Eastern reflector, 2 October 1889

The Eastern Reflector
D. J. WHICH ARD, Editor and Proprietor.
Per Year, in Advance.
The Eastern Reflector,
per pear.
ill not Hesitate to Democratic
that an- not consistent
tint- of party.
If you want a a
unction of the State -end fertile
M. Holt,
Secretary of L
of Wake.
of Wake.
of Wayne.
Superintendent of Instruction
Sidney M. Finger of
Attorney F. David-
son, of Buncombe.
Chief Justice N. II. Smith, o
A. S.
Wake; Joseph of Franklin,
E. Shepherd, of Beaufort and
of Burke.
First District BUMS II. Brown, of j
Second Philips, of
Third Connor, of
dark, of
fifth -John A. Gilmer. of
Sixth T. i
Seventh C. of I
Eighth a. of
Ninth F. Graven, of
Tenth G. of
Eleventh M. Shipp, of.
Twelfth Merrimon. I
of Buncombe.
J. Vance, of
Matt. W. Ransom, of North-
House of District
Thomas G. Skinner, of
Second I. Cheat ham col.
Third W. of
Fourth II. of
N ash.
Fifth J. W. of
Sixth Rowland of
Eighth A.
Ninth t G. Ewart of
us. v. ha.
ii till our Father
Splinters Picked and There.
Fin his special praise
Though we. in waking, or in helpless
ruin Hi.- watchful
for an it stain past hut man
Hi.- lime is all hi- on n.
at the temple door mien
priests rehearse
one often most holy laws which
The mouth of were given
thunders echoed from Mount
Sinai round
A- awe-struck listeners heard.
And has stood, a code beyond
For sovereign reform.
true that loudly calls
On man to cease from care
And business mart obediently ate
And accustomed now
o this rest from worldly
Relieves himself, too often.
Grateful to generous Cod for this
Small dividend of
But u man grateful when Hallowed
M E weary world
Is it not rest from toil which in alma
A welcome advent
How many Sunday suns hive set on
Of men. in
Who, observance, fail at last
In giving God His due
Should this one be with the
And each his Sabbath
How few could find a to spare for
Without a combat
While ruthless throngs, who, hurrying
for greed.
To bind the sheaves the rightful owner
To lot prayer;
never tries to help others never,
in way, does a thing; worth do-
when lie can get his
month lull or some old smoke-dried
tobacco, or a nasty cigar in his
j month, he thinks he is grown before
i he stops crawling. They go to i
and if I hey don't see their
get mad about it. They
Reflections. Why the Leaves j THE STATE.
A d Mirth Selections as Com
piled by the Bid Boy.
not one person In i
thousand Know why leaves change j
Thoughts for Reflection.
for Hours.
Mr. E. C. is having
to his
the lull trade.
pies was held
I last. L.
minister. the girls. Girls j
beware and their com
J j
; nothing but and stick;
A t a kettle.
The mat o the.
have died recently i
in this of blind stag-
A hogs have also died of
Cotton picking has commenced
and John circus will be
time, to reap the
There is in process f
at this place, a
are headed
Durham Sun.
That is a wold yet its mean-
volumes. It has beta
likened to a star of sparkling
Ii is sad to think that a former
may be a man.
their color in the. remarked
and botanists the el her
day. common and
idea is that till this red and
gulden we see now is. caused
by A true and scientific ex-
of the cases of color-
of leaves would necessitate a
A should not live in a glass discussion Stat
because he throws tones. i
and in the proper Ian-
If you don't want to lie robbed of those MM are these The
your good name, do not have or ,,.,
. painted an your umbrella- , . . t
composed two colors,
state- When the sap ceases to flow
says-------- ,,
on, now. We
As from the Press.
tree is, with fruit in Winston.
deeds cannot die ;
They with the sun and moon renew their
Forever, those that look on
A and cheese, factory is
be established at
Surely man's life is like a
written by
Christian Anderson.
The State Convention will
be held at Henderson November Gather the rosebuds while may,
Old Time is still j
And this same flower that smiles
row will be dying. Anon.
autumn, and the natural
A growth of the tree ceases, oxidation
There is a boy in county i
years old and weighs . . ,. ., .
H A man s good-breeding is the best
t security against another's bad
An electric line street car ran Chesterfield.
over and killed a man at Asheville
what. of the tissues takes place. Under
. .,., . gliding bright summit of or Uncle says; what. the tissues takes
street, to be used a did the deceased say certain conditions th
It is to be r. f . . . i to ,,.,,.
. . i tarns, a en met. i. i ,. a in the government service it takes o
With lofty thoughts and noble deeds,
The sands life are gold
With pretty thoughts, unworthy deeds
but earth's mold.
Jas. Adams.
A base ball club has recently been
organized here. It is rapidly get-
ting in warlike trim and the gaunt-
let will soon be thrown down tool b , ;,,,.,
clubs. It is better to develop the
and waving pinions o'er heads d Smith's of
,. , ,, , , .
filled with dark
I ha way
beg was the
spans the shore of time ma. yon mean to say,
; much does he receive do you not
want to get a mixed
breast in the hours youth what ye cot in that
pants from
The Day is tho HUM of a new
e green of daily paper in Oxford. It, is small
under and published II. W.
i, . i that carries us
on a yellow or
brown tint. This in color Mr. II. W. Warner, of Rochester. refinement. H. W.
is due to the in K. Y., has acres of j
of the original constituents of hind and well elected a sash,
the and to the varying blind at Sanford.
door j S a up the height
i The gods are Bear,
though out of
and catties are built amid its re-
is an abundance of grape fleeted glory and tenanted with
for sale it; this market, beauty.
lint few of our people win, u, of
of th scientific never glittered in the bright
process by which good wholesome galaxy of He with more
then Hope burns in
Topic A i
wine K mane.
A sch
Mary had a little lamb
H she used to
She pulled out all his wool
And stuck it in her bustle.
vests from Vest
collars from Colorado, coats
from and neckties from
Mixed suits my
T Didn't I
the breast of humanity. In youth Don you, naughty boy, to look
it tints life with the after her
beams of the bow of promise. When I, J
. ., , , , ., looked alter her all I could, but I
the is shrouded the c la. enough. Sh- fell
mantle winter, and the down tho
are asleep, Hope, the beauteous;
conditions climate, exposure
soil. A dry, cold climate produces is at Blowing All earnest souls must climb if
brilliant than one that A lot has been as a Wheeler.
is damp and warm. This is the donation by the Green Hill
that autumns
Whiskey is a good thing in
, . , , r . , ., ,. there any opening here fur an
place, but hell is the place for it. I maiden the tun e beckons pi asked a seedy
Batik into moral chaos then world do like a town. Stagnation with her and and shows in the per- red nosed individual of M editor.
links which bind next station to damnation. the buds, the my replied the man
Father's time and our- would IT voice of songsters, emerald el quills, considerate
. . is devil and the Southern visit, left an
And serve alone to i is . for
Our journey to the tomb, as trying to turn the. Old Dominion Hope pictures to the Imagination
into at Morgan hell. Time and of ideal beauty as never chis-
will enable to show b-v or painted
so much more gorgeous than those
Scotland and England. There
an- things about leaves that
even science cannot explain. For j
instance, why one or two trees
growing side by side of the same
age and having the same exposure,
should take N a brilliant red In the
fall, and the turn or
why one branch of a tree should be
highly colored and the rest the
have only a yellow tint, are
The great secret of success in life
is for a man to know when his op-
was a
deaf mute man at Hickory, N.
C Mr. Setter to Miss Lama Slier-1 Work, and pure slumber shall wait on
Alex. was inter-
Winston Daily t pipe
organ for the M. K.
Church, arrived yesterday. The
weight of the organ, including box
is six tons.
Chronicle A man
thy pillow ;
thou shall ride over com bur
Lie not down wearied Woe's
weeping willow ;
Work with a stout heart resolute
Work tor some be ii ever so slowly ;
Cherish some it ever so lowly j
Labor, all labor is noble and holy
Let thy deed- be thy prayer to
thy God, S. Osgood.
, Holmes, of
Turn the knob on the
questions areas impossible to like leaves
i as why one of the who traveled for photographic, mo-t abound,
should lie perfectly healthy -house, was found dead at foot
and nether sickly. Maples and near Hot Springs,
and where they
Much fruit of sense beneath is rarely
found. A
would he
Punctual but death
The only
Al time his
who holds
Tin n take the law as from the Mount it
And bind it on heart,
For he who honor- his Creature here.
And all point-
himself not made ashamed
Shall close the book of
And an Eternal Sabbath Day shall break
On his enraptured
In joys
Hope strikes the harp,
strung with golden hair,
as if with a hand of fire and fills the
with his
without dragging down his old
mother State the bottomless
It that author cathedral aisles the time
the railroad will not be ex- of symphonies sweet and
oaks have
Baptist State Convention.
tended to Kinston. V few
refuse to give the ii;
dim. its soft kisses the
I,. moonlit ripples of budding affection
Cox's Retire of the Sunset.
is the is ISsi.
and charms the young lovers. Ev-
splashing wave of Hope that,
rolls over the human heart drowns
some of care. Hope is the
smiling of Joy, the
part of the country is de-
rapidly, is it was
asked of a man.
yes. mighty fast. Why, sir, all.
only a we still used . , .; , , . o. ,, , N
the old fashioned. pistol, f
but. we now have double action re. vent ion will meet this year m
that would reflect credit on on 13th OOhS
several The good pan.
-Such a pity it isn't a gill said pie that live, pushing town are
the elderly am maiden aunt, already making to re-
N. C
as she looked at the for the many
have no namesake in your q put the people oilier counties to
seriously thinking about taking the
. . proper precautions to save t licit
now eagerly, will give entertain the convention in a ., , , ,
the boy name with a met of the town, and due the
last Saturday. The body was pro-
cured with great difficulty.
Wilson Our Sampson
county friends have reorganized
their Society, which,
. suspended operations in and
are going to have a big fair in
ton on the oh, and of
The burning Any to us will be
of Moore county court house has
n. g
have no namesake in your visitors.
. . . .
exclaimed effort is
Attended to-
have called a meeting of the
body is one of the. oldest , ,,
I magistrates to take into
A. Move.
Sheriff-I. A. K.
Register of Deed David II. James.
It. f berry.
S. I. Ward.
B- Harris.
Council son. and
man. Guilford V, Newton, richer, until the golden was Docket knife h
w. a. James. Jr. T. E. Keel. , , , . . , i, c- minus at the
Board of Into blades, nails of various val; d
Chairman J. s. and J. finest lightning, which leaped in and sizes, the mangled remains of a
G R S EN VI t T. E, H.
