Eastern reflector, 6 September 1907

, . fine toilet
vet n Ore rang from to
Par aid
u to
i. LET and LILAC, French milled,
y perfumed, and packed a cakes to special, the
Violet, Heliotrope. Rose
I special, cake box.
Visit our thoroughly equipped toilet department aid get
your supplies cheaper than are aware they could be
J. R. J. G.
Off to New York
. Forbes
The Man's Outfitter
how in New York purchasing new Fall and
Winter Goods
Watch this space for
with lots of new goods
the season's latest
ions. Both quality and
r -i
. V
7-,., ,
to sent the Reflector in and vicinity.
List of Claims Audited and Allowed by
the Board of of the Town
of Greenville from 1906 to
June 1907.
Water Light Com
H I. Carr
F M Wooten
Water Light Own
H Fender
II L Can-
Water Light Com
J T Smith f
Mrs W A Bowen
Saker Hart
H L Carr
Laughinghouse Move
G a Clark
J A Dunlap
S T White
Pitt County Buggy
Water Light om
F M Wooten
H L Carr
G A dark
Mrs Fleming
Sam Plaice
H L Carr
IS Wm H Long
Gov J
Art Con Co
II W Whedbee
H L Carr
Bryan Grimes
T E Hooker Co.
W Wilson Treas
John King
F M Wooten
T E Hooker Co
Baker Hart
A Blake
John Flanagan B Co
H L Carr
Jas Tyson
Gov The J Jarvis
J fl
Frank Wilson
ti Geo J Woodward
W E Moore
Jas C Tyson
C D Rountree
John Flanagan B Co
Building Lumber Co
Balance on hand June 29th
Amt Reed from J T Smith
General Taxes
License on Drays, Restaurants etc
Court Cost
sale of old Lamps
J T Smith for Wood
Money Borrowed for Sewerage
from Dispensary
paid out for Streets 1306
Policemen 1707
Clerk and Treas 1602
Feeding Prisoners
Diphtheria Small Pox
Fire Department
. Market Guard House
Water Light Pumps
Office Rent
Printing Advertising
Miscellaneous 1266
to Treas of Pitt county J
Receipts from Dis-
for hit on borrowed
for Sewerage
Paupers .
Transferred to cemetery fund
On hand
General Merchants
Main and Wilson Farmville, N. C
Dry Clothing. Heavy and
Fancy Groceries, Fur-
Stock Feed, and Fertilizer.
and Rifles and
Farmville. Aug. 1907.
Judging from the rumbling of
vehicle wheels, the sound of the
hammers, the comers and goers.
Farmville. N. C.
Fancy crowds faces see,, i
Farm vii fir the past
the tobacco
ks and
, week, may or might feel as-
sured of good Thanksgiving
years experience in a merry Christmas
Artistic work guaranteed
Enlarging a
Clark, ProprietorFarmville. N. C.
guaranteed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow-
Gents r. repaired, clean-
ed and pressed.
J. G.
Parker's Old
Farmville, N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Carts
and Wagons.
In fact any kind of work in
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
Optician and Watch-maker,
Glasses Fitted. Examination of
eyes free.
All watch clock work
Sean ,
Amt on hand July 1st 1906
Amt Reed from A II Taft
Amt Reed from General Fund
Amt Vouchers paid
By Amt from A H Taft
To Amt Vouchers paid t
To Amt to balance
By Amt on hand July 1st 1906
By Amt from J C Tyson Tax collector
To Amt of coupons paid
To Amt on hand to balance
C. T.
Greenville, B. C.
By Amt on hand July 1st 1906
By Amt from J c Tyson Tax collector
To Amt Trust Co
To Amt on hand to balance
Company will insure any on
any trace of
Kidney Trouble
Every trace of kidney trouble is
will be paid by the Inter-
state Chemical Co., of Baltimore,
Mu. for any case of kidney
trouble SOL will not help.
A word to the wise.
For sale by
Farmville, N. C.
heard some of our tobacco
men say if they had The
tor in Farmville they could make
it bring all its worth. But, Mr.
Editor, we want to warn you in
time to be sure and sell your pa-
per to some one that has got the
old Pitt county get up in him, for
we have been taking your
cine so long we hardly know how
to make the change.
Rev. Mr. Walker, of Washing-
ton, State evangelist for the
Christian church, has been in
Farmville since Friday and given
that congregation some very able
and instructive sermons. The
audiences Sunday morning and
evening were very large. Be-
sides Mr. Walker's fine sermons
they received quite another treat.
Hiss Mary who has just
returned from New England
Conservatory, favored us with
two beautiful solos.
Miss Emmie Smith, of Green-
ville, is taking her vacation with
her sister, Mrs. C. L.
We noted the presence of G. L.
Wilkinson in our midst Sunday.
Carlyle of Atlanta,
been home on a visit,
returned Saturday.
Mrs. R. R. Carr and Mrs. Fan-
Turnage, of Denver, Col.
spent Monday with Miss Ada
Publication of Summons.
North Carolina, Pitt county
In the Superior court August term 1907.
J. L. Bland and wife H. A. Bland,
E. R. A, I. Croaker and the
Bank of Lauderdale ,
The defendants, E, R.
and the Hank Lauderdale, in
the above entitled action will take notice
has been commenced in
the superior Court of Pitt county,
led as above, which said action U
by the a
Mortgage, which will be specifically
set out described in the
to be filed in action, on real
situate in North Carolina
Ami defendants will further
take notice that they are requested to
appear at the next term of the superior
Court f Pitt county, to held on the
before the 1st Monday in
September, it being the 19th of Au-
gust 1907, at the court Mouse in said
County, in Greenville. North Carolina.
answer or demur complaint
in Action, or the plaintiff will
ply Court the relief demand-
en in said complaint.
This the day of July 1907.
c Moore,
clerk superior Court, Pitt count
Having qualified as Executor
Sown H of B The g Conservatory of
county, this is to notify all per-j
sons having claims against the at Boston has eighty pianos
estate said deceased to they would not he there if
to the undersigned within of
twelve months from this date or
this notice will be plead in bar
of their recovery. All persons in-
to said will please
make immediate payment.
This the day of July. 1907
F. G. J. L. Sugg.
Atty. Executor.
Parker For Rights.
Portland, Me-, August
a speech before the American
Mercantile Association, which
has its annual session here,
Judge Alton B. Parker, demo-
candidate for the
in 1904, expressed himself
in favor of State rights.
grade. The Bureau of Music of
Jamestown Disposition, after
Investigation pianos of the
highest grade, recommend th
roe Official Piano of the
Exposition. All the
mu best in Norfolk use
Slit A pianos exclusively, and all
mus thorn for
mil tone an quality.
Sold from Maker to us. r, saving
you one or two profits.
Write particulars to
L. C. Street, Manager
St., Norfolk,
D. J. and Owner.
Troth in Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
Opinion of a North Carolina Visitor
in Oklahoma
E. L. Little, of Gastonia. N
C., is in the city relatives
and incidental I v doing a
prospecting. Mr Little, in an
interview last night gave a brief
outline of the cotton mill
try in his city
Gastonia is a city of in-
habitants and has cotton mills,
Mr. Little was surprised that
a city the size of and
it too being the largest inland
cotton market, in the world, had
mot taken this matter up long
have no trouble whatever
in raising money to build a cot-
ton mill in our said Mr.
that too when we
ship nearly all cotton that is
consumed from Mississippi. Why
you people could nearly keep
that many mills running in the
city with your wagon trade. Our
mills consume about bales
of cotton a day, and they tell me
that yon have had over
bales marketed here in a season.
There is no question as to a
cotton mill being a pro-
position. We have one mill with
as that cast one hundred thou-
sand dollars and last year paid
the stockholders in pro-
fits. There never was one in the
con that went under per
cent., and from, that to per
Little, what would you
suggest for the city as a starter
in this asked the
Well, I will tell you, a five o-
ten thousand spindle would be my
advice, preferably a five thou-
sand mill; that ill cost
one hundred and ten
thousand d liars complete,
will give employment to about a
hundred bands. When I say
complete, I mean that
the cottages for the employees.
Most of the cotton mills build
these for their we
absolutely draw the line on com-
commissaries. opera
get their money every
Saturday and are at liberty
to spend it where and how
about was
that depends on the
operative. I would figure on
about p r, day on an aver-
age. Of course, there are many
that get a great deal more, but
then, too, are several boys
that work in such a mill but
is a fair average, think
advice would if the
interested, and there
ought to be an investigation, if
it is not, with all this cotton in
shipping facilities
that you enjoy, is to get capital
interested in this section. Why.
we start out in our country and
in a day's time have a company
organized to build a mill with a
capital of a hundred thousand
dollars, and lam told that
are hustlers in this country
I may locate in this section, and
If I do, I will be glad to assist n
any way- that I can in this move-
This is a proposition that
the attention of the
men of the city. It is to be
hoped that Mr. Little will locate
with us and lend material
in landing a large cotton
mill for the city.
Major in
Maj. J. B. Neal, of Halifax
Co., a representative in the leg-
this year, and one of the
State's grand young old mm, is
a visitor. His visit recalls an
in his life that shows the
man h i is.
In of Populism when
it was as popular to wail the
railroads as it is now, Maj Neal
warted the Democratic
for Corporation Commission-
His prospects w-re most flat-
when day a friend
saw him enter the office of Col.
A. B Andrews vice-president
of the Southern. When he em-
the friend called him aside
hers. Major, it won't do
for you to be seen into Col.
office. First thing you
know it will be going the rounds
that you are the railroad's can-
God. the Hali-
fax soldier cried, you think
I am going to shun the friend of
a life time, and comrade in arms
for a miserable little Not a
bit of it- If that's the price to
pay the office can go to hell, for
I propose to take Alex. Andrews,
hand every time I come to
Maj- Neal was beaten, and in
all probabilities his friendship
for Col. Andrews, who has
more for North Carolina
than any man in the State, pro-
had something to do
with his defeat. It was a danger-
thing then as it is now for
an aspirant for office to be on
good terms with a railroad
Feeling Aroused Over Ute of a
A fraternal organization known
as the Charitable Brotherhood
own a hall at Oakley in which
the society holds its meeting- In
the same community the religious
sect teaching the
has been active in the
last few weeks, and the
of this faith wanted the use
of the C. hall in which to hold
services. There was opposition
to this, and the result was a lot
of feeling aroused on both sides.
It seems that the
adherents made up
their minds that they would use
the hall, in defiance of the
and with this purpose in
view a Mrs. Nelson, one of the
went to the building to open it
and turn the others in.
To stop this Mr. N. L. Gray, a
member of the Charitable Broth-
went to the building and
during the argument with Mrs
Nelson pushed her off the steps-
The next move the swear-
out of a warrant for assault
against Gray, and the trial was
had iii Greenville Monday before
Justices Rountree, Harrington
and Harding. A large number
of people from that section came
over to attend the trial. After
hearing many witnesses Gray
was adjudged guilty and fined
and costs.
The Reflector hopes the
will end where it is, for it is
too trivial a matter for a
to be stirred into bad
feeling over it.
Suicide is Brought Around
by Shocked Sumo.
N. C, Aug.
31.-Tired of life, tired of his
family, which he had forsaken,
and loaded with whiskey, Louis
aged about years,
yesterday afternoon entered the
drug store of P. A. Thompson
and swallowed a two-ounce vial
of laudanum.
Doctors worked and used an
electric battery for three hours,
a current of volts being turn-
ed on the man. He is, however,
in a precarious condition.
