Eastern reflector, 5 July 1907

Fortune Hit Friend
.-. . tho Chance Away.
n who was lb-
. I called Um
man who was
; year clothes.
ii who ran away his
have happened
to him if n had lingered I don't
and lie doesn't, but he ran
away, arid the man who staved
He probably wouldn't
opened his mouth about the
p ha read in a news-
of the death of licit man.
contained the in-
hen the man land-
ed h built up a fortune he
BO i rots in his pocket. The
man ill read the death notice
I he gave the
fellow the dollar or he wouldn't
tn men hit the town on
the They had been
.; for ks. The man
, . . r-uh pennies- when
i. . . landed. The
had a little money.
. d more his
It i In the latter declined. II
what he had asked for.
Then the two men starred to
The first place to which they
applied was a retail dry goods store.
The ii reliant said ho wanted a
young make fires, sweep the
. o dust the counters. The
. had the small
sum of n o icy had the first option
,, d r. Tho other who had
the dollar got the
When he. drew his first
week's he tendered the loan
to traveler. The latter
decline I, ll told Hie young man
wait until he was better able,
Tho remained open
a year. At the expiration of
that time the man had his pay
advanced per rent. He sent
friend the of the loan
with interest.
The benefactor was still looking
round. The man with tho of
Sored him a place in tho store, but
it was refused. There wasn't emu
ready money in the job to suit him.
years later the 08.50
tan was advanced to the place of
lead salesman. He sent again for
and offered him a
flare, but this was also declined. A
year.- after this the man
was admitted to partnership in tho
which by this time was the
spent retail of the young city.
made his quondam friend
another offer, but the latter was
not ready. The pay was not
A little while afterward the
retail hone established a wholesale
business. It was a great success.
The young man who had
the dollar was placed at
the head of the wholesale concern.
e more he offered his old
factor but the
de and for the
res .
The business kept expanding.
v. is today one of the big-
cc ii west.
lied tho r day
was quoted a million and a half.
He had made it in year-.
man who told me the
who ran from opportunity, as
he d it, Is looking for a job
in New that
give him in r and keep his body
cut of ; tor's field when he is
New York Sun.
His Third Marriage.
An interesting case of
regarding the third time is
n Lahore paper. An in-
the city of
per lost two wives in quick
and was to con-
tract a third marriage when he re-
the following mandate from
the relations of the
are told that when a man
already lost two wives third
also dies very soon. In order to
the angel of death you are
requested to marry a doll, an.
thereafter some and marry our
laughter, who should be your
wife and not your
The man did as ho was told. He
married the doll, then gave out that
he was ad, buried her with great
pomp, and proceeded to marry his
fourth wife.
Failed to Convince a Skeptic.
In a discussion of the occult with
Julian the following
was told, much to the
of of the followers of
Mine. Blavatsky, who happened to
Blavatsky and a party of her ad-
were traveling in
halted one evening at a small
for supper. There they were
joined by Hawthorne and
Colonel After supper,
served in the en. Blavatsky
for a and.
This department is in charge of W. Parker who is
to represent The Reflector in Farmville and vicinity
A Dry Bath.
A Scotchman was once advised
lake shower baths. A friend ex-
plained to him how to lit up one by
the use of a cistern and colander.
and Sandy accordingly set to work
and bed the thing done at once.
illy be was met by tin
friend who bad given him the ad
being ask how ho en
bath. said he,
I liked it am
quite dry
a ho hi to take
ed h
t, piled, i-
i a to stand
was tine
being In an especially good humor.
to the
she compiled,
of the onlookers.
The spot where the gathering
took place was more than ideally
beautiful, and after several
incantations a shower of roses
descended, covered with dew and
out of apparently n clear sky.
A lovely full blown
rose fell m front of Colonel Me-
and Blavatsky commanded
him to tear the leaves away see
what was concealed in the heart of
the flower. One by one tho petals
were scattered on the ground, and
lovingly concealed in the heart of
the flower was a splendid ring, with
a fiery ruby for a cuter stone and
surrounded by diamonds.
were silent with
amazement, and the ring was passed
from one to another for Inspection,
while Mine. Blavatsky gave u
lecture on the possibilities of
her own particular world.
The ring was finally handed to
Julian Hawthorne, who, lifter a
close examination, remarked
am glad to see, madam, that the
artisans of your clime arc
o our refinement of gold. The
ring i- marked I New
York American.
was the subject
for discussion. Each member
responded to roll call with
quotations. Mrs. W. C.
Askew read a sketch of Mendel-
life and Mrs. J. T. Smith
I rendered as an
I instrumental solo.
A guessing contest furnished
; amusement for awhile.
and fruits were served.
Mrs. F. M- Davis and Miss Ada
Tyson were the invited guests-
The picnic at Green Spring
I ground Tuesday was a great
about people
Tho game of ball between
and Green spring clubs
resulted in a score of to in
favor of There was
dancing and other amusements
throughout the day. Ex-Senator
W. It. Williams made a short ad-
dress in which lie gave a history
of Green spring and of incidents
surrounding it in his boyhood
days. Dinner was abundant and
the ladies of Farmville sold
cream for benefit of the
Christian church. Spring water
was used plentifully by every-
Mrs. Charles Cobb and Mr.
Whichard, of Greenville, are
spending the week with relatives
in this section.
Mrs. Brantley, of Norfolk, is
visiting Mrs. P. T. Atkinson.
Alexander Graham Bell, the fa-
of the telephone, was
discussing flying machines. Pro-
Bell speaks with authority on
this subject, for it is his
kite that give- the unit upon which
flying machines must lie proportion-
ed, and
has been due to his observance of
the principle enunciated by the
great American scientist.
go very awkwardly about
raid Professor Boll. ail
invention- tho first step- are taken
with an awkwardness that to later
generations seems ludicrously in-
credible. Indeed at the start we are
like the two men with tho plank.
man asked another to help
him carry a long and heavy plank
home. Accordingly they stooped
down, back to back, took it up and
of course they couldn't make any
progress with it.
No, said the after
awhile of balking.
both turned around and
were face to face. With tho plank
on their heads they stood in this
strange posture, regarding one an-
other stolidly for some time. Then
tho first man said
the beggar down. Jack.
No two nun can carry one plank.
Ill take her home
Hot For
Hot water ha- far more medical
virtues than many believe. Because
it is so easily procured many think
it There is nothing that
so cuts short congestion
of the lungs, sure throat or
as hot water applied
promptly and thoroughly. Head-
ache yields to frequent application
of hot water to tho and back
of the neck. A towel wrung out of
hot water and held to the face will
generally give relief in neuralgia
and toothache. A napkin wrung out
and put around the neck of a child
suffering from croup
bring relief in ten minutes. A tum-
of hot water taken in the
morning half an hour before break-
fast will help of stomach
Very hot water will stop
To Take Out Paint.
Equal parts of ammonia and
will take paint out of cloth-
no matter how dry or hard it
may be. Saturate the spot two or
three times, then wash it out in
A of oxalic
acid dissolved in a pint of hot water
will remove paint spots from tho
windows. Pour n little in a cup and
apply to the son with a swab, but
sure to allow the acid to
torch the may he
with it. care
ipf leach of
ii ;
n ;.
Painter and Designer.
All work guaranteed.
Prompt attention to orders.
Farmville N. C.
Manufacturer of
Slop Brick-
The lost clay and the best burn-
ed Brick on the market. Orders
tilled on short notice.
and Wilson Streets, Farmville,
For Cash or on Time
Queen Quality Shoes for Women and King Quality Shoes for
Shuck and Felt Mattresses.
Complete line of ever in the way of Goods, Clothing.
Groceries, Hardware, Feed b
Second Floor.
I have four cows, good milk-
old, average to
gallon per day, calve;. I to months
old. Sold under guarantee.
Farmville N. C.
will buy sell your real
Lang Building, Main Street, Farmville, N. G.
New Firm. New Store. New Goods.
stack- of at
Close Prices.
Gents Fine a
You make no mistake in trading with us, for you get
the nest goods at lowest price.
Parker's Old
N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Cans
and Wagons.
In fact kind of work in
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
Dr. G. E. Weeks,
Office over Darden Bros, new
Farmville, N. C.
Open all hours of the day.
Meant a
Thomas A. was
at Atlantic City the
for Increasing the brilliance
the coat of a jot.
of these devices have
bait a he said, o,
know what a mantle
Then you'll a
overheard in a hardware dealer's.
woman entered tie-
shop and
got tho c things
improving; a
A said the dealer.
is a complete set,
and mantle, all
don't want the said
the young woman. gut the
metal part and the chimney, hut
little white is busted. It
only of t want-
Having duly qualified before the
court clerk of Pitt county as
executors of the Last Will and
of R. deceased,
notice hereby given to all persons in-
to the estate to make immediate
payment to the undersigned, and all
persons having any claims against said
estate must the same,
authenticated, to the undersigned for
payment on or before 25th day of
June, 1908, or this notice will be plead
in bar of recovery.
This 25th day of June. 1907.
T. E. Hooker.
T. M. Hooker,
W. E. Hooker.
Executors of Pattie R. Hooker.
PIANO You will get the
most satisfaction and
pleasure if you a
PIANO Because, in ad-
to its being a fine,
high grade upright piano
to be played in the
nary way, it has in its
that which
when desired, enables
any member of the
without any musical
education, to play any-
thing from popular song
to grand opera. These
wonderful instruments
are Fold from maker to
on terms.
Send your name and ad-
dress for are to.
L. C. Street. Mgr.
St. Norfolk Va.
Piano with the
Sweet Official
Piano Jamestown Expo-
Farmville, N, C,
Comfortable chairs, good lights,
sharp tools and expert bar-
Men's cloth-
cleaned and
. L
Optician and Watch-maker,
Glasses Fitted. Examination of
eyes free.
All watch and clock work
General Merchants
Main and Wilson Sis, Farmville, N. C.
Dry Clothing, Heavy and
Fancy Groceries, Fur-
Stock and Fertilizer.
Complete line of Carpets, Mattings and Rugs- Agents for
Guns, Pistols and Rifles.
Coupons with premiums for every dollar in cash trade. Call
and MM our
Davis Old Stand, Main Street, Farmville. N. C,
Complete stock Merchandise-
Cash or time solicited
Buyers of Cotton and Country Produce.
Meat, Hay, Corn, Oats and Fertilizer in carload lots.
Everything in Dry Goods and
Distributors of orated Shoes for Men and Women.
rs each.
Horton Hotel
Farmville, N. C.
Centrally located.
lated. Up-to-date furnishings.
Polite servants. Best table the
market affords at all seasons.
Rates Reasonable.
Buss meets all trains.
First class livery with good rigs
and horses.
Farmville, N C. June 1907.
The Magazine Club met with
Mrs. W. R. Home in her
table country home last
day afternoon. The club always
hails with delight the time for
Mrs. Home to entertain, because
they know what a charming
hostess she is and a treat
is in store for them.
Mrs. Mollie Tyson has been
sick some days.
B. S. Smith,
located on corner and
i s
and permanent. Reasonable
rates and prompt attention.
J. D- Cox enters and claims
about acres, more or less, of
vacant lying in
township, Pitt county, N C-, on
west side of Creeping swamp
adjoining the lands of Jesse
ton, St., A. G. Cox, J. Mill
and others.
This Jane 20th. 1907.
J. IX Cox;
Any person or persons claiming
title to or interest in the fore-
going described land must flit
their protest in writing with me
Farmville. N. C.
and Fancy
J T.
Main Street.
Farmville N. C.
Everything found in an
Drug Good lino Oils and
Paints. All kinds of
Ice through the season.
Open a. m. to p. m. Sun
day to a. m.
Tonsorial Emporium.
Staton Clark, Proprietor.
Farmville, N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Strict-
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow-
repaired, clean-
ed and pressed.
next thirty days, or years in
they will be Darted
Enlarging a
Jeweler Real Estate
Watches and Clocks repaired on short
notice. Work
Farmville, K. C.
Fresh Meats. Beef, Fish.
Local and Richmond Products.
mi ms. i
i i e .
-ii r.
D. J. WHICH Editor and Owner.
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
From the Greensboro Telegram
of June 30th we fol
lowing extract from an
with Governor
ho was evident in
At each the
committee was if
enough land had not been offered
for site, they have more,
and in one th land offered
was said to be worth an
acre. It was this of gen-
made the trip de-
said the governor, but
out of this wonderful enlarge-
of original bids, grow the
he aid, which resulted
in the boards postponing action
until July so as to allow these
additional offers to be made in
writing. Greenville, for in-
stance, had not only offered over
but the choice eight
fine sites containing from to
and to each site
the committee was assured that
if the State needed more, it
We fool sure that the
reporter of our esteemed ex-
change misunderstood the
Grenville filed its bid with
the State Board of Education on
June 5th in writing and sealed,
as required by the rules of the
board- The bid was
from the town and
from the in
money, and the cost
of the site selected. With this
bid the representatives the
town and county filed with the
board options on sites in four
different localities These op-
were signed by the owners
of the property and their wives,
and are duly acknowledged by
the and privy ex-
of the married women
taken before the proper officer.
These options thus signed were
filed with the of the 5th of
June and are now in their posses-
The board arrived in Green-
ville on the 11.25 a. n train on
Friday, June 21st. and proceeded
to examine these sites. These
sites are known as the
site, the Hi the
Arthur site and the Higgs site.
were each inspected by
the board in the older named,
the inspection being finished
about o'clock. These sites
contain an area from to
acres, and th-y range in price in
the options and in the bid from
to intrinsically
they are worth upon the market
much more, but these are the
prices the owners offered to take
for the purpose of locating the
school at Greenville. These
options and the bid now in the
possession of the board are so
plainly set forth that we think
it is not possible to
stand them. It is left with the
board to select either, and the
of the one selected is to be
deducted from the
So we that the bid
made by Greenville and Pitt
county is absolutely e from
any ambiguity. It will be en-
agreeable to both the
town and the county for the bid
to be published at any time
when the board sees proper to
do so. We make this of
the bid because we have nothing
to conceal or keep from the pub-
Our people have tried to act
in a straight forward business
like way from the beginning,
and so far as The Reflector can
control the situation they will
continue to do
u Hart
One of the foreigners working
op the railroad construction,
near Farmville, was badly hart
Monday. The work train was
about move to get out of the
of the passenger train, when
a sudden jerk caused the man to
fall off the car, and in the fall
his hip was broken.
