Eastern reflector, 19 July 1907

The Savory Roaster
Is far superior to any other
Roaster made, not an ounce of
substance lost. Other roasters
waste from to per cent
The Savory seamless roaster
needs no water, grease or
of any kind. It simply, asks
to be let alone. Retains all juices
and flavors, renews the youth of
the toughest fowl. One great
feature of the Savory roaster is
the oval bottom, with the
nary flat bottom roaster the
moisture brought out of the meat
cooking has no chance to ac-
cumulate and is burned and dried
up in the bottom of the pan. In
the oval this meat juice
flows continuously to the lowest
point of the bottom, where it is
turned into steam and condensed
on the surface of the meat. I his
condensation continues until the
roast lies become heated through
to the temperature of the
in the roaster, the
condensation stops and the brown
ingot the roast begins.
The Savory roaster is sell bast-
and self browning. The
bottom is raised oil the oven
by the outside
jacket, which uniform
heat to the roast from all sides.
The Savory roaster i sin a class
to itself. Is guaranteed to give
satisfaction when used accord-
to directions. Buy one, take
it home, the directions,
it thirty days, if not all we claim
forth, return it to us we will
lack your money, pro-
the roaster when return-
ed, is in good condition.
See our window display of the
Savory roasters. We will be
glad to show you. Call and
J. G.
This is in charge of W. Parker who is author-
to to and vicinity-
Farmville. N. C. July,
On last Tuesday right about
o'clock John J. Baker lost his i
barn and stables. The fire
discovered by the night police,
R. A. Smith, who promptly gave
the alarm by firing his pistol
three times and ringing the town
bell- Soon there was quite a
crowd of amateur fireman as-
around the scene that
gave the ferocious dames a hot
tight, especially in preventing
then spreading as there was
several buildings nearby.
Mr. Baker's loss was quite heavy,
amounting to over one thousand
J dollars with about four hundred
I insurance lathe tire he lost a
I valuable horse that cost turn
barrels of corn, one
buggy, three sets harness, a
good riding saddle- It is sup-
posed to be
, , .
W. M. Wilkinson has taken a
relapse during the past week,
but his condition was somewhat
favorable at last report.
Barrett, colored, Unit-
ed and tell in Mr V. H
son's field while oats last
Monday evening, overcome by j
Painter and Designer.
All work guaranteed.
Prompt attention to octet.
F. F.
Farmville N. C.
Manufacturer of
Mop Brick-
best clay an i the best burn-
ed Brick on market. Orders
tilled on short notice,
Corner Main and Wilson Streets, Far.-. N. C.
General Merchandise,
For Cash or on Time
Queen Quality Shoes for Women and Kin Quality Shoes for
Cotton, Shack and F II lift
Complete line of ever in the way of Or. Goods, Clothing,
Groceries, Hardware, Feed s
PLACE fifty different
makes of Womens shoes to-
Ask ten women to
make Nine of them
will pick the
SHOE. We have test-
ed and proved this There
must be a reason why
all other women's shoes in
the world.
Big Store
complete of
Shoes hats,
and millinery
You can't go inspecting for will certain
be pleased with the price.
Putting in tobacco is in order
this week among our ablate,
and many of them are
stuck as it were, but guess
about as good us any is
and our farmers
have it .
Miss Olive Morrill, of Snow
Hui, spent the past week With
Miss Parker.
Miss Vet Smith, of Green-
ville, returned home today after
a pleasant visit to relatives here.
Mrs. P. S. Smith spent several
days in Greenville the past week
visiting family of
Mrs E. Lang has re-
turned home after quite a visit to
relatives in Greenville and
Dr. Nash. State evangelist for
the M. E church, today after
Conducting a week's meeting for
the church at this place Dr.
Nash is a broad minded Christian
gentleman and did some fine
preaching which was greatly
enjoyed by all Christians at this
place and we were sorry to have
him leave so soon.
Mrs. M. E. Shaw for her
home in Tuesday,
a pleasant visit to her daughter,
John Smith.
On Thursday night at eight
, at the home of Mrs. Ida
May was of the
most beautiful home weddings
; ever witnessed in this community
when Miss Olga May became the
; wife of Mr. Dwight of
Newark. N. J. The bridal party
in the parlor which was
j decorated in palms and
cut flowers, In the following
l Misses May and la-
Misses Lady
Turnage and Gay.
I Next the ring bearer, little
Miss Grace and fol-
came the bride tastily
gowned in white silk mull with
laces and pearl trimmings, lean-
on the arm of her brother-in-
law. Mr. W. A. They
Were met at the rear of the room
by Mr. Adolph May as best man
and the groom. Here they
pledged their betrothal as Kev.
W. united them in the
holy bonds of wedlock with that
most beautiful and impressive
service of the Episcopal church.
Mr. and Mrs. left on
the north bound train far
Jamestown exposition and from
there they expect to visit New
York and several points from
that place.
Will be at home after Aug.
Newark, N. J.
Out of town guests, Mis. W. P.
Ainslie, of Norfolk, sister of the
groom, Mrs Whitakers, of En-
field. Mr. and Mrs. Robert May,
of Greenville.
Best wishes from a host of
friends follow her to her new
home and through life. Quite a
number of beautiful and valuable
presents were received as a token
of friendship and esteem the
young couple bore.
I have four gentle cow, good milk-
from years old, average to
gallons t months
old. Bold under guarantee.
Farmville N. C.
We will buy Bell your real
Parker's Old
M. C.
All kinds of repairing of Carts
and Wagons.
In fact any kind cf k
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
Lang Building, Main Farmville, N. C
New Firm. New Store. New Goods.
Close Cal; Prices.
Gents Fine a
You make no mistake in trading with us, for you get
the best goods at lowest price.
Perfection Quality and shoes for Ladies and gentlemen
at their cut price. Ladies fancy goods.
Dr. G. E. Weeks,
over Garden Bros, new
Farmville, N. C.
Open all hours of the day.
Optician and Watch-maker,
Fitted. Examination of
eyes free.
All watch and clock work
General Merchants
Main and Wilson t ts, Farmville, N. C-
Dry Clothing, Heavy and
Fancy Groceries, hardware, Fur-
Stock and Fertilizer.
Agents for
Complete line of Carpets. Mattings and Rugs
Guns, Pistols and Rifles.
Coupons with premiums for every dollar in cash trade,
and see stock.
List n Listen
For days you can get 2-1
cute little Photos for cents at
at once to Farmville
and get of those cute little
Photos that Taylor is making.
Davis Old Stand, Main Street, Farmville, N. CL
Complete stock Merchandise
Cash or time solicited
buyers of Cotton and Country Produce.
Meat. Hay, Corn. Oats and Fertilizer in lots.
Everything in Dry Goods and Groceries,
Distributors celebrated Shoes for Men and Women.
for and i i.
Since the beginning of the
schedule between Washington
and Farmville on the N. S.
it. is just grand to us Farmville
people to see so many of our
Greenville and Washington
friends on our streets for about
three hours every day, and es-
about noonday when
trade and business is somewhat
dull. Hope to soon have the mail
so we can get an eastern daily
before it is three days old.
Horton Hotel
Farmville, N. C.
located. Well
Polite servants. Bast table the
market affords at all season.
Rates Reasonable.
Bass meets all trains.
First class livery with gold rigs
and horses.
Main Street,
Farmville C.
Everything found an
Drugstore. Good lino Oils and
Paints. All kinds of soft drinks,
Ice through the season.
Open a to
day to a. in.
p. m. u
Stray Hog Taken Up.
I have taken up at the Ingle-
stock farm, one boar hog,
color blue, marked hole in
right ear, swallow fork ear.
Owner can get the hog by
same and paying costs and
expenses. W. S. Dickinson,
Write and tell us what
make it is and about how
long you have had it,
and we will tell you how
much we will allow you
for it in exchange for a
The greatest musical in-
the the
piano that can
no music lessons
Every home ought to
have one of these wonder
instruments Let us
tell you all about it, and
how we will trade.
L. C. Street. Mgr.,
Norfolk Va
B. S. Smith,
located corner and
and permanent. Reasonable
rates and prompt attention.
Tonsorial Emporium.
Staton Clark, Proprietor.
Farmville. N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Strict
y Experienced Bar-
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow-
repaired, clean
ed and pressed.
Farmville. N. G.
years in
Artistic work
Enlarging a
Jeweler and Real Estate Agent.
Watches and Clocks repaired on short
notice. Work guaranteed.
A. C.
Fresh Meats, Beef, Fish.
Local and Richmond Products.
J M.
work a
D. J. Editor and Owner.
Truth in Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
Grimesland. N. C. July
Tuesday at
o'clock the death angel visited
the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Moore and took from their
midst Maggie
Pittman Moore
She had brightened the home
with her sweet and life
only eleven years and fifteen
and with warning of only
a few days wan to her
heavenly home.
The funeral was held at two
o'clock Wednesday afternoon at.
the family burial five
mile-; from Greenville. Services
were conducted at the home and
at the grave by Rev. J. E.
baptist minister from Green-
The pall bearers Messrs John
Warren. A. O. Clark. I. S. Flem-
J. Y. Holliday, R. M. Elks
and Sam Holliday.
She was born June
Her mother died and left her an
infant of only a few weeks, and
the youngest of three children.
The oldest, one. a was drown-
ed and the youngest call-
ed on Tuesday.
taken by her aunt,
Mrs M. Moore and grand-
mother, Mrs. Susan A. Moore,
the having died three years
With love and affection she
grew m our hearts as she was
reared in our home, for to as she
was our little baby sister.
Wren God in His wisdom and
power broke our family circle, it
cast a gloom and shadow over
the hone that had never been
We ire thankful for the few
short ears she was given us.
her has so often
the IVes and hearts of her loved
ones, who watched over hr day
by The entire ti immunity
loss for she was always
cheerful and happy, spreading
where ever she went,
she lever met a stranger and
had a word for every
why should we for
the tear little soul, that has boon
transplanted in a brighter, hap-
pier home
Mr. and Mrs. Moore deeply
feel the of their little baby
girl, for they were always to her
mama and papa- She leaves
four sisters. Miss Inez Pittman
of Misses
Susie an Ward Moore, of
May God bless the family in
their s and be-
Mr. Joe J. Tucker died at
h me of his son. Mr S. D Turk- El
near Grimesland, July 9th,
1907. He was born January
14th, and had therefore
mile Mist.
In his early life and
manhood, ho was energetic, in-
economical. And by
dint of hard labor and strict
he had accumulated some
property and capital He was a
strict business man and knew
how to invest money.
But during his latter days he
was a at sufferer from
in its worst So
much so that he had not walked
a step or used his hands e a
very little in six or seven years.
In April. he married Miss
Galloway. She died
years ago. There are now
eight living children as
Mrs. Fred Edwards, Mr. S O.
Tucker, Mrs. H. J- Carey, Mr.
W. Tucker. Mrs. John Ed-
wards. Mrs. S. Smith, of
Greenville; Mrs. J. Galloway,
Mrs. Jesse Wilson.
Brother Tucker was one of the
first members of Salem
dist church. He was a member
for thirty-two years and a
great deal toward the building of
it. For a long time he was stew-
ard and trustee, but afflictions
necessitated his giving these up-
May the Comforter be with
the sorrowing children and
other relatives who mourn, and
may we all meet again over the
river. B. E Stanfield
and White Stockings-
The discover that army
thriving places for mos-
because these insects
breed h old cannon ard in the
piles o old cannon balls may be
by another dis-
cover; which women attached to
made in the Philip-
pines with regard to mosquitoes.
An wife at Fort Slocum
told about it the other evening
men visitors wearing
sloes and black hose were
lipping their shins.
you were here long you
would notice she said,
woman around here wears
white hose. It isn't because it is
the fashion, but because
toes rarely bite through white
We learned that in
the Black hose seem
to these pests. There is
about white that re-
Tel your women folks that
when they visit an army post in
mosquito time and expect to be
out of doors to be sure to put on
white stockings. It will save
them I good deal of annoyance
rubbing her ankles to-
because of the misery of
bites is not altogether
York Sun.
t i
Masters George Collier, James
Spicer Holmes and
lie gave a picnic last
out at the County Club,
in of Miss Mattie
King. Those who attended
Emma Jeffreys, Mabel
King. Annie King,
Ethel Pool, Blanche King
and Alice Newton.
Pitt County Annual Institute,
Greenville, Thursday, Aug.
The annual Farmers Institute
for Pitt county will be held at
Greenville, Thursday, Aug.
There will be two or three
speakers present from the State
department of agriculture in
addition to the local speakers.
institutes are for a free
and informal discussion f every
day farm problems and farm-
can attend and take part in
these discussions without
more than enough benefit to
pay for the time spent.
No attempt will be made at
this meeting to lay down hard
and fast rules by which any man
run his farm, but
proved farming methods will be
discussed and the reasons why
these methods are better than
many of those now practiced will
be given. We are assured that
no speaker will recommend any-
thing he has not done
and that dozens of farmers in
this part of the State are not also
doing at this time.
Do not forget the date of this
meeting, Thursday,
Aug and see that your
neighbors know of it and attend.
Enjoy a Evening
With Mabel King.
Miss Mabel King entertained
at a delightful at
her home on James street, com-
to her visiting
cousins, Misses Mattie and
King, of Greenville, N- C.
The house and lawn were
brilliantly illuminated with
There was
music and singing, and the even-
was spent in playing games
of various description, that young
people delight in, and not a dull
moment was passed.
At ten o'clock- delicious re-
were served on the
Those present were Misses
Mary Slaughter, Martha Hines,
of Kinston, Mattie and
King, of Greenville,
Almeda Carr, Annie Smith.
Eunice Taylor, Mildred Edmond-
son, Maggie Powell, Alva Brown,
Eleanor Crabtree, Mattie Par-
Carol Collier, Emma
Blanche King, Alice New
ton, of Falkland, Masters George
Collier, James Jeffreys.
Jenkins, Spicer Holmes, Tom
Holmes. Kenneth Royall,
borne Royall, Carr and
town Exposition.
Jamestown Exposition, Va.,
July -Among the thirty
land Elks who will come down
Philadelphia July to ob-
serve Day at the James-
town exposition there will prob-
ably be no delegation attract
more attention than the El Paso
Elks, of El
Paso, Texas.
Its members, attired to
sent every type of tin- pictures-
costume., in sister
of Mexico, the
Club will go east to the national
convention in Philadelphia this
wear with a collect-
ion of garments, educative and
instructive, to people
to the manners dress
of the Mexicans, picturesque
indeed in their beautiful blend-
of the soft blended shades at
which the Mexicans and Indians
are adepts.
Again the will
make the trip in a special train
all the way from the border of
sunny Mexico to the borders of
picturesque Canady on the north,
through Canada an i
thence down south to the
city of Brotherly Love and
on to the Jamestown exposition
Two years ago the same
made the trip to Buffalo,
N. . and was awarded the first
prize for traveling longest
distance of any organization at
the meeting. This time they
will travel much further.