Slowing Up Process
And a recession in the Cost of
doing things is inevitable- It is
certain that the
wages and in prices has gone too
far and must be stopped. Prices
must come down in commodities
ready for consumption and the
cost to the consumer must be
lessened. The cost of carrying
on business while it is profitable
has so absorbed and near-
everything is at a
valuation. This condition brings
its direct results to bear upon
the working mar. The retail
merchant, of course, suffers ac-
as he is directly de-
pendent upon the wage-earner-
Industrial enterprises must
don development This means,
as a matter of course, that, lets
material will be used and that
less labor will be employed.
When the demand for labor dim-
and men are out of work
there will be a competition that
will necessarily bring wages
for labor cost must be re-
in order to bring prices
down. Prices must come down
in order to revive the demand
for materials. Persistence to
this process will only aggravate
the situation. There is sure to
be resistance because working
men seldom realize that they are
the worst sufferers from high
prices, since the advance in the
cost of living that is, of what
wages buy, keeps ahead of the
advance in wages
What labor most needs is to
keep up the volume of
and keep down its cost.
When rising prices produce a
check production the brunt
of reaction is felt first by labor,
and it has no reserve to fall pack
The process of adjustment is
slow and difficult. But the soon-
this process begins the less
severe and prolonged it will be-
There is need of easing up It is
certainly no time for speculative
movements which will interfere
with conserving strength for the
fall demands. It is a time for
conservative calculation, cautious
and preparation for en-
durance of strain as cannot
be Journal.
Mr. J. F. Raises Them
Mr. J- F. who was
formerly a farmer in the
section of Beaufort county
and a large tobacco grower,
usually has something to tell the
newspaper man when he comes
this way. On a recent visit here
he told us that because of the
scarcity of labor and trouble to
control hands, he rented out his
farm and the first of this year
moved to Ayden where he rent-
ed from Smith Brothers a house
with an acre or two of land
Loving to do a little cropping
himself, he set about cultivating
the patch of land around his
home, which he said lie found
very productive because of the
line fertilizers the Smith boys
had been putting on it. His
crop this year was mainly
nips and beets, and he says he
raised some whoppers, some
nips growing as large as
inches in circumference.
Mr. went on to tell that
his wife raised chickens too, and
whenever a hard rain came it fell
to his lot to get the biddies under
shelter. One day a heavy
downpour he could not find a
favorite hen and her brood in
their accustomed roaming places.
After wading around in the rain
for some time he went to the
turnip patch and was surprised
to see the hen's head sticking
out the of a large turnip. An
investigation showed that
had eaten out the inside of the
turnip and the shell made a good
coop which the hen had taken to
protect her brood from rain.
Mr. says he can raise
hen coop turnips for anybody
that wants them.
Some Interesting Happenings in the
Capitol City.
B R. Lacy, Jr., son of State
Treasurer Lacy, will sail from
Philadelphia September 21st for
Oxford, England, to enter the
University there. He has been
awarded one of the
scholarships for
Governor Glenn expressed
himself this morning as being
highly gratified at the victory
won for prohibition in Anson
county Saturday. He says he
felt sure temperance would win
but the majority rolled up was
surprisingly large. He says the
result simply shows the steady
march that temperance is
in this State, leading surely
and with rapid strides to the
time when the liquor evil will be
swept from every section and
locality of the whole State.
The fact that sixty-one out of
the seventy-one law students
who undertook the examination
before the Supreme last
Monday for law licenses passed
successfully is declared to be a
very high to the thorough
work is being done in
several law schools of the State,
especially in view of the fact
that the examination sprung on
the boys was radically different
from the questions propounded
I in past years, the whole series
I being pronounced by those com-
to judge exceptional
The corporation commission will
on Wednesday hear complaints
regarding the breaking of rail-
way connections at Sanford and
Maxton- One of these
has been broken for some
time. Of course the commission
look into the matter very
carefully indeed- It has full
power under the law to require
connections to be made in case
i- finds that they are necessary
for the public service.
In response to an inquiry today
Weather Observer in-
forms your correspondent that
the drought is severe almost over
all the state in some sections
quite serious. No rain fell here
during the past week nor was
there any at other places except
in the southeast section.
and round about. He
he understands that the
drought is causing cotton to shed
and is doing that crop consider-
able damage in some sections.
Everett Spence, a young white
man who has been in Wake jail
for more than a year awaiting
trial for the killing of Walter
colored, has been
ed on bond. The bond
required was but
an order by Judge Long at the
last term of court lowered the
amount to This ho has
given- Spence was in company
with a number of friends,
and as they were driving
by a church their vehicle
broke down was in
with a big crowd at the
roadside. Words passed between
the white men and the
and the white men fired into the
crowd of being
killed by a bullet from Spence's
Believed to Work of Organized
Band of Negroes.
Charlotte, Sept, -Three
more barns added to the list of
those destroyed by fire of sup-
posed origin during
the present year. The three fires,
like several others this year,
curred almost at the same hour-
One of the barns was west of
belonging to
Beatty, loss and
east of the city, one belonging to
T. J. Orr, loss the other
the property of S. B.
loss The entire
of the county is wrought up over
renewal of the barn g
mania, which is believed be
the work of an organized band
Absurd and Untrue.
New York, Sept.
Stanford White, who returned
from Europe today, denies em-
the report that she is
, to wed The rumor she
says, is absurd and places her in
bad light.
in Pamlico County Should At-
tend State Fair.
New Bern, Sept. -The old-
est man in eastern North Caro-
without doubt is Simon
a colored man who lives
a Arapahoe, in Pamlico county.
Now a he was
born in county, in the
year 1803, the property of
Thomas descending to
J. L. a son the first
owner, with whom he continued
until liberated from slavery by
the war. He then came to New
Bern, where he lived six years,
and from here went to Newport,
thence to county, where
he still lives.
We Are Very Encouraged.
Greenville Heights lots are sell-
very fat, notwithstanding
the has been very much
us, both in the develop-
and the stile of our proper-
and we have not been able lo
do as effective work as we will
when it is a little cooler.
Have you bought a lot in
Greenville Heights If not. why
not A great many of r
friends have. Now, do not miss
the opportunity of your life and
put off buying until all the best
lots are sold buy now, when
you can buy at the Company's
first and best price, and on their
easy terms. Ten dollars cash
and five per month. No taxes.
No interest- It you die before
you pay out, your and little
ones will get a clear deed with-
out further payment. Come to
our office and see us, or write to
us and we will send our
to see you
United Development Corporation
Fourth Street,
Greenville, N. C
Happenings of Interest Round
the Union.
William Randolph Hearst, of
the New York American, and
Samuel Gompers, president of
the American Federation of La-
were the chief speakers at a
great labor day celebration at the
Exposition; thous-
ands of people attended, and,
among other things, Mr Hearst
said was that the only aristocracy
in this country was one of
and industry; he told how
the trust question can be handled
aid declared that powerful
should Buffer the jail pen-
L Day in San Francisco
resulted in an attack on the
street cars and of the
United Railroads shot two men.
The Atlantic Coast Line and
other railroads in Alabama placed
in effect the cent passenger
rate and reduced freight
under the State laws-
A Chesapeake and Ohio train
was derailed near and
it is reported that three coaches
went into the river with many
lost. J
Nicholas on Sunday,
protected by thousands of troops,
I for the second time since
j visited St. Petersburg
to attend the dedication of a
memorial church erected where
his grandfather. Alexander II,
was assassinated.
In a Labor Day address at
Charleston, Mayor Rhett advised
organized labor to be the ally in-
stead of the enemy of capital
The remains of Richard Mans-
field, America's greatest actor,
were consigned to the grave near
the a
short distance from New London,
At Antwerp, Belgium, a lock-
out of dock laborers resulted in a
riot and considerable property
was destroyed.
Crazy Negro Gets into Mayor's Office
and Steals Letters.
Baltimore, Sept.
with hallucination that he is
mayor of the city, Isaiah Lamp
ton, broke open the door of Mayor
office at the city hall and
carried away some or letters
addressed to the mayor, which
were lying on the desk-
took the letters to
his own home and was seated at
a table opening them when the
police came upon him On a for-
mer occasion he declared he was
mayor and put up a hard fight
before he was overpowered-
Ready to Serve You-
new bake oven has been
completed and I am now
to supply at all times fresh bread,
cakes and pies. Thanking my
friends for their liberal patronage
in the past I ask a continuance of
their orders. J. M.
Protection that Protects
If you decide to insure your
life demand the best, and be con-
tent with nothing but the best.
The Policy prescribed
by the New York state law is-
sued by the Equitable Life As-
Society of the United
States. Paul Morton, President
For full particulars, apply to the
undersigned- Warren Jr.
District, Agent, Greenville, N.
C. A. Danner, General
Agent Richmond
Worthy cf His Hire.
Mr. Hearst, in his Jamestown
Speech on Labor Day,
us all regard one another
as fellow workingmen and treat
one another with consideration
and tolerance. Let all labor
harmoniously to in
order that there may be the
greatest possible amount to be
working man is worthy
of his hire, the business man of
his profit. who digs the
precious metal for the earth is
worthy of his wage. The man
who tells him where to find the
gold is worthy of his profit, too.
The great financial promoters
organizers, executives of Amer
are worthy of recognition
There's Be a Hot Fight in
Asheville, N. C, Sept.
There's going to be a hot com-
pulled of here shortly. It's
the old liquor fight again and the
temperance people of Asheville
are going to win unless all signs
fail. have gone into the
fight very deliberately; their
plans have been well executed
and they firmly believe that
when the ballots are counted on
the evening of Tuesday, October
a handsome majority will be
found for prohibition. That the
fight will be a hot proposition is
evident. The saloon advocates
and saloon keepers are not as-
They are awake to the fact
that they are probably making
the last stand and they are going
to die hard.

There Is a Moral I
Why the In
H. don.
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r. i
Sew York
-T- II mi-
n or i
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gist. I I v.
arr. e
A I i
fie .
tho father i
in.- hi
Marital Troubles. Two oil well drillers, Earl Shoot
doubt if there is another who
.-. his money in .,. underwent an iv-
-through love. This that would make a
i it required
live rears ; me. had work-
married c
or- i sin
I think i
Won e
m i i ii i re nip intending
of a well. Three
. . had
boon to the v
i rented e and fitted it J
n , manner. I en lowered, but
. an acre of ground cm he operators
. . i a an erect. it
, . , lore w. letting the
p i
V, . n el having seeming- J appeared lo have looked
mid part way up
. the i in . I
, i , ,. months. There j the , I noticed
ten . M explosive had
nil. -th. then
.-. for both, and
, ,. looked
t . . m ed to P I
. . dealer for a
of our. if It e. these
explode and
kill n e vi the
ace mind ran
under it their
i . I I till
i one of i tutors would
have I to tell lie
was i reel thriller. Kansas. City
v., inn M the horn
in die I love returned
to i i Ii. and inure we tried it.
T i -ii ii necessary to
. . to pay for the
worm installment of furniture. Love
w; i r than before, but after
. inn of another torn
p. t I the
on an
i h more did an entire house of
f furnish picking for
i dealer figures so
r low ii brought m
of lion to his hardened
r. . itself four
tin . tint I one day we awoke in
to find that every-
i m
pretty cottage,
n sets oil
our i new my position, because I
r work with the
. wife on n r , .
tin a doc-
Tl e I. was a hilt. . one. Tor
f marriage bad
ed , wage; only to
on I not
also that
. I had d with o
. .-. . bad been
a vain. Tl re it n of the
each at
t me time. We rooked to try
a I am t say,
position has
save, by the careful
lam my v. but when
th. possibility
Tho of
. i in an author-
re w lint
a of I but .
