Eastern reflector, 30 August 1907

We are now offering the tine toilet
displayed in ranging from t
Pure Palm and Lath, flakes to box,
I. VIOLET French milled.
perfumed, and packed a cakes to special be
Violet. Hose and
Lilac, the cake, special. cake box.
Visit our f quipped toilet department get
your u are aware they could be
This department is in charge of w. who is author-
to sent the Reflector in and vicinity.
the War
War Fall
have already spoken
a thrill about them and
Path would not be
without them.
And how girls do love that General Merchants
the immensity of the Jamestown Whirl. This is a double Main and Wilson ts, N. C
exposition, the superb exhibits constructed Ferris wheel that a.
in the government and general keeps you j two and
buddings and the beauty of the You are first up
State buildings and grounds- To
of these one admission to the then down- all the time going
ground takes the visitor, and round, and the more you turn
there are numerous free the more you want to.
like band concert, spec- But this is not all of
parades, menU for there is the Ranch
airship flights, automobile typical Western life, the wild
gap leap, drills of infantry ard show, the Divers, the
J. G.
PLACE different
makes of Womens to-
Ask ten women to
make Nine of them
will pick the
SHOE. We have test-
ed and proved this. There
must be a reason why
all other women's shoes in
he world.
To Jamestown Exposition
K. drew Tuesday's Jamestown Railroad
ticket at C. T. Big Store, Saturday night, Aug. 17th
We want all oar friends to go at our expense
IS the number which
drew the ticket last
Saturday night
The Big Store will give away another ticket Saturday eight
Each dollar purchase entitles you to a draw for this ticket, and
you get ten dimes value for every cents you spend here.
N. C.
C. T.
-v .
Streets of Seville, the Streets of
Cairo where you ride the camel,
Daughter, shooting
galleries, fortune telling booths
and enough other things to cover
a week nights if you try to see
But do not think of going to
the exposition and returning
home without visiting the Hip-
and seeing
presentation of Pocahontas.
This is not a part of the
but is at the old horse show
grounds in the suburbs of Nor-
folk. It is the grandest
production America has
seen and covers our from
the sailing of Capt- John Smith
from England and his landing on
Virginia's shore down to the
present time. When you think
being expended in scene-
costumes, electrical and me-
effects in preparation for
as its beauty car. only be realized
through witnessing it
And the end is not yet.
calvary drills and fireworks
In addition to these the War
Path has numerous attractions
and amusements where the ex-
tent of enjoyment if limited only
by the size of the book.
Evenings after the main build-
close and at night the War
Path is thronged with people on
pleasure bent. Of course some
of these amusements are merely
fun or excitement, while others
are of real interest.
The reservation is a
small exposition in itself, show-
several tribes of those far
Eastern people with the habits,
customs and occupations in
their native land.
The village
shows how these little brown
people live in the frozen regions
of the far North. The Indians,
Egyptians, Japanese and other
nationalities arc also represent-
The visitor does not want to
miss the battle of the
and Monitor, the reproduction of
the famous conflict in Hampton
Roads in the civil war. The
panoramas of Gettysburg and
are also good
Another of real is
the destruction of San Francisco,
showing the city before, during
and after the terrible earthquake
and lire that visited it a little
than a year ago. It is
The baby incubator is a
wonder and shows to what
extent ingenuity can take the
place of natural means in
serving life. How the babes are
taken from one stage of develop-
to another is
Something else the visitor
should not miss seeing is
Trixie, the smartest horse in t e
world. Trixie can do things
that makes her seem almost
human instead of mere animal.
Paul Revere's ride next door and
under the same management is
very interesting.
A through the Old Mill is
well worth while and the price.
The race takes you through dark
and winding pas-
sages where beautiful scenes
frequently come into view, the
splashing water making merry
music as your boat speeds along.
The trip through Hell Gate is
excitement all the way. Your
boat floats around awhile in the n
view of spectators then with this U deep no, and
into regions of darkness in- hollow which it
habited by devils and hob-gob-
One only has to keep
his nerve and he comes out again
in good shape.
Then for a laugh just go
to the Temple of Mirth and your
sides will ache before you get
through. The first mirror you
look in starts the risibilities and
the countenance lengthens or
shortens a move on. Then
for a climb over fences and bump-
up a dark stairway and you
get back by sliding out
The Mirror also keeps
you going and guessing, and
when you think you are going
right you are sure to be going
Screams of delight are con
heard from who
shoot the chute or ride the scenic
These are old time
amusements, but is
Fancy Groceries. Hardware,
Stock Feed, and Fertilizer.
Complete line of Carpets, Mattings and Rugs Agents for
Guns, Pistols and Rifles.
Coupons with premiums for every dollar in cash trade. Call
and see our stock.
The New England Conservatory el
at Boston has eighty pianos
and they would not be there if
they were not of the highest
grade. The Bureau of Music of
the Jamestown after
investigation i of the
highest the
for Piano
All the t
and best in Norfolk us-
pianos exclusively, and all
musicians mm tho in
Sold from Maker tons
one or two
Write particulars to
N. C.
and Fancy
years experience in
Artistic work guaranteed
Enlarging s
r, saving
L, C. Street, Manager
Staton Clark, Proprietor.
N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
1.4 St., Norfolk, Ya SharP Clean Tow-
Tar River Navigation.
In a
of Washing
this production, something of and Beaufort county, Mr.
grandeur may be imagined. We Joyner in j
will no undertake to describe it, I News and Observer
repaired, clean-
ed and pressed.
It i- i of K Frederick
of traveling
through Jutland one ho entered
a found
f i and
unite l-i
. -t ho
ii v i -i I lie
kins I
With on 11-i cried
u little girl, to whom
the i for had
i; ii link n oil
net per
Why Do
ran lie doubt that
i yawning the x-
f have
long time and i ho
of lilt
tor a
the flow blood and
lymph, which have in
of sluggish;
tot sonic time in the
lien example, when
This ft
souse of
Hence in
i apt tn intend
dun one ca-
lei to a dull
;. Ii i-
ix apt A- in the
of . th deep
which net yawn-
in.; .- for shallow
I i apt I i lie it
The Th and l- Seine
a-s as the
crook- that wander .;
every In America, while the
of in
ch. its col-
ors it
What have never wen the
in deed
your trip e
your own country fir-t. for of
the inspiring id
greater even than the roar-
of Niagara, is to watch the
There is a great future for the
county and for Washington,
less the greed the railroads in i
trying to destroy the immense;
water privilege of I
Washington is prevented by the
citizens of the city and the up
country on Tar river, at Green-
ville, Tarboro and other
rising their financial might and
keeping this waterway open to
J. G.
Parker's Old
N. C.
AH kinds of repairing of Carts
and Wagons.
In fact any kind of work in
wood mid iron
All work
water transportation
n stopped on
of freight has been
Tar river Washington the
owners of the new railroad being
owners of the steamboats.
Passengers can I ride on
lovely river on regular daily
schedule, from to
Washington, by taking
Ola splendid
launch, but all freight has
to go by rail. Should Washing
ton allow its regular
vessels and steamers to be taken
out, it will rue the day of the
coming of the Norfolk and
Two cars corn just arrived.
F. V. Johnston.
Examination of
eyes free.
All watch clock work
Company will ii sure on
any of
Kidney Trouble
Every trace of kidney trouble is
Having qualified as Executor
of the estate of Laura A.
gown, deceased, late of Pitt j
county, this is to notify all per-
having claims against
estate of said deceased to exhibit
to the undersigned within I
twelve months from this date or
this notice will i plead in bar
of their recovery. All persons in-
to said will
make immediate payment.
This the 22nd day of July. 1907
F. G. dames, J. L. Sugg.
Atty. Executor.
will be paid by the Inter-
state Chemical Co., of Baltimore,
Md. for any case of kidney
trouble SOL will not help.
A word to the wise.
For sale by
N. C.
If you decide to insure your
life demand the befit, and be con
tent with nothing but the best-
The S Policy prescribe.
by the New York state law is-
sued by the Equitable Life As-
Society of the United
States. Paul Morton, President
For full particulars, apply to the
undersigned- Warren Jr.
District, Agent, Greenville, N.
C. Wm. A. Danner, General
Agent Richmond
Publication of
North Caroline, county
In the August 1907.
J. Bland and wife M. A Bland.
E. R. beaker. A. B. and the
Hank of
The defendants; K R-
and the Bunk of in
t he above entitled action will take notice
I that notion has been commenced in
i the court of county,
led as above, which said . ion
j brought by the a
which will be specifically
set out in tho
to be in said action, on real
situate in the state North Carolina
And defendants will further
take notice that they are requested to
appear at the next term of the superior
court of Pitt county, to b held on th
2nd Monday before the 1st Monday In
September, it being the 19th Au-
at court House in said
county, in Greenville, North Carolina,
and answer or demur to the complaint
to the court the relief
in said Action, or the plaintiff will
earn said complaint.
day of July
dork superior court. Pitt Count
HARD, Editor and Owner.
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
Joshua Harrison in Supreme
Court To-Day.
In Supreme there
will he heard today as the second
case an the docket of Pint Dis-
appeals tho ease of the
State against Joshua
who being found guilty of the
kidnapping of the lad. Kenneth
Beasley, in county,
February was
ed to twenty in the
State's prison.
This is one has ex-
cited the deepest interest though
out the State, for from that day
to this the missing boy has not
been found, there have been
rumors of his appearance
at one place or another. In the
appeal hearing today
will be represented by
nor C. B- Aycock and Mr. K. F.
of City, while
for the State will appear Mr.
Hayden assistant to
the attorney general, and Mr.
W. M. Bond, Of
News and Observer.
No Occasion For It.
There is no occasion rail-
way engineers and others in like
work flaring up about the. indict
of the train crew for the
Auburn accident. We all know
that they did not conspire to
cause the on the con
we know they regret it
more than any one else. The oh
of the indictment is not re-
or even it is
for the purpose of
body more careful less liable
to forget- It may be that not a
single one will be convicted of
any offense; it is limn not, but
the example, the good to come
from taking notice of such
dents, will have good effect on
all others. We understand that
Engineer is one the
most careful men on the
where he been running for
thirty years or more but that on
occasion he was not ml all
well and condition
he asked his fireman to help him
remember his duties. It might
be said of course that if he was
sick he should not gone out en
his run; no doubt he would BO
have gone had he been sick at.
the time, but he was seized with
cholera after the train
started like a faithful man
, did the best he could
It is reported that the Brother
i hood of Engineers will take up
case, which is proper and
right, but along with this report
others that My tho
feel aggrieved that he
should be arrested for it. This
U ail wrong, for as stated above.
L not the desire to punish so
mu Q as it is that by this action
others will be made more careful
and the lives of the
and trait men bettor pro-
Immunity from
dent.-, is liable to make one
or careless, but when the
enormity of the result fully
shown it is sure to have a good
effect-- Greensboro Record.
One Not Sate to
A white man who bad taken
on too much liquor, caused boom
excitement early Saturday night
by visiting several residences in
South Greenville. The man
claimed to be a defective and
that he was hunting for some-
body. The police wined of
his capers and went to look
the man, but lie had disappeared.
Though several saw the, basin,
man and talked with nun. it
seems that no one could describe
water surface, which has a depth
of from ten to fifteen feet.
Over a mile of sea wall is
in the sides of the piers.
The total cost was some
which is seen to be moderate
when it is realized that
piles were driven into the harbor
bottom, some square
yards of earth filled in around
the inner walls, while over
square yards of earth were
removed from the bottom of the
Filled With Buckshot.
him sufficiently to be recognized, i
did a risky going a
to-houses as he did. it is a Brought to
wonder lie did not -jive the 000-1---, Agnes Hos-
tors a job of lead hunting. repairs-
This morning a man named Saturday night he entered
Troy May, claiming be from j he home of Mr. Louis P. Wood.
Rocky Mount, was arrested for in Now township, and
vagrancy and taken before Mayor daughter when
It developed that Miss at
was the same man who thought It washer brother
Runaway Couple Married
Sunday evening's train brought
from Norfolk to Greenville Mr.
Leslie M. and Miss Helen
and this morning the
couple were married at the
parsonage, on Fourth street,
by Rev. J. E. The
couple had runaway from Nor-
The bride is a Jewess and n
beautiful young woman. Mr.
Newton is ;, native of this county
and a son of Mr. C. V. Newton.
Of Falkland. After the
the couple drove out U
Falkland to visit his parents
Mr. Newton is by
the trip through South
Saturday night. The man put
up a pitiful plea, saying-he was
drunk and did not know what he-
was doing. The mayor suspend-
ed a road sentence over
May and let him out on parole on
the promise that he would go to
work, show good behavior and
pay the- costs in the case.
of Government Pier and
Basin Jamestown
Centennial Exposition.
Jamestown Exposition. Va.
The pier at the
Jamestown Exposition will be
Completed and turned over to j
the I
The ceremonies
I called to him. This fright-
the and ho jumped
out of tho window and larded
among some chairs, Miss Wood-
lief culled her father, who ran out
after the His wife hand-
ed him the gun through the win-
and he shot the twice.
The gun was loaded with buck-
shot and though the
gone some distance from the
house both loads took effect, and
the will probably die.
was in clothes,
but before he was discovered in
the house he had put on some of
Mr. to hide
his Even-
Young Man a Suicide.
dent to the dedication of this
stupendous engineering feat
take place at night beginning at
about o'clock, and will include
one of the most beautiful
ever given in the Harry
United States, . ,; for the eastern district of North
rain, the wizard
Durham, N. C. Aug. News
reached here last night of the
suicide of Thomas G. Skinner.
