Eastern reflector, 14 June 1907

J. M. BLOW, Manager and Authorized Agent.
Am authorized Kent for Daily
and we lake
and receipts for
in We hare a list
j all who receive mail at
hit office. take orders
ob printing
Mrs. Hosea and Miss Lillie
Cox have returned to their
homes in Goldsboro.
For and cheap goods go
to E. E. Co., they always
have the best.
Mrs. Addie Cox and Mrs
The J. R. Smith Co. the pop-
merchants of Ayden. N. C.,
have just received a new and
complete line of the famous
spectacles and eye
Classes, and will be assisted for
our days. May 30th, 31st. June
by one of A. K- Haw
Company's opticians. All
Ayden and vicinity who wish to
have glasses scientifically
should call at the store of Smith
Co, on the above mentioned
special notice
The Ayden Milling and Manufacturing Company have
W furnishings and material
in their undertaking department
They have also purchased a hearse and are in first
class position to serve the This is a long needed
June B
Manufacturing Go.
Butt, of Winterville, were
Mass. May
Messrs J. K Co.
Ayden. N. C.
here a short while yesterday. For fear that there
Go to E- E a slight misunderstand-
market for beef, fresh
sausage and fresh
Misses Hollie and Fannie
Waters, of Vanceboro. spent
Tuesday and Wednesday with
Mrs W. E. Hooks.
on of some of our
customers regarding the
tee upon our patent and Dull
shoes, we wish to
emphasize the fact that
exists and has not been with-
Merchandise Broker-I carry I We our customers and
line of Meat, Lard and .
Don't buy before men s shoes to
know that we will continue to do
as we have done in the past vis.
me a trial. Frank Lilly
Benjamin Smith, an old veter-
an, Tuesday to attend the
reunion at Richmond. Mr.
Smith was with Stonewall Jack-
son up in the Virginia valleys
and saw the noted after
he was killed.
guarantee the vamps of the
Patent and Bull not
to break through before, the first
sole is worn out.
In the event of a Burt Pack-
ard. shoe
M you need any Paint be sure
and see E. E- Co.
Mrs. J. L. Home came down
Monday and organized a
Missionary Society with
twelve members.
exchange corn
for or Lean, Healthy Shoats
weighing from to pounds.
If preferred I will pay cash mark-
et price for same W. A. Darden
Ayden, N. C.
At a regular meeting Eureka
No. K of P.,
Allowing were
elected officer for
year beginning J 1st,
W. B. C. W E.
Hooks, V. C; J. M. Blow,
E. L. i M. of W; W. L.
Browning, K-of R. B.
Pierce, i. G; Church Moore,
J. R Turnage was elected
representative to the grand
lodge also lodge deputy-
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say of the
in having a first class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store and secure this much need-
ed article.
Miss Freddie Tucker, of
is visiting Miss Lena
Call at the Drug Store
cure one of hose excellent
M, Sauls.
Marcellus Smith is at home on
a visit South Carolina.
The most will be
pleased with one of those
Pens at Saul's. Coll and
Hon. F. A. Woodard delivered
the annual address at the
commencement here yes-
M. M has the finest and
best supply of Fountain Pens
ever brought to Ayden.
The infant of W. G. Smith
died Monday night and the re-
mains were carried to Greenville
Tuesday for interment. A few
friends from here accompanied
pens on sale at Saul's
drug store at from SI to
J. A. Harrington is having
built a brick store on Lee
street a few doors from Main
tons cons cotton
F Lilly Co
The following is the annual
statement of the Ayden
from May 13th, to May
13th, 1907.
Stock on hand
May 13th 1907.
Due state treasury.
Bills payable.
contrary to this
the from whom the
shoes were purchased, is author-
to replace with a new pair.
Yours very truly,
and Field.
In a game of ball here be-
tween the graded school and the
seminary boys, Wednesday, the
score stood to in favor of
the graded school. Nine innings
were played
We Len thanks to our
friend C. V. Cannon, for an in-
to attend the commence-
exercises at Chapel Hill.
W. I. Jenkins and
to do farmer living on
the edge or Ayden in his
as a farmer has
of meal, nor has he bought
hay or fodder, and that
never purchased a horse, but
raises his own team and now has
pretty working
can be found anywhere Fe
makes all necessary home sup-
plies, his money crop he places
in the Ayden bank and always
has a nice little catch-me-all on
hand to meet any demands and
he don't seem to kill himself
Working either.
WE. Hooks and W. J. Boyd
have gone to on
Mr. Whitty came over from
New Bern Sunday to see his
wife who is here on a visit to
her father, W. S. Blount Mr.
Whitty is a very prominent
hardware merchant of New-
We regret very much to learn
of the sudden and unexpected
death of Mr. John Pierce a very
prosperous and prominent far-
mer living just three miles from
Ayden. His health has been
for sometime but he was
seldom confined to the house,
lie was in Ayden Monday and
we had quite a lengthy
with him. Mr. Pierce
was our friend and our regard
for him was not exceeded by
that for any other. He was a
gentleman of the old school and
always condemned that of the
hypocritical character He ad-
mired honor and integrity in
every one, and ever, we verily
believe to the golden
Do unto others as you
would have them do unto
Bryant Tripp an old vet has
gone to Richmond to meet his
comrades of the
The commencement at the
Free Will Seminary passed
pleasantly. The annual address
was fine. The student body
acquitted themselves admirably
The institution is a credit to
den and this whole section of the
country. It certainly merits a
very large patronage
Miss Clarence after
a visit several weeks here to rel-
left for her home in
Greensboro Saturday.
Mrs. Willie Prince, who has
been spending several weeks
with her mother, has returned to
her home in Point
W. J. Jenkins showed us a
cabbage taken from his truck
farm Saturday that weighed
Mrs. George Worthington and
Mrs. Jesse Cannon are away on
a visit to friends in Goldsboro,
Kinston and Morehead City.
see F. V. Johnston when you
need feed of any kind.
Field Peas at F. V.
The Good Newspaper.
In the old plantation those
who subscribed for
laid little stress upon value
of a paper for furnishing
opportunity The planter
lived on his plantation. He
wanted the general news of the
State, the United States, and the
world; but industrial and
news concerned him little.
He was not looking for
in these fields H took a
newspaper largely for his enter-
and to post him gen-
The modern newspaper is a
totally different institution. It
must not only furnish everything
that the planter desires, but it
must furnish specific information
about the progress of all sorts of
business and manufacturing
movements. If somebody is
going to build a house the
the brick man, the car-
and others, not only want
to know it, they want to
know to whom to apply to sell
their wares and make contracts.
Therefore the good newspaper
become an important adjunct of
the business of the lumber man,
the brick man. the carpenter and
others. For the merchant it
must tell where new goods are
made, where a good supply of
and other fruits can be ob-
from a new field and in a
thousand and one ways, it must
put enough information of a com-
character within reach
each subscriber that he may
make back in the year, not only
the subscription price, but some-
times the subscription price many
In the modern newspaper in
the midst of an industrial world,
the advertisements become
most as much of importance as
much of the reading matter is.
By watching the
Kinston Votes Bonds.
The town of Kinston held an
election Monday on the question
of issuing bonds to the amount
of j qualify the town for
bidding on the location of the
Eastern training school for
teachers Out of a total
vote of there were
cast for bonds, against
bonds, not voting. That
was a good vote for the bonds
and shows the progressive spirit
of Kinston.
r Joseph Dixon
N. c.
am fa leave
noon Washington,
Special to Reflector.
Norfolk. Va June.
military carnival and
for the
Jamestown exposition, from
June to today. SB
open to members of the regular
army who are classed as
the united
eves of a the
into two of events
the regulars, the other
kt with i will
Norfolk A Hy for sports
Norfolk. Baltimore. Philadelphia of the reel
. a other These events will be
s North and West t- those held annually at
f order their Garden. Near
I care off
Southern Ry Co. that period known as
subject to change Tho remainder of
a i I
c the National
teams, f
K Agent, Va.
M W.
First Kilo of Brick.
Mr. W. H. Jr., who s-
a brick making plant
here recently, finished burning
his kiln of brick en
Tuesday. An examination of
the brick shows them to be an
excellent article, hard, smooth
and of good finish. Mr- is
to be congratulated and we hope
his enterprise will meet
ant success. His plant
s need that Greenville has
By virtue of a executed and
delivered by and
Williams on
the 18th day of December. 1905, which
appears of the office
of Pitt c
in book J-8, page the undersigned
will for cash before the curt house
on the 18th
cent Three
six men each will be
sent from New York alone for
this event, and other cities are
showing equal interest.
R. L.
Contractor, Setter
ship, on the south side of Tar i be I
ginning at the gate post on the left-side
to then east wit
to the Mogul line. with the
line to Creek, then uP
to and with the run thereof to
a big cypress. Hardey-s corner, then
straight across the field to the beginning
CUM In. n
This Booklet will be mail-
ed free to anyone owning
a piano or contemplating
buying one.
When you visit the Expo-
have your mail ad-
dressed to our store We
will care for it, and it
We will be glad to
ha you also use our con-
for writing let-
This is all free to
to see our
Pianos and hear the Play-
but you will be
under no obligation to
TO J. H.
in Dry Goods. No-
taken to secure the etc
money. i
This April 18th, 1907. Prime U u
. WILLIAMS, Mortgagee. J to the
. A m s
of business May. 18th,
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts secured
Furniture and Fixtures
Due from banks an i bankers
Cash items
Gold coin
Silver coin
Nut. bk 1,688.00
Capital stock
f less expenses mi
Dividends unpaid
Deposits subject to check
certified chocks. no
I J. B. Smith, . I the above
K. SMITH, Cashier.
Mud to
27th May, f DIXON
Notary b I
All his life he was a sterling of the and taking ad-
Democrat loving its principles the prices made pub-
find ,.,.,,.,., I ho f., .
Cash paid Town
Cash paid Town
Cash paid
town Treas. 5-13-07
Sash on hand 6-14-07
Cock on hand
Net profit 4728.35
and practicing its precepts.
He was a mason in high stand-
and will be buried with ma-
honors He was about
years of age every year of which
was usefully spent and the
world was made better for his
having lived in it. His neigh-
will miss him, especially
the poor, tho entire community
will miss him for he was a use-
man and the need of him
will long be felt. We shall miss
rum for he never came to town
that he didn't call to see us and
may the words of counsel he
gave us do us good. We
his loved ones and
2,500.00 sincerely that He who only
I can may carry comfort to their
the housewife an save
per cent, on the cost of running
a house, and the paper becomes
at once a valuable business asset
in the household.
Those people who look upon a
newspaper as sort of luxury or a
literary indulgence, totally fail
appreciate how much is
done by the news gatherers of a
modern paper to furnish inform-
upon the basis of which
important profits may be de.
Therefore, for the enterprising
man a good modern newspaper is
an investment and not an
Besides the money value
exhibited, it is educational,, and
if M left after- is an important factor in training
Richmond to see his
who are there on a visit to
of his wife.
A woman would rather break
a bill than a cent dish.
children to acquire the habit of
reading and educating the mind
what is going on
For Twenty-one Years
F. S.
Norfolk, Ya.
have been the standard Cotton and
Tobacco guanos in the South
because great care is used in the
election of materials.
Ask your dealer for
goods and don't take substitutes
aid to be as good. See that
the trade-mark is on every bag.
D. J. W i Owner.
VOL. No.
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
Old With
Still Sticks
Old Time
to Her Rain.
the State
visited by
May be the time i come
when the people will on
science for religion,
is a long way In d-
marks, the l. of
living and it i
hoped more coming along.
This has been a most peculiar
spring an summer; ii fact we
have hid March;
it's been winter. During all
these weeks the papers hare
been course in a
jocular man up at
Washington the fiend-
quality he is dishing out.
One of the good old time
women hereabouts has been hear-
of all these goings-on and
she is disgusted. She says she
. cannot read, but she has grand-
children who have been going to
school and they read to her.
. tell you what it she
said today, talking in a Record
, man's hearing; here stuff
and talk ain't right. is
. tie newspapers a some
i smut man up at Washing-
ton a de just as if be
anything to do it;
hops on him and him as
if de poor man had a thing to do
it de people know
de good Lord dishes out be
wedder he fixes it up tor
good wise purpose
when git good ready he
to give us summer
wedder, hot we deserve it,
fur we but he is
long to-
wards us too many
smart men a. up all over
de world; knows too much,
or thinks does, and someday
Se Lord to one
show how little is.
Talk about de men up at
capital a up de wedder
Why, he know Z
about it He may know
which way a storm is and
shoot clear wedder, but
when i de papers claim he
can make any kind of wedder to
suit himself, is tom-
foolery, to me
spell comes along de whole
seem like it to dry
up; den de remember
is a God git to-
and prays f rain
when to-
and prays de spirit
de Lord he
answer de prayer de
rain. You knows dis is so,
you done seen still a fool
man think he's smart he go
ob and talk like a dunce till he
get real den he go to
What we needs is to
oftener make
pray more. If de peoples keep
on pay no attention de Lord
he to smite What
we needs is more and less
big talk. De Lord am a
things he to keep on
This old woman has evidently
not forgotten her raising and is
sticking- Would it not be far
better if we would all stick
Greensboro Record.
in forth
Many sections of
have been recently
severe hail storms
Th Atlantic Coast Line depot
at n City was destroyed by
t v A of
matter in the
building was also consume.
J. P. a young man of
Wilmington, while talking to his
mother of his troubles, shot him-
self in the temple with a pistol.
He fell in his mother's arms and
died in a few minutes.
Wage, Men and
R. D. W. Conner, of the State
department of education, was
making an educational speech in
Davidson county, Saturday.
a man named
interrupted and cursed him.
Connor left the stand and made
the first fight that
followed coming out about even.
Beginning July 1st, under a
new order of the third assistant
postmaster general, all the fourth
class post offices in North Caro
Una will make their quarterly
postal deposits to the Raleigh
office. This discontinues Ashe-
ville and as de-
also Richmond. Va.,
so far as it is a depository for
this State. There are
fourth class offices in North Caro-
only six States having a
larger number, these being New
York. Pennsylvania, Virginia,
Kentucky, Missouri and Texas.
Day Parade in New York.
A telegraph linesman while at
work near the top of a pole, in
Raleigh, was electrocuted by
coming in contact with a live
A night watchman at one of
the furniture factories in High
Point, accidentally fell a vat
of boiling water and wad to badly
scalded that he died in agony a
few hours later.
William a 13-
old boy. put en a train
by his parents at Rocky Mount
destined to When
he went to change cars at Wash-
City the conductor
not find him. the boy having
completely disappeared.
John Campe and wife, of Gas-
ton county, were married
in South Carolina years ago
and have since lost their record,
recently applied to the register
of deeds of their county for
a license and were remarried in
order to make the union legal.
Mr. is on the Federal pen-
At the preliminary trial of Dr.
