church out , . ,,;
vest d the manager,
health, and dropped dead in the I
Yarborough House A few ., h
years after his death, Mrs. Sta- D that matters any ;., .,,.
i in l . . ., .-,
crop i
ton, th n a young girl with her
for A.-h
for the summer . d
Statesville they were in the fa-
Bostian bridge wreck, the .
the most disastrous in
of in
The two were
thrown out of the train, and t
II is the . to w
i to pi- i.
e this ho in the
i i .
I that living
oh of the institution to which I
this , is given a meeting is a
being held by those who hold that former resident of North Car
religious The
Mr. Johnson is right.
Una who is tern k in th
section appearing elsewhere in
this . the heading
charged to the
late -r. The tabulation
s, out a
. ,. i om checks
will w it fro i
ices i .-
r p y the troops
led t i in an
, h
a n Ii e
. . .-.
on r
at r ice
i o t a of the
r State; u
J it
th grew into
of ad persons and popular in
through -J. tin succumb- many the State.
to The she reached woman-
hamlet holds r -cord she her first
its number victims, and
of the occurrence a
was erected on the
there. Now ye r
there is a procession. Host
it turn .-it h-re, where they lived happily
insect p and o H-vii- m for
the in mo-i-i
James Grist Staton, at the re-i-
d. of her relative, Mrs, W. T
in after
they went their family
young to hear of anybody one dollar i con-s
can defend it The Biblical Re- two dollars per day, and when
cord The Landmark, and yon get there, you will be no
other papers condemned it j nearer the promised land than
as sin; is was made you are now
Miss Perry may
a good w we make no
man. stay at
,. h-is men scene
i many a delightful party of the
young s friends.
st r of
When the is a
i; in search
If North Carolina county
News and Observer
; carry
m with
b is poured int.
and a m i The
anniversary is the
most event of
Country Gentleman.
John Dennis and wife
B. i E Jones D. O.
The fen B. B.
viii i., e that an
in tho
curt by the
above i against
defendants above for
the purpose of enjoining and
restraining the said defendant
from mortgage
. and tho notes set out
Washington to Raleigh on described in complaint
schedule. It is going to tiled In this cause
afford a convenient line for pet-
ting from here to Raleigh, or
westward from that city.
Through Schedule to
On Thursday, 24th. the Nor-
folk Southern railway will be-
gin running trains through from
no . ,. , , .
of that fact. But the
orphanage at Thomasville, I preserving your present home,
the Methodist and Catholic or- j property and happiness in the
y -v at Raleigh, the North State than in throwing
IV ,.
been the scene of pal at Charlotte t em and trying a new
tho Presbyterian orphanage at In the majority
Barium are doing and have long cares, it fails and that which you
been doing a good noble once had cannot be regained.-
work. If the State is going to Winston Union Republican,
to orphanages some of these
institutions, or all of them, have
a stronger claim than the
at Marion. And yet to give
to any of them would violate a
Tract of land containing
s. six miles from
on road. Good
virtue the power of sale
contained in a mortgage deed and
lien execute and delivered by
Joseph H. Everett to Webb ft
White on the of
and duly recorded in
the register of deeds
Pi-t i-
N page the
signed will expose to public Bale,
before the court house door in
for cash, to
highest bidder, on Saturday the
Kith day of November the
owing real property to wit;
A tract, or parcel of ind lying
in township. Pitt county
h containing one
acres more or less,
the lands of A
; on. Harry
y and being a part
. Keel land, to satisfy
October 1907
White, Mortgagees, i
j u
lose of having the
and null and
void, and the said defendants B,
II ii and . , O .
will further take
are r at t o
of t e
Superior coo t of county,
t be hold on b Monday
Four Now.
Sometime ago, about the be-
ginning of the tobacco season,
the board of began con-
principle which others than t of town th
hold dear. Mr. Johnson force being three. Tao
remarks arc timely. This act of additional men, Messrs. M. Flem-
the legislature is in
Statesville Landmark.
the time had
case t nut was
by n
ed by in pi a new
Dill I id C I
s until
January 1st,
Mr. J. J Cher t the
here for the T r
the now
company that will, team-
between and
Greenville. Jo is a
f f. u-e at the wharf,
f j ears be an
agent the
com s t hat have op -rated
river n The new
is fortunate in scoring
him, for be knows the business
thoroughly and a the
confidence of all -i people
and shippers of th He
will draw a liberal share of
The News has it on the very
best authority that there is a
strong probability of a com-
promise between the state and
and J. W. Tucker, were nut
on temporarily so as to determine
what force was needed. At the p
last regular meeting of the board I he the suits now
it was decided that the services the terms of
of one of the extra could, the state will dismiss its
riff G. M. Mooring, in be dispensed with alter the its and fines imposed if
township. his daughter November lo de J
and ad.
o of the plaintiffs m said
actions or the p will
suit pure, -i r.
apply to E.
R. F. D. No. C, Greenville,
Baptist association
meet with church
to the court relief de-
in sail
This tho day of Septum-
Moo-e Ho k superior
emit of Pitt county.
Tuesday afternoon at the home
Miss Ida and Mr. Ernest B.
Whichard were married by Elder
M. T. Lawrence. Mrs. Levi
Holliday played the wedding
march as the couple entered the
parlor, and ts and
during the ceremony. A large
relatives and friends
were in attendance upon the
marriage and the couple received
many handsome presents.
The bride was married in a
beautiful dress of white silk, and
soon the ceremony this
was changed to a handsome
brown coat suit. The couple
on the evening train for a
bridal tour to northern cities.
November, to . ,.,.,
one to keep in service the board railroads will submit to the rate
held a special meeting Tuesday i and try it fairly until the
. a. M , . . ,. , i . , t . t n
night, Mr. Fleming was
elected a regular member of the
police force.
Graded Notes.
People living within the bounds
of the Greenville graded school
district are hereby that
no children who are beginners
will be admitted to the school
after Nov. 1st. .
Children who will be six years
old before Dec. may enter at
any time before Nov. 1st.
Children who are not begin-
will be admitted at any time
during year.
Oct. H B. Smith, Supt.
next session of legislature.
We would be exceedingly glad
to see this vexing question set-
in this way. We believe it
would go far towards allaying
the feeling that now exists
against the railroads.
And we believe further, that
if after a fair trial the cent
rate proves too low that the
of the state will see to it that
justice is done the railroads.
hope that some
such amicable solution as that
suggested above may be reached
at an early date.

Eastern reflector, 18 October 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
October 18, 1907
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