The streets are soaked to the
Report of Mayor to
Mayor's Office.
Greenville. N. G. July 1st. 1907.
To the of Aldermen of
N. C.
It is my to to
y-ii tho w report for tho
year just That
I tho year, ending
i nix I as mayor heard
case;. this number
jurisdiction of and
from this number appeals were
taken to the superior court, and
there were cases bound over
to the superior
this fiscal year, fines
were collected amounting to
which has been paid
over to county treasurer, for the
general school fund. And costs
were collected amounting to
making a total sum
passing through this
exclusive of the sums
worked out on the streets.
The sewer system is,
completed, there yet re-
to done, the
only which will be finished
and the system tendered the
town this week. There are five
and six tenths miles of sewer
pipe laved, with two out-falls.
There are a few items in the
final estimate under the head of
extra work, the cost of which
can not be definitely stated at
this time, but it can be stated
that the approximate cost the
construction of the system is
including the right-of-
way. is to the credit of
the sewer fund about
which very probably, be
sufficient to pay the
mate, including the per cent
reserve fund held by
the town.
F. M Wooten, Mayor.
This shows well for the
referred to in Mayor
Wooten's letter, and we feel sure
that tho annual statement
of the other departments of the
affairs of the town is ready for
publication it will show up
as well. Conducting the
administration of a town as large
and as as Greenville is
no small and the
officers in charge of this have
much to do in order that
all may be carried on wisely and
The sad intelligence having
reached u f the death of the
little i our brother, L. A.
Arnold, therefore be it
1st That we, the members of
Tribe No. I. O.
R. M., extend to Brother Arnold
and his family our sincere and
heartfelt sympathy in their loss.
We commend them to the Great
Spirit who alone can comfort
them in their sorrow.
2nd. That a copy of these res-
be spread upon our min-
a copy be sent to the family
of Brother Arnold, and a copy be
sent to The Reflector with re-
quest to publish same.
R. C Flanagan.
D. C. Moore, Com.
W. S
was Delighted.
If applause counts for any-
thing, the audience in
temple opera house, Monday
night, was delighted with the
presentation of the
by the
people of Washington. It was
bright, catchy and the music was
Of course Miss Blow
as Princess Snow White,
the of attraction, but she
had good support in the largo
chorus of pretty girls, the
bright boys as dwarfs, and in
the prince and other characters
Mr. Tyler, of Richmond, as tho
prince, came in for a good share
of applause, and the chorus
an ovation when they came
The young people came up
from Washington on a boat
late in the afternoon return-
ed after the performance.
Greenville was glad to have this
visit from them and would like
to see them again.
The party was chaperoned by
Mr. and Mrs. N- S.
And You Get the Right to Sue Road
tor Fire Hundred Dollars.
The last Legislature made in a
penalty of every time a rail-
road sold a ticket for more than
21-4 cents a mile. Yesterday all
the railroads obeyed
the law and sold tickets at 1-4
other railroads charged
1-4 per Judge
and gave a coupon to the
chaser to refund him one cent a
mile for every mile.
a ticket and get a
entitling you to a of
the said a
Raleigh lawyer yesterday who
had taken the pains to read the
law. There are lawyers who
will bring the suits and
person who buys a ticket gets a
coupon giving him a cause of
action with chances
out of one hundred that he will
if i ,
the Streets of Greenville Yesterday
C. T. gigantic
and the throngs of wise shop-
who have patronized this
great bargain carnival since the
opening has roused our
from their slumbers. Yes-
evening C. T.
original wagon was on the street
heralding numerous bargains
to be had at this sale as well
the Free Jamestown trip to be
given away next Saturday night
When going by a certain spot or
main street five r six of the
were discussing
their troubles and wondering
among themselves how it was
possible for C. T. to
sell his goods so cheap. The boys
voice in the wagon kinder made
them lose the chain of their con-
that aroused feel
to such a pitch that they
pointed a committee to send to
the authorities which was done
The results were that not to
disturb these disciples of
from their daily
C. T will
have to drive the chariot and
keep mum. But nevertheless
this sale will last until
this Saturday- Be sure and come
don't forget to get your James-
town ticket free from C. T. Mun-
Miss Whitfield. of Green-
daughter of Mr. N. H-
Whitfield, was married at noon,
Tuesday, in the Episcopal
church at Weldon to Mr. George
of Henderson, Rev. Mr.
officiating- Dr. Henry
Tucker, of Henderson, was best
man, and Miss
of Henderson, maid of honor-
Mr. has a govern-
position at Panama and
was home on a furlough. It
was arranged that the marriage
take place at Weldon,
and Miss Whitfield, accompanied
by her father, left Greenville for
that town Tuesday morning.
Immediately after the
the couple left Weldon on
the north bound train for New
York, from which point they
sail for Panama-
Miss Whitfield was very
and a here.
While all regret her departure
the best wishes of a host of
friends go with her to her far
away home.
to Edward
By Mrs. W. G.
When corner the Bummer's glories.
And sunlight dances o'er the wave.
When Arbutus revels with the moon-
Sweet I crave.
From among the beautiful flowers.
They pluck the fairest kind;
Amid the wood-land bowers
seek sweet Jessamine.
Tulips, buttercups, daisies white,
Roses, hyacinths, poppies red wine,
snow ball, too.
Has no place with Jessamine.
The- wreath,
i i r th,
And Social Preceding.
Some time ago the engagement
of Miss Bessie Patrick to Mr
Cary Mayo was announced.
Ever since Greenville people
have eagerly looked forward to
the marriage of this popular
young couple
Several social functions have
been given in their honor. Per-
haps one of the m st beautiful of
these was a dinner on
Monday evening by Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. Harvey at their home on
Greene street Covers were laid
for fourteen and an elegant
course dinner was served.
Those who enjoyed Mr. and
Mrs. Harvey's Hospitality were
and groom Miss
Bessie Patrick and Mr. Cary
Mayo. Miss Bertha Patrick and
Forbes, Mr. W. F.
Patrick and Miss Helen Forbes,
Miss Mary Me leans and Mr- W,
Atkins. Mr. and G.
Vines. Mr. and Mrs.
On Tuesday evening at their
home on Washington street Mr
and Mrs. B. F. Patrick tendered
a public reception in honor of the
marriage of their d Miss
Bessie, to Mr. Cary B. Mayo.
The house was t
orated in potted plants and cut
flowers. At the front door Mr
and Mrs B. E- Patrick greeted
the guests. They were ti en
ushered into the parlor by Dr.
and Mrs. Falkland.
In the parlor Mr. and Mrs-
Patric k were assisted in vi
by their daughter, Bessie
and Mr Mayo, Mr and Mrs. C.
C. Vines, Mis; Bertha Patrick
and Mr. W. is, Atkins, Mis Lot-
tie Blow and Whitehead.
The guests were then invited
into the hall, where punch was
served by Miss Mary Medearis
and Mr. Fred Forbes.
Then the guests were u
into the dining room by Miss
Jenkins and Mr. W F.
Patrick, and Miss Helen Forbes
and Mr. Chas Newton. The
dining room was a study in pink,
this color being carried
out in delicious refreshments
which were served by Misses
Lillian Carr, Mir
Blow and Bryan.
From the dining room
guests into the gift
which was decorated in green
and white. he presents dis
played hen; were numerous
exceedingly handsome,
the popularity of the
young couple.
The most valuable present
a deed to the house and lot,
corner Fourth and Greene streets
from the parents of the bride
Other presents noticed
were a china closet, dinning
table and innumerable articles
in cut glass and Japanese ware.
It was quite late when the
guests bid the host and hostess
good night.
At this morning at the St.
Paul's Episcopal church, the
marriage of Miss Bessie Patrick
to Mr. Cary Mayo, took place-
Notwithstanding the early hour
and the inclement weather, the
church with relatives
and friends. The church was beau
decorated, the windows
were screened and the glow of
electric lights made the interior
The entire chancel and altar
were decorated in green and
white, potted plants forming a
back ground.
At the appoints hour,
ceding the ceremony, Miss
Mary Medearis, of
N. C. sang of
The bridal party entered the
church to the strains of
Wedding March, skillfully
rendered by Miss Helen Forbes.
The ushers were Messrs Fred
Forbes, W. B. Patrick, Chas.
Newton and Dr. C. A. White-
head, of Tarboro, who passed
down the aisle, standing on
side of the chancel. Each of
wore Prince Albert
coat, trousers with gloves
and tie to match.
Following these came the two
honor, Mrs. C. C Vines
and Mrs. each
in white crepe-de-chine with
-v V
is noted for its
and hospitable people.
It has an excellent class of
usually bright children that
would be a credit to any town.
The Sunday school is th
and under the
of Mr i;. H. Cole,
efficient and capable
With e facts it is almost
useless to say th ch annual
children's day services held
there, June o. at night, were a
complete success. There were
about thirty and young
people that had an active part
in these exercises, and each and
every one did his part
well. If any one made
a mistake I never observed it.
Some deserve special praise and
all hearty c on the
manner in which rendered
their parts.
But these could not
have been Than a success,
with such elect ladies as Mrs. F-
G and Mrs.
J. O. to prepare and as-
in the training of the
These excellent ladies
are adepts in such work and de-
serve much praise and many
thanks. A Visitor.
Took a
How Colonel Promptly
is that man limping along
on crutches, with head all done
up in bandage- Inquired tho east-
man of the landlord of the Met-
hotel at lied Dog.
looks as though In- had met with a
replied the
landlord. but jest
That there feller
Kill Waters is his
didn't have no more sense then
toll Jim Peters lie a wuss
liar then Hank Phillips,
when everybody knows the
is tho liar in
then the trouble began, I
interrupted the
landlord. didn't hear
of it till two or three days later,
but when lie kin fee
for what he done to poor
w hat grievance did the coin-
inquired the tourist.
fellow raid Mr. Peters
was a worse liar than the
-That's it. think the
to by hear
a rank ahead
of himself without
New York Journal.
Exact Manning.
said baby's
got hair like I'm pretty rare to have
ha Von mean the baby's
pretty sure tn have hair some day
like you've
mean I The
Car Will Prevent
Becoming Rutty.
Many housekeepers are annoyed
by their flatirons becoming rusty
from dampness in tho cupboard.
This may easily prevented. Be-
fore putting the irons away after
the ironing is finished rub thorn
with a little warm grease on a
of soft and wrap in
thick brown paper. When they are
to used again dip them into very
hot water with a little sods
ed in it wipe them dry before
putting over the fire to heat.
When taken from the for the
ironing have some brown paper on
the table with a little powdered
bath brick on it, and rub the iron
or. this. Have a piece of paraffin
tied in a muslin bag, rub this light-
over the iron, then polish it on a
soft It takes longer to tell
this than the work dona, but
the process makes the iron delight-
fully smooth and easy tn use, and
consequently one may get over the
clothes more quickly.
Apple Jelly.
Quarter and core but do not pare
the apples; put into porcelain lined
kettle, with cold
bring to a boiling point. Turn into
bag and drain overnight. Allow
throe-quarters of a of sugar
to a pint of juice. Boil the juice
ten-minutes- the sugar and
ten minute more. Skim and
pour into jelly glasses and cover
the glasses over with a piece of com
moil glass to keep out dust while
cooling. Next morning cover the
tumblers with tissue paper or tops
and keep Id a dark closet. If the
seems thin cover it with
and let it stand in the sun for a
or more until it thickens.
Orange Peel.
When you have peeled oranges
for dessert do not throw the peeling
away. Instead cut it into
inch long pieces with scissors and
then put it Oil the stove in cold
and lot i. come to a boil. Then
cook a cup of sugar a half cup
of water until it is the consistency
of Throw in the orange peel
and let it boil in the until it
is soft en h be pierced with a
broom straw. Then dip out piece
to Prove Himself.
would never marry a man
who was a coward.
how brave would it
be necessary for bun to lie in order
to win your approval
She Well, he'd have to have
courage enough
Next came the maids of honor.
Mis Bertha Patrick, sister of
bride, and Miss Lottie Blow,
each white net and car-
the prayer book.
The bride entered on the arm
of her father, Mr. B. F. Patrick
wore a handsome going-away
of voile, with
hat and gloves to match. She car-
a bouquet of bride's rose
She was met at the altar by the
groom who entered from the
try with his best man, Mr. W. S.
Atkins. The impressive ceremony
by Rev- W- E.
To the strains of
wedding march, the bride and
groom passed out the aisle fol
lowed by the attendants.
The couple departed on the
rain for on extended bridal tour
North, after which they will be
at home in
Both these young people are ex-
popular, and the best
on a of
careful not to
each other.
Silk L.-c.
and cob
t should
on a piece
be i
are ti
.-., i I or ; old
I. -d
of .- while cal-
d carefully with a
soft brush i i spirits of wine.
If silk lace is much discolored it
slim-Id be in for
three hours being was I.
No starch must I used, and tho
lace must t very
covered while it i ironed.
will he
I fried.
To rill i .- -n if
small stove ,.
and pour e.- ;
and windows. In a few
open the room a-d m
found to entirely disappeared.
Only u fa ml of tho of
carbolic will which will
serve to prevent tho from again
Mixture For Filling
Soak newspapers in a paste of
half a pound of r, ha it no -I
of alum and three quart of water.
Mix together and boil. This mix-
which should be as thick
putty, may be forced into cracks, in
floors, , etc., with a case
knife. It hardens like
neatly and permanently tilling any
cracks to which it may be
Shell carefully six hard I I
Heat up an egg and d mo
shelled eggs in it, then roll in
a mixture of line
ed minced parsley, reason-
ed with pepper, and fry in boiling
fat to a good brown. Place on a
hot dish and serve with hot tomato
sauce poured around.
