Eastern reflector, 5 March 1915

I the Baals of all
bulletin by ll t i I I
Stairs on Lime on the Farm, .
tin . Don't I i
.-. A give you
f W. L. Fulford. d I
this Is to
against I
deceased Ml
under-.-- i
the 12th
tins notice win be plead in
over; Ml
said estate will
This February IS, I
Pierce, Di J
CM Sons CUrer Wool Cum.
Te of how
m In old lit
i.- on. it
IS time.
Pitt COS
I .;
I February ll
The held
he day April 1915. at the
in the tow n
. Carolina, Mr the
. , e T
ship to whether the Stock Law
ball be established In said Beth
Township according to Ian in
v and provided. And
v a pointed
will have Registration
i on Thursday. March
Saturday, March
the purpose registering the
qualified voters said Bethel Tows
This the day of February 1915.
s A
Chairman Board Com Pitt Co
Attest Bell
North Carolina.
in The t
March Tern,
i issued on
I mi the day Jan
1915, requiring hint to
and answer at the March Term u
Court, the i by the
i and he n ill
take notice he dots
appear or before the March Tern
oil on the 15th
Mar , it being the second M W
a Monday Mar. b
1915, an or demur to
complaint hat the will In
court the
sought in the complaint, will
the power i.
I In a certain mortgage . i
and delivered by Paul H.
to J. Co., on the Jr
.- j
State of North Carolina
of rut.
Brown, P. B.
Annie Stick-
Green, P. B,
Heirs law
i of B,
ll. a door in Greenville, Mon- -vs.-
c, of J. J Par-
kins, Claude Bernard, Arthur
H Holeman Poniard, and
Juliette Gilliam Bernard.
Strut Taken I p.
Male i
marks, color Taken u
annul is; January . t i
same by paying ail bar Q. A
Moore, Stokes. N MO ltd
How To Quinine To Children.
ant lo lake doe not the stomach.
lake it know it is Quinine.
Also especially ., lo who cannot
ordinary net .- ii-r
cause Dot the
you need any
pose. Auk to, original package. The
name c, cent
Seventh St., D. C.
The Reliable Household Lantern
There is always need for a good
lantern around the home in the
yard, in the cellar, in the attic
wherever a lamp is inconvenient
or unsafe.
The is ideal for home use. It gives a
clear, bright sunlight on tap. It is
strong, durable, compact, handy. Doesn't
leak. Doesn't smoke. Easy to light and
Will last for years. Ask for
f dealer everywhere
D. C.
Norfolk. V.
Charlotte. N. C
Charleston, S. C.
It Helps
says Mrs. Sylvania Woods, of Clifton Mills, Ky., in
writing of her experience with the woman's
Ionic. She says began to use
my hack and head would hurt so bad,
thought the pain would kill me. I was hardly able
to do any of my housework. Alter taking three
of I feel like a new woman. I soon
gained pounds, and now, I do all my housework,
as well as run a big water mill.
I wish every suffering woman would give
The Woman's Tonic
a trial. I still use when I feel a little bad,
and it always does me
Headache, backache, side ache, nervousness,
tired, worn-out feelings, etc., are sure signs of woman-
trouble. Signs that you need the woman's
tonic. You cannot make a mistake in trying
for your trouble. It has been helping ailing
far more than years.
Get a Bottle Today
Of I m t
the Mil of March. 1915 the
lowing described or parcel
In Swift Creek
known as Lot No. in the
i B. estate
Bounded on the I the land
H Q on the Weal by the of C. s. Par-
Chapman, on the on Sons
North by m ,
on th. South by the lands of L
M. containing acre
more or less. Said land sold i.
said mortgage,
rain Privileges
and calls are the
la wheat.
i , Ions la
absolutely to the
No further risk.
Positively the most profitable
an , b
puts or rails on
for or you can buy both
for or as many more as you wish
An advance or decline of cent gives
yea the to take profit
A movement cents profit.
for full particulars and bank
P. W.
Address all mail to Lock Box
found in office of this coup.
This February 9th, 1915
clerk of Superior
By virtue of authority and power
executed and delivered Dall
Jr., by Joseph Crawford bearing date
March 1914, and recorded n
Hook T on page of Pitt County
Registry, the undersigned
will, on MONDAY 8th, day of March,
1915, sell to the highest bidder i
. h, by public all the r
eat Joseph Crawford in ti
lac i t i r the lat
, follows, tO
All of Inti r . i of i
said Joseph Crawford in .-, lo
tract parcel land own J
by mother In leaver Dam
Pitt County, North Carolina
known as the Hemby Place, contain
acres more or
The purpose this sale is to
terms i f said Mortgage as ah
sot out and to.
This February 1915.
W, H. Mortgagee
HARDING Attorneys.
Virtue of a decree the Super-
Court of Pitt County in a special
proceeding entitled W, Craft, et
W, P, Clark et
the undersigned ill
the 15th day March, 1915, at
hour Of M expose to public sale be-
fore the Court House door in
n c . the following described
tract land, to-wit;
Lying and being in Town-
ship, adjoining the lands of Charles
Spell, Berths Evans Allan Move Tom
Harper am others containing acre
more or less and known as Mill
Tract conveyed to Carolina Elks and
Gracia Clark by heir- Forbes
Terms of Bale. halt cash,
payable in one year date
of sale, secured by
Holeman Bernard,
Ian action entitled as above has been
commenced in the Supreme Court of
, Pitt County for the purpose of en-
I forcing an alleged lien of judgment
I upon a certain tract of land situate
in the own of Greenville, on the
of Fourth Pitt Streets.
action being based upon a Judgment
alleged to have been rendered in la
NOTICE. p n to tho use
By virtue of the power of sale on ,. g A Sons, against
tamed In a certain mortgage .-x j and which is claimed by
rated and delivered by S T plaintiffs to be a part of the home-
and wife Lucia J. Carson to of the said J, . Perkins; and
This February 4th. 1915.
i. it HARVEY, Mortgagees.
F. G. James Sun Attorneys
Carson mi day of March
this action is brought for the
and recorded In the Pitt County f the said lands to
Registry in Book E page the for and
of -ail
And you are hereby summoned to
before the Judge of our Super-
Court, at a Court to be held for
. fore i Court House door, hi
N. c , to tin I r on
lay of Mar, h .
. m a u l pare l
of land lying being In
Pitt County, N. c. and de-
scribed as Situate at
near the Town of Bethel and common I
known as tho lands formerly owned by
G. H. Andrews and Margaret
and being two tracts, both i
containing 1-2 more or less
and bounded as tin the North.
the County Of Pitt, at the Court House
in Greenville, on the second Monday
the Monday of March, it be-
the 16th, day of March 1915, and
answer or demur to the complaint
which has been filed In the office of
the Clerk of Superior and you
will further take notice that if you
virtue power vested in in-
that Heed of Trust to
by C Smith, and Of record ill th
Office of the Register of Deeds for Pitt
County, in Hook T-10 at I
shall sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash at the Court
House door in Greenville, on the St-
day of March. ISIS, at o'clock M
the following described parcel of
estate lying, being and situate
Greenville Township. County Pitt
and State of North Carolina,
Farm No. Twelve on that
part of land formerly owned by
Mrs. Annie Anderson, and fully
in Map Book I, at Page of
the Register of Deeds Office for
County and containing Three
This February 5th, 1915.