Public School Superintendent
of W. Brown.
way. We had soon to hear
the iron horse cavort
this way. Are our hopes
to be blasted by a few men whose
What a i-unset was that son's that you could ea
last How glorious tho tear them rattle hull of and- termination and call him win- constitute the
storm and how splendid or with
f Of the the skull or held and a wonderful painter lion- most Christian or-.
e-r to have like our, .,. plentiful ii U the State. Its J
mm opened, but Cora extends , hole of that Its
the West with a t hole horny handed sous of toil -it is of that he of the lying
of the teachers of their , i change a laughing face into a sad the mountains. Its sessions will be lives at Glen tins
the foliage and to five cents a they will C a held in Hall, that the pea- . was at work at a near I
y object into its own rich h no other kind. f I .- J generally, may have an that last week, when a belt
The colors Crew deeper and I i,. . J ., of witnessing its caught him in the
Five members arc, threw him several feet, breaking bis,
do tho live on the representatives leg in two places, tearing off his arm
child very largely denominational boards and a large piece flush out or bis
is oil distinguished visitors from other, body and otherwise horribly
States. Oxford, him. Ho lived about hours;
does oil ever come out I ham and Raleigh have ; and died Saturday morning. n. c.
; J. RE.
zigzags all and over
G. James.
I T. Smith.
ft. Moore.
Ward. B. N. ;
2nd Ward. It. Jr., and Alfred
For Mid Ward, T. J. and M.
K. 4th War, w. N.
Hope is not restricted to one
spinning top. two balls, shoe, favored it goes, everywhere
the city. The wind with fury; other kind at strings the , i
into every heart; streaming
the and giant trees wholesale, a sized chunk of n .
. . , a through prison
made obeisance to its majesty, a few dried hulls n nm .
see a until bars as well as filling mars
Some even it. force. of a a but.
beds grass toner, and various other articles of
up to see household and other kinds of by the bed-
As the too tedious to mention,
N. C.
AT M S N Kit,
First am, Third
morning and night. Rev. N. C.
D. D., Rector.
and night. Prayer Meeting every
Wednesday night. Rev. R. B. John,
Baptist every Sunday,
night. every
Wednesday night.
Greenville Lodge. No. A. F. A.
M., meets even- 1st Thursday and Mon-
day night after the 1st and 3rd Similar at
Masonic Lodge. A. L. Blow. W.
G. L. Sec.
Greenville B. A. Chapter. No. meets
every 2nd and 4th Monday nights at Ma-
sonic Hall. F. W. P.
Covenant Lodge, No. I. O. O. F.
meets every Tuesday night. f. W.
Harrington N. G.
Insurance Lodge. No. K. of IT.,
meets every first, and third Friday night.
D. D. D.
Council. No. A. L. of If., meets
night. C. A. White, C.
march by.
came, the pools formed, and
the gutters hurried away, thunders
roared and the fire bells
the rang
with hearty chorus. The south and
east received copious showers, and
the west all at once
in a long, polished bed of azure
the ground
the live on the
fat of the land, then, don't they
Live Like Lovers.
Durham Sum.
; side of suffering and points to health
Miss Ida left amid the most excruciating pain,
day for She goes to en- Hope presses her warm cheeks close
at that place. She will be face of tho man in ; ; ,
sadly missed in this neighborhood and bids him take
where her bright intellect, cheerful courage,
disposition, and attractive manners
it in years past, but there are Sanford The ex-
cations that the coming session y the most feature
be one of the most largely attended for its will
ever held. The members of either wide distribution or dense
church will entertain two race.
hundred aim fifty members of the j distribution will completely destroy
Convention and their on political significance
g re e n v i l l e, n.
people should treat each Arrangements are now looking for I segregate him. Certain-j
their lives homes for the remaining two can mean
,. then they would happy.
It j.
Bicker-, and fifty persons who are ex- ,,, South. Let him
have won for her a host
and admiring friends.
of warm
j go and in his stead will come white a Specialty.
blood and drain. The South to-day
Office hours a. m. to I p. if. Money
Order hours A. v. to p. m. No or-
will be from to p. M. and
from to p. M.
Bethel mail arrives daily Sun-
at A. M., and departs at P m.
Tar mail arrives Sun-
at M. and depart P. M.
Washington mail arrives daily
at and at P. M.
For preaching on Bethlehem Mission.
Bethlehem. 1st Sunday at
Lanes School House. 1st Sunday at
Sparta. 2nd at II o'clock.
Shady drown, son day at If
B O. T.
thy of a Sicilian sky.
Presently a cloud appeared in the A man of upon
azure belt, the form of a a quantity of choice and
It became more vivid, artistically arranged flowers they can just as
realizing strange of peerless dew-drops a sheath or him the laurel wreath L, d.
lanes and alabaster temples, d Into the he is con tent to; B It will make
and grand in endure to suffer-to bear the
sphere. It reminds us The summer may So, the winter may f the crown.
, . . I come. And the body descends in the
., . , , fair donors the urn and soars away, bearing
he appearance As long M j M breathe a sigh. ; tho , of man on triumphant
Was of a mighty city, boldly say members of the church lo congenial clime the
A wilderness of buddings, far , have unanimously
And self withdrawn into a wondrous , ,, ,. ,. r ., , , f . treat
, ed Rev. Jas. L. infield for their
Far sinking into splendor without end j pastor for ensuing year. He With
and would soon I
m the human j off
To the Christian, Hope is a . . . . I have seen a tall ship
con light when bran and n only to a a good white laborers J
, . very limited extent. But some . ., , ,. . small
weary, and earths shadows and women both-when J , . n ,
tin own across Ins pathway. In its;. married think it.; Dealer S
Practice in all the courts.
. . . . Her sails were stream- exodus from Carolina
era drooping, she had neither side promises largo during tho next
Hut the city to give has served them faithfully the
place to another isle, where the most and his reelection, without Call.
beautiful forms of appeared voice, is very gratifying A California editor does not pro-
a paradise in the his numerous friends. Those. pose to let a North Carolina editor
and purified air. The sun, wearied competent to Judge, who will listen j or any other editor get away with
of the elemental sank attentively to his sermons, will be him on putt up
behind the green plains or the that be is a profound I the following for somebody to
The eye in the logical thinker well versed in big grizzly bear started to walk
however, went not down without a cal literature of around a pine tree and caught up
dark brow banging over its depart- j a high order. He is easily the head with his own hind quarters. Think-
they belonged to another bear,
be opened war on his own rear with
light. The rich Hush the tin his church in this
earthly light bad passed the Extract from a little girl's
rain had ceased ; when the solemn j lazy boy told to do tooth nod toe-nail. When he felt
church bells pealed, the laughter or anything will say am too tired or; himself clawing himself, ho thought,
children rang out and joyous after I don't want to do that, while the j or course, it was the other
the storm is heard the carol of birds; boy will run along and do what
while the forked and purple weapon l. ., ,
of sky still drifted T L P
the trying J
la i Its
bear, and clawed harder. He
never discovered hie mistake
ha had
Sown to Ms It we
all the difference the world,
Woman should grow more devoted
and men fonder after if
they have the slightest idea of be-
happy as wives and husbands.
It is losing sight this
truth which leads to hundreds of
divorces. Yet a will
his wire who would never
think breathing a harsh word to
his sweetheart; and many a wife
will look glum morose on her
husband's return- who bad only-
smiles words of cheer for him
he was her How can
such people expect to be happy.
. Ex-Governor Jams has written a
long letter to Mr. H. E. Fries, one
of the trustees of the Agricultural
Mechanical College, giving his
reason tor declining tho Presidency
of the College, which had ten-
him. He says the sole
son was mat be felt duo
he not requisite
wheel nor stern wheel; still she months. What the result will
moved stately hi triumph, be is hard to tell. have
as with own lite. Hut I knew , to their going or
tho other side of the ship, hidden staying. If they want to leave, we
beneath the great bulk that swam say let them do so without
so majestically, there was a This exodus may prove an
toilsome steam tug, with a heart to our large planters
fire and arms of iron, that was tug- for a while, but one thing is certain
it bravely on ; and I if, to our that it will be to the
the little steam tug her interest of tho whole State in the
arm and left the ship would course or time. Let those who want
low and row about, and hither up and leave, there is
and and go off with the re-1
fluent tide, no knows whither. apart.
And so I Among a list of jurors for the fall
one genius, high decked, full I of states Court,
and brave warm Dealing heart of the fourth Monday in October, we
the little that nestled I notice the following Wilson
close to him, so that no wind nor j county. Messrs Joseph N. Barnes,
wave could part have, w p w . , M v
gone down with the V, . ,.
have been hoard of no Greene Dixon,
Greenville, N. C.
c r
to fill that
and meet the requirements
to It. He la a friend of the College,
reason desired to see it
ft Ban a mutt t
The New Sun this
morsel tor the Con-
Sunset was member
of the Thirteen Club, died at
Last Twelfth street, th original list
Elias Turnage and M. E. Le
L. F.
Fields, George U. E.
Charles P. U. May, John
White, Jackson. A. A.
U J. W A. A. and
ft. two
Civil Engineers, Surveyors
and Architects.
Greenville, N. C.
new management. Hot
cold water and at-
ed with of the market,
stables In connection.
Polite waiters. Good Rooms. Best
table tho market When In the
stop at tho
if you want to Save money buy your Shoes, Hats, Caps, Dress Goods Domestics at next dot to RAWLS ft

The Eastern Reflector,
HIM Editor and
Published Every Wednesday
Price. per year.
till not to Democratic
and measures that are not consistent
the true principles of the party.
If yon want a a
of the State send for the
at the Post Office at
Mail Matter.
The Durham Daily Sun has
changed from n,
A always
more gorgeous beautiful than
a rising, and we suppose this
change will make the Sun the more
brilliantly for
The North Carolina editors have
a soft spot in their hearts for broth-
Scott of the Lenoir Topic, and
all of us rejoice with him in, and
send best wishes for the fifteenth
anniversary of his paper which he
celebrated last week. We admire
the Topic and admire the style of
its editor. The people of Caldwell
have every reason to be proud of
their county paper.
The Wilmington Star announced
a. few days ago the beginning of
its forty fifth half yearly volume.
The Star is always the first paper
with us, and we look upon it as the
pride of North Carolina journals-
Its present editor. Maj. Duffy, is
an apt writer. His editorials bear
evidences of ability and his
are gems of the brightest
nature. Long shine the Star.
We were gratified to see in the
last Henderson Gold Leaf, that Thad
Manning had abandoned his idea
of leaving North Carolina, and was
going to remain in Henderson and
continue the publication of his ex-
paper. Joe Daniels says
the editors of the State ought to
hold a meeting and rejoice over
this good news. We will get in
some rejoicing at the next Press
Convention over it.
It is much disputed where the
world's fair in 1892 shall be held.
Our opinion has all along been
that not the slightest idea of hold-
it anywhere else than n ash-
should be entertained.
New York wants it its and is
every effort to secure it. Chi-
says it ought to go there, and
that city is holding meetings and
sending out circulars hying to
create a sentiment in its favor.
And now St. Louis comes out with
a map bearing three large circles
representing a radius of five
miles around New York, Chi-
and St. Louis and claiming
the number of people its own cir-
to be by far the largest and for
that reason it should have the fair.