For the second the will
also take the famous
band. This is the personal
band of the governor of the Mex-
state of miles
from Mexico and is tendered
again to the club as a compliment
from the big. six-foot governor
Miguel who is an hon-
member of the El Paso
Elks and the only foreigner who
has such a distinction in the en-
tire membership of the order.
This band, composed of sixty-two
pieces, under the leadership of
Augusto son of a noble
Italian family won first prize in
competition with bands from
over the United States at Buffalo
in 1905 and is entered for the
Philadelphia contest under the
leadership of the same man.
to the convention the
train made numerous stops at
Kansas City, Davenport and To
Moline and Rock Island.
Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo,
Falls and elsewhere
to Philadelphia and after the
close of the national convention
in Philadelphia, in their
Mexican costumes, and
by their Mexican band,
will visit Jamestown exposition
on Paso
Among the pilgrims of the
special train, every costume from
the gay of the with
its gold and silver braid and but-
tons, down to the bright hued at-
tire of the peasant use the
Mexican word--peon--will be rep-
resented- Even the bull fighter
will not be neglected and the
gaudy colors of scarlet and gold
and green and purple of the gay
and gallant matadors, picadors
and will be worn.
The gaudy capes carried by the
bull fighters to lure Mr. to
his death and the beautiful
rapes, the wonder of eastern-
will adorn many shoulders.
It will be one of the
aggregations ever sent to a
national reunion of Elks, and will
be educational in that it will
represent the dress of all
classes of citizens of Mexico. The
Mexican government not
recognize the organization and
permit the use of its band if the
costumes were not correct.
the fourteenth of July 1907,
our dear father and husband,
Andrew J. Moire, passed from
tins earth and entered the bet-
home above where he had so
often wished to be. He had of-
ten expressed himself ready and
willing to die. Although his
loved ones had prepared for
the worst it came them with a
sudden realization of what it
meant to give him up who had so
loved and eared for his dear ones
while yet he was herewith us on
Andrew J. Mi ore was born in
Wilson county, was married to
Delia A. of Edgecombe
county, on Feb. 3rd 1839. Their
marriage was blessed with seven
children of which five still
vive, also a devoted wife, who
has tenderly nursed and cared
for him all through the dark
days of affliction when
seemed of no avail.
His living children are Mrs.
T. C Bryan, of . R.
Moore, of Pa. W. Ii.
Moore, of Falkland. F. C.
of Newport News, Va. and Mrs.
W. G. Williams, of
Three of these were with him at
the time of his death.
He was seventy-five years old
on the third day of June.
He has twenty three grand
children and thirteen great
grand children.
As a citizen he was highly es-
teemed by all, and counted his
friends by the score, that
in death a good man is gone
who always upheld the right and
bore ill will to no mart. As a
husband he was true and self-
sacrificing. As a father he was
generous and kind, looking not
for the pleasures the world con-
for him self, but made
other's joys his own
His afflictions were great for
the past three or four years, but
he always said God's was
best, and his Christian spirit and
trust in God gave strength
him to bear his burdens. He was
willing and ready to obey the
summons when it came and fell
in Jesus peaceful
sleep, from which none ever
wake to
He was a faithful member of
the Methodist church for a
of years. The took
place at Falkland last Monday at
o'clock, the service being con-
ducted by Kev M. T. Plyler.
His Daughter.
Leaves Wife and One Child.
Mr. John Whit a young
married man who lived in the
house on Third street, was
drowned in river, Tuesday
afternoon, about miles above
Washington. Mr. had
been to Washington with Mr. Joe
Mayo, on the gas boat to
tow a raft, of logs
The only that can
be learned of the drowning are
that the two men loft Washing-
ton with the boat to come to
Greenville. When at
the boat grounded and Whitley
got out to push it off. He gave
the boat a shove and as it moved
away from him he fell in deeper
water and was drowned, the
body had not been recovered at
Mr. Whitley leaves a wife and
one child. Mrs. Whitley's father
came here today to take her and
the child back to his home at
Schools The
Mashing on, July
Small, of the first
North Carolina district, is going
to institute an itinerary school
for farmers throughout his dis-
He has been in
with Capt. Richmond
Pearson Hobson, of Alabama,
who has just recently completed
a most successful institute in
Alabama, and Mr. Small's under-
taking will be after the
order. Mr. Small has been
thinking of this institute for
several years, but has been
inspired now by the
of Captain Hobson. Begin-
Monday, July 25th. or Mon-
day, August 5th, Mr Small will
take with him a number of ex-
perts on plant culture,
road building, forestry, etc, and
will spend a week at each of
seven county seats in his district,
Postponed to Friday 19th.
A meeting of the Chamber of
Commerce was called for
o'clock, Tuesday afternoon, in
the mayor's but at that
hour there were not enough of
the and business men
present for the meeting to be
held. This was disappointing to
these who did for
had been
for consideration at that
As not a quo um was present
it was d to another
meeting of for Fri-
day nigh, 19th, o'clock.
The R- doctor wants to urge
every member, and business
men who are not members, to
be present at that time. The
Chamber of Commerce is design-
ed to promote the inter-
of the town, but it will
take men behind mike it
accomplish anything.
for Re Hector.
The young men of Greenville
gave a on the yacht
to Miss Marie Manning,
of Henderson, the charming
guest of Miss Helen Forbes.
They left the wharf prompt-
at nine with a party on
board. After listening to
strains of music as well as
enjoying the beauty of i his-
Tar the anchor was
ed and an elegant was
served. Those present
Misses Helen
Forbes, Janie Janie
Brown, Lot Blow. Mary Medea-
of Winston, Lottie White of
Bertha Patrick, Glenn
Forbes. Mary Smith, Sadie
of Baltimore
A young lady school teacher,
who delighted to tease a young
country lad who sat next to her
at the boarding house table,
asked him one day to write in
her autograph album. He
blushed and stammered, but
life, may nothing vex it
Thy years be not a few,
And at thy final exit.
May the devil miss his
The name was John G.
The Governor and the Federal
N. C, July 16--Fol-
lowing the arrest here yesterday
of J. H. Wood, district passenger
agent of the Southern, on the
charge of having violated the
new rate law by charging more
than the cents per mile as
provided, and the arraignment in
police court this morning when
the cases were continued. Judge
in the United States
Circuit Court, issued writs of ha-
corpus commanding the
chief of police to produce the
prisoners before him.
Police Judge Reynolds com-
with Governor Glenn,
instructed him to proceed
with the cases and have the
solicitor resist the release of the
defendants under the writ of
habeas corpus.
Governor Glenn denounced the
action of Judge Pritchard in
the enforcement of the
laws of the State out of the
hands of State officers, and de-
that it was a high handed
A. H. Taft Co.,
dealers, made an assign, mt
Tuesday afternoon, A. L B ow
and F. C. Harding being
as assignees. The liabilities
the firm are stated at about
and the stock, exclusive of
accounts, will inventory about
We hope their financial
troubles can soon be adjusted and
they can return to business.
e, Jennie
giving lectures and entertain-
for the benefit of
especially the farmers.
The Alliance especially
be asked to co-operate, but
all the people will be invited-
The counties in which
will be held
tank, Gates, Hertford, Pitt.
Beaufort. Martin and Washing-
ton. Mr Small has been in
several days
the details with
Department. If these in-
prove successful, and the
people show interest in
them, Mr. Small will start
institutes in the seven re-
counties of his district
some time in September or
Mr. Small is very much
pressed with the excellence of
the Jamestown Exposition,
which he has visited gov-
exhibits are very
he says- exhibits in the
several buildings are all good,
the State buildings being
creditable to the various
States- I was especially pleased
with the North Carolina and
Georgia buildings, which are
most attractive and creditable to
these Continuing, he
said that the exposition is now
substantially complete, except
the government pier, and that
Secretary had
ed that the forces of his depart-
would be concentrated
upon the completion of this pier
until it
Cobb and Mary Burt
James, Frank Wilson, Bob
Howard, Wilson, Lurch
Hall. Ben Higgs, Walter Wilson,
Alex Bill Patrick. Sim
Chapman. Willis Atkins. Chas.
Royce Tucker, Norman
Warren and John
Marriage Licenses.
Register of Deeds R. William
has issued the licenses
since last
J. F. Smith and Mattie E. Cox.
John James and Lizzie Bullock-
R. E. Fulford and Victoria
Robert Hanrahan and Letha
Evans Forbes and Lula Joyner.
John Burney and Pattie Ellis-
David Howard and Lena Roe.
Killed on Battleship.
Boston, Mass., July By
the explosion of a case of powder
In the hands of a gunner in the
after superimposed turret of the
battleship Georgia in
setts Bay today, eighteen men
were killed and thirteen injured-
Not one of the persons in the
turret t injury.
Big Paper Weight to Jamestown
Mt. Airy. N. C-, July 16-The-
Southern railway and Mt. Airy
Granite Corporation sent out
from the granite quarries at this
place on Saturday a solid granite
column, called the paper
weighing fifty-eight
tons, and seven long and
about four by five feet square.
This fine specimen of granite will
be placed on exhibition at the
Jamestown fair, and will no-
doubt attract much attention. It
is a remarkable fact that this fine
can be cut to almost any
shape and size, and can be safely
transported by rail to any point
of the compass.
The rock was nicely dressed
and a pretty banner erected over
it on the car giving a full de-
and telling all about its
size, weight, etc.
The information comes to The
Reflector, though unofficially.
that trains will be running from
to Wilson within 6-
We have seen the temperature Of the miles,
higher, but the heat today seem- bud with track, and the
ed to have steam in it ha a capacity of a mile a day

For Twenty-one Years
Norfolk, Va.
have been the standard Cotton and
Tobacco guanos in the South
because great care is used in the
selection of materials.
Ask your dealer for
goods and don't take substitutes
to be just as good. See that
the trade-mark is on every bag.
Met Here to be Married.
A pretty romance will have its
culmination this wren
an marriage ceremony
Rev, V.
In the Merrimac, comer of
The p
ville. N. C-. Miss e
Hines. of Wilson. N C
Mr. Sheppard is t
through Southern Maryland,
Virginia and North Carolina for
a Chicago house, and the
came on here to meet him
a i d for the of which her
family a i know
no hint u e -a turn
at o'clock
Mis Hines is w -r
i A i; u
The couple will
N- York
All i h or
the is In-t.-i I
Ne York, Mr. Shep-
came to Greenville Sunday
his people
the hat the telephone had
beat him n several hours, He
his bride h fr.
Norfolk, .;
day ill
on of Mr. Hi
e, a
young man. The
Well aid
several .-
For Bale by f auk M. Wooten,
of estate of
of order of th
R, referee
ways are used by farmers
for curing and preparing their to-
for the market; namely sun
cured, air cured and flue cured.
The old and cheap way is called air
cured; the later discovery and
proved way is called flue cured.
In flue curing the tobacco is taken
from the fields and racked in barns
especially built to retain heat and
there subjected to a continuous high
temperature, produced by the direct
heat of flame heated flues, which
brings out in the tobacco that
stimulating taste and aroma that
expert roasting develops in green
coffee. These similar processes give
to both tobacco and coffee the cheer-
and stimulating quality that pop-
their use.
The quality of tobacco depends
much on the curing process and the
kind of soil that produces it, as ex-
pert tests prove that this flue cured
tobacco- grown in the famous Pied-
region, requires and takes less
sweetening than tobacco grown in
any other section of the United States
and has a wholesome, stimulating,
juicy, full tobacco taste that satisfies
tobacco hunger. That's why chewers
prefer Schnapps, because Schnapps
cheers more than any other chewing
tobacco, and that's why chewers of
Schnapps pass the good thing along
one chewer makes other chewers,
until the fact is established that
there are more chewers and more
pounds of tobacco chewed to the
population in states-where Schnapps
tobacco is sold than there are in
those states where Schnapps not
yet been offered to the trade.
A plug of Schnapps is more
economical than a much larger
plug of cheap tobacco. Sold at
per pound in cuts. Strictly
and cent plugs.
.- for East.-m District of North
Carolina, re In the matter of
Kick, bankrupts, the
August t M. at
r o it house. or in the town
to the hit-best bidder
following described real of
f I of Kirks, hank-
runts. Described an
A certain tr-cl of land in
township, Pitt described
A tract of land i i township
in a around the 08-
ginning at a knot a corner of
t e W. B. and Calvin Mills lands.
and runs with W. B. Al-
Mills and Mina North
North West
u i-oles to corner of Samuel Kb s
acre thence with line which
line North
poles pine on the edge i-f the
said Smith's and
i made a division con he
en . i; Pi II. Mill,
i . with In.-, between
Mill and .-aid line runs
.-, the Burnt South
West s.-me ill
run branch in
Mill with his line
in the run --f Web
e chopped said Mills corn.
th. i I i of his
131-4. polos t the
two bun
and acres more or
rig i is to
T is 13th. of July l .
I- rank V
Trustee in U-i
Who Ha.
r, won the
tic to the
at the C
i. store Saturday
As no was presort
with holder of
call got n
fro- H-
or v of it in
Mr. de-Med to
give railroad ticket
to the exposition
B. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
North Carolina I In the Court
Pitt County. I Before I Moore,
Sidney Wooten and Charles Wooten.
N. C.
H. Wooten, Woolen and
Herbert K Wooten.
By Vi. -e of all Order made in
above Special Proceeding, D
and Discounts paid in
Overdraft Secured
night and
to a chance at it T e
sale prices at his store will con
i still op in to
; el- a
and ell
lined him to-
. i.- a
hi i.-
Will on the
the i an i i K
School for r .
i ant;
c a
will located on U
Hi. i
of the town.
of the board, but owing
of n
failed to come on the no in m ail
so we give ii told us by some
of from Green-
who were
The Hoard held an
beginning at the
from all the towns and
heard any of the i
of the towns who were
and to speak. This ; .
meeting three h
when the board
session. The board ca n
fully the . ti a
of the bids of the c mp
towns, and at a
o'clock announced the r i
as Greenville Hi r
property, i
approve, o. a.,,.
Whereas The Great Spirit has
seen in. to take brothers
A. K. and M. B. Me their
beloved mother, be it resolved,
1st. That we. the I
Tribe No.
. .,. to our brothers o
sympathy in this their
sad hour of
a d. That we them
to the Great Spirit as being
only true comforter in such
. ii row,
3rd. That a copy of
resolutions be sent to each of
brothers, a copy be sent to
In Superior
Hamilton Paris Mfg. Co. vs A. L.
Jackson i- B-o
By of av execution to
from the
court of county in the above en-
tn, ail . i Monday, the
Hurt. at Al at
court h-us- said count .-s-.-ll to
the highest for cash to said
execution, all the i title and intent
which the said A. I. Jackson defendant
baa in the fallowing described real es
A certain land in Pitt county
and hounded a follows in Con-
the land of
Hardy . Jackson R. K.