Jr., of Henderson, son of ex Con-
Skinner and nephew
lights, has been put in charge of
Carolina- Tho young man. who
Sere Jones
Co., of Nor-
Broad Injunction.
Raleigh, N. C. Aug. In
the noted case of United
Machine Company vs.
Wright, involving transactions of
Wright as the company
in the sale of in Japan.
other foreign
tries pending in the court for
several years. Judge R.
Purnell. of. the United States
court here makes a ruling that he
will in no wise vacate or modify
the injunction that he issued
sometime ago restraining Wright
from instituting a suit in England
involving matters concerning the
the Cigarette Co. This
matter was argued before the
judge several days ago by F. II.
and ex-Judge W. P- By-
for the defendant J. H.
contra. The court holds
that, having jurisdiction of the
parties subject matter of the
suit, and matters growing out of
the original contract and agency
are a part of the suit in this
At the State Normal and Industrial
College-Ha Daughters of the
Confederacy Establish Two.
The Daughters of the
of Western North
have decided to offer at the State
Normal and Industrial college
to deserving descendants of Con-
federate Veterans, resident in
th counties west of Greensboro,
two scholarships at the State
Industrial College,
Any descendant of a Confederate
Veteran who wishes to secure
those scholarships should
apply at once to President
Foust. Greensboro, N. On
two will b
selected from among the
cant s.
Mrs. J.
Western Section U. D. C.
that Protects
If you decide to insure your
life demand the best, and be con
tent with nothing but the best.
The Policy prescribed
by the New York state law is-
sued by the Equitable Life As-
Society of the United
Suites. Paul Morton, President
For full particulars, apply to the
undersigned- Warren Jr.
District. Agent, Greenville, N.
C Wm. A. Danner, General
Agent Richmond
I was about years old. fired a
the spectacular part of the
monies, and the program No mM ,,
for the rash deed.
shows an elaborate arrangement
of special devices.
of the features of the
will be a reproduction in
j grand basin of the famous bat-
between the and
I the Monitor, both ships being
outlined in fire.
The water in grand basin will i the following stated-
he transformed into liquid flash- yesterday to a newspaper
ii ,. , i . man relative to death of Mr.
light, while all known
, pi . , inner.
laws of nature Hying and ,.,. , ., . ,
My brother-in-law, T.
Young Skinner was a student at
the University.
Henderson, N. C, Aug.
Charles H. Turner, of this city.
brother-in-law of T. Skinner,
diving will gambol hither
and thither through the wave.
Another interesting device will
be old side wheeler the
While the set figures are being
shown hundreds of fiery geysers,
throwing golden spray hundreds
of feet Into the air will up
in various parts of the basin, and
Skinner. Jr., of Hertford. N. C,
was examining a revolver
day, when it went off accident
ally and wounded him
It went out over the State Sat-
night that young Skinner
had committed suicide.
all there is a good deal
in more places gardens of talk. Let a man talk dull times
lilies will appear, the tropical and it is infectious, everybody
of to Begin Sept.
In Christian Church.
Rev. K B. Barnes, of
ville, Ind. will begin a series of
meetings hero In the Christian
church, on Sept. 15th. Mr.
Barnes comet here highly
mended as able evangelist.
He held a four meeting in
Washington, C . in June with
additions to the church, aim
has just closed a four
meeting at with
added to the church. He is not
Original Observations
Orange. Va. Observer.
Tho more some men talk the
they know.
one touch of love that
I makes the whole soft.
A great many marriages are
merely blind bridal affairs.
It is certainly mean to tan a
dog's hide with its own bark.
The farmer often makes hay
while the son shines -in society.
The difference between men is
that you know some better than
The prayers of the truly right-
go to Heaven on the
phone of sincerity.
The average man heaps enough
coals of fire on his enemy's head
to burn him up.
When you want to keep a
it half dozen
Ms They'll keep
t rounds.
Marriage Licenses.
Register of deeds R, Williams
has issued the following licenses
Frank B Manning and
Ransom Boyd and Marcy
John H. Moore and Sallie
Henry Brown and Gallic Flem-
dark and Mary Gardner.
Mill Hands at Charlotte Strike.
Charlotte. N. c. August
Several hundred operatives of
Highland Park Mill No. struck
today, demanding shorter hours.
The strikers ask that they get
same hours as are maintained in
other mills. President Johnson
says he will not yield-
Better Wait Awhile.
Under law it is not yet
time to shoot squirrels. Those
people who are violating this law-
may safe in doing so, but they
are running a risk.
Rev. Arnold, pastor of
the Christian church, administer-
ed the ordinance of baptism to
one candidate this afternoon. The
took place at the rive r
Runs Trains in North Carolina at a Lots
to Serve The People Perhaps.
Washington. C, August
-The hearing of the North Caro-
rate case before Special
Master Walter Montgomery was
resumed at the Southern
offices today and
Plant of the Southern Rail-
way, occupied the witness stand
throughout the day The
dealt mainly with the high
or cost of operation in North
Carolina than In other States.
Mr. slated the total
cost of operating intra-State pas-
Bang r traffic for the year ended
June was and
the total earnings in North Caro-
were a not loss
of about The average
passenger revenue per
train mile, he said, was cents,
while the earnings, including
and inter-State and mail
and express were per mile.
minimum cost of opera-
in earning dollar on the
intra-State ho said,
That represents
the cost of earning one dollar on
intra-State business in -North
for the fiscal year of
1906 exclusive of taxes or better-
or Interest on invest-
Mr. Plant said that so far as
he had been able to determine by
a careful examination the cost of
operation had been greater thus
far in 1907 that in in both
freight and passenger business.
said he,
that to earn one
dollar of local revenue in the
State of North Carolina is twice
as expensive as it is to earn a
dollar on
figures I use are of mini-
mum expenses and a very low
minimum at that. The average
cost of handling a ton per mile
in North Carolina u not less
than three times as great, as it is
on the system
Mr- Plant stated that tho val-
of the Southern Railway
property in North Carolina for
1908 was
there been a recent in-
crease in that
have been so re-
plied Mr. Plant. is now
Tree Known by its
In a man named
Jeffreys has in his yard a
remarkable curiosity in the shape
of a grape vine that is bearing
Tho Government pier at the
j exposition is composed of two
wings over two thousand feet in
length extending out into waters
Hampton Road Immediately
and will come close . , ., ,
that meeting.
color ever min-1 talks dull times. Instead of
rustling around to take care of
Perhaps the most striking what business there is, they all
effect will be that known is go sit down and mope over dull
of the This in stores. If a customer
by represented by a draped figure I does happen to drop into of
of heroic SIM standing over the these he actually this year. There is a
an frightened out of one half can tree two years old young
with arms outstretched. As the u as i. expected to buy.
falls gathers force, a heavy because things look so blue. He
rises in the whiteness of which; catches the spirit of the store and
the figure gradually disappears. I resolves to hang on to his money
about TUG pi a death grip, even if his
business goes to pieces on ac-
count, of running short of goods
to fill up the empty shelves. The
bug-bear of hard times should be
sat down upon. It is doing more
to kill business than anything
else. Tell a man he is sick, keep
at their outer end b, a tool arch, I you will
the arch the two arms
over square feet of
hound him to death. William-
to and close behind it a
grape vino planted last year,
the roots of the two being inter-1 or some out of
Every newspaper wants to pub-
the news. Tho hotter the
paper the more prosperous it will
be. Local news items
hard to run down. How
many times have you. dear read-
been approached by the news-
paper man for an item of news
and you told him you knew
of interest Probably at the
time j our family were away on a
mingled. On the grape vine are
five well developed pecans. The
remarkable plants are attracting
much attention. Exchange.
High Average.
The Star warehouse sold
pounds of tobacco Monday at an
average of That shows
what good work on a warehouse
Gaynor Goes to Springs.
Ga., Aug.
States Circuit Court of
Appeals has ordered Col. John
F. Gaynor. under sentence for
the harbor frauds and
in jail here ponding appeal, to
be allowed to visit Indian Springs
for the benefit of his health
which is failing under
colonel Gaynor will be
accompanied to the springs by
two deputy sheriffs and will boar
tho expense of the trip. The
Change is necessary, Colonel
Gaynor's physicians say, to
serve his life.
Colonel Gaynor will leave for
the springs at o'clock
row morning. The order of the
court is with the concurrence of
Attorney General
town was visiting at .-our home.
Of course you didn't mean to de-
the scribe, yet when you
received your paper you wonder
why your family or friends were
not mentioned. A good way to
avoid all of this is to kindly drop
a note in the to the pa-
per. The one item may not
amount to much, but several
columns of such news is the life
a local paper
; change.
Hither run a town with a vim,
or just sell out and loaf One
thine must be done-run a town
for all it is worth, get up steam
and keep it up- Do you want
trade Rid for it. Do you want
business to come to your town.
Encourage what you have. Do
you want a prosperous town
Then never permit the jealousies
to rule your actions, but work
together for common prosperity
and mutual

Protection Protect
If you decide to insure
life demand nest,
tent with but the best.
The S Policy prescribed
by the New York slate law is-
sued by the Equitable Life As-
Society of the United
States. Paul Morton.
For full particulars, apply to the
undersigned- Warren Jr.
Agent, Greenville, N.
t. Win. A. Danner, General
A. Richmond
Watch What Greenville i
Believing that it has been ad
policy resulting inn direct
loss to every tobacco
who sold tobacco mi any of
markets during the month
August The Reflector has here-
not undertaken to st
prices during the early d y
of the season before the market
became settled up to
time this year, we have had Very
little to say about the prices at
Company. which was selling on any
. , ,.,,,,,, the to- rated and window displays are at of the North markets,
p. r i he information tn to But we happen to position
growers who have felt U. know the facto to a certainty
pr tobacco Ocean V . Beach
U is to New York, of course amounting, to practically
as inter- nothing, in the prices at which;
over i,, I. s of to- has on , tho
the las, cs . . the go. the Aug.
. records ; . We felt sure that
would shortly advance and;
Annie hotel was recently thereto with an honest purpose
to help the tobacco growers we
Interesting Places Outside the
The Reflector ha already told
something about
exposition and the War Path, but
the visitor who Ins some time
to spare can find many other
places of interest and amusement.
Norfolk herself is in holiday
attire for the visitors, her
pal streets at night being
with festoons of electric lights
that look from a distance like
sea of fire. are deco-
rated and window displays are at
Ocean View an I Pine Beach
a to Norfolk what Island
is to New York, of course
scale yet equally as inter
Chewers who read
the information
given in this space
in next week's paper
will then know why
SCHNAPPS and other of
the shown
by Internal Revenue statistics
for a fiscal year, made the
1.1 e pine this
year b tin same as last
;. Ins told
twice as much already us
we the period
The during
first few days this year was
somewhat lower than last, while
the last few days it
very much higher. We are will-
to compare prices on the
Greenville market with
market in the State and we don't
believe farmers need be alarmed
over the
I. Joyner.
but there are numbers
ant cottages along the
I hi Atlantic Amusement
has number of amusements
there, and both houses right near
p It is an ideal
bathing, The zone trip
. the beach by Cape Henry
and the light will be re-
membered by all who take it.
Something of historic interest
is the water trip on the
steamer. to old
Jamestown Island. It is an all
day trip but worth the time and
by no means tiresome. The
steamer two days in the We
I have
I crop,
had a
The fourth year of
school, near will open on
Monday. September 2nd. and
continue It has
always been the ambition of this
school to make each ear's work
surpass the preceding one. and
the outlook for the coming
is very encouraging.
Pair and Morris who then
last year, will be in charge the
session and will be as-
by Miss Scott, a graduate
of Peace Institute. Pupils of
school are prepared to
enter s high as the junior class
of the colleges the State,
not encouraged them to
marketing of the
We consulted those that
right to know end their
views coincided entirely with our
own. Tobacco has already ad-
prices for the past few
days have been highly
to all the farmers and we
look for firm prices
throughout season if I
farmers will market their crop
The Greenville tobacco market,
we believe, is in the strongest
position and better prepared this
wonderful gain
fourth million pounds, or a net
gain of one-third of the entire
increased consumption of
chewing and smoking
tobacco in the United
N. C.
makes a run to Yorktown, the year to handle the crop of
for i
rectifying days of
the court, the suit of B. M.
against the Atlantic
Line concluded
Thursday evening with a verdict
for in favor of the plain
Whitehurst lost building
by in April, 1906, and the
evidence showed that the lire
was caused by sparks from the
engine of a passing fr train,
hence he brought suit against
the railroad The case was first
tried in the spring of when
it resulted in a mistrial, and
came up again at this term of
cradle of the Republic, and gives
a delightful day's outing on
Chesapeake bay.
Old Point Comfort, Fortress
Monroe, th home, the
marine hospital, the navy yard,
Willoughby beach, the battle-
ships in Hampton Roads, are all
worth a visit if you have time.
In fact no exposition city in the
past has ever been surrounded
with so h of r a I hit -rest as
Norfolk. Those who fail to visit
the exposition are simply missing
the opportunity of a life
The Reflector has had much to
ray of Norfolk and the
because we think every word
of it merited- It is an occasion
of which Virginia may well feel
proud, and North Carolina can
point with pride at the part she
I is taking in it.
The Shields House at
is a popular place for people com-
this way from the exposition
to stop and get dinner. Such
dinners as this house spreads are
nit found the travel-
i stops-
co profitably to the planters in
the territory around Greenville
than it has ever been before in
its history. No market in North
Carolina has a better corps of
buyers than Greenville and while
we make no comparison of prices
obtained by any of the markets
if the planters of Eastern North
will wait until the mar-
YEA. u.