Wash and peel the potatoes in the
ordinary way. begin peeling
again around and around, lust
if you were peeling an apple. Be
not to break the ribbons.
Drop into fat and fry to
brown. Drain on paper spread on
sieve. Keep hot until all are

North State Mutual life Insurance Company.
Mr. John F. Stokes,
f Manager, North State Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Greenville, N. C.
Dear Sir-
Allow me to thank you and the NORTH STATE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY for check for
payment of claim recently made against you on account of my recent illness.
I am well pleased with my policy and take pleasure in recommending your Company to those desiring the best Insurance for
he money.
With kindest regards and esteem, I
Sincerely yours,
W. B.
Mr. B. is a holder of one Combination Life Policies, undoubtedly the best
offered to the Insuring public. Will you not see me right away and get on too It doesn't pay to delay
John F. Stokes, Manager.
Do You Contemplate
Owning One
If so the first thing to consider is a good
lot in a desirable location and you can-
not be better suited in a lot than the
Sam White Property.
No proper surpasses this for a desirable
home. Lots can be bought there now at
reasonable prices and on easy terms.
indication that property around
is going to be higher, and the
defer buying the lot the
property is located
walk from the business part or the town.
See Sam White and let him explain prices
and terms.
Fir scratches, cuts,
and the many little common
to DeWitt's
Salve is the remedy.
It is clean heal-
Be suit Sold
by J. 1- Store.
A pawnshop where we
hock our troubles would fill a
are caused by If you cat a
little too much, or if you subject to
attacks of Indigestion, you have no doubt
had shortness of breath, rapid heart
heartburn or palpitation of heart
the to
expand swell, and puff up the
heart. This crowds the heart and Inter-
with its action, and in the course of
the heart diseased.
Dyspepsia Cure
what you eat takes the strain off
of the heart and contributes nourishment
strength and health to every of the
body. Cures Indigestion. Sour
Stomach. Inflammation of the mucous
membranes lining the Stomach and
Tract Nervous Dyspepsia and Catarrh
if the Stomach.
After my fool would by
hoar I would very weak.
Finally of gave me
lull Alter o law bellies I am cured.
MRS. N Perm Yea, N. Y.
I had stomach was In s bad as I
with It. I took Dyspepsia
Cur for about four s end It in.
D. O.
A prompt, pleas ant, good remedy for
is Kennedy's
; Cough Syrup. It is re-
commended for babies and children, but
for every member of the family.
It contains no opiates and docs not
Contains honey and tar and
tastes nearly as as maple
Children like it. Sold
Drug; Store.
We would never suspect how
good some people ere if they
didn't tell us.
Bert Barber, of Elton. Wit,, says
have filly taken four doses of
Kidney and Bladder Pills and they have
for me more than any other med-
has ever done. I am still
the pills as I want a perfect
Mr. Barber refers to DeWitt's Kidney
and Bladder Pills, which are unequaled
for Backache, weak kidneys,
of the bladder and nil urinary
A treatment for
Sold by J. L. Wooten's Drug Store.
A man's idea of a close friend
is one who will up
E no
There is no case of indigestion, no
matter how irritable or how obstinate
at You Eat relieved
the of The main factor in curing
the stomach of any disorder is rest, and
only way is to
digest the food for the stomach itself.
will do it. It is a scientific
vegetable acids containing
the very same juices i rd -l healthy
stomach. It conform. to the Pure
and Drugs Law. Sold by L. ten.
I et teat I I
; .
Weak Women
women, on
to But with WAT. two treatment
null b combined. One U one la
but both both
Dr. U tho
Pr th
remedy, while Dr.
la wholly
The bout the
the of urn.
end ell blood
The u k. doe It
wort while It tore send
ed end
while the
rigor, and energy. Dr.
For local help. well
Night Cure
It isn't always the
man who does the most cheer-
All stomach trouble are quickly re-
leaved a little after
each meal. goes to the
of the trouble, strengthens the
digestive supplies the natural
and digests what you
eat. It is s simple, pure, harm-
less remedy. Don't your
Take a little after ea h
meal and see how good it makes you
feel. Honey back if it tails Sold by
John I. Wooten.
Piles get quick and certain relief
from Dr. Ointment.
Please note it is made alone for Piles,
and its action is positive and certain.
painful, protruding or blind
piles disappear like magic by its use.
Large glass jars
by Store.
Drivers delivery are
always there with the goods.
Get free sample of Dr.
at our store. If real
Coffee disturbs y your
heart or Kidneys, then try this clever
Coffee Imitation. Dr. close-
matched Old Java and Mocha Coffee
in flavor and taste, yet it has not a
single e rain of Coffee in it. Dr.
Health Coffee Imitation is made
from pure toasted grains or cereals,
with Malt, Nuts, etc. Made in a min-
No wait. You will sure-
it. Sold by T. E. Hooker Co.
It's a pity that poets live
on food for reflection
I will mail you free, to prove merit,
samples of my Dr. Restorative,
and my Book on either Dyspepsia, The
Heart or The Kidneys. Troubles of the
Stomach, Heart or are mere-
symptoms of a deeper ailment. Don't
make the common error of treating
symptoms only. Symptom treatment
is treating the result of your ailment,
and not the cause. Weak Stomach
inside nerves- -mean
weakness, always. And the
Heart, and Kidneys as well, have their
controlling or inside nerves. Weaken
these nerves, and you have
weak vital organs. Here is where Dr.
has made its fame.
No other remedy even claims to treat
the Also for bloat-
breath or com-
use Dr. Restorative.
Write to-day for sample and free Book.
Dr. Racine, Wis. The
is sold I Drug
Many a married man
Pains in the h, colic and
quickly relieved
, ,
by i g
cit . i
Mothers who give their children
Laxative Cough Syrup invariably
it. Children like it because the
taste is so pleasant. Contains
and tar. It original, laxative
cough syrup and is unrivaled for the re-
lief of croup. cold oat
the bowels. Conforms to the
Pure Food Drug Sold by
Music has charms in the
try where the houses are a mile
DeWitt's Little Early Riser.
i-ll, safe pill, sure pill. Easy to talc
and effective. Drives away
Sold by John L.
At close of business May 1907.
Capital Stock
Surplus funds
Undivided Profit less
Expenses paid
Time 27,1581.0 I .,
Due to
outstanding 1,180.55
Loans and
Overdrafts secured
All other Stocks,
and Furniture and
Due from
Cash Items Gold
National bank notes
U. S.
I t of Pitt,
I, C. S. Carr, Cat bier of the bU hi hark, do
s ear that the above is true to the beat of my t
belief. 0.8. t
and sworn to before
me, of May
Deputy S. C-
At the close of
Loans and Discounts
Overdrafts secured
and unsecured 1,400.88
All other Stocks, Bonds
and 2,400.00
Furniture Fixtures 3,872.32
Banking Houses 4,100.00
Demand Loans
Due from Banks
Cash Items 1,031.52
Gold Coin 71.00
Silver Coin 1,085.62
National bank notes
and U. S. notes
May 18th 1907.
Capital Stock
Undivided Profits less
Expenses paid
Notes and bills
Bills Payable
Cashier's checks
for Interest 0.11
U, 816.77
State of North Carolina
County of Pitt. ,
I, James L. Little, Cashier of the above named bank, do
swear that the above statement is true to the best my
and belief. JAMES L.
J. A.
Subscribed and sworn to before
me. this 28th day of May, 1907.
Notary Public.
Come In and examine my
Your to e.
We beg leave to announce that we are
Wholesale and Retail
White Lead, Paints
Colors, and
Country Ready Paints
There is no line in the world better
th e Harrison line. It has behind it a
reputation for honorable wares and honorable
you use the Harrison Paints you need
Evidence to Hold Mao
With Burning Store Because
Bloodhounds Trailed to
N. C, June 1907
Editor of The Daily Free Press.
N. C,
Dear Sir;
In a recent issue of your paper
you published what purported to
be an account of the burning f
the storehouse of Mr. Graham,
near It was stated
that Mr J. R. Harrington
been bloodhounds and
was believed to be the man who
had burned the stun- and that
Mr. Harrington had been
for his appearance
before a magistrate in Beaufort.
Since this article appeared in
your paper the has been
tried before the magistrate in
Beaufort and as there was but
little evidence, the solicitor,
who ally conducted the
prosecution, requested that the
case be dismissed, which was
Mr. is a
mar, of flood character, a member
of the Methodist church in good
standing, and belongs to a good
family of people in
county. He had no connection
whatever with the burning of
the store and his arrest was one
of those unfortunate incidents
which sometimes happen in a
man's life.
The store was burned on Sat-
night. Many people visit-
ed the place on Sunday, and on
Monday hounds were
brought from Greenville and
put upon a track which was sup-
posed to be the track of the per-
son who burned the store. There
was no evidence that anyone
had urned the store as the
nay have from some
cause The blood-
hounds followed the track which
had been selected to be followed
until they came to a creek, when
the track was lost The parties
then a boat and crossed the
creek and went several miles
without any further trace of any
track They came to a landing
and the dogs started on the
again, although there was no
track there, as it is in the woods.
After going some distance they
entered a field where Mr.
was and
the parties near Mr.
he the dogs
came to him and lay
down at his feet. The dogs were
very tired and Mr. Harrington
thought they lay down to rest.
They did not bay him or do any-
thing more than come up and lie
down on the ground.
Alter this evidence he stated
to the court that he had no
sufficient and thereupon
the case was dismissed- The
course pursued by the solicitor
was very highly complimented
j and proves that he is a fearless
j and just prosecutor.
Mr. Harrington proved an
alibi by his family and neighbors.
He was at home Saturday night
when the store was burned and
did not leave his house that
i light.
I hope you will publish this, as
your previous article was widely
circulated and was calculated to
damage Mr. Harrington's char-
Yours truly.
Kinston Free Press.
Why the Few Word of
Has it ever struck you
sweetener of life lies in
Mr. and Mrs. R. W, King gave
, a party, on
words of appreciation and en-y in honor or MisS
How few of us
take the trouble to stop a few
moments and praise a servant
for work done, or even
pause to tell our nearest and
clearest how we appreciate all the
daily services which we have
never noticed
When out die we has-
ten to send beautiful flowers as
a last appreciation of our lo
them But would it not be bet-
if we had helped them by
little praise when they were
working, or if we had cheered
them in the dark days when
they were troubled and Tin
says Woman's Life.
Only a few words of
The cot is nothing, but
the recompense is beyond .
Let the husband tell his wife
how much he prizes her love for
him. and the wife tell her
band how truly she
all his care for her. And the
mother should reveal in words
how much she values her child-
affection, while the child
who says to its
you for all your love to has
rewarded her far beyond
edge or understanding-
A Drain on the
While Eastern North Carolina
is in a thousand ways a most
favored region, and is especially
adapted to most agricultural pro-
Hazel Mitchell, of Kinston.
Move King, assist-
ed by Mr. Carl Wilson, received
at the front door, and served
fruit and bonbons to
the guests as they arrived. In
rear hall, punch was served
Hazel Mitchell and Mr.
Norman Warren.
Ft the punchbowl
people were ushered to
they were received
I M Lucille and Mr.
A soon as all the guests were
I in the library. Miss Am-
King passed around little
purses, cot fifty
. were used as
e a sale that
follow id. Mr
p ired bearing; a counter covered
any mysterious packages
shapes and sizes.
These he proceeded to sell to the
bidder. Miss Jamie
bid off, at twenty three
beans, a package labeled
House which proved to
be an old black cat- A package
marked souvenir of Green-
but which turned out to
be an old bottle, was
knocked down to Miss Margaret
at beans.
Th-- auction sale having been
finished, the guests scattered to
the spacious porch and yard,
where delicious refreshments,
consisting of ice cream and cake,
were served by Misses Mattie
Senator Tells Why He
Greenville Should lit-t the Sr hoot
Senator J. L. Fleming of
ducts, its farmers make one I Move King Margaret Blow,
great mistake. They are After the refreshments had
energetic, honest
praiseworthy, but they have
yet learned how to make their
farms take care of themselves.
They have never yet
seen the importance of
their home supplies. Over
most every road and thorough-
fare leading to and from our
market towns, large or small,
numbers and numbers of wagons
and carts pass daily loaded with
corn and hay with which to feed
the teams that draw the plows
in the cultivated fields. Thous-
and and thousands of dollars are
sent west every week for th
supplies which could and should
j finished, the young
n-t were recalled to the library to par-
in a guessing
Miss Mattie King asked
Questions the answers to which
was some kind of nut. To
the first person who correctly
answered a question, a card was
given. Miss Margaret Blow,
who had the largest number of
cards at the end of the contest
was awarded a prize, a beautiful
copy of Lucille. This was present
ed by Mr. Carl Wilson to Miss
Hazell Mitchell in a very touch-
After some time spent in very
pleasant conversations guests
be raised here at home. While I departed, thanking the hostess
here and there a fairly I for a delightful evening's
gent and seemingly successful and declaring that it
farmer will tell you that it been one of the most enjoy-
him to raise cotton and evenings that they had ever
and corn and hay, it is hard
for him to give satisfactory proof
of his statement-
Indeed, thought-
observers will challenge such
statement at every point and
will give as illustrations to sup-
port the challenge the thrift and
of the farmers who
have their supplies all at home.
Mrs. L. A.
Mrs. Laura A-
ow of the late Mr. G. A.
Gowan, died suddenly about
o'clock Wednesday night at her
home on Dickinson avenue. She
was in usual health
on Wednesday and came down
town during the day. At night
she suffered a stroke of
and p away in a few
There Can L One Result If Fiend
is taught.
Y morning about
o'clock at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Scott, very respectable
people, living near Black Creek,
a brute, dressed in over-
alls and cap, attempted to assault
Mrs. Scott.