Jackson and era lying on the East
Little i to contain-
s in and known as
Jackson Parker
A I-1 the town of
and bounded as
t .- at S. P. Is comer
and e 181-8
poles. N. Hi E, ft ton- take.
if. W. 181-2 poles lo th.
of the Superior Court, on
the of May. it, the
ed inner will on Saturday the
day of June, 1807, at
to public sale before the court
Greenville, to the highest
bidder for the tract
land to
in the county of Pit I and
State of North Carolina and in Swift
Creek township, adjoining the lands of
T. II. Fleming. J. M. Wooten. the
Green lands and others, and containing
nil acres more or less, and being the
lands formerly known as the Charles
i Wooten Home place. This sale will lie
made far partition.
I This the 7th day of May. 1907,
K. Harding.
Furniture and
from Banks
Cash Items
Cold Coin
Silver Coin
Deposit 2.65261
Deposits 61,846.16
1.325 K
-if North Carolina.
County f Pitt. I
I, J. It. Davis, of I he above-named bank, do sol
v that the is true to the best
I belief J. H. DAVIS,
Notice of Execution Sale
State of North Carolina,
In the Superior court.
H. W. J- M.
By virtue of an execution
to the from
the Superior of Pitt county
in the above entitled action, I will,
on Monday, the day of Au-
gust. 1907 at o'clock M. at
the Court House door of
and sworn c be-
. me, day of May.
Notary Public
i IS
At e c of May- 18th, 1907.
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts 576.87
J- M-
other U. S. notes
which .-
. has in following;
real estate, to-wit
i in Town-l
w. ft. to the deed i Pitt county beginning at a
L. on the Greenville road,
a , one other situate corner
oft half interest Mrs. R K COT
in following described land to-wit. Running N. t-
M Pitts Pt. N. E. 571-2 poles to
i . and ,. .- thence
I, a distance of ft. A. I. Jackson ., .,
line, the with sad up the run creek to
a. W. a distance of in ft. thence county bridge at the Tarboro
a of ft. to thence ; d the road to the
E. to the
said lot b. mg as livery lot. beginning, taming 881-2 acres
book or less. Also one other tract
Slate of North Carolina, County
Capital stock
Surplus fund
Bill Payable
Time certificates of
deposit 5.75814
Deposits subj. to check
cheeks out-
f Pitt,
I. W- H Cashier of the above named
swear that above statement is true to the best of my
edge and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to be-
me, this 27th day of May.
S- T. Carson
Notary Public
W. II. Cashier
H qualified as of
deceased, notice . --.-
lo all persons ling claims . . . ,, .
. -i the estate to file the same barrels of host shelled corn
said Tarboro road lo the fork
the laid Snow Hill
The Magic No.
Number three is a wonderful mascot
, II. of Grove, Me.,
according to a letter which reads
suffering much with liver and kidney
trouble, and becoming greatly
relief, I tried
aged by failure to i
the Snow Hill thence up Bitters, a result
To sufferers of
Bladder troubles. Other
from the auto this notice or
i. v. ill pleaded in their
recovery. All indebted tithe
s.-ii i , make immediate
pa to me.
This June 17th.,
H. A. Pierce
A . of Jo in P. deceased.
F. V. Johnston's.
re State, and the Harrington
lit s I
e here than any other
, d is a beautiful one.
n ii the school
institution in b
school comes
t r occasion will
iv, . i .
,. to U
No. in Division of
Subject to the estate
Williams father of J- M-
Williams. This day of August,
I,, W. Tucker sheriff.
the well The first bottle re- say a bottle
for it cure we will refund
I best on
as lo; stomach, live kidney troubles, by
j. L. Wooten druggist.
J T, V
us he
nice pin
r i
Ki in.
. n
Sealed Bids-For. in
bonds in denomination of
each to be issued August 1st
1907. to mature in years
interest coupons pay-
annually, will be received
by the Board of
of Farmville, N. C
1907, at. o'clock p. n,. to aid in
the construction of the
Pamlico Sound railroad.
Address, R. L.
Farmville, N C
your money. say a
full size free bottle of
SOL and if it benefits Men
use SOL until
This entitles
to a b at
, ,. d f
I given miss this
port unity to teat
It isn't the eh
man ho most cheer-
I fr. to
on either D The
or .
Heart or -s. are mer.
Iv of a diMer ailment.
the common error of
is the result of ailment.
not the Weak
inside nerves-
And the
mid as well, have their
controlling or inside nerves.
and yon
weak Here is when Hr.
ha made its f one
. n to
the f-
in, i I or --i
n-r Hr
A Prompt.
an i i- c-
is re-
commended for hot
for of family
It opiates mil not con-
honey tar and
S- Id
R. U Johnson,
N. C.
Contractor, Builder. Tile Setter.
I is submitted n , I; is fur-
on All work
Turn key job when ever
Class Work and it
Prices. Iron Fencing Sold.
North a
w. H.
a t w,
Drivers o delivery are
always there with
free sample of
store. If
Hi-rt then this cl
Old and
in -n yet it not a
Coffee in it.
Sheen's Toffee Imitation i made
grains or cereals,
with Molt. etc. Made in s min-
No wait. Yon will
Iv it. Sold by T. R. Honker Co.
, .
el .
It's loot lives
on food reflection.
AI are re-
a little after
of tho
digestive i. the
eat. It las
a little -h
and how yon
Money back if it fail old
I'll slop your pain tree. To show yon
first before you a
my ran do. I
mail free, n Trial
I Headache Tablets. Neil
Headache. Toothache.
. are due alone to blood con
-n. Dr. Headache Tablet
.-i natural pressure. That is ale
u-i dress Dr. Wis SoP
A I .
We would how
people r-e if
didn't tell us.
Pert of
have only of .-our
and Pill thee have
done more than mo
is eve- done I am
the win n
P.-rho. l
of the and
A 2-,.
man's of n friend
iii one who will ocean
All kinds of all kinds of choice flow-
in season Special attention
Wedding and Funeral
for Winter
Rosebushes, Hedge
plants, ad Shade trees
Raleigh. N. C. Phone
I have opened on Fifth street, op
Hotel a for
nil kinds of Upholstering and mess
Work done and
D. D.
rs by Indigestion. If yon sat
too or if you to
tucks of Indigestion, you have no doubt
ad rapid heart
. or palpitation cf heart
causes the to
and puff up the
-tart This crowds and
with Its action, and In the course o
ma th
Dyspepsia Cure
what you t. the strain
. i f . a 1.1
health to of
o Dyspepsia, ;
Inf of the l
xi I C
i rt r,
liar would
I m .
. . M r. . i . ; .; ., , .
N W. Y
i had I
mi t w i t
lour it.
at You Cat
. . Um
H o
act oar
John L. Wooten
P b hut a of. and
to a true W think of
and M v--t
only of a
It Ibis tart M Dr.
t now very
t ii nerve alone that
i favor to Dr. with-
out thin and vital no
and try Dr. .- ; .
It 11- or sad your-
t- v, I i will SOU
J. W.
Do You Contemplate
if so the first thing to consider is a good
lot in a desirable location and you can-
not be better in a lot than the
am White
No proper surpasses for a desirable
home. Lots can be bought there now a
reasonable prices and on easy terms.
is every indication that property around
Greenville is going to be higher, and the
longer you defer buying the lot the
it will cost
This property is located minute
walk from the business part the town.
See Sam White and let him explain prices
and terms.
in no in
will he relieved by
of main factor in
any rest, and
way in In
the food the
will do it. it is n
vegetable acid
tic if f
It the Pure
Law. Sold I,. W ten.
you want a loiter
a sure sign it won't com A
For cuts,
Mes and the many
ti family.
Witch Salve i- the In-st remedy.
clean and
He Sold
by J. L. Drag Store.
A pawnshop where we
hock our troubles would fill a
get quick and certain
Pone note it is made alone for Piles,
I its action is positive and
I chine, painful, protruding or blind
riles disappear by use.
-d class jars
Sold in- Bryant Store,
In Building on
We have just received our
now line of woolens for spring
suits. Come and have a look.
--iii am
Dealer in fancy, Heavy and Staple
Groceries, Provisions, Price
for country Produce, call on ma when
you wont fresh
in the
tr. where the houses are a mile
their children
Laxative Syrup
it. Children like it because the
is so pleasant. Contains
aid tar It is original laxative
syrup and is unrivaled for the re-
of croup. Drives the cold out
the bowels. Conforms to the
and Law. Sold by
Jno. L.
reed of a pill task
I I. . to
l-l I.
Literally tho Truth.
Tim. or three generations Pr
Samuel Reed one of the prominent
in of Boston. His large
in, lulled many the
city limits, and thou he In
one day he bought a new with
which he was much pleased until lie
discovered Hie animal bud an In-
surmountable objection in of
all and n, made
As. it
lo cross some bridge In order to
any of towns
doctor decided in sell tho
Me not ii men
much ton honest to
after produced the
following which lie In
In a local
tot A Lay horse,
kind, The only reason for r.
owner to lies
Lion Hit Tail.
Homo ago It. Peek, for-
of Kansas, after he la-came gen-
solicitor of the
and St. Paul Hallway
Was to South Dakota to argue an
Important ease the federal
court, Me was to the
seat of Alfred Beard
the local attorney of the com-
who has a United
States senator.
Mr. Peck made n and
walked to the hotel with the
Judge of tho court. liked your
this afternoon, Mr. the
Judge said. was a masterly
of your case. I don't think you
,, e-.-vi
I. mi
to keep abreast must
to advertise judiciously he must have space in a paper
the people read.
fills the bill, for it your announcement direct to
people and brings result,
When you want good
Send your orders to The Reflector.
; . t.

. i-r
, .-- . .-,.
at the office at
I class matter Jan.
I r Art of o March
desired U W l P-
Greenville is on the spot w
he goods.
Now you watch Greenville and
Pitt Push ahead of any
town and county in the
American Tobacco Duke is go-
himself another
if all reports are true.
Durham is getting on togs
over a contemplated early visit
from Mrs. Carrie Nation, who
has hatchets to sell.
If those fellows monkeying
with Judge Long don't out
to get in
Mr. C. L. Stevens, editor of
the Ni w Journal, and Miss
Leah Jones, of New Bern, were
married in city Thursday.
Roth are well known throughout
the State and are showered with
good wishes.
now Greenville is the best
town In the State,
and it la the kind that counts
Sheriff F. D
n county, died Saturday
morning. He had filled the office
mar y years.
The price of oil has advanced
gain t he company ho
ray Rockefeller's fine
out of the pocket of the people.
If the training school matter
had been much further prolonged
some of the sites for It
might have served the
will M the location for an
sane asylum-
The Charlotte Observer in an-
a recent Query in The
or is
enough, but
the we were after i why a
paper of Observer's stand-
Th Southern is prompt
to return B favor. Last week
Federal Judge granted I
About o'clock Wednesday
afternoon the news came
unofficially through the
and telephone offices that the
State of Education had
selected Greenville as the
for the Eastern Carolina
Training School and
later this was confirmed by
telegrams to The Reflector and
several citizens. People had
been waiting since a. m.
around the telegraph and
tor offices, and call alter call
from the town and all parts of
the county had been made over
the for news, and as soon
as a bulletin was put up an
that Greenville had
been selected there was general
The content for the school has
been long and earnest,
through six months, and it
is cause for congratulation that
Greenville has won the prize.
This town and made a
vigorous campaign for it, yet
everything was done on a high
plane and without bitterness or
bard feeling. Other towns also
earnestly to win the
school, as they had a perfect
right to do, and while the con-
test was warm Greenville
avoided saying or
appointed a hot
Pritchard assistant
of the It would have
looked letter to waited a little
longer between favors.
I anything to the detriment any
ether place seeking it Now
t it over, except building
opening the school,
to come and rod over in our
i laps unsolicited, but has to be
The Tarboro Southerner of the persuaded to come.
every movement that aim at in-
was expected the creasing the business of the town
Training school for teachers will the interest co.
n the part of the citizens of
that town that the school would
o located there, that taken into
conjunction with the juggling on
June 27th, is
And the same paper elsewhere
in the same issue also
the State Board of
Education met there were per-
sons in Greenville offering to bet
five to one that Greenville would
the State school. of
he board can explain this con-
What an eye opener this is
Just to think of the terrible
anxiety through which Green,
ville passed, when it all could
have been escaped if we had only
in the Th Chamber of
Commerce can be a power in
developing if the
business men will make it so.
Keep this in mind and attend the
Friday night.
Following Judge B. F. Long's
charge to the grand jury of
Wake county Superior court, four
true bills were found against the
agent of the Southern railway
Raleigh for violating the Law in
charging -if- r
tor passenger
known what the
seems to have known Why. j a case w, made
just after the State Board
Education announced a
of the matter to the 10th
an Injunction favorable, to
and this the,
of th
. and
coins together help
it what
county have determined it
be. i he pride of Eastern North
of July, the southerner jumped
flat footed on the boar J and said
the was to give the
town which it was predetermined
have the school an op-
to increase its bid. the
that other
town bid higher.
had made the
went, in to the
bond on the 5th of Sam, that
we hid all we had. and if
any such purpose WU up
of the board the South
Governor Glenn is taking a
While many of our
hand in th fight, and sent a let- have done nobly their i we
tor to all Superior court judges securing the school., it
of the State asking them to of Greenville and Pitt
Judge Alton B. Parker, Demo- their respective grand can never repay ex-Gov.
candidate tor president in j juries and direct the solicitors j. j. and County ti-
the last has been in to send bills against the agents W. I. for
North Carolina the past week, and of the railroads or what they did in bringing it here.
and delivered an address before its higher officials who violate Without efforts of these two
the Bar Association in at
convicted, as it looks like
he will be, and Judge Long
passes sentence, as he trill
quite sure to do, there is every
likelihood that the opposing
will soon find
without agents to conduct
their business. The agents will
either have to refuse
for the railroads
law, or make themselves am-
enable to the law for helping the
violation, it being a misdemeanor
for the agents to sell tickets at
a higher price than the law
stipulates. It is useless to try
to arouse sentiment th it the
agents are merely servants
should not be punished. The
a goner,
around wife
All the other competing towns
have an invitation in advance to
come to Greenville to the corner
stone of the Eastern
Training Greenville and
Pitt will cordially
come them show them there
is no unkind feeling arising
the contest
The Observer as a correction
the hot weather suggests a
session of the legislature to pass
a law. That would be in keeping
with present ideas. It is certain
that we have only a limited
of ways of relief. Pass a law
is the company is one
other; that is about all to be relied
on in serious
You boys don't seem to have
cut your wisdom teeth. If you
want the hot weather
why don't you apply to a federal
judge for a restraining order
a law is not a dodge to
our I
long faces,
sleep after night, when it
all might have spared if
the Southerner had just, told
it was all fixed for Greenville.