D. S. Rowland, at Henderson,
charged with poisoning his son,
the action was dismissed, a
chemical analysis of the child's
stomach failing to disclose any
poison. As soon as he was re-
leased from custody Dr. Rowland
was re-arrested under a warrant
charging him with the murder
of his wife's first husband at
Raleigh. He was taken to
to answer that charge.
A Great American I n it i to list Which
h. a lo the of
Some few days since a lady
was to say that the
greatest invention of modern
times was the invention of I he
shirt waist with short sleeves for
women's war. The short sleeve
waist for summer wear is not
only cool and pleasant, but with
it the housewife nay beat the
same time always neatly dressed
and yet always to do much of
the house work without change
of clothes and even without the
necessity of stopping to roll up
her to be bothered with
their coming down every few
The same shirt waist
being a fine horse
costume and well adapted to
kitchen alike, be
easily turned into a street or
traveling The shirt
waist is always worn with a skirt
of some good fabric. This skirt
may be made of stuff suitable
for and outdoor ware
alike. To the waist and
fabric skirt add a pair of long
gloves to meet the short sleeves
and a coat to go over the shirt
waist and the lady is ready for
the street to shop or for the
train to
The modern sleeves shirt
waist is a great American
not only for neatness in the
parlor, convenience in domestic
work, but for the facility with
which the household dress of
which it is a part may be trans-
formed to a street or traveling
A Good Local
I to Reflector.
st praiseworthy efforts of
bile dealers and owners
come to notice up to
date, is the orphan's
day parade, which occurs today,
when every orphan in the city is
to be given a ride in an
bile. Ail the inmates of orphan
asylums in the city are on the
streets today in moving
cars of every design known to
makers It is estimated that
over two thousand automobiles
are in the parade, which is
into two great divisions
A fine dinner was served, and
each child was filled to repletion.
All places of amusement were
thrown open to the children.
The willingness of auto owners
to accommodate the children
was very shown
c i
i L
Georgia Day at Exposition.
Special to Reflector.
Jamestown, June is
Georgia Day, and a great crowd
of people from Georgia are here,
with many visitors from outside,
while the international fleet is
lying at anchor in Hampton
Roads, and President Roosevelt
is addressing the multitude, and
the same time opening the
exhibition which represents ten
millions of blacks of the South,
who have got together a re-
markable collection of articles
that exhibit their skill in
culture, and in the
arts, i he bankers loaned half a
dollars in order that the
exposition might be made com
by today, and matters are
in better shape than they have
been at any time since the expo-
first broke ground.
There are lots of ones
Stop once for all your efforts to
patronize the local editor. Bring
yourself to look upon his white
space as the goods he has to I,
the value of which yourself
can determine by your
to make good use of it
Convince the editor that you
and your fellow merchants are
looking to him to produce a good
paper which the of the I
hood . will want hard
enough to take it and pay for it.
that you appreciate
all efforts he puts forth to make
his that kind of paper. Help
him to get as much of the local
news as possible. Help him to
increase his ex-
ample, by giving a year's sub
to his paper as a
with cash purchases to a
specified amount
If you have no paper in your
own town, earn the friendship of
the editors of the local papers
that do circulate among those
who are. or should be, customers
of yours.
For example, you could make
it a duty of one of your clerks to
act as a paper's agent in and
respondent from your neighbor-
hood and thus put its editor
such obligations to you as
would make him eager to help
you in your fight against retail
mail-order houses.
In thus helping the local editor,
do not let yourself think that you
are playing the part of a
good Samaritan to him. It
may be that he has declined
more than one offer of
retail mail-order
houses, any one of which would
have brought him more than all
the in town pay him
in with more or
less grumbling at that.
Think of him only as an in-
means through which
to a large number of your
you can have expressed
facts and opinions of benefit to
you but would lack
weight coming yourself.
For your own sake do all you
can to build near to you
as possible a local paper of wide
circulation and great influence.
And then be the right
of its editor to the extent
that, will enable you to secure
ca of ;
T . .- . c.
A New York business house is
substituting office girls for
boys, and it is reported that the
change has been so satisfactory
as to cause a demand for more
changes. Girls, it is said, at-
tend more strictly to their work,
are more prompt and more de-
than When a
girl is told to do anything
sets about it at once, whereas
many boys spend more en-
in trying to av. id the work
than would be required to do it.
The girls, it is admitted, spend
more time before the looking-
glass fixing themselves than boys
do, but they don't so
much. In the filing
the they were found
to be so neat and prompt that
other departments asked for
them to take the place of boys.
It is just possible, however,
that some injustice is done to the
office boy. He gets copious
ard little commendation. No
opportunity is omitted, is a rule,
to convince him he is a very
, and
his natural is
to live up his reputation.
A boy argues that if he is to
bear a bad character, he may as
well get all the fun that is
dent to or earns such a
The office boy is expected
to suppress all the natural
of be sober,
industrious, discreet and as
thoughtful as a grownup person.
His desire to go to the baseball
game is the theme of many a
joke; his inclination
to see the circus is spoken of
with derision or as proof of
depravity. Upon the whole,
the office boy is a right jolly
little of nature
and as to find an excuse to
go to the circus as his employer.
H often affords an excellent op-
for men to do good by
training him up in good
He, is far more sensitive
and rebuffs far more keenly
most men be-
and he is full of greet
possibilities. The office boy i.-
apt to become an official of the
corporation or a member ff the
firm, and to see him displaced b
girls would cause much regret
Whether the
the ordinary business office is
the for a
girl is question. Baltimore Sun.
The experience of the world
s that the wages of
men and women are equal the
Between the s of one and men get all the jobs, except in
four Sunday morning a cases where the wages are so
M. , low that no competent men will
opposite the court house, and accept them, in which case the
stole and carried a watches, i women get them. Union
rings and other goods to the for instance, get the same
amount of With an wages for men and women but
the thief ed a number of holes the men have almost all the jobs,
around the lock to the door and of the fact that the work
gained entrance in that way I is of a sort which women can do
Mr. Goldstein sent t Green- very well,
ville for Mr. Hines to bring his In primary teaching, on the
dogs and Mr. responded j other hand, the women have all
right away and the canine man i the jobs; at wages an equally
hunters took up a trail at the man will not work for.
store and followed it cut
the lot back of Goldstein's and
thence to Kinston Lumber Com-
s bridge, up the railroad to
brick yard and here the dogs
took to the river. Believing
that the burglar had taken this
course and crossed the river at
this point the dogs were brought
back on the city's side the
river and taken to the point op-
the brick yard. They
soon a trail and followed
it down the Norfolk Southern
track to the city and thence to
the A. C. L. depot. At the
depot, the dogs rushed into the
colored waiting room and reared
up at the ticket window and
bayed. They came out and
went to the railroad track where
the cars stop for passengers to
get on and bayed again
Upon investigation it was
learned that a colored man
bought a ticket Sunday morning
for Richmond, Va A wire was
sent to officers at Weldon to
arrest this man on suspicion and
this was done On his person
was pennies, about in
other money and a pistol. One
of the articles stolen at Mr.
Goldstein's was a pistol and the
one taken from the man arrested
at Weldon is to be sent here for
Quite a large number watched
the dogs at work and these are
divided in their opinion as to
credit is due them -Kin-
Free Press.
Men have most of the principal-
ships; not that they are always
or usually more capable than the
best of the women, but simply
because the salaries are higher,
and if there are to be any men
at all in the schools, can
only be had by giving them the
better paid positions. In high
school teaching a are great
many men still. Some schools
pay the men more than they
pay equally capable women for
the same work, and thereby
maintain a fair balance for men
and women. If the standard is
high enough to attract men, the
women arc gradually displaced.
If it is lower, the men are dis-
placed. For in
any sort of work which women
can do, can be had at wages
which equally capable men will
not accept. Equal pay for men
and women means either all men
at high pay, all women at lower
pay, or superior Women and in-
men at equal
Part Line Amenities.
Orchard Says h; Will Convicted.
Special to
Boise, Idaho, June
Orchard told the jury today that
he would be convicted and he is
turning to the for
in prison.
A woman on th North
Side uses a telephone on a party
says the Chicago Record-
The other morning she
Death u
Mr. Riggs, a farmer
and good citizen of town-
ship, died of at
o'clock Monday night at his home
H leaves a
of. Gui to Wadesboro.
Prof. J. H who was
recently elected superintendent
of the o graded schools
spent last Friday in Wadesboro
here signified his ac-
of the position. Those
of our citizens who met Prof
were very much pleased
with him, and the school trustees
think they have secured the
right man for the head of the
school. It is expected that he
will come to Wadesboro about
the first of July to remain per-
Prof. has super-
of the graded school
at Farmville, and that town re-
to loose him.
No War Taft.
Special to
a speech here today Secretary
Taft says there will be no war
between Japan and the United
States, but that these two nations
will go along peacefully in their
relations with each other.
Side. was important. She
had ed invitation to
dinner, and she wanted to harry
a chiffon that was in
process of building.
she said. me
Calumet 1,592. Hello, Calumet,
Then suddenly a heavy mas-
voice with an
able German accent broke
Hello. Central, I
interrupted the
I'm using this line. Please keep
keep off. I'm using
Madam, I reimburse
don't want to be
I want to use the
This continued for a
few minutes without variety,
and then the man lifted his voice
above the madam,
I reimburse you, but I must
use the telephone now,
house is on fire
Fire in Beach Hotel
Special to Reflector.
Norfolk, Va., June The
Princess Anne hotel at Virginia
Beach was badly damaged by fire
this morning. Two of the em-
are unaccounted for and
it is supposed they perished in the
Auto Race Starts.
Cable to Reflector.
. I . tit-1
Shawnee I- R. M. of
Grimesland, and will be buried
with the honors of the Red Men
on Wednesday at o'clock p. m.
Memorial Among the Odd Fellow
Special to Reflector,
Washington. D. C. June
This is the day for
vices in the Order of
as appointed by Grand Sire Con-
way, of the I. O. O F- The
local lodges of the District of
Columbia appointed a joint com-
to attend the celebration
and due ion of the day.
and in accordance with their
plans appropriate tributes were
paid to those members who had
departed this life since the
observance of the memorial.
Hotel Totally
The fire in the Princess Anne
hotel at Virginia Beach,
morning, completely destroyed
the building. The loss was
with only insurance.
Several of the guests narrowly
escaped death. The manager of
the hotel, who also suffered a
heavy loss, was so crazed that
he tried to throw himself into
the ocean.
Situ of Convalescence.
The small boy had been very
ill, but on the
cent list, to the family's great
joy, and this is how they knew.
When the doctor came in the
other morning the lad piped up
want something to eat.
Will Visit Greenville 21st
The State board of education
will begin the tour of the towns
making bids for the location of
the Eastern training school on
the 20th of this month. The
will be as Rocky
Mount and Tarboro. 20th; Green-
ville, 21st; Washington. 22nd;
Edenton and Elizabeth City, 24th;
New Bern, 25th; Kinston, 28th.
Marriage Licenses-
Register of Deeds R. William-
has issued licenses to the follows
couples since last
Ellis and Lula Lang-
Leonard Tyson and Minnie
Zack Ward and Laura Daniel.
Marcellus and

m Salary.
towns North Caro-
receive a raise in post-
1st, to reports sent
out Washington. Green-
ville is in list of towns
glad of this, it shows that
the s cf the free is in-
creasing Besides this. Post-
that his way, for he is
one of the best.
To Leasts.
The presence of vast swarms
of locusts in different sections of
the State is being commented on
far and near. A well-known
traveling man, who spent
By Ben Taylor.
Greenville are hustling round.
If you don't believe me just
And see them
go down
Miss Helen C. Terry, he woods which the
of Mr. J. A. Pens and sister of round seemed to issue, the noises
day in the City at the ready for the baseball ground
thus described a ride which he Rocky Mount thinks that she is a bee,
took several days ago in Ran-
county. I
heard a peculiar whirring noise
in the distance which rose and
fell with the breeze and which
sounded like the humming
of ten thousand spindles in
a big cotton mill. As I drove
Mrs J. F.
married to Rev J. K
iron. at
the f her Mrs K.
C. in V.
Kev T.
l icier.
hip i been ad-
d re-
duct ; ii flares will no made.
D-y at the
Ox Orphan
In the great oak grove at the
Orphan Asylum, on Saturday,
.- 22nd, 1907, the annual eel-
of Saint John's Day
will be held by the Masons if
the State.
A special communication of
the Grand Lodge of Masons of
North Carolina called.
The Oxford Orphan Asylum
Association, composed of for-
mer girls and boys of the
has planned to hold its
second meeting.
Grand Master Francis D.
Winston appointed Past
Grand Master. F H. Busbee. of
orator for the occasion.
The children of the Oxford
Orphan Asylum will assist in
carrying out. the interesting pro-
gram of the day.
A hearty invitation is extended
to the people of the State
to be present
A large i-t is expect-
Many bring baskets and enjoy
an old fashioned picnic dinner in
Barbecue dinner, lunches and
refreshments will be for sale on
The Seaboard will, in all
probability, rate excursion
trains from Raleigh, Durham and
Weldon to Oxford.
Other roads will give
special rat s.
Mr. d Mrs. J Jordan Mason
request honor of your
at the marriage of their daughter
By id
Mr. Walter Davis
Thursday evening,
June the twentieth
Nineteen hundred and seven
at half after nine o'clock
At Home
Greenville twenty-nine to
But just Greenville practice more.
And she will meet them in another
thought she was going to
When she Greenville nine to five.
But just let Greenville get on the
Arid she'll be there the sun goes
Parmele thinks she'll get in the hand.
Because all have had a helping
But before the Greenville boys will be
backed down.
run the others right out of
became louder and louder. By
closing my eyes I readily
imagine myself in the spinning
of a big Northern mill.
the section of woods,
th. s became
for the limbs of the A lazy man is a
. loaves, the trunk and himself.
was covered
rill. They from
tree to lee in droves and
in such fashion as to
welkin ring. They
me came from
it- el -id were the
We Notice Sometimes That
dead loss to
to those
y Old Firms Hold a Reunion.
Special to Reflector.
Philadelphia. June -Thirty-
four venerable business firms
belonging to the association of
centenary firms and corporations
of the United States will hold
a reunion dinner at the
Stratford tonight. The first din-
was held in the old
May 1893, at which time j ,
firms which had been in business I V , l
one hundred or more were as a business
A lot of worry comes
who wit.
Criticism, like charity,
begin at home.
The family tree of the m-after
is a plum t
Lou of the money that men
marry is counterfeit.
A in grain isn't
op t e square.
For the traveler the
book is a
A tight man and a loose dug
are equally dangerous.
Many a man's nervousness is
due to his lack of nerve.
A man's good judgment usual-
up day after.
Bo oil can; but if you
can't be g i d, be careful.
men goes about dis-
enrolled as members. There are
no annual dues, and the reunions
are held only at rare intervals
Of the present members
Pennsylvania firms, and
the majority of these are in
I couch
Experience teach. . us how to
make other kinds.
In order to satisfy a man give
him what h- thinks he v i its.