C. S
Albion Dunn, Ally.
tail to answer of demur to said
within the time prescribed
the plaintiff will apply to the
for the relief demanded ill
This the day of January,
Clerk of Superior Court,
in the East by tho W. W. Andrews
land, on the South by the land of
J. Carson and on the Wet by Hie Beth
el and Greenville road. The Intern
of T. Carson being five sixths
ownership. Sale made to
said mortgage deed, terms of
This the day of January 1915.
Julius Brown Attorney
virtue of the power sale . on-
in a certain deed of trust
by Charles Harris and wife,
Harris on the 30th day of January.
and recorded in
County the
will offer at public sale t
. . ,,., highest bidder tush before .
mortgage on the; side of Main street and
Court House in the town of Green-
This sale made for the purpose . -N- Saturday March
am plaintiffs and defend-
named In the
above mentioned.
This the 9th day of February.
i-10 ltd
1916 at M the following describe
proceeding tracts or parcels of land,
its numbers i and i on
land formerly owned K R. Co-
ten. known as the Place
which plat is recorded In Map Hook i
page ll. Pitt County
That tract of land near Falk-
land containing acres and
from P. c. b l
virtue f the power contained in
B deed executed and delivered P.
by William to K James
Son, on the day . That ire. of laud
t, 1909, Which deed Of trust U I. ale
recorded In the office of the It. as recorded In
of Deeds of Pitt county in Book Book E . County Re-
i, the undersigned will at ll
ea.-h before the Court house door in sale is made for the
Greenville Monday, the of the bonds by
de-- d trust,
or par., land lying This the I lib day February, I
and y of a i i
By virtue of the power of sale toil
lamed in a. certain mortgage deed
and delivered by s T. Cars.-n
and wife Lucia Carson to The Bet-
Hanking and Trust Company
day of April 1913 and duly recorded
in Registry ill Hook
page undersigned will ox
i pose to sale, before the Court
House door In Greenville. N. C. to
highest bidder, on Monday March l
1915 at p. n, a certain tract or
of land lying being the
Town of Bethel, Pitt county, N. C,
as on
the lands of J. R. Hunting on the
forth, He, G. Ford on the East,
Carson on tho being fee
wide on the front and same back
end upon which the repair shop Blood.
Sale made to satisfy said
deed, terms of sale cash.
Julius Drown Attorney.
Mr. having qualified s
receiver for the Pitt
Union Warehouse Co., wishes
serve notice on all parties who a.-.
indebted to the company to settle
accounts and notes, and save Lie
expense Of a law suit to enforce the
collection of them.
By the power of sale con-
In a certain mortgage deed
executed and delivered by John
kins and Maggie Wilkins lo
L. Moore on the day of
1913 and recorded in the Pitt
county Registry Hook Q-lo
the undersigned will expose to
public Bale before the
door in Greenville, N C. to the
est bidder, on Monday the first day
of March at 12-30 p. a car
tract or parcel of laud or three
lots of land lying being In the
Town of Bethel, Pitt County, N. C,
and described as Being Ion.
numbers S and described on a
certain map made by V.
recorded in Hook T-9 page
of the Pitt County Registry, and be-
same lots deeded to said
Wilkins by deed from R. Grimes
and others by deed dated
and recorded In Hook T-9 pages
and of the County Registry,
to which reference is hereby mad
Sale made to satisfy
deed tern I of sale cash.
This the M day of January 1915.
ll L. MOORE.
Julius Brown, Atty
Notice to The Public.
in order to reduce my stock of
marble i will give a reduction
prices those who are interested in
buying tombstones, can be found
the same old stand,
Call to see
l-y J. C.
W. Z.
In Bet I Tm . p, ad
of I P I
and being the lot
red to William Beat by H i
i other deed dated
i . i 1901 e ire cur
. made t.
I ltd it
on January stray
I red white n. ear
1.-. . ii ; et me by paying
Jan. 30th. 1918 N, O.
U Skin
as a
, o f W
I art b, , l
I It
i- i- I mt.
.,,. I . . i
. co.
I Bar
, iv Bi ,; The n n
I . i a resolution requesting tho
I . i ,. to take action in the
Carl r situation and up-
pointed a number members i
j bar and
the resolution
Judge Carter's course In the W
I The advisability answering th
I Solicitor's appeal to the people of
slate is being considered
One white shoat, no mark
ad about SO pounds when taken up
ah Nov Owner c n c I
by paying expenses. Henry
horn, if. Bog

A i a
. all
I a Hi of
e. . Co.,
N It., I .
Um lea. It out
tho Meat , Mas.
X. MARCH 1915
Sill Killed
by House and
Vote Taken
mi. pot
Making s
With Hills New
Session Drawing Rear
Much To lie
March a
to the Senate
determined to thrown upon
the people of North Carolina the res-
burden of any
whiskey legislation. As lo
not this shall be done, will be de
pendent the action of the
of Representatives tho Stubbs
amendment us doctored by Senators
to submit tho question of pro-
of shipment and delivery
liquor into this State to the electors
on tho Tuesday in August,
After this amendment was adopted by
the margin of four votes, the Senate
the bill as amended with forty-
three ayes and hut live noes.
The amendment bill passed its
reading in the Senate yesterday a;
Practically the entire session
and taken up in tho discussion
the measure. The same condition
as to the galleries and lobbies on every
occasion when tho bill has under
consideration prevailed yesterday
during the entire session. While the
applause had been general during
the consideration of this bill on the
aide of tho proponents complete, ab-
solute, and silence
when the vote was announced.
House Proceedings
The House yesterday disposed of a
great number of local bills and pro-
toward clearing the doers
looking to filial adjournment, which
the natural of events h
hound to come in less than ten
limo and the Capitol that now know i
some patriotic statesmen will
he deserted by the
Commissioners Order Special
Elections on School lax
Question in this County
The County were lo
their regular monthly session Monday
and Tuesday up to o'clock. All
tho commissioners were present at
the mooting.
In addition to tho regular routine
business tip before them they
took up matters regarding
elections in different parts of the
county school questions. The
first of these being an election to
held in to vote a high school
tax for that district on April An
election was ordered held at Stokes
Carolina and at the
school tho district
determine whether these districts
shall be made special tax districts.
These will held
in April.
An election was ordered held In
Carolina township to the
sentiment of tho on the
law question.
A largo number of minor matters
were passed on, it requiring the whole
day and a half session to finish up the
business coming before them.
Russia Claims Germans
Have Been Repulsed in
Severe Battle in Poland
Bloody Battle Rages in Carpathian
Ken The lag
barge Continues to
London, March arm
arc engaged in battles alto r
the whole eastern front, in
North Poland they die
offensive with large reinforce-mints
and slowly pushing the action
back to the Prussian frontier
There Is still a that the
federal child labor bill
may passed by the Senate before
according to the National
Child Labor Committee. The Senate
Committee on interstate Commerce
reported It favorably the end of las;
and tho National Child Labor
believes that only a email
minority of Senators are actively op-
el to the measure. The only
will be in having the bill
brought to a vote, but the Child Labor
Labor Committee says this
can be overcome if all those who are
Interested in It will their Sen-
urging them to demand
C. March C-
a magistrate,
Campbell. C. C. Kay, Jones
William Kay and John
farmers today were placed on trial
hero charged with the murder of throe
killed during race rioting at
Pair Play, S. C, on December 20th,
1914. The indicted yes-
mas has
No known Reason Art of
Snow Hill, March Agnes
Seymour, a year old girl of
near committed suicide late
Sunday afternoon, at her homo by
drinking a of carbolic acid
No reason .-en for the rash act
and no one i Of any reason why
tho young girl wished to die. Tho
family was sitting In the house late
Sunday afternoon when the girl was
seen to leave the room with a bot-
but nothing was thought to De
wrong until later when she was found
dead In a room. It was a great shook
to the community
Carpathians and eastern Hi.
resisting fierce Austrian ll
Except In front of the fortress o
which they are still
barding, tho Germans, M
tho Russian official
turned their backs on the
they emerged from East Prussia on
the heels of tho
a short time ago. in
however, they
rear guard actions.