And fit Greenville
betting five to one that Green
ville would get the
guns too
near seared to to bet any-
the passenger rate law. we do not believe thing, oven a No. sir
going right after them, and the Greenville have gotten the was on I
violations are going to be school.
suggested Greenville was,
And our folks went aroused be-
The that are opposing
Our news columns show the rate by the
in the report of the meeting of; right
the of for themselves.
night, that Greenville j know
approves the Public sentiment and the law are
for the establishing of j both against the railroads in the
a r st room for ladies from the matter and these two combined
v who come here to spend are hard to combat The
day or otherwise, j g to cost the railroads
Such a building or rooms will more than the in the
stayed on thorns for fear of;
schooL until the
news came that it was ours
Then, we let go and rejoiced;.
cause the of State
laws by the railroads, it will
be no surprise if harsh measure
are used to bring them to
of the law.
It looks like our
dangerous things. W
men on them in time
than in time of war.
e lose
of lit
be a great convenience
to the ladies as well as be help
to the business of the town,
in that the ladies if assured that
such comforts are here for them
fares would amount to in years,
and there they will lose the
fight in the end. The railroads
made a serious mistake in
will come in larger numbers, fog the cent fare bill two years
We cannot show our over
the county too much attention,
ago. which would have put an
end to the matter had it become
and to manifest an interest in; a law Another has
If there are any doubters
is taking rapid strides
in the march of progress, they
need only look at recent events
to be convinced that it is true.
The entire county large
bond issue for educational
poses has awakened admiration
throughout the State, it being de-
the first instance of the
kind in
The county has contracted for
a steel bridge to span Tar
river at Greenville, and has also
joined with Lenoir county in cone
trading for a
across the river that is the
line between the two
ties. Pitt county has also provided
the best system of indexing in-
of record that is in
existence and work on it is in
progress. The public highways
have been much improved by the
work of convicts in late years.
These things are marks of pro-
and there are more yet
their welfare and comfort
closer unite town and country in
friendly relation.
Then the suggestion of a gala
day in celebration of our victory
m winning the location of the
training school is timely. This is
a victory for both the county and
the town, and in such a
both should come together
for a day of special intercourse
and rejoicing. People from all
the towns competing for the
and elsewhere will be
invited and the plan is to make it
a great, day.
The duty of every business man
in Greenville in these matters is
plain. The town has suffered in
the past because business men,
so afraid of leaving their places
a little while, would not give
proper attention to movements
to draw people to the town One
of the objects of the Chamber of
Commerce is to advance ideas
and promote plans that will in-
to the profit and pleasure of
the people of both town and
country, hence when there is a
meeting of the chamber it is the
duty of every business man who
con .-
made in going to Federal judges
for injunctions and thus bringing
on a clash between Federal and
State authorities that the govern-
North Carolina is bound to
win out in this fight and the rail
roads will save
by yielding to the law.
Lets get back to the that
Greenville r hospital.
This- question was agitate a few
years ago, for a time looked
like-success would come of it,
out for some it was
lowed to fall through. Ft is
to argue the of a
or the benefit one would be
to the fact is
too plain. The to do is
start the movement over
and keep behind it until the hos-
is secured. The
is going to say right here, that
it believes if the physicians of
the county will unite in an
est for a hospital, it
will not be long before there is
one here No class of men come
in such close touch with all the
people as do the physicians, and
none are in position to exert
more influence in matters of pub-
good. Now for a start, and
bring the town and county to-
in a movement for a hos-
Two oil well drillers Earl Sheets
and Frank Winks, mar Carl
underwent an re-
that make I
tot B life and death melodrama.
The to men were superintending
the booting of a well. Three
quarts of nitroglycerin had
brought to the well to be used
in the shot A shell containing
thirty quart had been lowered, but
it stuck iii the well. The operators
thought could shove lbs car
on down in the sell letting the
baler down in the well on top of it.
The plan appeared to have looked
and the baler was draws
up out of the well and part way up
toward the top f the derrick be-
fore the horrified spectators noticed
that the can of deadly explosive had
caught in the baler and was then
dangling in the air ready to fall.
at Sheets and Winks looked
up the shell came loose and
toward the ground that
if it ever hit the ground tin .-e thirty
quarts of would explode and
kill every one in the vicinity, the
two men with presence of mind
under it caught it in
bands. If they had failed in
not one of the spectators would
have to tell the It
was a real thriller. Kansas City
Tho Spread of English.
has been what may
tailed a of but Eng-
i.- winning all along the line.
Today it is the dominant
of the world, being
by people. Second
and a long way
spoken by about
Russian is third, very
slightly behind Germany In point
of numbers, while French fol-
lows with about Won-
changes have taken place
during the century. In 1800
French held the place and bade
fair to become the world language.
Russian, and Spanish
next, and English was a bad fifth.
But our tongue can convey a mean-
in fat fewer words than any
other, and this quality has brought
to tin- fro Ill another century
it will be spoken by half
I In peoples at the
A Escape.
A Subs engineer announce s
new lire escape. It consists of n .
of iron ladders,
tallied La attached to the
window eases, each reaching to
window he w. Hy turning
u small Hindi on any Hour all these
frames are pushed outward from the
ti- ladders extended and
with each other,
ti- a continuous com-
from the l-it to
the The s
it ml taken las than a
i; pot iii ii i- escape i- late-
and does not disfigure the
facade of the building in
the ordinary
A public test the
new escape has proved
tho Vienna lire brigade.
have expressed op-.
of it.
Aid Vegetables.
Ir. a
for the latest agricultural
which is now the subject of
in Germany and
of artificially heating the sol for
the purpose of pushing the
of vegetables. It is said to
remarkable results, especially it the
Never A,,
day i
Inn Bail
from one of lower The
law; who appeared for
la test
books and W-
At it .
s make mi lo
we not ho
tho other I
I don't want to let it defeat
a on
While ;.; u
ins his .
Kt Alabama mid ban
thins law
for a of Tea
tot mil, tit- arms.
on n nick ii la hie teat.
d. bl an-1
Ins t- v.
a no. tie- Mil
I and . ,
h-1 bis
Greenville is now launching on
the flood tide of development,
and if our people continue to be
conservative and take advantage
of the opportunities for progress
as they present themselves, tho
growth of the town is to
be wonderful- Such a spirit of
co-operation between the town
and county as has existed the
past year counts for much. Pitt
county has a Mid
the Interest they taking in
educational advancement and
material progress will rank her
in the lead. The county feels a
pride in capital town, and
the town feels a pride in the
county We are all one and the
some people, and with a united
., I, -.-
In many respects Greenville is
mighty good town, but it
does not well for
the business men tint when a
meeting of the Chamber of Com-
is called to consider
questions, not enough of
them for the meeting to
be held. This is what med
afternoon, and in all
earnestness it should not happen
again. The business men them-
selves are the greatest losers by
such indifference. One thing is
sure, the town needs more
and another thing equally
is we are not going to get
i n
tons e. he
to your I'll blow the
the man Unit in
move a stop forward
Tin- men lowered under bis
a then obeyed order,
and to camp, the
following. When they hail
tin- linen and Stood In the pres-
of whole the general
around la alighted, threw
bU Kin. on tin- ground said,
to beard by all, old
gun had no lock In
Joe Jefferson Found Out.
The Joseph once re-
a from his son
Thomas, who was in London, asking
bis father i remit m f
The father was doubtful, and so ho
wired back, do you want It
Hack came, the answer,
This so tickled old man that
money was forthcoming.
The Drummer and the Dukes.
A traveler got Into
same railway with the
f Northumberland and of
and conversed with them free
not knowing who they were. Th-
of got out at
where a handsome
In waiting. Tho traveler said with
surprise. bet you that's some big
nob been talking la the
Doha of
The after
In y he at
that a
. t-v.
The in
at a do of to-
forty inches in the Held to-be tent-
ed conduits of
which steam pipes an
are laid.
of about degrees is
through tin- it warms tie air
in the conduit, and the heat
radiates through tin; clay
In China.
I have overland
Pelting to and have teen
struck tho spread of western ed-
In every town of any
and often in
there schools with tit-
for teaching western leaning.
Large numbers of
every temple except the city
and the Confucian
converted into schools an
while scholars In their
foreign dress are counted by
A Merry Jest
From time to time it is rumored
that the czar's reason has
way. In tho current number o the
London Mr. Foster
indirectly supports this
Describing the czar in his
room, Mr. says, a
Is to
the throws it . .-.
. .
depart, it iii t is i i H. C. who is authorized to rep-
resent the Eastern in and territory
Picture frames made to order
by Eastern Supply Co ,
Winterville N. C.
Miss Jennie Brooks, of Kins-
ton, is visiting relatives and
friends here this week.
The famous mower
with reaper attachment is the
thin to harvest your oats with.
Get one at Harrington Barber
A. W. stage Co.
We sell Laughlin, Eclipse and
Parker fountain pens.
Ii. T. Cox Bro.
Frank Edmundson vent to
Greenville Friday afternoon.
We have on hand few copies
of the history of the San
co disaster. Usual
Our price, C T. Cox
A Bro.
Jno- Nichols, of m, was
here visiting relatives
Now is a great season for
traveling. Go F- Winning
Co for trunKS, sand
The railroad is trimming down
through town
which the
very mm h. The ought
to be asked to ill in the ditches
with tiling on each side from th
depot to the crossing Then
Main street could be leveled up.
We hope lo see this done in the
near future. streets are
necessary to have a nice town.
You just ought to come down
and see the nice and up
Hunsucker buggies being turned
out almost almost every day
the A. G ox Co.
Mr. and S L. Ange, of
ville. are visiting their son, A.
W. Ange, of our town.
Bring your wheat to the Caro-
Mfg. Co. They
are now prepared to make first
class flour
Congratulations to Greenville
on securing the Training school.
We lend you our heart and hands
for its We rejoice with
you and when that celebration
Comes we will be there.
Blacksmith work done prompt-
at Milling Mfg.
who has been
away several days on vacation,
returned a few days ago to take
up his work again ac the oil mill.
W have just opened a nice
lot of beautiful rug. A- W.
Ange Co.
R. Son have moved
their stock of goods to their
stand and A. W. Ange Co will
occupy their brick store. They
will use it for a furniture store.
Lawns, laces, organdies, ham-
bergs going at a at
Barber Co.
W. C. Jackson, one
leading merchants, spent the
afternoon here Wednesday on
See our new assortment of
hamburgs, laces etc at B. f,
Manning Co.
Hamilton rifles are the thing
for shooting on gun outing trips
fishing, etc. this summer.
Barber Co.
Ladies belts and umbrellas
for summer use at B. F. Man-
A. W. Ange Co. have a
large assortment of trunks,
valises, suit cases and telescopes
that they will at greatly reduced
prices for the next thirty days.
See them, they are beautiful.
Tobacco twine, lanterns,
etc , at W. Ange Co.
A large lot of chairs and other
furniture just arrived at A. W.
Ange Co.
Bring your chickens and eggs
to Harrington, Barber Co.
Highest prices paid for them.
Keep cool these hot days. Get
your palmetto fans at B. F. Man-
famous Hawks glasses at
B. T. Cox Bro. Don't neglect
your eye.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde
left Tuesday for Kinston where
they will spend some time.
For Nichols house
and lot on comer near Winter-
High school grounds- House
is new, roomy, and conveniently
located Terms easy.
G. A- Kittrell
Winterville, N. C.
There were regular services at
the church
Eu id
Tobacco twine, lanterns,
handles, thermometers are need-
ed in curing your tobacco. Get
them at B. P. Manning Co,
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cox went
to Ayden Sunday to attend
at the Baptist church.
Pants for the next sixty days
must be cleared out for fall stock
at greatly reduced prices,
J. M. BLOW, Manager Authorized Agent.
The A. G. Cox Manufacturing
Co- expecting shipment of quite
a number of their Handy
co trucks axles and will then be
in position to your order.
tons cons cotton
meal. F Co
Ayden, N. C July 1907.
in of Greenville,
is he- it
Misses Carrie and Henrietta
Wesson are spending this week
visiting relatives in Ayden.
Keep the troublesome flies out
of your house. They carry germ.
Window screens are the tilings.
A. W. Ange has them.
Our farmers must he getting
ready for curing tobacco from
the number of trucks and flues
carried out daily.
The regular mission meeting
the Baptist church
Sunday night, with a very inter-
Keep your lamps and lanterns
in good trim. Get your shades
at Harrington, Barber Co-
Root paint, varnish, stains,
coloring etc, at Harrington, Bar-
Miss Olivia Cox is spending
sometime in Ayden this week
visiting relatives.
Remember that the A. G. Cox
Manufacturing Co. are still
paring to make their up-to-date
Pitt Co. school desk. No school
should be with out them.
The A. G- Cox Manufacturing
Co. are still preparing and doing
all in their power to fill their
order for Handy tobacco trunks,
even though the demand for
them is greater this season than
ever before.
Theodore Cox spent Sunday in
Look for a moment at nice
Tobacco Flues being
turned out by The A- G- Cox
Mfg- Co. We guarantee good
goods at lowest prices-
wood work done at
the Carolina Milling
fact iring Co.
Mr and Mrs. S. L. Ange, after
Publication of Summons.
North Carolina, county
In the superior court August t
J. L, A
E, A tie
Bank of
The defendants, K. It.
the entitled action will lake notice
that an action has been commenced in
the of Pitt county,
led as above, which said action is
Mortgage, which will
described In the
to ho tiled in action, on real
situate in the state North Carolina
And the said defendants will further
take notice that they arc requested to
appear at the next term of the
court of tn b held on the
2nd Monday before the 1st Monday in
September, 18th of Au-
gust 1907, at court House in said
County, in Greenville, North Carolina,
and answer or demur to the complaint
in slid Action, or the will
ply lo the Court the relief demand-
ed said complaint.
July 1907.
U. G, Moore,
clerk superior court, County,
Saying as a Curs
What Ails You.
The idle man is no man's idol.
A man kin till ho
own on
Some pie a lieu on
it's n m job.
mail kin I l
I he inn u . ho us
They i
in r
mo .
mores i the .-.
all ii hi lake
S irainy
II i d I'll
up fill II
till n
a had
man i
l in one
it's hen d
ll said
I- .
far a,
tin I n who
on a
id make ll
I bet rocks
the cradle is the same fool
sends the young man the front
doorsteps hex come
In Washington, the
Father Country, it is
said he tell a lie.
nil he's like tho
rest he would
told one of he could
to It.
said wont to a
o'clock lea with my wife
it nearly drive yon
no. I didn't it.
own n boiler shop, you
Philadelphia Press.
good the
spending several days here Sometime- the Toot
their son, A. W Ange, returned
to their home near Jamesville
Monday accompanied
by their little
A large line of umbrellas and
parasols just at
Our merchants have realized
the comfort in good level side
walks made of cement.
the Carolina Milling
Co. are prepared to
grind meal for you at
any time Wood work also a
Rev. W. E Cox filled his reg-
appointment at the
pal church here Monday night.
stock of station-
must go. We must make
room for our immense stock of
new goods now coming During
the next forty days we will make
special prices to all our customers
on our box
B. T. Cox Bro.
T. W. Wood Sons 1907
nips and seed can now
he had at the drug store of Dr-
B. T, Cox Bro.
Try a tree brand pocket knife-
They are under guarantee.