Ii i . line
i Inn
I, . re i. i. in .
a i
u. . 75.-
HO. I, i- third, very
illy be poi I
of manlier . b I fol-
.- i I Won-
taken place
-i o and bade
fair . i I . -i
i;.;. . ; . i Spanish cam.
next, an I In i a bad
But our tongue . i a i
in far fewer words than an-
other, and t has brought
to the front, i n another century
it v I q by hall
the peoples of
he ii I
chaser, me in
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who bad th. i
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that it t even go Ii mil how on the surface, for
goes . can be happy in the
The I pal- i Saturday Evening
man on I back Post.
dear he el kl I. the HUNDREDS.
know i
M i
A Swiss Firs
A Swiss engineer new consists of u
iron ladders, con-
d in . lied to the
each reaching lo the
I By turning
i sin; II v a any all these
era mouths ore frame- are outward from the
build extended and
securely with each r,
. i hi., i . in I in nous com-
f L-
, of the Believes of the
I , , i-.
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that a l t
are ;.
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em I
I-, hi
. to
. retire
.; I I e.
r. He mere . i the
. red.-. It is the theory of
constitution that when
. . opts of-
the r. it ii he must i
at is
hen it to about
prices for tobacco, look
these sales made at tho Star
. The i i
id. . . II
i .
I figure the
. i . Iii ii . . man
. -in
A mil iv of th.
. fit.
., a
Dr. n, i
I . I lie I .; idea,
which i now the I of
in tier and I . -that
of art ii iv ii. the for
the of i ling the grow III
of . Iii said to promise
r. . in tho
spring vegetables, and
Chewers who
the information
given in this space
in next week's paper
will then know why
SCHNAPPS and other of
the shown
by Internal Revenue statistics
for a fiscal year, made the
wonderful gain of six and one-
fourth million pounds, or a net
gain of one-third of the entire
increased consumption of
chewing and smoking
tobacco in the United
N. C.
Its of ii I toe in -nor
court fit i i r e
ii. No i. i ;.
the el com
court house in i i u i Moil-
lay Se I. f U-
real e, . . . i the
town I lot .
by I .
on said said lot I
on the north by u. on tie Furniture and
east by the owned by M J ,,.,
. ,. a the by t. . ,
the we-t by .,
store hotel, Gold Coin
the same prone that was conveyed Silver Coin
to cherry P
deeds, one from M I. i the
other deed from b-o
One other I x in Bethel d
north Railroad strict, on by Mrs
W If Bullocks, on south by the lot own-
ed by KnOX Mack tS
and on weal by Nelson property.
Also or
bounded on the north by Railroad
and the cast by
tho Nelson property, on
lands of Jam. s.
G on w. -t ,
i L
; m
Loans and Discounts Stock paid in
Overdraft Secured
pr fits 3,422.66
i of Deposit
Deposits subject
tn North Carolina, I
f i
I, J. it. of
bank, do solemn
is true lo best of ray
Subscribed and
by Main street, cont
AN of
Here lilt Way Tie y Sell.
Correct--Attest i
W. J. Turnage
W. M.
R. L. David
disco; ills
on . I
, is their in and
led a; after his method consists in
if he to accept the burring at a of twenty to
Galloway at
ti at at at
at at at
at average
Sam Evans -240 at
nun Hanks and
Cash items
Cold coin,
Silver coin bank
At May- 18th, 1907.
. r stock
Surplus fund
Undivided profits 1,043.65
fill- fallible
Time of
deposit 5.758.141
Deposits subj. to check
chocks out-
Certified Cheeks
inches in the field to be at at I.
r lo retire of earthenware, through . average the above s
. i t-for an inch in Lancaster-125 at judge and ballet
of me laid. Steam at. ii tempera-L.
In i- thereby of i- forced I M -I r i at at Subscribed and
, .- . . . i. t-- ,
sworn to
I ;
ct lo
bad i a bound tn lie
It- belonging t. the royal do-
ll to . The manor, were Anglo-
the townships, and hundred
, of within
I . ,.
I .-, i .- .
I . . i h
. . . , .
; I I .-; r in t it in i ,,,.
ate, and. u-. , . I a rook. .-.-, ;, .caller to I. S j
to r.
. , . ,. . . ,
Pr. on m m
principle, . in .
fight of Mon
barb t
the Oral and rusty
hoes, and . , .,who work the piece, dread the
. Post.
State of North Carolina, County of Pitt,
f. II of the above-named
is true tho of my
W. II Cashier
Peking to
truck by tin- spread of iv.
town of any it,
for the farmers.
n ii .
t .
often in ,
there are h Ii Is u h for. . n
; f. r l
c numb .
even k . he let
, and i .;,
j and i
.-, by th.
f .
t; .
I the i P
If ll I
The Rate
C. August
sufferers Liver
et r p
i V
. .
an . i
i. . e
P in
h th-
i -o
M. Me.,
letter which reads
much with liver kidney
Bladder Troubles. Other
say a bottle and if
No before money. say
Mast .,
in toWer Plant
not yet
romp his fourth day
stand this after-
on the w.
noon v announced
co nation of the wit-
that the continued
would be ,
row- the
Maintenance of
Southern, will fob hardly,
as a witness. Ho
bis testimony
iv n .
IV. It I
i. i,
full free bottle of
Si L and if it benefits
use SOL until
This ad v out entitles yo
inly a limited number
given away. Don't this or
I will mail you free, to prove n
of my Dr. s
ind my Book on either
Troubles of the
Stomach, Heart are
ind not the cause.
inside -mean M
weakness, And the
Heart, and Kidneys as well, have
these nerves, and
vital U
No other remedy even claims to
the Also f. r
bad breath or
Write to-day for
Dr. Racine, Hie
is I'm t
The wise man not at the
thermometer during July and
. .
and win a
About home
Do You Contemplate
Owning One
You can never
with the cracker that has
been exploded.
pan . mm .
prompt, pleas ant. Rood for
good for every member I
Sonic bargains are expensive
store. II real
disturbs your your
Heart or Kidneys, then try this el
Coffee Dr.
l matched Old Java
S flavor and taste, yet It has net
Coffee in It.
Health Coffee Imitation Is made
from pare toasted grains or
Nuts, etc. Mb- in a mm
Y. sure
Iv like it.
The Rook Store, which i agent in Greenville for
the Parker Fountain Pen. to away one these
famous Pens. to the who guesses exactly
,. I ; ace., sold on ware-
house floors of the iii- mark, t during the month
Tho only condition in this contest it t ; i you cone to
the Reflector Book Store n. at vi, your name and guess,
a Parker Fountain P.-1, on u list . pared the guesses. II
have not a of your own one will be leaned you
with which to n me and I he will
p. in. Saturday.
When Mr C- tho of
gives out the figures s for the poison who
can call at Re-
Book Store and pens from the dozen
case on display. The s p. troy L. to and
I the lucky guesser can take his
For the information of guesses tar furnished
u-; the of the tobacco s for month St pt ember
i the last four year.-., which are . t follows
September 1908
September 1904
September 1905
September 1906
strange .
All trouble are
a little after
each meal. K.-U. to
seat of the trouble. the
digestive juices and what you
eat. It is a simple, pure, harm
Don't your
Take a little ea-ll
meal how you
feel. Mm.-. . ii -old
John U -V i
Now et to guessing how much tobacco W be sold this
and win a
Parker Fountain Pen
Come in any time and let u- talk it over with you and show you
these excellent pens
Worry never
worth while.
Bert Barber, of
have only taken
Kidney and
done tor mo more
has ever do.
the pills as
and Bladder Pills,
for Backache,
of the
Sold by I.
says c
four of your ;
i- Pills and they nave
than any other moo-1
ii-. I am still i
ml n perfect I
, in ii Kidney
which are
r all urinary
I for --K-.
f so the first thing to consider is a
lot in a desirable location and you can-
not be better suited in a lot than the
No proper surpasses for a desirable
home- Lots can be bought there now a
reasonable pries and on easy terms. Then
is every indication that prep around
Greenville is going to be higher, and the
longer you defer buying the lot the
it will cost t . r
This property is located
walk business part c; the town.
See Sam White and let him explain prices-
and terms.
The vacation I is the
i;, a. i We of
an. r i
are a
. tan Hint
In II.wk
Iii mat ;
Dr. I .
ow original and vital
sallow try
or we JOT
It will Jo. sell aid
K .
I el
no no
matter how or
will not relieved
re-, and
way to-e I to actually
it- II is a
. i .
It to the I
and Sold by
just as
is out
For barn,
bites and the many little
Witch Salve i- tho boat remedy.
It is .-lean and heal-
Be sure you Sold
by J. L. Store.
He vacation miss is the
one we would have enjoyed the
to sourer
to Keep abreast with the times
j. w t P
b n I I
judiciously he must have space in
a paper
Cannot be Cured
local applications, they
of ear.
There is only one way
and that is by . .
I is caused by an inflamed eon-
ion of tho lining of the
When is in- .
you h iv a rumbling sound or
and when it to en-
closed. la the result,
and unless the can be
ken out and this restored to
formal to do-
forever; nil cases Of ten
Catarrh, which to
but an condition l he mucous
rive One hundred Dollars for
any case by
that cannot cured flail I
cure. Send for circulars, free.
C F O.
If you too fat Ki because your food
turns to fat instead of
you are too lean th. fat foods
that you eat are not properly digested an.
people do not ton
Pepsin in the stomach, fat
people have too much Pepsin and
Dyspepsia Cure
contains all the digestive juices
hand in a healthy stomach, it
those proportions necessary to
the stomach and
and assimilate all foods that m
u not only a
it i. a
tonic as well c. re.
Palpitation Heart
You v like
Digests What You
people read.
bill for it your announcement
people and brings result
when you want good
I.- V
w. H.
the ch th.
and s I
end your orders to The Reflector.
Woo ten

D. J. and proprietor
Entered as second class matter Jan. at the at Greenville. N.
Ci under Act of of 1879
he telegraph is h public
means of quick com-
in both business and
as has
rec- in y among telegraph
c use untold
, city went
i-- loss .,
u . i . and greeted the
lore should be a law to
iv with a speech of
lie. In reply, when the speech
Recency a ship load of
immigrants were
landed at which
immigration port, and
j The public
Drew n i
t-i suffer because th.
operators have some grievance
again M th companies If there
are Mi v to be adjusted
be some legal
i- take ch of it, and
the be
to work while the
is in progress public
inter would not suffer.
salaried union
r walking are
not pr o settle such
matters. Some day the operators
Ii out they are merely
to keep th
rs luxury
Mr. Pant greater
; . n against
country, the greater the
pr decrease in gen-
Mr. Plant must
think the railroads are the whole
thing and make the trade of the
country We thought these thing-
called folks made the trade, and
the were furn-
the vehicle to haul
from one to the other.
not trade but reaping a
off of what the people
W In the social row at
has cropped out between high
officers of the Jamestown expo-
will not have any effect
on the public as to keeping them
from attending. The exposition
is really too creditable to miss,
deserves well of the people, and
should not suffer because of
between the officers for social
hi been translated to them.
their leader
arc overwhelmed that th
ruler of the city should greet us.
We have never been spoken to
by the officials of our own
try except terms of harshness,
and, we have heard of
great land of freedom, it is
very hard to realize that we are
permitted to grasp the hand of
man. We will do all
can to make good
The Russian Jews, who know
nothing of government except
persecution, course
to be greeted by head
of the city where they
action of the mayor
will have a wholesome effect and
will bring other immigrants to
this country, which is in need of
men of brains and muscle to
ram the wheels of prosperity.
always sets a good
Under the above caption the
Wilmington Messenger writes
lengthily of the effort being
made in Rowan county to secure
the of George Hall, the
one man out of a crowd of four
thousand convicted in that county
of participation in the lynching
of the Gillespie and sen-
to fifteen years in State's
The Messenger, it-- We have little that most
usual course, runs along in the. readers of this article have often
lawlessness. We are bitterly op-
posed to Lynch law.