If all these little towns don't stop
clamoring for the fair and let it go
on to Washington where it
and certainly will go, we. will rise
up and mention Greenville as a can
The work on the Baptist Memo-
rial church at this place has ad-
until the building is now
nearly ready to receive the win-
in the main audience room,
upper story. When the work was
started, and since it has been in
progress, several persons in various
parts of the State expressed a de-
sire to place memorial windows in
this room of the building. If
wishing to do so will com-
with Mr. J. J. Cherry,
Treasurer of the church, they can
get full information as to size and
can express their choice of win-
As it will e necessary soon
to put in windows of some kind,
those wishing the memorial win-
should not delay in the mat-
The building, when
will be a memorial
to the Baptist Convention,
which was organized in Greenville,
and it will be a fit place for any
memorial that may be desired
placed within it. The
here has labored hard and
borne a heavy burden to bring the
building to its present stage, and
greatest credit is due them. It is
now hoped to get the building
completed at an early day.
We publish to-day a letter from
Mr. E. A. Oldham, editor of the
Durham Globe, concerning some
recent comments made in the Re-
Mr. Oldham is not en-
consistent in all things, as we
will show. He complains at us
for not writing him a postal asking
him to exchange, and says that
the aid of a newspaper
directory ho may have overlooked
some of his Well, he
managed to find the address of the
Reflector when his circular was
sent out, and found it again when
the first issue of the Globe was sent
out, so it is strange that he should
have lost it before another issue
of his paper. Again, we did not
think it was necessary or the
tom among North Carolina journals
to send a postal card, when a mark-
ed copy of one paper sent to
re was sufficient to secure the
of an exchange. At least this
has been found to be all that was
necessary in our twelve years ex-
and we saw no reason for
making further advances to the
Globe than we always had to other
papers. Of course it is not
to into print about such
matters, but we saw several papers
complaining of the discourtesy of
the Globe so had our say, too. The
Reflector does not retract any
it has said.
Gen. D. H. Hill, a hero of tho
late war, died in Charlotte last
Last Spring a Business
was organized in Greenville,
and started off its work in a man-
that looked as if the result was
to be much good to the
Summer drew on, our people
began wandering around in search
of recreation, interest in the
seemed to wane and
enough of the officers could not be
brought together to conduct the
work of the meetings. Hence
there has been no meeting in
months, and the Association
is pronounced dead by those who
began preaching its funeral and
throwing cold water upon it from
its infancy. But the people are
all back home now, court is over,
there is nothing but the usual
tine of business to occupy the re-
of this year and the Re-
suggests that the
be revived and that it go
forward in carrying out the work
upon which it started. Despite
the croakers, we know that Green-
ville can be made a growing town
if her people can only be induced
to act in concert. There is plenty
of material here for factories, there
are ample facilities for all trans-
there are abundant lands
for all new comers who wish to set-
the climate is salubrious, and
every natural advantage is in our
favor. What then wait we for
and indifference will
see other towns supplant us, while
Greenville has advantages over all
her neighbors if they were only
utilized. We urge the business men
to action. Don't say nothing can
be done. Revive the Association
and go to work earnestly, and you
will see that something can
done. I
Mr. Letter.
H. C, Sept.
Las been directed to your
of last week in yon complain
of not Laving received the Globe,
and charge me with if
I remember your comment.
I confess my surprise
there has been no intention cl dis-
on my part or on the part
of any one connected with the
so far as the Reflector is concern-
We have never set eyes on the
exchange list of predecessor, the
Tobacco Plant, in sending out
copies of our paper to the papers
in the State, without the aid of a
newspaper directory, may have
overlooked several of our friends.
Can there be any discourtesy in
this On the other, how much more
courteous, how much more
it would have been to have done
what other editors did, dropped
a postal and called our attention to
the oversight, remembering the
fact that many things are apt to be
overlooked in the organization of a
new morning journal.
Please publish this letter that
your readers may see that no dis
courtesy has been intended yon, and
farther, that other exchanges not
getting the Globe may understand
the probable cause thereof.
Very Fraternally yours,
Edward a. Oldham,
. The Other Side.
Editor see in
your last issue, that your
correspondent, advocates
establishing an Agricultural Fair in
Pitt county Allow me to say for
Nod; both as a correspondent
and as a gentleman, I am not
mistaken in who be I have the
highest regard for him. I hope he
will to write for the paper,
and to work for the promotion of
old Pitt county's best interest by all
Means just honorable to her
people. But, as I do not think the
establishment an Agricultural
Fair in our county would
the prosperity the laboring class-
es of our people, I beg leave to
fer with him in just this one
have not much experience
in Fairs, true, but as far as it
goes, it teaches toe that Fairs
fit the capitalist, -he speculator and
the gambler at the ex-
of the honest tillers of the
soil. If I am correct this, there
is no other argument needed to
prove a Fair In our county
would be a curse instead of a bless-
to the masses or our people. In
my humble opinion there arc too
many Fairs in the State now for the
good of our people. The amount of
which goes out of Pitt
to these Fairs is no doubt many
hundreds of dollars each year. Our
people are not able to afford this.
It seems to me it must be plain
to the mind of every reasonable
thinker that as well as our
farmers are growing poorer and
poorer each year. If this is so
is it so It must be because too
much of the little we raise is spent
non-essentials, and too little for
permanent improvements. Then we
should try to husband our resources
and instead of investing cur money
in fairs, let us put it in permanent
improvements on our farms. I
we will try this plan a few years
the old county will show up to much
better advantage than she would
with a Fair would take thou-
sands of dollars from our horny
handed sons of toil, and at the same
time be a promoter of idleness and
immorality among our people. It.
Strong Endorsement.
We take the following from the
Gazette in reference to
the educated optician, Or. D.
The following testimonial was
handed by two most prom-
Physicians who desire that
their tends may be benefit led.
The testimonials were not procured
by Dr. Harmon, neither has he ever
N. C April 30th.
I must say that after examining
different glasses with
and comparing them with
pebble lenses under the same
test. am fully satisfied with the
of your lenses. I have not
been able to find toy glasses to
read the fine print of the New York
Herald, but with your Brazilian
pebbles the finest print is perfectly
defined, and as plain and easy read
as with my eyes. am at
a loss to express my appreciation.
There is such a vast difference that
I would now afraid of common
glasses. Both by day and by lamp
light the light is soft and pleasant
without weariness or I would
advise all to try them and see for
themselves. Respectfully,
T. D. P. Guerrant.
W. S. M. D.
The two M. D's have practiced in
before tho war and are
men who are now living.
Money to Loan.
upwards. Loans are re-
payable in small annual
through a period live years thus en-
the borrower to pay off his in-
without exhausting his crops
in one Apply to
Greenville. N. C.
BY virtue of a decree of the Circuit
Court of the United States the
We adopt this method
of informing our old
customers and the pub-
generally that we
have returned from
New York with the
stock we have ever
The experience of two
years in the Northern
markets together with
increased capital
us to offer greater
bargains than ever.
Standard Prints
Plaids Clothing,
Dry Goods, Shoes, and
Hats are all going at
astonishingly low
A visit from you is
Greenville, N. C.
One hundred and eighty-five acres,
more or less, acres cleared, acres
swamp. Being determined to move
west I offer my entire farm for sale,
lying on the Old Plank Road leading
from Greenville to Wilson. Situated
two miles from Greenville, one and one-
half miles from Greenville Institute and
same from the depot.
Two good dwellings and all
out-buildings and gin. Well adapted
to corn and cotton and other products,
raised on a farm. Healthy location.
Excellent water, pronounced best in the
county. For further particulars apply
to S. P. ERWIN,
Sept. -5th, Greenville, N. C,
T. Agent of
Washington V C.
He keeps on hand a line assortment
of the best books at publisher's prices.
Call On him for Bibles, large or small,
pulpit, family or pocket size. For
Hymn Books, Commentaries, Diction-
and standard works generally.
Can furnish you any book you want on
short notice.
Notice to Creditors.
HAVING before the Clerk of
the Court of Pitt county on the
8th day 1888. as Administrator
upon the estate of Howell Joyner,
this is to notify all persons holding claims
against said estate to present their claims
for payment within twelve months from
this date or this notice will he plead in
bar of their recovery. All persona ow-
said estate will come forward
make immediate settlement.
This May Joyner,
of Howell Joyner.
Executors Notice.
Letters testamentary having been is-
sued to the undersigned on the 21st day
of September as executor of James
Brooks deceased. Notice is hereby given
to all persons holding claims against said
James Brooks to present them for pay-
to the undersigned properly
on or before the 25th day of
1800. or this notice will be plead
in bar of their recovery. All persons in-
to the estate of said James Brooks
are notified to make Immediate pay-
II. Conn.
This Sept, of James Brooks.
Alex. L. Blow, Attorney-
------Dealers in------
General Merchandise.
Wish to inform their friends and
that their
Fall and Winter Goods
Eastern Division of North Carolina is now ready for examination, and they
made at June term. 1880. in the case of I are prepared to supply all your wants at
Bethel Items.
Business is improving now. I
hope it will be so that the clerks will
have to put their checker boards
The crops here are much
better than was thought they
would be.
Miss Addie Jenkins, of this town,
is visiting relatives in Tarboro.
The Methodists are carrying on a
revival here.
We Bethel folks are right ranch
disappointed at the train not run-
on Sunday to the Association,
as we all wanted to go. has
been decided since to run the ex-
stop twice between
Greenville Ami the A. K.
Nearly all the hogs around, here
have died of cholera and several
horses have died of staggers. It
looks like the farmers will have a
rough time of it
Nearly everybody around here
went to Tarboro to the show Friday.
They it was the best I bey ever
saw. Bob.
Louis Hilliard against I, V W
M B Blown. Henry Brown, and others,
I will sell at public sale for cash to the
highest bidder, at the Court House door
in Greenville, at M. on Monday, the
4th day of November, following
real and personal property
The tract of land on which II W
Brown now resides on the north side of
Tar river, in the county of Pitt, con-
about 1200 acres and being the
lauds in three several
gages made by II W Brown and wife,
as follows, one dated March 24th, 1876.
given to It II Rountree, W D
and A L One dated January
8th. 1887. given to L V and one
other dated January 1887, given to
W M B Brown. These three mortgages
are duly recorded in the Register's
office of comity, and reference is
hereby had to them for special
of this valuable tract of land
The house and lot in the town of
Greenville on plank road street known
as the house and being the lands
described in a mortgage made by L V
and wife to Louis Hilliard Feb,
16th, 1877. to which reference is hereby
had. This parcel of land will be sold
subject to a mechanic's lien for about
One note executed by L V
William Whitehead and I A Sugg, dated
Feb. 16th, 1887, and payable Jan. 1888,
for 82,195.00.
One note of William Whitehead for
This note Is now in suit In
Pitt Superior Court and has attached to
it some collaterals which will be
exhibited on the day sale and which
will be delivered to the purchasers of
the said note.
James B. Commissioner.
Greenville. N. C Oct.