Some men a of
posing as horrible examples.
It takes a man with a lot f
hi ass to dispose of old brick.
and advertising
th. biggest pair in the j
Urn Discover
Father and Son Are Living Veterans.
There are perhaps very few
instances in which father and
son served in the Confederacy I j ,.
and both still live, but there is
one such case in Harnett county-
Mr- Jacob Holder and his son
Mr. Ripley Holder, entered in
Company H Regiment N , man than to give him
C troops e of them
in 1862 the other in 1863, and
both live and are on the pension
roll. Mr. Jacob Holder is quite
feeble, being near years old.
There were such instances
in this county two years ago, but
there is now. One by
one they are passing
Guaranteed for all ard
Loans and Discounts Stock paid in
Overdraft Secured
Unsecured Undivided profits
of Deposit 2,652-f
subject i
Notice is hereby given that I will
ply to the Board of County
. era at their July meeting for license
Due from Banks
Cash Items
Gold Coin
Silver Coin
f North Carolina,
retail liquor for six months in .,,.,,. , f
of comity
Most people would fall short if
measured by the golden rule.
It's safer to laugh with the
It's surprising hew ma
friends a n an has until he needs
oil. -New
This May 30th, 1907,
1st J t w
M. R. Page.
I, It. the above-named bank, do
y ah a lament is true to the bast of m
ml belief. J. R.
SI E i
i and
day of
Notary Public.
. . DAVIS.
the camp is y
Mr. is a son of Rev.
J. W. of Chapel Hill,
and lived in Greenville.
Work of Mob.
Cable to
Shanghai. June morn-
a destroyed the
station at near
A meeting has be-
gun in church
and will some days.
Rev. W. F. r of
who i- to assist in the meeting,
preach tonight. The
The House of Mourning
The Saviour taught that they
that mourn are blessed. They
shall be comforted,
have as much cause to
but sorrow is unpleasant, and
they put it away. This is a busy
age, and we have no time for
sorrow. This is a joyous
age; we have no toleration
of grief. Our mothers read sad
stories, our fathers sang sad
songs; but now the minor key is
avoided in music and even in
novels. It is strange that with
all our we hold
to the fashion of wearing mourn-
for the dead-a fashion that
can hardly be regarded as in
good taste or altogether
tent with the Christian faith,
It is not wholesome to shut
ourselves away from the world's
sorrow. We should at least
know something of that burden
He bore who carried the load of
If there is no grief
tonight at in our repentance, there can be
and the regular joy in our pardon. Where
I there is nu mourning there is no
He was a true
for Any Kind. o up her who is better
we know was getting to go to the house of mourning
The Way of fa Child-
A small bey who had recently
passed his fifth birthday was
riding on a suburban car with
his they were
asked the customary
old la the
After being t Id the correct age,
which did not require a fare, the
Conductor passed on to the next
The sat quite still as if
pondering over some
d th concluding that full in-
had not been given,
called loudly to the conductor,
them ac the other end of the
mother is
Steamer i. have.
at a m for leave
Norfolk y for AT N. 0-
Baltimore, Philadelphia; At May- 18th. 1907.
New York. and all other RESOURCES. LIABILITIES.
so Saturday
l purchased suit of
afternoon of He
light and a . it put him in
explained kind U
for wt. ,, Sunday
than to the house of
If we others bear their
rows our own will be lighter
they come.
others waits for us.
Jacob Tatum, of county,
who graduated at the A. and M.
College in Raleigh last week, has
a record that deserves to be per-
and up as an ex-
ample to others Tatum is an
orphan and was a country lad
without means and
without influential friends. He
wanted to go to the A. and M.
College and he made
to work his way through.
He there five years and his
total expenses were
average of 147- annually. He
made every cent of the money to
pay his and
working about the col-
and leaves the institution
free from debt. Glory to Jacob
Tatum, of Davie. He's the kind
that will succeed. He didn't
borrow the money and leave his
sureties to pay it, as some of the
college men have done; and he
t leaving school cramped by
debt He was not to
Work while 1.1 and pay his
way. Again, honor to
. Loans and discounts
their Overdrafts
points North and WeS
Shippers should
Norfolk, care Nor
Sailing h ii- subject t change s
CHERRY. Agent, Or
rill N. C-
H. C- , F end
P. Agent, Va.
M U-. Supt.
A la
other U. S. notes
W l stock
Surplus fund
deposit 5.758.
Deposits to check
checks out-
State of North County of Pitt,
r. W H lard Cashier of the above-named
swear the above statement, is true to the best of my
and belief. .-
Subscribed and sworn to be-
me, this 27th day of May.
Votary Public
A beautiful but quiet marriage
took place at the home of Mr.
and Mrs William Bel-
haven, N. C, Tuesday morning,
June the fourth, at eight o'clock
when their daughter. Miss
cine Bowman Frisbee. was made
the wife of Mr. Claude Dameron
Tunstall, of Greenville. Rev.
W. O. Winfield performed the
The bride was attended by her
maid of honor, Miss Lida
son, and the groom by Mr- K.
W. Cobb, of Greenville. The
bride carried a bouquet of bride's
roses and ferns. She was be-
gowned in a limit The soon ceased;
tailor suit with hat and gloves to diminished
W. H Cashier
Remarkable Rescue.
That truth id stranger than fiction,
has once more been demonstrated in
the little town of Fedora, Tenn., the
residence of C. V. Pepper. He
I was in bed, entirely disabled with
hemorrhages of the lungs and throat.
Doctor failed to help me. and all hope
had Bed when I taking- Dr. King's
New Then instant relief
rapidly, and In
match three weeks win able to go to
The happy couple left on the ft
early train for New
Washington City and James-
town On their return a
will be given at the home
of the groom's parents, Mr- and The No.
Mrs. J. S. Tunstall, in West . .
M Number three la a wonderful mascot
of Cede, Grove. Me.,
the 13th, 1907.
much with liver
. 1- trouble, and becoming greatly
niCKS aged by failure to lint I tried
It not a narcotic or dope but remove Electric H . and a result I am a
the cause. Gt a bottle and try it for well man The battle re-
It there stomach, and three bottles completed the
out, US Common in him We wins or colds. liquid-affects Guaranteed beat on for
1-hill be to take. Sold at stomach. and kidney troubles, by
ville Landmark. drag j. L.
I i
To sufferers of Kidney Liver
Bladder Troubles. Other
say a bottle am
it cure we will
your We say
full 91.00 size free bottle of U
and if it
use SOL until
This advertise entitles
to a bottle SOL at
Only a
given away. miss this
to test
r a k Part of
Farmville. N. C,
have in our neighborhood a 10-
It now seems to be generally
that. Greenville get fl
and f Jason Joyner-who t ekes
VT you feel the J o a pill take
a Little Riser.
pill, safe pill, sure pill. to
pleasant an effective.
headaches. L. Woolen
Drug store.
training and Jason . w
at the other Lad- father's cows to from the
the contest are pasture every The
to admit the fact Gr en- distance nearly a mile, and in-
a good Lea- stead f having a pony to ride
and the otter made by that this boy takes one of his cows
town is far in excess of that made for a mount Without saddle or
by any other town. It Ii but tides his cow with as
natural for delegates from some as
the owns to be his dapple gray v.
Dam, who been a sufferer
Borne time, and went to a
hospital without an-
r suits, recently came
ring. After trying
lie says he
I a f when everything
readiness, the date
for the big picnic at Green
Spring will be announced. It
will be a basket picnic
everybody can bring dinner with
them, as there will be no com r
to serve dinner on Up I
ground- Those who do not.
bring dinner can find plenty cf
barbecue and other refresh-
on sale There will be
dancing, a game f baseball
other amusements to make the
day A prominent
speaker will deliver an address.
The business men of Farm
this town has some of
the best to be
to the of using
ink- Your correspond
has arranged with a number
of them to have a regular ad-
department in the
weekly edition of The Reflector,
and they will show the people
that Farmville
trade in.
sprout when planted in
the soil
I say that offered the
I largest amount therefore
entitled to the school State
board of hop.-u
some large but
and especially to i
towns in contest.
the board met in a- s--.,
yesterday the offered
I to be pretty generally
From what can be the
offers made were as
Greenville, and a tract
of land containing twenty-five
acres; Washington, and
site; Elizabeth City, and
Edenton, and site;
New Bern, and site,
Rocky Mount, and site,
and Tarboro, and site.
Each town offered some excel-
lent site for the school, the
largest tract of land offered
being two hundred acres. It is
said c an unusually good site
It offered at Greenville in con-
with the alter.
The town of sub-
eight propositions.
It was nearly o'clocK
day afternoon when the last
went before the
education. No decision is to
be announced by the board until
the different towns are visited
and the proposed sites inspected.
scratches, burns, cu
and my common
to eve.-y family,
best remedy.
is j cooling, heal-
lie sold
by J. L.
You can not estimate the
weight of fish by the size of
the hook-
A prompt, pie remedy for
coughs a . a It la .- re-
every t e family.
contains no opiates not con-
nearly as .- rap.
Drug Store.
f is only ore little letter
between speculation and
They rest most happily on
Sunday who carry an element
of rest into the experiences of
every it re blossom of
heart's ease which helps to make
every burden light It is often
inevitable that we should work
all the week till Saturday night
up to the limit of our capacity;
but the wisest of us keep, even
in our busiest and most inter-
hours, a little reservoir
of peace in our heart's shrine.
The and tumult beat at the
doors bu; they enter there.
On- of the offices of a
Sunday is to replenish this in
The Hypothetical
said the young
with the high brow and
the Henry Clay forelock,
me ask you a
Suppose that a young man
of excellent habits and
young man who
believe himself fully capable of
making a woman
to appear a you m; woman
who had eyes of rare and radiant
luster and hair of the texture
and glory of spun gold; whose
lips were more perfect
line of beauty; whose
cheeks held a tint that put to
shame the magnificent pink of
the rose woman
woman culture and charm
easily placed her immeasurably
in the
to ask this
On, Mr she
whispered, sinking into his arms.
Barber, of Elton, Wis., says
have only lour your
Kidney and Bladder Pills they
me more than any other med-
ever dona I am still taking
the I want a perfect cure.
refers to Kidney
arid Pills, which are unequaled
blunder and all urinary
A treatment for
by J. L. Wooten's Drug Store.
A lot of people never think of
until their sins are
made public-
All stomach trouble are quickly re-
b, taking a little after
to the
seat of the strengthens the
digestive organs, supplies the natural
digestive juices and digests what you
eat. It simple, pure, harm-
a little after ea, h
meal and see how good it makes you
feel. Money back it it Sold by
central reservoir of peace all other
for the use of ail the other busy j world, he were
days. These other days drain woman
exhaust it. Then the mer-
rest day comes around and
fills it full again. Those who
allow themselves no real day of
rest and of heart are
making too wearing dreary
work of life The wear and
tear of the machinery goes on
too fast Those who lead idle
lives can never know what a
true rest is like. Their
is rusted out unused.
The joy of Sunday grows out of
contrast with the experience of
the working days. When this
work and repair exist,
when the soul is fed on Sunday
for the hardest trials and most
wearing needs of the soul, the
whole week becomes religious
as it should for every Christian
man. And such a religion
comes to its most joyful
on its own free
ton Transcript.
For Twenty-one Years
F. S.
Norfolk, Va.
have been the standard Cotton and
Tobacco guanos in the South
because great care is used in the
election of materials.
Ask your dealer for
goods and don't take substitutes
said to be just as good. See that
the trade-mark is on every bag.
Investigation will often dis-
lose that a
covers a broadcloth heart
here is no indigestion, no
matter how irritable or how obstinate
will not be speedily relieved by
t e of The main factor in curing
the stomach of any disorder is rest, and
the only way to get rest is to actually
the food tor the itself.
will do it. It is a scientific
vegetable acids containing,
the vary juices found in
stomach. It conform to the Pure Food
aid Drugs Law. Sold by L. Wooten
Do Not Neglect the Children.
At this season of the year the first
unnatural looseness of a bowels
should have immediate attention. The
best thing that can be given is
Colic, Cholera and
Remedy followed by oil as direct-
ed with each bottle of the remedy.
sale by all and Dealers in Pat-
Pains in the stomach, colic and
are quickly relieved by u e of
Remedy. For sale by All Drug-
gist and Dealers in Patent
Shortest Hour Day.
is your shortest hour in
the asked a business man
of an acquaintance. say
you have You have,
though you may not know it.
Everybody has. Of course, rec-
by actual measurement
each hour is composed sixty
minutes, yet notwithstanding
that chronological exactness the
hours vary in length. My short-
est hour is from to o'clock in
the afternoon I find upon in-
that that is the fleetest
period for many people. In my
case so swiftly do those sixty
minutes hurry by that I try to
crowd into them as many
of the disagreeable yet in
things of life as I
can. If I have to interview a
bore, him then; if I have to
visit the dentist, I do it then.
That hour is bound to slip away
no matter what happens,
the agony of disagree-
able scenes seems of shorter
York Sun.
Jun lift . v. I J. ,
ye .
Pity die Bachelor.
Bachelors should not be taxed.
The poor devil who has
tasted the sweets of matrimony,
who has never known what it is
to have her waiting for him,
who has never gathered them
about his knees listened to
them as they sing such sweet
and tender melodies as
body Works But who
has never been jailed upon to
heal the injuries of the wounded
doll, who has never risen in the
night, to furnish a remedy for
the aching interior of the
anatomy, who has never had
his collar and shirt front mussed
by the soiled hands of loving
progeny, this ought not to
be taxed. In loneliness, he is
every day expiating his failure;
In solitude he is his own worst
enemy. In all that life holds he
is an outlaw with a price upon
his head. Pity the poor
don't tax him Memphis
Greenville Wins
If people try to keep you from
there's a heap of fun in doing
things don t like to do.
Mothers who
Syrup invariably
rM it. Children like it because
e is so pleasant. Contains
r. It original
syrup is unrivaled for re-
lief of croup. Drives the cold out
through the bowels. to
Pure Food and Drug Law. Sold
Jno. L. Wooten.
When a girl will admit she's in
love with a fellow she isn't
Piles get quick and certain relief
from Dr. Magic Ointment.
Please note it is made alone for Piles,
and its is positive and
Itching, painful, protruding or blind
like magic by its use.
glass jars
by Drug Store.
It would be nice to be rich, so
as never to be by the
free sample of Dr.
at our store. If real
coffee disturbs your Stomach, your
Heart or Kidneys, then try this
Coffee imitation. Dr. has close-
matched Old Java and Mocha Coffee
in flavor and taste, yet it has not a
of real Coffee in it. Dr.
Health Coffee Imitation is made
from pure toasted grains or cereals.
with Malt, Nuts, etc. Made in a min-
No tedious wait. You will sure-
like it. Sold by T. E. Hooker Co.
A nice, comfortable sort of
wife to have is one who doesn't
For the last six Miss want to buy your ties for you.