But did one man lynch the
Gillespie or did four
thousand men One man was
picked from the crowd, tried,
convicted and sentenced to
teen years at hard labor.
Now, he be
heard the expression that
county is the garden spot of the
may not have
grasped the full meaning of such
an expression, or really given it
more than passing thought, but
it will not take much serious
thought and careful investigation
to convince them that it is not
far from true. Pitt is already a
great county, yet her possibilities
are without bounds. Her lands
are fertile and yield abundantly
almost every crop. Her
is unsurpassed and so
mild that profitable outdoor work
can be followed the year through
produced at every sea-
vein of a thrust at Governor
Glenn under the guise of
him to when the
petition comes in asking for tin-
man's pardon. Hut
nevertheless, the Messenger says
the question Should
the governor grant the pardon
Alter the judge who tried
case and heard all the evidence
had that this man had
committed an offense for which
fifteen imprisonment
the penitentiary was mild enough
he was not a
Jeffreys either -should the gov-
reverse the finding of that
judge and declare that the latter
had imposed a line fifteen times
too severe That is the question.
Who knows best what punish- Her people are refined, m-
i he convicted man deserved, well-lo do and con-j
the judge who tried the case, tented,
who was on the sot and heard
he had completed education
at the age of years, prided
himself on a good account-
ant, a swift penman and possess-
fair business ability. At first
he concluded Pitt county was too
slow for him so decided to look
elsewhere for a place to engage
in business- He traveled north,
west and south prospecting, and
finding no place he liked better
and settled down
to business and made a great
success of it. He closed his story
by saying Young man. Pitt
county is the garden spot of the
world Stick to
This occurred twenty seven
years ago, and the young man of
that day, now in a large business
himself, says every year he is
reminded of the truthfulness of
the words of his old employer.
It is a quiet fails to
give record of accident.
is keeping pace with
Durham and Wilson in the mat-
of homicides.
The only consolation about the
hot is the fact that we
know we will wish for it later.
all the evidence, or the governor
who acts upon a statement of
facts presented to him by the
friends of the prisoner We
know the governor will not act
hastily on that petition when it
ire him. He will not
You sum hear people say
no money can be made farming,
but that is not the case in Pitt
county, as the splendid class of
farmers we have, and the
of attractive country homes will
testify. Of course there are ex-
v governed by sentiment or
ow Ins feelings of compassion captions and not all are success-
but the exceptions usually
for when in misfortune
judgment. No mat-
how hard may be for him
The editor of the
first outsider t-
kick about the reduced rate
the railroads.
where it is hurting is
with the colored brethren and governor should take into
Anson county has voted out
prohibition having been
carried county six
hundred majority-
Charlotte ought to run along
well on a month
which is the amount in
fines during August.
There is plenty of guess work
mark men wanting in industry, j on, but who is to be the
deficient in capability of manage- Republican candidate for
to this man's petition if or fl. indisposition. I not yet settled.
he that it is his duty to , .For the industrious, honest,
frugal man a more ideal Greenville's next attention
make such refusal we feel sure
that he will do so.
In passing on this case the
than Pitt county can nowhere be I should be directed to better
sisters. They hike off all during
the week and Saturdays one can-
not hold on to his help Two
colored women, who have not
been out of town on a train in
years, announced to their em-
A man could not make a more
which life has been taken and the
violators of the law have gone
Saturday that they unpunished. He should
the fact that in the last
few years there have been
outrageous violations of the Profitable investment than m
law by mobs in this State in I county farm lands. Here is an
instance that has recently come
under our observation, and there
We see it stated that the
telegraph operators are going
to appeal to President Roosevelt-
The report does not say what
they are going to appeal to him
for, but as they up their
jobs it may be that they are
going to ask him to mike them
go back to work.
A m in Georgia
gets protection by th.-
That's He will also per-
haps get justice at the end of a
Kitchen comes back at at
a lively rate, and those
papers not favoring him will
perhaps come across yet-
When Carrie Nation in
reforming she will
likely too old to the
job on any other city.
were to take a trip. It
was so unusual that they were
asked why. when they said it
was so cheap they just wanted to
ride It may help the State in its
contention that the Southern can
make more money, but it is
an effect even the
the lady of the house come
near to saying something
real wicked when she has to roll
up her sleeves and do the cooking
and house cleaning on Saturdays
and be on Monday.
Judge has stepped
in still deeper handing down
an opinion sustaining himself.
A better course would have been
the of his
The Roberson county officials
have all been sent to jail to use
the jail while building a new
court house.
It kissing Was sure to kill
everybody would soon be dead
By the time Durham and
son courts through some more
hangings ought to be scheduled.
that many persons claim that
the frequent appeal to lynch law
is e the men who
capital felonies are not punished
by the the law
of the
Where the express company
gets it on the railroads is in the
prohibition movement.
Calling it Labor day, yet
it a does not In
exactly so far as the name goes.
Unless justice miscarries Dur-
am will be in the market for know how-
re and lumber.
to Treat a is
the name of a new book. It's a
waste of time, all the women
If the office were to seek the
man wonder how far it would
have to seek.
end of the investigation
is not in says Washington
correspondence. Neither is re-
lief in
One way to look at that it's
way it's all
wrong. There is at least
side of it. Four thousand
a mighty concourse of North
Carolina men, not a mob
without sense or
in their might, and despite the
urgent pleadings of
Overman, Solicitor Hammer,
Judge Long and Mayor
took the three hell-owned,
fessed brutes, perpetrators of a
most atrocious crime, from the
jail and hung them to trees and
ushered their wicked souls to the
bar of that Eternal Judge whose
findings are unerring and whose
judgments are just. What does
it prove It shows that the
are disgusted with the slow,
tedious process of the law. and
they are opposed to delayed
They feel that where an
has been
that adequate and condign
punishment should be immediate-
and surely administered. And
this mighty gathering of people,
seeing the course the case was
taking, and knowing from
observation that justice would
be long delayed, took the case in
their own hands and visited upon
the confessed murderers the
punishment they so richly merit-
are others that would show
equally as well. In the year
several farms were sold at
auction before the court house
door in dividing the estate of a
large land owner. One of these
farms sold for The
chaser went to work on it,
through these fifteen years has
supported his family and had a
surplus to make desired improve-
and a few days ago he
sold the farm to a neighbor for
If increasing in value
twenty fold in fifteen years was
not a good investment, we do
not n what would be called
lone. And it cannot be said that
man who for
I this farm did not know what he
was doing, for he has lived right
adjoining it all the time, knew
what his neighbor paid for it
fifteen years ago and was enough
ratified with its growing value to
give for it. Nor does
this particular farm adjoin a
that made it so increase in
value, for its location is fully ten
miles from Greenville,
We heard another man who
owns a farm not from town say
that he now receives in rent from
it, his share being one-third,
more than the entire proceeds of
the farm amounted to twenty
years ago.
But coming back to the head-
of this article, we are re-
minded of what z n old merchant
of Greenville, who had made a
streets. Just now the streets
are our greatest drawback.
Prince Wilhelm, of Sweden,
continues much in the public eye
while he is doing America. He
was all the go in New York.
What has become of the
room The Chamber of Com-
should not let a movement
as good as that fall by the way-
Cannon saw that he might just
as well announce that he was not
a candidate, but if there had been
the ghost of a chance for him to
get the nomination such an-
would never have
seen daylight.
Whenever a railroad wreck
heading appears in the
the first name looked for is
the Southern. If the wreck
business keeps up that road will
have to be allowed charge a
higher rate to able to pay
Remarks the Durham Herald
We hope that the governor will
see fit to pardon Hall. If his
punishment could be pointed to
as a warning to other men who
might desire to take part in a
similar crime it would be differ-
but this is not the case and
nobody will pretend that it is.
Hall was simply unfortunate in
being nobody.
This, by an unknown poet, fits
crisp will soon be hero
With softly falling leaf and sere.
With frosty morn and hunter's
fortune in his business, said to a
But these men did wrong, J young man in his employment by I And pumpkin pie, not yet but
and we do not condone their of encouragement He said soon.
a Fox Hunt In Which a
Took Part.
A very incident happen.
In the Severn tunnel recently.
As an tram entered the
a in u third
flung open the and attempt
to jump out. fortunately one
the passengers succeeded in seizing
the man's coat tails and with the
of other held him the
head downward. They could
pull him hack, for the suction
too great. The
cord was pulled, the train
and man, who it
pears had suddenly become
was placed under arrest.
Toil is not the exciting
dent which hag happened in
great boring which carries the
Western railway beneath the bed of.
the Severn. Some five years ago
Cardiff commercial traveler
sleep in a train bound from
to Bristol and. waking with a
found himself lying in pitch dark-l
Ms permanent way
the tunnel.
How he got there he had not the.
minted idea. Probably he bad walk-l
in hi-- sleep. At any he
not much hurt, though he
been unconscious for some
time. He had not the faintest ideal
how far it was to the
which way to go. Soon he became
violently thirsty. He heard water
trickling down the wall close by, but
when ho collected some in his bands
he found it salt. J
lie made a brave effort to Until
his way out, but dizziness came
and he fell unconscious. As
there another train passed, and
poor mull must have had a
narrow escape, tor it
found bis left boot -nil
been cut off and his ankle
layers found him eventually I
and carried him to safety. He
been six hour- in the tunnel I
Some winters ago u Welsh tunnel I
was the of a most
episode. One in January,
the hounds
a fox. which made at first straight I
for the but, being
some villagers, took to the railway I
line run into a long tunnel, fol-
lowed by the bole pack. The mas-1
Mr. Harries,
to the hounds and at once fol-l
lowed them.
He was fully a quarter of a mile
down the tunnel when a
sound behind warned him that
train had entered the tunnel. Al-
most instantly the glare of
headlight dripping walls, and I
the horseman, clapping spurs to his I
horse, began to gallop at lull
through the darkness. Thou fol-
lowed a most exciting race for
the man riding at the of
one's the train thundering I
in pursuit.
Hy a sort of miracle the horse I
his led. but the train gained
At the white circle of
the mouth appeared, and I
the driver of the engine noticed
black silhouette of the rider against
the light slackened speed.
Rider, hounds and all came safely
out of the perilous predicament
In Dog Days.
Warm naturally leads
thirst. tile latter be by
pare, wholesome drinks. Horns
nude lemonade is one of the very
best. Barley water is excellent; aft
also are orangeade, grape juice and
the juices of other fruits diluted
with water and slightly sweetened.
Distilled water is a very
drink and safe. Free
drinking of pure water is helpful in
keeping the in good running
order. Children should be
aged to drink freely, preferably,
however, between meals. A drink
is also in order first tiling in the
morning mid the last thing at night.
Good Health.
and Ii
Typically American.
after having spent one
in New York received letters
home asking him to tend back
ling typically American as a
air of the land of the free,
a man, he
d Conditions about town for
week attempting, to
any one commodity
of culture
he made up
lie sis packages of
York Sim.
Concrete telegraph poles
into very general use in
where those of wood are not so read-
. and ill some localities
they are very economical. A metal
framework i; limit up con-
formed around it, I he pole be-
At the I mortises are provided
for the i arms, which
cured by- metal bolls. are
use of the line-
men in climbing.
This department is in charge of r. C. NYE, who is authorized to rep-
resent the Eastern Reflector in Winterville and territory
Th e famous mower Root paint, varnish, stains,
with reaper attachment is the coloring etc, at Harrington, Bar-
thing to harvest your oats with, Co-
We are glad to see J. L- Jack-
son at his post at the bank again
Get one at Harrington Barber
Mrs- Jackson, of
is spending some time with
her aunt, Mrs. A. G. Cox.