We keep in stock a large line of Ready
Made Clothing. Boots, Shoes, Hats, Dry
Notions, Hardware, Heavy and
Fancy Groceries, in fact any
article to be found in a general stock.
We pay highest prices for all kinds of
Cotton bought either in bale or seed.
to the buyers of Pitt and surrounding counties, a line of the following
that are not to be excelled in this market. And guaranteed to be First-class and
pure straight goods. DRY GOODS of all kinds, NOTIONS, CLOTHING, GEN-
kinds, Gin and Belting, Hay, Rock Lime, Paris, and
Hair, Harness, Bridles and addles.
Agent Clark's O. N. T. Spool Cotton which I offer to the trade at Wholesale
Jobbers prices, cents per dozen, less per cent for Cash. Bread Prep-
and Hall's Star Lye at jobbers Prices, White Lead pure Lin-
seed Oil, Varnishes and Paint Colors. Wood Pumps, Salt and Wood and
Willow Ware. Nails a specialty. Give me a call and I guarantee satisfaction.
I beg to inform the public generally that
I am the only maker o i Clothing
in Greenville. Parties coming to me need not
be afraid of getting clothing out of stock given
to for custom-made.
All Garments Made on the Premises.
Having the finest line samples to select
from including the latest novelties. I am
pared to do nothing but the finest of workman-
ship, combined with the latest styles and fit.
No fit, no sale.
Are headquarters for all needed in
line. Our stock cannot be
but if you want anything in
Hardware, Implements,
and Cooking Carriage Material
and House Cutlery
We can save you money on any of these goods.
which we will Mil at Factory Price.
WE arc now fitted up in and are prepared to an
upon short notice any kind or style of
We also keep a nice line of
Come and see us. Flanagan's old i
R. GREENE, JR. Manager.
All kinds Risks placed in strictly
At lowest current rates
I will have weekly arrivals of the very nicest and freshest
I keep constantly on hand splendid assortment of
All your wants in the above goods can be by
J. D. Williamson,
Tennessee Wagons, for sale.
S. C. Mar. 1887.
Has Moved to One Door North Court House.
My Factory is well equipped with the best put up nothing Wishes to inform friends and the public generally that he has
but first-class We keep up with the times and improved styles, j bought out the Grocery establishment of T. K. Cherry, and with
Best material used In all work. All styles of Springs are you can select from j new added, is now prepared to furnish the very best
Brewster, Storm, Coil, Horn,
Also keep on hand a full lie of ready
the year round, which we will sell as low as the lowest.
Special Attention Given to REPAIRING.
Thanking the people of this and surrounding counties for past favor hope
merit a continuance of the same.
of It.
At prices fully in keeping with the hard times. I keep Flour,
Meat, Lard, Molasses, Confections. Canned Crockery,
Glassware, Tobacco, Snuff,
Orange Syrup is the best Molasses in this market.
You are invited to call. Remember the place, Cherry's stand.
J. G.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry,
Parties owing us are requested to set-
as promptly as possible, as we desire
to have all accounts closed by the end of
the year.
Returning thanks for past patronage
we ask a continuance of your favors.
J. O. Proctor Bro.
Ever brought to Greenville and will continue to keep on ordering until after the
holiday seasons. If you need anything in that line it will be to your advantage to I
give him a trial before purchasing.
Also for sale. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired at short notice In work-
manlike manner and warranted. Call and see
SI. Greenville, N. r
Have again come to your attention your esteemed patronage
do not claim that we have the largest and best stock east of the
Rocky Mountains, but we do say that we arc to the front
--------with a specially selected line
I have been suffering for two
with over-worked eyes, and
have tried kinds of Lenses,
recommenced by the leading Oculist
of this State, without relief. liar-
one of Dr. S. Harmon-
for one week, am well pleas-
ed with the result.
I take pleasure recommending
Dr. Harmon to the public, have
known for weeks and find
him a gentleman of his word-
AV. J.
Tax Notice,
I will meet the people Pitt
at the following times and places for
the purpose of collecting the State and
County Taxes due for the year 1889
Black Jack. Monday, October
Barney X Roads, Tuesday Oct.
Harrington X Roads. Wednesday Oct.
Store, Thursday Oct.
Friday Oct.
Falkland. Saturday Oct.
Mill. Monday Oct.
Bethel. Tuesday Oct.
Keel's Store. Oct.
Thursday Oct
Beam box
Grass Tare Beam
for A
sT . T.
Presents ii. most form
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming agreeable
and effective laxative to
cure Habitual
and the many ills de-
pending on a weak or inactive
condition of the ,
It is the most remedy to
When one if or Constipated
Every one is using it and oil are
delighted with it
Kt. tout. u. r.
We have coming in
some Job Lots in Stand-
ard Prints at cents
and Ginghams at
cents. Call early that
you may have
styles to select from.
Yours truly,
Greenville, N. C.
Pitt Co M
C Co
Co. K C
Cobb Bros., Gilliam,
Cotton Factors.
Commission Merchants, a of
Suited to the want of a large of customers. We are in full sympathy with
the hard times and can and will make low Mali prices to all who favor us with
their patronage. Look down this column see if we Cannot interest you. We
are better prepared than ever before to serve you. We have in stock to-day
We have had many years ex-
at the business are
prepared to handle to
advantage of shippers.
All business entrusted to our
hands will receive prompt and
careful attention.
Water Mills.
Watch-Maker ft Jeweler.
If yon want something nice in the way of
Sewing Machines,
come, to the OLD reliable house. A
large new stock received.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and
Machines repaired warranted.
The having leased these
mills for number of years and put them
I In thorough order, begs leave to inform
first the public that he is prepared to ind
Corn and wheat in a first-class manner.
Satisfaction guaranteed to all patrons.
I would inform- merchants that I am
prepared to furnish them good water
mill meal at prices delivered.
Customers wanting to buy at retail can
be supplied at my store in
where will find a select stock
of General Merchandise which will In
sold at lowest prices
Robt, R. Fleming.
Pitt County, f
Joshua Francis Nobles, Blount
Nobles and Joshua Nobles
and Eliza Nobles
lo the Court.
Pursuant to an order in the above
special I will offer
for sale at the court house door In
Greenville. N. C, on Saturday October
12th. the following tracts of land
situated in Pitt county, known as lot
No. in the division of lands between
the heirs at law of Thomas Nobles, Sr.,
which was allotted to Sallie Nobles, con-
acres, more or less, bounded
as Beginning at the corner of
lot No. on the prong of Long
Branch, running the line of that lot S
corner of said lot in the
back line, thence S ft to a
at a sweet gum. thence
H W 1710 ft to a stake,
W W ft to a
station on tho run of the south prong
of Long Branch, down the
courses of said prong to the 1st
station. one-eighth part of an
tract of acres. Terms
C. M. Bernard, Special Com
Embracing Goods and Trimmings, Ginghams and Calicoes.
and Suitings, Piece Goods and for Men's and Suits, Homespuns,
Sheetings, Bleached and Unbleached Domestics. Canton Flannels and Bed Ticking.
Boots and Shoes.
For Men. Women. Boys, Misses and Children, at prices that will cause the poor to
rejoice, and the hearts all will be glut who buy Boots and Shoes from us,
why V because we sell low and give the money's worth. A full line of Notions,
and Goods that will delight the hearts of the young and old.
HATS and CAPS for men, boys and children. II WAKE, in we offer
you a stock as complete as the farmer or mechanic can We make a specialty
of Steel Nails and guarantee them to be the best made.
Which arc selling at rock bottom prices, not because are forced to do so
but we take pleasure in offering and selling low down. Can we interest you here
if so MM in and examine our stock of Sugar, Molasses. Coffee, Tea. Soaps, both
Toilet and Lye, Matches, Starch, Meats of different kinds. Flour
which we are now buying from first and can save you money if you and
examine before buying elsewhere. Tobacco and Snuff.
Headquarters for Furniture.
Of we carry a line not to be excelled in this market, such as Suite,
Bureaus. Double and Single Bedsteads. Cots. Bed Springs and
Mattresses, Children's Cradles and Beds. Chairs of different kinds and varieties,
all to suit hard times and short crops. Anything that you want In this Hue If we
have not got it in we will make a special order for you. as we have
from several of the best furniture houses in the States and guarantee sat-
as to prices. Wood and Willow ware. Crockery. Glassware, Lamps,
Bridles and Collars. Cart Saddles, Whips Horse Millinery. Trunks,
Valises and Traveling Bags,
Life is too short lo keep on Idling what we have can do. But wishing
you all health prosperity and giving man. woman and child who cornea
to Greenville a cordial invitation to come in and examine our stork,
remain to serve
Greenville. N. C.

Fall and Winter Goods
A. C.
Winter wearing apparel far any
previous exhibition, and every-j
thing new and stylish in our line.
We have selected with great care a
large of reliable goods in
every department and cordially invite
inspection of same from our friend
and customers.
handle none reliable
prices may eater, attention,
but a article has no merit, not-
even in the price.
we your attention to the
various departments, each of which is
replete with and seasonable goods.
a large and varied collection
of high class novelties in this depart-
embracing Mohairs. Alpaca
Side Bands, and Flannels
Stripe, and Plain. Silk Warp
All Wool Ladies
Cloth. Surges, and numerous other at-
tractions in and Colored Dress
Containing Persian Silks. Plushes.
Eiffel Laces. Bands. Silk
Braids and fringes. and
Sackings. Eider and
Flannels in all desirable shade.
A selection o and
Wraps embracing every style that pop-
Fairs are all the talk.
Raleigh Pair week alter
Second day of the tenth month.
Seed Rye for sale.
E. C. Glenn.
The wages of sin la
One Road Cart sale cheap.
E. C Glenn.
County meet next
Now get ready to have your
Mattresses made or repaired by
C. T.
Watermelons are mighty lone-
some looking now.
Good baud made Mattresses for
sale by C T.
The trains are frequently late.
up the mail train.
Mr D. Beater has sold the
will Mr Lace, the best
Flour at the Old Trick Store.
Wait until the of this month
before- yon begin shooting birds.
Keep eye on Mun
ford's space.
Agricultural and Fish
fair October to November 1st.
Perfectly Grand. Ross Biscuit
at the Old Brick Store.
received a of
the fair to be held October
to November 1st.
You should use t he very best
West India Molasses, at the Old
Brick Store.
The usual monthly Presbyterian
service will be held in Greenville
next Sunday night.
The pile driving for the railroad
ti is nearly to the riv
The Pi. Line of Ladies
in town at Moses
KU's, I he
The of families moving
lo well for I he
A Full Line Clocks, Jewelry
and sale by Moses
the Jeweler.
Five each of Tuesday,
day and Thursday in this month,
and that means five
Mr. J. W Brown is
Mr. Alfred Forbes.
Several Greenville attorneys
tending at Snow Hill.
Dr. J. W. Perkins left
for Baltimore to attend
Mr. Ola has taken a
clerkship with Messrs. Cox Co.