They are kept in stock by B. T.
Cox Bro,
Brina- your chickens and eggs
to A. W. Ange Co. and get
the highest prices for them.
Mrs. W. C. Jackson, of Ayden,
spent Monday evening here.
All kinds of turned work at
the Carolina Milling Co.
A full assortment of enamel
ware at Harrington, Barber
Mrs. Joe Person remedy at A.
W- Ange Ange and Co.
Rev. Henry Haddock, of South
Carolina, is visiting relatives
The demand for the Handy
tobacco trucks and flue are great-
this season than ever before.
The Farmers and all are begin-
to see the necessity of
goods of good material made
the A. G- Manufacturing Co.
in this line of work.
Mr. It. a beautiful
diamond that old bought
for Miss Firefly.
Miss but it isn't
genuine. Sic throws the light
through it to make it
Belle know
that rich old fellow who's
Maud is a regular curmudgeon in
live with, bat she'll have
of money.
eluding . i
At regular meeting
evening the Knights of
installed the following
officers; W J. C W
E. Hooks, V. C; J. H. Blow.
E. L Turnage, M of
D S Moore. M. at C.
Moore, B. Pierce, O .
After the meeting adjourned the
member partook ice cream and
cigars at the drug store of M. M.
For fresh and cheap goods go
to E. E. Co., they always
have the best.
Tuesday evening at o'clock
Mr James F. Smith Miss
Mattie Cox were united in mar-
at St John's Chapel, near
Centerville. by Rev. W. E. Cox,
of The happy couple
left next day for the home of the
groom in
candy direct from
factory at Saul's store.
Ayden didn't get the training
school, but we are making no
kick, we have got other things
just as good.
Go to E E new
market for beef, fresh moats,
sausage and fresh
Miss Pattie Norris, of Farm-
ville, who has been visiting Miss
Ross for several days, left
tor he.-- home yesterday
by Miss Ross, who will
sometime up in the
Merchandise carry
t full line of Meat, Lard and an
Don't buy before giving
me a trial. Frank Lilly Co.
If you need any Paint be sure
and see E. E. Co-
Archie Tripp has returned to
exchange corn
for or Lean, Healthy Shoats
weighing from to pounds-
If preferred I will pay cash mark-
et price for same W. A. Harden,
ltd Ayden, N. C
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say of the
in having a first class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store and secure this much need-
ed article.
Call at the Drug t
cure one of i hose t
M, Sauls.
The most will
pleased with one of those
Pens at Saul's. Call and
Big lot cots latest styles, very
comfortable at J. R. Smith Co
Bring us your Huckleberries
will pay you quart i. R.
Best tobacco twine lanterns
and at J. R Smith
If you can not be
dated and fully satisfied at Saul's
drug your's must be a
hard road to travel.
Turnip cabbage and seed only
the best at J. R. Smith
Every member of Eureka bulge
No. K- of P is requested t.
be present at the meeting next
Wednesday night as important
business will demand their
Mass. May
Messrs J. R Turnage Co.
Ayden, N. C.
For fear that there
may be a slight misunderstand-
on the part of some of our
about one thousand pounds. Five
dollars reward to any
On his return home his
desiring to . how good
bringing same to me. fl he was com
18th, 1807.
John S. Hart,
Ayden. N. C
If you wish
buy a box of n
Saul's at the drug store.
Misses Pattie Smith, of
Cypress, ard Mary
Farmville, after a visit to Mrs
J F. here. Lt for
Farmville. Wednesday m
Barron Forrest and family
have moved from Ayden to Rocky
W. C Jackson spent the day
in Winterville Tuesday-
Smith, of Farmville,
has been a pleasant visitor here
this week.
H. L, Coward and wife,
Greenville, who have been on a
visit to friends returned to
their heme Tuesday.
Master Ben Dixon has been on
a visit to Greenville during
further desiring, i o .
to occupy a high place in the
ion of his owner, availed
i of . i Mi -IS.
less of roads
or paths took to the woods
and then to the fields, until he
safely landed . his
dear ones at the home place,
without a break hurt. So
proud was Augustus of his mule-
ship he called Jim, his son, and
told him to unhitch feed as
he had never I d before, in
to give a double feed. J m,
nothing to comply with an
order SO grand, forth-
with to remove the harness and
then the bridle, but alas right
here the trouble came.
bridle cams and
saluted Jim in the mouth with as-
fine pair of heels e'er trotted a
dusty road r. hot summer's
Dr, Dixon finished the job
in Jim's and
week. with
Will has been sent Mm
as a salesman he a lugger, today
ibis week
seems to popular with our
merchants. It generally takes
him two or three days to work
the town.
How in the name of goodness
these sweet pretty girls of ours
around here can look and
fresh this miserable hot weather
is something we can't under,
stand. Surely, they must
long to the angel host. As
not the is tying to-
for Greenville market.
Carrie and Henrietta
Wesson, of
I ins in
Mrs. Bettie has-
home ft tn a recent visit.
I was good crowd here
mm Sunday, in
services in the
l attendance
. Missions y church.
I . I
from present indications
we've been making preparation
for another clime. i
Dancy Hooks has
visit in the
Miss Alice Hodges came over
from Kinston to visit
Miss Blanche Cannon-
Mrs. Wilkerson. of
LaGrange, is here on a to
her Dr. Joseph Dixon.
H. C. Ormond and family went
over in Greene yesterday. Mr.
Ormond will return today, but
his family will spend some time
tells i a wears
a great uncle again Must we
congratulate ourself, or will
sou else do it for us.
Master Ormond Edwards being
so very improved, his i
Miss Roe, has gone in the
country to nurse Mr. and
whom have
the typhoid fever.
The family of J. A.
came home on Sunday evening's
train from a visit to friends
Rev. Mr. Stanfield has return-1 the other side of Greenville.
ed from a visit to his father in
the central portion of the
His father is in very feeble
The overseers of
township are required by law to
meet with board of road super-
visors in Ayden. on the first. Sat-
in August. The board
will meet in the office of J. F.
chairman at a- m Be
A large attendance of Ayden
A. F. A M- is very much de-
sired at its next meeting Work
in third degree.
J R Smith Co. have just re-
a car load of lime.
Dr. Reddick and family, of
Gates county, will move
here and make this their home
The doctor will practice his pro-
that of dentistry-
tender them a cordial welcome.
Everybody that is anybody
buys candy from Saul's
Lost, Liberal Reward-Gold
brooch. piece, with clasp
pin. lost on main street of Ayden
between railroad and R C. Can-
Mrs. Blount.
The ladies and the girls all
like candy. The kind
at Saul's drug store.
A specialty of stationery at
Saul's drug store.
The very best and cheapest
hair brushes, combs, and pow-
at Saul's drug store.
Go to F. Lily Co for hay
Mrs. W. C- Jackson went up
road yesterday on a visit.
W. of J. It. Smith
Co. is off on his summer
He will visit Wilmington
and other points before his re-
Take Warning.
My son Edwards has
left my house without cause and
without my consent. This is to
notify all persons not to give em-
to, house or feed said
Edwards. Those so doing
will be prosecuted according to
i law. He is of dark complexion.
j tall about years of age, and
i has a tooth missing in front.
This July 6th. 1907.
m w. Elias Edwards-
TO J. H.
Dealers in Dry Goods, Notions,
ht and Heavy Groceries etc
Prices to suit the times.
customers regarding the grain, cotton seed meal and hulls.
tee upon our patent and Dull
shoes, we wish to
emphasize the fact that sane
exists and has not been with-
We our customers and
all wearers men's shoes to
know that we will continue to do
as we have done in the past vis.
the vamps of the
and Bull not
to break through before the first
sole is worn out.
In the event of a Burt Pack-
ard shoe
contrary to this guarantee,
the from whom the
shoes were purchased, is author-
to replace with a pair.
Yours very truly,
j- i Field.
Nitrate of for
your crops when you lay it by at
J. R. Smith Co
Mason jars, pints quarts and
gallon a J. R. Smith Cc.
Big lot of calico, best grade
per yard at J. R. Smith Co.
Bring us your beeswax, wool,
hams, shoulders, chickens and
eggs to J- R. Smith Co.
Sauls guarantees all he sells,
especially candy.
Ayden ledge A F. A. M.
are invited to take dinner with
Grifton lodge Wednesday and to
witness the public installation of
its officers.
Rev. T. H. King, of LaGrange,
Tripp, Hart Co.
Dr Joseph Dixon
N, c.
Cannot be Cured
by local applications, cannot
reach the portion of the ear.
is only one way to cure
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con-
of the mucous lining of tho
Tube. When this tube is in-
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect and when it is en-
closed. Deafness is the result
and unless the inflammation
ken out and this tube restored to it
normal condition, hearing will be de-
forever; nine out of ten
are caused by catarrh, which is nothing
but an inflamed condition of the
We will give One hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness by ca-
that cannot be cured by flail's
Catarrh curt for circulars, free.
P. T. Toledo O
Sold Drug its,

All About Greenville.
the of the Eastern Training
A Newspapers of the Slate Are Saying Us.
, thinks it can give
its i nothing better
i today than the very
kin. .-. ace the the
been making to Green-
g the Location
Eat School.
of the
eh i
State, the East-
of North Carolina.
Raleigh News and Observer.
how the people GREEN
the State approve Carolina
of the State Board to Green-
in placing the
. and that all want to w, our
an institution count; r on her success.
, State will be e awake
. K Reflector here ex- to her Tests in this matter.
; in of all ;. u and has
said and promises won, . , Press hopes
an Pitt com t prove as
country districts on the ground
that the town was getting the
material improvement in build
property. So a clause
had been put in the bill to the
effect that any surplus not used
for the school was to expend-
ed on road machinery and road
improvement But lo and behold
those county farmers, with
almost one accord,
that every cent of the money
to no other part of be used for the school.
It will deserve and re-land the county, commissioners it will be one well waged.
co-operation of the had to sign their names to an
instrument of writing
teeing that disposition of the
funds before the bonds could be
voted. That tells the story of
the farmer of Pitt and his belief
in the school as a factor of the
best life.
As o situation Greenville is
geographical center of the
but magnificent. It all demon, sincere to help
the wonderful public spirit the in any way we
of a section of the State which possibly can.-New Sun.
another section is slow to realize
the great actualities, as well as. Greenville is to make a great
potentialities, because of its celebration over getting the
mt StriCt enter; training school, and all the towns
contest teaches were defeated in the com-
than this educational one petition will be asked to
to the balance of North Carolina, Perhaps it is best for all
and its significance of rejoice with Greenville in her
good fortune. Her people work-
ed hard and deserved to succeed
New Bern Journal.
Among the Greenville
had in the contest was
nor Jarvis. He had drawn the
of agriculture as contra-
distinguished from the more
heralded industrial and
towns of other sections.
any other eight towns in North
Carolina in close proximity have
offered such monetary induce-
country east of Raleigh. Her
o her and her
; all I b
r , . SCHOOL.
many people of
. i Carol were
n camp t
E i T a School in the
Tot v. i i the ocean
bill u-
all to
that I leading fact i n
pleas anticipated.
I the was author-
the . saw
clearly that t r a any
the sch i be I
p local, an i that
and social would accrue
very n i to the
town . I
or Greenville and than to an; , r community.
co-operate to make;
railroad facilities are unusually
good, and will be immeasurably
improved with the completion of
the Raleigh and Pamlico division
of the Norfolk and Southern.
Altogether Greenville was the
logical site for the new school
that is to be for the east what
the State Normal endeavored
to be for the whole common-
By the way. speaking of
men is for a school, tor the bill that passed the
ration both sexes not above the school and he
J any upon
State Normal College at Greens- which ho stands. Raleigh News
When this question is and Observer.
answered, it will be in order to. Since New Bern couldn't ct
Bay more about and h , we had
a the others of the ., ., . ,
News and
cord ally shake with the
New Bern Sun.
of of Partnership,
The heretofore existing
between A. II. Taft W. H.
in the town of Greene under the firm
name A. H. Taft Company is
this dissolved by mutual consent.
A. H Taft will to do
in the store next to Taft and VanDyke
and W. H. in the store next to
Fleming and Mooting;. Those
to the firm will make their payment
according to their contracts with the
firm prompt is request-
ed. Each debtor win I at
which store to make his payment hut
no one wait for such notice to
make Mr lie ca I at
either I Lore . , of us will lie clad
to see him and other friends to whom
we return thanks their
and whom we a continuance.
N. July 1st. 1907
W. H.
D. W.
county and education, in a I
Mr. W. L, Cahoon, secretary
of the Chamber of Commerce.
Thursday morning was in re-
of a telegram
that Greenville, N.
lucky bidder for the Eastern
Normal sell
The State Board of education
visited the different towns in the
east several days ago to
the decision was to
made immediately
Those eastern towns went
the training in a way
which indicated didn't
expect it to remain a training
announcing school always.- Greensboro
C. was the I
Greenville gets the training
school alter a tight. Well
Its always a groat victory after a
battle Durham Sun.
Greenville gets Eastern
Training School.
county during short but U
will have Greenville on FOR TORPID LIVER.
prosperous section the State. , house m the mt
were those who doubt-d cash and she, county as a reminder of the days competitors and
the wisdom ls that are past in the history the the Hasten, Train-
modern world- public school system of North any- j Skin and
, P will be the tiling bad location no better remedy
However hi has made a . c ,., institution, and while ether, diseases oh.
noble showing and we think m the S towns that entered the contest
. mi account of some
months every old school house in i the bids were
that county will be eclipsed by again until July
was made in favor
community. ct i which town had
. be the; dent and the board cl M f
case from the the i education there have arranged City
b . for the building of new
at this time, but they
are all now ready to do all that
the most ardent advocate of the
establishment of that school
lost the
it all that board even
We feel sure that the If ever a was so.
est champions desired- ct
having been
at Greenville, the duty and the
with school houses with new, might have been equally Take No Substitute.
to the last one, we believe none are more
its earner I VT The establishment of the East-
local benefited by the contest If the I Carolina School is a
contest had bee
n determined of, contribution of no little
it the rite results that have been as- to the cause of education; best thing Out,
Do Not the Children.
of the Jar the
. of a how els
Attention. The
. can be given is
his in this state the last I a Colic, cholera and
marvelous. Charlotte News. Remedy followed by
about it
educational needs
all is the state of the public
North Carolina. Pitt has made sentiment on the subject, as
great progress in public But let us all rally to the sup- by incident related
and no in the State port, not only of this East Caro- Times.
has a better educational spirit
its people. This was
shown in the practicably
vote in county and town
to give money secure the
of the That was
first time the people of any
in North Carolina voted bonds
to secure the location of an
institution Greensboro
voted to secure the State
Normal and Industrial College.