We sell Laughlin, Eclipse and
fountain pens.
B. T.
Mr. and Mrs. J- L- Jackson
have returned from a visit of
several days at Conetoe.
We have on a copies
of the history of the San
co disaster. Usual price
Our price, B- T. Cox
A large force of hands has
been at work this week putting
the school grounds in line shape.
Pupils have already begun to
come in today. The teachers
will also come in this evening.
Bring your chickens and eggs
to Harrington. Barber Co.
Highest prices for them.
Rufus Brewer, of Washington
City, spent Thursday night here
with his cousin, Prof. Lineberry.
He entered his sister in school
for the next session.
The famous Hawks glasses at
B. T. Cox Bro Don't neglect
your eye.
C. J. Jackson loft this morn
for Wake where he
enters upon his duties for the
next season.
A nice line of j
of rings, brooches, watch
charms etc. at E. F- Manning
Prof. E Lineberry and
Miss Dora Cox went to Green-
ville today.
Now for a cheap
Summer sale. slip-
at and at
collars now
pants at pants at
1.66; pants at
at 2.85; umbrellas at
Ward-robe, tables, safes etc
made to order. Carolina Milling
Mfg. co.
A cordial is extended to the
after being kept away for and famine our
of dry goods
which are now open for
time on account of
Kiss Mimic Cox left this morn
to resume her studies at
Baptist University for women at
A large line of umbrellas and
parasols t received at
Winterville High school had
the best opening in its history
Monday. Up to date pupils
have been enrolled and every
train brings in others. Quite a
large number are expected next
week. We are especially
pressed with the excellent man-
in which they have taken up
their work.
the Carolina Milling
Co. are prepared to
grind first meal for you at
any time Wood work also
Mrs. S. S. of Chapel
Hill, in Tuesday evening
to spend some time her
daughter. Mrs. F. C Nye.
stick of station-
must go. We must make
room for our immense stock f
new goods now coming
the next forty days we will make
special prices to all our
on our box papers-
B. T. Cox Bro.
Rider T. N. Manning left f, r
Ayden Tuesday.
T. W. Wood Sons 1907
nips and can now
lie had at the drug store of Di-
ll. T.
Mrs. Mabel James, after
spent some time with
here, to her home
at Robersonville Tuesday.
School children cannot get the
proper brain training unless they
county school desks
iv the A. J.
ran. g Co- are especially noted
to their comfort. Every
house in North Carolina
be furnished with
the exposition.
FOR two horse
wagon and a disc harrow- Mrs.
J. L. Butt, one mile from Win-
Mrs- L. L. Kittrell returned
from the Robert Bruce
Hospital Tuesday morning and
we are glad that she is doing
Have that horse shod for fall
driving. It will protect his feet
and make him travel so much
more easily. We can do the
work promptly. Carolina Milling
Mfg Co.
New line of notions just open-
ed. B. F. Manning Co.
J. L. Jackson spent Tuesday
night, with relatives in Ayden.
Miss Elizabeth Boushall,
teacher and Miss Vivian
Roberson, music teacher of W.
H, S., came in Saturday morning.
have tried the rest, now
try the best, the Hunsucker bug-
sold by the A. G. Cox Mfg.
Clearance sale for fall stock.
Greatly for the
next thirty days. B. F. Man-
umbrellas at file; umbrellas at
Also a big reduction
waist goods. This sale is
to make room for fall goods and
will last days, so
come and be convinced. A. W.
Ange Co.
J. J. Elks, from near Green-
ville, here Friday to enter
his son in school.
A New lot of nice pants have
just been received at
Barber Co.
The Methodist and Episcopal
school had a picnic at
the old Antioch church Friday.
A large crowd was present and
all had a pleasant time.
Harrington Barber Co- have
a complete stock of ready made
clothing see him before you get
your next suit.
M. 0- Blount was here Friday
from Bethel.
You want a buggy and we
have them. When you sell that
load of tobacco come by Winter-
ville and see Hunsucker.
buy that buggy until you see
him. He can make it to your
interest and he will do it,
Miss Elise Vincent spent yes-
at the home of Mrs. E. E.
You are going to
need some new carts and wagons
to house your crops and haul
your cotton and etc to the Mar-
Now the A. G. Cox
are in to
furnish with the Tar Heel
earls and wagons, which are
the most durable on the market.
Roy Cox has returned from
A- W. Ange and Co-
Dr. J, A. Hudson is having
office fitted up in
n cannot get
proper training unless they are
physically comfortable. The
Pitt school
by the A. G. Cox Mfg.
Co. are especially noted for their
comfort, besides being the cheap-
est desk on the market Every
public school house in N. C.
should not be without them.
Miss Dora Cox left Monday
morning for the baptist
for Women at Raleigh where
she will complete her course this
Try a tree brand pocket knife
They are under guarantee
are kept in stock by B. T.
Cox Bro,
Now is a great season for
traveling. Go F- Manning
Co for
Mrs- Lucy Midgett. of Oriental,
left for her home after having
several days here with Mrs.
Guy Taylor,
bring your wheat to the Caro-
Mfg. Co- They
are now prepared to make first
class flour-
Have all your wood turning
worK done at the Carolina Milling
Mfg. First class work
E. F. Tucker and sister left
Saturday for the exposition,
they will meet Mrs. Tuck-
who has been in Baltimore
buying her stock of millinery
Guaranteed all Rubber, feather
weight rain coats at B. F. Man-
J. M. BLOW, Manager and Authorize i
Ah authorized agent for
writing receipts for
M- in n We a list
-i all who receive their mail at
office. We also
ob printing
We with re
If you wish something nice.
take buy a Ayden W
Saul's at the store.
The closing exercises of the
colored normal which has
orders been in session here for the last
three weeks, will take place t.-
night There will be many m-
of last features and several
week B. F. living
near here, took up a stray mule
prominent educators of nice
t will be enc and deliver
US an ad
h came over and gave i
c , -r,, . Gall at the Drug
for our department in The Be- cure one of
Hector, Saturday a gentleman Pens. If. M, Sauls.
Miss Rosabel Taylor, of
came up Monday morning
to be present at the opening of
W- II. S.
i;. Johnson, Chas. Langston,
George Kittrell and
Lawhorn are taking in the expo-
this week-
Boy's suits must go to make-
room for fall stock. B. F. Man-
Showers goods including
notions, hose, underwear,
ties, shirts and over-
alls are arriving daily at
Barber Co.
Misses and Henrietta
Wesson have returned from an
extended visit to relatives in
Ayden and vicinity.
P- L. Carr, of Greene county,
was here Monday to enter his
son in W. II. S.
Look-out for our immense fall
stock which will be here in a
Why run the risk of losing
your money by keeping it in
your homes when you can put it
into the with but little
trouble where burglar insurance
makes it safe. The thief comes
when we are least expecting it
then it is too late after the money
has been stolen. J. L. Jackson, I
of Winterville.
Have your carts, wagons and
buggies put in good trim for
fall use. All kinds of repair
work done promptly. Carolina
Milling Mfg. Co,
The firm L. Co.
was on this date dissolved by mutual
consent, W. H. Brown purchasing the
interest of C. I.
Cobb in the All Indebtedness
of the firm is assumed by W. B. Brown,
and all accounts due the firm are pay-
able to him.
This, 9th, 1907.
C, Wilkinson
W. B. Brown.
Having sold our interest and
will to W. B. Brown, we ask for him
a continuance of the that
has been given the firm.
C L. Wilkinson.
Those Who Come and Know
You Some You Know
Hill Home, of Rocky Mount, is
in the city today.
Miss Lillian Cherry has return-
ed from a visit to Winston.
Ex-Gov. T. J, Jarvis has re-
turned from Panacea Springs.
Miss Lottie White left this
morning for her home in Win-
Misses Lizzie, Stella and Bruce
returned this morn-
from Ayden.
Prof. H. B- Smith has return-
ed from Greensboro where he
spent the summer.
Editor L. B. Cox, of the Wash-
Messenger, spent a few
hours in the city today.
Thus. L. came
in this morning from Farmville
and returned on the noon train.
MM that did
not hold shape.
Don't In; a
IV. Fred
We show
and lake th
join, o Smith
Winterville, N
living near Vanceboro, some
twenty miles distant, came and
received the mule having seen
the ad the night previous in the
paper. Don't advertising pay,
old fogy
For fresh and cheap goods go
to E. E. Co., they always
have the best.
Deputy Sheriff Dudley was
here from Greenville yesterday.
J. R. Smith Co. have just re-
a car load of lime.
Another large crowd came
home from the exposition Wed-
candy direct from
factory at Saul's store.
The other night an electric
wire caught fire from the globe
in the and came very
near resulting seriously. One
strand of the wire was burned
completely in two.
J. Mum-
ford have coma home from
and Wake Forest
The Ayden will leave on
the train today for Kin-
to play ball with the nine of
that town.
Go to E E new
market for beef, fresh meats,
sausage and fresh
J- H. Veal and wife, of Fort
Barnwell, are here on a visit to
If you need any Paint be sure
see E. E. Co-
Miss Annie Edwards, who has
been visiting in Kinston came
home yesterday.
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say nothing of the
in having a class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store secure this much need-
ed article.
Turnip and cabbage seed only
the best at J. R. Smith
Miss Matthews, of Hamilton,
has been spending the week with
Miss Lizzie Blount.
Everybody hat is
buys candy from Ill's
drug store.
L. L. Kittrell, of Winterville,
was here Thursday-
lot cots latest styles, very
comfortable at J. R. Smith Co
The society next
Tuesday night will discuss pro
and con the rate question at the
Seminary. The public are in-
to attend.
J. J. Edwards Son have just
received a car load of Ellwood
wire fence. Can furnish any
Miss Sallie who has
been away during the summer
months has returned and re-
her position at the store
of Mrs- G. W.
Big lot of calico, best grade
per yard at J. R. Smith Co.
Mrs. Titus after spend-
the summer with relatives
near here, left for her home in
Fla. Tuesday-
The very best and cheap.-i
hair brushes, combs, and pow-
at Saul's drug store,
W. F. Harding, a prominent
farmer and merchant, from Can-
spent Tuesday in Ayden
mowers, rakes, hunkers
and shredders, come to see us.
J. U- Turnage Co
Rev. W. L. of Jones
county, is here on a visit to his
son, W. O.
The most will be
pleased with one of those
Pens at Saul's.
Mrs. C. Ormond and child-
came home Wednesday from
a visit to relatives in Kinston-
C. F. Manning Wednesday
for Norfolk to enter a hospital
for treatment.
-c Mfg have
to sell out or disc
the operation of the
light What can this r.- . Is
it possible that we are resort
to oil lam Along with
th the
town is taking, on, why should
i f
Ii m; -V hope
will be taken to hold light
rather than grovel in t
We hope this matter be well
The f our
town largely depend.- it-
The comfort and welfare of our
people should be taken care of.
In name of heaven do let
retrograde, but advance. Do
not throw the spirit cf ad-
and enterprise but in thin
matter, as well as in all Others
show a determined spirit and
never say die-
patterns at J. R.
Joseph a young man
Miss Callie Thomas, of Kin-
. ton, is visiting Miss Delia Smith.
The ladies and the girls all
like candy. The kind
at Saul's drug store.
A specialty of stationery at
Saul's drug store.
Eric Bell, of Kinston, is
spending a few days with J. T-
Smith, Jr.