Eight by
Apparently m
Boone, N. C. A g. Some
of .-tony Fork, an aged widow
living alone in n one-room
a search of her humble
j quarters was made and carefully
reported their pounds concealed here and there about
v I THE OP M Y. 1907
Loans and Discounts Stock paid in
Overdraft Secured 1,000.08
Unsecured profits 3,422.66
Furniture and of Deposit
appearances died in almost ab-. from WM
poverty, leaving one son, Cash Items 10.79
Warren Sanders. After
Silver Coin 1,325
and to
and prices for the month of
August we believe Greenville
will be ahead. It is needless to
give our reasons for saying this,
room was found
small earnings of a
long life of self denial. Much of
the silver was vi
ed and showed it had
we simply make the suggestion I hen for many years.
that all those who have tobacco
to sell, take with a good deal of
allowance statements made by
those interested in other markets
that are not borne out by the
facts. A man who will
resent his business for the
pose of building up trade is not
worthy nor entitled to confidence
aid support.
The paper currency was nicely
preserved, but in the main,
of very old series. Her much
loved cash is now in the vault
of the county bank, to
the credit of he, son and she is
row beyond want.
The Boy that Dewey
The following story of Admiral
Dewey is told by one of the sail-
ors who returned on the
Just before the battle of
when order was given to
strip for action, the smallest
There i a movement on foot powder boy on the flagship
Clerks Organize-
to organize a tobacco warehouse
association. The object
of the organization is for the
mutual protection of all clerks on
the bright tobacco markets of
Eastern North Carolina and
South Carolina.
dentally dropped his coat over
board. He asked permission to
after it, bat was refused.
He to the side of the ship,
dropped overboard, recovered
his coat, and was promptly
rested for disobedience- Ad-
Three hundred invitations have Dewey spoke kindly to the
been mailed from this city to
clerks in the territory mentioned,
inviting them to a which
will be held at some central point
in the near future to discuss the
Justice Henry Harding tied up
a colored couple on the sidewalk
in front of his office, Thursday
afternoon. Major Harding had
just got in a buggy to drive off
when he stopped by the
couple who wanted to get mar-
He sat on his buggy while
performing the ceremony.
Alderman S. is hap; y
beyond expression over the
rival of a fine boy at his
youngster, who broke down ard
-aid that the coat contained his
mother's picture, which he had
just kissed, and he could Hot bear
to see it lost. Dewey's eyes
filled with tears, and be fairly
embraced the boy and
him released, saying, boy
who loves his mother enough to
risk his life for her picture can-
not he left in irons on this
At this season of the year we
feel constrained to call the
of teachers who are making
applications for positions, to
exercise the utmost care in writ-
their letters. A word m is
spelled, or a capital put in the
wrong place, would destroy the
Value of the best testimonial in
the world. Anybody can get a
but one in
would shatter it into
We were told by a
teacher in a east of this
that out of about fifteen letters
he had received from applicants
for a position in his school only
two were correctly written.
Many of the errors were the re-
of pure carelessness, rut
whatever the cause the
was the same- It is a great art-
tile writing of a it is
how few people can
do it as it ought to be done; end
sometimes those who think them
selves the most proficient are
and Children.
Father Got Divorce and Son Then
Married Hit
Thomasville, N. C, Aug.
A rather novel affair happened
in our town a few days or weeks
but we only were informed
of it Monday. Mr- Joshua Beck,
one of our good citizens was
married for the third time a few
days ago, his first wife, a Miss
died about four years
ago, t- them was born one child,
Mr. he is now
about years old. About two
year ago Mr Joshua Beck mar-
a second time a Miss Hattie
they lived together about
two years. On account of inti-
of his wife with his son,
Mr. Joshua Beck
ed a divorce at the last term of
court and last ween Mr. Joshua
Beck who is now about years
old. was happily married to Miss
Julia Ward, of near Liberty
church, the bride is years old.
Wednesday the singular part, or
r the climax, Mr. Mo-
Beck was happily married
effect U his Step mother who was re-
divorced from his father
a mixed up affair.
tare North a .
. f Pin. f
I, J. K. Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemn-
is true to the best of my
J. R. DAVIS, Cashier.
l ; t and
Subscribed and to be-
re of May.
Notary Public;
W. J- Turnage
W. M. Lang
R. L. Davis
At the of business May, 18th,
and discounts
Furniture a Fixtures
Due from and
Cash items
Gold coin,
Silver Goto bank
other U. S. notes
Capital stock
Surplus fund
Undivided profit-
lime certificates of
deposit 5,758.14
Deposits subj. to check
checks out-.
Certified Checks
State cf North Carolina, County of
I. W H Cashier of the above named, solemnly
swear that the above statement; is true to tho best of my
and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to be-
me, this 27th day of May.
S. T.
Notary Public
W. H. Cashier
Taken Up.
Judge Walter Neal, of the
Superior Court recently
completed an elegant home in
Laurinburg and gave a
and the occasion
invitations to
who work In the factories
in his town, bidding them to
come h use and have a good
time. Charily and Children.
or years old, taken up 21st
inst. Owner coming forward,
proving property and paying ex-
incurred, can get same
This Aug. 1907.
B. F.
den, N C.
Crimson clover seed at a
pound. J. K- J. G. Move.
Notice of Sal.
c and wife
it A Ella
Virtue of a decree of the
of Pitt county, mini.
Moore, Clerk of the
said county on the 2nd day of Jill;
in h certain special proceeding wherein
J. C. wife Maggie Rah-
are and It. A,
and are defendants,
d Commissioner, will on Mon-
day day of August expose
to public sale the court house
door in Greenville, to the highest bid-
for cash, the following tractor per-
of land to wit.
Situate in county of and
Slate of and in Swift
Township, adjoining the lands of
Major Allen Adams, W.
and Creek, con-
fifty Acres more or less.
This sale is to be made for partition
among the tenants in common. This
F, Harding,
The Magic No.
Number three is a wonderful mascot
H. of Me.,
according to a letter which
much with liver and kidney
trouble, and becoming greatly
by failure to relief, I tried Bladder Troubles.
Hitters, and as a result I am a . ,
by C to-day- re- say a bottle and if
court of and three bottles completed the
Guaranteed best on earth for
stomach, liver and kidney troubles, by
J. L. Wooten druggist.
To sufferers of Liver or
THAT PAY, J-n- Hi-11.
n- MM
u ii far -1 r,
on to
on -nil-10
It doesn't cars we will refund
your money. say
full size bottle of
SOL and if it benefits then
use SOL until
This out entitles yo
to a bottle at
Only a limited f bottles
given away. Don't raHs this op
I will mall yon free, to proVe ,
s of Mr.
and on either
Heart or The Troubles the
Stomach, Heart or Mine me
symptoms of a ailment
make th- comm. error of tr.-
symptoms only. Ir-it-n-t
is treat in r result your
and not the sen W.-V
inside nerves -m
w An I the
t as . n n their
and you .
weak It.-i-.- -.-S .-. I--.
Restorative hen mi
Ho reined even to
u Dr.
Write for
Dr. Rapine,
is t I. i
The wise man not -it tho
i-ll. safe pill, ti.
SWaT Stare
You can never mi
noise with
A pleasant,
coughs a-11 pills. i
It is re-
for babies but
good for every member of i e
It contain eon-
t.-- s-id
tastes as I as
Children like it. Sid I
Drug Store.
H. C Ten Years For
lint S
. m en
r i
. i
it. . a a N .
I t
. ii. i.
. K.
I. l
Some a
free ample of -h .
at store. If
coffee disturbs your
Heart or Kidneys, then try this elver
Coffee imitation. Dr. close-
matched Old and Mocha
in flavor and taste, vet it has not a
single reel Coffee in it. Or.
Health Coffee Imitation is ma
from pure toasted grains or cereals,
with Malt, Nuts. etc. Mad I in a min
No wait. Yo i
Iv it. Soil T. R. Ho, Co
All stomach trouble are re-
leaved I a little
each meal. to th-
of the trouble. the
digestive organs, supplies the natural
digestive juices and what i
eat. It is a simple, clean, pure, harm-
lees remedy. Don't
a little l alter ea h
meal ant it mikes
feel. if it fad.,
John . t
Worry never s task
worth while
Bert Barber, of Wis .
have taken four of
and Bladder Pills and have
done for me more than am- other med-
ever done. I am still
the pills I n
Mr. refers to
and Bladder Pills, which are
for weak i,
of the bladder and
A for
Sold by J. I. Wooten Store.
The is He
There is no in. n
natter how irritable or how obstinate
will not
the of
the stomach of any rest, and
rest in to
the forth-
will do it. it is a
of able acids
e very sane juices found
stomach. It conform I., p
and Drugs Law. Sold I. W
The pies are just as good a
is out of
scratches, en's,
bites and the many little hurts common
Witch Hazel Salve i-i the
It is soothing, clean heal-
Be sure you get DeWitt Sold
by J. L. Wooten's Drug Store.
The vacation miss i the
one would have enjoyed the
Cannot be Cured
by local applications, they cannot
the port of ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
an I that is by constitutional
Deafness is caused by an j con-
of the lining of the
-n this tubs ii in-
flamed you have a rumbling fetid or
imperfect and i en-
closed, i- th- result,
unless the can I,
ken out and this tub to its
normal condition, hearing II be de-
forever; nine n ten
are caused by catarrh, which i nothing
but an in lamed condition of e-o n
We will give One hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness ea
that cannot be cured
Catarrh cure. Send for circulars, fr re
F. J. Tole In, n
Sold by
Take Hall's Family Pills for
i nor.
. C .
I Mere
fl P-
I I ere
I 1.-I i
V .
. i
I II ,
. . IT.
. in
Hie oilier
e i, IT
are not
have very
and in Montenegro. This
mi our informant,
to a young mail with a
mil face who grinned with
a lie noticed the attention with
ii we a ten
e repeated,
. . .;
to . . s Ii-
in upon u. mean
Tiny are all
have no came
is -are from i any other
i.- one kills to rob or
i-i But just
quarrel We urn
blooded and shoot quickly,
The English Habit.
The mull from London i
reread the mysterious ii -u-
suspended from tho wall.
will please in
stand over this grating while talk-
The more the Londoner read the
sign the more he was mystified.
Finally he summoned up his
8.20 entered the shop.
ho greeted
you toll me why
have that sign out there which
roads, will please not
stand over this grating while talk-
can, replied the shop-
why. rood
see, if they stood there
they would drop their
the porter would have to lose
time going am in the basement
looking for
And the man from London walk-
i away after Amer-
was a queer
Brooklyn Citizen.
It Did Nat Tit Him.
Tie were
a distant a man of pond r-
pie, a
weighed inmorn in n tor . w.
down to rather
looking as if he had nut had a good
night's rest.
are not feeling Well this
ed his host, with some
it's nothing said
e guest. have caught a little
that is
whispered Bobby, the
youngest member of the family,
loudly enough to lie heard by the
visitor, a man as big as he
is have little Youth's
It Wouldn't
The wise old doctor was
upon little patient tho
of m.
he advised, mailer
what you eat, always chow each
mouthful thirty
Hut Jimmy shook his head
wouldn't do at our
why not, my
I'd hungry.
The iv.-l tho kids would
tin off I got
with mouth
City I
Mrs. vent to ho
impertinent, hut are you
anyway Some m wore
discussing your a u at tho
other and I hen
claimed that you at least
I at you were
not more
Mrs. it roil
SO Of en i- u men-
the were ready to
leave the v.-lien I
was in tho primary class at school,
did you
I. ,. d.
. I ,,, lull
. mill
. .-Ii.,, i
11.1. I .
H do. v. it-ll and
lull, I.,.
l- W.
f you art too fat it is because your
to fat instead of strength
f you are too the fat producing foods
hat at are no, properly
i. -j
enough Pepsin in the stomach, fat
ha too much Pepsin no
Dyspepsia Cure
contains all digestive that r.
Found in a healthy stomach, and
those proportions necessary ts
the stomach and digestive
u and assimilate all foods
eaten. is not only a
but it is a
tonic as well. cure
Sour Stomach
of om
Constipation. You will it
Digests You Eat
rebuilds the
and s firm
f so the first thing to consider is a
lot in a desirable and you can-
rot be better i. lot
Sam White Property.
No surpasses a desirable
home. Lots can be bought there now a
reasonable pries on easy terms. Then
is indication that prop around
j is going to be higher, and the
longer you deter buying the lot the
it will cost.
property is located the business part or the town.
See Sam White and let him explain prices
and terms.
John L
to Keep abreast with the times must;
to advertise judiciously he must have space in a paper
the people read.
fills the bill, for it direct to
people and brings result.
when you want good
. Send your orders to The Reflector.

Entered as wand class matter Ian. I. WOT at the at N.
C. under Act of of March
in to
The farmer who B hit
and raises at home sup-
plies for the family one who
can be independent enough to
demand for his fifteen
cents and hold the stank until be
gets it. He is far of the
farmer who rakes only cotton.
even though he has a large crop.
The and
should appeal to every
farmer in our lair Southland,
and wild appeal so strong
he will get an. prom his
supplies out of his own land, and
thereby make himself
dent in the truest sense Raise
your -hog and raise
all the necessary provisions as
fir as or J, then
your you
can at home and live at
the same
Gold Manners.
We never could see any the end.
in a labor strike. If any
in any occupation is
with his employer or his work he
has a perfect right his job.
but there is no sense in his want-
to pull all other out
with him- About the only persons
are able to see get any
fit out of labor unions are the
, i officers of the organizations and
No ever more ,, ,
perhaps, than the word polite- the walking delegates. These
We all remember the are only parasites, drawing large
who is salaries and living in luxury off
serving a term in the the dividends levied on the week-
for murder. The real gen- . m q those The
tie-man has no reason to tag him-1 , , hi
,, ,. , i i men who work are simply tools
self. manners are learned. r
at home in the family relation. M the hands of these Officers.