To show l . I liberality
ed with each bottle of the remedy. For
in Pat-
Training School
but to the cause of popular j THE
generally. The strenuous
contest that has been carried on
The Chronicle several weeks
ago said that a food guess would I
be that Greenville would get the; .
eastern normal school, and the
decision in favor of that town
was rendered A bet-
choice not have been
made, although goo
since the day the training school
was authorized has
That truth i. fiction
once been in
the the
The news that Greenville is to were offered by a half a bed, entirely with
get the Eastern Carolina To; eh-j other eastern North Carolina the
, . ., ,. , . , Doctors
rt e believe choice of, had
Training School relieves the, towns.
. strengthened the desire for and tension for a number of the board will be received
interest in public education in
Eastern Carolina.
The Free Press has never op-
posed the establishment of a
school of the character of the ore
that g to Greenville. We did
A telegram to
yesterday after
Greenville voted and the state's going into
of Pitt an additional another normal college
, cure the Eastern but schools of this secondary
Training School This would character are all right and the
have been impossible ten years more of them the better. Kin
ago. It would be impossible j Free Press,
now but for the
enthusiastic in that
North Carolina cities in the j satisfaction throughout the
part of the State but at Chronicle,
the same time it must bring
to all save the lucky town.
each city can take glory to
itself for having made energetic
efforts for the institution and for
having great liveness in
the matter. The good natured
has been a and, for the
has demonstrated that the
. help me, all hope
1.1 Dr.
The Tribune
going to press
announced that Greenville gets
the Eastern Training School
We might say that we had no
I preference in the matter but
i rejoice with Greenville
of eastern North Carolina cake a
county led by County
Every town
village in the has a
fine shaded school with good
buildings, and many rural dis-
have a local tax and good
school houses. On Monday
twenty seven new school houses
ordered built in Pitt county,
evidencing the fact that the good
work goes on steadily as well as
The Training School,
as will be seen, is located in a
town and county alive with the
true educational spirit
that believes in educating all the
people and being taxed to do so
No other education spirit will
make this an educated common-
wealth. Pit, is a Democratic
county where the people believe
in a fair chance and
They have provided
constantly increasing facilities
for the education of their child-
They were united and zeal
us to receive this new
and will give it of their
time, thought and the best efforts
of a people united to give to their
section educational advantages
big interest in educational mat-
are in a
That Greenville's bid for the condition. The fight has been
Eastern Training school was the. worth while if for nothing else
one accepted is not only a but the it has taught,
matter of congratulation for were offers
country seat of Pitt, than which about the relative merit
no county in the State has done of each we are not qualified to
such a nice brisk fight for the
location of this institution.
Greenville is progressive and no
one need be surprised at her
the school. Concord
New Discovery, Then instant relies
bleeding rapidly, and
three weeks was able to
cure for COUghs and cold
Rile, at J. I.
store. Trial bottle free.
He Fired the Slick.
have tired the I've
carried over oil account of a
sore that resisted every kind of treat-
until tried
Salve; that has healed the lore and
happy writes John
Garrett. of
teed Hums, etc., by John. L.
And Provisions
Cotton and
Tics always on
Hood i con-
in stock. Country
Produce Bought Sold
D. W.
North Carolina.
Not Quite
How often yon can a
or screw driver or
lacking. Have a
box and be prepared for
K ma Our
la a TO i desire, and
that your tool
box not a single
w. useful article.
I Of Course
You get Harness,
, Horse
I J. P. I
Corey f
J. Cox and claims
about acres, or less, of
township. Pitt county, N C-, on
west side of swamp
adjoining the lands
ton, Sr., A. G. Cox, J. Mills
and others.
This June 20th,
J. Cox.
Any person or persons
title to or interest in the fore-
going described land must tilt
their protest in wilting with me
within the next thirty days, or
they will be barred by law.
II. Williams.
Entry taker ex-officio.
express an opinion as
was the right place
to which
for the
more in the cause of education,
but it's peculiarly appropriate
also. For it is a fact that though we take it for
movement for establishment granted that the committee made
of the institution by the last a thorough Investigation and de-
had its inception in to an unbiased
Greenville. Senator Fleming Dispatch.
started to Raleigh at the opening I
of the session with the bill for the of the contest.
the Eastern Training school in j The roll of Eastern North Car
his pocket, and it was his and counties
was enacted by the generating for the Eastern Carolina
assembly, friends of the
in the lower house uniting
upon it.
Then the bid of Greenville,
was a very handsome
one The county voted a bond
issue of for the purpose,
and the town voted
enthusiasm for the school was
tremendous- throughout the
One incident will show this
better than columns of
It was feared that there for a school of the class named in
might be some opposition in tho is
Training School should
be Eden ton, Elizabeth
City, Greenville, Kinston, New
Bern, Rocky Mount,
Washington, capitals
of Pitt,
Lenoir, Craven, Edgecombe and
The Beaufort counties, with Rocky
Mount representing Nash and
and Vanceboro, the
second Craven county town.
The offers of all the localities
These green-town, have -i way
of getting what they want it
seems. Greenville gets the
training school. The surprising
thing about the contest, however
was the pretty fight which each
of the live towns in the race put
up for the Eastern
Carolina is on the jump and
progressive towns rightly think
that there is nothing too good for
The State Board of Education
has selected Greenville as the
location for the Eastern
School for Teachers. Eight
Edenton, Elizabeth City, Tar-
Rocky Mount, New
and for the
school and all of them offered
inducements. Greenville seems
to have put up the biggest pile.
Statesville Landmark.
We extend
to our friends over at
Greenville on securing the Teach
Notice of Sale.
R A and Ella Dawson
By Virtue of a decree of the superior
court of Pitt county, made by o. C.
Moore, Clerk of the Superior court of
said county oil the 2nd day of 1307,
. a certain special proceeding wherein
J. C. Rasberry and wife Maggie
berry are and R. A. Dawson
and are defendants,
Commissioner, will on Mon-
day tho 5th day of August expose
to public sale before the court house
door in Greenville, to the highest bid-
for cash, the following tract or per-
eel of land to wit.
Situate in the county of Pitt and
and in Swift
creek Township, adjoining the lands of
Major Gaskins, Allen Adams, W. A. C.
and Creek, con-
; fifty Acres more or less,
his tale is to be partition
among the in common. This
the 2nd day of July, 1907.
K, C. Harding,
Having duly qualified before the
court clerk of Pitt county as
executors of the Will and
of Pattie R. Hooker, deceased,
notice is hereby given to nil persona in-
to the estate to make immediate
payment lo the undersigned, and all
having any claims against said
estate must preset the same, properly
to the undersigned for
payment on or before 25th day of
June, 1908, Of this notice will be plead
in bar of recovery.
This 25th day of June, 1907.
T. E. Hooker.
T. M. Hooker,
W. E. Hooker.
Executors of Pattie R. Hooker.
Stray Up-
There is a hog, marked square
bit in left ear and slit in right
ear, taken up with my hogs and
been fed by me since February
1st 1907. Owner can get hog
by paying for feed and and
identifying same. Hog weighs
about pounds.
C W.
ltd .
Littleton High
Entrance into and
on certificateFaculty of experienced college
Scholarships from leading colleges.
Expenses extras,
t. Health conditions unsurpassed.
Prepares for life or college.
Thorough instruction.
Home influence.
Good library.
No Saloons.
Time to enter S
At close of business May 1907.
Loans and
Overdrafts secured
All other Stocks,
Furniture and
Due from
National bank notes
U. S.
Capital Stock
Surplus funds
Undivided Profit less
Hills Payable
Time 27,1681.0 j . .
Due to
Cashier's cheeks
and Plato Collins, of
Kinston, and
Howell, of Washington, all
representatives of rival towns,
was of a feeling of
from a burden no less than
philosophy under defeat.
To the credit of the Greenville
representatives it can be truth-
A Hard Four hi Battle Goes to the
Progressive Capital of Pitt County.
Greenville has won she
of the East Carolina
Training School after a lone
was a contest.
North of Pitt,
I, C. i. Carr, Cashier of above Darned bank, do solemn
tho ah is true to beat of my
belief. C. S. CARR,
sworn to
i 29th of May
C. S. C-
At the close of May 18th 1907.
Loans and Discounts
Overdrafts secured
and unsecured 1,400.88
All other Stocks, Bonds
and 2,400.00
Furniture Fixtures 3,872.32
Banking Houses 4,100.00
Demand Loans 18,565.81
Due from Banks
Items 1,081.52
Gold Coin 71.00
Silver Coin
National bank notes
and U. S. notes
Capital Stock
funds 25,000.00
Undivided Profits less
Expenses paid 1,816.77
Notes and bills
Bills Payable
Sub Cl 107,4110.07 130,500.28
Cashier's checks
Reserved for Interest
north i
is and prosperity, and a
determination to ;.
The decision came yesterday
afternoon after the State Board
of Education held a morning and
session, and the news
was heard with by Sena-
tor J- L. Fleming, ex-Senator V.
James and County
of Public Instruction W.
H. who were here in
and expressed the
most satisfaction at having the
privilege of showing the balance
of the State, and the world
there would be no halting in en-
no failure to more than
ire up to the exacting de-
While Prof. and Col.
looked well pleased, Sen-
Fleming was literally beam-
with delight. He
. with delight. He it was,
charge of the interests of Green- who the brunt
the senate for the
id of the law.
Governor Jarvis,
I ex-Senators James and
ville and Pitt
having voted
county to sea re the
of the school The
Blow and other lead-
Pitt county men. Senator
Fleming had a local backing
news was at once wired to Green-
ville and other places in Pitt.
The representatives of the place Fleming had
which had lost stood practically stormed th
gamely, and are not sore over legislature into passing the law.
. , .- the many moral
The of Education- this decision, will be
there being present Governor the toting of contentment in all
Glenn Winston,. sections, that Greenville was a
Secretary of State Grimes. Audi- fair victor, because she made a
tor Treasurer Lacy and ;
Superintendent of Public I ft; that a better knowledge of
Joyner, with Attorney-Gen-1 this eastern
State of North Carolina
County of Pitt.
I, James L. Little, Cashier of the above named bank, do
swear that the above statement is true to the nest if my knowledge
and belief. JAM ES L. Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before
me. this 28th day of May, 1907.
Notary Public.
Correct -Attest;
J. G.
county of one the his-
and financially massive in
North Carolina's rich domain.
Contrary to the action of the
session June 5th, the board
held an open meeting at which
not only representatives from
cities but all
parties were admitted.
towns were taken alpha-
Greenville coming
Superintendent W, H
speaking for Greenville, being
ably seconded by Senator Flem-
and James, made a
splendid presentation of the
claims of Pitt county He said
the bid was unequivocal,
and could be under-
oiler to make,
Come In and examine my
We beg leave to announce that we are
Wholesale and Retail
oral absent- during the
morning session heard presented
briefly the claims of Greenville,
Kinston, Rocky Mount, and
Washington, which also present-
ed written bids, while written
bids were also on hand from
Elizabeth City, New
Bern and Tarboro
For over an hour alter this the
B was in executive session,
, at adjourned, one
are all up in
I the It was learned that
j the choice had narrowed down
between Kinston and Green ill.
; with three votes each, and that
at one time Rocky Mount had
i received tAo votes. The Board
met at three o'clock by all men, and
by tour o clock it was announced j had no further
that Greenville had won. cash and the
, report as to how the tour splendid sites,
voted amid obtained, but it v j He responsibility on
d that one member finally, the part of friends of the school
came over to Greenville, criticism of the board for
giving it four votes to j failing to award the school at
two and winning tor Greenville, the regular advertised meeting
the vote being then made
Short tor Greenville
course declined to untie the knot and James.
I The first vote is said to have been was next at the bat,
I Rocky Mount, j
S, Collins and W.
To secure the location Green- ,
ville Pitt county L the
I From this the land,
J expenses of the election are to Military school,
; be deducted and the of the light and water free ten
site of ac-es, at an acre amounting to
i deducted, this making I
I the Greenville offer about through Messrs.
and a site, which is said fr
be a most one.
The Hoard of Education
I had before it eight propositions
j vote upon, some of these
double ones. In brief
were as
i cash and
Greenville cash and a
choice of lour sites of from to
cash. in lights
and water, acres, the Rhodes
and Rountree buildings;
cash in lights j Although disclaiming of
and water, acres, the Rhodes oratory, he suggested lo the
board that the should be
Matters Importance Discussed.
There was not a large attend-
of business .-i the
meeting of the i of Com
in the mayor's
day night, but
point of makers
cussed it proved a vi
The secretary made report of
the amounts that had be
and expended in
the campaign to secure the
location of the Eastern training
school here. President I. L.
Wooten made some remark;
the work done by the com t i
and the earnest n of
the people of both the tow
The matter of having i
day in celebration of
being selected as the
the school was
suggestion made that then i
called meeting of the chamber
on Tuesday afternoon. ,. .;
o'clock, for a full discussion
the question, every member being
requested to be present at that
Wiley Brown. D. J. Whichard
and E G. Flanagan were
pointed a committee to devise a
plan for the celebration and sub-
it to the called meeting for
Another important matter dis-
cussed was the providing of ;
rest room for the convenience of
ladies from th- country who
come to Greenville shopping or
to spend the day The need
such a room was well emphasized
and all present were of the
ion that it should be provided.
The rest room would be suitable
quarters where the ladies com-
in for a day leave
wraps and bundles desired
and drop in lo rest, to eat
lunches or to enjoy a chat with
friends- J. L. Wooten and J. L.
Little were appointed a commit-
tee to confer with the ladies of
the End of the Century Book
Club and get their id as as to the
best plans for conducting th pro
posed rest room, and to suggest.
that the club have the public
operated with it This
committee is also to report at the
called meeting after-
It will he seen that with such
matters to be discussed next
Tuesday afternoon
ant that every m
on tr-
T. J. Jarvis re-
the following y kind
gnu i from Col. J. S. Cs T, of
ham, N. C.
Hon -I. Jarvis,
Or my return home i his morn-
am delight d
lie the
. She is tic-
it on your it. Bless
ii r Car give you as
with a blue ribbon.
Julian S.
t .
. ind messages of c
has rec h
grams i rid on t
of the
Greenville, while v
deeply grateful
them wishes
to assure them that the in
of the good ; o n
Greenville and Pitt H
I at
is glad that he has permit-
tea to join with the people . the
efforts they have made to
the school, but he dis-
understood that th
of the work i, due to the
ind not to him
To at Greenville
of county c
if ion.