Only the prompt arrival of a
party prevented the nefarious
crime, for his hands clutched
the lady's throat despite her
screams and struggles to release
herself from his grasp
The ran and parties
If ed with guns are scouring j
Dies Suddenly. searching every nook bow knot
the corner.
and caught speedy work will
follow, for the men of Black
Creek township are excited and
Mrs. Scott, whose husband we
car not learn at this writing,
because of a storm, preventing
the use of the wires, is not hurt,
but considerably frightened.
The is believed to be r
of the floating railroad
Freaks of an Oklahoma Storm.
Here are of the freak
incidents of the tornado in Day
county, near Grand-
A large number of chickens
were killed, and most of them
had all feathers pulled off, ex-
the wing feathers At
Henry s it took a wheat
binder and carried it over two
fences and put it down wrong
side up. The fences were not
injured but the binder was badly
damaged. At Mr- it pull-
ed up the posts in a two wire
fence and carried some of the
posts a long distance, but left
some of them in the ground
where the fence stood The two
wires were carried into a a
away and stretched
out straight on the ground close
One of the most peculiar events
was with reference to Mrs.
window curtains- When the
storm struck the house she had
a lace curtain over a window.
Immediately after the storm
curtain tied in a
a fence post.
This seems incomprehensible and
we will not attempt lo explain it.
Grand Progress.
A Home Enterprise
Mrs. was years i is engaged in building th
We trust that you favor us with
pew you want paint for
nave a
c.-in give you Special
Baker Hart
N. C.
old and was held in high esteem
by a large circle of friends. She
leaves eight children, four sons
and four daughters. These are
Mrs. T L. Bland, of Rocky
Mount, Misses Lizzie and Stella,
and Bruce, A. K., M. B J It.
and W. O.
funeral will pt
I Friday afternoon at family
burial miles from low
and Pamlico Sound Railroad
Georgia Legislature
W. H
says that the
Board of met today
and postponed the consideration
of the training school matter
July 10th.
Atlanta, Ga-, June
Georgia legislature convened to-
day in regular annual session.
The of both houses
was quickly made by the
I ion of Senator John W. Akin,
of as president of the
Sen. and John M. of
u, a speaker of the H use
M. Terrell's message
was read in both houses it
deal largely taxation, state
finances, educational matters,
monuments to Confederate sol-
and urges legislation
he belief of curses.
One way lo build up a town is
to encourage the location of en-
and then support them
after they are established.
A little more than a year ago
fr- R Greene established an
factory here. The outlay
post him in round numbers about
It is a home enterprise,
, i home man, and is entitled
to the support of the home
mention this here because
we have been told that a concern
in another town has declared its
of putting Mr. Greene
in of business- This can be
done the people give him
Greenville is in th city
investigating a case inn-
nation in service
Fleming being a-
Sr n is going to ax I he
state rd ind
Gr in
territory intern It b .
this was abs by
towns a i .-
to be in Mich ; arc sat
and in
bi st, and our .
Our off i
voted and ready t I in
to the state
teen to twenty-; i
more than of any
town, and since the H
the school -nail
be located in or that town
offering uncial
etc., Greenville w of
get the as has been con-
ceded ever sin e
made known, by the whole State,
except those parties
in its going to other towns.
Hew about the large number
of acres of land being offend by
some towns, the reporter.
they can't fool the state
board any more than they can
fool the people of th state by
placing extravagant a on
farm lands In lieu of either
our site-. a live
in any dines
i. within a.
.; a in . -1 the
ate if the town, but we
state was not
. . cal estate
I. farming business
a. . i of the legislature pro-
for the establishment of
a training school We did not want
such a school set off in the
try away from places of religious
worship the
of the town.
We offered within the corporate
limits of the town, and within
five hundred yards of the court-
house, the the main
business street, the city graded
school and most or the
of the town, at least two of
prettiest sites to be found in
tern North Carolina, ranging
from twenty-five to about fifty
acres, worth easily twice as much
as an farm, from a half mile to
a mile removed from the main
business portion of the town
would be Raleigh
Senator J. L. Fleming, who is
in the city on business before the
Corporation Commission, speak-
about the location of the
Eastern Training School,
not Greenville
spent lots of money and of
in convincing the only ,
the necessity of such a school in
Eastern North Carolina, during j
the sitting of the Legislature,
but, afterwards, immediately f
went to work and voted in town I
and county a sufficient amount
to meet the condition in the act I
establishing, the same, which I
was put in the act against the I
wishes of her representative
and offered the largest financial J
aid. Greenville is j
ably the geographical of J
the territory to be served and as S
healthy otherwise suitable
place as there is in Eastern
North Carolina. Her sites area
the prettiest and her transports
facilities the best. How can
it be located anywhere else in
the face of these conditions and
the plain of the statue
providing for its location Nine
out of every ten reading and
thinking people of the State,
both in and out of the territory
to be served, feel that Greenville
ought to have it. and we
unbounded confidence in the
wisdom and justice of Stale,
Raleigh News and Ob-
Senator Fleming very correct-
gives the situation in the fore-
going interviews, and we believe
that is thus s. en by the entire
Stray Taken Up.
I have taken up at the Frank
Johnston farm lour sows and six
shoats swam across the river
and were in the field Owner of
these hogs can get them by
proving same and paying
J. B. Johnston,
The Board of Commissioners
of Pitt county will meet on Mon-
day, the 8th day of July,
it bring the second Monday, and
revise the tax-list for the year,
hear complaints as to valuation,
and allow any person to list taxes
who has not already done so. Al
persons interested should be
sent on that day.
By order of the Board of Com
R. Williams, Clerk
When want a
it's a sure sign it corns.

in ,
as SI matter n. 1907 at the pet office at
C under Act of Congress of March S.
made upon
A at office in Pitt and adjoining
forth clearly, legally, and in It will doubtless interest i
strict compliance with the rules of our farmer readers to
in to fiction
It looks like Judge is
going to come clear-
You wilt find on the
nap dean mark it as the best
town in the East
One of the newspapers in
Peking. China, is five hundred
That beats anything cation It was known that
The last legislature passed a
law providing for the establish-
of the Carolina
Teachers Training and
placed the selection for the lo-
ration of such school in the
h of the State Board of
on this side by a good deal.
The number of angers
around looking over Greenville
shows that people are in.
in the town besides the
home folks.
Charlotte is to embrace
Second handed, however,
as Salisbury got the first pass at
It used to be that there was no
great amount of campaign talk
except in election years but now
it goes on from one election to
Texas h-s sent forward the
first tale of new crop cotton and
brought cents a round at
action in New York-
eastern towns wanted
school, and some time after the
legislature adjourned the board
sent out notices that sealed bids
the location would be received
at Raleigh on the 5th day of
June. With this was sent
the rules governing the bids.
Eight towns had representative
present on the date
and bids from these were de-
posited with the board in
the regulations
lated by that body.
It was also designated by tie
that it would after
the bids go in a body and
personally inspect the sites offer-
ed by the towns before making
a decision as to where the school
should be located. The bids
were filed, the tour of inspection
The real summer weather ado, and the board met in
long business before on the 26th to make up a
began coming from some of the; The following
people dying from heat. adopted the
is all that was
Hon- Williams Jennings Bryan i
. . ., , . . j That the select-on of the site
is to visit North Carolina again. the East Carolina
It is announced that he is to Training School e
i, at, until o'clock Wednesday
s;, a the State fair in July that, on ac
ct. 17th, variance
in the oiler made by h.
Potatoes ca- grow some m. re We
the l.- wot the members of the
It is hoped the price M to these offer made at
laid down by the board.
This bid was deposited with
the State Board of Education and
will remain in their hands. It is
so clear that it cannot be
in the detail.
Not a sentence in it the
least confusion. Not a vestige
of ambiguity can be found in a
word of it- Should the board so
desire it can publish this bid,
and we venture the assertion
that no person who reads it will
fail to understand every
is contains-
The bid was made in good
faith, and since it was
Greenville and Pitt county have
made no effort by word or act to
influence the members of the
board in their decision- Cur
people have rested upon the mer-
its of their bid, determined to
await patiently the verdict of the
board, and this will be their
to the end of the matter.
When the board visited Green-
ville on the tour of inspection, in
deference to the wishes previous-
expressed there was no demon-
no banqueting, no
public reception, nothing what-
ever that could he construed as
know that Prof. W. F. Massey,
so long and so successfully
with the Practical
severed his connection with
that paper, and will hereafter
write regularly for The Progress-
Farmer, of Raleigh. N. C,
Certainly no man in Southern
agricultural work has won a
greater following than Prof.
Massey, and as his life work has
been in the South, he will here-
after contribute only to Southern
farm papers. Hi letters will
pear in The Progressive Farmer
each week.
Greenville does not appreciate
the friendly feeling expressed by
In a statement printed in the the Free Press, coupled with the
Wilson Times, and perhaps else-
where. Senator Fleming, of
President Roosevelt is reported
as saying to John Temple Graves,
if be was assured that ho
could carry the electoral vote
a single Southern State he would
consent to run for the presidency
that under no cir
would he a
candidate. This shews that there
are men who so hate to see the
South solid that they would even
go en their own words to
break it, and the president is one
of them.
According to a recent report f
I the pension list has
intended to in any way
. . ; the government pension
the members, nor was a word .
spoken in of any
de at
meeting on June 5th,
r. the meantime. t.
-.- and th-re might e no mi
, . . . . understandings ind no a vantage
The fir i hall the year has be
been go d Greenville in the lowed, if they see fit, to state in
way o. progress. Lets all
them to nM to
our best to make list , th- b Ida
. having on
, , , , ,. of the of the
Judge was , .
of young as or increase shall
but both he
his daughters are v. a is requested by the Board
they can outgrow. But each bidder so desiring
appoint one- representative to
present on July 10th when
other competing town. Yet
every courtesy was shown the
members of the board as they
were quietly and without
taken in carriages by a
committee of to view the
different offered here Had
a demonstration been
here, Pitt county could have
easily turned out thousands
the best people on the face f
the to meet the
who would have
done full
As before, and
Pitt e. a-e in to way re-
for tie
ding and confusion which the
lo to have found in
some of e Ours is clear,
to the point, and unmistakable.
Greenville an i Pitt county en-
the contest determined to
win on merit only, and as has
already en asserted in this pa-
per, if we get tho train
school we merit, it
we do n t want it.
ally begun decreasing In Jan-
the maximum was
reached when the list contained
more i a million A
f.-w th i and nave dropped off
since then. Considering it
i forty two years tho war
closed, the pension list is
large one and contains
thousands of names not entitled
or worthy to be on it.
If the town officials had been bids are submitted to the h
compelled to wade through the If was variance, any Quit the race. Because of the
an Eighth an Street discrepancy, misunderstand- of has health it was
Saturday, they feel like any confusion, any ambiguity hinted that he would not stand
taking some steps to divert the in any of these bids, The for nomination again, and forth-
water and prevent such Hood-, tor is ready to declare that
j Greenville and Pitt county are In
no way responsible therefor.
t shows Sealed bids were called for, and
Judge Loving was considerable; impression was that these
of a booze artist, and the pity of. bids were to be explicit and final,
it is his daughter seems to have Acting on this understanding
a taste for it- cur people made a clear cut,
j straight forward bid. setting j the location of the East train-
American Tobacco Com-; clearly and exactly in but take it for granted
The State Board of Education
en to such an for sealed bids for the
Eastern school, and
sealed bids were presented on
After these bids had
in their hands fifteen days
board went on a tour of in-
of the sites offered.
Returning from their tour of
twenty two days
the bids were in hand, the
announced is so
much variance and ambiguity
about the bids that they are
misunderstood. What it
the bids contuses the gentle-
men of the board we are not
prepared to say, but we can say
with certainty that
there is not one iota of the Green-
ville and Pitt county bid that
can not be readily understood.
Just read that bid again, gentle-
men, and you can clear up the
E. W of the
Raleigh district, declares, that
is not to pull out and
with candidates began to an-
themselves as willing to
take the honor. Mr.
statement may put some of them
out of the race.
At this writing we have not
learned the reason of the State
Board of Education postponing
listed for taxation in Dur- writing just what offered.
ham over worth This bid was properly; signed by
tobacco in that city No the appointed by
Durham is glad to have governing of the town and
the A. T. Co. around.
railroad fares in-
tended to go in effect July 1st
are held Judge Prichard
granted the injunction to
prevent the law becoming opera-
In this instance the Fed-
court is bigger than the
state, bat It is up future
for the
county lo make it. The bid
showed that both the town and
county had under authority of
the legislature voted for
this purpose. Accompanying
the bid were options on sites of
upon which to locate the
or i ; i.
by h- pi
Is Every detail o
it had a good one. At the
same time we town
interested will be glad when the
decision comes to a close.
The contest of the railroads
against the passenger fare
law passed by the last legislature
The Reflector has said it be-
fore, but can repeat it
the least fear of
There was nothing whatever in
the bid made by Greenville and
Pitt county for the Eastern train-
school that could in the
be misunderstood by the State
Board of Education. If the
board became confused because
of any of the bids handed it
cannot be said that Green-
bid was in the least n
for this. Our people
were not playing in the matter.
They went a it in a business like
Greenville, makes use of the
Nine out of every ten reading
and thinking people of the
in and out of the territory
to be served, feel that Greenville
ought to have it, training
The senator evidently means
nine out of every ten reading and
thinking who read and
as he does. But as has
been shown on various occasions
there are people who take
lines of the than in-
in by the senator-
We wish it distinctly under-
stood that we have only a very
kind feeling for Greenville in
this contest. Greenville has
shown herself to be wide awake
as to her interests in this mat
She has striven for the
prize with commendable zeal and
has shown herself to be a
man worthy the of any
community. But we do wish to
protest against the idea as ex-
pressed above that people out-
side the Interested community
Ins j believe that any special
have Greenville
it no more than does
Washington, Rocky Mount or
Kins ton or any of the other con-
or to
have How
The editor of the Free
Press undertakes to go for Sen-
Fleming and Greenville in
its issue of June 29th on account
of the interview of Senator Flem
recently published in the
News Observer and copied in
the Wilson Times, especially the
following part of it, out
every ten reading and thinking
people of the State, both in and
out of the territory to be
feel that Greenville ought to
have the Training
The Free Press says in com-
upon the
Senator evidently means
out of every ten reading and
thinking who read and
think as he does. But as has
been shown on various occasions
there are people who take other
lines of thought than those in-
in by the
Senator Fleming is different
fr m the editor of the Free Press
at least in one particular s-
the senator does not think
one way today and another to.
morrow. Senator Fleming went
to the senate an advocate of the
Training school and he is still
advocating it.