The fellow who is churlish with When a strike occurs there is
his sisters but is exceedingly and; usually an army of laborers cut
singly polite girls. f,,, wages when they
in the full fare. But that was
The news was
heralded across the state that the
cent rate of fare had been ac-
the passenger was an-
to the skies, and the
other fellow's side of it is stated
Thus those pun-
the servant for their own
Hon. H. a prominent
citizen of Rocky Mount, died
Albert L. Cox. of Tarboro has
been appointed chief marshal
for the next State fair.
Mr. Walter F. Jackson,
editor of the Raleigh Even-
Times, died Monday of
of Interest
Rev. Or. R. H. Whitaker, a
prominent minister of the
dist church, a former editor and
a newspaper writer of marked
ability died at his home ill Raleigh
Editor Pittman. of the Dunn Monday. His letters in the
Guide, who usually takes News and Observer have
A Statesville man struck a
bard knock His daughter run
away and got married. He had
both, the young man and the lat-
brother, who procured the
license, arrested, claiming the
girl was under years of ago
it developed at the trial that the
girl was over the case- was
dismissed and the father taxed
with the cost, so he lost his girl
and a wad of his cash,
they make up their minds to get
married, they had as well
be let have their way.
When it began to look like
Raleigh going to get
much need the pet pie
fell out and went to
over the question as to what
should be its capacity.
In seventy-five yours no man
has been elected governor of
Iowa who was born in the State.
And the judges of the
court at the present time,
mt one is Iowa born-
Prince Wilhelm, of Sweden, is
at the Jamestown exposition this
week, but we will bet he dues
not cut- as big a figure as did
Governor Glenn last week.
President Bays he
will vigorously prosecute the
trusts during the remainder of
his administration, but it remains
to be seen if he will do so.
has not the real thing at is
simply veneer. True politeness
is a thing of
and sprints unselfish re-
for the rights and feelings
and those dependent then;
for support need every dollar of
the money. the pay of the
officers of the union ard the walk-
common sense view of current
events promulgates the follow-
is urged that convicts
not be kept idle, that they must
earn their own living, that the
people should not be taxed to
made known throughout the
Arthur Bishop, the-
man who invaded the home of
Ton Wilson, in Charlotte, and
killed the later ordered
by him to Wave the house, and
of other people. The polish delegates goes right en. What
is acquired in college is all well out on strike lose in lost
enough in its way. but back of it Take
must be that fineness spirit
that distinguishes the real gen-
from the rough rider. It
is a thing can be cultivated,
be sure, but the principle must
be within, it cannot grow
except in gentle natures. Bows
and smiles and are
not necessarily the sign of polite-
but warm and generous
the telegraph strike for instance,
the men who have walked out and
their jobs are depriving
themselves and their families of
Out of a crew of twenty-five
men, five were lost in
river, off Sparrow's Point,
Sunday night when the British
steamer collided-with
and sunk the tug Gerry in five
In a statement given the
Lincoln. Neb.,
the Honorable Wm. J. Bryan
bus speech, declaring that on all
questions the War
dodges the
and also misrepresents CoL
Bryan's position before the
American people
Twenty one were in-
only one of them seriously,
however, by the derailment of a
math bound on the South-
Railway nine miles from
Va. yesterday
several the injured were North
the accident was
caused by a broken rail.
strike as it stands at pres-
is out of the question, ac-
cording to a slate-meat made in
New York last night by
Small, of the Commercial
they are hurting the business of
the general public who in no way
heart has a language that every- j feels concerned over their
body can understand.-Charity strikes are nonsensical
demoralizing, to say the
least of them.
Tn.- prophets a-v in
their predictions as to the kind
of the coming one will be
lust so it is a good one
ville in the way of improvements
and new industries, we need not
trouble so much about the kind of
weather it brings.
Greensboro had a novelty in a
big trial, in four lawyers
were engaged, over a pair of
guinea chickens- It made
for the lawyers and enmity
for the litigants.
Tint excellent paper,
Record, edited by Major II.
A. London, has begun its
it is an all round
good weekly newspaper and does
its county and State excellent
Who is the New Sun mad
Thursday's issue of that
paper contained nine cultural
squibs referring to malice and
Alabama had to back down
before the Federal court the
railroad matter- That ain't
North way.
feed and clothe an army of i received a sentence of live years
and so forth, and so the penitentiary, has been
us see how this released. Various unsuccessful
State arrests a young fellow j attempts were made to secure a
who. let us say. in a drunken I for him, but he served
quarrel has stabbed a companion, j oat his term.
He is hurried away to prison.
lie is brought into court, tried i OH to Jamestown,
and convicted. He is sent to Another large party, about
prison for live years, for left, this morning f-r too
years, or for life. All the while Jamestown exposition. man
the money they ought to be drawl H WaS
ti -am train, he thought be was v c .-
wages, at the s I natural protector and support waiting k- until after eve-
They huddle in a corner of the, body els.- in Pitt county
court room. The hear the law I taken in t he exposition, but
They listen to the; that, there were mote yet to go.
verdict. The case is closed. The j venture to say that not
young father Is bundled off in i other no larger than
direction in chains. The Greenville the entire Atlantic
family is turned another in Coast Line has sold more tickets
tears. The State takes the tire, j to. th exposition than have been
the earnings of the one itself,. here,
leaving the other to starve. The
Some idea of the nearness
North Carolina approached
to prohibition, is given out in an
interview with Mr. J. W. Bailey,
chairman of the Anti-Saloon
League. He says thee are only
sixteen counties in the State that
have saloons, and the State has
only twenty-three dispensaries.
It will not be a while be-
fore every in the State
will be closed-
Ninety nine whiskey cases are
m ti- tried
Is a bis
If the other States do as well
as North Carolina by the -lames-
town exposition there will be no
danger of it going In the hole
The- Jamestown exposition was
not the first thing North Caro-
took the lead in. and will not
be the
With all that city's other
San Francisco is now in-
Wonder if Greenville is not
losing c. deal by the Chamber of
Commerce less active than
should L.
The papers are telling
an epidemic of suicide. The
tragedies would
likely die soon enough without
hurrying their own taking
That quarter of a million
mail robbery out in Nebraska
has dwindled down to fifty thous-
it shows a lack of appreciation
which invites criticism.
One of the cleverest and most
Mr., i. Harrington, of
den. is a Greenville
Mrs. T II. returned
tin.; morning a visit to
Thomas Nile.
Messrs. Frank. Wilson and A
left this morning for
the northern
Rocky Mount, N. c , Aug.
Ex congressman Benjamin H.
Bunn, died yesterday morning.
The cause of death was Blight's
He had been In poor
health for about two years.
Mr. Bunn was prominently
known throughout the state,
mother of The
boys grow up thieves. The- girls
grow up harlots. The law is
The taxpayer is pro-
The criminal classes are
replenished. Is it not damn
able Does not the society
which tolerates such
ties deserve all evils it entails
upon itself The State has no
. , . . ., i i having served in the fifty first,
right to take- that mans labor b
, . . , , and fifty-third con-
from his wife and children having been counsel
no equivalent. It j for Atlantic Line Railway,
should punish the guilty, not the lie was a soldier in the civil war.
innocent. Every dollar that He is survived by a wife and
diverted in from
natural needs of the helpless to .
the uses of the public is base Cd From Mr. Joyner
blood money that should and since my connection with I he-
does carry it of business in
which began with the building
That is the plausible If not the warehouse in 1891,
practical view of it- Has the j there have been only a few days
State aright, morally, to take a during the sale season I
man's labor and deprive absent from my sale and
.-,., of place of business, and then it
family the necessaries of K . was in the interest of my patrons
The wife and children receive j M, -L my
the they wear to honestly and loyally
stripes, but their's is a heavier j serve to the best of my ability.
A fair sample of the
of the railroads was
in the treatment handed out
to Mr. Green in Raleigh, who
was forced to leave the service
of the Southern or disregard the
laws of the State It is none of
business, and we are not an-
to the railroads, than the criminal bears, j Recently however prolonged
the employ of the Atlantic toast
Line was reduced to conductor
and it is harder to bear. But the I in my family kept
-3 . ii u -j i -r me from my a
Guide should have paid the . , t m. . ,
. , , . since August 1st. I his has given
and deserved tribute.
opportunity to some who don't
efficient passenger conductors in They often prevent crime- One know nor desire honest
thought back though lion nor a square, deal to
a most humble home-of wife late the report that I would not
freight train because he and little children will turn be in charge of the sales at
on a
collected a fare of cents criminal instinct in the least bit
There are getting to be almost
as many candidates for congress
in the fifth district as there are
candidates for governor in the
this year. I very much re-
o-rat to forced to the
out hi i a in in into love, and y y fa
which amount hap- But there ire men who tend to be on the floor and in
to be Che sum of nine cents, not enough manhood to entertain i Charge of the sales at the
. . . . . ,, I this year. My prices in the past
But this case is to be looked a who nave not the themselves. I am bet-
in a different light from of backbone to stop when they know tor prepared this year than have
Moreen. The inductor was they are wrong. What is to
the victim circumstance. His with them when they -ire and bring your tobacco to the
nature was imposed upon convicted of crime Can the Gum- tie
. . . ,. ., . , any house or market in
by one who was not so bent I State imprison them and pay for
seeing the law enforced as on their labor Over and above the
carrying his own point. of their incarceration, yes.
conductor was tendered the law- The State does not need the
rate of that money earned by convicts whose
The Georgia legislature just
As automobile fad is to the letter but he had wives and children are suffering
out the Hying machine maker to collect more, hence the necessaries of life, whose
should hurry up and get the officials It was who-actual existence is dependent
I violated the law, and not the Upon the earnings of the
He didn't want to j band and father.
Governor says put U;. off hi train, There should be a remedy. The
your wife's In this, as thereby invite litigation, which whipping post, in cases,
about it by licensing in most other things the governor was paid would serve the purpose-
alter passing right- he and turned
North c to her prices
for the past four years.
0- L. Joyner
Do Not Drink on Train.
The new law making it a mis-
demeanor to drink whiskey or
otherwise become n
trains is a few of
since the second class passenger
coach has been abolished. Three
were- in
Greensboro other day and
were lined each for drinking
on a passenger train. It may be-
well for whites as well as blacks
to bear this in mind.
Messrs S. If. Jones and Chas,
of Bethel, are in at-
upon Superior court
Miss Christine Evans,
who. has visiting Master
James has returned to
her home.
Misses Bertie Taylor and Ethel
and Mr, Sam Hudson.
are visiting Miss
Minnie Tunstall.
Ellington, after a
visit to Mrs. D D. re-
turned this morning to her home
in Henderson.
Miss Linda May Moore, of
after spending a
few days the family of
E. Warren returned home today.
News and Observer-Misses
Lottie and Nell Skinner, of
Greenville, passed t
yesterday returning home
from a several vacation
in the mountains.
Misses Ruby and Grace James,
of Richmond, who have been vis-
their cousin, Mrs. E.
Warren, returned home this
morning in to a
phone message saying their
brother was seriously hurt.
Gone to Purchase New Goods.
Frank Wilson, the King Cloth,
left this morning for New
York to buy his fall and
return before making your
chases w.
If you think of your coal bill
you won't want winter to come
so quick.
Only one more case is to be
at the present term of court,
hence the session will soon be
It may be said at the same
time, or any time, that
Greenville is just about as
as of the others.
lust received-New sealed
raisins, currants, dates,
walnuts, shelled almonds.
J. S.
Dip-The, Standard dis-
all germs
coming from decaying
and animal tissue and be
used about your premises net.
This department is in P. C. NYE, who is authorized to rep-
resent the Eastern Reflector in and territory
J. M. BLOW, Manager and Authorized Agent.
Th e famous mower
with reaper attachment is the
thin to harvest your oats with.
Get one at Harrington Barber
Co ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jackson
are spending some time with rel-
We sell Laughlin, Eclipse and
fountain pens.
B. T.
Mr. and Mrs. W B. Hargett
and children, of Tuckahoe, Jones
Root paint, varnish, stains,
coloring etc, at Harrington,
A large line of umbrellas and
parasols just received at
Carolina Milling
Co. are prepared to
grind first meal for you at
any time Wood work also a
stock of station-
must go. We must make
room our immense stock of
made to order. Carolina M
If you wish mi
buy a box of candy
Saul's at the drug store.
Miss Martha from the
county, who had been spending; new goods now coming
several days at the home of A. G we
Cox returned home Tuesday
dot hold shape.
Don't be a
We show um.
; and lake
, .;.
We have on hand a few copies
of the history of the San
Usual price
Our price, its. U T.
A. Bra
Mrs. E. P. Tucker and
Evelyn are in Baltimore
this week.
Bring your chickens and eggs
to Harrington, Barber Co.
Highest prices paid for them.
Roy T. Cox left this morning
for the exposition
The famous Hawks glasses at
B. T. Cos ii Bra Don't neglect
your eye
Prof G. E. Lineberry went to
Kinston Tuesday to attend a call
meeting of the trustees of Win-
High school.
A nice line of consist
of rings, brooches, watch
charms etc. at B. F. Manning
Keep your lamps and lanterns
in good trim. Get your shades
at Harrington, Barber Co
Rev. T- H. King filled his reg-
appointment at the Baptist
church Sunday morning and
night. He left Mo- day morn-
for Cove, where he will as-
his father in a meeting this
on our box papers
B. T. Cox Bro.
T. W. Wood Sons 1907
nips and can now
Cox he had at the drug store of
B. T. Cox Bro.
Try a tree brand pocket knife-
are under guarantee.
are kept in stock by B. T.