Nora Blow, of Greenville, has
been at St. Leo's hospital in
Greensboro taking a course as
trained nurse. She is a member
of the intermediate class and
recently prizes were awarded to
those whose work has been most
efficient. The first prize, a hand-
some hypodermic set, was award-
ed to Miss Blow.
Greenville might very properly
celebrate the coming 4th of July.
v I
i rt in
a o. r- Hi.I will mail you free, to prove merit,
samples of Restorative,
my Bock on either Dyspepsia, The
Heart or The Kidneys. Troubles of the
Stomach, Heart or are mere-
symptoms of a deeper ailment. Don't
make the common error of treating
symptoms only. Symptom treatment
is treating the result of your ailment
ind not the cause. Weak Stomach
inside nerves- -mean
weakness, always. And the
Heart, and as well, have their
controlling or inside nerves. Weaken
these nerves, and you have
weak vital organs. Here is where Dr.
Restorative has made its fame
No other remedy, even claims to t eat
the Also bloat-
biliousness, had breath or com-
. v. r. . .
A Fortunate Texan.
Mr. E. W. of St Louis
St., Dallas, says; the past year
I have become acquainted Dr.
Life and n.
ever before tried so
es of ma aid
don't id nor gripe. at John L.
Woolen Stole.
. ,
He Fired the Stick.
have fired the I've
carried over on of a
re th t resisted every tin I of treat-
men , until tr e i's
that has he . i i the ore and
a happy writes John
North Mill , N C.
teed Burns, etc., by L,
Wooten or
Every Man His Doctor.
The average man afford to
employ a -i I ail-
or injury that may occur in his
nor can he afford to neglect
them, as so slight an injury as the
scratch of a pin has been known to
cause the loss of a limb. Hence every
man must from be hid own
doctor for this Success
often upon prompt
which can only be had when suitable
medicines are dent at hand. Chamber-
Remedies hare been in the mar-
for many years and enjoy a good
Colic, Cholera and
Remedy for bowel complaint.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
coughs, colds, croup and whooping
Chamberlain's Rain Balm anti-
septic for cuts bruises, burns,
swellings. Lime back
Chamberlain's and Liver Tab-
lets for constipation, and
stomach troubles.
Salve for diseases of
the skin.
One bottle of each of these five prep-
costs but For sale by
Druggist and Dealers in Patent Me-1
Cox Items.
Cox Mills, N. J. June 5th.
Misses Moore,
of Albert Moore, is right
sick with typhoid fever.
John Moore is right sick now.
We hope he will soon recover.
Charlie Coward is on the sick
list this week
Miss Lillie Carroll, daughter
of Carroll, has returned
flora the St. Vincent hospital at
Norfolk, and is getting along
well now, we are glad to know.
Crops are looking right
in our section, except
very small for the time of the
Oscar Evans, Miss Hellen
Edwards and
Ii ;, . . r
i, id .
1875.- ,
Wholesale and retail Grocer
Hides, Fur, Seed, Ba I
Turkeys, Egg, etc. Be
ads. Mattresses, Oak
Tables. Safes
and Gail Ax Snuff,
l. Life Tobacco Key West
George Cigars,
Cherries, Peaches,
pies. Pine Apples, Syrup, Jelly,
Meat Flour, Coffee, Meat
Lye Magic Food,
Seed Meal and Hulls,
Garden Seeds, Oranges,
Nuts, Dr-ed Apple, j
Peaches, Prunes,
Glass chi a ware Tip
an p. Wooden ware, Cakes j
crackers. Macaroni, Best
New Ma I
i and numerous other goods
Quality and en. p
c come see me.
S. M. Schultz.
You can afford it
cents per week
pays for a
at your
Central Shop.
Edmond Fleming, Props.
in main section
Four chain in operation and each
one presided over by a skilled
Our place is Inviting,
our towels clean.
We thank you for past
ard ask yon when
good i wanted.
Sharp Razor's clean Towels
work guaranteed
Cosmetics A Specialty.
Hot and Cold Baths
Thanking one and all you pas
and hoping for your con
I remain,
Yours to serve,
S. J. NOBLES. Prop.
Pa, starts at early morn
To face the wide world.
He gets his strength and health
By using Rocky Mountain Tea.
Wooten's Store.
t. pi v
T- . ., .-- . i
Deafness be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con-
of the mucous of tho
Tube. When this is in-
flamed you have a r
imperfect hearing, and when it is en-
closed. Deafness is the result,
and unless the inflammation can be
ken out and this tube restored to its
normal condition, hearing will be de-
forever; nine cases out of ten
are caused by catarrh, which is nothing
but an inflamed condition of the mucous
We will give One hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness by ca-
that cannot be cured Hall's
Catarrh cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. Toledo, O.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
Rocky Mountain
purifies the Mood, strengthen
the nerves, regulates the bowels,
aids the kidneys, cures stomach
troubles, builds up the
force and repairs the ill effects .
of over Tea or Tablets,
cents, Drug Store.
N. C
Brokers Ii
How to on IS cents a day.
The mind as well as the body i
by economy in eating.
There's no health giver like a
diet of Hollister's Rocky
Tea. In a startling way it
keeps you going. cents, Tea
or Tablets Wooten's Drug Store.
I'll stop your pain To show you
first-before you spend a penny-what
my Pink Pain Tablets can do, I will
mail you free, a Trial Package of them
Dr. Headache
Headache, Toothache.
pains, etc., are due alone to
Dr. Headache ts
simply kills pain by coaxing away
r-1 pressure. That is all.
. Wis, Sold

m n
The editorial page the
Durham Herald indicates , that
King has gone fishing
again, we envy him
at the port office t
C. Act March 1879.
A desired at every post in counties
in to
After the Eastern training
school is located many other in-
will Just as well
be getting ready for them and
I keep things humming.
The New York Journal of will do the proposing. If it
know what the president will do
when he gets out of his
, , I has asked who pays does, along with it come the
Just now he seems to be
ti i i j
Charlotte is the best exponent
North or South, of the value of
the and loan association
to a community, and The
has never to give
the building and loan
advertising with a free hand,
for in so doing, it has always
felt that it was engaged in a
good work. Now for a few gen-
facts to be followed by
. A New York woman lawyer some of a more local nature
the time is coming when There are now subscribed in the
An Ohio man has been twice
struck by lightning and ma we
understand it, he never, gave his
neighbors reason to suspect that
he had a hankering for office.
May Irwin says a woman is
happiest with a husband.
This is undoubtedly true, if the
man has no deep-seated
prejudice against splitting the whether I could
the Referring to experience of seeing how breach
the penalties imposed upon rail of promise suits feel.
Mr is accused of we would say the people
hunting for to them. There is a law upon
them in a
other rime. s s. t
self a d las, f .
at . ll i.
That is a good cyclone story
. statute books out in Illinois. It says a
for to deliver farmer driving a wagon along
freight promptly, that is, in road was caught up in the
I w e c g. arc delayed the wind and blown away, and no
drew or s v n
in lie turn to ; o e
State Ix m i. of in i e
Bast i n g
and had eleven l el s
present That is cone
If that don't w n tie
trace of either the man
team can be found-
Yes, when it comes to water
c, sue and collect a
p out of the
a law i i very n d
be repealed, t c j has a plenty, and the
when the by of i St chemist says it is A
freights inflict u Km the
consignee the latter should The News and is the
to recover actual around
school there is nothing in as has resulted, but if
The elven have returned. Now
come seven and then the train-
The Raleigh News and
issued a 96-page edition
day in celebration of its
in its new building.
people of the South real-
want to stop operations of
the New cotton exchange
there is but one deal-
with it.
there is any penalizing to i e
done such penalties go to I
the Sate and not to the
The present law gives an
open doer to no end of
ti n and imposition, and the
does i seem to have found out
anything about the Eastern Car-
teachers training school,
and that Greenville was by far
the highest r for it. But
the News and Observer has
showed from the beginning that
Keep up the spirit of
together has existed during
e past year, and Greenville
will become the capital of the
corporations by firms I
or individuals should be abolished, i
But the question was who pays
penalties and that is what
we started out to show. The
men who come together with
their capital and build a railroad
expect, and are entitled to. a
reasonable percent, of profit on
the investment. They cannot
get this percent, unless there is a
profit above operating expenses.
penalties are imposed
Candidates fr governor and
for commissioner of labor and
printing are numerous.
of them as well make up
their minds home.
send the others
an invitation to cone to the lay-
corner stone, and we
want you all to and help us
have a big time.
upon them such penalties
to be chained to the operating
expenses of the corporation, and j In the of
unless the charges for
in more than the operating
expenses the railroads would f
forced to go out of business. Ar-
the people pay the charges religious meeting
it w-s inst Greenville in the
Lo. like they are about to
make a stir out of one of Speaker
Cannon's on his
visit to North Carolina He is
quoted as things
the South and her
method of handling the race
problem, that he did not wart
his friends in the to know
had said. If a man tries
to be two he may expect
to get in a before he of the building and loan is due
to the efforts of the State
League, of which Mr. S. Witt-
and Mr. E. L.
have been
Land secretary and
, since its organization
ago. Charlotte could
four ave been anything like the
not i.-. but for the build-
and loan.
building and loan associations of
North Carolina shares
of stock, with a par value of
and per capita, as
or per cap-
four years ago. There are
in the United States build-
and loan associations, a
membership of 2.000,000 and
subscribed shares of a par value
In Wilmington there are
teen building and loan
In Charlotte there are
three, but one of these three,
alone, the Perpetual,
does more business than all
Wilmington's thirteen. The re
cord of this association is typical
of the growth of the building
and loan business in Charlotte
The now
has in force shares at t
par value of Its
capital of is
so near taken up, that during
July it will increase its charter
to Three thousand,
six hundred shares, at a par
value of was subscribed
for the last series. As the
association issues two series a
year, if that rate continues, it
will issue within a year
new shares at a par value per
year of weekly re-
Another feature is the increase
in the average of the loans.
This has heretofore been
I the industrial and commercial
people are beginning to find i
profitable to borrow from the
building and loan associations,
and applications are now coming
in for loans in sums of
and Much of this in-
ceased recognition of the value
j things being almost km . w
I in the pursuit after the
Id the announcement of a
Who will be
mayor is coming along for
When the brethren finally get
settled on those ten best things
to eat. hops they s
some them around, or get up
a spread and send out
The wise man contemplating
owning a home in Greenville
s not wait after the
training school is located to buy a
lot It will be money in your
pocket to buy now, and not be
transportation, and must pay
enough to cover the operating
expenses i a profit, it is
the people who pay penal-
ties whenever they are
We complain because rail-
roads charge high and at
the same time them about
with such penalizing laws that
compel them to high char
to meet operating
What is true of the railroads is
of all other corporations
should arrest attention. Green-
ville has many good people who
live Upright lives, are
tic, kind hearted, ready to ex-
tend the hand of charity and go
to the help of when need-
ed. Yet, with all this, for the
last few years the town has not
had a genuine revival of religion,
though the churches have made
Several in that direction.
S is but just
it Is hard to determine. It is
that serve the public. We Can-no there are no people
not have these public t; ; need saving, for are
they yield a efficient re- Possibly this spirit
turn to pay a profit on the
Nobody wants to engage
a business that is not
ard it is just as well to take
a common sense view of such
things. laws are a hum
bug, as they merely fall back
upon the people who have the
penalties to pay.
the corporations only
brings a smile. They can make
the fines several times over by
violations, and of course will
keep it up until there is
thing more stringent than a
As it seems to be
that the office. of commission r
of labor and printing will Le
filled by a newspaper
of the brethren
a ; to it
If the other railroads operating
in this State would show the
same spirit to abide by the laws
as the Norfolk Southern shows,
and would manifest the same
interest in bringing about friend-
co-operation between the rail-
roads and the people, there would
be a very different state of
affairs existing in North Carolina
as and
commercialism, which has
even reached the churches them-
selves, has caused Christians to
forget the fact that it is their
duty to impress the unsaved
with the need of personal
without which they are
lost. This town needs a
awakening. An opportunity
for it is at hand and it is time our
people were doing some serious
thinking as to their duty.
As Kinston was far outdistanced
in bidding for the Eastern
training school, the Free Press
takes another turn and says that
town ought to get it because of
its water. Oh, come off Bud
The board is not dealing in
watered stocks-
No battle-scarred flag the
Richmond reunion could have
been more a reminder of a gen
that is rapidly passing
away than the appearance of
several old time in the
parade The marching side by
side of mer master and for-
mer slave, evidenced the tender
feeling that still exists for the
faithful in the South. The
old-time remain- the
object of gentlest care and ad-
All of these people who are
arguing that women should be
especially protected, because
they are more delicate than men,
should take a look around at the
girls who are wearing peek a boo
waists while men are shivering
in their winter
ham Sun.
Prices are on a higher level
than they have been for seven-
teen years, according to the
bureau of labor. We are glad to
know they are on the level if it
is higher.
The charge of the straw hat
brigade is not soon.
The Irish are threatening to
boycott all goods bearing a
trait of the British lion. This is
a new way of twisting that
A scientist has discovered that
bullets carry disease germs, but
we assure him that we
. ., . , information of that kind to
somewhat he- strengthen our determination not
there an end to rate hind the times in talking
man on Th
man in the is the man
of the hour.
to . to;, any bullets if we can help
kindling and lightning the
kitchen fire in the morning.
Owing to a mistake of the
legit Texas will
have to go without a drink for
twenty days. That will give the
Texans a chance to discover that
it is not an impossibility after
A Texas judge has ruled that a
common table fork is not. a deadly
weapon. Possibly it will now be
easier to induce the to
make more general use of it-
During the president's visit to
Lansing. Mich., the mayor pro
the sale of peanuts. Per-
haps he didn't want people to
get the impression that an entire
circus was coming to town.
The next edition of An-
I Have by Ernest
Thompson, will doubtless
include the president-
According to the census
figures, there are bread-
winners among the
women of this If there
were that many good bred
among them, there would be
a falling off in the demand for
dyspepsia tablets.
A Memphis woman has sued
the same man for divorce five
times in years. After a
while he will be getting tired of
paying for that kind of amuse-
The ice cream soda crop should
not be emitted from the list of;
for which eccentric
climate is held responsible.
Well equipped summer resorts
this year should provide fur-
lined suits and oil-
On last day at
there was a celebration of the
completion of the Norfolk
Southern railroad to that town.
Thousands of people were pres-
and the occasion was one
that marks an epoch in the his-
of Eastern North Carolina.
building of a railroad to
naturally the
on Atlantic coast, has i
been the dream of years, and
now that it has been fulfilled-
great development will follow.
One of the speakers at the
celebration was Mr. Frank S. I
Gannon, president of the road.