The Russian offensive extends
Poland to the Lower Vistula, where
Russian troops holding la-k th
who threatened
south of the river. For the
however, tho Carpathians Is seen
of the heaviest righting Tie
who, despite
and heavy losses, seem to
Black Jack. March are
some fine weather now. and
farmers progressing with then
work nicely.
Miss Bottle Harper Is spending the
week with Miss Clara Hello Harper at
Mr. Tucker Mills spent
afternoon Mr. F L. on
De Sheriff
through our town t
Mr. I. A. Stocks went to Qr-en-
ville Friday.
Misses Myrtle Lena
Arnold spent Saturday night and Sun-
day with lira. Moore at
Mill P
Ross Edwards I
never ending source of supply-, through our town Sun lay.
no mil Fish Row
The flub over
report of chairman
the Rah who
establishing a state Fish Coin
Before Supreme Court
One case from Pitt county was
argued before the Supreme court yea- j
the case of Las-
Biter vs Norfolk Southern Railroad j
A number of Pitt county lawyers are j
attending court in this ;
returned to the
the aid of largo artillery
, a a.-
i the
Tills, to
Caldwell, N. J., March 1-
young New York women, who spent
the week-end the sunrise Mountain
House at Pin. Brook, saved Harry
Roller, of New from being dash-
ed to death late last Sunday down th-
side of Hook Mountain. But for their
help ho would fallen feel.
The young women tor,, their
coats into strips. These they- tied to
until they were long enough
to the man. who had fallen
about thirty feet down the side of th-
has been upending a few days
at tho Sunrise Mountain House. His
resellers arrived Saturday, their
party were Miss Ruth Levy. Mrs. Han
tilth Goldberg, Sadie
Maud Lewis, the Minnie
Dorothy Miss Rose
Miss Dorothy Warner. Mis
Sinner, all of New York, and
of San ,
Bonn after noon took a
Indian Rock, which
to the edge of the his foot
As he fell be rolled over ti
side of tho cliff.
young women saw
They ran to tho edge of the cliff, ex-
to see his body at the bottom,
but he was about thirty feet below
their, holding to the rocky side of the
It then that the rope of
was made, and the girls, uniting their
loss about With no
on any thing Burned
m in w mi m
Flames Headway
None The Could
He Sated Rut Pack House
And Burn
Mr. A. Hudson, a prominent
farmer of this county who lives
two miles from Simpson, had the mis
fortune to lose his residence and all
the outside with the exception
of his pack-house and tobacco barn
by a lire occurred yesterday
between and o'clock. Practically
all the contents of the dwelling
were burned, only a few articles be
lug saved. The together with
all the hay, fodder and
Of corn burned. While It ll
not known exactly how- the lire start-
ed it was discovered in tho joists
over the room. It gained
rapid headway and soon the whole
was In flames. The barn
oilier building near caught from
dwelling house.
The loss is estimated to he between
and with no insurance.
we to lie., him ago in soon.
Miss Magi Hudson and Mr. Rent
Buck of i v j strength, dragged to safety
through town
. Jersey Bank Trials Begin,
tan account, wan my
hut All to -J mi I'M d
I In time have
I cud, Bend, i-
T i . i i y I
door of the House tin; night MS- day sod it , I ,
Ion. the the twin i
Divorce Bill Put To Sleep. were ad.
Mr Bowman moved to reconsider , all this hi In
the tho divorce laws tho Germans are I lo
the State passed its third read- i to
i-- and which on motion for n i -w attempt to
Mr. Vann was re. from Sen- allies lines In
mission favorably, Mr wished Monday Mr, Bynum People ,. the n
the bill re-referred to and hate been warned to p
a N j. March n Tho first
several trials persona charge
claiming the members oppose
to bl id not had a d.-ii
Mr. Laugh i he bad trio
to be and in this he was backed
up by Mr. of Cumberland, an ,,
Mr. Mayo Beaufort, both
m In Ins argument Mr. inn to billet o
Crier. The to reconsider man
I to i Is preparing for mother
third reading I failed r v had en heard In I I
vote of to today from Hi i .
Will Monet thought possible that the storm H
afternoon Mr. L. i Is
Mr. V. i J with offense;. In CO with Ci
lime Sun y it o qt a late ; Trust Cone
e i .; n. , . i i, -e when
i -i ., Mb heel T.
lay a i y wit ; i were called
s and Lillian the bar. are charged with com-
r.- three men borrow
it t I Bur e v.- bunk.
t he
the crowd still Increase, READ
U ,. r the DIES
week cm Annie Carroll at Va, March The k. .
Mill. A. l.
Mr. E n pi i y . -i, , work or the Sou
i l died here this
i . ,. , I. a
the committee. Mr Hampton Senate hill providing tor . Interferes with operations. ll
Currituck, complained that ho chase of Mount Mitchell and the ship inly
been run over by tho roll-r tor are only part of lb Beet t In
but the upshot of the whole the attention of the House for more the forts lining the
was that the bill went tho calendar than an hour I Is that II the true i
the issues to be bought out on reading to
Austrian fleet started
t h . t n.
i . Or died at St. Ron
,.,., i . , I regained
i to . in,, re i spend I
e f . i b -day.
thus, i die I, i; i
b I an mi
others will up tho bombard.
Trout Both Alike
To the Editor Will you please
publish the following Item.
see from the newspapers that
Legislature is about to build a homo
for fallen women. Would It mil be o
good idea to set apart a nice room, or
rooms the for some or
all of the honorable
are helping to bring them down
When the appropriation is made for
the fallen building, ad .
enough double the size of the pen.
for gentlemen,
We are always reading cities an t
towns he after women of the re I
g i stripe the spider legged
g, a ho la n
i . i nut troubled even by
polio . o d n name called
The of all this i
t, mo . i an awful thin
for the women and not for th-- man
i think the e and h-
should tall as hard on one
This may be one
; i I. men are afraid to
our no n to vote.
lay that our I t
r the same offense.
w. T.
Merry 0,1.-, V. C,
. i Observer.
, .- m .-
New Jersey farm
r a of . the r. ml i
was universally New Jersey doctor.
Ills will leave, a hail
r Harvey Smith. a
our town Sunday.

Published by
D. I,
u . .
U . .
rte may bad
application lb business m
k. building,
II curds -o
J respect will b
per word.
b charged
per up to Hans
August M 1819. post at
act or Marco t. Is Is
At present when so many large
rs being placed in this
try supplies by the warring
a decided preference for then
be dally press also shows that
advertisements are Ml appealing
as much an they did formerly.