Cox Bro,
Now is a greet season for
traveling. Go P.
Av Co for
As for Daily
j we
I n r- in arrears have
, mil who receive mail at country, is spending the week
take orders at Or. Dixon's.
, Call at the Drug Store and
Yesterday J. Smith cure one of t hose
our office and after awhile we A,; M. Sauls.
noticed he kept swelling up Edwards and Miss
occasionally one of those daddy Annie Edwards spent Mi
smiles showed itself and we ask-
ed the trouble. The ladies and the girls all
says he. been mar-- candy.
years and have got five
boys and. by jingo, the old lac
told me yesterday there
Mrs. V,.
Bring us your beeswax wool.
hams, shoulders, chickens and.
eggs to I. R. Smith Co.
Mr-. Chi the
country, is spending a days
in Ayden among her numerous
Sauls nil he
all; candy.
We arc pleased to learn the
The I. Wilkinson Co.
w s on by mutual
W. II, Brown the
C. L.
e-lib in the AM
of the W, i-. Brown,
all accounts due the Arm pay-
This, August 9th,
C, Wilkinson
W. B.
Having sold our interest and
will to W. K. Brown, we ask for him
. continuance of the that
your wheat to the Caro- been given arm.
c. L.
Mfg. Co They
are now prepared to make first
class flour-
Have all your wood turning
work done at. the Carolina Milling
Mfg. First class work
Guaranteed all Rubber, feather
weight rain coats at B. F. Man-
School children cannot get the
proper brain training unless they
are physically comfortable. The
county school desks
by the A. v. Cox
Co. arc especially noted
for their comfort. Every
house in North Carolina
be furnished with
Now for a cheap
Summer cash sale. slip-
at and shoes at
collars now
pants at pants at
pants at BO pants
at 2.85; umbrellas at
umbrellas at umbrellas at
Also a bis reduction in
waist goods. This sale is
to make room for fall goods and
A. W.
will last
come and be convinced.
Ange Co.
A. W. Ange returned
Baltimore Sunday evening whore
he had spent several days
chasing his fall stock of goods.
A New lot of nice pants have
been received at
Mrs. Ernest Manning, of
Greenville, is the week
herewith relatives and friends.
Harrington Barber St Co- have
a complete stock of ready made
clothing see him before you get
your next suit.
You want a buggy and
have them. When you soil that
load of tobacco come by Winter-
ville and see Hunsucker.
buy that buggy until you see
him. He can it to your
interest and he will do it,
You are going to
need some new carts and wagons
to house your crops and haul
your cotton and etc to the Mar-
Now the A. GT, Cox
art in
you with the Tar Hoe;
tarts and wagons, which are
the most durable on the market.
Winterville High
begin its eighth session Sept. z,
Profs- Nye and Lineberry have
been canvassing for the
and report the pros-
excellent for a large a b n-
dance. The buildings have been
renovated, and the
campus beauty. The water
dormitory pumps has
been examined by the State
and pro-
pure and good drinking
T. A- Nobles is here this morn-
with the lamb.
Miss Meta Hew. the excellent
matron of the dormitory,
returned last to get things
in readiness for the opening of
have tried the rest, now
try the best, the Hunsucker bug-
sold by the A- G- Cox Mfg.
Miss Alice is having a
commodious residence erected on
her lot near the school grounds.
Clearance sale for fall stock.
Greatly reduced prices for tin-
n thirty days. B. F. Man-
There was a lawn party on the
school grounds Monday night by
a large number of
pie. Watermelons in abundance
were served-
New line of notions just open-
ed- B. P. Manning Co.
M. Bryan is repairing his
brick store in which he will
feed and grain of all kinds
Boy's suits must go to make
room for fall stock. B. F. Mar-
ling Co.
Mr and Mrs. Frank of
Robersonville, arc spending this
week with relatives here.
Showers goods including
notions, hose, underwear,
ties, shirts and over-
alls arriving daily at
Barber Co.
Mr. U. and sister,
J. II. C. Dixon,
ed by Mamie and Clyde Chapman
returned from Hardens Saturday.
Look-out for our immense fall
which be here in a
Little Dorothy Johnson, who
had her linger amputated, is do-
John Flanagan daughter.
Miss were hare Saturday
to make arrangements for enter-
his son in school.
Why run the risk of losing
your money by keeping it in
your homes when you can put it
into the bank with but little
trouble where burglar insurance
makes it safe-. The thief comes
hen we are least expecting it
then it is too late after the money
has been stolen. J. L. Jackson,
of Winterville.
Have your carts, wagons and
put in good trim for the
fall use. All kinds of repair
work done promptly. Carolina
Milling Mfg. Co.
Have that horse shod for fall
driving. It will protect his feet
and make him travel so much
more easily. We can do the
work promptly. Carolina Milling
of Mrs. Jessie -f
Saul's drug store j very much unproved.
B. D. of Hookerton, I A. to Kinston
; has been here during the week.
A specialty of stationery at
Saul s drug store.
girl in the Then J J.
smiled, he kept smiling, and the.
last we heard of him he said he'd; was a opening at the
be darn if he just didn't have Monday. by
to go home. About that history.
long Jim Bland came along with and
a broad grin and seeing J. J. Pneumonia Cure at J. R. Smith
said be darn if there CO.
a girl around the corner at my W. W. J. Marvin Ormond
house too. If this thing keeps were pleasant callers at our office
on says he women will Monday.
have charge of the j hams and t
I hat makes live in less than a at J. R. Smith CO
week right here in m . ,, t
J Mrs. Addie Proctor, a
fresh and cheap goods go Sparks, of this place,
the best in Washington Friday. Mrs.
-.- how the
i dry on u
lien I In- mill
i j
n pi down for
our.-, and I i-i in
pi i. to
e- haven t u i a
n . .
i- i-.
if you p
. I
. ; mi
in ii-- . ii. of n
i ii-in i ;,
having a
out for this plant.
of very likely you
find the of
lb--- that have into
tin-in for and n-t.
The following is a list as near
as we can get of those who left
here Friday for the exposition;
W. and wife, W J.
Boyd and wife. V.
and wile. Blanche Cannon,
Tucker. Helen
I Nichols, Nannie Nichols,
Mrs. Agnes and
Clarence Cannon, W. E. Hooks.
Ned Elmer Gardner,
J. B. Pierce, Levi Pierce, Snip
J. R. Smith Co. have just re-
a car load of lime.
Mrs. G. L Hodges and
Miss Marion, after a week's
visit to Mr j R. C. Cannon here,
returned to their home Friday.
can direct from
factory at Saul's store.
W- J. Mum-
ford have come home from
and Wake Forest
Go to E E new-
market for beef, fresh meals,
sausage and fresh
Sparks failed to get there in time
for the funeral.
patterns at J. R. Smith
Stancil Hodges and wife have
j returned from their re-cent visit
I to the parents of Mrs.
j near Washington City.
Washing machines and wring
at J. R. Smith co.
J. E. Winslow, of Greenville,
was here Wednesday on business.
The most will be
pleased with one of those
Pens at Saul's.
mowers, rakes,
shredders, come to see us.
J. R- Turnage Co-
Rev- B. E. went to
Greenville on the evening train
The very best and cheapest
Several of
of the terms
and so
on, us applied to the various
of the old fashioned nails, Accord-
statement, nails
made by hand, the penny was
taken a u of weight,
-x u the weight I
of a copper penny. Another
ii nails for a visit to Winterville-
sold for a At tile Litter place, we are in-
nails for a formed, she was met by Mr.
and so on, the I Robert Davis, also of Ayden, and
soiling for the lower price. Milli
another explanation i- that
E. P. Mumford, of Morganton,
is here on a visit to relatives.
If you need any Paint be sure
E. Hail Co
Saturday morning Miss Olivia
Cox boarded the train here OS-
nails i ho sac used to
ten of the i
six pounds, and i on.
the ordinary sixpenny nails them
In the pound, of tho
there are fifty, of
there are thirty-four, and
of there are thirty
little Willie, looking
up from his is t
i an-
i, my
his -i. a man
who his time
In spend their
A Maxim
nothing in v. said th
rejoined the
who had Mo .;
on i .-. In t tho dealer
in on the m- I the t.;
the Continuous.
i m before. Can
The -i ,
out i
tin- trip.
Under v We're go
i . h i i .
I ; Oh. I v-ill
i . . I t
they proceeded to Norfolk where
they were united in marriage.
is a delight and a pleasure
to say nothing of the
in having a lust
Pen. Call at Drug
Store secure this much need-
ed article.
It. Smith, H- C. Ormond,
Misses May Smith and Ella May
have returned from Baltimore.
They also took in the exposition
and an excursion from Baltimore
t-i Annapolis given to the mer-
chants by the business men of
drug store-, your's must a
hard road to travel.
Mrs. E T. Phillips has return-
ed from the Kinston hosp
very much improved, we are
pit to learn.
Turnip and cabbage seed only
i best at J. R, Smith
Everybody hat is
buys candy from
Big lot cots latest stylos, very
comfortable at J. K. Smith Co-
I. J. Edwards Son have just
received a ear load of Ellwood
fence-. Can furnish any
Big lot of Calico, best grade
. per yard at K. Smith C.
W. Howard left r
two week's He will
one week in Hertford and
will take in the exposition the-
balance of the time.
hair brushes, combs, am
tiers at Saul's drug store,
Presiding Elder A.
will conduct special service in
the Methodist church here Fri-
day, inst.
Dr Joseph Dixon
. Block, Batt s;
in, C.
Dealers in Dry Goods. Notions,
Light and Heavy Groceries etc.
Prices to suit the times.
tine i two story dwelling
; One four room cottage
at One nine room two Story
dwelling at Six vacant
lots all in the town of N
One thirty-seven acre form
just outside corporation at
u be sold on
Lon-n a Ins. --o.
Mason fruit jaw, taps rub-
J. R. Smith co-
Willi laughter was here
Thursday m Ki .- o i
t. cutler;
ware at J. R. Smith co-
Miss Gladys Warren, who baa
been her grandfather.
W. L. Tucker, left for her home
Royal flour, always good and
good at J. R. Smith co.
Misses and Clara Smith,
are visiting in Winterville.
Ice cream salt at J. R. Smith
W. M. Edward- has
from a business trip to Kinston.
The A. C L. authorities are so
accommodating with their freight
train.; it is the business
men along this line may build a
road to Greenville and have
go shipped to that by
water and forwarded here by the
new route thence to Grifton
on to Kinston. have one
freight this week.
T. A. Nichols is a nice
residence on East Railroad street
and A. H or ton has nearly com-
a I story home on
Third street,
Miss Minnie Brown, after a
pleasant visit of two weeks to
Mrs T- has returned to
her home in Kinston.
Miss Annie Joyner has been a
pleasant visitor in Ayden from
Kinston this week.
A couple of fine, fascinating
and charming young ladies wen
brought by i he stork to the homes
of L H. Witherington and Eider
Monday night.
den is surely a prominent resort
for charming damsels, occasion-
ally a gallant but comes to see
us. We welcome
Mrs. Puss -is aft r a
I . ed
at the home of her brother,
here and
was buried Wednesday after-
noon. Just three weeks previous
a sister died and was buried in
the same crave yard.
Today a . our
citizens for
the James
Miss N ii of
ville is I v e -k here
with friends.
We clad to learn our Free
Will Baptist brethren will soon
occupy their -.- on Lea
Pro;. T. E. a Miss
Lillian M i returned from
Ohio where they have been
spending the summer. They
enter the duties of their
department in the seminary next
the business
. i
arc mill Fixture
i bunks and
N.-ii. other I, .; . i
. fund
Dividend u- l
sub i-i-l to chi
n a
J. B. of i
that the above m true to the best of n, sad b
J. R, SMITH, Cashier.
u i i i . , A test
and sworn to before j
m, this 27th day of May.,

I, Carr
Alder-en W B
from July
; . .
T Si
. v
W M Gowan
T Smith
i A Clark
W Met
W i
H i Ho
as G A
W ii .
J .
J J Jenkins
J T Smith
KW G Clark
W Fleming
Ollie Clark
J B White
J T Smith
G A dark
J T Smith
Q A Clark
J T Smith
G A Clark
J T Smith
G A dark
T Smith
G A dark
J T Smith
G A Clark
to f Greenville
Baker . Hart
C i .
Ferd Barnhill
o . T
no ls- Carr
John Flanagan B
Baker Hart
S R Fowled Son
001219 S T White
so Greenville
g Ferd Barnhill
Ferd Barnhill
Building Lumber Co
H i-
M G Blake
Ferd Barnhill
in Greenville
John Kittrell
to i W B Wilson
Adrian Savage
Ferd Barnhill
j Rouse Nobles
H L Carr
M G Blake
H L Carr
I S arr
001429 L
H L Carr
John Flanagan
I i A Clark
H L Carr
A II Taft
I Woodward
F II. Wooten
J C Tyson
F M Woolen
-i C Tyson
S Spain
F M Wooten
I C Tyson
F. M
D S Spain
B W Moseley
W A Bowen .