If the editor of the Free Press
will refer to his editorials of last
January he will find that he was
a hard hitter and a strong fighter
against the establishment of the
Training school, saying there
was no necessity for it and that
the way to improve the public
schools, was to pay the
money direct to them. Now the
Editor of the Free Press thinks
Kinston deserves the school and
he thinks so, as he says editorial-
in his of April 8th, be-
assertion, that, has
shown herself wide awake to her
own interest in this
Greenville has striven hard for
the establishment of a school that
means something to all Eastern
North Carolina as well as to the
town of Greenville and the
of Pitt,
Senator Fleming in his inter-
views very correctly pictured the
situation, and if the institution
is to answer the nerd intended
to be met by its advocates from
Greenville and the legislature
that granted it, the school would
certainly be located among people
who have a and nobler idea
of its benefits than that express-
ed by the Fret Press.
The State Board of Education
sealed bids in hand which
to reach a decision as to the
location of the Eastern training
school. If the gentlemen allowed
themselves to be confused, when
on their tour Inspection, by
outside statements not included
in the sealed bids, they departed
from their legal duty in giving
such outside statements
Greenville and Pitt
county made a clear, straight-
forward, sealed bid. that any
man can readily understand, and
from here have emanated no
outside statements that could in
least confuse the
There should be no child's play
over the training school mat
The Board of Education
for sealed bids and got
sealed bids. If the members of
the board afterward turned their
ears to outside propositions not
embraced in the bids and there-
by allowed themselves to become
confused, the fault is in th
and not in the bids.
Greenville and Pitt county on
the 5th of Jane made a plain,
practical bid, and since that time
nothing whatever been added
to or taken from it. Nor has
anything been said or done in
the effort to unduly influence the
board in arriving at a decision.
The part about it the can-
not understand is why the whole
matter should be reopened again.
The agriculture
has given out the information
that there is not much danger of
eating fruit is it done with
adequate mastication Some-
body connected with the depart-
must be interested in the
of paregoric. rate
if you don't want the colic you
had better the green
The Sun is the name of a new
cause it would be a big saving to paper published at New
treasury in providing Bern which made its first
high school at the expense of Sunday It is
the State and to the relief of
then, would be an actual saving
for an indefinite number of years
to the city treasury This would
be in addition to the further
resulting in the city's being
relieved from the necessity of
erecting a high school building
and a separate high
school, says the Free Pres.
eight pages in size and makes a
credible appearance. The Sun
is published by a stock company
with Mr. R. M. Phillips as editor
also that Greenville's bid was
higher than any other made,
Then with a bid that was clear
and on every
lint, and one recognized to be
How different a purpose have other, the board
advocates of the , had light enough before
is being heard before U. S. Judge
J. C. Prichard in Asheville. and submitted a school am. how much more hem r know what to do- They
outcome Of tho em is bid So explicit WM this did know what kind of
i in t-vat as detail, she hope to make at the they advertised for in the
. L. IV it u r ti e State, liberally aided J down, and known
was heard to the treasury of Greenville and that the bid from met
t k known Pitt county the requirement.
This department is in of F. C. NYE, who is authorized to rep-
resent the Eastern Reflector in WInterville and territory
A. G. M Co. has Picture frames made to
still on hand a full supply of by Eastern Carolina Supply Co.
their Tar Heel Cart wheels. N. C.
Send us your order we assure
prompt shipments.
The boys are getting their ball
ground in excellent shape for the
game tomorrow
We sell Laughlin, Eclipse and
Parker fountain pens.
Rev. T. H King filled his
regular appointment at the
church Sunday morning and
night His sermons were of a
high order. At the morning
himself for
B. T.
We have on hand a copies
of the history of the San
co disaster. Usual price 1.50.
Our price, B T. Cox
The school grounds are
now as the grass has just
been mowed- The of
the school will soon be out.
F. and Theodore Cox
went to Greenville Tuesday.
You just ought to come down
and see the nice and up to-date
Hunsucker buggies being turned
cut almost almost every day by
the A. G Cox Co.
Frank James and family left
Requests for of
High School came in
students, music
pupils, and about boarders
is the record for last year. The
prospects are bright for the com-
of Ayden,
B T. Cox Bro. have just re-
a nice lot of Teacher's
Bibles, flexible binding.
from to each.
Laura Cox and Theodore
Cox went over the river Sunday.
Good meal is a luxury. Bring
corn to the Carolina Mil-
and Manufacturing Com-
They grind at any time
during the week.
Mrs. E. E. Cox, who spent
some time with relatives at
Seven Springs, is at home again.
Her health is much improved.
Those in need of tobacco sticks
will do well to see L. L Kit-
who will be prepared to fill
James King, Greenville,
was hero Tuesday.
Lawns, laces, organdies, ham-
bergs going at a at Hr
Barber Co.
Mrs. A. D. Johnson and
spent today in Greenville.
See our new assortment of
hamburgs, laces etc at B. r,
Manning Co.
Miss I ala in spent Sun-
with Miss Lela at
Hamilton rifles are the thing
for shooting on gun outing trips
fishing, etc. this summer.
Barber Co.
We are glad indeed to an-
that Dr. J H. Hudson,
who recently passed the state
has decided to locate in
G Cox Mfg. Co- are in
to fill your orders
the Handy Tobacco Trucks.
us your orders at once be-
j re the rush comes.
Rev. T. H. King returned to
LaGrange Monday evening.
Prof. Cecil will begin teach-
a class in book keeping here
A. W. Ange Co. have a
large assortment of trunks,
valises, suit cases and telescopes
that they will at greatly reduced
prices for the next thirty days.
See them, they are beautiful.
tonight at the academy-
Mr- and Mrs. L. F- Elliott,
Carload of hay, just in A. W-
Ange Cc.
who had been away for several
days visiting relatives and friends
in Granville county, returned
home Tuesday. They report a
grand occasion at Oxford last
Tobacco twine, lanterns,
etc, at W. Ange Co.
Misses Olivia and Hulda Cox
Sunday in Greenville.
A large lot of chairs and other
furniture just arrived A. W.
chickens and
to .
pi paid for them.
Keep cool these hot days. Get
fans at B. F- Man-
The famous Hawks at
B. T. Bro. Don't neglect
your eyes.
J. M. BLOW, Manager and Authorized Agent.
The program was followed by
a short talk from our much be-
loved pastor. Rev. B E- Stanfield
which was very instructive and
much appreciated.
The famous mower
with reaper attachment is the
thin j to harvest your oats with.
Get one at Harrington
Now is a great season for
traveling. Go F- Manning
Co for trunKS.
Miss Laura Cox left Friday
morning for the Oxford
asylum, where she has accepted
a position during the summer in
Several of our boys went out
on another bear hunt Wednesday
morning and came with the
real article. He weighed
bounds, measuring about six feet
in length. The report quite
an exciting chase.
Rev. W. E. Cox. of Greenville,
spent Friday night here with his
The union meeting the Free
Will Baptist churches is in
at Reedy Branch and will
continue through Sunday.
Misses Carrie Wesson and
lie Bryan went to Greenville Fri-
day on a shopping tour.
Miss Cox,
by Misses
left Friday morn
for Seven Springs where she
will spend some time visiting
here Sunday.
Misses Hattie Lou Whitfield,
of Kinston, and Lula
of Knoxville Tenn., are spend-
time with Miss Olivia
The A. G. Cox Mfg. C. ship-
solid car loads of their
Handy tobacco trucks Tuesday
morning. The farmers all over
the State are beg to see
the necessity for these
Misses Jessie, Mary and Mas-
Henry of Norfolk,
are visiting at the home of B- W.
The A. G. Cox Mfg. Co., are
daily shipping out the best to-
flues at the lowest price.
Send us your orders.
Mrs. Fannie Nichols, who had
been visiting in Kinston, return-
ed home Tuesday.
All who want lime for repair-
furnaces or buildings can
find the best quality at A- W.
Ange Co.
Miss Helen Galloway, of
Grimesland, spent Sunday night
here and Monday evening
for Greenville where she will
spend some time.
the Carolina Milling
Co. are prepared to
grind first meal for you at
any time- Wood work also a
Another heavy rain fell here
Tuesday evening.
B. F. Manning Co, have
opened up a nice line of Canned
nm for Dick Smith, son of Cicero
take Smith left here years ago
sad writing receipts for his home in Brunswick
We list i a to
. his father who is very with a
receive their at j carbuncle on his neck. Dick
hi- We also take says he would have never known
printing old place as only a small de-
pot and a few houses composed
For fresh and cheap goods go
to E. E. Co., they always
have the best
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exchange corn
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ltd Ayden, N. C
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to say of the
in having a first class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store and secure this much need-
ed article.
Store an Is e
cure one of those excellent n
Pens.-M. M, Sauls.
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Pens at Saul's. Call
Ayden when he left and in the
surrounding country the change
has been equally as great. He
seems to be proud of it.
Fountain pens on sale at
drug store at from to
Mrs. E. L. Brown came home
Saturday from an extended visit
in Bertie county.
Mrs Titus Hart, of Florida, is
spending the summer with her
mother-in-law, Mrs. Minnie Hart
near here- She and her husband
went to Florida years ago and
have accumulated a for-
tune. To their credit they have
not neglected their relatives
cons cotton
meal. F- Lilly Co
R. W Smith went to Green-
ville Monday.
Mrs. Edwards and
children have been here on a
visit to her broth r. but have
returned to their home in Kin-
Rev. W. E. Cox held services
5th Sunday in the Episcopal
church. Rev. Mr. Duncan will
and I preach each 4th Sunday hereafter
I tor our Episcopal friends.
Irish potatoes are being ship-
There is a force of railroad car-1 from herein right large
here repairing and considering the sea-
y work in and I son. They are quoted from
the depot
Prof. Cecil is moving
nicely with his class in
We notice in the Ayden items
that a Mr- Mills killed the
We beg leave to make the
Ernest Tripp killed the
Jennings of
boys had another
ville. is visiting
A- G. Cox.
at the home of
The boys
came over on Thursday after-
noon and defeated the Winter
ville team in game of ball to
A large crowd was out to
witness the
Tho. and little sister,
Irma Bell, visited here this week.
F. A. who spent
several days on the road, came
in Wednesday evening-
Thursday was a red letter day
for of the
large of people to
i the installation of
of the Ayden and
lodges of A. r. A. M.
Immediately after the
members of these lodges and
their visitors from the
lodge hall drawn up in regular
line to the chapel where a large
audience was awaiting their
was then taken
up. After a song by the Sunday
school choir prayer was offered
by Prof. W. H Then
came the installation of the re-
officers of the
lodges mentioned above, by Dr.
C. W- of Kinston,
deputy grandmaster.
Rev- W. E. Cox preached at
the Episcopal church Sunday
Bring your wheat to the Caro-
Milling Mfg. Co- They
are now prepared to make first
class flour.
A. G. Cox spent Monday in
Greenville at the regular meeting
of the Board of Education. He
was elected chair-
man again, which capacity he
has filled for several years.
Bryan and Theodore
Blacksmith done prompt-
at Milling Mfg.
Cox left yesterday morning for
Seven Springs, driving through
the country.
Jimmie Galloway was visiting
A full of fresh drops at
F. Manning Co.
We have just opened a nice
lot of beautiful rugs. A- W.
Dainty ties all styles at B
F. Manning Co.
u Cox Co.
County School desks.
belts and umbrellas
for summer use at B. F- Man-
Stokes, of Greenville, was
here yesterday.
chase Monday morning but the
dogs strayed oil after a fox.
The track was seen by
Nice assortment of glass ware
just arrived- Harrington. Bar-
Quite a number of our people
attended the union at Reedy
Branch Sunday.
A large line of umbrellas and
parasols just received at
j Co.
C H. C. Cannon is curing
co this week.
Get your wood work done at
the Carolina Milling
The regular mission meeting
of the Baptist church was held
Sunday night
Look for a moment at the nice
Tobacco Flues being almost
turned out by The A. G- Cox
Mfg- Co. We guarantee good
goods at lowest prices-
The address of welcome was
delivered by A- G. Cox in an ex-
manner, which was re-
to by F. C. Nye in behalf
of the Sunday school.
Next came the able oration by
Harding, of
ville His address was one of the
best on Masonry we have ever
heard. Grand Master F. D.
Winston was expected to deliver
the oration but was prevented
from being present. Major
Harding was equal to the
At the close of the address a
beautiful was sung
by Misses Laura Cox, Kate Chap-
man, Hulda Cox and Mr. Harvey
The audience then proceeded
to the oil mill where dinner was
served in seed room-
The long tables loaded with
viands presented a spec-
of beauty- The Masons
always have a place in our
hearts. May they see fit to visit
us again in the future.
Greenville wisely concluded
that making the bid for the
training school along
Several of our young men went
I to Farmville Tuesday to see a
r game of ball between Snow Hill
and that town.
The police force Ayden has
been greatly enlarged by a rein-
of two at a time
around the corner at the home of
Chief Alexander. They haven't
donned their uniform yet. but
have been at list cuff so
as to be in time.
Mrs. has been
visiting Mrs. W, E. Hooks.
Tuesday morning a bear was
seen in the neighborhood of Mr.
Bryant Tripp's. Soon a was
made. The neighbors, all grown
and small, white and black, with
every bulldog and bull,
were on the scene. After a chase
of six miles took to a tree
and was killed by a man named
Mills We could not learn its
size, but those who saw it say it
was a whopper.