He clearly set forth the interest
Norfolk Southern has in,
the development of this section,
and the assurance that the policy
of his road is to comply with the
spirit of the laws of the State,
even though some of these laws
are adverse to its interests, was
truly commendable. We make
the following extract from his
is nearly three years since
I too an active personal interest
in Eastern North Carolina, and
that feeling of grows
stronger each I
satisfied Mr. and his
dates that the. people of dais
section of our country would
any effort made in
to cooperate with them
the up-building of their
resources, unhesitating
responded to every call for fun
to prosecute improvement
your transportation facilities
must no v confess,
that my promises or
were based upon conditions
at that time. I d
have had
to go ahead, had I ex
the large crop of neW
railroad laws passed by
general assembly since then,
I still have faith in the
and am bolstered up by th
hope that we can yet pull
work out the
that must place Eastern
Carolina in its proper
among the
of the South.
I am glad to be with you
for many One i th
it gives me to
sent to you my personal
that the policy of the Not
folK and Southern Railway Com
pan, will be to work absolute
the benefit of the
comply with the
of its laws, and avoid tech
friction. We
as the only course to purse
to secure the final success in th
development of our property
We are not here philanthropist
or speculators, nor are m
prompted by any
We are here for the
of this country of
cent resources and
That development is to be
reward, for in its results a
muse have our share, as
must have yours Our
are mutual our work must
co-operative That
by the people and the
alike, we've gone a long way
the solution of our present
The Reflector is advised
the Norfolk Southern
is going to build a very ban
some depot in Greenville, o
that is really ahead of the p
size of the town- But
town will not be long
to it, and the determination
build such a depot shows ti
the railroad people, like t
home folks, faith in
future of Greenville
to the
If you live within
miles of Norfolk you can
Cut out
this advertisement and
present it to us at our
store in Norfolk, not la-
than August 19.17,
we will give you
credit for the total
of your railroad or steam-
boat fare to Norfolk and
return on your purchase
at that time, of a
or a Player-
Only one credit on any
one instrument.
S Jeff are sold I
from maker to
you the dealer's profit
write for particulars.
Be s ire to save this ad-1
L. C. Street Mgr.
St. Norfolk Va. I
Piano with the
Sweet Official
Piano Jamestown Expo-
offering a complete me of
Clothing, Dry Goods, Shoes, Hat
and Millinery
You can't go by far yon will
be pleased with the price.
Thia department is in F. C. NYE, who is authorized to rep-
resent the Eastern Reflector in Winterville and territory
The A. G. Cox M Co. has
still on hand a full supply of
their Tar Heel Cart wheels.
Send us your order we assure
A new lot of nice spring and
summer pants just opened at
Harrington, Barber Co.
Another large lot of shoes just
in at Harrington Barber Co.
Fancy negligee and shirts at
B. F. Manning Co.
Fresh corned herrings just
opened at Harrington, Barber
We sell Laughlin, Eclipse and
Parker fountain pens.
B. T. Cox Bro.
We have on hand a few copies
of the history of the San
co disaster. Usual price
Our price, B T. Cox
You just ought to come down
and see the nice and up to-date
Hunsucker buggies being turned
out almost almost every day by
the A. G. Cox Co.
B. T. Cox Bro. have just re-
a nice lot of Teacher's
Bibles, flexible binding. Prices
from to each.
The season is now almost at
hand when most of the farmers
will likely need trucks to haul
Tobacco to and from the barn,
lie A. G. Cox Co. are
now preparing to make good
many their
his season and would be glad to
supply your needs.
Good meal is a luxury. Bring
corn to the Carolina Mil
ling and Manufacturing Com-
They grind at any time
during the week.
Insure your buildings in the
den Loan Insurance Co
den N. C F. C. Nye. Winter-
ville N. C.
A. W. Ange Co., have a
nice line of pants. Cheap too.
Mrs- Rena cf
Ayden, spent several visit-
relatives here this weeK.
The class from the Oxford
orphan asylum gave us a most
delightful concert in the
of the academy Thursday
night. Each one showed care-
training, even
of them were small tots.
The proceeds were The
orphans have a large place in
the hearts of cur people in Win-
Prof. G. E. Lineberry and
family left Friday afternoon for
Siler City where they will spend
several days at his old home.
He then expects to take a special
course during the summer at
Chicago University
The club spent a
most delightful day at the hos-
home of Mrs- Maggie
Butt, about one and a half miles
town. About o'clock the
began to arrive, haded
mothers, I by
their children. At each arrival
a well filed basket was taken to
the dining room until they should
he needed later.
I the shade of the large
s in the yard, the voting folks
.-ml children were engaged
i games and until
long tables made their sudden
in or e corner of the
yard, heavily laden with such
delicious viands as the mothers
of this club know exactly how to
prepare. Of course the games
were changed for a shirt time.
At o'clock Mrs- Butt, the
president, called the club to or-
and the usual
was carried out. At the
ion of this, all took their depart-
for their respective homes,
declaring it to be a day most de-
spent. Mrs. Butt will
have no in securing the
meeting at her home
any time she wishes it.
F. A. Edmundson came in
Thursday from several days on
the road for the A. G- Cox Mfg
Mrs. J. R. Cooper left for
Goldsboro Friday to visit her
aunt, who is very sick.
Misses and Rowland
Cobb returned to their home near
Conetoe, after spending
time with their J. L.
Rev. A. left this
The A. G Cox Co- will
make flues for the sea-
at the same old price as
straw hats at a bar-
gain. B. F. Co-
Miss Dora Cox left Friday
morning for Asheville where
will attend the Southern
conference of the Y- W. C. A.
which convenes there. She will
represent the Y. W C- A. of the
Baptist University for women.
She has been elected president
for next session.
Mrs. J. E Buck returned
home Friday morning from Kin-
where she had been the
hospital for some time. We are
glad to learn that she is
proving rapidly.
Misses Kate and Lola Chap-
man returned from the
commencement Thursday
evening. report a
Rev. A. preached
two excellent sermons at the
Methodist church Friday and
Friday night. He held a reg-
The new gates have come at
last, which will add no little to
the convenience of those coming
and going from town
A. N. Ange Co. know how
to buy shoes for comfort, style
and They have just
opened their large. line of fine
sewing ma-
chines on easy terms. A. W.
We have just received a large
lit of best roofing. See us for
prices before buying. A. W.
Ange Co.
Those in need of tobacco sticks
will do well to see L. L. Kit-
trill who will be prepared to fill
Have you seen new
proved coffee-mill at Harrington
Barber Co It will take your
Lawns, laces, organdies, ham-
bergs going at a at
Barber Co.
Extra line of white goods just
opened at B. F. Manning Co.
Knitting thread already
pared at Harrington, Barber
and men's fancy silk
hose for summer wear at B F.
Manning Co.
See our new assortment of
hamburgs. laces etc at B. r,
The wise n an begins early to
build a reputation at his home
bank. Regular and steadily con-
deposits, even though
be small, will establish a
record for i on the banker's
books and in the banker's mind
that will be of greater value to
him in later years than all the
endorsements and testimonials
his friends can give him.
J. L Jackson Cashier Bank of
A Kentucky merchant drew
from the bank and went
to St. to buy a stock of
goods. On the train he was
robbed of the entire sum. He
should have had his banker give
him drafts or a letter of credit
instead of cash. J. L. Jackson
cashier of bank of Winterville.
Hamilton rifles are the thing
for shooting on gun outing trips
fishing, etc. this summer.
Barber Co.
The A. G- Cox Mfg. Co are in
position to fill your orders
for the Handy Tobacco Trucks.
Send us your orders at once be-
fore the rush comes.
J. M. BLOW, Manager and Authorized Agent.
The A. G. Cox Mfg. ship
two solid car loads of their
Handy tobacco trucks Tuesday
morning. The farmers all over
the State are to see
the necessity for these
The A. G. Cox Mfg. Co., are
daily shipping out the best to-
flues at the lowest price,
Send us your orders.
All who want lime for repair-
furnaces or buildings can
find the best quality at A W.
Ange Co.
the Carolina Milling
Co. are prepared to
grind first meal for you at
any t-me- Wood work also a
Poultry wire all heights at A.
W. Ange Co.
B. F. Manning Co, have
opened up a nice line of Canned
Nice assortment of glass ware
just arrived. Harrington, Bar-
Harrington, Barber Co. can
supply you with the famous
mowers and rakes to
save your hay.
A large line of umbrellas and
parasols just received at
barber Co.
The third quarterly meeting of
Grimesland and Vanceboro cir-
will be held in Winterville
ion Friday, June 7th, 1907. Rev.
A. the presiding elder
will preach at o'clock a. m.,
at night. Every one is
Get your wood work done at
the Carolina Milling
fact iring Co.
The regular mission meeting
of the Baptist church was held
Sunday night.
Look for a moment at the nice
Tobacco Flues being almost
turned out by The A- G. Cox
Mfg Co. We good
goods at lowest prices
Mrs. Bettie Boyd, of Greens-
was here Monday greeting
her many friends. She conduct-
a millinery business here three
or four years ago.
The A. G Cox Mfg Co. are
still manufacturing their nice
Pitt County School desks.
The surveying crew who were
running out the town limits
Monday, report huckleberries
and rough woods in abundance.
The town is sixteen hundred
yards square now.
belts and umbrellas
for summer use at B. F. Man-
Mrs. Mumford, of
Ayden, spent Tuesday here with
Miss Laura Cox, her
Bring your wheat to the Caro-
Milling Mfg. Co- They
are now prepared to make first
class flour-
Blacksmith work done prompt-
at a Milling Mfg.
J. R. Smith, of Ayden, was
here Tuesday on business.
There were regular services at
the Free Will Baptist church
Sunday morning and night.
Miss Bessie Moore, of Kinston,
is visiting Mrs. White
this week, to the delight of her
friends here.
Thee will be an interesting
program rendered Sunday even-
t o'clock by the Sunbeams
of the Methodist church All
are most cordially invited to be
is visiting Mrs. Charlie
All kinds of turned work done
by Milling Mfg. Co.
. frame-- made to order
Carolina Supply Co.,
Winterville N. C
At the Close of Business. May 20th
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts secured 296.14
Furniture and fixtures 925.38
Demand loans
from banks and bankers 867.66
rash items 3.26
Gold Coin
Nat. bk
State of North
County of Pitt.
I, L. Jackson, Cashier of the ab d Hank, do
is trues to
and r,. JACKSON.
Subscribed to before Correct
me, this 29th day of May, j
surplus OP
Undivided -7
Time certificates of
Deposits subject to
notary Public.
authorized fur
we take
Million ant writing receipts for
-i- in inn We a list
. all who receive their mail at
also orders
ob printing
Mrs. Kate Richardson and sis-
have returned to their home
in Newborn .
For fresh and cheap goods go
to E. E. Co., they always
have l he best.
W. E. Hooks has been to
this week.
Go to E E Co. new
market for beef, fresh meats,
sausage and fresh fish.
M. Lawhorn and wife
of are here on a visit
to the parents of Mr.
Merchandise Broker-I carry
i full line of Meat, Lard and
Don't buy before giving
me a trial. Frank Lilly Co.
Arthur and wife,
of Belhaven, are here on a visit
to the parents of Mr.
If you need any Paint be sure
see E. E. Co.
B F. D. of Hooker-
ton was here Wednesday.
exchange corn
for or Lean, Healthy Shoats
weighing from to pounds-
If preferred I will pay cash mark-
et price for same W. A. Darden,
ltd Ayden, N. C
Dr. L. C- Skinner spent Tues-
day and Wednesday in Green-
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say of the
in having a first class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store and secure this much need-
ed article.
Mrs W. R. Hooks, Miss Ora
Copeland and J. T. Hooks, of
Fremont, are visiting the
of W. E. Hooks here.
Call at the Drug Store
cure one of those excellent
Pens. M. M, Sauls.
The orphans from the the
Oxford asylum were here Wed-
There were of the
little tots and they were little
fellows, too, just as bright at
crickets Their entertainment
was exceptionally fine and
shows them to be under the very
beat managements. The net
proceeds were
The most will be
pleased with one of those
Pens at Saul's. Call and
Allen Cannon and Osborne
Lyon have returned home from
Trinity High school.
M. M- has the finest and
best supply of Fountain Pens
ever brought to Ayden.
The J. R Smith Co., the pop-
merchants of Ayden, N. C.
have just received a new
complete line of the famous
spectacles and eye
glasses, and will be assisted for
four days, May 30th, 31st, June
by one of A. K-
Company's opticians. AH in
Ayden and vicinity who wish to
have glasses scientifically fitted,
should call at the store of Smith
Co , on the above mentioned
R. C. Cannon, wife and little
daughter arc home again from
attending the commencing ex-
at Trinity High school,
the conservatory of music at
Durham and at Chapel Hill.
Mass., May
Messrs J. R Turnage Co.
Ayden, N. C.
For fear that th r
may a slight
on the part of some-
customers regarding the
tee upon our patent and Di.
shoes, we wish t
emphasize the fact chat same
exists and has not been with-
We want our customers and
all wearers men's shoes to
know that we will continue to do
as have done in the past
guarantee the vamps of the
Patent and Ball not
to break through before the first
i worn out,
Iii the event of a Burt Pack-
ard shoe
Contrary to this guarantee,
the whom the
shoes were purchased, is author-
to replace with a new pair.
Yours very truly,
and Field.
Wiley Brown, James Brown,
Bentley Harris, Charles Cobb
and Mr- Foxhall were all here
from Greenville Thursday in at
upon the Masonic-
Thursday being St. John's day
among our Masonic brethren it
was the occasion of a good old
time here yesterday. In th
the lodge met and
transacted the usual routine of
business after which they elected
the following as officers for next
year T F. Johnson, W M; W.
H. Smith. S. W; W. F Hart, J.
W; S. A. Jenkins., Sec; C E
Spier, S R. J.
D; J. H Rives, Tyler. The lodge-
then adjourned to Hotel
for refreshments At
p. m. it assembled and work in
the degree and other matters
demanded the attention of the
order. There were
ors from Greenville,
seemed to have had a good time.
The funeral of Mr. John Pierce
was the largest attended of any
ever saw in the
There were estimated people
present and from to Masons
cf procession. It being
right in the middle of the week
when the farmers were as busy
in their crops as they could be
attested the regard and
esteem in which this good man
was held- Rev. Mr. Jones
of the Christian church
a short sermon and the closing
exercises were conducted by the
Clarence Cannon has come
home from Chapel Hill, and Mis-
Blanche, his sister, is also at
home from the conservatory of
music at Durham
Grover who had
his leg broken while attempting
to board a morning train, is so
much improved as to be able to
be out on the street, and Mack-
Taylor, who broke his leg at the
has thrown his crutches
away and is now paying strict
attention to the girls,
The has just
been freshly painted and now
Hotel is undergoing a
thorough renovation. Ayden
can boast of good and
splendid tables.
Thank the Lord Seventeen
billy goats and goats have
left town. O. L- Joyner came
Monday and carried them away.
Mr. Joyner will always have a
warm place in the hearts of we
Ayden people- Think of it
What a blessing goats and
pecks of fleas at one swell
stroke. Yes, we shall love Mr.
Joyner. There are more goats
yet, and if there is any human
being who wants to stand well
in our estimation please come
and get them and we promise to
love you alway.