Mrs. A. M. Clark returned home
last week from a visit to Williams-
Mr. C. T. Savage has opened a
mattress here, on Fifth
Town Clerk W. F. Evans was on
the sick list last week but is out
Capt. II. A. is back
on the run between Greenville and
We hear that Mr. B. F. Patrick is
sick at his home one mile
Miss Fleming spent several
days of last week visiting Miss
Nannie King.
Deputy She. King left Monday
for Raleigh to take three prisoners
to the penitentiary.
The family of Rev. R. B. John re.
turned evening from their
visit to Hill.
Mr. W. B. Wilson has moved his
commission to the corner room
under the Opera House.
Mr. P. S. Clark returned last
week from Baltimore where he had
been taking a business course.
Mr. J. J. Cherry is opening a
stock groceries in the brick store
lately occupied by Mrs. Sheppard.
Rev. G. L. Finch attended the
Baptist Union meeting at Rocky
from Friday to Monday.
Miss of Baltimore
has come to Greenville and taken a
position at the millinery store of
Mrs. Home.
Mr. G. A. Spencer, of Merchant's
Hotel Ocracoke
fame, gave a call last
day evening.
Rev. J. N. U.
minister of Tarboro, will
preach in the Greenville Baptist
Church next Sunday night.
Mr. Bryant Jr., Super-
of Agencies for the. Inter
State Life Association was in town
I of last week, in the interest of
his any.
Mr. J. R. Moore, the clever agent
of the W. W. U. R. at this place,
will bring bis family to Greenville.
They are expected to arrive
row evening.
Engineer Smith who with
his family has been on a ten days
Moonlight Nights.
The moon has come to the rescue
of the people once more and is fur-
light for t hi- streets at night.
When the moon is gone the light
generally goes with it, lot. Green-
ville has the poorest excuse for a
street lamp system of any town
that can de found which pretends
to have street lights at all
The Town Council will get a
yet for the street lamps and public
This i-where made the hit of
the season. We have collected an as-
that is peerless as to style, lit
and service, and prices that none of our
competitors can touch.
.,. , , ,. . i store will be closed
Tins department embrace- a stylish. I
line of every cut and shape day Oct. 5th on account holidays.
In Flannels, Wales, Cheviot.--.
, ,, j vacation, to his post on
Just Received a nice Gold , ,. and
I and Silver Watches. For sale cheap. alP back.
Moses the
It is a good time to go to Jesse
Sugg and get a fire insurance
Fine Variety.
Mr. G. M. Smith, cf Falkland
brought us a bucket of grapes last
Thursday, that are hard to name.
He says ho does not know what
they are, as far back as he
can remember the vine having been
on place he now lives. In
they can hardly
from the James grape,
growing in clusters like them
being fully as large. The flavor is
not as good as the James, and is
more like the How-
ever, it is a fine
Coast Students.
The Examination of the
cants for two free scholarships allot-
to Pitt county in the State Col-
of Agriculture and Mechanic
Arts, was held at tho the
Board of by the county
Superintendent on Thursday the
26th inst. W. E. Cox, of
J. R. Overton, of re-
the certificates. Both made
a very creditable showing, and we
wish them much success at the in-
to which they going.
The advertising patronage of the
Reflector is growing to immense
proportions, as our columns will
show, and we such a lib-
patronage on the part of the
In order not to cut the
amount of reading matter down too
low we are adopting the use of small-
type in portions of the paper and
will follow this up as occasion de-
We have just purchased a
new lot of type for the editorial
page, which is used for the first
time this week. Other improve-
are in early contemplation.
Mr. J. C. E. Williams, advance
agent for Carrie Dramatic
Co., has been billing tho town this
week for the in Skin
net's Open House the Company
here on Friday, Saturday and Mon-
day nights, next. They will open
with on Friday
Bight, followed
day night and Monday
night, also a Saturday
The company comes to
Greenville highly recommended and j
promise much amusement those
who attend. The role contains
some strong actors who will render
their parts in a most entertaining
manner. Admission
Sea's sold by Harry Skinner ft Co.
Tho Coming
Kev. II. Evangelist
of whom we recently made
will arrive, in Greenville this week
and begin a series of meetings In
the Methodist church next Sunday.
Christians of every
in tho community should
their prayers and labors for the
good of the meeting. There is need
of great work to be done here and
the prayers of all should be for an
abundant outpouring the Divine
Spirit. The Golden Text for next
Sunday is how good and
how pleasant it is for brethren to
dwell together in Every
Christian should adopt this text
and supplant sectional differences
by brotherly love and united work
for the. Master. Mr. Fred A. Mar-
will accompany the Evangelist
here and lead in tho singing for the
Weldon Pair.
The annual fair of the
and Tar River Agricultural So
will be held at the fair
in Weldon, Tuesday, Wed
and Friday, I
29th. 30th, 31st and
1st, Tho premium list
several thousand dollars in
money besides many articles of val-
and diplomas, it is a liberal of-
fer of premiums will doubtless
cause an unusually large exhibit and
attendance. For all kinds of crops,
for all kinds of stock, all kinds
of poultry, for dairy products, for
other than domestic
for agricultural implements aim rid-
vehicles, for horticultural pro-
ducts, for household fabrics
variety of ladies fancy work, in
fact premiums offered for most
every article that can be exhibited.
We sec no reason why Pitt
cannot step in and take a liberal
share of these premiums. Surely
we can show the best riding
Eastern North Carolina, we
can show works of art
and ladies fancy work, then why not
make exhibits and bring home these
premiums The railroad now
brings us within easy reach of
don so it will be no trouble to get
to the fair and arrangements have
been made by which articles for ex-
at the fair will be passed
over the load free, of charge. Be- I
sides the splendid exhibits to be
made at tills fair there will be
amusements tor the visitors,
will be tine, there will be,;
competitive military drills for
and calvary by the
Scotland Neck Mounted Rifleman,
Reunion ex Confederate veterans
and so on. The fair will be inter-
in every department we
large attendance from Pitt
With Prices That Can't be Downed
Unbleached Domestics at cents. Worsted Dress Goods at
cents. Yard wide Dress at to cents. Dress Ginghams at
to cents. A nice line of Trieste at to cents. A full of Cash-
meres in all the new shades and trimmings to match. Only a Silk
Embroidered are unsurpassed in
and Misses Hosiery at Scents per pair.
BOOTS AND to lit all size feet. Children Shoes at to
cents. Good Boots 81-25. Good Lace and Shoes
at cents to Shoes at cunts to
was never more complete.
both head and pocket book. Our stock
NE WORD TO THE MAN who wants Pants that wont bag at
knees. Boys and Youths Suits at to Pants
cents. Men's Pants at cent up. Good Business Suits for men
83-00 to Overcoats to tit everybody at up.
Come where you tan buy goods to suit hard times and slier crops.
Greenville. N.
A Startling Fact
Having determined to close out our mercantile
business we arc now offering our
stock of------
Drag Store,
Front Reflector Office.
Golden Medical Discovery, War-
Compound, Syrup of
Pierce's Favorite Prescription
S. S. B. B. B.
Buffalo Li tit a Water.
Will Never Cease.
Frank Johnson,
The oldest and moat experienced
Is still to the front. He has arranged
the prices to suit the times.
Full CU.
With all the Ingredient such as lint
Mr, Pickle-, Pepper, Sauce.
When you want Oysters call en Frank
Johnson and yen will get the value of
your money.
M. U. Baku.
and every other stylish fabric.
In this line we reign supreme, our
and boy's clothes are
just thing for street and school
wear. Our line of Fancy Buys clothes
embraces everything for the little gent.
that we will not be
by any one.
Under this bead we want to call your I
attention to our line of Fine Dress
now is the accepted time ;
behold, now is the day of Salvation.
The Association begins I of
at next Saturday. No doubt
many people from this section will
We glad to have a call
I week from Rev. R. W. Stancill, of I The first bale of cotton
I Troy, N. Y., a native of Pitt county, j with the genuine cotton
He has brought family South
to spend a few weeks with
in Pitt and Greene counties.
We had a pleasant call Saturday,
j from Mr. J. Bryan of
lie was a member of
i the of
teachers, and speaks his
Mr. G. If. Tucker, a merchant
who is doing a large business
The nights have got the
now and are a little longer
last j Goes the
was brought to Greenville Monday
and to Messrs J. B.
Co. It resembled a snow bank.
We noticed a lot of six bales they
purchased and only one of that
number was covered with jute. Of
the others two with acme bagging
and one with cotton. If that pro-
portion goes on through the season
and only one bale in six gets to mar-
covered with jute it will be a
severe though just rebuke to the
Trust on that article. The
than the days.
lb for Sweet Scotch
Snuff. lb sold Pitt Co., which
is a of its superiority, at
the Old Brick Store.
The last few days of Pitt
day that he intended moving to
Greenville the. first of next year,
and would do business the White
building. The will
gladly welcome, men Mr.
Tucker to Greenville.
Prof. Assistant
of Greenville Institute, left Monday
Shirts. Flannel Shirts. Percale I suit of clothes, a soft or stiff hat, a
and Flannel Waists. Underwear, Neck- good pair of shoes there
Court were tedious. Two laud morning for Bayboro, at which place
suits consumed most the second I be was married yesterday
to Miss Hooker, of that town.
The bride and will reach
All for A
wear, etc.
Several styles of the celebrated
and styles. The
the newest, is
another style among om large lint
Boys and Men's Hats.
We are positively showing the largest
number of styles in Ladies and Gents
Mrs. L. C. King is offering her en-
tire stock of Millinery and Notions
at cost. See her if you
Dr. Harmon the
an expects to leave Greenville about
the 10th of You better
see while there is opportunity.
Tons Coal for sale per
i Small quantity cents per tub.
Do not send for coal without send-
money to pay for it. Coal is
cash. E. c. Glenn.
elector rejoices with farmers . at cost in order to close
------Our stock embraces------
Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing,
Hardware, Crockery, Sec.
If you want bargains on any of goods
they must be sold out.
S. T. Agent V X C
for Washington District is i t,
offering a splendid line the best
books for sale. See his advertise-
this paper.
S. V. his faun for
sale, advertisement which
pears iii paper. It is a
farm, situated close to Green-
ville, and is splendidly equipped.
Harry Skinner Co are offering
their entire stock general mer
See appointments for collecting
taxes by the Sheriff.
See change in M.
advertisement and govern yourself
I. B. Cherry, Commissioner, offers j
a farm near Greenville, a house and
so effectually broken it
down. We believe If enough of the
other coverings was available, as
will be by another year, not a
bale would find its way to
this season.
Except ye be converted and be-
Footwear ever brought to this, as little ye shall not
enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Fine Turns and Welts for
Celebrated Stonewall Tips for Misses
and Children.
Fine Handmade floods for Gents.
Ask to see our its a
Extra Super, All Wool, Three Ply.
Two Ply Ingrain. Tapestry and Body
Brussels, Oil Cloths, in all widths,
Velvet Rugs. Lace Curtains,
Linen Shades and a complete line of
general house
Space will not permit our publishing
n detail our mammoth But a
l at store where will find us
read lo show you through- con-
you that. stock is the largest
and most complete ever here.
to call.