Miss Olivia Cox, of
who has been on a visit to
here, return to her home
D. Gibb is off on a pleasure
trip to various summer
For a well behaved, gentle-
manly set of boys the Snow Hill
team and their friends who were
with them yesterday cannot be
excelled. They are a clever set.
Jackson returned Tues-
day from Asheville where he
had been as a representative of
the Y. M C. A. of Wake Forest.
He reports a good time.
Miss Nancy Coward, of Green-
ville, is here on a visit.
George came over Thurs-
day from Snow Hill with the
ball team and none seemed to
enjoy the game more than he-
Is the training school stock
A little excitement was
on our streets yesterday
morning by two mer.
in a No serious damage
but the boys enjoyed
the fun just the same. The
mayor closed last act in the
W E Hooks wont to
ton Sunday.
Ayden plays Snow Hill on the
glorious Fourth.
J. J. Stokes admitted a lad in-
to his family circle on th
it being under; he could re-
main for the next years on
good behavior. If the lad should
fail to keep his promise Mr.
Stokes will turn him over to
Alexander's new force.
We had one of the heaviest
rain falls here Saturday during
the whole year. If the farmers
should make so much as a h
crop of cotton this year they will
be very fortunate.
J. J. B. Cox, of Swift Creek,
was here Sunday.
Merrimon of Bel-
haven, is here on a visit to
mother and other relatives
Miss Meta of Kins-
ton. and Miss Green-
of Alexandria. Va. have
been visiting Miss Helen
for the past several days.
Archie Tripp. a former Ayden
boy, but now of Norfolk, is at
old home on a visit
Miss Nichols of Beaver
Dam, is v- ling Mrs. J.
Tie moon is still but
it to be under a dark
;. Be i l yesterday for
Of c.
A. I ., r and
of Greenville, were in
den Monday.
to per barrel
Ernest and wife came
home from Norfolk Saturday.
Miss Roe, a trained nurse from
Washington, came Wednesday
to be with master Ormond Lei
wards, a little of W. M. Ed-
wards, who has fever.
Miss Helen Dudley, near
Greenville, is visiting Miss
We are indebted to our
and friend, Will Edward,
for a handsome four in hand tie I
presented us yesterday. We Music has charms in the
certainly appreciate it and tender i try where the houses are a mile
Piles quick and certain relief
from Dr. Magic Ointment.
note it is made alone for Piles,
its action is and
Itching, painful, protruding or blind
disappear like magic by its use.
glass jars
Sold by Bryant Store
our sincerest
Lost, Strayed or red
six years old this
spring, heavy duck legged, left
horn has a hole in it bored with
a bit. in flank weighs
about one thousand pounds. Five
dollars reward to any person
bringing same to me. This June
18th, 1907. John S. Hart,
Ayden, N. C
Mrs. W. J. Coward came up
on the afternoon train from
Kinston yesterday.
David Gibb has returned.
Miss Stella who has
been on a visit here to friends
returned to her home in Winter-
W. M. Edwards.
We are pleased to learn Miss
Annie Edwards and Master Oh
Edwards are very
who Ive their children
Laxative Cough Syrup invariably
it. Children like it because the
taste is so pleasant. Contains
and tar. It is original laxative
cough syrup and is unrivaled for re-
lief of croup. Drives cold out
through the bowels. Conforms to the
Pure Food and Drug Law. Sold by
DeWitt's Little Early Riser.
i-ll. safe pill, sure pill. to
p-pleasant and effective.
Sold by John L.
Tripp Hart Co
Dr Joseph Dixon
Ayden, M. C.
Is it in
A prompt, pleas ant, good remedy for
colds, is Kennedy's Lax-
Cough Syrup. It is re-
commended for babies and children, but
food for every member of e family.
contains no opiates and doe
and tar
tastes as good maple syrup.
Children like it.
Drug Store.
Messrs J. R Turnage Co.
Ayden, N. C.
For fear that there
may be a slight misunderstand-
on the part of some of our
customers regarding the
tee upon our patent and Dull
shoes, we wish to
emphasize the fact chat same
exists and has not been with-
At the of business May. 1906.
and discounts
Overdrafts secured 1,227.83
Furniture and Fixtures 610.59
Due from banks and bankers 9,362.42
Cash items 29.80
Gold coin 290.00
Silver coin
Nat. bk 1,538.00
Undivided profits less expenses
Dividends unpaid
subject to check
certified cheeks
We our customers ;
all wearers men's sh-- i.
know that we will .
as we have done in the past vis.
guarantee the vamps of
contains no opiates and does not con-1 Patent and Hull not
Contains honey and and I to break through before the first
sole is worn out.
I J. R. Smith, Cashier of the hank, do
above statement Is true to the best of my and ho-
J. R. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before
this 27th day of May ,
. . r
W. T. n. B. N. C.
In the event of a Burt Pack-
ard shoe
contrary to this guarantee.
the fr-m
hoes were purchased, is author-1
to replace with a pair.
Yours very
Cox, of
has a visitor here during,
we t.
Rev R. Hi Jones came home
evening from his sum-
mer outing.
Elias Turnage and wife, of
spent with
Tho Ayden Milling and Manufacturing Company have
just received a new supply of furnishings
in their undertaking department.
They hi. also purchased a hearse and are in first
class position to serve i he This is a long needed
want in this section and they promise the best when
anything in line is needed.

At the instance of Special
Hoyt of the
. sworn
Located Right Here
Did know that there was n
ck here in Green
It is a fact, and there
there m . ,
quantities. When the
, the
the very thing-
A deal
Statutes of the
States, as
person who holds
rests, returns
aids the
Kg re
and this has
The not
-The fur be blasting
and returning found
to a of peonage on four led to he
to demand
Justice of Peace and, war- M
rock would make an
foundation for cement
surface. No doubt the entire
along the ravine and
the river holds area
rants were issued for their
rest. were arrested
the sheriff of the county, com-
to and it seems that
the sheriff was instructed to re , next
tum in work under Kline. be obtained there,
seems this choice was
the either to to I
their work or else to he tried be-
fore a the be
fined or Under
these through an
interpreter, they indicated a
preference to return U. work
rather than to he on the r
have Hen
a loose manner in
the I as Kline was given
fop the as K me Rocky Mount
the processes the t to. t e
purpose of these men In Wilson
servitude, the basis of Kline s, Washington
fight to Id them being an Kinston
i for their trans New Born
New York to
they we're placed Tarboro
on worn It turns out that for
some of the men who were
rested and committed no war-
rants at all were issued, but they
How The Stand.
No came Saturday on account
of rain.
Card Thank.
The children cf
m A desire
. a and com ; sincere thanks to the
to rather I e and J J
continue in imprison-
,,., sickness
had Saturday in .
the court room Ki s,
United and l a r, ,
China mu .
co I
it made cm it .;. d
Matter, i
If mistakes.
ambiguity appear in the bids
any tiled on the
June, the town filing the
with such mistakes,
Id for
mistakes etc The board re-
m i the 5th
June the d
any t were admitted in the
I board was holding it sessions
land we humbly submit i.
such mistakes, discrepancies, or
ambiguity wen
town, then and there was
the time and place to have had
such mistaken, dis
ambiguity corrected. It seems
to us that it was certainly the
duty of u v
clear unmistakable prop-
before them before they
their tour f
Certainly it must be ad-
that a town that did sub-
a without
mistakes, discrepancies and am-
b not to suffer on ac-
count these things occurring
in the of some Other
believe tat when
insets OB the lOch of July
and no s over these propositions
again it when it finds a
cut. unmistakable
made by any town on the 5th of
June it Will not allow said town
or towns to suffer on o
any mistakes, discrepancies or
ambiguity that may appear i
the sealed bids of any other town
or towns, tiled on the June
any additions,
corrections which any town
n, id. in tn e sealed bids or
,. which they in
Ami we further humbly sub
that when the board
at its the
that such did
in some of the s that it did
not justify the in re open-
the I matter and n low-
to was which these
detective bids to submit am.
different propositions at this late
would be a
man to take advantage o. h s
own wrong, a thing th it is n
done in a court of equity.
it must u.
. .; nut are so-akin.
iii writing,
to Hie r .
nil bids
, ii. i i i it.-.
. . we
. . i., and
c h- rs chewers any
r sort of chewing tobacco. It
will a I; show you why there are
more d k and more pounds off.
tobacco d i awed, to the population in
those States where
co was first s- o Id, than there are in the
States where i has not
been offered to j trade.
I j C LOS E-. MAY. 1907
. . vi-h
v. rT V
f k f C t Deposit
w Ml all other,, Nm Bank
i Woe.
r 1.020.00
I r Ii -I i N-r r Coin
I R ;., ., it i U Notes
h i
KY, , .
, N C , ,; I
I. H. . the
V-. Mi.
M j
In the i
Pitt County. I C Moore,
sir t n
true to th best of my
i n c
JOHNS rip .
. .
which W re issued him in the
in co
Attorney Skinner end the
Agent Hoyt
he in the matter in .
i F. G. James represented
the defendant Kline. The de-i are rumors
introduced testimony., son
The court he'd the defendant top the camps
bail in the sum cf for and around
but as none of
where they
their work
these were
in the next term of
district c. at New out at the preliminary
Hoyt ST h A and are to he in,
eleven of the led in the trial at the higher
alleged peons were to bail court, no comment is made up. n;
for their as witness- feature it.
I in the case New; Bern h , b charged
and in default of bail were as that
committed to jail. The district against these, foreigners w
however, stated that they are trifling people and
this commitment no i not work, but this is not borne
they would be cared . factS- True there
for at the expense of the govern- among
held in jail. permitted tried are found to the contrary.
under the custody of the sheriff I When the first bunch of them
to do any other voluntary work j d on a warrant sworn
as they desired, and one them
to take tor
service tor their own use. who had some money paid
This ease is novel and and a companion out of jail.
inc in this section for the reason i of afterward em
t, create a condition J work for him.
servitude and to prevent the one by the town
or debt. This for the horses bet,
one who has
the English tan- of them.
is of i Some others of the foreigners
has caused the general . h had
to instruct vigorous . , . wrote
. the matter hive.- . ;. No.;,, m,
was a minstrel
show here Saturday night n a
tent near cure house. Chas
Barnes, n c man from
raising a
an the tent. Chef of
Police Smith Barnes f r
conduct and
with him me station
were passing th
between stores of Hen-
i. K G
Move broke and
alley. Officer
lire three in the air th
g would mike th
but such was not the res, t
Was not
to the scene m
The race t through
alley to d street, then
around the co r into
and down this street to
Fifth street Officer Clark was
gaining on the the
latter suddenly turned and fire
a shot at him but did not hit him
Officer Clark at once i
the fire, his shot striking th
in the right breast.
turned to run when t
officer fired a second
struck in the upper part of the
shoulder. The first shot
struck the was a fatal one
and after going a few feet he;
fell dead in street.
Coroner held
an st late Sunday afternoon,
the verdict of the jury acquitting
Officer Clark from blame, on the
that the shooting was;
I. Ii. Woolen
of Or I -r made
t Special I.
ii day of May, the
day of June, 1907. at noon,
i public sale before court
in to the
following of and discount s
of Due from. Hanks
T. H. blaming, J- M. the
land and a id
more or tea,
formerly known t c
Homo This s.- A Nat l ban
day of May,
F. Harding.
Comm r
18th, 1907.
Mid other U S. notes
n n certificates of
I Deposits subj. to i
o co checks out-
Certified Checks
Off The River.
The Norfolk Southern rail-
way having completed its road
to Greenville, has withdrawn its
st service from the river.
steamer Myers made her
trip today, and the familiar
face of Capt. A. will
be greatly missed. He has been
running up and down Tar river
for more than a quarter of a
and is as clever a man a
over commanded a ship
vi-h him good luck wherever he
placed by the
as hi; steamer will no
in service on h
of the same.
been called to his attention
several different
Special Agent Hoyt n
man In this field for
North for money
to return, and the money
was sent them. This
does not, indicate that they are
this field tor no standing
and give special attention w
Notice is hereby given that I will
ply to the Hoard of County
era at their July meeting for license to
retail liquor for six months in the town
This May 30th, 1907.
to Ice Cream.
Simply the content of one
loin i quart or milk and No
age makes nearly two of One l
cream. about cent a plate.
kinds; Vanilla,
or in
I 11.1 Hi
M. R. Page.
at all
If grocer
a name end
book win be
mailed u
North Carolina, c f Pitt,
I. of
swear tint f is, true to the my
edge and be W. H ;
o . i j j .-., k
sworn be-
Votary j Director
To sufferers of Liver
Bladder Troubles. Other ma
say a bottle am
it cure will
your We say
full size free bottle of U
SOL and if it benefits t
SOL until cur
This entitles
July ;. I mil
to test
The Magic Na.
three u mascot
U. of Me.
ton letter
Suffering much with liver ard kidney
air J to relief, tried
an I as a result I am a
y. The first re-
completed the
live, and kidney trouble-, by
J. L. Wooten druggist.
CURE the
Dr. King's
New Discovery
for all THROAT and
w ho life Is
fell I family.
w Insures Ills health
was bot k his
Ir by guard-
Ins It I worth guarding.
At attack of disease.
g approaches
your health.
m Bod of Aide
This being the f a
new ID t of
the town. old all r-
held a s . t
u. n
lie i
e co I
of the won past
year which will Liter
with comment
The newly I.
appeared and the of office
was Superior
Court Clerk D. C. Tn.-
is compose.
1st ward S.
2nd ward-C. S. W A.
Cotton Bagging and
Ties-a I ways on d
h kept con-
In stock. Country
Produce Bought and Sold
O. W.
i n n.
North the superior
Pitt county. c
J. C. wife Maggie
R. A.
The defendant Dawson. will
hereby take notice a pro-
instituted in the
of Pitt J.
R. A.
purpose of making -sale of a
of land in swift
Township Pitt county vision
and said KIM
Dawson one of the
special will further
she i
of the the
court Pitt v. at Greenville. N
the a d an
or demur to the
plaintiffs or the
.- will granted.
Thistle 1907
c. Moore
clerk superior court county.