S Carr
T F Hooker
J Woodward
H L Carr
Harriet Hopkins
J C Lanier
W D Pruitt
W H White
J C. Bowling
L W Lawrence
W D Pruitt
W H White
G Bowling
H L Coward
T R Moore
H B Harris
Geo E Cherry
J S Tunstall
J D Garden
W Hall
R A Ty. n
L W Lawrence
W P Edwards
H A Timberlake
D S Smith
James Haskins
J R J g
C G Starkey
H L Carr
Jas Haskins
C G Starkey
H L Carr
Jas Haskins
J R J g
H L Carr
St C G Starkey
J Haskins
C G Starkey
H L Carr
Jas Haskins
B E Patrick Co
C G Starkey
H L Carr
A B Ellington
Jas Haskins
I R ii J G
C G Starkey
Jim Haskins
C G Starkey
go j Jas Haskins
H L Carr
Dr J E
Dr J E
J L Woo
Dr J K
and Veneer
Building Lumber Co
J R Corey
Jas Haskins
G A Clark
C G Starkey
Fleming Mooring
Jas Haskins
H L Carr
Jas Haskins
01349 Jacob
J R Corey
H L Carr
C G Starkey
C G Starkey
H L Carr
Stewart Iron Works
J C Tyson
H L Carr
D J Whichard
H L Carr
F M Woolen
J C Tyson
S Spain
F M Woolen
J C Tyson
J C Tyson
D S Spain
F M Wooten
J C Tyson
F M Wooten
J C Tyson
D S Spain
B W Moseley
A H Taft
W A n
C S Carr
15.- T E Hooker
Geo J Woodward
F M Wooten
H L Carr
J C Tyson
F M Wooten
J O Tyson
A H Taft
F M Wooten
J C Tyson
D S Spain
F M Wooten
J C Tyson
R Hyman
W E Moore
R Hyman
Ferd Barnhill
R Hyman
Simon Fleming
Ferd Barnhill
R Hyman
R Hyman
Eureka Fire Hose Co
R Hyman
R Hyman
Eureka Fire Hose Co
Go Miss Maude Nixon
F M Wooten
II, W. H.
in the I own ill.
mine A. ii. end Company is
a . lay mutual consent.
a. a. inn will continue to do
in the next and VanDyke
H. Kicks in the store next to
Fleming and Those indebted
thin will make their
lo their with the
I lemon I is
ed. urn notified at
which l. make his payment hut
no one need wait for notice to
make He may ea I at
either and of us will be glad
to see him all other friends to whom
we return thanks for their patronage
and whom we
R Hyman
Greenville T Co
R Hyman
Ferd Barnhill
R Hyman
The National and th to
the Union.
The question as i Hie
salute of
one guns the
Masses Washington
young men the ram e
i i . An-
and, In one
of or ad-
the nail on Hie
The who knows
can way down
In i the
national salute, h is inter
i is, Hie
given lo t lie national Hag is
by ant i regulations at twenty-one
gun. .,; hat the number
hat la-en hi conformity to the
n nations at the
I in. when ii nil was so fixed.
The of a national
lute i- in army regulations of
. In. in i to
Use i of t uprising the
I then in ISIS
n made fixing
the number twenty-one, which
was at date the number of
in the I which
at the nine time in accordance
regulations Brit-,
I . which one gun.
l fired as a salute on the
H of the birth, accession
and of the king, the
of the queen, the restoration
i . and the gunpowder
Ai that date the national salute
in Franco was also fixed at twenty-
one nils, to I. only on Corp
day and on the king's birth-
i.- proper to remark, however,
one guns
i. lie pi to Hie
Stated Britain,
it lite of Prance i
till gun, i i gun-,
that the superlative salute in t .
States is that on the
of f one for
in the I and, it is call l th
to the Union. Washington
Dr. King's
New Discovery
Guaranteed for all THROAT and
J L Ludlow
Engineering News
H L Carr
Stewart House
Manufactures Record
Do Not the Children
of the year the lint
of a chilli's
should have attention. The
host tiling that can he is
Colic, cholera and
Remedy followed by oil as direct-
ed with each bottle the remedy. For
ale by all Druggist and Dealers in Pat-
That truth is stranger than fiction
has once more been demonstrated in
the little town of Fedora, Tenn., the
residence of C. V. Pepper, He
was in bad, entirely disabled with
hemorrhages of the lungs and throat.
Doctor failed to help me. and all hope
had tied when I began taking Dr.
New Discovery. Then instant relies
came. The coughing soon ceased;
bleeding diminished rapidly, and
three weeks I was able to
Guaranteed cure for coughs and cold
and at L
store. Trial bottle free.
J. R. Davenport enters and
claims about acres, more or
less, of vacant land lying in
township, Pitt county, N.
C., on north side of Tar river, in
and on the east side of Pea
Branch adjoining the
lands of J. R. Davenport's
and Tucker place, the John Ward
Robt. J. J. Sat-
heirs, Howell White-
head, deceased, Walter
This August 20th, 1907.
F. Davenport,
for J. R. Davenport
Any person or persons claiming
title to or interest in the fore-
going described land must
their protest in writing with me
within the next thirty days, or
they will be barred by law.
R. Williams.
Entry taker
Hurt Con Co
Chattanooga Sewer
Pipe Company
Shem Meredith
H L Carr
W H Harrington.
Burt Con Co
Shem Meredith
J C Tyson
H L Carr
F M Wooten
Burt Con co
Shem Meredith
C H lo
S P F B co
Silas Yellowley
T H Bateman
S C Wooten
H L Carr
J L Ludlow
Burt Con Co 1477
Shem Meredith
H L Carr .
Burt Con Co
H L Carr
Int on money borrowed
Continued on page Eight
Standard dis-
all germs
coming from decaying vegetable
and animal tissue and should be
used about your premises now.
Coward Wooten's.
Greenville, N. c. Jul
Revised Version
certain Sunday school re-
Gently the lesson for the day to
do Mammon and the corrupt-
influence of great riches.
Toward the . lose of the
the called upon
the infant class t repeat the
en Text, which had special refer-
to man's inability to serve his
Creator and the money at one
and the same time. The clan fail-
ed to respond as it should, when the
superintendent, noticing his own
young hopeful in the ranks, who
had that very morning been
thoroughly on the text, called on
him, The response was immediate,
though u slight departure from the
original, for in a voice that was dis-
in parts of the
room there came the following mod-
cannot serve God and
What a great difference in the
meaning of a sentence a misplaced
comma can make Take the follow-
my husband is a very
my husband, is a
The following bit of perverse
punctuation was perpetrated by an
i compositor. What the
meant to say can be ascribed by
a rearrangement of the punctuation
entered on his his
on his feet; armed
his was a cloud in
Ins rigid hand; his faithful sword
in his eye; an angry glare saying
nothing, he sat
By u decree of the Super-
Court, made in special proceed-
entitled, Mrs J. D. Hyman. in-
Mrs J. D. Hyman,
Guardian, ex undersigned
commissioner will Nil for cash
the Court house door in Greenville at
public auction on Monday the 2nd. day
of Sept. 1907 the described lot
of land situate in the town of Greenville,
and being part of lot No. in plot of
said town, known as the old house
lot. beginning on the corner Green
and Second streets running North with
Green St. feet, thence East
with second st. feet, thence south
parallel with Green at. feet, thence
west with second st. feet to the begin-
Said lot being sold for division
Thia the 2nd. day of August 1807.
I F. O. James,
A Clever Witness.
In o recent county court case in
which a man sued another for
of wages the defendant called
a witness.
beg pardon, your hon-
or. Before I give my evidence
want my expenses,
The defendant having done so,
the judge -aid. that you have
had your expenses, what do you
know of the
Witness- at all, your
Charged For His Blunder.
A shopkeeper of Rouen went to n
druggist in a way of business
for a bottle of quinine. Having
taken the purchase home, he dis-
covered that ha had been given
instead of quinine, so he re-
turned to druggist and com-
plained of the mistake.
that worthy.
more than possible; it's
monsieur, you owe me
y 1st. 1807
W. H. KU-KS.
D. W.
And Provisions
III Ties always on
j Fresh kept ion-
in stock. Country
Produce Bought and Sold
North Carolina.
Not Quite I
How often you can pet a
nail or screw driver or
lacking. Have a good
tool and be prepared for
emergencies. Our
is a you could desire, and
we will see that your tool
box does not lack a single
useful article.
Of Course
You get
Horse c
J. P.
WORD that word Is
It refers to Or. Pills and
Are you Holed
Troubled with
sick he
ANY of these symptoms and mist other
Indicate inaction of the LIVER.
Take No Substitute.
Entrance into colleges and
on certificate.
Faculty of experienced
Scholarships from leading colleges.
Expenses extras.
Health conditions
Prepares for life or college.
Thorough instruction.
Home influence.
Good library.
No Saloons.
Time to enter Sept.
For information and
address. Z. P. Supt,
Littleton, N. C
He Fired the Stick.
have fired the walking-stick I've
carried over years, on account of a
sore that resisted every kind of treat-
until I tried
Salve; that has healed the fore and
me a happy writes John
Garrett, of North Mills, N.
teed for Piles, Burns, etc., by John. L.
Wooten druggist,
The Bank of Greenville
The Eastern Training
the coveted has Ken
awarded to Pitt County. We
that are other
things in store us, and we
tender the services this bank
and its resources the up
enterprise o. our town and
i f
R. L. P
At close of business May 1907.
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts secured and
d 8,010.89
All other Stocks, Bonds
Furniture and Fixtures 2,688.64
Due from Banks
Cash Items
Coin .
Silver Coin
National bank notes and
U. S. notes
Surplus funds
Undivided Profit less
Bills Payable
Time 27,1581.0 j
Due to A
Cashier's check,
North L I of Pitt,
I, C. Carr, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemn
ear that the abort is true to th bet of my
and sworn ti
29th day of May 1907. H A- WHITE
U. S. C- J- L- W M PEN
Come In and examine my
o 11- P j
We beg leave to announce that we are
Wholesale and Retail
White Lead, Paints,
Colors, and
Country Ready nixed Paints.
There Is no line in the world better
the lire. It has behind it a
reputation for honorable wares and honorable
If you use the Harrison Paints you need
ever worry quality.
We trust that you favor us with your
orders whenever you want good paint for any
Have just a car load and
an give you Special Prices.
Baker Hart
N. C.
Meets is 28th.
1307. Hie fifth annual meeting of,
State Farmers Convention
will be hold at the A. M. col-
Raleigh, N. .,, on Wed-
Thursday and Friday,
August 28th, 1907.
cheap railroad rates
ready in effect and the facts that
rooms and meals will be furnish
who desire them at
college at co i and that an
attractive program is assured
should result in making this the
largest gathering of farmers ever
held in the State for the study of
agricultural problems.
The features of the opening
session, Wednesday at
o'clock, will be an
of welcome by R, B
the annual address of
I the president by Ashley Home,
if Clayton.
afternoon will he
devoted to the study of com and
small grains, and instructive
dresses will be made by
i farmers and agricultural
I teachers.
Wednesday night at
o'clock there will either he an
address by some speaker of note
or a lecture
modern methods of progress
and development in agriculture.
Thursday forenoon will be taken
up with the study of horticulture,
fruit growing, trucking, etc
Thursday afternoon there will
e special meetings for the grow-
of cotton and tobacco.
did programs have been
ed for meetings, and
tor North, of Washington, D. C,
be present and discuss the
collection of crop reports or some
kindred subject.
Thursday night at o'clock
will occur one of the most
features of the convention
Hon. W- M. Hays, Assistant
Secretary of Wash-
D. C, will deliver an
address on improvements in
rural affairs.
will be live stock day.
The morning session will be de-
voted to the annual meeting of
the State
don and a very entertaining and
instructive program has been
arranged. Professor Ed H.
Webster, Chief of the Dairy
division of the United States
department of agriculture, will
be tent and address the meet-
Friday afternoon will he
to the study of general
live stock problems and the or-
of a State Live Stock
Breeders Association.
There is another feature of
the convention which should
not be overlooked. On Thursday
and Friday there will be special
meetings for the women from
the farm homes, and a splendid
program of and
instructive nature already issued
insures a good time to those who
attend. wishing further
information relating to this
of the convention should
write to either Mrs. F. L.
Stevens, President, or Mrs.
Walter Grimes, Secretary, at
i Raleigh.
Complete programs of this
important farmers meeting will
he issued shortly and every far-
mer in the state who can possibly
do so find it to his interest
and enjoyment to attend this
The farmers who have had to
buy hay this year realize what it
to be up against high prices.
Hay has been steadily advancing
in price until it has reached a
very high figure We believe
every farmer could make hay at
home half it costs
A crop clover seeded now
will he ready to cut next spring,
and nothing makes finer hay.
Pitt county can make hay in
abundance if our farmers will
turn their attention in that
and Other Stile Officers
Will be Invited.
The preliminary arrangements
the trip over the a
Sound division of the
Norfolk Southern Railway
under the auspices of t he Raleigh
chamber of commerce are being
Vice President M-
K. and the secretary of the
chamber. The Governor and
other rs will be
ed, as will th city officials
and of
business m here, the
Woman's Club, I various secret
etc., order u make
the affair thoroughly
The date will be as late
i as The
chamber of commerce will in
charge of the arrangements and
the Norfolk -v. Southern Railway
always so full of spirit
and i will do the honors
furnishing the train, which is to
y handsomely decorated by the
Raleigh people. At Washington
a trip will be made on the river;
an afternoon will be very
delightfully spent, the party
leaving there about dark.
Washington is the nearest
point to Raleigh and
hence is of no little importance.
The railroad traverses one of the
fin.-t sections of North Carolina
ind passes through some fine
towns, notably Greenville, the
and largest tobacco market
in the world, at which point a
stop is to be made and the
of the town entertained with
music by the very fine band
which made such a reputation
for itself at the Jamestown Ex-
position and which was selected
to play at the grand reception
given at the North Carolina
building on the evening of North
Carolina Day by Governor Glenn
and the other In
every way the trip is to be made
a delightful one the chamber
of commerce meets this week to
perfect the arrangements. The
chamber of commerce it Wash-
will very kindly co-operate
in many ways to make the visit
notable. Prominent of
the Norfolk Southern Railway
will be on the train and will of
course do their share in making
their guests enjoy the day
Charlotte Observer.