Last Monday W. E. Stocks
came to Ayden, leaving at home
a nephew, about years of age,
and an English bull dog. Dur-
Mr. absence every-
thing went along as usual until
dinner time, at which hour the
lad fed the dog and returned to i about of age and Miss
the house. In a little while he Bettie Vann, years both
heard a commotion out in the j of South
yard and on going to Invest ate
discovered the dog had run mad,
had killed a pig, two cats and
quite a number of chickens. The
dog no sooner saw the lad than
he made for him too- The boy
realizing his danger, caught up
an and as the brute came
Ayden, were married
near enough knocked his brains
out at the first blow- It
indeed a narrow escape for the;
young man and he is to be eon-1
That was a fine opening at the
Seminary Monday. The by
far in its history.
Pneumonia Cure at J. R. Smith
The Ayden Lumber Co- cut
down a fine last week on the land
of Henry Chapman which made
six cuts sixteen feet long each.
hams and shoulders
at J. R. Smith co.
Mrs. J. J. Gilbert, formerly
Miss Georgia Anderson, of Green-
ville, but now of the Panama
canal, of South America, spent
Saturday here on a visit to
Dr Joseph Dixon
Ho., k i lo k,
IN. C.
TO J. H.
Dealers in Dry Goods, Notions,
Light and Heavy Groceries etc.
Prices to suit the times.
Washing machines and v ring-
at J. R. Smith co.
Robert Davis and bride, of
whom we wrote sometime since
as the couple from here who were
married in Norfolk, have return-
ed from their tour.
Bring us your beeswax, woof,
hams, shoulders, chickens and
eggs to J. R. Smith Co.
Misses Carrie and Henrietta
Wesson, of Winterville, i
been on an extended visit to
friends around Ayden have
returned to their homes.
Sauls guarantees all be sells,
especially candy.
There were some slick ducks
in Ayden Saturday. W. J.
Hemby lost a valuable watch
with a handsome fob attached,
and two other of our citizens, it
is said, were relieved of several
dollars in cash. We notice of
late several
around with seemingly nothing
to do and no doubt it would be a.
good idea if they were
Mason fruit jars, taps and rub-
at J. R. Smith co.
Edgar Buck, of Greenville,
spent the day here raster
cutlery and hard-
ware at J. R. Smith to.
Mrs. Blount and
Lee and Nannie Nichols have
returned from the exposition.
Royal flour, always good and.
good always R. Smith. co.
Ice cream salt at J. R. Smith
Elmer is in . i -irk
on business,
One Groom two story dwelling
at One four room cottage
The game of ball between
Ayden and Kinston re-
in a score of S too in favor
of Our boys were a
at One nine room two Story prise to the fellows at the Other
dwelling at Six vacant and of the line.
lots all in the town of N L , A g , .
One thirty-seven acre form were all here Monday looking
just outside corporation at a summer resort- We think they
A will be sold on easy found it.
Ayden a Ins. Co-
At the business dug. 1906.
Loam and 14.07 Furniture and Fixtures 310.68 Dun from banks and hankers fa h items coin 120.00 Silver coin 1.872,08 Nat. i surplus 8,540.00 136.70 Kills 10,000.00 Deposits subject to 29.181.07 1.028.48
Total 173,686.8
I J. It. Smith, Cashier of the above-named hank, do wear
that the above Statement to bent of my and be-
lief. J. R. smith, Cashier.
and sworn lo before
me, this 27th day f Aug 1907. J JOSEPH m
Notary Public R. C CANNON

. j m
Aug. t
from Pamlico county, where he
en i i , feet in the
. .
rest .
i at today that another very Observer writes very inter-
has been add- as
led the book of Nan , The supremacy of State law.
. who on and appertaining
at the railroads, has been demon-
I with such magnificence
adequacy as to cause every
t at then
his trip was a very
tor that he ad become infatuated
North Carolinian to thrill with
alleged by I pride a- from personal
Today, after a career of more
than forty years of faithful and
efficient service an officer of
the United States navy. Hear
Admiral Henry Davis
was placed on the retired list on
account of having reached the
age limit of sixty-two His
retirement a number of
i new Discovery
Guaranteed for all THROAT and
And Provisions
Ties always on
By a tin
Court, made in th special proceed-
Mrs. J. D. in-
Mrs J. Hyman.
will Fell for before
Court house door Greenville at
public auction on Monday the 2nd. day
of Sept. 1907 Scribed
of lend situate in the town of Greenville,
and part of lot No, In plot i
said town, known as the old j
lot. I on the of
ml street rum. North with
sin a . ad
, . . at
I . . at w inch , . .,. st. to feet.
more I p naval delegate .
V . . . . x eyes
and the
. a I i ea . . ,; ,
lo T. G.
The sad death of this
parallel with at.
with second st. feet begin-
Said lot sold for
2nd. 1907.
V. James
. i.
rat C Per-y,
i . i
an- r
Una b in P ;
M th
and Mechanical
Horn Clayton,
day y e a
station here to n
i to quart
the n to this c i
oW- St; a i
;. . ,, i-l . h to ins
,., mind was i
I its ml I iv would
i ,,. . ; . ,
. of the no
., . . . , .
I man
. . threat- .
. i I pub c morals achieve all
I man that execution of all enemy nut I
capital- , be mad,
. , private and m vested with the
u that she has act of n.- Summer
r .
that his
vicinity law. any on whom shall
n u seemed lo him
ill be i i I provide ; ,,,,
the such
aider, as
. Neat
i .
oil vain
He endeared to professors
Internal Revenue Service.
ii District of North
Deputy . O
Littleton. N. C.
i. i it in of a
J. Manning for
him under the Intel
Revenue laws. I have the fol
If. personal property to
. mi Manning One .
and property will
be Bold laid the farm
of raid Manning near Greenville N V,
on Thursday the 7th of S i.
t in. to the highest
U. Lewis. I
i Collector i
Fresh kept con
j in stock. Country
i Produce Bought and Sold
Ii Carolina.
I Not Quite
y. Mow got a
I or i .
r Ii i e a i
X tool I d be pared
t. i a
heme Sunday,
J. left Monday r
i n to Green
hi . .,,,. that d.-f the
. n , burden of the its
f K foot ball d th . was heavy Lo hi I. freed
champions from every one in order that the sane- spirit may reach a or sphere
very law m y he which he
X In
Do Not Neglect the Children
At this season of the year the
unnatural of a
have Immediate Attention. The
beat thing that can be given is
Remedy direct-
ed w bottle of the remedy.
sale by all Druggist and Healer- in
o such
, T f public .
in from a dinner, she is . as the
Mi e Clark and a I i the ad-
Sir m . of financial
Mill. saving, mi we
News and
Bertha i
Ai ilia
i- r of the
i , . . very
i i Th
, .
. i up and laughed l . ; i rigidly the
I then, f similar .
. . S the revised i
. v-
Remarkable Rescue.
That truth stranger than Action
has been in
the little town of Tenn., the
V. Pepper, lie
was in bed, entirely disabled
hemorrhages of the lungs and throat.
Doctor failed to help me, and all hope
had when I began taking Dr.
New Discovery. Then relic
cam. The coughing soon ceased;
ding rapidly, and j
three weeks I was able
cure for coughs
and J. L.
tore. Trial bottle free.
cu d
ail i j our
. Ia k fie
I j Tic
You i-
Horse Hood- c
J. P.
WORD that word Is
it refers to Dr. Liver Pills an J
of these and
indicate of the LIVEst.
the t a
Kinston, N. C The
Hines Lund Com-
. within and
a half mill if M . and
while i. grad-
ii i before Snow ; re
they reach there some
time in November. Mr. I.
which m. the Hints, with the untiring
Bale of c Id d . I i for which hi so well n d, is
Carolina by on the pr tty ,
, ,.,. I
Oakley, N. Aug. 1907.
Yearly meeting next
J. Warren, of Tillery, was here
Saturday and Sunday.
Th largest, crowd church
here last Sunday for many
Take No Substitute.
, labor,
P a hi
i r to r mil d you
i in
i th
. the and the
con n cone mid.
. i .
the w
. . la; l door e
. of
. ii. alone .-
. law
, .
i i
if only the
to be en
d as rapidly
e American A- r ,
,, ,, , Sunday courting.
I two meetings Portland, about the Stokes
yesterday, and heard com- came over to church Sunday.
on- W. M. and family, of
important in we spending a few
h hi
ii known, and the association wants
th and c . e mat the
called hi I i hie own
Tl v try 1st Tl
we d loss of.
i as a
i. i worker,
and as the highest type of
are to meet hi 3rd,
Th state
.; . I i i . . new
in the a are
. re than
of insurance commissioner
divorced from
We Arc Very
lots are sell
very l withstanding
the en very much
ins the develop
;. of oar proper
already in hand. and we have not been able lo
Mrs. m do as effective work we will
i u d in every respect. i . i , tee.
2nd. That we extend to the
family of the decease-1 our I
and our progress
been named by the
I ii In fact her letter
to receive a pension of
. from the state
when ii is a little cooler.
Hive you bought a lot in
H hi If not. why
A great many of r
friends have. Now. do not miss
the of your life and to,
suns may , ,. .
. ,.,. during her saying
m i heir sad , . e
, 3rd That a these . . .sent . the b
departed brother, to the mission aid per-1 lots are sold but buy now. when
Herald, and to the Eastern Re more than else to you can buy the Company's
Hector for publication. about the passage of the first and best price, and on their
Walter P. Harding, for such an institution. terms Ten dollars cash
legislature appointed a commit- five per month. No taxes.
i tee to examine reformatories in i No interest die before
No One Knew Him
Lumberton, Aug One of
convicts here to
work on th Virginia and
Southern Railway died at the
near here Wednesday of
typhoid lover. He was sick
whet brought here and had net
been able to work on the read at
all. He was One of three men
serving a term in the
for breaking into a store at
Goldsboro some time since. The
his name
or his home as be did not wish
his people to know anything
about him. He was hurried
the camp.
Tobacco Beard of Trade.
sales on the Greenville
market reported by C. W.
secretary of Tobacco Board
of Trade, number pounds sold in
Aug. pounds; average
per month August 1906,
average 8.81.
states and report of these
I with etc., is
by law required to be filed by
The farmers have good
week for fodder and most
of them have used it to good
you pay out, your and little
ones will get a clear deed with-
out further payment. Come to
our office and see us, or write to
us and we will send our
to see you.
United Development Corporation
Fourth Street,
Greenville, N. C.
W. A. Dead.
Young Arthur Whitehurst,
who was injured on June 5th,
1907, on the Atlantic Coast Line,
and who fell in court Thursday
during his trial against the com-
for his injuries, died Friday.
After he was taken from the
days here with relatives.
Fodder pulling is about
John Ross, of
was here Monday on
. H. Ross returned to his
home in Virginia Monday after
spending a few days here on
We hear there is to be a large
church erected at Oakley very
soon, ground has been given
This is a good step, as we now
have several denominations
preaching at this place.
all a chance, and do not throw in
more than a thousand dollars
Nearly all of Oakley was at
Greenville to court last week.
We hope The Reflector will
continue under the same man
as in the past-
J. R. Williams and W. A.
James went to Bethel Monday.
T. F, Nelson went to Green
ville Monday.
Master Andrews, of
Rocky Mount, is spending a few
days here with his grand parents,
Mr. and Mrs J. T, Jenkins.
J. E. Hines. of Goldsboro, was
here last week.
Two young ladies of Norfolk is
visiting Miss Minnie Whitehurst
this week and last.
Mrs. Minnie Brown and
of Wilson, are spending
A. B.
I, Entrance and
Z, of . college
. i ate- extras.
w a sod.
;. instruction.
i library.
No Saloon.