As,, .
let the contract to st
building company of
. N. Y. for a steel bridge
i -ht best not t have
torn up during
ace j season, work
ring. will
i i time for
u rial ready and do-
. i that when the work
. ca be carried on with-
It is expected to
the bridge J by
of n year i
will be
commissioners of Pitt ind
counties have also jointly
made a contract the same
company for a st el bridge across
the river at Grifton. It l
it is import- that this bridge w
of the b-v Match
chamber who can do so should cost
Withes Success Greenville ind Tie
White Lead, Paints
Colors, and
Ready Paints.
There is no line in the world
t It line. It has behind it a
for honorable wares and
If use Harrison Pant you need
worry quality.
K. u. Davis, c. L.
w- S. Wilkerson,
Rocky Mount's death
record lo be the lowest in the
its water line, and StucK
to the otter of
a acre site, dwell- j to note that the contest ha
on n, and the tact of its closed with no ill left
the bate City ox the East, behind. The telegram was as
Superintendent Harry Howell follows;
was me only representative Kinston, N. C, July Id.
Washington, but lie counted for Frank M. Wooten, Mayor,
half a He presented the Greenville, N-C.
choice of two sites, one of Heartiest
acres, one of acres, your victory. Success to Green-
Cox Mill, N. C, July
Miss Sadie Carroll, who
boon spending several day near
Timothy with Miss Lela
the first congratulatory mes- returned homo Sunday
sage that came to Greenville Miss Ella Buck, of Greenville
the news that the Eastern spent Saturday night and
training school had been located with Miss Rosa Tyson
here, was a telegram last night Miss Nannie Page is spending
from the mayor of Kinston to this week with her sister in
the mayor of Greenville, Greenville.
spirit of which is much
here. Kinston
is improving some,
was re- j We are glad to he was able
in cash.
c you will favor us with
whenever you Want good paint tr
just a car
you i
N. C.
B in
and Rountree buildings.
New cash, with
sites ranging from to acres
Tarboro-$80,000 cash,
in lights and water for years,
and site of acres.
Washington-$95,000 cash, and
site of acres and acres.
Rocky cash and
site of acres.
Elizabeth City-$62,500 cash
and choice of six sites of from
to acres.
Lieutenant Governor Winston
made the announcement of the
final outcome to an anxious com-
of representatives from tho
several contesting towns on the
capitol grounds at o'clock.
Indicative of the good feeling
prevailing among the towns
it noticed that as man n
announcement was made, the
three representative.--,
W. Slat. Sena
tor James L, n. tiling and ex-
U, Of
the oil
is. warmth
the hand
from E. L
R. B. Davis. a.
of Mount; J. U.
located in the section where
had been enthusiasm from
first to and not enthusiasm
recently born for local
men smiled at this,
while delegates not
only smiled, but their
There was a lot of good
badinage about .
ielevation above sea level,
of the towns,
-Mount claiming the
health and water and
record, Kinston the site and
water and health,
best of all and Greenville out
Rut the contest was over at;
everybody accepted the;
., . it.
Greenville should have
won stems lo In with I
v by w inch
. nu. Carolina
was author-
for the oil providing fur
ville school.
W. D. Jr Mayor.
for hospital at Baltimore
an operation.
Mrs. E. Tyson is on the
sick list with rheumatism.
People in our s are cur-
tobacco, to kill an cripple.
We had a quarrel in our
section Monday An ox belong-
to a colored man.
in Mrs. Emma
Tyson's Reid and ate some corn.
Mayor Wooten replied by letter She shut the ox up for
and that made the old
C. bought him a
buggy Saturday,
this morning, and well expresses
the sentiment of the people of
Greenville. His letter was as
Greenville N. C July nth.
Hon. May
Kinston, N. C
My Dear Mr.
I tin deeply grateful lo you
and your i for the spirit
prompted the
your very satisfying
congratulatory telegram of
The message be
published today, that the people
of Greenville may alike.
latitude for this splendid spirit
and kind expression of yours.
I n very yours,
P, M Wooten, Mayor
Bar vim
are State Superintend
I . chairman, ex
Governor T Jarvis,
i I. T. Turlington,
of T. Ormond,
.;. I. L of Elizabeth
Guy; J. T of
aw; i. O Carr. Wilmington,
New Buyer A. T. Co.
Mr. R, Watson has come to
Greenville to represent the
American Tobacco Company as
buyer on this market Mr.
was formerly of Warrenton, but
for last years has been
where he
bought tor the same company.
TheDa papers
him highly to the people of
Greenville and he Is assured of a
welcome to this town.
He will in hi. family h re in
.,. in
Senate f- Battle, of Rocky
u I'm, i Mount vacancy not
The Board of Trustees of News and
East Train-
Ahead of
We heard Mr. Henry Harris,
of Falkland, say riding along
aces of traced
than i i m, and that he
v i Mug nor
Cotton looking poor-r, This
to be the condition over
most of the county, tobacco being
better man any other
I crop this season.

The Savory Roaster,
Is far superior to any other
Roaster made, not an ounce
substance lost. Other roasters
waste from to percent
The Savory seamless roaster
needs no water, grease or
of kind.
to be let alone. Retains ail
and flavors, the i
the toughest fowl. One great
feature of the Savory roaster
the oval bottom, with
nary Bat both m n the
cooking has no chance to ac-
and is I
up in of pan.,
bottom this meat juice
a m to the lowest
; the bottom,
turned Into steam and condensed
on the surface f the neat Ins
condensation continues
,. has b come through
i. the temperature of the
re In the t aster, when the
condensation stops and bi n
of the logins.
The Savory roaster is sell last-
and self wrong.
,. , off to oven
. he beat re i i
jack t, which applies a
the roast from a
. Vi roaster a class
itself. Is guaranteed to
Eat faction when used
to directions. Buy one, take
it the directions,
it thirty days, if not all we claim
forth, return it to us we will
give you back your money, pro-
the roaster when return-
ed, is in good condition.
See our window display
roasters. We be
glad to show you. Call and see
J. G.
This is in charge of W. Parker who is author-
to represent
PLACE different
makes of Womens shoes to-
Ask ten women to
make Nine of them
will pick the
SHOE. We have test-
ed and proved this. There
must be a reason why
QUALITY outsells
all other women's shoes in
the world.
C- S.
Won a free railroad ticKet to the Jamestown
in the drawing at C. T. store Saturday
railroad to the Exposition will be given
away next Saturday night and the special
prices will continue at his store this week Every
purchaser to the amount of gets a ticket
ling him to chance at the free railroad ticket.
The Baptist University For Women, Raleigh, N. C
Farmville, N.
J. Stanley Smith and family
left today for Booth Bay Harbor,
Maine. They were joined in Tar-
by Mrs- H H. Shaw Mrs.
Smith's mother. They will visit
relatives in Boston on their way
up. Mr. Smith expects to return
in fifteen days but Mrs Smith
and mother will remain until
, , T.
Lula Lee Joyner. of Lit-
visiting her aunt. Mrs.
J. F. Joyner. of this place
Quite a party of young
people came in on the Norfolk
Southern train from Greenville
today. , . .
J. T Thorne and wife. Misses
Agnes Moore and Ada Tyson.
B. Turnage. B. Lang, W.
G. Gay. and Redding fields left
Norfolk to take in the
Jamestown exposition.
Horse thieves have made
another raid in our community.
Last Saturday night Mrs J. A.
stables were entered
and her drive horse was taken
away. Tho stables of Mr. Red-
ding Lewis was robbed also of
one mule. No clue has
been learned in regard to Mr.
Lewis missing team, but Mrs-j
Taylor's horse was found near
Greenville Sunday, being taken
up by a colored man who found
him in his field with bridle and
i lines thrown around his neck and
i no other harness. Charlie Joy-
i son of Mrs. Taylor, took the
house home this evening.
J. J family, Ft rm-
ville, left today to spend several
weeks out at their commodious
home Old Sparta, in Edge-
E. and Miss Vic-
were married at the
home of the bride, Mr. J, F. Case,
about o'clock p. m. J.
Smith, Esq., of Beaver Dam,
officiating. Immediately after the
marriage they departed, not for
the Jamestown exposition but
over in Beaver Dam to the home
of the groom's father, J. G.
ford. by a host of
invited guests, where one of
those old fashioned country wed-
ding sappers awaited them. We
, hope the young couple may ever
be as happy as appeared on
this eventful day.
Farmville N. C. July 1st 1907.
To whom this may concern.
This is to certify that I suffered
with constipation and
for years. In
fact my stomach trouble was
contracted during the civil war
while living and serving on the
frontier with Co. E. N. C.
Reg, Daniel's Brigade. Upon
returning from the war my
health gradually became worse
until my was such,
that I almost gave up to die I
was treated by the best skilled
physicians within reach,
without results,
and finally I was advised by Dr.
C. J. to discontinue
all medicines and drugs and try
the waters of Green Spring, on
the late Howell Joyner's farm,
which I did. From that day I
never took another dose of
cine, and to my surprise in a few-
I found that I could eat
any thing I pleased without any
unpleasant feeling or burning
I sensation in my stomach. My
constipation was changed into
and instead of retched
and tired some nights I enjoyed
sweet rest and blissful sleep.
In two months I gained from
lbs. to lbs. Furthermore
during my suffering from
I had on both my less
what the doctors pronounced
eczema ulcers, which were as
large as the palm of my hand.
I began bathing them in the
I water and they healed in two
weeks without leaving the least
sign or scars. Twelve years have
elapsed since I began using this
water, and I have not felt the
least of indigestion or
seen any sign of ulcers I can
truthfully say I only wish all
suffering humanity knew us
much of the virtues of the waters
Painter and Designer.
All work guaranteed.
Prompt attention to orders.
R. E.
Farmville N. C.
Slop Brick-
The clay and the best burn-
ed Brick on the market. Orders
tilled on short notice.
and Wilson Streets, Farmville, N. C.
General Merchandise,
For Cash or on Time
Queen Quality Shoes for Women and King Quality Shoes for
on, Shuck and felt Mattresses.
Complete line of in the way of Goods, Clothing,
Groceries, Hardware, Feed stuff and
Farmville N. C.
will buy r soil your
-V. C
Architect and Builder.
work a
Office over Darden Bros, new
Farmville, N. C.
Open all hours of the day.
Optician and Watch-maker,
Glasses Fitted. Examination of
eves free.
All watch and clock work
Lang building, Main Street, Farmville, N. C.
New Firm. New Store. New Goods.
Close cut Prices.
Fine Clothing a
You make no mistake in trading with us, for you get
the best goods at lowest
Perfection Quality and shoes for Ladies and gentlemen
at their out price, fancy goods,
General Merchants
Main and Wilson Ms, Farmville, N. C.
Dry Clothing, Heavy and
Fancy Groceries. Fur-
Stock rind Fertilizer.
Carpets. Mattings and Rugs Agents for
Complete line of
Guns, Pistols and Rifles.
Coupons with premiums for every dollar in cash trade,
and see our stock.
We frequently take other
makes of pianos as part
payment for a
In some cases we have
our expert factory men
thoroughly overhaul and
put them in fine
on. We then sell them
at very low prices on ea-
payments If you
that you don't wish to
pay the price for a new
Piano, let us tell
you about what we have
in these instruments. If
later, you wish a new
we will take the
old one back.
Write us about it
L. C. Street. Mgr.,
Norfolk Va.
The Piano with the
Sweet Official
Piano Jamestown Expo-
Old Stand, Main Street. Farmville. N. C.
Complete stock General Merchandise-
Cash or time solicited
Buyers of Cotton and Country Produce.
Meat, Hay, Corn, Oats and Fertilizer in car load lots.
Everything in Dry Goods and Groceries.
Distributors of celebrated Shoes for Men and Women.
Agents for Moil Laundry C -Jets each
Art school, including Oil.
Normal Course, elective for A.
Applied Design, and Chin Painting.
B. degree, special short course
mime, gymnasium, and
a in the Club, to
of the Green Spring as I do.
W. H. Wilkinson.
Analysis of Green Spring
water, made by the State Chem-
at Raleigh is as
Contains total mineral matter
on grains per U- S.
gallon 16.92; consisting chiefly of
calcium carbonate, and in small
Stray Ho Taken Up.
I have taken up at the Ingle-
stock farm, one boar hog,
color blue, marked hole in
right ear, swallow fork ear.
Owner can get the hog by prov-
same and paying costs and
expenses. W. S. Dickinson,
stock farm
Broke His Neck.
a colored man
who worked for Mr. E. M. M
market, fell off a
wagon this morning and broke
his neck. John was sent out in
country after a load of beef,
and was to have a well filled
bottle of whiskey with him. It
is supposed that drank so
much that he lost his balance on
the wagon seat and fell off.
There was a small wreck be-
tween here and Grimesland on
the Norfolk Southern road,
Monday, that delayed the train
a few hours. No damage of con-
sequence resulted.
Horton Hole
Farmville, N. C.
Polite servants. Best table the
market affords at all
Buss meets all trains.
First good rigs
and horses.
B. S. Smith,
located on corner and
streets. Transient
and permanent. Reasonable
rates and prompt attention.
J T. Thorne.
Main Street.
Farmville N. C.
Everything in an
Drug Store. Good line Oils and
Pants. All kinds of soft a.
I o through the season.
Open a. m. to p.
day lo a. m. ,
Farmville. N. C.
Tonsorial Emporium.
Staton Clark, Proprietor.
Farmville, N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Experienced Bar-
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow-
Clot hi u repaired, clean
ed and pressed.
Jeweler and Beal Estate Agent j
Watches and Clocks repaired on short
notice. Work guaranteed.
R, T.
quantities of sodium chloride, Do you want beautiful teeth
chloride, magnesium and healthy gums Use our
carbonate, oxide of iron, silica, antiseptic tooth powder
water. I Coward
years in
Artistic work guaranteed
Enlarging a
Parker's Old
Farmville, N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Cans
and Wagons.
In fact any kind of work in
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
D. J. WHICHARD, Editor and Owner.
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
Clause Held to be
by Pritchard
Asheville. N. C. July 22.-
The Federal court was jammed
and crowded with interested
spectators today when at i
minutes liter twelve o'clock,
Judge J. C. Pritchard rendered
his decision in the ens corpus
proceedings instituted last week
for the release of District Pas-
Agent J H. Wood and
Ticket Seller O. C. Wilson, of
the Southern Railway Company
convicted and sentenced to the
county chain gang for violating
the new State rate law The
decision of Judge Pritchard or-
the release of Wood and
Wilson and declaring the penally
clause of the new rate law
constitutional required fully half
an hour in the rendering.
The of the court in de-
unconstitutional the pen-
clause of the while
entirely unexpected hire, never
excited intense interest.