A farmer who lives In this county
has informed us that be will reduce
his tobacco and cotton acreage
sow on the land left be
cause of this reduction. He has learn-
ed the lesson of diversification
The Supreme Court in
the lower court in the Tucker
made a decision which will
much to the State as a revenue
It was claimed by those con
testing the tax that the law did no
include real property but the
as In Its opinion which
held that real property was Include
in provisions of the law and
although this was left out at on.
place In the statute was the Intent
we rental to say that be will be
to sell part of his crop next year at; of the Legislature to tax land.
a good price no matter how the mar-1
A Chicago woman anxious to learn
kit it. it Is certain that the price on
all of his crops Will not be low at the
same time. The more crop the farm-
has the better opportunity be will
have to select time to sell.
hope be is only one of a large number
who will follow the same plan
true state of affairs In the slum
district of largo city went there
alone to make an investigation. Things
did not turn out as she expected
she was arrested a police raid and
News of this having gotten out
husband, a prominent railroad
The state-wide primary bill has official, lost hit Job and both are
a good start in Senate, even , graced. Wonder if she thinks her ex-
if it was amended to certain ex- was worth cost
tent. It is to be hoped that the House ,
will do as well as the Senate give which
the people the law which BO in
been wanted some time. It is has made its appear-
it Menu that is that much bitter discussion and in the south near We
getting lull share of this business, heated argument marked a determined effort will be made
It Is true some large orders the bill. It la the same old tale. w ls par,
a ton thing nave been placed h r. any law to permit the people to fern enough cattle and
nothing like the orders office men they want is op baying to kill
should have been secured. I ed by the fellows who could not, of this dangerous
There Is reason for this perhaps, have been elected under
we cannot help but believe It ls primary law. We are strongly ID
cause of custom here In the South of any law which will enable
We hope the Senate will decisively
of raising the money crops, and. With the people to put in office the man . W
the money realized from the sale want and not the man suggested 01- .
by some who do cot represent separation.
these crops haying the other needed
articles, which could have been
As an example of this we raise
ell cotton and buy bay. meat an I
flour all of which could he raised 0.1
the farm. And now when the
of cotton is so low that no profit cm
be made on its sale the entire
try feels the effect of this custom. l-
of supplying the European an-I
other foreign nations with the goods
they are so greatly in need of we have
an unusually large crop of m
which has practically no market here
and no way to gel it to places
it will bring good prices. Mad the
farmers in the South a large
of stock, a smoke house full of meal
and plenty of corn and wheat be
not have to worry about
rowing money or practically
his cotton away to get cash,
not have to buy expensive fer
for his stables would
much of that In addition to his meat.
The farmers must raise instead
buy the article which can be easily
raised in this country.
Until this lesson of crop
cation and home raising of foodstuffs
Is learned by the farmers we
to be put in Just such a con-
as we are at present when a
similar state of affairs exist.
sooner the farmers begin such a
the better it will he. n
never be a better chance to break
way from the old way than
The death Saturday of Speaker
as a result if an auto a
caused sorrow all over the
State His loss will he especially
felt in this part of the State when
be was well and favorably known
was very popular and well-liked
all of his associate,, not In
his home town, and county, but n
counties He had a very
bright and promising future,
already risen high in his profess
In affairs of State After the
fatal accident he made a brave fight
for recovery but after about a week
of suffering it was realized that he
not live and the end came Sat-
th- whole people
The divorce evil is worse now than it
be and no law should be
United States Supreme court ed making divorces easier to secure
has recently held the Kansas law Easy divorce laws seriously affect
lug shipment of beer Into of the home and have a
He to be void. It is held that bee- tendency to promote corrupt living.
is a recognized article of commerce
and a state has no right to In- Desertions in the United States
era with its transportation. navy are now than they have
do not know bow this law will ever been before. This may be sail
the anti-liquor bill which has to be the of making the navy
passed the Legislature, but we hope more attractive and removing the
Will not impair its usefulness as usually severe restrictions which for-
Intended by the Legislators. The held place there. The navy i
question seems to be a state now more like a great training school
question and state should be than a place for hard work and severe
lowed to regulate Its sale as It Sees
Best Is None Too.
Good For You
In this day and time majority of men
look for the best the market
affords in all lines.
Realizing this fact we keep our store
well stocked with
to meet the wants all men.
Greenville, N C.
Keno will again be mecca crossing to a lane or
those who seek divorces, they have re- the Haiti Jackson land to the
the time of residency to six Hancock road at
The people of England are highly
displeased with the Hag incident, or
at least the press Is. according to the
editorial comments, is said ll-
English people refused to believe j
German charges of using neutral tings
until was admitted by the admiralty
that the had sailed under
Hag It must be
humiliating to an Englishman to
English bouts sailing under another
The man whose character will
stand most rigid Investigation
does not fear the ordeal of an
nation Into hie life, It Is the fellow
who has done things which he would
like to keep secret who dreads an In
When a man invites a-i
investigation he must feel pretty sure
that his character will stand It.
That bill to permit eight
Interest In this state ought not to
as a safeguard, when England six percent seems to be
Is the greatest naval power In the enough, especially now when money la
world. hard to get. We have not heard of
any banks being In greet need
Although the German danger sons increased interest for most of them
order has been in force about a continue to pay dividends. Increase I
rot many more boats have been sun interest will make it harder on th-
than usual. The only sunk so borrower one who Is least
far are the smaller, slower to stand It
which cannot easily avoid the sub-
of the large,
The mayor and the police
boats have reported narrow escapes I
arc to be highly commended for their
from torpedoes but they continue to
. . action yesterday In arresting and fin-
enter the danger zone In spite of
the Inmates of the houses of vie
great danger.
n tho segregated district. The law
these women Is plain and
North Carolina
Pitt County
In Superior Court,
Before the Clerk.
house, thence across Hancock
running northerly on the east side
road to Cedar Swamp, thence up Cedar
Swamp to J. U. Carroll's field, thence
with his field fence to Ho I-
Carroll's line, thence with
Carroll's line to the corner of A. G.
Cox's field to Herbert Ellis, road
northerly with A. Cox's fence, an
the dividing line of Augustus
and Craft to Tar road the mouth
Cornelia Jones and husband Gardner
Jones, Albert Jones and wife
Jones, Rosa Strickland and husband of Albert road, thence
Robert Strickland, Robert L. Jones an. on the north side of Al
wife Jones, Walter Jones . Worthing road with the J. IS.
wife Clara Jones, Jesse Jones and wife Carroll line to the southeast corner
Rosa Jones, Lizzie James and bus
band Frank James and Mary, Allie
and Nannie Jones, by their friend
Robert L. Jones.