Stock law around Ayden is
now in effect What a glorious
Mrs. William Hooks and Miss
Ora Copeland, of Fremont,
have been here on a visit to Mrs.
W. L Hooks, to their
home yesterday, as did J T.
Hooks, Jr , who did not fail to
make a fine impression among
our girls
S. A. Forrest left on the morn-
train Monday.
M. M. Sauls, Mrs Sauls and
Miss Sauls earn h
Saturday from a lengthy visit to
Richmond and the Jamestown
exposition. All are p- to
have them home, for i seemed
they were coming back
Mrs. G. W. . mi
Mrs. Jesse Cannon haw returned
from their recent visit to
Kinston and Morehead
Mrs. Hugh Brooks came from
Baltimore Saturday to visit her
mother, Mrs. Cason.
F. G. James, of Greenville and
Mr. Shaw, attorney from
were here Friday, the 7th,
as counsel in a court.
A. L. Harrington has beer
here the past week
pens on sale at
drug store at from to
cons cotton
meal. F- Lilly Co-
TO J. H.
n tiers in Dry Goods. No-
ti Light and Heavy
es etc.
to suit the
Tripp Hart Co
Dr Joseph Dixon
Em Railroad St
Ayden, C.
Birds Share Nest.
A curious friendship between
birds has been observed here. Av
blackbird built her nest in a
quiet covert in this neighbor-
hood, and after laying four eggs
she was joined by a thrush, who
also laid four eggs in the same
nest Owing to the sheltered
nature of their retreat, the hos-
blackbird and her friend
hatched the doubled brood in
peace This appears to be the
earliest recorded instance of the
maisonette in ornithology.--
It doesn't necessarily follow-
that a man is any good just be-
cause he's as good as his world.
M the goose of business May. 18th, 1906.
Furniture and Fixtures
Due from banks and bankers
Cold coin
Silver coin
1,227.88 J Surplus
610.69 Undivided profit expense 270.09
Nat. Ilk notes other notes 1,538.00
9,362.42 Dividends unpaid 27.00
29.80 Deposits subject to check 39.360.07
290.00 Cashier's checks outstanding 607.84
1.728.15 certified cheeks 4.00
1.1. R. Smith, of the tank, do
that the snore statement is true to the bet of my and be-
lief- J. R. SMITH, Cashier.
and sworn o
me, 27th is of May , ism f
.Notary I L
Ayden Milling and Manufacturing Company have
received a new supply of furnishings and material
m their undertaking department.
They also purchased a hearse and are in first
class ion to serve i he This is a long needed
this section and they promise the best when
anything in this line is needed.

It Flourished Year. Ago In
ha Isle.
In the Green Isle dueling flour-
ago as much as it did in
France. When a Trinity college
student asked the provost what
he had better bring to col-
the books. a ease of
The -i were in the habit of by Indigestion. If eat
I m little affairs either I . . , f. attacks of you hare no doubt
or just after had shortness of breath heart bu,
prayers. All distinguished Irish- heartburn or palpitation of heart.
men of eighteenth century were causes the stomach to
do mm, Sheri-i up again the
, . ,., , , . , heart This crowds the heart and inter-
Hal . ton, Hood, with action, and in the course of
re and tune the heart becomes diseased.
affairs to his credit.
The bar the list
. and masters of
th. like comets of Dyspepsia Cure
-.-. fought
and two
. . of the heart, and contributes nourishment
and health to every organ of the
a- Irish historians tell body. Cures Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Sour
Us. , great with the pis- Stomach. Inflammation of the mucous
-within------rd. Two
v., i m i. . Tract, Nervous Dyspepsia and Catarrh
lei lames, Major Par; the Stomach.
an.; . ; i d, to
Do You Contemplate
Owning One
To sun who Insure his IS
Vis for his family.
Th am. who insure his health
wit both for tab as
to .
Sir i
. worthy of their
in Mr. Ma
I. I fl t
private at an
nearly unto
I but k into health
warded with their
I i no Barrington and
two , aged mar-
n rate duel in
quarrel as a
; They fought
on , sword, pistol and
knife. First
the tire. Harrington
me of cl urge in his
face, h it l rushed on kill-
ed with his broadsword,
. and, putting
to the other's throat, called upon
him to for his life on pain of
I . agreed t
hand- be
Condition or
.; Fitzgerald, a well
snow n character, a cousin of the
Earl of Desmond, an an
Oxford grad and an oil
Altar my food would distress mi by making
heart and I would become very
Finally I go, a of and it gave ms
Alter using a beetles I am cured.
I had stomach trouble was In a bad state as I
-ad with it. I look
Care about lour sand it cured me.
a O.
Digests What You Eat
if so the first thing to consider is a good
lot in a desirable location and you can-
not be better suited in a lot than the
much a. i
John L. Wooten.
Cough Caution
free. should
lb bran-
Sam White
poison. bow
or Opium.
snake . 04-similar And now
Mixture Good
Coon No on
medicine, it must by
Law on label And it's not only but It
to be by that know It beet, truly re
with children. Insist
Cough Cure. Compare th-
, , . or
to shake or poisons.
lends, but without
logy. Barrington
Cough Cure
I. W.
Ill with and Dote
the Sixty-ninth foot, fought eight-
duels and thought by many
to mad. lie hired a gang of
waylaid and killed a gentle-
man on the king's highway and was
hanged at Cautioner. Among
he encountered Martin of
the Richard Bate and
Captain afterward
killed at Madras in a duel with
Colonel Allen. The Ashton duel
and another fought by with a
Calcutta civilian indirectly helped
British to many victories. The
first made way for a Colonel
afterward better known under
another name, to an important com-
before The
second liar;, by displaying the
o military appointment in a
tine of
No proper v surpasses this for a desirable
home. Lots can be bought there now at
reasonable prices and on easy terms. There
is every indication that property around
is going to be higher, and the
longer you defer buying the lot the
it will cost
This property is located minuter
walk from the business part or the town.
See Sam White and let him explain prices
and terms.
You my by
Int It Is worth
At th first attack of
which generally approaches
through th LIVER and
itself la Innumerable ways
And save your health.
Littleton High School
L. W. A. B.
into es and
Faculty of experienced college
teachers K
from leading colleges.
Expenses extras.
Health conditions
Prepares for life or college.
Thorough instruction.
Good library.
No Saloons.
Time to enter Sept
For information and
Z. P. Supt.
Littleton, N. C.
D. W.
And Provisions
Cotton Bagging-and
Ties always on
Fr sh kept con.
in stuck. Country
Produce Bought and Sold
D. W.
North Carolina.
L of Animals.
n . as a rule
longer I n r wild kindred.
twenty years.
. to . and cats live to
teen ;
I n forty years. Horses
-sis to twenty-seven
years. there i- an on
i n n are attaining the ripe
old . o of i tty-two. Street car
rarely ever last longer
twelve to t; years.
j Despite his cheerful disposition
a squirrel rarely ever lives to be
than while, on the
sober minded camel
to five Km
Hear- die at twenty, a little
older, but the patriarch of thorn nil
is the elephant. He is in his prime
usu and
ins to feel the effects of age when
gets to be or years old.
T A Passion For Buttons.
Louis XIV., the mo-
had a positive passion for
buttons. In when his erase
was at its highest, ho spent no less
than in this strange form
of indulgence. Among the items of
which this expenditure was made
up are the Aug. 1688,
two diamond buttons, value
francs; diamond buttons, value
francs. On the buttons for
a single vest he spent Of
contained live diamonds each. It is
estimated that during his lifetime
this foolish monarch spent no less
than on buttons alone.
Not Satisfactory.
A party of tourists were visiting
ancient landmarks of England,
according to a writer in the Now
Times-Democrat, and their
guide was supplying them with val-
historic facts.
he remarked,
to William the
I what's the
U one of his hate
North In the superior Court
Pitt county. Before D. c Moore
J. C. and wife Maggie Bes-
R. A. and Ella Dawson.
The defendant Ella will
hereby take notice that u special pro-
has institute I in the
court of Pitt county J. c.
and Maggie Rasberry vs
B. A. Dawson and Ella for the
purpose of making sale of a certain
tract of land situated in Swift creek
Township Pitt county for division among
tenants in and the said Ella
j one of the defendants in said
I special proceeding, will further take
I notice that she is required to appear at
the office of the the
court of Pitt county, at Greenville, N.
C, on the 20th day of June, 1907, and an-
or demur to the complaint of the
plaintiffs or the relief therein demand-
ed will be granted.
This the 16th day of May, 1907.
D. c. Moore
clerk superior court Pitt county.
Of era advantages
for the public.
Business Men
When you want Work send
you orders to
r mis t v v t
Not Quite
How often you can get a
nail or screw driver or
lacking. Have a good
tool box and be prepared for
emergencies. Our line of tools
is a i could desire, and
we see that your tool
box does not lack a single
useful article.
Of Course
You get Harness,
Horse Goods,
i Corey,,
and you to
Sand modal, photo or FUCK
SO tun-
on to
Street, f
d. o.
N. C.
i of business May 1907.
Capital Stack
Loans and
secured and
A Bonds
Furniture and
Due from
Silver Coin
. National bank notes and
-K -U. i, note
Surplus funds
Undivided Profit
Expenses paid .
Bills Payable
Time 27,1581.0
Due to a Cashier's checks
by AH the
The competition for the East-
training in Raleigh
on Wednesday was short Green-
ville led all the others in its offer
and it is now conceded we
. C of the shove do
111- tn above is true to the beat of my
belief. CARR, Cashier
sworn to
me. 29th of May 1907. H- A-
Deputy C. S. C- J- k- WOOTEN
At the close of Business, May th 1907.
Resources. Liabilities.
Loans and Discounts
Overdrafts secured
and unsecured 1,400.88
All other Stocks, Bonds
and 2,400.00
Furniture Fixtures 3,872.32
Banking Houses 4,100.00
Demand Loans 18,565.31
Due from Banks 16,994.69
Cash Items 1,031.52
Gold Coin 71.00
Silver Coin 1,085.62
National bank notes
and U. S. notes
Capital Stock
funds 26,000.00
Undivided Profits less
Expenses paid 14,816.77
Notes and bills
Bills Payable 10,000.00
Sub 107,490.07
Cashier's checks
Reserved for Interest 300.0
t Ike AU
The board of aldermen met in
regular monthly session Thurs-
day night, seven of the members
being present
Chief of fire department re-
ported that he had tested all the j have won, without a shadow of
fire as directed by the board, i doubt the school. The Board of
The standing committees had Education will soon visit and
view the sites and when our
magnificent sites are seer, the
board will be proud that they
have the opportunity to so ad
locate this school. It
was shown that Greenville is
in the center of all the
to be served by th school and
also in the center of all the eight
towns competing for the school.
Most of these towns now con-
cede that Greenville is the logical
place for the location. We have
never seen such a
of opinion the State
over that we have every ideal
for the location of this school
Our position is central, our
health record and our con-
fine, our religious
advantages good, and our
spirit, enthusiasm and
progress are all that can be de-
With this institution located
here will soon stand as one
of the foremost counties in the
State in everything that it takes
to make a great county, and our
people are to be congratulated
upon the efforts they have
made for their county and town.
Your work is admired and com
mended throughout the entire
ate of N Carolina I
County of Pitt. Is ,, , , . ,
I, James L. Little, Cashier of the above named bank, do
swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief. JAMES L. LITTLE, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before
no reports to make.
Alderman Carr was appointed
as special committee to report on
condition of the dispensary.
The officers filed their reports
of collections for the past month.
The superintendent of the
water and light plants was given
permission to ride his bicycle on
sidewalks to enable him to get
to the work around town quicker-
Chairman Cobb, of the water
and light commission appeared
before the board for instruction
relative to extending the service
to the new recently taken
in to corporate limits of the town.
The matter was referred to the
and light committee
to work with the commission
in regard to extending the
vice. The committee
was instructed to have all ac-
counts of the clerk and
checked up ready for the
the fiscal
Accounts for the past month
were allowed and orders issued
for payment of same
The board adjourned to meet
Tuesday night, 18th.
American, at London Horse Shew.
me. this 28th day of May, 1907.
Notary Public.
Cable to Reflector.
London, June Lon-
say they fear nothing at
the horse show from the
cans except the heavy harness
and saddle classes, although
Vanderbilt's four-in-hands are
regarded as dangerous. An in-
feature will be the
jumping competitions, in which
Continental cavalry officers in
Castle Hall, Tar River Lodge
Knights Pythias-
Whereas, Our Heavenly
Father has seen fit to remove
from earth to heaven the soul of
the wife of our beloved brother,
J. N. Hart, and we de-
sire to express to brother Hart,
our sympathy in this his time of
Come In and examine my
c e,
uniform will part. The bereavement,
Italians expect to take high-1 Resolved 1st That we bow in
est honors in this line of humble to the Ruler
has entered horses for no fewer the Lord whom
than classes, but Walter Win-
ans, who owns half a million
dollars worth of horse flesh at
Park, Kent, is a pow- . . t Hart in
rival to Vanderbilt. The v
stables contain blooded
horses from all nations,
one hundred show animals.
We beg leave to announce that we are
and Retail
as- for
White Lead, Paints
Colors. and an
Country Ready nixed Paints.
There Is no line In the world better
the Harrison line. It has behind it a
M reputation for honorable wares and
If you use the Harrison Paints you need
never worry quality.
We that you favor us with your
orders whenever you wane good paint for any
Have a car load and
can give you Special Prices.
Baker Hart
N. C.
Whereas it hath pleased the
Ruler of the to
send the angel of death the
home of our brother, A L.
Tucker, and take therefrom
devoted child.
Whereas we bow in humble
submission to Him who all
things well, yet we extend to
Brother Tucker our sincere and
heartfelt sympathy for the loss
which he and those near him
have felt.
Resolved 1st, That the
of Winterville Council No.
Jr. U. A- M. unite in
sending to Brother Tucker this
expression of their sympathy,
for him in the death of his child.
Resolved 2nd,
these resolutions be sent to The
Reflector for publication, one be
sent to Brother Tucker and one
be spread on our minutes.
W. Rollins.
He and
every one whom He
2nd. That we ex-
this the
saddest affliction of his life our
deepest sympathy and pray that
our Heavenly Father may give
to him and his children that con-
and comfort that He
alone can give, remembering
that his beloved wife has only
gone and awaits him on
the other shore-
Resolved 3rd. That a copy of
his these resolutions be sent to
Brother Hart, a copy spread upon
the minutes it this lodge and a
copy be sent to The Reflector for
J. S. Mooring,
The delegation from Pitt which
appeared before the State
of Education returned home
Thursday night and a reporter
asked Governor Jarvis to give us
his impression of the day's work
before the board and the
outcome of it. In response
to this inquiry Governor Jarvis
Eight splendid towns
by splendid delegations
appeared before the State Board
of It was a
contest between these towns
conducted on a high plain
Among the delegation there
were preachers, teachers, law-
doctors, bankers, judges,
business men, farmers, and la-
borers. It is rare that a more
splendid set of men ever met in
Raleigh in the interest of any
cause. There were more men
there capable and in every way
fit for any position, however high
and important While the
delegations were earnest
in the presentation of the claims
of their communities, still the
best of feelings prevailed and
there was manifest among them
all a determination to
make the school wherever lo-
a greet institution.