I Not Quite I
I war G. J-
. Mom-.
. vi- t. J.
and look,
i in- following
elected in
with the caucus recently held
by the men
May. M. Wooten.
Clerk-J. C Tyson.
L. Carr
Chief Police -J. T. Smith.
int Police -G. A. Clark.
Police-W H
A he
i over the elect on
Two the
board-J. C. W. L.
Hall were chose by
when Flanagan
offered the motion that the
of the third be
deferred to the August meeting.
His reason given for this was
that from what transpired in
the caucus he felt confident the
commissioner not be
at the present meeting,
was carried.
followed as
to the th election of only
two commissioners would have
the conduct of the
the third could
e chosen. Al m who
for the Flanagan mo-
to reconsider it and
into the election of the third
The names of B. J. Pulley
E. ridden were presented
and several without
I reached. v
board w is equally divided
the two candidates, they
careful not mike a tie
so ; the decision
II the mayor.
M Hook
r was presented, an after a few
e ballots he received a
and was third com-
How often
you cat get a
driver .
Have a
e. Our
that your it'll
lea mo lack a
n Sway W
m i.- .
there i-
in- .
other In
in .;.
if ,.;.
Ion him up.
I pack, I
lire ready.
lie buy
No. Then
oat between th
Next In this
I lie
There is a
I tor takes a great
j ill lumper to
Under, the
iii New York,
an itching palm and
nut disposition when
genial. The
parasite of the Pa
and few indeed are
she fails to draw blood
Her hand is not .
the close of the
she begins to get her
at once. Not that she
I pretense of finding
I scats that the tickets
j her call for. The
one in to come f-
swear that she ever four
for him. Nobody could
I an affidavit without
jury, lie says. Hut what s
grab his hat and overcoat
cane. These she lock
of horrors
the cloakroom, and
the victim is at her mercy,
not escape without paying t
It is no wonder that the o
more attention to co
her r-venue than to
ft is serious mat
her. only has she to ma
living out of it. but she mo-
make up the of
one theater the
francs, or a night for
Sometime it is
but always
francs, except in two
three of the best theaters,
have tried to the
and w,
to lb.-
to rut
f. I
w j
t tip to t
a The
in is
almost a-,
Wm, he won
-a. 1-
of ii-.
duns .-
up in a
be. calls
For Y
F. i
No -folk, Va.
have been the standard Cotton and
guanos in the South-
because great care is used in the
selection of materials.
Ask your dealer for
goods and don't take substitutes
to be just as good. See that
trade-mark is on every bag.
No lite, strength,
mas. he. bad breath
general dot risings, and catarrh
of the I all due to
the natural juices of dire.
In a
. Tile See,
Hides, h Cotton Heed R. and .
, . . . Hep
In a healthy Hi Oak
h the I Par
and Tables
only relieve and d
but this famous
all n troubles by
W. Va.
are now It Id
first meet
of board will be held or two , f . , H
I liars lay is a year
n- much them, and
they t make it a year
Mr. S. S. KM.
and Gail Ax
submitted and fur-
on application. All work
Turn key job when ever
Of Course
You get Harness,
Horse Goods,
J. P.
I is not a narcotic or dope but removes
lie cause. Get a bottle and try it for
headaches, sour stomach, indigestion
pains or colds. Id's liquid affects
to take. Sold at
all drug stores.
Every Man His Own Doctor.
The average man cannot afford to
employ a physician for slight an-
mi-lit or injury that may occur in his
family, nor can he afford to neglect
them, as so an injury as the
of . has been known t-
MUM to less of n Hence every
man must from necessity lie
doctor for this class of ailments. Success
often upon prompt
which can only lie had when
medicines are dent hand. Chamber-
Remedies have been in the
kt for many years enjoy a good
Colic, Cholera
Remedy for bowel complaint.
Iain's Cough Remedy fee
cold.--, croup and t
Chamberlain's Pain Balm
septic for cuts bruises, burn-.
Drains, swellings, lame back and
I n's Stomach and Liver
lets for a-.
atom troubles.
Littleton Moo.
into and
on certificate.
Faculty of experienced college
from leading colleges.
I. moderate- -no extras.
Health conditions unsurpassed.
Prepare for or college.
Thorough ion.
. library.
No Saloons.
Time to enter Sept.
For information and
Z. P. Supt.
Littleton, N. C
truth U stranger than fiction
has more been demonstrated in
the little town of Fedora, Tenn., the
of C. V. Pepper. He
I was in bed, entirely disabled with
hemorrhages of the lungs and throat.
failed to help me, and all hope
had tied when I began taking Dr.
New Discovery. instant relies
cam.-. The soon ceased;
bleeding diminished rapidly, and
, three week I able to go to
cure for coughs and cold .
and at J. L.
store. Trial bottle free.
but even in there sue
it pleading look in he poor
yea is she one's
baggage that no with a
heart tan keep Ilia out of
pocket, k now the worn
an is under heavy e. She
mast be expensively i tressed in up
to style to keep h r
occasionally a will re-
volt. One tells how one even
went to n tty
alone. lie dodged the
a busy moment, slipped the
aisle, found his seat by hi and
sat down in it an of
unconscious innocence. A it
he had no overcoat, he
hid nil hut under the seat. All
me, the end of t per
outstretched hand.
he asked.
she answered.
you gave me none.
should give you
she explained in
good audible tone. did not v
that monsieur was a dead-
This brought him to time, and h
gave her a York Sun.
Key Wee,
ft Syrup,
r Coffee. Meat
Lye Matches
Seed M and Hulls
Seeds, Oranges,
Prunes, Rail
. ;. chi. a ware Tip
ware, cakes an.,
r. f r. Sew M
mi- see me
in , ,
M I ,
W .
you to
S. M.
Raleigh. N. C
n. when
i-W. CO.
Cotton and of
raging-, Ti-sandBag.
Yo afford it
Do Not Neglect the Children,
At this season of th- year the first
unnatural looseness of a child's bowels
sh mid have immediate attention. The
thine; can be given is
Cholera and
followed by oil as direct-
ed with each bottle of the For
all aid Dealers Pat-
He Fired
have fired the walking-stick I've
carried over years, on account of a
sore that resisted every kind of treat
ii r
Making Hats.
Tin- hat industry ii car
on in the of
in the of Co-
mostly w the last
Wined department, it is On-
more one-half
population. Thorn are m
regular but the a
hand of
women in almost as many house
holds and old or traded in
ml stores in for prov,
or articles of clothing, the hi
being in these a
medium exchange, the housewife
exchanging the of her
for o many pounds of flour,
etc. Panama huts are wit
the veins of fibers of a palm leaf,
. III .
cents per week
pays-for a
o trice
clean Towels
work guaranteed
A Specialty.
Hot Cold Baths
ail for you
ours K serve,
J. Prop.
stale goods in warm
to my for
by as th.-
ken out and this . i , T
normal condition,
Take Hall's
N. C.
CA .
I'll stop
r ,.,.

The Savory Roaster.
Is far superior to any other
Roaster made, not an ounce of
substance lost Other roasters
waste from to per cent.
The Savory seamless roaster
needs no water, grease or
of any kind. It simply asks
to be let alone. us all j
and flavors, renews the youth of
the toughest fowl. One great
feature of the Savory roaster
the oval bottom, with the
nary flat bottom roaster the
moisture brought out of the meat
by cooking has no chance to ac-
cumulate and is burned and dried
up in the bottom of the pan. In
the oval this meat juice
flows continuously to the lowest
point of the bottom, where it is
turned into steam and condensed
on the surface of the meat This
condensation continues until the
roast has become heated through
to the temperature of the
in the roaster, when the
condensation stops and the brown
of the roast begins.
The Savory roaster is self bast-
and self browning. The
bottom is raised off oven
by the outside heat-retaining
jacket, which applies a uniform
heat to the roast from all sides
The Savory roaster i sin a class
to itself. Is guaranteed to give
satisfaction when used accord-
to directions. Buy one. take
it home, go by the directions, use
it thirty days, if not all we claim
forth, return it to us and we will
give you back your money, pro-
the roaster when return-
ed, is in good condition.
See our window display of the
Savory roasters. We will be
glad to show you. Call and see
1793 1908
i l-
i I and f. I
, SCHOOL Ideal's .
I other schools received Vicious soon II
limited Kales reason-
able. K. K F l. K. N C.
PLACE fifty different
makes of Womens shoes to-
Ask ten women to
make Nine of them
will pick the
SHOE. We have test-
ed and proved this. There
must be a reason why
all other women's shoes in
the world.
This department is in charge of W. Parker who is author-
to represent The Reflector in Farmville and vicinity.
Farmville. N- C July
Crops are whooping up and
our farmers are to
The Primitive Baptists held
their union meeting on Sunday
at Tyson's church with a large
crowd. Rev. P. D. Gold, of
Wilson, and Mr. preach-
ed Sunday
Mrs. Mary R. Thigpen. wife of
W. of Hassel, Martin
county, died Saturday, June 29th.
She had been sick two weeks
with typhoid fever. -She was
hurried in the family burial
grounds near Farmville. Elder
Forbes conducted the services
Mrs. was sister of Dr.
C. C, O. L., and
She leaves six children, oldest
years of age, youngest
months, husband one sister with
a host of. f to mourn her
death. Our heart goes out in
sympathy with the bereaved
There has been some excite-
in our neighborhood a few
days a mad dog making his
appearance last Saturday even-
lighting and biting nearly all
the dogs around. W. R. Home
killed one that he fought on his
farm. One at Mrs. Mollie Ty-
son's was killed, two at W. H.
Wilkerson's. It was thought
the mad dog came from Green
ville and left on the Wilson road,
but we hope some one has been
Sticky shot at him
is the law about killing
logs that have been bitten by
mad dogs
Last Tuesday 25th, I found
myself to the picnic at
Green Spring. Arriving there
about eleven o'clock I found the
grounds well strewn with a
crowd of good looking social and
jovial crowd of friends and
some strangers. Best of all
one seemed in fine spirits,
and a gala day was in view for
all The spring water was in
great demand, the weather being
and the water extra tine.
and refreshing. A generous sup-
ply was constantly on the ground
supplied by Mr. Watt
of the picnic and also
i the spring. In his usual gracious
manner he welcomed, waited on
land talked to every one, and
made every one glad they had
j visited his picnic and tasted his
life saving mineral water. I
think this one day has won for
I him a lasting remembrance by
present. There was many
other enjoyable features of the
Among them were the
music rendered by the Farmville
string band which was
by old and young, but those
who tripped the light fantastic
i toe enjoyed it best. About p.
lunch was and every
, one seemed to think the mineral
; water or something had quite an
appetizing effect. The
of friends all over the
grounds seemed to enjoy eating
j and chatting, and being gathered
together on the delightful
ion. a needed rest the
music reminded the crowd that
the musicians were feeling better
prepared for their duties and
dancing again began on the pa-
and every one there
seemed interested and enjoyed
the hours as they slipped by so
swiftly. About
Painter and Designer.
All guaranteed.
Prompt attention to orders.
Farmville N. C.
Manufacturer of
Slop Brick-
Th- best clay an the est burn-
ed on ti e market. Orders
filled on short notice.
I have four cows, mist-
from years old. average to
per day, calves to months
Sold under guarantee.
n. c.
Farmville N. C.
We will buy or sell your real
Parker's Old
Farmville, N. C.
All of n pairing of Carts
and Wagons.
In fact any kind of work in
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
Dr. G. E. Weeks,
Office over Harden Bros, new
Farmville, N. C.
Open all hours of the day.
Farmville, N, C,
Comfortable chairs, lights,
sharp and expert bar-
cleaned and
. L. IAN
Optician and Watch-maker,
Glasses Fitted. Examination of
eyes free.
All watch and clock work
Listen Listen
For days you can get
cute little Photos for cents at
Taylor's Gallery-
Big Store
offering a complete of
Dry Goods, Shoes Hats,
and Millinery -3
to-wrong by inspecting our Good for you will certain
be pleased with the pike.
Senator Willis R. Williams at once to
announced to make a brief speech j and get
and I feel that all present felt I Photos that
honored by having such a I Price
staunch, deep, well read man to
entertain them- His speech was
based upon facts of personal
experiences associated with the
spring and surroundings and
friends who had passed away.
Oh I just thought how glad that
I had come, to hear these brief
sketches by one tried and
trusted. Hope he may live to
make many more just such.
the speech a base ball game
between and Green
Spring teams, decided in favor
of old Green Springs, and
course most all present were glad
to raise three cheers for our
boys, but we equally
with the others. Come
over again boys and try to get
even- After the game of ball all
gathered around the pa to
enjoy the dancing, until the
sun began to remind us we were a
little distance from home and
that we had only a short time to
bid our friends adieu, and ex-
press our hearty thanks to all
who had been so royal in making
this day just the day that it was.
one to be
of those cute little
Taylor is making.
PIANO You will get the
most satisfaction and
pleasure if you a
PIANO Because, in ad-
its being a fine,
high grade upright piano
to be played in the
nary way, it has in its
that which
when desired, enables
any member of the
without any musical
education, to play any-
thing from popular song
to grand opera. These
wonderful instruments
are told from maker to
on easy terms.
Send your name and ad-
dress for to.
L. C. Street, Mgr.,
St Norfolk Va.
The Piano with the
Sweet Official
Piano Jamestown Expo-
Wilson Streets, M. C
General Merchandise,
For Cash or on Time
Queen Quality Shoes for Women and King Quality for
Cotton, Shuck and Fit s.
Complete line of ever -thing in the way of Goods, Clothing,
Groceries, Hardware, feed sniff
r Second
Lang Building, Main Street, Farmville, N. C
New Firm. New Store. New Goods.
My Merchandise ab
Close I Vices.
Gents Fine a
You make no mistake in trading with us, for you get
the best goods at lowest price.
Perfection Quality and shoes for Ladies and gentlemen
at their cut price, Ladies fancy goods,
General Merchants
Main and Farmville, N.
Dry Clothing, Heavy and
Fancy Groceries, Fur-
Stock and Fertilizer.