The defendant Walter Jones
wife Clara Jones will take notice that
a special proceeding entitled as
has been commenced In the Superior
Court of Pitt County to have the dower
of J. B. Carroll Jackson land
thence northerly with the back line
of fence of the J. B. Carroll, J. S
Barber, Thomas Tucker and others to
the farm, thence around
his farm so as to Include it In
Stock Law territory, thence to the Tar
road to Green Mill run Bridge, where
the old Stock Law fence crosses said
laid off and assigned to the
Jones, widow of Calvin Jones
and the said defendants will further
That said election to be on
Tuesday, the day of April 1915. and
lake notice that they are required to there
With the near approach of warmer
weather the campaign against 0.13
should be started and
pushed If the proper means are use I
It Is one of the easiest mailers In tin
world to rid the whole town of files
Everything that will breed flies
be removed or treated with lime or
chemicals and sooner it Is don
the better i
It is reported that an effort Is
Is nothing to do but enforce It. If
law hurts do not blame the
who were elected by the people
lo that the laws are enforced.
but rather blame those people who
passed th law and have the law re-
pealed. It Is simply a question of en-
forcing the law or winking at it, an I
the official who does his duty In law-
enforcement deserves the hearty sup-
port of all the people who have the
good of tho community at heart
It certainly Is a sorry
appear before the Clerk of the Super
Court of Pitt County at his
In Greenville, N. C. on the day of
In the above described territory t
known as Ayden and
the Ayden shall include
March 1915, and answer or demur lo of
the petition of the petitioner, or tho Na , and as
plaintiff or petitioner will apply to tho per o above
Court for tho relief demanded In said
This the day of February 1915.
J. D. COX.
Clerk Superior Court of Pitt
I ltd
A report of a to made to up the white
ascertain the percent of magazine of Constantinople. This
Which accept liquor advert known one of tho worst place-.
that an unusually large number the world for vice but the fairs when the prices of wheat and
of them are not accepting such to clean things up has much support other crops are and maintained
Many of the Boat Is accomplishing a great deal by a few speculators, whose power la
and popular are The allies will no doubt finish up so weak that news of the threatened
ed In this list and quite a re- things when they lake city opening of the Dardanelles causes u
port with the of fall certain now. panic and a big drop In prices If th
Ml contracts they ll ; speculators could he Eliminated from
of this nature It Is The Hilda last been the markets It would help mailers a
aid that of i. Involve I rel deal producer and con
use only those In Its sale will he settled by a court should be the ones to fix
which exclude such or in France.
of North Carolina.
County of Pitt,
NOTICE is hereby given that th
Hoard of Commissioners of Pitt Count v
at a i pat call meeting of the Board
On Monday. February 22nd, 1915, or
an election to be held In those
portions of Greenville, Beaver Ham
and Creek
ships, lying and being Included In the
following described boundary
ginning on tho east side of the
which said territory Is
to include all territory up and to the
line of the old Stork las
it was further ordered that a
Registration shall and is
for said election, and L. I is
hereby appointed Registrar for
Ayden and S. E. Harrington
and J. B. White are hereby appointed
Judges of election of Ayden
And ll was further ordered the
those proportions of Beaver Dan,,
and No. as per
the above description which Is Intend
ed to Include all territory up to
line of the old Stock Law fence
and It was further ordered that J. W ,
Harper is hereby appointed Registrar
for the S. C. Car- j
roll and U Rouse are hereby j
pointed Judges of election of the Win ,
and that the voting
road at the old Stock gate at
Blount place on tho Gum Swamp
Toad, and running, on the east
side of said road to the places In said to be In
Greenville road, along said town of and Ayden, f r the
and Greenville road a legible purpose of ascertaining will of the
line to J T. Hart's fence on Swift qualified voters in said territory o
Creek, thence crossing Swift district as lo whether the Stock I i
tho south of said road at shall be established In said
or district according to as In such
made and provided.
And it was further ordered that
said shall have Re-
Books of ail
open on II day
of March 1916, and closed
April 1916, for purpose cf reg
qualified voters of
territory or
This 25th day of February 1916.
Chairman of Hoard of Com. of Pill Co.
BELL. Clerk
State of North Carolina
County of Pitt NOTICE.
Sale of House and lot in
Under and by author
conferred upon me by the
of a certain mortgage executed
by J. J. and wife, Dora M
to L. L. both of the
county and State aforesaid, which is
of record In Book, D-7, page
the Register of Deeds Office of PHI
county, undersigned, as assignee
of L. L. will sell at the
Court House door In Greenville, on
Tuesday, March 30th, 1916, at the
hour of M., to the highest bidder
for cash, the following described lot
or parcel of land, to
In the Town of
Pitt County, on the east side of
railroad, and may be laid off by the
following Beginning at the
southwest corner of Warren
lot, and runs with Wat
Coward's lino to his other corner
at a then
ditch 1-2 then
with the first line to rail-
road right way; then
with the railroad to beginning,
one fourth of an acre,
more or
Said sale to be made lo satisfy the
indebtedness secured by said
gage, which has been assigned to
This Ibo day of February.
B. L.
Assignee of L. h. Mortgagee
Marry Skinner, Attorney
On my place one black bull about
three years old with white feet, and
white spots on different of holy
Mark, crap and slit right,
owner can get same by paying all
F D.
ltd Ida.
We are headquarters for the best make of fire arms such es
the Famous L. C Smith, Fox, Ithaca and Winchester shot
guns Remington Marlin Winchester and Savage Rifle,
Wesson Bolts and Harrington and Richardson Pistols.
We are also headquarters for all kinds of gun Shells and
Cartridges. We sell all size gun shells,
IV Gage, Gage and Gage. Come to see us.
J. G
Explaining the Campaign for
Then Extermination Should Be
gin at Once.
It is not only In the summer that
Teaching Art to Children.
of fly be I
according to a a of
Case b
Given Court Power
painting The per
c. .,.,, ind
in the department of
will be for the of
. w, will
batch out the winter la even
These winter will become
progenitors of next summer's
billions. At the first approach of
cold weather tho files seek warmth
and stables.
Russian's Great Work.
A. a. a Russian, is at
the head of greatest
cellar to i a most
nooks and corn. Keep U of the by
-fay B u kl Richmond.
i.-. sou
Of u ; ,
I an extra
the adjournment
. -.-. n
second Introduced i
t trust the cold to kill
t assume that they are dead when
mountains lo confines of Mongolia.
The Chief Industry is butter making,
and almost the entire has found
you them lying doors or win has found
, C iX, c
Playing end revive when
the temperature rises I
up the house and give . of at
attention to ever, . W with
lace when . , r,, m, T by
egg. survives ,,. V u L
win., r become ., rM
or millions next
,,., H
Little Doubt That This Conflict Will alien Investigation of
be Productive of the Usual the line bees I i
Crop cf Fakes.
three times and to the Senate by
special r ; r
it confers th
committee all the powers of
and greatly
i th. previous
them per diem and i t
employ counsel, clerks, and steno-
to to
. guilty s contempt,
and a day. Th- mm
to meet in Raleigh
Other and the Slate of Nona
Is to pay all the o.
Mount. Mar i -Crashing
Into side of a freight
Atlantic Coast Line, train No. s-i
after night and
. railed Dillon, S. C, short v
i; Clark of this city, en I
Mallory, Richmond
wee- tired.
The train w about
an hour i n the accident .
ling to l
at i mi ii was due to an open
b, i pen by member of the
crew of the train. .
the men Injured are seriously bun
and while the engine and Brat bag-
gage car and several cars art
badly damaged, great deal
wreckage resulted. . passengers
OH the train knew that anything
Trenton, N. . m
was losing one, blind.
end ling Railroad has .
an abundance of facts and
tho I
I It. y, and y tho fares will h
The argument of
I commuters who oppose the. in
, cresses will also be heard.
Cools in Minutes.
Chicago, -March u
Angel M. a teacher of Ian
his wife deserted him fifteen
minutes lifter wedding ceremony.
He told his story In Court
k, but Judge was
I bis . that h.