Time enter Sept
For and
Littleton, N. C
He Fred Stick.
have fired the I've
carried over on account f ore that d i kind treat-
until I tried
Salve; that has healed and
. mi a John
of North
teed etc., by John. L.
court room and a mistrial ordered
in his case by the court he few days here with Mrs. Brown a
rapidly worse until the end mother, Mrs- Bettie Belcher.
,. R. Davenport enters and
claims about acres, more or
of vacant land lying in
township, county, N.
C., on north side of Tar river, in
and on the cast side of Pea
Branch in. adjoining the
lands of J. Davenport's
and the John Ward
J. . Sat-
u-rt heirs, Howell white-
head, deceased, Walter
This August 20th, 1907.
las. P. Davenport,
for J. R. Davenport.
Any person or persons claiming
title to or interest in the fore-
going described land must file
their protest in writing with me
within the next thirty days, or
they will be barred by law.
R. Williams.
Entry taker
surplus profits MO A XV t
The Bank of Greenville
The Eastern Training
the coveted price has been
to Pitt County. We
hope that there are other
thing.- ii store and we
tender the services of this bank
and resources for the up
building; of very legitimate
enterprise o. our town and
Way Pitt . j
, and run on a Pitt county
North arc
Of the many excellent weekly the ladder of success, They
newspapers of the Old way of in
State, none stands higher whatever they undertake, Mr.
the Reflector. Mr. L. Bland,
Whichard. the editor of the in Rocky is no
r. v. i at Jamestown exception to the We we're
during North day or
e and particularly his house crowded, and a glance
struck with the beauty of the through
long line of State on this is the usual condition. In
the he g. be frequently has to turn
hack home. Whichard away for want pf
wrote m i r commenting told us that a company bad
th- liveness of be n used be build
l . and in the course of modern hotel on the site
mad following
to make
of hi pr x mt building.
n t. as regard the
North far building. That
K North Carolina
is an
for railroad
did not the
is too beautiful to be q .
removed. It S f
ma road when the lease expired
torn down and
Ai close of business May 1907.
Loans and discount
Overdrafts and
All other Stocks, Holds
and Fixtures 2,688.84
Demand I-oars 8,000.00
Due from Banks 12,541.41
Cash Items
lull I Coin
Silver Coin
bank and
U. S. notes
Capital Stock
Surplus funds
Undivided Profit less
Tim.- 27.1581.0
Due to
Cashier's checks
should stand right there a
monument to North Carolina Eh
This State could not do a more a years
over the Sf h
No, Carolina Society of I l
Norfolk, to be preserved
place and kept open
, l he explained the
at all timer, as a rendezvous for
the many North Carolinians who
all of Sun.
visit Norfolk. Of course the . , D .
a,, .,, ii . i ii- i New Rate,
sell the
not near for what it cost It has Ga. Aug. The
already been paid for out of Air Line Railroad has
announced that it will put in
appropriation by the Legislature,
North of
f. Cashier of the named bank, do solemn
ear that the above is true to the best of my
belief. c. S. CARR,
and sworn Correct -Attest
of May 1907- , H A-WHITE
S. C- J. L.
and to turn back in the treasury
what the building would sell for
will hardly be Far
better is it to donate the
to the North
Carolina Society, as, above
and it be a place
where our sons and daughters
who have gone over the border
to help make the Old Dominion
can gather and think of
Sometime last year an
North Carolinian wrote a
letter to The landmark making
the same, suggestion, and The
Landmark editorially approved
the idea- We are glad to see
feet September new pas
of two and a half
cents per mile ordered by the
State Railroad commission. The
commission will begin a hearing
tomorrow on the request of the
railroads in Georgia for ;
of the order until January.
Happening, of About
Twenty-five houses are sinking
into the earth at
and their occupants have lied in
Come in and examine my
Yours e e.
i J
beg leave to announce that we are
Wholesale and Retail,
and an
Country Ready Paints,
Several breweries have united
that the propriety of the thought and are holding a meeting at
is impressing more as
time passes- It is to be hoped
that by the close of the
the feeling in favor of
the Slate's building to the
local North Carolina Society will
have crown to such an extent
that the Legislature will
Our North Carolina
Society has done much, during
the few years of life, to hon-
or the great mother -State of its
I members. has also done tin's
in a way to strengthen the bond
of affection and mutual
esteem between North Carolina
and Virginia. The Greenville
Reflector's idea lathe right one.
Such a disposition of the building
would be worth far more to
North Carolina than the money
the edifice might bring at
There is no line in the world better
the I line. It fees It a
reputation for honorable wares and honorable
dealings. .
If you use the Harrison Paints you need
ever worry quality.
trust you favor us with your
orders whenever you want good paint any
Have just a car load and
an give you Special Prices.
Baker Hart
Cincinnati to devise plans to fight
local option in the South.
Two youths jumped overboard
at sea and were drowned from
the steamer. Patna, which
rived New yesterday
from her trip across the ocean,.
The long bridge at Quebec,
Canada, nearing col
lapsed yesterday, carrying down
hundreds of people into the
fifty persona were drowned.
A passenger train on the
Southern Railway c with
an engine on the track in Ashe-
yesterday, resulting in the
injury of people from several
States; none were fatally hurt.
Mr. L. of
Washington, D. well known
in railroad circles, was found
dead yesterday morning in a
Pullman car berth at Petersburg,
At Pa., yesterday,
Thomas a prominent
hotel man, shot and killed his
sister and sent, a bullet into his
own brain.
While the York county
jail was being repaired
day, a scaffold feet high was
curried when an BOO
pound block of granite fell on it,
I men were killed and two
In passing beneath the arch
the Government pier a the
Jamestown exposition
day. the big or boat of Cap-
Dip-The Standard dis- w
destroys all severely damaged,
coming from decaying vegetable I Congressman Loud declares
and animal tissue and should be that it is a waste of money to
The News and Observer, after
copying the above, remarks;
is a report the
j commissioners had to borrow
money on the ling to pay the
expenses of the exposition, and
therefore a sale will have to
made to pay the debt,
curred that is correct, the
generous suggestion Re-
might not be
If the above is correct the task
to raise by private subscription
the amount necessary to pay
the indebtedness would not be a
j hard on-. So, let's give it to
them anyway
I am; I Al
In ii he iIi half a I
away he dived into Is
glasses. When they up to
Mr. Cleveland them
me, gentlemen, hut J
help your ti
of ask whore
told which pond
i- the
ex-pi have fished many
times in pond, never had
us that. I must
The party, after leaving Mr.
Cleveland, in a butcher's
shop to leave until their
train in. When they returned
the teas hidden from view
n crowd. found the
butcher had put their string of
in the window with a inscribed,
in Carnegie
Reverence For Gory.
One the inn
It iron h
of . I
in tin i u
. I i ml v .
Ii -i; i. Vow York eh l
ram of
cm . of
i AH
. i- eh
M i In a Tic
h Ii over
; . ,
ii If r
. have
Tl. i
. v
lion i
. I I
The i i
n i
i lo I
and . K
hi . i. . . at dis-
Paris J
has written a lit-
hook mi animals of the Scrip-
The unicorn, he concludes,
the i mi i n. and the be-
v hippo
which th her
was the .
Icon was The
true as the mole.
Sir. i the apes
of Solomon's courts were
net of
of T that
ii four w r bats or,
any l-ea.- r not
fowls all. The
; r
i o . fop-
i i I i co-
urn. while . -i only
u . . The
than is Mil Bolton to
hi the
i on
i . tho
l -r
P fit by Th
are i
II i-
ho I m
. . that
.-. ST-
for , .
used about your premises now.
Militia has been ordered out
Tallahassee. to prevent the
lynching of George Simms, a
who killed a officer.
navy yards Charles-
ton and Portsmouth.
Win a Parker Fountain Pen.
Look the Reflector Hook
Store guessing announcement
Ion third page. The one who
makes the best
pounds of tobacco the
Greenville market will sell
tor plotting against month of September be given
a Parker fountain pen
At St. three men
have been sentenced to death,
five banished others given severe
the Czar.
Ii It.
, . i t
i i
Ii ;
tor. n n I
for .
i i
if i
i i
i Ii i
nil-i I.-
i n . .
ii .
ii. made I
i no.
To he
I. -i .
. . too
d -ii-
lo be
i hard
. to be.
I tea
i . v.
ii pass, rm will ever re-
in. main, more .
. i evening.- than u I hi i and
even youth itself.

. . i
i lye in
. ii Pare Palm
i Superb quality.
L; W. who i; author-
teed to sent the Reflector in Farmville and vicinity.
; item of For Um
t a
i of salutes, the
which if insisted upon
i The following
idea of its
t i
. LILAC, French
and G i JO- the
i- VENETIAN SB It Violet ope, Rose and
;. ., the cake, special, the box.
It our thoroughly toilet
supplies f a are aware
J. R. J. G.
Off York
Then i
i v i-
ii. mi
plea ;
i in
WK-n enters a strange port
ii Hug of that
with salute of twenty-one guns,
which is answered immediately from
the usually by
or by u special shore battery.
I When foreign warships lie in the
or tin national Hog a i i-
by the incoming steamer,
and the salute is returned by 11-
ship When high
r chance to be on the i
warships port they, re
their salute above
but the of an admiral is twin
by a foreign warship only once in a
marine etiquette is nor ,
shooting. When a war-
ship enters a harbor immediately
upon its arrival it makes a visit,
through its guard or pilot officer,
on oilier warships already I vim;
in harbor or on native squadron
During the entire sojourn in the
harbor the strictest attention must
be raid to marine etiquette. When
an admirals ship lies in the harbor
all the other warships adjust their
is, at even-
with music, drumbeat n
military honors, they lower
their after the admiral's ship
has set the example. Likewise
in the morning they to raise
their Bags until the admiral's ship
has hoisted its flag.
Even in the national hymns which
the orchestras of the ships ploy
etiquette rules must lie
For instance, when a German
ship enter strange i i ; i
oilier ships are lying it- music at
noon, m to ll old in-
nil the hip or-
are on
decks, with
hymn of one of those states
arc hi the
The order in which these
are depend on
the degree and rank of the oldest
Presence cf la Foes of
A r -mar instance of
The Outfitter
Is now in New York purchasing new Fall and
Winter Goods
Watch space for his
with lots of new goods
the season's latest
ions. Both quality and
C. T.
N. C
f i. in the face of dealt
occurred on the steam I
Queen o on the T i
at on a recent
night. Th boat, on which
was a party about eighty,
n Windsor
utter a trip up the river when
engine used
The captain below and there
found Francis Butt.
lying 1.- died -lie
It is believed
Butt, feeling
the presence of mind to shut o
steam before lie fell. Ho thus pro
A China Do u Vole.
Viet i. the of
Co urn mm
p who
dog I is entitled vote to
a and i
The 1.1- to abuses,
has . n d that
women i led on
strength of a dog,
to pet .; r t me qua
. a fur
op. Hurt
i rm i I I
a ii i
ti. . ; .- m
Place in a quart bottle a pint of
best kerosene oil, add as much earn
yum as will dissolve in same
putting in a cake at a time
baking well for three or four day-
When the kerosene has absorbed all
the camphor gum it will take add a
half pint of sweet oil, shake vigor-
and it is ready for use. Tin
odor of kerosene is not noticeable.
For Hair.
A simple hair and one
that is often very effective is made
by combining ounces of
do Cologne two ounces of pure
oil. Part the hair with a
comb and rub in the liquid with the
finger ends, parting the hair over
and over again until
has been distributed eves tin
Bethel Items.
Bethel, N. C. Sept 1907.
M. Blount, who has been on
a tour to Baltimore and New-
York for the purpose of buying
fall goods, returned a few days
Miss Emily Nelson, of Flor-
S. C. who has been visiting
relatives here, left Monday.