M. R. Lang
Greenville on the train this evening.
The extends best wish-1
ts and bids them welcome to our
Messrs. S. P. Erwin and G. E.
t bar- I farmers of this township, re-
turned home last week from the
Western of the State. Mr.
Taft had been to Hot Springs for
his health. Mr. Erwin had been
visiting relatives in and Ca-
counties. We regret very
much that he will leave section
move up there. He will
locate a few miles in the country
from Salisbury.
On nest Monday, 7th, the North-
mails for Greenville will come in
on the and out-going
mails will be handled the same way.
That will cause a change of
in the mails which will of
great convenience and to the
people. The mails will no out on
the Morning train and return
the evening train. The time of
between Greenville and
New York will be shortened twenty-
four hours. A change will also
made at the same time on the star
route between and
Washington, the schedule ex
what it now is.
The mails will leave Greenville for
that town every morning and return
every evening. This new arrange-
will also be a great benefit
that town.
Foe entire stock of
goods and fixtures conveyed to me
by Ryan Bedding. Bids will be
received for the next fifteen days.
E. C- Glenn.
How long halt ye between two
opinions if the Lord be God, follow
him but if Baal, then follow
The. Old Brick Store will be
ed on Thursday, September 20th
and on Saturday. October 5th, on
of holidays. Patrons
please take notice.
Shall the edition of the
be issued or not It
remains for the business men and
property owners to say.
A who was on the
train, last Friday, dropped his hat
and off after it. He was
badly wounded in the fall died
within a few hours.
The largest grape we ever saw
was shown by
side last Thursday. It was
of the James variety and measured
inches in circumference.
The cotton market took a sudden
decline on Monday. It
one cent a pound Liverpool,
which course affected the market
the world over at the same rate.
We received an obituary for pub-
that is entirely too long to
permit of it, being eight
pages in manuscript. Such matters
should be brief to insure
Mb. EDITOR most
out the business. They always car
a first-class stock and many de-
goods can now be found
Brown Hooker
for such goods as are mention-
ed in their new to-
They quote standard goods
I low down, as long experience in
; buying and purchases made cash
enables them to do.
Tho railroad will ran an
Sunday from here to Goose
j Nest, carrying all persons desiring
; to attend the Association at
ho. The train will stop to
passengers at I he road cross
near Emily Fleming's and
Mrs. Fare for
round trip Si.
Johnston is at the same old
place oysters this season,
tie will never
but there is special wonder
about his being here, because the
fellow who cooks nice oysters and
never anybody with stale
ones, is bound to keep staying and
sell his share as as he stays.
See advertisement.
Life is short, that is true, so J. B.
Cherry Co., take time to
The old and reliable firm, so long and here, have again opened
in Greenville, and desire to renew the acquaintance of their
many and customers of the past, and to
a share of their patronage. Our new store
will contain an immense stock of
Th Tar River Transportation Company
Greenville, President
N. M. Gen
Capt. It. F. Washington, Gen Ag
The People's lane for travel on
Steamer is the finest
and quickest boat the river. She has
been thoroughly repaired, refurnished
and painted.
Fitted op specially for the comfort, ac-
convenience of Ladies.
A Unit-clan Table furnished with the
market affords.
A trip on Steamer
not only comfortable but attractive.
Leaves Washington Monday, Wednesday
an, Friday II. o'clock, M.
Leaves Tarboro Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at o'clock, a. m.
Freights received daily and
to all points.
I. J. Agent
Greenville, N. C.
Associate Principal
SB. W. De-
Vocal Music.
Miss Rouse, Painting and
j. C. Penmanship
and Commercial Department.
Primary. Academic. U
Classical and Mathematical, Mu-
sic. Painting
Large, Comfortable Buildings.
Healthy Locution and Good
of. Wall Prepared Food
aider-. A Corps of Teachers.
ail being graduates of class
Music Department equal
in work to any College In the State.
New Pianos and Organs.
A Library of nearly volumes,
purchased recently school.
Moderate, from to for
Board and Tuition Tuition and Terms
for Day Pupils the same as advertised
in Pupils who do not board
With the should consult him
before engaging board elsewhere. For
fur. her particulars. Address.
able and brilliant marriage of the j tell you all they have their
season in our community was that stock, but give a general idea
of Miss Annie that the purchaser may know any-
of Dr. J. to Mr. wanted can be found there.
. tint t ii if
E. Barrett, Kinston, on the
inst. The attendants were
It was not pleasure to bear
Kev. Mr. preach in the
Methodist church, last Sunday, but
judging from the many favorable
comments the people Greenville
were highly pleased with him,
derived much spiritual comfort from
his sermon.
Mr. C. L. Barrett, of Farmville, with such a select
Miss Smith of Greenville, Mr.
T. of with Miss
of Greene, Mr. E.
Barrett, of Greenville, with Miss
Mania Williams, of Mr.
Joyner, of Beaver Dam,
with Annie Forbes, of Green-
ville, Mr. J. B. Davis, of Farmville,
with Miss Lillie of
ville, Mr. A. C. of Greene,
with Miss lone May, of Farmville.
Mr. J. M. Blow, of Farmville, with
Miss Prissie E. Bynum, of Greene.
Farmville, N. C. V,.
To the Ladies
Our Dress Goods have been selected by an experienced buyer who knew
the latest styles and fashions of the northern market. We will place be
fore you a line of goods that cannot be in quality, quantity
or price.
Shoes Slices
Children's, and Hoy's Shoos in such
supply that will you. prices on these are the
ever he-aid of here.
Furnishing Goods.
carry. They tho fact, that it I . . . ,. , , .
is hard times and that money is We have a complete line or Hosiery, shirts, Underwear, and o
scarce, and are offering goods at
prices fully sympathy with such
a financial condition. Their stock is
first-class and when you buy
of them you get no shoddy, second
hand goods. Bead their new ad-
It is seldom the people
cities have opportunity
outside of
a homicide near the
Many people of Greenville
e d their intention going
to Tarboro hear great
Mr. Pearson, when his meet-
there is in progress.
The of the de
pot September amounted to
about don't know how
much the road ought to do,
this sounds like good work for the
first moil th of a new road.
There were a good many delegates
here Saturday at the Alliance meet
J AU the sub Alliances in the
county hold meetings at their res-
places to-day, and on Fri
the will meet
in Greenville. This organization
will accomplish much good, the
greatest interest being taken by the
R. Lang's Column.
The Atlantic Coast Line will sell
round trip tickets from Greenville
to including one
to tho State Fair, for The
pi ice la low enough lo get a it means
crowd from here and we
they will
There was
junction of the A. It. and G. S.
B. railroads in the Northern
of this county,
The particulars as we
heard them are a section
hand on tho railroad had gone to
the home of a living in the
neighborhood of the junction, on
Sunday evening, and enticed his
wife away from borne. Monday
morning other went after
his wife and persuaded her to return
home with They started home
together when the section baud
sued aimed with, a brick and a knife
and assaulted the husband of the
A scuffle between
fashionable that cannot excelled even in large cities
Hats and Caps.
The very latest imported London styles, the Stiff Hats of the
most shapes-. In good styles of II its also
Boots and Shoes.
It is hardly worth while to say more of our superb line in this department
except to inform the people that we have Boom and Shoos to lit any size
not that comes to us, man, woman or child, out the very best whole
stock and at prices right down on tho bottom.
no m or on
For we have free Buggies now. Ah
you am free to buy where yon but
it you want to save money you come, to
Factory on Jib street, rear of J. B.
Cherry A Co's. For convenience w
have also an entrance through II. F.
Keel's Stables on street. can give
That you ever had in your life tor
to less money than any one
else in the county can give you.
for my expenses are less and I pay the
cash for goods save the dis-
c-mills, and if you don't believe it you
Dome and see. Having had IS years
experience In the business I guarantee
perfect satisfaction or BO charge. He-
a specialty. Don't forget the
pace on street rear J. Cherry
Since the last was
printed Mr. J. B. Little, of
told there much of the
iron ore on his plantation similar to, , , ,
that shewn by Mr. Cox. Now this A eM
matter may be worth looking Ml
If there is much iron in
the knife
people. We suggest an
him to death with it.
the other
Will inn an from
to M, Oct.
For the purpose of taking all
persons who wish to attend the
K A at
stop at county road
crossings near Mrs.
and near Mrs. Sallie
the convenience of
persons who wish to get on at
Fare Round Trip,
Train leave at A. M
was I Arrive at at
man leave Nest at
P, M.
us to plate. We
. where else to be found.
make a specialty, and will keep a full stock of the very latest figures and
styles. In cheap grade Clothing we will have a splendid assortment, in
fact we can suit every customer in quality, style and price. Don't forget.
This department brings M to plate. We lead on offer
you styles and prices nowhere else to be found. we
With these remarks, kind friends, we throw open our doors to the pub-
lie, soliciting a share of patronage, and satisfaction to
every purchaser. Yon can find us the second door in the brick block
which the was recently one door north of the stair-
way. Respectfully,
Spool Cotton
Hand and Machine Use.
Greenville, N.

DISTORTED HANDS will surely come to those who clear, house and wash
clothing, and with nil have not obtained the best results.
a delicate woman can do a large v. ash. You do not
have to rub yourself and your pieces. You do not have to inhale won
steam ; you arc not too tired to see Hint your work is well and econ-
done, and that you have many hours of woman hardest work.
j MB PYLE'S the modern soap. Beware of Imitations.
R. R
and Schedule. f
Noll, No
May 5th. daily Fast Mail, daily
daily ex
-13 fl
Ar Rocky Mount
Ar Wilson
Lt Goldsboro
Ar Wilmington
HI am
nm am
i no
No No
daily daily
ex Sun.
Magnolia am
Ar W
Ar Wilson
Wilson am pm pm
Ar Rocky Mount S
Tarboro am
Ar pa pm
Daily except Sunday.
Train on Scotland Branch Road
leaves Halifax 5.80 P. M. arrives Scot-
land Neck at P. M.
P. if. leaves 7.00
A. M., Scotland at 10.10 A. M.
daily except Sunday.
Train an Scotland Neck Branch Road
leaves Halifax for Scotland Neck at 2.20
P. M. Returning, leaves Scotland
7.20 A. M. daily except Sunday.
Train Tarboro, N O, via
Raleigh R. R. daily except Sun-
day, P M. s P -M.
Williamston, N C, T M, K P M.
Returning leave Williamston. H daily
except Sunday. A M. Sunday A
M. arrive Tarboro, X A M,
Train on Midland N C leaves
Goldsboro dally except Sunday. A M,
arrive X C, M. Re-
turning leaves A M.
arrive Goldsboro. N . A M.
Train on Nashville loaves
Monet at P M, arrives Nashville
P Hope P M. Returning
leave Spring Hope A M, Nashville
M, arrives Rocky Mount A
except Sunday.