I was all to blame hi
for bis arrest
i., d bi r .-. I so J
crotched bis ear I held th
s over m today. said he
it. up fiat wife would not
lice with him. Court
tic Relations is trying to bring about
he bureau of civics said apropos of
Th experience .-. New these retirements in . . .
Jeweler who w. taken m by . am told N
of swindlers operating as war refugees no .
and a block of tin masquerading as tan They want a meeting the
. re i retire .
was held the
a long line of dupe. The port, studying this
man, the fall-
on on evil Dims, the Impoverished it was strictly
widow and the ,;,,.,. ,., ., ,,
will become numerous bird
up to
bore 1- of
Mo Jewelry, I Al on Monday,
i- I untrained eyes, armor November opening sea-
be n worn in old bile Hi a-
I if . . i., . . .
a bust attorneys were
n lbs second
j. ;
.,., . .
wasn't, pictures I week
t . . care, will be to .- ions
Into the wet paint and a and to gen-
priceless treasures of which gather
r at bargain
lies Hi wilt . latest
campaign , the
by tho hookworm
count for Its .
from the n n be before
or the date t in health I
tar ; . ,. .- the
Pf public action n .
will In , place eel n on an .
-1 to
Ground has b. . and ii
I rap . .
m tel
us an
The work will
a lb. full
. i
i I
i K
Hi , .
it- II
f r
. ; I
h ; f.
c,., N. y.

Embargo on Goods
Seriously Meet lire
United Stales
Squibs From Other
d m
commercial b
,,. i,
d ;
United State, I la
la,, of the
II poll
against a handkerchief, and you'll get
U i
. . i B ;
T Greenville Banking
Trust Company
Deposits at Government Call Oct. 31st
THE LARGEST In This Section
Deposit Your Money with This
Bank For Safekeeping.
or Chock matter which
bare the careful thought
builder If you bare
this spring, ore dissatisfied
your present heating system
before and we will
glee you the of oar
In this matter.
T. Hicks, THE Plumber.
, H I
It V . . ls I I
. I
Owen Murphy
Illegal traffic In liquor In
more I
test would
., that
violation, of International cu
. ,. , , a day and make more
bat to .- of a
. i. it.
have elapsed . .; ,,. .- i.
. was this shown In -i
. ., r , , . . la ,., , . to In
the interpretation sincere
;, mat
US Mb.
, j bate plumbing wart U be
watt the beat work call
. ,, I,, me u
n row repair sod
will assure a
Touring Cars F. B.
F. O. a. Detroit
have second hand Ford ml
Can, almost good us new, for cheap.
Ford Supply Co.
Greenville, N. C.
i so hail,
roan I .
daily In the Winter time The other miss Rn-
in city court a woman
era I
,,.,. measure taken might i-
u rap wary.
Most Complex Problem.
. . problem, the war had liquor and went at It
Di union Without
A. far we concerned It
prohibit, newspaper.
advertising railroad
mileage or not. but It strike, u. It la
something the legislature ha. nothing
to do with. legislature no
more to a car,
not exchange advertising for
the real meaning th
,. shown in
,.,. by Chopin. in B
Oaf by and -Gavotte
, . ,, of tone was
. -Merry and
the -serenade while rhythm
strong In the
The of
Which SO often destroys the beauty
music, was noticed. The
was rendered much more effective by
, of the vocal
I. a t a it I a
New Orleans Mobile and
Tickets will be sold for th
above occasions from
on February , M
and at fares named below.
by the
The Standard f
Hang was especially
marked. Miss Clara MU
sweetly of My Heart
.-i i re In
.,,.,. M
. . . t. II was
.,, . .; that
., a word
The note, lea n II I
M explained
Late Saturday night When
from In a wagon with Mr.
and another man
Mr. Taylor and the other two
were held up by an n
, ., j M
men I
Washington. . March
supreme curt held today that to,
Kansas date court had
their authority in enjoining
for beer from
Missouri to Kansas
delivering a decision laid down
hi a recognized of
the right to send it from
to another and th act of
Tampa. Florida
New Orleans, I .
Ala. .
Fla .
Tickets will be limited, at time
to February but an
extension of final return limit t-
March 16th may be obtained by de
positing tickets prior to expiration
and upon payment of
For Schedules, reservation, etc., to
quire Atlantic Line Tic-
Agents, or Address.
T. C.
Traffic Manager
N. C.
B. .
limited to diseases of lb
Era, em, Nose Throat
The fitting of
with Dr. D. U James,
tile, N. C, every Monday.
once. Washington. W. t
Frank Store
J. V.
Flower. For All Occasions.
We grow them. Violate, Val-
lies and Carnations a specialty. Wed-
ding and flowers arranged la
latest artistic Style.
Palms and many other
plants or the house Write to oar
Spring List of Bose bushes
Shrubberies, Hedge
and Shade Trees.
Bl is
Mail, telegraph and telephone
promptly executed by J
CO. Florist. N. C.
Store Greenhouse U
Office in Building. Third
wherever his art
than It has to say John Junes can not commerce
, x, hat r e. with ins neighbor r,.,. has been corn-
John Smith dry goods It's I ,.,,,.,, and a law
distinction a or
Sun. interferes with or
Corner Fourth and Evans
Made Both Day
Head as
same Is In conflict with the
Solid the United
Sew U. Mar. J for lb. Is not complex
, ., .,. ., I very to the consumer
; . ; .--.
reached the thereof and prior there to. the pro
i r a cheer
B. M.
i e r n at Law
Drainage Cases a
Id office formerly occupied by
F. G James b Son
S. J.
In the
no tried.
.,; he
I i than i ,.,,.
. . J From pros
are Hi
, . ii mi
In i
liquor i business In L
. . i I
a r h In
I . . . to
beer in Kan i
me begun he
bed free
be because It i
The. Kn It. Safe.
who know
b ii
. . I . . r j
v and it
I ,.
. an i
v bad all
on Speck I for h
I i in drawn up
. . hi. Ideas
.- i
they .
i;,,,.,. i r SI Line
arch line
. I
i n b re-
. . service between
Orient According to M
. who here
the are i their
i a and will op
. in .-rate Th. ll HOW
, ,., ,, not and In the coal trade In
the name of OUT Informer do . g
M, , with a conch wart and waters, but Its
ks . , e axis to compete with Brit-
and Japanese line, in the
Jerusalem to have no the far east.
Wake Forest. Feb. Forest
Trinity her last night
of M to The
was very exciting at times and was
more interesting than final score
Indicates. The quint did
splendid work throughout the game
hut was unable lo overcome the fast
and affective work of the Baptist.
The the game were
goal throwing of Holding and tho
guarding of Hensley and tor
tho Baptists Tho continuous
I large and
game and rod the Wake
quint to tor
e the lead in
tho ill i throwing a foul, Th
I, held with the I .
. until e id of me
i. ball en led
r. to I
i. If aim a
lion and w
, ,.; pi . . j b
, . , ire to l-
, Wake For.
of game, played
this Walt. For
defeat. The Baptist, are
I with record aid are
honking forward lo Slate champion
BAH DI Mi I'll; Hit
Practicing In all the Courts
In Woolen Building on Third
street, fronting Court House.