Prior to the rendering of the
opinion Judge was re-
quested to postpone the decision
Of E. J Justice could
arrive in Asheville. it being
toted that he was then on his
way to this city. It was stated
that Governor had
graphed the request, but Judge
Pritchard declined to grant this
request. h that the State
ably represented
Stokes, N. C. July 1907,
W- W. Thomas returned home
Raleigh Wednesday even-
Dannie Barnhill and Miss Liz
of Everetts, came
Ir Saturday Miss Dora
They Sen-
Ex-Sheriff G. M Mooring re-
timed from Norfolk Saturday
Lillian Stokes, who has
hen visiting relatives near
returned Saturday
Miss Jessie House, of Oak City,
has been visiting Miss Nan-
m- House, returned home yes-
G. M. Mooring went to Oak
H. S. Congleton has gone to
Missouri to see his brother, who
s very sick.
Davenport, of
in town Sunday.
L H. Roberson and R- H.
Thomas filled their regular
at. Sunday
Mrs. W. StoKes went to
Charlie Gurganus. of Raleigh,
in Sunday evening to visit
Miss Entertains in Honor of
Misses Skinner and Bryan of
Miss Emma enter-
at her suburban home last
evening in honor of Misses Skin-
and Bryan, of Greenville.
The first prize, a picture, was
awarded to Miss Skinner and to
Miss Bryan was presented the
second prize, a book. Mr. Paul
was given a match holder,
were served during
the evening. Those present
Vere Misses Sarah Staples, Lillie
Bennett. Lucy Wray, Nettie
Marion Womack, Gladys
Cummings, Jamie Bryan, Ida
Womack, Bessie Terry. Ethel
Skinner. Emma Mrs.
A. D- Ivie. Messrs. Sam
Joe Robt
P. H. Neal, Paul Fetzer,
Cummings, Robt. Wray,
Carl Craig, Hugh Hubbard.
Reidsville Review.
Drowned off Coast.
San Francisco. Cal., July
In one the worst marine dis-
asters in the history of the Cali-
coast, between one
and hundred and fifty lives
were lost, as far as has been
learned, by a midnight collision
between the steamer Columbia
and the steam lumber schooner
San Pedro, in Shelter Cove,
twelve rapes southwest of the
county line,
between twelve and one o'clock
yesterday morning.
Important Occasion fur Farmer of
Under an made
by Congressman John H. Small
an agricultural meeting will be
held in the court house, on Fri
day. August 9th, beginning at
There will be present two ex-
perts from the bureau of plant
industry. One of will be
Mr. who is one the best,
equipped men of all the United
States department of agriculture.
He conies very highly com-
mended. He is well informed on
tobacco culture, but is an all
around good man. The other
men from this Bureau will be
Mr. who is an expert on
cotton. Mr. will bring
with him one of his devices for
testing cotton seed, which is a
simple arrangement whereby
farmers can screen out poor seed.
There will also be an expert on
drainage, probably. Prof. J. D
There will also be an expert
from the bureau of public-
roads, probably, Mr. Spoon, who
is most familiar with the con-
of sand-clay roads. We
have these materials in our East-
counties, and this method
appears, at the present time to
afford the best solution con
better public high
There also be an expert
from the bureau of forestry. The
conservation of our forests is a
most important matter,
become more important in the
future. This man will have
him views, and he will
be able, to give an ex-
which will be exceeding-
Each of these men will make
short concise talks, in which they
will lay down a few
important and make
them perfectly to the
will talk about
twenty minutes. I will wish you
to take charge of the meeting,
and I will also nuke a brief talk,
at the close.
This meeting will in no wise
conflict with the
conducted by the
Slate board of agriculture. The
main object is to bring our people
as far as possible, the beneficial
results of the work the United
Stales Department of
MRS. A. W.
The Interment tn be in Oakwood
This Afternoon.
It will be learned with much
grief by many friends that Mrs.
A W. Setzer, formerly a
young woman of this city is
dead. She passed away
day at the home of Mrs John D.
R. Allen, of this county, where
she had gone to spend the sum-
mer, death resulting from
fever and heart trouble.
Mrs. Setzer, who was about
twenty-eight years old, was the
wife of Rev. A- W. Setzer, who
for the summer has been preach-
in Winston. She was the
daughter of Mrs. S. D. Harrison
of this city, and was Mrs. Luke
White when about four years ago
she became the bride of Rev A.
W. Setzer, She was a very love
and attractive young woman
and had many friends. She
leaves three small children
The remains will be brought to
Raleigh and the interment will
be in Oakwood cemetery at half
past two o'clock this afternoon.
Raleigh News and Observer
Mr. Setzer was once pastor of
the Memorial Baptist church in
Greenville, and many friends
here with him in his
Home on Vacation.
Rev. R- R. Fleming, one of
Pitt county's best young men,
who is pastor of the Baptist
church at Newton, Kansas, is
spending a vacation granted by
the church with his father, Mr.
R. R. Fleming, at He
was in Greenville today to see
his sister, Mrs- R. D Harrington,
and to shake hands with his
many friends here. He will
preach in the Memorial Baptist
church next Sunday morning
and night, and our people will
appreciate the opportunity of
hearing him again.
Pritchard Ought Not Have
Gone and Done
May Come Over to the
Way of
Washington. O. C, July
President Roosevelt is
by the action of the Cir-
Judge C. Pritchard in
granting a writ of habeas
to of the Southern Rail-
road convicted of violating the
State laws of North Carolina.
Neither President Roosevelt
nor the Department of Justice
desired Judge Pritchard to issue
his writ of habeas corpus.
of the department o Justice
hold that the case was purely one
for the State courts, and that
Judge Pritchard when applied to
by the Southern Railroad should
have refused to act. His
ion is called here the worst shock
Roosevelt's administration has
yet received.
It is said here the road had am-
that ii could have
obtained a stay of execution and
taken an appeal to the State
Court. From that
an appeal could have been
taken to the United
court These officials say
that the action of Judge
ard is the first case on record in
which federal courts have inter-
in a purely matter.
The President is embarrassed
by the appearance of federal in-
just at the time he is
seeking to secure solid
from the South to the next
Republican nominating
for himself of his legatee.
To make matters worse, Judge
Pritchard must be supported to
the end. The department of
justice is momentarily expecting
a request from him for a posse
of United States marshals to en
force his orders. While acting
Attorney Russell n
to intimate what course then will
be followed it is known that the
force will be furnished
Asheville, N C. July -At
a conference tonight attended by
President Finley, Vice-President
General Counsel Thorn
and Humphrey, of the Southern
Railway; Judge J. H. Merrimon.
as counsel for the State,
States Assistant Attorney Gen-
E. T Sanford submitted a
proposition looking to the settle
of th.; railway rate dispute
between the State co and the
States court The
was forward to Governor
Glenn by wire, and it was stated
by unofficial advices from
that the would ac
Mr San ford's proposition.
The nature of the proposition
could not lie learned.
Asheville. N. C-.
While Southern Railway officials
they have not as
yet asked Judge Pritchard to
take any step to stay the
Judge Long at Raleigh,
who imposed a fine of or
the Other
are today being resorted to settle
the conflict between the Federal
and State courts. Assistant At
General Sanford, of the
department of justice, is here
for the purpose of mediation and
it is known that the State
here are in
with Governor Glenn in
connection with peace proposals.
Judge Pritchard declines to
make a statement for public
but it is understood that he
has proposed to the
of the State that if all inter-
with the orderly pro-
of his court cease,
he will not interfere with the
sheriff of Wake county in his at-
tempt to carry into effect the
judgment of against the
railway company, but will use
his good offices to have an appeal
curried first to the State Supreme
court and then to the Supreme
court of the United States. Such
an appeal has been taken by the
State in the habeas corpus cases
Interesting Items Gathered Here, There
and Every where
Faison, N. C, July
section is now in the midst of
shipped on Saturday crates,
with the Monday shipment shoe-
about as well.
Mr Chelsey Jordan, who lives
in the country, near here, is the
father of children. whom
are living, six of these married
in the last six years, one each
r. twelve are still his home.
Wilson Times.
Mt the as-
of the congregation at
Central warehouse, where the
revival is in progress, a runway
tern swept through a crowd near
the city jail and Mrs- Robert
Martins was struck, knocked
down and seriously injured-
Atlanta, July 2.1. President
Jordan, of the Southern
Cotton Association, will probably
investigate the new spray of
which is said to he an
preventive of wee-
and it he finds that it does
the work, he will probably rec-
it to formers as a means
of getting rid of the pest.
Engineer A. J. and
Conductor T. A- Allison were at
dinner yesterday afternoon be-
tween and o'clock, someone
i limed into the cab of witch
engine No. 1668 standing in the
yards near the Southern freight
depot, turned on the throttle and
hurled the string of box cars
hard against the side of
Dunn's big brick building.
The end car. No broke the
heavy back stop on the elevated
track, leaped across a foot
alley, crashed through the strong
wall, tore down a great section
of shelves, cut through great
piles or goods, and never stopped
until it had penetrated more
than of the store.
No exact could be had
yesterday afternoon as to the
loss. Some said that
would cover all of the damage
others estimate the loss at
a much higher
Corporation Commission
ration commission made public
this evening a statement of th-
reassessment of railroad am
other public corporations in the
state It shows railroad
advanced from tr
The assessment
Atlantic Coast Line is
per mile; Seaboard Air Line
Southern Railway
North Carolina
division of the Southern.
giving; this division
valuation of 110.673,762 against
last assessment
The assessment
lines A. C L .
Seaboard Air Line.
against same amount last
assessment; Southern Railway
miscellaneous roads,
Governor Glenn to the Rail-
Selling at
Unlawful Rate and Suits
Will be Stopped
Asked what he thought of the
of Hie jury and the s. n-
of the court in the can of
vs. T. K. Green and
Southern the Governor
is about what I expected.
Upon the testimony
know after a sharp con-
test, we in
tint Eastern School,
There are now
ties for the county and there-
fore for yon, There now an
absolute forward
movement along all lines. We
to let tin world know the
resources and of the
county. We need to consult, with
each other and plan together
that this may be done. We can
move if we will. The only
is will we do it We can now
have a great institution of learn-
in our very midst from which
there will go out an influence,
enthusiasm, and spirit that will
stir this old county from center
to circumference- Coming with
this will be general development
In every portion and section of
the county. With these things In
view the Chamber of Commerce
of Greenville has decided to re-
quest the citizens of Pitt to meet
in Greenville on Monday, August
the 5th. at o'clock m. for the
purpose of discussing ways and
means and for planning for the
further advertisement, and ad-
of the county. We
desire especially that each town
and village unite with the country
surrounding it and have a large
delegation present on the above
named day If we will come to-
we can accomplish some
thing. Whatever is done tor our
progress we may expect to be
instrumental in its being done.
We shall hope for a great meet-
on Monday, August and
that results far reaching in their
power and tendency towards a
greater uplift along all lines will
speedily come
By order Chamber Commerce
July 19th,
C. E. Bradley Sec
J. L, Wooten, President
North Carolina's
Speaking to the North Caro-
Press Association More-
head last week, Congress-
mi n John H. Small treated his
hearers a most lucid
cf the project to which
he has devoted his tireless
the inland waterway from
Norfolk. Va, to Beaufort. N. C.
The project is a vast one, and it
will take several years to com-
the entire route but the
first of it will be
ed in at least eight months.
The proposed waterway would
much for North Carolina;
indeed, its groat possibilities
cannot now be in
addition to opening new fields of
commerce, it would fully
solve the problem of
with which the North
State has had to deal. The com-
of this waterway would
put an end to the freight rate
discrimination which every
merchant in the state suffers
from, and those towns on the
coast where arriving freight ears
are almost a novelty, will be
brought much nearer to the marts
of supply.
While the inland waterway
commission has several great
waterways under consideration,
there is none which can confer
greater benefits on any one state
than will the which will
make Beaufort and adjacent
of commercial
Beaufort itself will
lie able ;. up direct trading
with the and West
ladies, and she will hive direst
communication with the great
shipping of the east.
The stole of North Carolina
owes much, and will owe more
to Congressman Saudi, whom
The Citizens regard us one of the
biggest men in the state. The
Norfolk Beaufort waterway has
long been the summit of bis am-
and he has night
and day to make it an
fact. He seeks no credit
for himself, however, claiming
that the loyal support of his
friends has been largely
mental in bringing the project
to a successful issue Asheville
A Tr
Washington, D. C. July
Lieutenant-Commander Victor
Blue, of the navy, was
ordered to duty on the battleship
Carolina, with a view ti
his detail as executive officer of
that vessel, when she is put in
Commander Blue is a native of
North won especial
distinction in the war with Spain
by landing in Cuba from the
gunboat Suwanee, penetrating
into the interior for twenty miles
and communicating u General
Gomez, the insurgent leader,
that the Suwanee would furnish
him with arms and supplies.
Special Rates two Days.
The Atlantic Coast Line now
gives excursion rates, for
the round trip, to Norfolk on
both Tuesdays and Fridays,
tickets good for seven days.
no evidence
offered t
to show the rate was con-
and therefore
the jury was compelled
to convict, and the judge was
right in putting the fine on the
real offender not the agent
simply sold the ticket under
will be your future
the Governor was asked.
he said,
the course pursued by th
and Coast Line railroads. If
they will acquiesce in the law
like the other roads have done,
then further indictments will
be made, but if they persist in
selling tickets at a higher rate
than I cents. I will instruct the
State's attorneys to aid the
tors in new bills, and in
prosecuting the same, until those
railroads obey the law, or the
of highest jurisdiction
declare the rate act
I have before stated, I
regret this conflict; I want it
settled, and if railroads will
the evidence is taken
and court passes upon the
constitutionality of act, in
the meantime selling tickets at
rate fixed by he statute, I
will aid i hem in hastening the
Hearing of the case, s all
s and asking all
suits If however, they refuse
to recognize the law. and as a
fines, coats and odium
attaches -o and I heir
agents, who persist in obeying
thorn in defiance of law. o
have no one
as the
v stop, when law
i; News and Observer.
Under a the
News Observer
Mr. Thomas E- Green, lab
selling tickets for the Southern
railway, and who gave his
promise to Judge Long not to
again sell tickets
two a cents, was not
on duly In the ticket office of the
Southern railway yesterday.
Supplying the place at present is
Mr. R. H. the
ticket agent.
Seen on tho street yesterday
afternoon and asked ii he would
say anything as to his future
work, Mr. Green declined t
make any statement, It can be
stated, however though W-
that Mr. Green is
in tho employ of Southern
railway, and is yet be assigned
some particular field of work
I ha road, which will not
include selling
Fatal Jump
u Reflector;
N C. July
Preston Jones, of Providence. R.
I , one of the Tarboro base ball
team who has pick with
typhoid fever f r about a week,
committed suicide last night by
jumping out of the window of
his room in the second story of
the hospital. The fever
had rendered him delirious and
he became so unmanageable that
the nurse went out to get
Before she returned Mr.
Jones jumped out the window,
and striking on his head his skull
was badly crushed. He died In
a short while. His people were
notified by wire of his death.
Deep millets at S. M

Eastern reflector, 19 July 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
July 19, 1907
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Joyner NC Microforms
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