Train on Clinton Branch leaves Warsaw
for Clinton daily, except Sunday, at
and M Returning leave
ton A M, and M. connect-
at Warsaw with No. and
Southbound train on Wilson A Fayette-
Branch is No. North bound is
No. except Sunday.
Train No. South will stop only at
Wilson, Goldsboro and Magnolia.
Train No. makes close connection at
for all points daily. All
rail via Richmond, and daily except Sun-
day via Bay Line.
Trains make close connection for
points via Richmond and
All trains run solid between
ton and Washington, and have Pullman
Palace Sleepers attached.
J. Transportation
T M.
Atlantic K. C. Railroad
In Effect A. If. Saturday, June
1st, 1880.
Sent p st-pale ob receipt of price
In the Heart of
A most thrilling and instructive
pages; paper cents; cloth J 1.00.
The Imitation of
By Paper, unabridged, eta.
Selections from Artemus Ward, Mark Twain,
Metropolitan Pren Agency,
TO book the world fr-
I U J. at
You loved me once Dear heart do you
Our summer days, the autumn's
men our parting in dark De-
And what you whispered the
ling gloom
A, all is gone those hours of
glory ;
The are dead you plucked for
me of yore ;
I stand and listen the old. old
The winter comes, and you arc here
no more
The days grow dark ; and yet, ah hap-
hear n-d
I hear a sweet bird singing at the
The leaves are dead, I that we are
And yet I feel that we shall meet
The wind is drear ; the snows are deep-
Hut yet I see the sunshine on the hill ;
love I hear your distant voice
Heart of my heart, I know you love
me still.
their year's supplies will it to
their interest to get our prices before
chasing here. is complete
in all its branches.
always at Lowest Market Prices.
we buy direct from Manufacturers,
you to buy at one profit. A com-
stock of
always on hand and sold at prices to suit
the times. Our goods are all bought and
sold for CASH, therefore, having no risk
to run, we sell at a close margin.
Greenville. H. C
A ear load list arrived and now for
at Keel ft King's old Stand. Will sell them
or at reasonable terms on time. I bought
my for Cash and can afford
as cheap as anyone. Give a call.
p ii
Mixed Ft.
a in
La grange
Morehead City
a m
a in
Having associated B. S.
; with me in the Undertaking business we
are ready serve the people in that
capacity. All notes and accounts due
for past services have been placed in
the hands of Mr. for collection.
Mixed Ft ft
Stations. Pass Train.
p m
La range T
Own ell K
Croatan t o
Havelock S
He S
Morehead City
Atlantic 71.1
Morehead Depot a in
Thursday and Saturday,
Wednesday and Friday.;
Train connect with
Train bound North, leaving
m., and with
ft Danville Train West,
I p. m.
Train connects with
Danville Train, arriving
in., and with
Train from at p. n,
Train with and
Through Freight Train, leaving
Goldsboro p. in and with Rich-
ft Danville Through Freight Train
leaves Goldsboro at p. in.
Season ii Round Tickets.
Special of Far.-. Trip
Tickets, hum stations named
Seas of In
From To
; in
and return
8.00 2.00
New 8.00 1.80
Rates of Fare. Round Trip
Tickets, from below In
point- on the V. N. C. R. It.
We keep on hand at all times a nice
; stock of Cases and Caskets of all
kinds and can furnish anything desired
the finest Case down to a
Pitt county Pine Coffin. We arc fitted
, up with all conveniences and can render
i satisfactory services to all who patronize
Feb. 22nd. 1888.
My Northern Dress Maker and Trim-
mer, Miss arrived and I am
prepared to execute in the latest styles
and fashions any work listed to my
the latest designs have
so arrived and will be pleased to show
tin to you. My price are the lowest
and guarantee not to undersold by no
one. Special bargains on all goods.
Mrs. L. King,
Cutting and Dressing Hair.
the at place
i have and where I have
iii my line
all the improved appliances; new
ind comfortable chairs.
Razors sharpened at reasonable figures
Gel Orders outside of my shop
Very respectfully,
i a
k a
Old 14.70 10.45
ink 15.25 17.00
Hot 17.30 19.15 S.
i to pi in n i
H i H i
i I O U U i I I
Raleigh Call.
will have one of Die
biggest times record in this State
its November centennial. A
effort is being made to effect
a grand military display. Governor
Fowle has written n, letter, tender
the Ring committee the
rise of lour hundred for
the military, and the offer
has been accepted. A special
gram from Fayetteville gives an ac-
count a meeting held yesterday,
Interest in the approach-
centennial here in November
increases every day. A large,
Wholesome Food.
Since the introduction of the
Ross Famous Lunch Milk Biscuit,
there has be question as to its
adaption to the needs of all classes,
whether in sickness or health. It is
at palatable and whole
and thus combines the most
qualities of an article of diet.
These conditions explain its remark-
able popularity, shows also how
an article of great and uniform mer-
it is sure to a permanent hold
public favor.
To insure so high a standard of
the greatest care is ex-
in selecting all its
all the methods of man-
Only the best flour is us
and a scrupulous regard is
to all details. All efforts made by
to equal this biscuit have fail-
ed, and it stands in its
The growth of the demand the
past six years has been
nary and has reached the
of 10.000 of flour per
in this one biscuit alone. These
figures carry a weight far greater
than any mere words of praise, and
should convince who have
never tested this biscuit, that it has
the good qualities claimed for it.
large demand which has
arisen for Boss Famous Lunch Milk
Biscuit, it is a proof that it is well
suited to the needs of the residents
of all Its keeping
ties are such that under favorable
conditions it will keep a year with-
out deterioration.
The origin of the house of C D.
Boss Sou, of New Conn.,
dates back, fifty-seven years, and
this superb biscuit is the outgrowth
of experience and the efforts of
Faults, of digestion cause disorders of
the liver, and the whole system becomes
deranged. Dr. J. II.
perfects the process of digestion
and and thus makes pine
There are limes when a feeling of las-
will overcome the most robust,
when tire system craves for pare blood,
to furnish the elements of health and
strength. The best for
the blood is J. if.
Sick nausea,
costiveness, are promptly and agreeably
banished by Dr. J. II.
and Kidney
If health and life are worth anything,
and you are feeling out of sorts tired
out. tone your system by taking Dr.
J. II. Sarsaparilla,
Dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, distress
after eating, can lie cured and prevented
by taking Dr. J. II, Liver and
Even the most vigorous and In arty
people have at times a feeling of
and lassitude. To dispel this feel-
take Dr. J. It.
; it will impart vigor and vitality.
The most delicate constitution can
safely use Dr. J. II. Tar Wine
Lung Balm, It a sure remedy for
coughs, loss of voice, and throat and
lung troubles.
Pimples, blotches, scaly skin, ugly
spots, sores and ulcers, abscesses and
tumors, unhealthy discharges, such as
catarrh, eczema, ringworm, and other
The best Salve in Hie world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sons. Salt Ream, Fe-
happed Hands,
Corns, and all Skin
positively cures Files, or no pay re-
quired. It is guaranteed to pet feet
satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
per box. For sale
Land Sale.
By virtue a decree Of the Superior
Court of county. In a certain special
proceedings entitled W Smith,
of D C Clark vs. Wyatt Clark, Sallie
Pollard, et a is the undersigned will sell
at public outcry to the highest bidder for
cash before the court house door In
Greenville on Monday October 7th, 1880,
the following tracts of land,
One tract situated in
township, Pitt county, on
Swamp, adjoining the lands of R Chap-
man, W A heirs, Wash Hill
and others containing thirty acres,
more or less.
One other tract In same township and
on creeping Swains the lands
of Moore heirs, Celia Nobles
and others containing by estimation one
hundred acres more or less.
W. L Smith.
of we'd.
Sept. 1889.
Patterson Mineral
Charges least of any
in the South.
In lull
view of the
Blue Ridge
The attention of Teachers and School
is hereby called to the
fad that from now until January 1st.
forms of skin diseases, are symptoms of ,.,.,.,.
j which the State law requires to used
A large, en-
meeting of the various
committees in charge and the
was held here
this afternoon, and everybody re-
solved to put their shoulders to the
wheel hereafter to make the
the grandest event history has
recorded South of Mason and Dix.
The finance committee made a re-
port, and neither time nor money
will be spared to make every feature
a success.
The that
dent Davis will surely be here has
had the gratifying effect of
ling the energies of our people and
stirring the county from to
The railroad will give the low rate
of cent per mile each way,
tickets will be sale November
good to return the 27th,
Extensive rat ions will be
made for quartering the old ex Con-
federate veterans a body.
Among the many attractions will
the Governors of the
Original States and their staff
on horseback, while the twenty-
fireworks dis-
do I he consumers unite
in testifying to its merits, but the
trade who measure it by a standard
and severe, and deserved
credit to this matchless product.
Boss Biscuits are sold in Green-
ville at the Old Brick Store.
A proprietors of
Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup hereby
the Faculty to prescribe a remedy
more effective t ban theirs.
I cordially recommend Salvation Gil
to all suffering with rheumatism.
S. FOX, Cattle Dealer,
North Broadway, Baltimore.
and See How to
County Roads.
Durham Sun.
Every farmer and everybody else
is interested in toads; bettor
cheaper roads.
They can had must be
had. The proper authorities most
see to it. They best learn by
seeing. At the State Fair to be
held ST. C, October 14th
to 19th, there will be exhibited
practical road making and terracing
the machine employed will do
of a It will be
blood impurity. Take Or. .
Lean's Sarsaparilla.
No need to take those big cathartic
pills; one of Dr. J. II. Mi Lean's Liver
and Kidney is quite sufficient and
For a safe and certain remedy for
fever and acne, use Dr. J. II.
Chills and Fever it is warranted
to cure.
Storm Calendar and Weather
for 1800. by Ill E. Hicks, mailed
to any address on receipt of a two-cent
footage The Dr. J. II.
Co., St. Louis. Mo.
A SPECIALIST Physician since
in the diseases and weaknesses of
will mail a book free, giving the
remedies which cure ed and
hopeless sufferers privately at home.
Address Specialist, room A,
corner Broadway, New York.
Severe Blood r.
Thousands sutler blood poison,
who be cured if they Rave B.
Blood a trial. Send to
the Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. for
book of wonderful cures, that convince
the most skeptical. It is sent free.
J. O. Gibson, Miss., writes
a number of years I suffered untold
agonies from Blood poison. Several
prominent physicians did me little if any
good. I began to use II. Ii. II. with very
faith, but, to my utter surprise it
has made me a hearty
T. Ga., writes
contracted blood poison. tried
physicians, and then went to Hot Springs
I returned home a ruined physically
Nothing seemed to do me any good. My
mother me to try ii. B. B. To
my utter every ulcer quick
Morris. Atlanta. Ga.,
suffered years from syphilitic blood pois-
on which refused to be cured by all treat
pronounced it a hope-
less ease. had no appetite, I had pains
in hips and joints and my kidneys were
diseased. My throat was ulcerated and
breast a mass of running sores. In
this condition commenced a use of B.