Why suffer yon relieve
and cure yourself quickly
And you don't have to use a
either Balm
the private prescription of a highly
successful who discover
hat practically all pains, aches
disorders were caused by
and Menial r-
congestion and
and therefore o sure relief for
croup, Neuralgia, Sore
Throat. Headache, Swed-
Coughs, Bronchitis. Rheumatism, an
other troubles due to
inflammation. Balm la
put up according lo this physician,
directions the Nixon laboratory
It Is now on sale at cents a bottle
at store of Morris
alters. Greenville. N. C. Get a bottle
while the supply lasts, instead of
or for a doctor's
Be sure. It's Nixon's
Balm, externally -4-lea
literary Law
Mill With
The Mutual Life o.
New York.
Nebraska has begun war on Ho-
ping. The legislature bas passed a
bill making tipping unlawful
v heat, Pan
Corn Flakes,
Cereal, Flour,
and Col-
S. M. Schultz
Norfolk Southern
schedule hi October 4th,
N. following schedule figure
published a. Information
and are not guaranteed.
;. a. m. dally,
sleeping car for Norfolk
a. m. dally, for Plymouth, BUM
beth City and
Parlor Car Service
Norfolk. Connect tor all
North and West.
I-W p m. daily. r.
II a tn daily for Wilson
and west sleeping ca
Service Connect. North.
a m. dally, Sunday.
Wilson and fa
all points,
f m dally for Raleigh and
Intermediate stations.
For further Information and re
In Sleeping Care, apply to
Agent, Greenville. N. O
H. B
in a
policemen or newspapers
I when Foley Kidney Pills were taken.
; Seed Potatoes;
We have FOR SALE select home-
grown Red Bliss Potatoes for planting
Leave your orders promptly.
Moseley Bros
big Mine
W. Va. Mar.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Leary of More
early today the mine of the head City who spent several day
New and s here with their daughter left for
dated Coal Company Is believed t. Monday where Mr will
have entombed men.
Rescue parties are trying to rescue
victims and fans are being used
to dissipate the gas fumes.
The explosion occurred In mine No
which la connected y with
mine No.
After repeated attempts of the res-
cue party to penetrate the main
In No feet they found one
miner living but was
has,. Spring stock of goods
Mr. S. D. Thorne of Greenville an
North Carolina
Pitt County.
In Superior Court.
Before J D. Cm, Clerk
C. S. Clifton and
Marvin by bis guardian
Mrs. L. W. Tripp. and Mad.
old student of High by her Next friend. C h
spent here his
If it Is something to eat that you
Sale of Real
want you get the best at R. W By virtue of the Superior Court of
new store. County made in the above en-
We have a fresh of groceries titled cause on the 20th. day of Feb
arriving every day come to see m . 1915. by J. D. Cox, clerk of th
to supply your wants C. Vincent Superior Court of Pitt county.
His leg was broken and he will pro- Co.
Commissioner will, on Mon-
Rev. John R, Matthews this
afternoon for Kinston where he will
bold services at St. Mary's Episcopal
church tonight.
Mrs. Li. I. Moore has returned
home here after spending several
days New Bern visiting relatives
and friends.
Mrs. Georgia and Mr. W.
A Bowen left today tor New York
purchase their spring stock of
Mr. Julian Brown In
yesterday on business.
Messrs. S. J. Everett, Harry
and F. G. James were in
yesterday attending the Bu
Messrs. C. A. Wilson and K. W
Cobb of the Atlantic Coast Realty
Company w-ere In town
Mr O. C. Currin of Raleigh was
In town yesterday.
Mr. It. D. Burton of Washington
was In town yesterday on business.
Mr. J. E. Parker of Norfolk
n the city yesterday.
Mr. J. R. Irving of Wilson was
Mr. F. G. Mitchell of Now Bern
eras a visitor hero
Messrs. D. J. Rise and W
of Rocky Mount were In Green-
yesterday on business
Ex-Governor T. J. In Ra-
attending Supremo Court
Every day we give pleasure to
some patient In correcting
proper Do not put o
having your eye. teated Mated
It coats nothing to find out
whether the glasses you arc
using are correctly fitted or
not. Our lenses are ground to
our order for the requirements
of each eye. We can
any broken lens.
Jeweler and Optometrist
t. . C
By virtue of authority contained In
two certain Mortgages executed to W.
II. Jr., by Hazard Crawford,
bearing date one dated
August 15th 1914 and recorded in
Book A Ml; and one dated March
19th 1914, and recorded in Book T
of Pitt County Registry, the under
signed Mortgagee will, on MONDAY,
March 1915 at o'clock
before the Court House Door in Pitt
County, sell to the highest bidder for
cash, all of the undivided right title
Interest of the said Hazard Craw-
lord In the following described pro-
of the undivided right, title
interest, both personal and real
to all of the property, real and
personal of the late Annie Eliza Craw-
ford, mother of the said Hazard Craw-
ford, the said property being situate
In Pitt County, North Carolina and
more fully described as B.--
of his
fourth undivided interest in both real
and personal property, to One
tract adjoining the lands of the John
Nichols heirs, J. W. Crawford, the
lands of C. T. and L. C.
Arthur and others, and being known
es the Hemby Place; Also one other
tract adjoining the lands of Charlie
Nichols, the heirs of the late George
Crawford and others, all and
whatever estate, real and
which the said Hazard C.
Inherited or may Inherit from the en-
isle of his mother, the late Annie
Eliza Crawford; mis conveyance con
all of his entire undivided In
in and to all the property, real
and personal, of his mother, the late
Annie E. Crawford, which he Inherit
id or may Inherit from her
The purpose of this sale Is to
the terms of said Mortgages above
set out and referred to.
This February 1915.
W. H. Jr. Mortgagee
PIERCE. Attorneys
The mine where explosion
curred is a drift high up on
mount mountain.
lemons Writers At Front
Many French authors, poets, an.
dramatists are serving In the army
In various rapacities.
Henry Bernstein, the Is
a gunner at Fort Marcel Pr
the poet and author, Is a Cap
of artillery in the entrench, d
camp of Marquis Robert de the
playwright, are serving at the front,
as Is also Reynaldo the latter
as a simple soldier In the
In the Argonne.
Marcel the writer, his
been taken half frozen from
trenches near Nancy and placed in a
de the
Secretary General of the Com
mission to the San
was wounded some time ago,
has recovered, and is ready return
to the York
hers of the I. O. O. F. Lodge here
Monday night.
Musical at the home of
Mrs. Baker Thursday evening. March
4th. A treat in store for those who
Dress Form for their Spring sewing
write Miss. Lula Penny. Wilson, N
C, and when she visits your town
will call you up for measurements
We have Just a few more gallons of day. the day of March. HIS, at
Liquid Smoke see us before o'clock Noon, expose to public Bale
our supply Is exhausted remember before the Court house door In Green-
that It is the best B. D. Forrest to the highest bidder third
Co I rash and balance In and
Lawyer W. F Evans, of years, the following described pro-
made an Interesting talk to the
and basement, known as
Rountree Lot with a vacant lot
joining said and
the Town property and the
Country property win be Bold on Gk
following terms 1-3 cash; 1-3 twelve
months date of sale and the r
1-3. months from date of
sale, with interest on the deferral
payments at per cent from data
of sale.
This day of February. 1916.
2-22-ltd Commissioner
tract or of land
situated In Greenville P.-
Don't contract for your fertilize
our next County meeting Sat-
March 13th. Come to this
meeting. And some one in each local
bring the names of responsible
in local, mat are willing to co-
operate In buying guano. Also have
about the amount each party
want. the union pool Its guano
trade, and I will Insure you a saving.