Complete line of Carpets, Mattings and Rugs- Agents for
Guns, Pistols and Rifles.
Coupons with premiums for every dollar in cash trade. Call
and see o i
s with pr
i. lock.
Davis Old Stand, Main Street, Farmville, N. C.
Complete stock Merchandise-
or time trade solicited
Buyers of Cotton and Country Produce.
Meat. Hay, Corn, Oats and Fertilizer in carload lots.
Everything in Dry Cods and Groceries.
Distributors of celebrated Shoes for Men and Women.
A fronts Colors and each.
Horton Hotel
Farmville, N. C.
lated. Up-to-date furnishings.
Polite servants. Best table the
market at all seasons.
Rates Reasonable.
Buss meets all trains.
First livery gold rigs
and horses.
B. S. Smith,
located n corner
and permanent,
rates and prompt
Wilson and
j L Thorne,
Main Street.
N. ,
Everything found in an
Drug Store. Good lino Oils and
Paints. All kinds of
Ice through the season.
Open a. m. to fl
day to a. in.
p. m. Sun
Farmville. N. C.
years in
Enlarging a
Tonsorial Emporium.
Staton Clark, Proprietor.
Farmville, N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Strict
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow-
z repaired, clean-
ed and pressed.
Jeweler and Estate Agent.
Watches and Clocks repaired on short
notice. Work guaranteed.
Farmville, A. C.
Fresh Meats. Beef, Fish.
Local and Richmond Products,
h .-
v. a
D. J. and Owner.
Truth in Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
The Levy License Ft fie j or
The board of aldermen met in; On Sunday afternoon the
adjourned Monday night people and children of
the present. Memorial Baptist church and
License tax vi d school organized a Sun-
Society There
attendance and the
of members for
as very
follows, in r
the y
Traveling min-
showing s t-t at
hall, per day.
Public auctioneers
Butchers and fresh meat deal
Wood and coal dealers
Photographers per year
Junk dealers per month.
Livery stables
Hotels charging per day
charging per day
boarding houses This
i. Ms-a. B. E.
Pr t Lillian Burch,
Recording Secretary Miss
Annie Leonard Tyson.
Milton Pugh
Treasurer Miss Mattie Law-
following committees
were also
not to apply to houses not taking Alexander Harper, Misses
Mary Lucy ard Myrtle
more than two boarders.
rinks per month.
in pistols, etc., per
Exhibitions of wax works,
per day.
Merry-go-round or stand for
any game per day
Drays, one two
horses three or more horses
Dogs, males females
of m or other
articles selling on foot, stand or
vehicle or house rented
per day.
in works
Dealers in second hand
per day.
Circus, one per
two or more rings each side
Oil storage tank exceeding
a lions capacity
Itinerant or optician
Street of lemonade, etc
Gypsies, palmist. fortune
tellers etc-. per day-
Feather renovators
All license are for one year ex-
otherwise stated.
for license
for pool tables and
were granted. Two applications
for pool table license in second
story of buildings were denied.
The board held a meeting Mon-
day afternoon, of the
present, in regard to these
of the sewerage
The to in-
the system reported that
they found it in good condition
and it was accepted.
An order was drawn for the
Burt Construction to
complete payment
This company also presented
an bill for which
they had charged against the
town for lost time arising from
delay in getting material. As
the town was not responsible tor
this, bill was not allowed but re-
to a committee-
Payment was also made with
Mr. Ludlow in settlement of his
cervices. Mr. Ludlow's bill con-
an extra charge of
being per cent on the
the sewerage system cost over
the original estimate of
There was some discussion over
the matter but the bill was
lowed, Aldermen Carr, Wood
ward. Bowen, Mooring and
Forbes voting for it and Alder-
man Flanagan voting against it
Absentees Misses Jessie
Inez Pittman, Ethel
Bowling and Maggie Norman.
Music-Misses Forbes,
and Helen
The will meet the first
and third afternoon in
each month-
of Mr. T. H. Fleming.
N. C, July 8th. 1907
There is a spirit of gloom re-
over our
y the death of one of best
men. On Friday evening, July
15th, the spirit of Mr. T.
took its flight after
illness nearly four weeks. The
Mr. Fleming is especial-
Sid as he and his little girl
were both taken down about
time with typhoid fever,
and both been nursed
of time in room,
Mr. Fleming became s very
low, then the little girl was re-
moved to another room. It was
i battle between death, and tie
we had hoped the
nurse but
fate it seems had d creel other-
wise at exactly o'clock his
life parsed out as gently as the
railing leaves autumn tide.
M Fleming's death removes
from midst one of our lead-
men in everything which
to material pro-
In the Sunday school,
and as a citizen of
he was
ready to assist and take part in
any work that would in any way
redound to the good of the com-
He came into our
hood about years ago and soon
after purchased the Spencer
Wooten place where he has since
built a nice home just
entering upon that period of
man's lice when he need not de-
vote all his time to the pursuits
of worldly but may take
a day when he will to with
his -or family. de-
ceased was about old
and leaves a wife and four
The little girl not
been considered dangerously
at any time, and we hope
for her speedy recovery. To
his family we our
sympathy, their loss is
Rain Has Cussed
Mr R. W. King, chairman of
the board of county
spent a portion of last
week at his farm over the line in
Craven county. While away he
passed through much of the
south-eastern portion of the
county, and says that in the
twenty five years he baa been
going over the he had
never observed poorer
prospects- He says that begin
about miles southeast of
Greenville and on to Maple Cy-
press, then though the Center-
ville section to Grifton, then on
Ayden and half way back to
Greenville from the latter place
the rains have been so excessive
that it does not look like more
than per cent of a cotton crop
will be made. The com
has also s greatly.
The as Wilson
on e of assaulting Mrs
Scott, not identified at the
The Hebrew citizens of New
Bern have purchased a lot on
which synagogue.
E. C. of Granville
pounds or. exhibition the
town exposition, the
largest hog in the world
The remains of Dr. James
Dinwiddie, who recently died in
California, were to
Raleigh for interment
J. T. Wood, a man of
Clayton, committed suicide in a
boarding house at
h was He shot him-
self in head with a pistol.
Free Trip to
sot of Mr. S,
M. Schultz. was made very happy
Saturday night. And it was ail
brought about by a ticket he held.
At the beginning of the big
special sale at C. T
it was announced that on
day night somebody would be
given a tr p to the James-
town Every person
spending a d was
given a number l a cu
of it bearing same number
being kept in the store, and any
one could get as many tick
he spent dollars
Saturday night all the coupons
were placed in a sack and
a disinterested party was
called in and to draw a
coupon from the sack. The
number was announce and
the crowd in store
to looking over their tick-
et j cried a
triumphantly and all eyes turned
to Alfred Schultz as he pulled
the right number out of his
bunch of fourteen tickets and
held it up. He was
winner of the free trip and will
go to the exposition as the truest
of Mr.
The special will go on
this week and next Sat-
night a free railroad
to the exposition and re-
turn will be awarded to some
holder of a ticket. Every dollar
spent at this week
entitles the a chance
at free railroad ticket. The
special cut prices on all goods at
store will be the same
this week as last
Hint on Dressing and Serving Salads
Domestic Notes. I
Most salads he dressed
before erring, whether
in wing or Col-
cry or wilts if in oil and
vinegar. Celery ltd not be
Ion before as it
is no exception to the
take up large of m
What Ails You.
The idle BUD is no man's idoL
A man sense
own an
Some people envy a on
it's a job.
They is one man we look
in the man who owes us
a snorer
r it i. who does
. I
m . I of
be serve, i. cold. Tail-
I It's inks the bull by
or cold cooked left over
are well in its,
are best mixed
and should be placed in
an hour r so before
Meats for should freed
from skill e it into
in stand with
-hit before combining
I the horns, ii it remember
I i.
Some e ,,. who up a
rainy till a
flood x
A travels a Ions
are v. . i in different way.-.
i bread and Idling,
to instance,
, i and but
both Side.-,
deviled or
hen press
Spread layer
firmly together.
king thin ribbon-
or alternate
Trial in August.
In that the in
p lac-- begun
here, in which the defendant was
hound over to term of
court in New Burn in October,
may not held so in
ordered a term of court
to h held at Beaufort on August
6th for th trial or en . A
peonage from
will also be tried at the same
special term.
i is once a Vale
i-l alt his A
tie lie pit a
lie ml for the s
file his took of
no trunk was on II
a In r
ticket lie
must have
Hi's . -T M the
I In
., om
also bail
i i; on
a leave
did .
Engineer J. L. L.
Two Boats Collide.
was representative of
town in th matter of the
tern of sewerage that was
completed, spent Monday
here going over the system and
the final account between the
aldermen and the contractors.
The system was turned over to
the town by the contractors and
accepted. Engineer Ludlow says
Grenville has an excellent sys-
of modern sewerage.
Everybody wants a fan
h hot
Washington. N- C, July
The gas boat Victor and the Al-
had a collision about o'clock
afternoon while on
Pamlico river near this city. The
Victor is owned by Mr. R. H.
Lane, of Aurora, and had brought
excursion of colored people to
this city. There were about
on board when the
dent The which
runs between this city and Green-
yule, caused the collision by run-
into the Victor. The Victor
had one side smashed in, but was
run aground before she could
sink. The was apparently
Wreck on
Sunday -afternoon two Pull-
man cars on the Seaboard train
turned over near Kittrell, and
Mrs. C. E. of Alabama,
was crushed to death. Col.
Harry Skinner, of Greenville,
was a on train,
to Raleigh, but had gone
in one of forward cars be-
fore the accident
people were hurt in the two
cars that over.
Mr. J. J. Tucker Dead.
Tuesday Morning Mr. J.
Tucker died at his home in
township. For some years he
had been in poor health. Mr.
was about years of
a mast excellent citizen.
He it survived several
all of wham are grown.
Kissed Her Dog.
A Solomon came to
in St- Louis the other day in the
person of a police captain, who
determined the proper ownership
of a dog disputed by two women
by lady that kiss-
es the dog can have The
real owner was on the spot with
the goods. ,
Work has commenced
the Star warehouse for the
Farmers Consolidated Tobacco
Co. The house will be made
and on her feet wider and when completed
. . V i
After Many Trials
lie was a sail raced American
in lie him-elf in n London
lie v.
two the
can. one side one on
Is that tin- as
Two fried on one side
cue on the
The nailer
when ha returned his lace
as a study.
you please roar
Mid very two one
on one side and the
and then a
time he was and
when ho he said
It . ;
repeal I
think I It sir.
said sad;,
and on one
and one on die
oppressive and
ft Inter
Tills lime he was still longer.
When in- returned Ma collar us
his half and
face and
over waiting patron lie asked be
irking boiled
hens, sir I've with
the Home
Kissing Girls.
Senator Vance once North
In Joint
Settle, I lie for
am All the white Dew
turned out to hear Vance, and
to hear Settle.
At Hie of the one
day, was told number of
women had expressed a desire
to kiss the
down from Die platform
a or of the pretty
women, when he stopped
to turn bis
tor shout, my girls.
Settle; you kiss
wafer of white
brown braid, a Idling of cream
chopped nuts or olives.
Fry thin slices bacon until
crisp, then take up and pat into the
hot fat left in the pan kid-
that have been soaked in sail
then dried, split and rolled
flour. Cook five minutes, mid a
couple of of but
or stock and season with
Worcestershire sauce and a
to catchup.
Kitchen Walls.
If tiles are out of question oil
paint is the only available wall
for a kitchen m should be
with a coal of enamel.
The walls will require
washing as much and almost
as frequently as the floor. While
tun finest possible cover-
not Only because show
can lie
Finger on Paint.
For ling black marks on
doors or without injury to
i in j basics paint . rub
a cl dipped in
i- is also
for I ho after
doing well, which stain
oil makes I hem soft and t v.
Washing Flannels.
The best way to wash kind
of garments, to keep
mil woolly as sew, is to
iii a of liquid am-
in tin wilier when washing,
and again in the warm rinsing
ibis be done flannel any
kind will never gel hard Spoiled
Us. one sees it.
Ivory Knife Handles.
When the blades of knives re-
washing standing in water,
it should be in a pitcher with
water to cover the blades
but to the handles,
the no hotter than is
Soaking the
in mater makes them crack.
Wash Pongee
Plain may be washed in
warm and ironed when
quite dry. Ii on the wrong
side the mew will be retained,
if the 1-. in
colors it should b washed
line. It is Mall, tis
with first.
When Is Too Salt.
When too has been put
in the soup little and
sugar carefully will often
remedy the fault. If discovered in
time pivot ct potato
in it will the
should he before tho
soup is , ed.
ion travels jet
fur en office tr
he'll till
d all
aid u who
fur mi
it's ill
I . . Ids f ire on
. i make
the same.
the foot
the cradle is the same foot
sends the young man front
doorsteps hex come
rob cradle.
Father Hi.- it is
said he tell a lie.
all he's like the
rest . i. be would her
told one cf ho
to It.
said Rivet, went to u
j o'clock tea with wife fetter-
it nearly drive you .-
no. didn't it
own boiler shop, a
Philadelphia Press.
Mr. B, Till That's a beautiful
diamond Mini bought
.- i in ; . I
Ii i-. but it i if
I ho Ii-.
t in n . it S
that Ii old fellow who's courting
Aland is a curmudgeon to
live with, but shell kinds
of ;
I; She will indeed, in-
Manager road
you think you are qualified to b-j
come an actor, do you Ever had
any experience if
Applicant sir. I used to he
a professional
cat any
laid the clerk.
asked tho second
if I do I won't hare a
time for my regular after dint
Linen nil kinds should
t as much fresh air a possible
and should be ironed while damp.
use of hot, heavy irons and
in out dump are two of
the ; point to
I home
in mind r. ironing
Patience does it moan I
being married at
you know
yes. It means
a In chance. Yonkers
said the pr. f.,.
strength of the hum . m
of ,

Eastern reflector, 5 July 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
July 05, 1907
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Joyner NC Microforms
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