Kit nin III ;
n-iv.- it
. I
tin I.
ire no ad
i sharp ;
J. i
of white in-
l i i
I . l
, , .
I Mil
lo it-mm-p
In Pounds, Prices c; u -ages.
. re-
t i 17.-
i. i
at i .
I f M. Han Sat
. . i rage
i inn at
i i
c v II
Trade Report.
sty for Richmond, Va. and
The most prominent feature of
trade report during the week is
demand for
Local bankers are taking
care of their customers without
any stress but demands upon
them are greater than usual
mainly because of the difficulty
that even the strongest houses
have now in placing their
through brokers in the north.
Jobbers of hats, shoes, clothing
and all lines of we iring apparel
have had their larger deliveries
of seasons purchases but are re-
orders in fair volume
from the smaller trade and from
near by territory there is a mod-
demand which with the
marketing of tobacco and corn
will soon increase. In
and provisions sales are of the
usual volume for the season and
the same conditions in the
hardware trade. line; are
without special Retail
trade has been stimulated i
some extent by end re-
sales, but that is
offset by absentees on vacation.
Collections, while dull and in
some lines backward, average
about equal with other years at
this period. The condition of
the tobacco and cotton crops in
Virginia and Eastern North Car-
continues favorable.
Two cars corn just arrived.
F- V. Johnston.
New Country Telephone Line.
The Home Telephone
graph o., announces to its
scriber.-- that it now has a new
line connected at Ayden by which
subscribers will be given free
service to and
Hookerton and several other
places along the line.
Care of Floors,
in lied
with ii in
.ton v
where the
Have the out,
The rough fide ill
catch up all particles of dust. In
brushing around a such a
always turn hack a or-
and or up well
the edges. The Rooting also
may wiped over with a cloth
n-rung out in clear water of medium
temperature or water lo which a
tablespoon of k nil
have added.
Use For
Take an hi i . and wash
. lean. f -1 the top or Ii
torn it a little; darn
thin place . v Ii cloth
at rent yard,
the right length, and
cover of the blanket. Tic
with red or white vain and button-
hole the edges also. Yon will find
it a grand quilt, being soft, warm
light in also easy
wash and will slay in place
than hatting.
Household Hints.
When burning refuse, such a
cabbage leaves or potato skins,
a handful of sail int. I ho lire to de-
unpleasant odors.
Yellow soap and uniting
to a thick paste, a little water
will a leak.
Brighten leather chair by rub-
bing with a cloth with
sealed chairs he clean
and restored turning
id king with
sponge dipped in i. -I
Take pint ran and
ounce of l -mil. a pa i i
lint Wilier. feet in lift
The , I
must r ,, i. for a week. The bran d
he .
in -i
i. I of tin
skill ed so the
Slippers For Children.
Make i Ii slippers
out old caters colored
bed underwear, the soles use
pieces of and line
three thicknesses of outing flannel,
loosely together. With a
bow ribbon the instep
they are as well as restful.
The ribbon costs but a trifle and
may he renewed soiled.
To Clean Wall Paper.
Soiled wall aper can bu cleaned
upon the wall- without injuring
most delicate or highly colored
lip a whitewash in hot
and brush all of quickly, but Von will
surprised to see how dirty the
vinegar becomes, When par
per will fresh as if new.
Removing Dandruff.
T. of one
; liquid ammonia, one
n, one-half ounce; oil of
thyme, dram. all to-
with -ix ounces of
the with preparation
until no further evidence of
. .;
A. B. Salt . ii. em-
y at cant tore
a -ho is
human being. Yesterday
n Mr. v ts i to
push him as he start, an
rand and when a friend
the genial Syrian with.
troubled countenance
see, brother, it like this,
the laziest boy on earth. I
send him to Jackson's meat mar-
a block for ten
pounds ice. I wait and wait some
mere, and he come, I call
That you Yes
for some ice
Been gone half an hour, you say
goes to the door and watch-
es and wait some for that hoy.
After I wait some more become,
but no ice. I say to him
the He looked down at the
string the ice was tied to and it
gone. All melt d while he bring
it from ice house. Lord help
Superfluous Hair.
When the hair comes on the
lip in bristles get the and
go In work. Whenever you have
ii . n little weak
u Continue the
in week your
M entirely clear of the growth.
We have not studied the
graph strike which is
now on throughout the country;
but judging from the result of
strikes generally, we do not be-
that anything of real good
or benefit will come of it to the
strikers. As we see it, mo-
generally in strikes is
wrong given a wrong motive
behind malicious, or even unwise
manipulations, and it is to
see how logically any good can
come of any movement. The
strikers, as a rule, get the worst
of the movement and they are
foolish to allow themselves to be
led into any such action. There
is as much reason why
clerks in store, wage . , -n
the farms, or any where else,
should strike together for higher
wages or and no one
could justify such a course on
the part of clerks or farm labor-
If a clerk in a store becomes
dissatisfied with his work or the
pay he gets for it. he has a right
to give up his unless he is
under contract for a certain lime.
The same holds good with a farm
but neither the store
clerk nor farm laborer has any
moral right to try to break the
relations of their employers with
tub should be allowed to
stand on its own bottom. No
more have persons engaged in
telegraphy, or mining, or
building, or any manufacturing
enterprise the moral right to
induce other such to
away from their work.
The principle and spirit are
wrong and it should not be en-
To be sure, greedy
employers should not impose
upon their by
upon them too much labor the
time alloted in which to do
Such a course is as much a moral
wrong as the action of
strikers. All such questions
should be looked at from the
stand-point of common sense and
not through the glasses of excite-
or unwise enthusiasm.
Scotland Neck Commonwealth.
Another considerable crowd
left here today for the exposition.
Better take along an umbrella
when start.

, . fine toilet
vet n Ore rang from to
Par aid
u to
i. LET and LILAC, French milled,
y perfumed, and packed a cakes to special, the
Violet, Heliotrope. Rose
I special, cake box.
Visit our thoroughly equipped toilet department aid get
your supplies cheaper than are aware they could be
J. R. J. G.
Off to New York
. Forbes
The Man's Outfitter
how in New York purchasing new Fall and
Winter Goods
Watch this space for
with lots of new goods
the season's latest
ions. Both quality and
r -i
. V
7-,., ,
to sent the Reflector in and vicinity.
List of Claims Audited and Allowed by
the Board of of the Town
of Greenville from 1906 to
June 1907.
Water Light Com
H I. Carr
F M Wooten
Water Light Own
H Fender
II L Can-
Water Light Com
J T Smith f
Mrs W A Bowen
Saker Hart
H L Carr
Laughinghouse Move
G a Clark
J A Dunlap
S T White
Pitt County Buggy
Water Light om
F M Wooten
H L Carr
G A dark
Mrs Fleming
Sam Plaice
H L Carr
IS Wm H Long
Gov J
Art Con Co
II W Whedbee
H L Carr
Bryan Grimes
T E Hooker Co.
W Wilson Treas
John King
F M Wooten
T E Hooker Co
Baker Hart
A Blake
John Flanagan B Co
H L Carr
Jas Tyson
Gov The J Jarvis
J fl
Frank Wilson
ti Geo J Woodward
W E Moore
Jas C Tyson
C D Rountree
John Flanagan B Co
Building Lumber Co
Balance on hand June 29th
Amt Reed from J T Smith
General Taxes
License on Drays, Restaurants etc
Court Cost
sale of old Lamps
J T Smith for Wood
Money Borrowed for Sewerage
from Dispensary
paid out for Streets 1306
Policemen 1707
Clerk and Treas 1602
Feeding Prisoners
Diphtheria Small Pox
Fire Department
. Market Guard House
Water Light Pumps
Office Rent
Printing Advertising
Miscellaneous 1266
to Treas of Pitt county J
Receipts from Dis-
for hit on borrowed
for Sewerage
Paupers .
Transferred to cemetery fund
On hand
General Merchants
Main and Wilson Farmville, N. C
Dry Clothing. Heavy and
Fancy Groceries, Fur-
Stock Feed, and Fertilizer.
and Rifles and
Farmville. Aug. 1907.
Judging from the rumbling of
vehicle wheels, the sound of the
hammers, the comers and goers.
Farmville. N. C.
Fancy crowds faces see,, i
Farm vii fir the past
the tobacco
ks and
, week, may or might feel as-
sured of good Thanksgiving
years experience in a merry Christmas
Artistic work guaranteed
Enlarging a
Clark, ProprietorFarmville. N. C.
guaranteed. Strict-
Experienced Bar-
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow-
Gents r. repaired, clean-
ed and pressed.
J. G.
Parker's Old
Farmville, N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Carts
and Wagons.
In fact any kind of work in
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
Optician and Watch-maker,
Glasses Fitted. Examination of
eyes free.
All watch clock work
Sean ,
Amt on hand July 1st 1906
Amt Reed from A II Taft
Amt Reed from General Fund
Amt Vouchers paid
By Amt from A H Taft
To Amt Vouchers paid t
To Amt to balance
By Amt on hand July 1st 1906
By Amt from J C Tyson Tax collector
To Amt of coupons paid
To Amt on hand to balance
C. T.
Greenville, B. C.
By Amt on hand July 1st 1906
By Amt from J c Tyson Tax collector
To Amt Trust Co
To Amt on hand to balance
Company will insure any on
any trace of
Kidney Trouble
Every trace of kidney trouble is
will be paid by the Inter-
state Chemical Co., of Baltimore,
Mu. for any case of kidney
trouble SOL will not help.
A word to the wise.
For sale by
Farmville, N. C.
heard some of our tobacco
men say if they had The
tor in Farmville they could make
it bring all its worth. But, Mr.
Editor, we want to warn you in
time to be sure and sell your pa-
per to some one that has got the
old Pitt county get up in him, for
we have been taking your
cine so long we hardly know how
to make the change.
Rev. Mr. Walker, of Washing-
ton, State evangelist for the
Christian church, has been in
Farmville since Friday and given
that congregation some very able
and instructive sermons. The
audiences Sunday morning and
evening were very large. Be-
sides Mr. Walker's fine sermons
they received quite another treat.
Hiss Mary who has just
returned from New England
Conservatory, favored us with
two beautiful solos.
Miss Emmie Smith, of Green-
ville, is taking her vacation with
her sister, Mrs. C. L.
We noted the presence of G. L.
Wilkinson in our midst Sunday.
Carlyle of Atlanta,
been home on a visit,
returned Saturday.
Mrs. R. R. Carr and Mrs. Fan-
Turnage, of Denver, Col.
spent Monday with Miss Ada
Publication of Summons.
North Carolina, Pitt county
In the Superior court August term 1907.
J. L. Bland and wife H. A. Bland,
E. R. A, I. Croaker and the
Bank of Lauderdale ,
The defendants, E, R.
and the Hank Lauderdale, in
the above entitled action will take notice
has been commenced in
the superior Court of Pitt county,
led as above, which said action U
by the a
Mortgage, which will be specifically
set out described in the
to be filed in action, on real
situate in North Carolina
Ami defendants will further
take notice that they are requested to
appear at the next term of the superior
Court f Pitt county, to held on the
before the 1st Monday in
September, it being the 19th of Au-
gust 1907, at the court Mouse in said
County, in Greenville. North Carolina.
answer or demur complaint
in Action, or the plaintiff will
ply Court the relief demand-
en in said complaint.
This the day of July 1907.
c Moore,
clerk superior Court, Pitt count
Having qualified as Executor
Sown H of B The g Conservatory of
county, this is to notify all per-j
sons having claims against the at Boston has eighty pianos
estate said deceased to they would not he there if
to the undersigned within of
twelve months from this date or
this notice will be plead in bar
of their recovery. All persons in-
to said will please
make immediate payment.
This the day of July. 1907
F. G. J. L. Sugg.
Atty. Executor.
Parker For Rights.
Portland, Me-, August
a speech before the American
Mercantile Association, which
has its annual session here,
Judge Alton B. Parker, demo-
candidate for the
in 1904, expressed himself
in favor of State rights.
grade. The Bureau of Music of
Jamestown Disposition, after
Investigation pianos of the
highest grade, recommend th
roe Official Piano of the
Exposition. All the
mu best in Norfolk use
Slit A pianos exclusively, and all
mus thorn for
mil tone an quality.
Sold from Maker to us. r, saving
you one or two profits.
Write particulars to
L. C. Street, Manager
St., Norfolk,
D. J. and Owner.
Troth in Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
Opinion of a North Carolina Visitor
in Oklahoma
E. L. Little, of Gastonia. N
C., is in the city relatives
and incidental I v doing a
prospecting. Mr Little, in an
interview last night gave a brief
outline of the cotton mill
try in his city
Gastonia is a city of in-
habitants and has cotton mills,
Mr. Little was surprised that
a city the size of and
it too being the largest inland
cotton market, in the world, had
mot taken this matter up long
have no trouble whatever
in raising money to build a cot-
ton mill in our said Mr.
that too when we
ship nearly all cotton that is
consumed from Mississippi. Why
you people could nearly keep
that many mills running in the
city with your wagon trade. Our
mills consume about bales
of cotton a day, and they tell me
that yon have had over
bales marketed here in a season.