B. B. It healed every ulcer sow and
cured completely two
by I. William-
play on the of the 21st will be son i n,,. county com-
t w um at
Am wan fur all
in public schools, by exchanging
books new at the rates of ox-
change established the State
of Education, the rates of exchange arc
very low and the new can be
found at John L. W notch's drugstore,
in front of Office.
Co. Supt. of Pub. Ins.
Notice to Creditors.
The undersigned having duly
as administrator of It.
Worthington, deceased, notice i here-
by given to all persons Indebted to the
estate to make Immediate payment to
the undersigned, to all creditors of
Said estate present their claims prop-
authenticated, to the undersigned
before the 14th day of September,
or this notice will be plead in bar of
their recovery. This 14th day of
of I. It. Worthington.
Notice to Creditors.
Having duly qualified as Administrator
of Barrett, deceased, notice is here-
by given to all persons indebted to the
estate to make immediate payment to
the undersigned, and to all creditors of
said estate to present their claims prop-
authenticated to the undersigned
on or before the 27th day of August.
or this notice will be plead in bar
of their recovery. This August
W. A.
I. A. of L. J. Barrett.
I N. C. on H. Charleston,
Cincinnati Chicago Patter-
son Station -one-half mile of Springs.
To the Afflicted.
will tell you that the in-
gradients contained in these waters
arc in their effect Diuretic.
Tonic and it nature's
remedy for Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Dis-
of the Kidneys. Liver, Bladder, and
all case.-, of Debility and
lions which need a
Rheumatic and Scrofulous affections.
To the Public
Al. F. are are so the
iV Springs with farm attached, from
which we get most of our
a great part of the necessary work
daring the season the Springs are open,
we can favor our patrons with the
mineral most wholesome
fond a first-class accommodations at
the following extremely low prices
one person
pies room two 91.35.
Will ii one person occupies room
n 87.00. Pun one
person occupies room 138.00;
Children Bight to twelve years old
half price. Two to six years old one-
fourth price. Servants, special rates in
accordance to service rendered In oaring
for room of family or person they are
with. Where there are a family of live
or more, or a pan . of friends from the
lame town or section, who will occupy
one large room, a reduction ten per
cent, will be made. Care of Stock.
Horses per day, fifty cents. Per week,
dollars. month, ten dollars.
Amusements and Recreation.
Alley. Lawn Tennis,
ant, Foot-Bail, and games of
all kinds. horse and buggy.
When two will contract to use it daily
for one or more hours each day, fifteen
cents per hour each person.
Shelby P. O., or P. O.
Cleveland County, X. C.
Notice to Creditor.
Having duly qualified before the
it clerk of Pitt county, as
executor to the last will and
of Sallie Harris, deceased, notice is here-
by given to all persons indebted to the
estate to make immediate payment to
the undersigned, and to all Creditors of
said estate to present their claims prop-
authenticated to the undersigned
on or before the day of September,
Will, or this notice will lie plead in bar
of their recovery. This 7th day of
1880. w. s.
Hamilton, N. C.
by far the greatest pyrotechnic dis-
play witnessed south Sew
clear brain and a is
manifested by all nurses who keep Dr.
Bull's Baby-By handy. It is reliable
and contains nothing injurious.
A safe cure for all the disorders of
the liver and blood is the
remedy and specific
for all malarial troubles. Price els.
medicine free.
We warrant our remedy to
worst ease, sod Use physicians
win. do this to vow
posed by men, names
and woo ate not doctors- Because
others failed is DO reason for not using
medicine. Dive express and post
office It costs you nothing.
Andrew Bureau,
Her Health Was Ruined.
Lire one of Pain, the is Now
Alexander Vaughn, wife of
one of the most prominent and ex-
known merchants
Ark., the following let-
under dale of April
I he preservation of life
under Swift's Specific
four years
wretched, ruined life, a
life constant pain and misery and
torture. Food soured on my
stomach, and what I ate to day I
would to-morrow. My sleep
at night was broken with the most
horrible visions in so much
so, at I could not bear to be left
alone; chronic a painful
threatened with con-
; feet and ankles were
twisted out of all proportion, and
my swelled more or less.
could not walk except on a level
then with difficulty, and
a while could get or out or
Without assistance.
The pressure of a on my
body leave its impression,
in short I thought I had dropsy
addition to my other afflictions.
during tin four years but. did me
no medicines they gave
mm as use as stagnant
My thought I would
die, suffering as was with such a
combination of diseases.
in I discontinued the use of
the I bad been heretofore
taking began to take Swift's
Specific S. Five of
this wonderful medicine
what winked the miracle of my com-
Treatise on blood and skin disease
Drawer Atlanta,
of Wake county, and
of the must practical and
men the State.
It is the duty that county
commissioner in the State owes his
people to go and see and learn.
The best money the county could
Spend would be to send them.
Profitable Ms
offered until 26th Give
It. H. CO.,
Sub Primary, per month,
Academic, i
Languages, each,
Music, not more than
Incidental Fee per Session,
payable monthly.
Cotton Lard,
For sale by all Send for
how to provide a good dinner for Four
Persons for One Dollar.
An excellent Cook Hook of pages
containing one hundred Dinner
Hills of Fare, with instructions to
prepare each one, so that the cont
four persons cannot exceed one dollar,
also l additional recipes.
This valuable bind, will he given fret
to any one sending or presenting the
tickets, representing the purchase of
laud, at our Branch Store, No.
St., N. Y.
Bach pail of our Lard contains a ticket,
the number on which corresponds to the
number of pounds in the pail.
The Cotton Oil N. Y.
Broker, Greenville, N. C
D. J. Editor A Proprietor.
Per Year,
The transition from Ions, lingering and
painful sickness to robust health marks
an epoch in the life of the individual.
Such a remarkable event is treasured
the memory and the agency whereby
the good health has been attained is
gratefully blessed. Hence It is that so
much is heard in praise of Bit-
So many feel they owe their
to health, to the use of the
Great and Tonic. If you are
troubled with any disease of Kidneys.
Liver or Stomach, long or short
standing; you will surely relief by
use of Electric Sold at
of be thorough-
Training thorough.
from a distance can obtain board,
including lodging, in private families
Cross to 810.00 per month. A
class Music Teacher will be employed
Printers and Binders,
N. C-
We have the largest and most complete
establishment the kind to be found in
the State, and solicit orders for all classes
land also an Assistant as soon as the Commercial, It a i 1-
road or School
a knowledge of the
laws which govern the operations
of digestion and nutrition, and by a care-
application of the One properties of
well-selected Cocoa, Mr. has pro-
I vi-U-d our breakfast tables with a dell.
beverage which may
and t-l per bottle at s ding- M, bills. It is
the judicious use of such articles of
diet constitution may be
ally built up until strong enough to re-
every tendency to disease. Hun-
of subtle maladies are Boating
around us ready to attack there
is a weak We may escape many
a fatal keeping ourselves well
fortified with pure blood and a properly
nourished Service
Made simply with boiling water milk.
Sold only in half-pound tins, by
London. England.
Probably no one thing has caused such
a general revival of trade at Kr-
drugstore as their giving away to
their customers of so many free trial
bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption. Their trade Is simply
enormous this very valuable article
from the fact that it always cures and
disappoints. Coughs, Colds,
ma. Bronchitis, Croup, and all throat
and lung diseases quickly cured. You
can test it before buying by getting a
trial bottle free, large she SI. Every
Organ and Piano Co.
Contains a octave.
Nine Stop Action, fur-
in a large and
handsome case of solid
cash also sold on
the Easy Mire System
St per quarter,
for ten quarters, when
organ becomes property
of person hiring.
phenomenal capacity to
stand In tune character-
these instruments.
and up.
For fun her Information apply to
fit B
. to i,. Cash I
Tombs, M k
I would call your
to the following address and ask
you to remember that can buy a
this house cheaper than any other in the
country. That it is the most reliable
and known been represented
for over forty years this, vicinity.
That the workmanship is second to none
and has unusual for filling or-
promptly and satisfactory.
Very respectfully;
Refer to P. W. BATES,
-T. -I. Nor walk, Conn.
B. ;.
and Standard Popular Medical
and the Wood
Folly. Ira K or
for Work, th. Married or
,, ,
foil Price, only by
The Mason
and patented
in is
used in Mason
Free, if apply now.
tone and
of may be
by mail or In at the of
St., Ma;. P
for book, or for be
Organs and sold for Cash, Easy
Payments, and Hen
Of Interest to
n .-
Tor .
Nickeled Self-Inking Pen Pencil
. , -e
n ., ,., .--, J Ci
. firm Si
for baldness,
falling out of end eradication of
is before the public.
Among the many have with
wonderful success, I refer yon to lire fol-
lowing named gentlemen who will testify
to the truth of my assertion
Mr. O. Cut Hit
Any to give it a trial for
the above named complaints can procure
it from Be, at place of for
Greenville, March 11th, C ,
Greenville, N. O.
We have the the easiest
Chair ever used in the art. Clean towels,
sharp razors, satisfaction guaranteed
In every instance. Call and be con-
Ladies waited on at their
dent. Cleaning clothes a specialty.
Dealer ii Hay. Corn, Meal. Teas. Oats
and Mill Feed.
Will pay cash prices for
Corn and
I pay i ash for my nods and can
to at
Call on me at store of J. S. Smith
or Binding.
us your orders.
printers Binders,
n. c.
obtained, and all in the I . S.
Patent office or In the Courts attended ts
for Fees.
We are opposite the Patent Of-
engaged in Patents and
can obtain patents in less time than
more remote from Washington.
the model or drawing is sent we
advise to free f
and we make change unless we ob-
We refer, here, to the Post Master,
of the Money Order Hid., and to
the S. Talent Office. For
terms and reference to
actual clients in your own Stale, or
address. C. A. Snow v,
D. C
ever published in
gives More Heading Mailer for
the money than any other paper
published in North Carolina.
The a variety
and LOCAL, and will devote it-
self to the material advancement
of the section in winch
Send your name and get a
is called to as its
large and growing circulation
makes it an excellent medium
through which to roach the people
and the
Fully B f
,. r trial, f L
o- -l
Edition of Scientific American. V
A Bad. l-i
at . and city
or public
and full and for use
U eta. a MINN CO.,
may be
d apply-
A Co., who
hare had
and hare made
for and n
IO r.
for chart, maps.
CO. Patent i
H. I
For the Ladies
In outer to before time to I
Fall Good, t will offer
all my present stock of
from now until the 1st of September at
All on trimmer and mi- ,
will be lit cost. My stock
m my of most stylish goods
of the season. I you bargains.
Mrs. K. T.
Ho What's This
another new by Alfred
in the way of the afflict-
ed. Hy on or th
above you can procure a
bottle of Preparation Is
for eradicating
kinkiest to be Soft and
glossy, only two or three application a
week i- sod a common hair
brush i-i nil to be after rubbing the
scalp vigorously for a few minutes with
the Preparation. Try a bottle and be
convinced, only cents.

Eastern reflector, 2 October 1889
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
October 02, 1889
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