To have won out in such a con-
test as this is a great victory and
one which every citizen of the
county should be proud of. It is
true the State Board of
has made no decision and
will not they visit all the
competing towns and inspect the
sites offered. Yet, knowing as I
do the money offers and the sites
offered. I feel absolutely certain
that when the board has made its
inspection of these sites that Pitt
county will get the school by the
unanimous voice of the board I
speak of the county because cultural value to
wish to give proper credit to the the school,
county for the great work it has
done in this matter. Without
the help of the county Green-
ville would have been over-
whelmed by the larger and more
populous towns. The work and
The board of trustees of the
graded school held an important
meeting in the superintendent's
office Friday night. All the
in the faculty were filled.
The two new teachers are Miss
Edith Payne, of Graham, and
Miss Betty of Clinton
Miss Payne will succeed Miss
Sweet, and Miss Wright will take
the English work in
The board decided it would
to make farther effort
to employ a male principal for
year, as practically
all the men who would all
suitable are I. The
demand for more men in
schools was never greater
it is today, and certainly
were never fewer.
The trustees decided to
and maintain a department
music in connection i he
Provision will made
for a suitable room, a j
cured, and the very best teacher
employed who can be procured.
The rates of will be such
as to make the self-
supporting, or practical but
no charges higher than those
usually prevailing in Greenville
will be made The boar I of
tees took this step because they
believe it a wise one. and also
because a number of people- have
requested it of them. They hope
to have a reasonable patronage
by the people. Anyone desiring
to know more of this feature of
the school work would do well to
consult Smith or
Dr. R. L. Carr. F. C. Harding or
D. C. music commit-
Pinging will be taught in
each week- It
is fiat in way, the
musical instincts of ad the
the teaching in a
great and we be-
it prove as beneficial
here as it has elsewhere, and
so. the results will of much
Whereas our fellow worker,
R. S. Evans, has been called
. , ,. ,. j, . Head of the Church, who calls
the school to Pitt and I trust our y His workmen n His own
fellow citizens in every section of time and carries on His
the county will rejoice with us I work by other hands, and,
in this great victory. Whereas, Brother Evans was
I desire also to mention the and efficient member
a. u j x. a n a. I Of the Board of Stewards of the
fact that it seemed that all church at the
competing towns desired Green-1 time of his death, therefore, re-
the school if they solved;
could not get it Not only was That we give grateful
this true, but it is also true devoted
it seems that every section Christian and faithful service
has a kind feeling for Steward in the of
God, where he always did his
work gladly and effectively.
Pitt and that our work is ad-
mired and commended every-
where, and that there will be a
general approval of the action of
the State board in locating the
school in Pitt.
A. B. Ellington,
Jno. L. Horne-
Tide Water Day at the Expo
Exhibit for Jamestown.
Prof. B. Smith has quite a
nice collection of work done by
the pupils of the graded school,
that will be sent to the James-
town exposition. We
i n of over collection and were
r prised at what the children have
And it came to pass that
after he had advertised his
there came unto him great
from all the regions round
about and did buy of him- And
when his competitors saw it they
marveled among themselves,
be it that this
man is busy while we loaf idly
about our And he spake
unto this fast age of
push and rustle it is easier for a
camel to enter the eye of a
needle than for a man to flourish
Special to Reflector.
Pr-i-e. Idaho. June
cross of Orchard if
still proceeding and he continue
unperturbed under the fire of
Hay wood's lawyers are
trying to show that Orchard was
in the pay cf the mine owners.
If we are to judge by the
thousands of people who are
being daily swindled by the
numerous get rich schemes that
infest the country, the
people are becoming
easy. Almost every large
city seems to be a fruitful
for the swindler's
and the poor dupes almost
over each other in their effort
to get Something for nothing or
fabulous returns for a small out-
lay, which anyone of average in-
ought to know was a
swindle without being apprised
of the tact. Aside from this the
press of the country is continual-
warning the people of the
character of those
ling operations and publishing
of the thousands who
have learned by dear experience
of the fraudulent nature of so
many concerns in which they
have their all. We
would it serves them right
were it not to. the fact that the
victims in many cases are poor
people who can ill afford to lose
their daily earnings in this man-
Olive Tribune. ,
Special to Reflector.
Jamestown, June is
tidewater day at the exposition,
and all Virginia tidewater has
turned out to celebrate the event.
All the country in what is known
as Tidewater Virginia has sent a
good share of its population to
. the show, and the turnout
grand one Mayors of seven
and representatives of all
the counties of Tidewater
are present, determined,
they say, to make this the big-
day of the whole exposition.
2nd. That we extend our
to the bereaved wife and
children now left without the
presence and helping hand of
husband and father in these
years of their great need. May
the Father's blessings be upon
3rd. That a copy of these
resolutions be sent the family
and a copy be sent the Re-
for publication
James L. Little, Com- for
Wiley Brown, Board of
R. L. Stewards.
Adopted by
1.0. R. M.
Monument to
to Reflector.
Davis Chapter, U. D. C,
today in this city the
monument erected in honor of
the Confederate soldiers of York
county- Ansel made an
sen in His divine providence
to from out J. N
Hart, his beloved wife, be it
1st, That we extend to
Brother Hart our heartfelt
in this his sad hour of be-
and assure him that
in some measure we feel his
2nd, That we commend him
to the Great Spirit, who
all things well, as being the
only true comforter in such
3rd, That a copy of these
resolutions be spread on our
a copy be sent to
Brother Hart, and a copy be sent
to T e Daily Reflector for pub-
Chas E Moore,
R. C. Flanagan,
L. James,
Mrs. W. B. Strickland, of
Beaver Dam township, died very u ls a yet, but
suddenly Thursday. Our in- is over some
, j. j . . of them discover that
formant says she died in about .
half an hour after being taken
sick. She was a daughter of one Orchard in
Mr. B. F. Corbett Idaho seems to be very buggy.

. .,
This department is in charge of W. Parker who is author-
to represent The Reflector in Farmville and vicinity.
President Leaves For Oyster Bay.
Special to
Washington, June
dent Roosevelt left town this
for Oyster Bay. the
summer capital, where he will
spend a quiet summer, and on
the 29th of September leaves
Oyster Bay for Canton, Ohio,
where he will participate in the
dedication of the monument to
The summer
will be located as usual on
the second over the grocery
store of at the corner of
Main th streets.
this year will
be the pretty E. N.
cottage up the cove road near
Chris- Episcopal church where
the and his family at-
tend weekly worship. The pres-
Hill, is
three lea and a half from
the and in order
to keep the president in touch
with work of the
as well as to secure the
very necessary presidential
nature to commissions, orders,
and important letters, the sec-
will make trips to
and from the Roosevelt
Won the Hopping Bet
Captain bet an athlete
that he could not hop up a
long flight of steps two at a
time. The athlete took the bet
end made trial. But there were
forty-one stops to the flight, and
therefore after making twenty
hops the man found that he had
lost. He paid up. but accused
Captain of sharp
I'll make the
same bet with you that I can do
other, expecting to win
his money back, assented.
Captain then hopped
up forty steps in twenty hops,
and. hopping back one, finished
in the prescribed manner and
won the bet
Farmville. N. C June 11th.
in Raleigh.
Senator F. M. Simmons, chair-
man of the Democratic State
executive committee, has issued
a call for a meeting of the com-
in Raleigh on Monday
night July the eighth.
As is known. Senator Sim-
mons gave notice some time ago
that resign the chair-
and this meeting called
by him is that he may tender his
resignation and that his
may be elected.
The official notice for
meeting reads as follows
Democratic state executive
committee is hereby called to
meet in the senate chamber in
Raleigh on Monday night. July
1907, at o'clock, for the
purpose of selecting a chairman
in place of the present chairman,
who will at this meeting tender
his resignation.
F. M. Simmons,
A. J. Field, Secretary.
Weather very changeable,
cool, warm, rainy and somewhat
windy. Crops looking very
favorable especially corn and
cotton, with right much com-
plaint lice around the roots and
causing cotton dying very badly.
Committee is to Meet Tobacco seems to have a tend-
ency of running up and
Apples and pears are shed-
ding very bad, while plums and
peaches seem to be holding their
own very well.
J. J. Hearne. of Old Sparta,
informs us he and the most of
his neighbors in the hail stricken
section had planted their crops
over We hope they may get
good stands and quick growth.
On last Tuesday night about
o'clocK, P. T. Atkinson's barn
and stables were burned, also
a mule and all his feed, with n
narrow escape of another mule
the and calf were in the stalls.
The calf jumped through the
flames to save its life and was
badly singed The mule that
was rescued was burned right
much on one side of his head-
Mr Atkinson's loss is over three
hundred dollars. We surely
sympathize with him and will
Our neighbor W. R.
Home opens his heart and barn
gives a barrel of corn. R.
I. Davis, cash Jason
Joyner, cash
We had the pleasure of greet-
in x our old friend J. L. Smith,
from Maple Cypress, today in
Farmville. He will spend a few
days in our midst visiting his
son, who is with R. L.
Davis Bros., and his daughter,
Mrs. Walter Barrett. Dr Bynum
and others.
Walter Sheppard of Trinity
college is home among his friends
and relatives for a short while,
Walter is a good boy, and is
a wise step, and we hope him
much success in his ministerial
W Y- Swain, of Rocky Mount,
has been in our neighborhood
since List Friday, returning this
Several of our young people
went down to Blue Banks on the
old Tar Sunday, just to try their
luck fishing, sporting or courting.
Any way they went and report a
good time sure enough, with
only one exception, and that was
the day was most too short
suppose it had been the 9th of
December, they would not have
had time to have baited their
hooks, much less to have got a
At our spring last Sunday we
had one and thirty six
visitors taking gallons of
water away with them, and we
could not miss one drop. All
seemed to enjoy the cool spark-
j ling water very much and com-
of the various springs
they had visited but the greatest
attraction seemed to be the many
Indian mounds and other
mens of smaller articles that re-
minds us of the departed Red-
Miss Mable Barrett will give a
birthday party on Wednesday
evening at her home
B. T. Thigpen, of Saratoga,
spent Sunday and Sunday night
in Farmville, the guest of Mrs.
Letha Burnett.
Floyd Bryant came in to visit
his sister, Mrs F. M. Davis,
Monday. Mr. Bryant has recently
returned from Baltimore where
he has been attending the
J. W Parker and wife spent
Sunday in Snow Hill visiting his
wife's people.
Dr. D. S. Morrill left Monday
for Morehead City where he will
spend several days
A C Monk and Miss Vivian
Parker spent Sunday in Snow
Hill visiting friends.
A class of orphans from Ox-
ford will give an entertainment
at the opera house on Saturday
be a picnic on the
Green spring grounds Tuesday,
June the 25th- Everybody n-
Bring your dinner or
your cash. We will have plenty
of barbecue and other refresh-
for sale so you can buy
what you choose to eat when you
get ready, or bring you
please and invite who you please
to help you eat it There will be
no regular tables nor baskets
solicited on the grounds. The
ladies will serve cream and cake-
Senator Willis R Williams will
make a short speech. There will
he two match games of ball, the
juniors of Farmville and Snow
Hill at a- m. The Green
spring and at p.
m. A band of good music and
dancing on the during
the day and evening.
The order of the day will be
strictly under the of
township constable T. Bundy
by J. H. Smith, chief
police of Farmville.
Painter and Designer.
All work guaranteed.
Prompt attention to orders.
Farmville N. C.
Manufacturer of
Slop Brick-
best clay and the burn-
ed on the market. Orders
tilled on short notice.
to W. G.
Maia and Wilson Streets,
General Merchandise,
For Cash or on Time
Second Floor.
Cotton, Shuck and Fit Matt es s.
Complete line of everything in the way of Dry, Goods, Clothing,
Groceries, Hardware, Feed stuff and
Farmville, N. C.
Select Millinery.
Fancy Laces, Caps
Trimmings and Ornaments.
Millinery and Dress Goods.
Full line the latest styles
and novelties of the sea-
son. Expert trimmers
from Baltimore.
I have four gentle cows, good milk-
from -1 old. average to
gallons per day, calves to months
old. Sold under guarantee.
Jeweler and Real Estate Agent.
and Clocks repaired on short
notice. Work guaranteed.
N. C.
Will buy sell your real
Manufacturers of lumber, turned
and grill work. Any kind of
work in wood or iron.
ion guaranteed-
J. B.
Farmville, N. C.
All kinds of repairing of Carts
and Wagons.
In fact any kind of work in
wood and iron.
All work guaranteed.
Dr. G. L Weeks,
Office over Darden Bros, new
Farmville, N. C.
Open all hours of the day.
prove it by donating one dollar.
Who is the next neighbor that
will prove his sympathy Now
this is no request of Mr
son and I only mentioned this by
being prompted by the pathetic
words, ye another's-
A. C.
Fresh Meats. Beef. Fish.
and Richmond Product.
Architect and Builder.
Long Building, Main Street, Farmville, N. Cr
New Firm. New Store. New Goods.
of General ab
Close cut Cal; Prices.
Gents Fine Clothing; a
make no mistake in trading with us, for you get
the test goods at lowest price.
General Merchants
Main and Wilson Farmville, N. C
Dry Clothing, Heavy and
Fancy Groceries, M. Fur-
tare. Stock Feed, and Fertilizer.
Complete line of of Carpets, Mattings and Rugs. Agents for
Guns, Pistols and Rifles.
Coupons with premiums for every dollar in cash trade. Call
and i
Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes,
Clothing Hats and Caps.
Heavy And Fancy Groceries
Tailor made Clothing and International Walk Over Shoes are
among our specialties. Goods right and Prices Right.
Davis Old Stand, Main Street, Farmville. N. C
Complete stock Merchandise-
Cash or time trade solicited
Buyers of Cotton and County Produce.
Meat, Hay, Corn, Oats and Fertilizer in car load lots.
Everything in Dry Goods and Groceries.
Distributors of celebrated Shoes for Men and Women.
Horton Hotel J. J
Tonsorial Artist.
Farmville, N, C,
Comfortable chairs, good light,
sharp tools and expert bar-
Farmville, N. C.
market affords
Best table the
at all season.
Buss meets all trains.
livery wits rigs
and horses.
B. S. Smith,
located on corner Wilson and
I u u
u-1 mi A
Main Street.
Farmville N. C
Everything found in an
Drug Store. Good line Oils and
All kinds of soft drink s.
Ice through the season.
Open a m to p. m. Sun
day to a. in.
Tonsorial Emporium.
Clark, Proprietor.
Farmville, N. C.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Strict-
Sharp Razors, Clean Tow-
. w, sea-
and , i .-. -V. I
D. J. RD, and Owner.
In Pref to Fiction.