There is no question as to a
cotton mill being a pro-
position. We have one mill with
as that cast one hundred thou-
sand dollars and last year paid
the stockholders in pro-
fits. There never was one in the
con that went under per
cent., and from, that to per
Little, what would you
suggest for the city as a starter
in this asked the
Well, I will tell you, a five o-
ten thousand spindle would be my
advice, preferably a five thou-
sand mill; that ill cost
one hundred and ten
thousand d liars complete,
will give employment to about a
hundred bands. When I say
complete, I mean that
the cottages for the employees.
Most of the cotton mills build
these for their we
absolutely draw the line on com-
commissaries. opera
get their money every
Saturday and are at liberty
to spend it where and how
about was
that depends on the
operative. I would figure on
about p r, day on an aver-
age. Of course, there are many
that get a great deal more, but
then, too, are several boys
that work in such a mill but
is a fair average, think
advice would if the
interested, and there
ought to be an investigation, if
it is not, with all this cotton in
shipping facilities
that you enjoy, is to get capital
interested in this section. Why.
we start out in our country and
in a day's time have a company
organized to build a mill with a
capital of a hundred thousand
dollars, and lam told that
are hustlers in this country
I may locate in this section, and
If I do, I will be glad to assist n
any way- that I can in this move-
This is a proposition that
the attention of the
men of the city. It is to be
hoped that Mr. Little will locate
with us and lend material
in landing a large cotton
mill for the city.
Major in
Maj. J. B. Neal, of Halifax
Co., a representative in the leg-
this year, and one of the
State's grand young old mm, is
a visitor. His visit recalls an
in his life that shows the
man h i is.
In of Populism when
it was as popular to wail the
railroads as it is now, Maj Neal
warted the Democratic
for Corporation Commission-
His prospects w-re most flat-
when day a friend
saw him enter the office of Col.
A. B Andrews vice-president
of the Southern. When he em-
the friend called him aside
hers. Major, it won't do
for you to be seen into Col.
office. First thing you
know it will be going the rounds
that you are the railroad's can-
God. the Hali-
fax soldier cried, you think
I am going to shun the friend of
a life time, and comrade in arms
for a miserable little Not a
bit of it- If that's the price to
pay the office can go to hell, for
I propose to take Alex. Andrews,
hand every time I come to
Maj- Neal was beaten, and in
all probabilities his friendship
for Col. Andrews, who has
more for North Carolina
than any man in the State, pro-
had something to do
with his defeat. It was a danger-
thing then as it is now for
an aspirant for office to be on
good terms with a railroad
Feeling Aroused Over Ute of a
A fraternal organization known
as the Charitable Brotherhood
own a hall at Oakley in which
the society holds its meeting- In
the same community the religious
sect teaching the
has been active in the
last few weeks, and the
of this faith wanted the use
of the C. hall in which to hold
services. There was opposition
to this, and the result was a lot
of feeling aroused on both sides.
It seems that the
adherents made up
their minds that they would use
the hall, in defiance of the
and with this purpose in
view a Mrs. Nelson, one of the
went to the building to open it
and turn the others in.
To stop this Mr. N. L. Gray, a
member of the Charitable Broth-
went to the building and
during the argument with Mrs
Nelson pushed her off the steps-
The next move the swear-
out of a warrant for assault
against Gray, and the trial was
had iii Greenville Monday before
Justices Rountree, Harrington
and Harding. A large number
of people from that section came
over to attend the trial. After
hearing many witnesses Gray
was adjudged guilty and fined
and costs.
The Reflector hopes the
will end where it is, for it is
too trivial a matter for a
to be stirred into bad
feeling over it.
Suicide is Brought Around
by Shocked Sumo.
N. C, Aug.
31.-Tired of life, tired of his
family, which he had forsaken,
and loaded with whiskey, Louis
aged about years,
yesterday afternoon entered the
drug store of P. A. Thompson
and swallowed a two-ounce vial
of laudanum.
Doctors worked and used an
electric battery for three hours,
a current of volts being turn-
ed on the man. He is, however,
in a precarious condition.
Slowing Up Process
And a recession in the Cost of
doing things is inevitable- It is
certain that the
wages and in prices has gone too
far and must be stopped. Prices
must come down in commodities
ready for consumption and the
cost to the consumer must be
lessened. The cost of carrying
on business while it is profitable
has so absorbed and near-
everything is at a
valuation. This condition brings
its direct results to bear upon
the working mar. The retail
merchant, of course, suffers ac-
as he is directly de-
pendent upon the wage-earner-
Industrial enterprises must
don development This means,
as a matter of course, that, lets
material will be used and that
less labor will be employed.
When the demand for labor dim-
and men are out of work
there will be a competition that
will necessarily bring wages
for labor cost must be re-
in order to bring prices
down. Prices must come down
in order to revive the demand
for materials. Persistence to
this process will only aggravate
the situation. There is sure to
be resistance because working
men seldom realize that they are
the worst sufferers from high
prices, since the advance in the
cost of living that is, of what
wages buy, keeps ahead of the
advance in wages
What labor most needs is to
keep up the volume of
and keep down its cost.
When rising prices produce a
check production the brunt
of reaction is felt first by labor,
and it has no reserve to fall pack
The process of adjustment is
slow and difficult. But the soon-
this process begins the less
severe and prolonged it will be-
There is need of easing up It is
certainly no time for speculative
movements which will interfere
with conserving strength for the
fall demands. It is a time for
conservative calculation, cautious
and preparation for en-
durance of strain as cannot
be Journal.
Mr. J. F. Raises Them
Mr. J- F. who was
formerly a farmer in the
section of Beaufort county
and a large tobacco grower,
usually has something to tell the
newspaper man when he comes
this way. On a recent visit here
he told us that because of the
scarcity of labor and trouble to
control hands, he rented out his
farm and the first of this year
moved to Ayden where he rent-
ed from Smith Brothers a house
with an acre or two of land
Loving to do a little cropping
himself, he set about cultivating
the patch of land around his
home, which he said lie found
very productive because of the
line fertilizers the Smith boys
had been putting on it. His
crop this year was mainly
nips and beets, and he says he
raised some whoppers, some
nips growing as large as
inches in circumference.
Mr. went on to tell that
his wife raised chickens too, and
whenever a hard rain came it fell
to his lot to get the biddies under
shelter. One day a heavy
downpour he could not find a
favorite hen and her brood in
their accustomed roaming places.
After wading around in the rain
for some time he went to the
turnip patch and was surprised
to see the hen's head sticking
out the of a large turnip. An
investigation showed that
had eaten out the inside of the
turnip and the shell made a good
coop which the hen had taken to
protect her brood from rain.
Mr. says he can raise
hen coop turnips for anybody
that wants them.
Some Interesting Happenings in the
Capitol City.
B R. Lacy, Jr., son of State
Treasurer Lacy, will sail from
Philadelphia September 21st for
Oxford, England, to enter the
University there. He has been
awarded one of the
scholarships for
Governor Glenn expressed
himself this morning as being
highly gratified at the victory
won for prohibition in Anson
county Saturday. He says he
felt sure temperance would win
but the majority rolled up was
surprisingly large. He says the
result simply shows the steady
march that temperance is
in this State, leading surely
and with rapid strides to the
time when the liquor evil will be
swept from every section and
locality of the whole State.
The fact that sixty-one out of
the seventy-one law students
who undertook the examination
before the Supreme last
Monday for law licenses passed
successfully is declared to be a
very high to the thorough
work is being done in
several law schools of the State,
especially in view of the fact
that the examination sprung on
the boys was radically different
from the questions propounded
I in past years, the whole series
I being pronounced by those com-
to judge exceptional
The corporation commission will
on Wednesday hear complaints
regarding the breaking of rail-
way connections at Sanford and
Maxton- One of these
has been broken for some
time. Of course the commission
look into the matter very
carefully indeed- It has full
power under the law to require
connections to be made in case
i- finds that they are necessary
for the public service.
In response to an inquiry today
Weather Observer in-
forms your correspondent that
the drought is severe almost over
all the state in some sections
quite serious. No rain fell here
during the past week nor was
there any at other places except
in the southeast section.
and round about. He
he understands that the
drought is causing cotton to shed
and is doing that crop consider-
able damage in some sections.
Everett Spence, a young white
man who has been in Wake jail
for more than a year awaiting
trial for the killing of Walter
colored, has been
ed on bond. The bond
required was but
an order by Judge Long at the
last term of court lowered the
amount to This ho has
given- Spence was in company
with a number of friends,
and as they were driving
by a church their vehicle
broke down was in
with a big crowd at the
roadside. Words passed between
the white men and the
and the white men fired into the
crowd of being
killed by a bullet from Spence's
Believed to Work of Organized
Band of Negroes.
Charlotte, Sept, -Three
more barns added to the list of
those destroyed by fire of sup-
posed origin during
the present year. The three fires,
like several others this year,
curred almost at the same hour-
One of the barns was west of
belonging to
Beatty, loss and
east of the city, one belonging to
T. J. Orr, loss the other
the property of S. B.
loss The entire
of the county is wrought up over
renewal of the barn g
mania, which is believed be
the work of an organized band
Absurd and Untrue.
New York, Sept.
Stanford White, who returned
from Europe today, denies em-
the report that she is
, to wed The rumor she
says, is absurd and places her in
bad light.
in Pamlico County Should At-
tend State Fair.
New Bern, Sept. -The old-
est man in eastern North Caro-
without doubt is Simon
a colored man who lives
a Arapahoe, in Pamlico county.
Now a he was
born in county, in the
year 1803, the property of
Thomas descending to
J. L. a son the first
owner, with whom he continued
until liberated from slavery by
the war. He then came to New
Bern, where he lived six years,
and from here went to Newport,
thence to county, where
he still lives.
We Are Very Encouraged.
Greenville Heights lots are sell-
very fat, notwithstanding
the has been very much
us, both in the develop-
and the stile of our proper-
and we have not been able lo
do as effective work as we will
when it is a little cooler.
Have you bought a lot in
Greenville Heights If not. why
not A great many of r
friends have. Now, do not miss
the opportunity of your life and
put off buying until all the best
lots are sold buy now, when
you can buy at the Company's
first and best price, and on their
easy terms. Ten dollars cash
and five per month. No taxes.
No interest- It you die before
you pay out, your and little
ones will get a clear deed with-
out further payment. Come to
our office and see us, or write to
us and we will send our
to see you
United Development Corporation
Fourth Street,
Greenville, N. C
Happenings of Interest Round
the Union.
William Randolph Hearst, of
the New York American, and
Samuel Gompers, president of
the American Federation of La-
were the chief speakers at a
great labor day celebration at the
Exposition; thous-
ands of people attended, and,
among other things, Mr Hearst
said was that the only aristocracy
in this country was one of
and industry; he told how
the trust question can be handled
aid declared that powerful
should Buffer the jail pen-
L Day in San Francisco
resulted in an attack on the
street cars and of the
United Railroads shot two men.
The Atlantic Coast Line and
other railroads in Alabama placed
in effect the cent passenger
rate and reduced freight
under the State laws-
A Chesapeake and Ohio train
was derailed near and
it is reported that three coaches
went into the river with many
lost. J
Nicholas on Sunday,
protected by thousands of troops,
I for the second time since
j visited St. Petersburg
to attend the dedication of a
memorial church erected where
his grandfather. Alexander II,
was assassinated.
In a Labor Day address at
Charleston, Mayor Rhett advised
organized labor to be the ally in-
stead of the enemy of capital
The remains of Richard Mans-
field, America's greatest actor,
were consigned to the grave near
the a
short distance from New London,
At Antwerp, Belgium, a lock-
out of dock laborers resulted in a
riot and considerable property
was destroyed.
Crazy Negro Gets into Mayor's Office
and Steals Letters.
Baltimore, Sept.
with hallucination that he is
mayor of the city, Isaiah Lamp
ton, broke open the door of Mayor
office at the city hall and
carried away some or letters
addressed to the mayor, which
were lying on the desk-
took the letters to
his own home and was seated at
a table opening them when the
police came upon him On a for-
mer occasion he declared he was
mayor and put up a hard fight
before he was overpowered-
Ready to Serve You-
new bake oven has been
completed and I am now
to supply at all times fresh bread,
cakes and pies. Thanking my
friends for their liberal patronage
in the past I ask a continuance of
their orders. J. M.
Protection that Protects
If you decide to insure your
life demand the best, and be con-
tent with nothing but the best.
The Policy prescribed
by the New York state law is-
sued by the Equitable Life As-
Society of the United
States. Paul Morton, President
For full particulars, apply to the
undersigned- Warren Jr.
District, Agent, Greenville, N.
C. A. Danner, General
Agent Richmond
Worthy cf His Hire.
Mr. Hearst, in his Jamestown
Speech on Labor Day,
us all regard one another
as fellow workingmen and treat
one another with consideration
and tolerance. Let all labor
harmoniously to in
order that there may be the
greatest possible amount to be
working man is worthy
of his hire, the business man of
his profit. who digs the
precious metal for the earth is
worthy of his wage. The man
who tells him where to find the
gold is worthy of his profit, too.
The great financial promoters
organizers, executives of Amer
are worthy of recognition
There's Be a Hot Fight in
Asheville, N. C, Sept.
There's going to be a hot com-
pulled of here shortly. It's
the old liquor fight again and the
temperance people of Asheville
are going to win unless all signs
fail. have gone into the
fight very deliberately; their
plans have been well executed
and they firmly believe that
when the ballots are counted on
the evening of Tuesday, October
a handsome majority will be
found for prohibition. That the
fight will be a hot proposition is
evident. The saloon advocates
and saloon keepers are not as-
They are awake to the fact
that they are probably making
the last stand and they are going
to die hard.

Eastern reflector, 30 August 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
August 30, 1907
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