Mattie and Minnie
Whichard and brother. Walter,
returned home today from a visit
to the exposition.
Miss Estelle Jones left
Monday for Richmond where
she will take a position as steno-
W. J. Smith has been very
sick for a few days.
Miss Sieves, of
Norfolk, who been visiting
Miss Effie Grimes, left for home
this morning.
Miss Addie Rollins, who is
at Darden. came in
Friday evening to visit
Misses Emmie and Blanche Carr,
of Ayden, who have been visiting
Ora Carson, returned home
hist Wednesday.
Effie Grimes went to Tar-
today to spend a few days.
For Sale.
One house and lot, on the
of Ward and Latham Streets
in the town of five
room and kitchen, good smoke
house, wood house, chicken
stable, back lot and gar-
den, water works and electric
lights. Terms reasonable with
good time for deferred payments-
Apply to F. C. Harding.
North Carolina, Pitt county
In the superior court August term 1907.
J. I Bland and a Bland.
E. R. Cracker, A. u. and the
Bank I i
The defendants, E. It. Croaker, A. ft.
and the in
entitled action
that an action has been Commenced in
the Pitt county,
led as which action is
by the plaintiffs to a
Mortgage, which will ho
stout and described in the complains.
situate in the state of North Carolina
And the Skid defendants will further
take notice that they are requested to
appear at the next term of the superior
court of Pitt county, to lie held on the
2nd Monday before the 1st Monday in
September, it being the 19th of Au-
gust 1907, at the court House in said
County, in Greenville. North Carolina,
and answer or demur complaint
in raid Action, or the plaintiff will
ply court the relief demand-
ed in said complaint.
the day of 1907
CT-4 P- c. Moore.
clerk Pitt count
The New England Conservatory of
at Boston has eighty pianos
and they would not be there if
they were not of the highest
grade. The Bureau of Music of
Jamestown Exposition, after
investigation of pianos of the
highest grade, recommend the
for he Piano of the
Exposition, All the
and best hotels in Norfolk use
pianos exclusively, and all
musicians recommend them
their action, tone an I quality.
Sold from Maker to saving
yon one or two profits.
Write for particulars to
Lu C. Street, Manager
Granny Va
Farmville, N- C. Sept. 1907.
The past week has been a little
dry and dusty for pedestrians
or road inspectors but our far-
could not have had a more
ideal week for saving their
On their way home from
church at Mays chapel last Sun-
day, Mrs. Turner and Mr.
R. E. horse became
and began running
and it was soon found they
General Merchants
Main and Wilson Farmville, N. C
Dry Clothing, Heavy and
Fancy Groceries. Hardware, Fur-
Stock Feed, and Fertilizer.
Agents for
Complete line of Carpets, Mattings and Rugs
Guns, Pistols and Rifles.
Coupons with premiums for every dollar in cash trade
and see our stock.
not manage or check him, Mr.
John Rouse and wife were in
road just ahead. Rouse seeing
the horse coming, and the ladies
screaming for help, stopped his
horse and tried to catch the
frightened one but failed and
he ran upon his buggy and threw
both the ladies out into a ditch,
hurting them right much, the
doctor had to be summoned.
hope they may soon recover,
Wild horses are like some wild
men they are subject to get in
that are too gentle to
handle them.
Quite a crowd of our people
went on the excursion to More-
head over the N. S. R. R.
Chas Cobb, of Greenville, has
been giving us a few days of his
valuable time.
On last Friday morning near
Green county, two
by the name of Ward
and Smith met on the road.
Smith had Wards wife with him
when they exchange a few words
and began shooting at each other
Ward jumped behind a and
snapped his pistol and peeping
out or, looking around to see if
he had shot Smith, took a fair
crack at his forehead ghosting
his out at once after wait-
a few minutes to be sure he
was Head he slowly walked away
in woods His wife is in jail.
Keel, of Wilson,
returned to her home today after
a pleasant visit to Mesdames
Frank Davis, and John T.
Misses Ada and Eva Royal and
their mother have returned to
their home in Wilson after
days visit to relatives and
friends here.
Misses Reid Lang and Lady
Turnage have entered the
tic Christian College at
Marvin Horton, Hal Turnage.
and John Pollard, enter Homers
Military school this week
Mrs. J. Stanley Smith will re-
turn from her summering on the
coast of Maine in time for all
desiring to take to
begin the first of October.
Quite a number of our towns-
men took in the exposition last
W. M. Lang, W. J. Turnage.
J. H Harriss, Ben Joyner and
G. E- have returned
from the Northern markets
where they purchased their stock
of fall and winter goods.
Mrs. J. F. Joyner has just re-
turned from the North where she
purchased a select line of
dress goods and millinery
Wells is in the North now
selecting her fall stock of Milli-
Miss Mary Lee Smith is visit-
friends and relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. John T.
entertained a number of their
friends on Friday evening com-
to their
Keel, of Wilson, and of
Tarboro. Among those present
were Misses Ada and Ellen Ty-
son, Beulah Keel, Frankie
Agnes Moore, Lillian
lings and Minnie Bryan, Messrs
John Davis, Ed Darden, T. L.
T. W. Lang. R. 0-
Lang, Hyde, F. A. Moore and
John S. Smith. After delightful
conversation and musical treats
delicious cream and cake was
served. The guest departed at
eleven o'clock declaring Mrs.
a charming hostess.
Farmville. N. C.
and Fancy
years in
Artistic work guaranteed
Enlarging n
Staton Clark, Proprietor.
Farmville. N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow-
Worts Clot bin repaired, clean-
ed and pressed.
tAt Parker's Old Stand.;
Farmville, N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Carts
and Wagons.
In fact any kind of work in
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
Optician and Watch-maker,
Glasses Fitted. Examination of
eyes free.
All watch and clock work
Company will insure any on
any trace of
Kidney Trouble
Every trace of kidney trouble is
will be paid by the Inter-
state Chemical Co., of Baltimore,
Mil., for any case of kidney
trouble SOL will not
A word to the wise.
For sale by
Farmville. N. C.
Having qualified as Executor
of the estate of Laura A.
gown, deceased, late of Pitt
county, this is to notify all per-
sons having claims against the
estate said deceased to exhibit
to the undersigned within
twelve months from this date or
this notice will be plead in bar
of their All persons in-
to d will please
make payment.
This the day of July. 1907
F. G. Jam s, J. L. Sugg.
For Sale One Pony,
years old, kind and gentle.
Lady can drive Apply to
J, L. Flanagan,
J Farmville, N. C.
Miss Alice Lang, of Greenville,
is visiting relatives here.
Miss Annie Perkins, of Green-
ville, spent several days the past
week visiting Mrs. W. M. Lang.
Misses Addie and Lillie Free-
man, of Washington, returned to
their home Friday after a pleas-
ant visit to the Misses Lang.
D. J. WHICHARD, Editor and Owner.
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
j .
VOL. No.
Farmville, N. Sept
On Thursday evening from , evening
An editor of reputable paper to the e- of Mr
believes he is rig t and thrown open t i number of then
ins confidence in ins cure he
on of
Cirri his p wot if he just
keeps hammering -v at it.
id of th it-
Miss V Marj
of and tin
Cleveland Springs a Total late He bat
Fired by
N C. Sept. ,
land Springs Betel was destroyed r Mrs. J
by fire last during a
electric storm I i; the i
Of Mr. O. L. M nil.
lessee, that the was
struck by lightning and on
fire in that way. He wag
by n which
shook the structure to its
Running out ho found
the kitchen a mas-, of flamed s
within a few moments the
building was on lire.
spread with such that
the fire was paralyzing in its
Mr. ma to
I of
Re id
under the
at the
friend Miss
On the porch
Cobb, of
.- soft and i
first, but it that con as the g i m . pr
his labors win i the r
in the i
.,all ,. ,
in ferns, i ,
rooms by ard
r I b ;
r t
Con ;
. I ;
dent, .
i .- th pi i
B- S
re if
, .
ii- the time
this been accomplished at
Was . . ,
.-D- bi
. . f ,
to the nor or of the
and y
all had , p i brought
the fact that the
i ks was the t pyre i
three unfortunate b i,
women perished in the i .
Th, charred .
. . . ,
blackened bey n I
These . ,
were Mary and Annie ,
colored chambermaids, of Soul i
Carolina, ping i the attic
floor of the burned Tut
other victim . i a
Miss Cora
of who was pi
on I nm .-. an. Id
.; in . h
he . by Mi
is of the body were found in
public in th
course. He pals and no
what be has d
but h hi the
a id lie knows he has
for his
.- pap m in l
II race i v us to
it, but they do a deal
Ii s for which .
or exp
in or oven empty of
from the p
. on Mi
. ,
i I .
pan .
m of t
Miss is
c . . ;,.,. I,
too re or ;, .,
i , i ,,
a. . i .
. I
Ii W
. .
i e
will soon have a bank.
around u ,
ill ho a week or two t
the debris of h T
also in chi n i is,
into n shapeless mass
Ah the i i g
without injury, but .
value was saved. The loss i
furniture was complete .
dosed for the summer. Ami . who I to Baltimore E
n Miss Annie , , I days, ago
any heard here in tome
with a number of comic
Mary Mo, ., y, .
N. C, Sent . . Alic
Rid b Hoy
. is M Baltimore Va
r i
. ., . . ,
i i; .
; Gr and L i
s. -1 X. C,
Messrs T L
. ;.,. i .
finding of the skeleton is the fact
from ii in found, i
i hi i
will h
Ca t
i They .- in
. Mr, E II V a Julia
wife, of t S. C; . try of
a. t. ; Fire, n ,
ft Grace, D
rice of Chariot as if Grifton is
town every i
me . and
our i
Mi d, of .; n,
Bi Helen last
has lie n
Augustus and Pearl
F. A. Bright and Alice
Smith Kite Mitch
Isaiah Peyton and
it i Laura
way and
Joyner. In
i i in
Eliza Brooks
. C. J. Tucker i p
i InC v
ill is i g and .
iv . i
f r a
. . of Kin-
h i broth r, J.;.
A, L.
ion i t I.
Miss Rosa one of
. far thee g
to h Id at R ;.
. h,
i, will the
. Am m i
r i than n-
fill all inti .
b . m. Ti e
I try, a i,
. I S, etc, . . i
a loan Is and the
I n .
i of Iv man;
ago, i. I .
. .
en e I
. .
; . ha
-s Talk.
i co on th
mm Id i .- ;
try, is b
re I run a i .,
.i; . .- n
.- h bi i.
S .
. ,
. I
i . ; ,
d and uncoil
i not ah
. . . i -.-
i Norfolk.
our v i n .
en iring
was in
.,;. for even
chant to advertise. The r , ;
chant who does not advertise his
because his
did not. ought to wear knee- .
,, Of Ayden,
he tried i and failed, ,, ., . , ,
should throw away his cigar I
he doesn't know himself,
ought to stop eating because
cant cook. The , who
does not advertise because some-
body said it did not pay, ,
Die brick hotel will son he
is a Be
i ck
J n, Raj.
ii i
turn . , , is Bland has .
to pi . ed sol
go Is
Mrs. Laura is vi
Mis. Jack n.
la a is in the
fa I stock
Miss la in
way hand for
not believe that the world is I
round, because said
proud of this hotel. H. T. Best went to A. and M.
it Journal.
R has
College last
b list y. The l
of t
to ;.
n idea of i
, to the i am i
ion, idly on
y t. There w r three
I to read are .
i ;
i the
. her
p , .
. to h o such
tiled week
on the r
i i again and B
train . I to ,;, , , , ;,,,
Seventy Id v j . a the Star, one of the
V h -vs been
Pit long time.

Eastern reflector, 6 September 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
September 06, 1907
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