VOL. No.
Good From the Department Money to Speculate in
Rural Free Delivery
a Charlotte. N- C. June
since that the defendant serve six
postal clerks -I m a Federal prison, th.-
on the first of nu. This
order ha-, now i pronounced
the assistant I ii. Boyd this
general to the tint t o'clock upon Frank
rural mail carriers rill . n. -I i.-. the self-confessed de-
raise on the first, i;
being greater in proportion
that the postal clerks ft was
There are a few instances whore I crowded
the raise will not
Carriers that have been
per year will be raised to
those receiving from
to will get and
class is raised to
class to and class to
It. can be seen that the
highest salaried men will
the largest increase, the great-
est raise b
Movement of Truck
The moving of freight
in this city occur-
red this afternoon when the Nor-
folk and Southern railway's
double-header track passed
through from New Bern with
car loads of truck for the nor-
It gave the appearance of pros-
and progress, seeing the
products of the fertile fields of
eastern North Carolina shipped
in such enormous quantities by
quick dispatch to the cities that
anxious for them ac a good
The country being developed
by this railroad is rich in natural
resources and the
facilities will place it in
touch with the outside world,
which will bring it to the notice
of capital, home seekers and
It has become necessary for
the Norfolk and S to in-
crease its depot accommodations
on account of the constantly in-
creasing volume of business and
this work is done as rapid-
as possible Mes
to Reflector.
Mass., June 18.-
The greatest ever
mid.; by the Catholic residents
day i
tend the graduation exorcises at
Holy Cross college- The streets
were filled at an early hour with
earnest Catholics. The demon-
was made by Catholics
without regard to racial differ-
as none were known as
French or Irish Catholics, but
simply as Catholics. The
carriage was surrounded
by a body-guard of horsemen,
representing the Catholics in the
State militia. This is Cardinal
first visit to
and it is feared that it will be
his last, owing to his advanced
a hushed scene in the
court room when the
presiding judge pronounced sen-
after expressing much
feeling for the widowed mother
and the faithful wife of the con-
man. The defendant
himself heard the sentence with-
out a tremor, having his
trying ordeal with ail the
that a man can command
after fully determining to meet
his fate regardless of the con-
As soon as the sentence was
pronounced large crowd be-
to disperse But a number
of people tor a long time friends
of the man who is now a prisoner
remained behind to take by
the hand and express to him
their sympathy in his giving
way to a temptation over which
it was shown in his confession
that he had no control.
Jones in his confession said
that sickness of his father and
in his own family made such
demand on him for money that
he could not meet it out of his
salary. He resorted to
in cotton futures, won on
his first venture, but lost always
afterward and became an em-
May Make Brown
Special to Reflector.
Providence, R I., June
At the meeting of the associated
alumni of Brown university to-
day an effort will made to
petition the general assembly of
Island for permission to
amend i ho charter of the
so as to mike the
non sectarian, instead of
Baptist. At present the chatter
of the institution provides that a
n number of board of
fellows shall members of the
Baptist denomination and the
chatter also that the
majority shall always be of the
Baptist Those in favor of
Oakley, N. C 1907.
Miss Pennie of Golds
and Miss Lucy Manning,
of Bethel, were here Saturday.
T. H. Williams, of Bethel, was
hero Friday.
J. K. Barnhill and wife visited
here Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Martha and
Sallie Williams visited at Has-
sells last week.
Mrs J M. Lynch, of
a as here last week.
Two of the section laborers at
on this section had a bat-
Saturday in which W. C.
Jenkins, white, struck Frank
Staton, colored, with a jack
lever, cutting a bad gash The
difficulty arose from a difference
in belief of the unknown tongue
T. A. Manning visited at Oak
C Sunday.
W. J. Manning, of Bethel, was
in this city Saturday.
Mrs. Frank Warren, of Oak
City, came down Sunday to visit
her parents for a few
A F. of Ore
visited his sister. Mrs. John
Jenkins, here Sunday.
James L. and family, of
Greenville, spent Sunday here
with J. H. Little and family.
Several continue to attend
church at Parmele from here.
The services have been going on
for two months.
J. O- Williams and wife went
to Parmele Sunday and returned
same day.
Rev. W- O. Winfield will
preach in the C. B. H. hall next
Sunday at p m.
J. S. Cherry and family, of
Stokes, visited here Saturday.
Miss Fannie of Hamil-
ton, was here last week
James of Oak
Grove, was here last week.
E. and J. E. Hines
went to Robersonville last week.
id by the Catholic residents
u. v . i,. t. the proposed change claim that
students are de-
to at from attending the
who . me in
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Patrick
invite you to be present
at St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Greenville, North Carolina
on Wednesday morning,
July the third
at half r seven o'clock
to witness the marriage of their
Mr. Ca.-y Bur well Mayo.
No cards issued in town.
Is there a woman in the moon
as well as man in the
moon The circumstantial
is strong that the woman
is right there. The man in the
moon wouldn't make such a good
appearance if there weren't a
woman to put him up to it, and
every man knows that no man
would stay in the moon so long
unless there was a woman in it.
Wilmington Star.
I, V w is r . . . r.
and that in several in-
stance in college has been
able to participate in valuable
bequests owing to the
clause in its charter.
The Plan.
The Landmark de,
dares with conviction that is
infinitely better to have property
assessed at its true
only because the law requires it
but as a matter of policy-and
have a low tar. rate, than to
have a low valuation of property
and a high tax The
Landmark holds that an actual-
value assessment would make a
difference only to the large tax-
payer, who as it truly says-
does not bear his proportion of
the burden under the system
now generally prevailing and
would consequently have no just
cause for complaint
We do not believe that these
propositions regarding the assess-
of property can be success-
fully controverted. Charlotte
Record of
year is not yet half gone,
yet statistics compiled by the
Chicago Tribune shows that its
record of casualties already ex-
that of 1906. Two
and seventy-three persons
hive been killed and injured
in thirty-eight railroad wrecks,
and lives have been lost in
twenty-three steamer wrecks
There have been thirteen mine
accidents in which persons
have perished. Tidal waves
have claimed 2.240 victims,
., I
. . lie r .
Whereas, The Great Spirit in
His wisdom has seen fit to remove
from our midst our good brother.
Joseph Riggs.
Therefore, be it resolved by
Shawnee No. I. O. R.
M. in council assembled.
1st. f That in the death of
Brother Riggs this council has
lost a and faithful member,
and his family a kind husband
and father.
2nd. That we extend to the
family of Brother Riggs our
generous and fraternal sympathy
due from every Red Man to the
widow and children of our de-
ceased bro her, ad beg to as-
sure that the Great Spirit,
who keeps the happy hunting
grounds, dot-th all things well.
3rd. That a copy of these
resolutions be spread upon our
records and a copy sent to the
family of our brother,
and one be sent to the Daily
Reflector for publication-
Dr. C. M. Jones,
L. Y. Holliday, Com.
A. O. Clark.
Bank Increase Capital.
Special to
New June The
stockholders of the New York
County National bank met today
and passed a motion to increase
the capital stock from
to They also
ed the directors to declare a spec-
dividend of out of
the surplus to be used in paying
tor the new stock. The stock of
the New York County National
bank is quoted at bid In
1906 the bank paid per cent,
dividends, in 1905 dividends
amounting to per cent, were
Which Are You
This from an exchange
to mind cases
have come under your own ob-
We recently saw one of our
citizens going home with a small
basket fruit. A few evenings
later wt passed him again and
hail a package of candy
Oil both occasions we were walk-
with the -rime gentleman
who remarked us t he man
with the candy was a
low, but blew in what he made
so foolishly. We merely smiled
in reply, but could not help, in
our own mind as we walked
along, drawing a contrast be-
tween the two men. One was
smoking a cigar that cost as
as the candy. Burning
ashes and blowing out into
mo air the money other spent
for that brought a
Mails of happiness to the check
lie once thought so rosy, and
eyes that still sparkled
like a thousand with
their tell-tale love fur curry-
home, one by ore. the sweet-
est memories life; building
evening after evening an image
in a little heart of Sweet
that no time, even into
eternity. would destroy
Nourishing and kindling a new
love that would in old age look
back to those happy home com-
and bless his memory as the
dearest papa that
But what of your friend, the
critic Yes, what of him Which
of the two had you rather have
been Which of the two are
Register of Deeds R. Williams
issued licenses to the g
since last report
J. E. Hopkins and Minnie L.
Battle of Hill.
Special to Reflector.
, July 17.-This
u the anniversary of the
battle of Bunker Hill, and is-et
in the new schedule issued
by the of Sons of the
Revolution State of New
York as one of dates on
which the United States ft
should be displayed in honor.
other when the
flag-should be displayed in honor
and prominence are as
Lincoln's birthday. F
Washington's birthday, Feb.
Battle of Lexington, April
Memorial day. May Flag
June Independence day. July
Saratoga, October
Surrender of Yorktown,
Evacuation Day No-
On Memorial Day.
May the flag should fly at
half-staff from sunrise to noon
and full staff from noon to sun-
By Mrs. W. G. Williams.
Over the hills the daisies white
Where the birds sing low and sweet,
Where falls the shadows of the night
And blue skies with the waters
Over the hills the stars are shining.
To light the earth below
And far away in the distance
The fairy-winds blow.
Over the hills in dreamland roam
And all the world is mine,
Where in the silent gleaming
I worship at Nature's shrine.
North Carolina and the Railroads
The North Carolina business
men do not simply want to know
North Carolina is
against in freight rates,
but they want a stop put to it. It
is results and not talk they are
after. When goods are hauled
through the State to a point be-
for less than the rate would
have been to stop them in the
State, there is good ground for a
kick North Carolina wants her
rights. She needs every cent of
money, f r education, for
ion and for industrial advance-
and it is but right that our
people should seek to get justice
for the old North State in the
matter of freight rates.
Charles Cheek, of Burlington,
was found dead Tuesday morning
k- . ft .MAN.
Ml. Man Hunter Tor-
Trail tar Seven s in
Suspect hi n
Jim Harrington, of
county, was arrested at hum
and token to Beaufort, tried and
held under bond to c to
answer to the charge of i. as
a result of Mr. of Green-
dog-; trailing -n the re if
of Mr. Graham's store, which
was burned at Saturday
night. The dogs were not put oil
the track until at least hours
after and it was feared that e
trail was too cold, but they fol-
lowed from immediately back of
the burned store a track made
across a field by a running man,
and taking I his through a
I. s miles, to where
Harrington was plowing in a held
near his home. Mr. Hines was
accompanied by the deputy sher-
of Carteret and Mr. Pratt, of
the Dixie Company, at
whose instance the dogs were
brought, and Harrington nude
no resistance when the dogs point
ed him out as the man.
A Winchester rifle
was found in Harrington's
house and this the officer took
charge of. He was taken to
Beaufort and given a
nary hearing at which some
other evidence was be-
sides the trailing him, and
bound over to court in the sum
of Harrington mortgaged
for his bond. It de-
at the trial that there
was feeling on his part against
Mr. Graham, store was
burned, and witnesses swore
that they saw two men, one re-
Harrington, crossing
the river at the point the dogs
trailed to The tracking lasted
three and a half hours; winding
through tortuous bypaths twice
the distance it was by a direct
road from Harrington's to
ham's store.
The fire occurred about
o'clock Sunday morning and Mr
Graham, a saw mill man and
merchant at lost his
, entire stock and in
burned, with only in-
making a to him of
2.500, at Inset The money
was chiefly in silver and this
melted and all run in- iT
The insurance people paid Mr
Hines and expenses for his
dog's work, and were highly
pleased at the result. Kinston
Free Press.
Dr. D. S. and wife
of Raleigh, have both been con.
to jail without bail, on
the charge of m his
wife s first husband.
Edward Ashby, a white man
of Cabarrus county, on Sunday
I morning shot and killed his
brother-in-law, Dan
j Ashby also killed his father a
few ago
The Masonic fraternity of
Tarboro the contract for
a temple to cost
Mrs. Hooker Dead.
At o'clock Sunday afternoon
Mrs. Pattie R. Hooker died at
the home of her daughter, Mrs-
E. G. Flanagan, with whom she
lived, in South Greenville. She
had sick for some weeks,
and for some several days her
condition was such that death
was almost expected at any mo-
Mrs Hooker was years of
age, and the widow of the late
Mr. Travis Hooker, of Greene
county, who died about twenty
years ago- Some of her married
children having made
homes in Greenville, she moved
to this to Am about ten years ago
and made her residence here the
rem her life She was r
member of the Christian church
and her life was marked by
devotion to the service of
The community held her in h
est esteem, for her life was
as at win the friendship of i
Three daughters and
sons survive her- Those
H U Coward. Mrs. J. L. V
Mrs E G Flanagan.
T E. T. M. and W. E. I
They have the sympathy
circle of friends in the
loss in the death of
The funeral service,
by Rev, D. W. Arnold;
J. Harper, of Wilson
this in th
church. The interim
in Cherry Hill
bearers being
Sr., D. C- I
Latham. R. C. Fla
Carr, W. T.
. W. V.
The Modern Country Girl.
The old-fashioned country girl
of fiction, the girl with
rustic woodland of poetry,
the girl the
imagination of sophisticated city
has disappeared, and in
her place is a highly intellectual
maiden to whom rusticity is a
matter of psychological analysis
and unsophistication a
cal problem. As the country girl
is in so many cases a college girl.
a new value has been given to
county life To her mean-
est flower that can give
not only thoughts that lie too
deep for tears, but can also
ford opportunity for the
use of a of botany.
She understands the
cal value of sunburn and the
chemical constituents of fresh
air. She talks learnedly about
soils and and has ideas
about the rotation of She
may be discovered
through the but ten to one,
her inter st is in the quality of
the rye rather than in any
wayfarer, and should she
meet the song hero is likely
that she would ask his opinion
upon some agricultural question
rather than his sympathy for
her loveless state.
There is no doubt that in the
future one must look in the old
songs and romances for the
old-time country girl, but in real
would anyone dare to prefer
the blushes of unsophistication
t the pale c st of thought
Seven Bodies Found.
Newport News, Va. June
Clad in full naval uniform and
with faces and hands fearfully
mutilated, the bodies of Mid-
shipmen W. C. Ulrich, of Wis-
class W. H. Steven-
son, of North Carolina class
1906. and F. P. Hole n
Delaware, class 1907. re f i
in Chesapeake Bay
The bodies, after b.-h ;
and identified, were taken
by the naval hospital at Ports-
Newport News, Va., June
Today the waters of Hampton
Roads gave up the bodies of four
more victims of the Minnesota's
launch disaster, two dead mid-
shipmen and two bluejackets
being picked up about a mile off
Fort Wool within half
a mile of where the launch was
sunk. The corpses were those
of Midshipmen Walter Carl
and Herbert Leander
Ordinary Seaman H. L.
n and Coal Passer

Eastern reflector, 14 June 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
June 14, 1907
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Joyner NC Microforms
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