And as good a price as there is to be
had Now Is your time to cooperate
Write me your wants.
W. II.
Bruce. N.
County Business 3-2-H
Mrs E. W Sherwin of Rocky county. North Carolina about two
Mount who spent the week end With the Town of Greenville on
her daughter returned Monday both sides of the Sand Clay Road
We have a good line of fertilizer beginning at a sweet gum. F. M.
distributer, now. Come to is corner In a small branch
and buy the best distributors to be and runs with line North 37-45
found Harrington, Barber Co. i East to a large sycamore
Act wisely and paint your tree on the edge of Tar River; thence
this Spring, paint is cheaper than down said River to a stake the corner
building, we have what you want In of lot No. thence with the line f
paints. A. W. Ange Co. lot No, South 37-45 West poles
Prof. F. C. Nye conducted services to a stake centered by small trees
at the Baptist Church Sun- in Allen's line; thence with
day night. Allen's line North SO-45 West
Mr. Tyson, Jr. a former poles to the beginning, containing HI
dent of High School spent acres more or less.
Sunday here with friends. j This tract of land lies on both sides
March Is here so is R. W. trio Sand Clay Road and is well
with fresh beef, fish, oysters, ham and adapted to corn, cotton and tobacco,
eggs and any other thing that you tract will be sold a whole
want to cat, also groceries. and also In two division
Don't forget that now Is the time t;. acres lying on the Norm
rid your Held of stumps before yon the Sand Clay Road and the
plant your crops, do this with second division of acres lying o-i
mite. A. W. Ange Co. the South of the Sand Clay Road
We carry the well known Also that part of Lot No. in the
and Syracuse steel beam the Town of Greenville
and also a good line of castings. ginning a point on Pitt Street
Barber Co. and Inches from the corner of
Just a few more Red Bliss Nob. and running from
grown seed Irish potatoes quail v j thence a course
good, prices right. B. D. Forrest with Third Street feet; thence
a Northerly course parallel with
Rev. Daniel Lane of Ayden preach-1 street to Third Street; thence an
oil to a large congregation Sunday course with Third Street
to Pitt Street; thence a
Having as administratrix
w. Fulford, deceased, late e
of Pitt. North Caroline,
this is to notify all persons baring
claims list the of me
deceased to present me same to
administratrix on or be-
fore the 12th day of 1916.
this notice will be plead in bar of m
All persons indebted lo lb.
said will please make i
mediate settlement.
This February 1915.
Harding Pierce. Attorneys
Cost will be added on taxes duo the
Town of Greenville and
School district after March 15th, 1915.
Pay your taxes and save costs.
City Tax
at the Methodist Church here.
Rev. Mr. Matthews of
preached to a large congregation at J
tho Episcopal church here last night.
Remember that we will have fresh
beef, fish, and oysters Thursday, and
barbecue Saturday. Vincent
course with Pitt Street to the
This lot contains a residence.
Having qualified as
de Don, cum
of the estate of Mary Fulford, de-
ceased, late of the County of Pits.
North Carolina, this is to notify an
i, . having claims against me
estate to exhibit them to the under
signed administrator, at K
C. on or before February 1916, or
notice will be plead in bar of
recovery. All persons owing
said late will please make
late settlement
This 18th, 1915.
Harding Pierce.
weighing about pounds. No ear
marks. If found notify or return
N. H. Greenville, N. C.
and receive reward.
A Cleveland Judge awarded
for a wrinkle on the pretty
forehead of Mrs. Fanny F.
by an auto
to Pale
GROVE'S chill
If a man Is miserable it usually
because he thinks ho Is.
Per Weakness and Loss of Appetite
Old Ionic,
TONIC, dim. on
Malaria bun. n U
aura Acre
The University
Dramatic Club
Will Present Bernard Shaw's
Monday, March
.-Training School
Seats on Sale Warren Drug Co.
Yorkers Attack Death Penalty.
Albany. N. Y., March by-
Jacob of New York, advocate
of the abolition of capital punishment
appeared today at a Joint hearing be-
fore the Senate and Com
on Codes In support of
to substitute life imprisonment
for the death penalty. Governor
Whitman baa so far refused to give
his aid to mo movement.
Every Day
iron. Heater. Light, and
Proctor Hotel Building.
This Space
Fruit Store
bud bloom Mr.
Last Call For Taxes
I will attend at the following places tor me of collecting the
Taxes due the State and for year 1914. Meet me and save
At me Bank of Creek Township. Saturday March .
At the Citizens Dank Saturday March
At the Bethel Bank at Bethel. Saturday, March
the Farmer. Bank at Stokes, Saturday March .
At the Bank of Fountain at Fountain, Saturday March .
At Saturday March .
At Bells Cross Roads. Township, Wednesday Mart t.
At Hearer Dan Township. Thursday March
At Friday, March
At Ayden Saturday. March
At Monday, March
At Gardner's Cross Roads, Tuesday. March .
Joseph Sheriff
E. Wilson
and roomers, Rates per week
privilege of bathroom and good lib-
Apply Street.
a Chestnut street, near A. C. L. de
pot Apply to Mrs B. J Pulley
Mrs II W Ill Second St
Buy your Cow Peas,
Beans and Seed Peanuts
before they go higher
l i a or MUM
. U a m Mo. II a
. I II I B No. I P I
Wt Bound
l m a No. I 1.11 a
o. I ft. a. Be. If ft.
la II as m Ma I a
n town would probably frighten the
Inhabitant, but we are prepared
or the necessary even tor
bat and are supplied the fresh
st stock of drugs to compound Buy
of a doctor's prescription with
he newest In medicine
drug, of any description. Our
Is prompt and re
Drug Company

b the Bub of all
the of all Rood firming. Write
by the authority m
lime on the Farm, and get price
ff lac purest lime. Don't buy drill,
Sac A postal will give you
lo Public.
In order to reduce my stock
I will give a reduction ID
prices to those who are Interested In
taring tombstones, we can be found
at the same old Stand, satisfaction
guaranteed. Call to see me.
CM Sons KM Cur.
worst n how
iv cured tr la- If.
Oil. It
t Skin
Clear as a f ,
t. i -lib
tUB-a M I I AM
bag of . . MM
i .-j.-
Stray Takes I p.
Hale yearling, about one year old
m marks, color Taken up
1st of January. Owner ran get
by paying all charges. O. A
Stokes. N C
Haw To Give Quinine To Children.
ant to lake disturb the
lake It an. never know it la
Alan adapted to who cannot
lake ordinary r t nor
cause nor ringing-in the head.
It the you Deed any
pie. Ask hut
. blown cent
State of No Mb Carolina
Pitt County
NOTICE, la hereby given that the
Board of Commissioner of Pitt
at its regular session on the
Monday of February it being
first day of HIS, ordered an
on to be held In Bethel Tows
The said election to be held on Tins
day the 6th day of April at the
regular voting place in the town
Bethel, North Carolina, for the
pose of ascertaining the will of
qualified voters in said Town
ship as to whether the Stock La
shall he established in said Bethel
Township according to law In sill I
cases made and provided. And that
M. Jones is appointed Registrar an I
will have the Registration
opened on Thursday, March
and until Saturday. March
for the purpose of registering the
voters of said Bethel Tow
This the day of February
Chairman of Hoard of Com of Pitt Co.
Pitt County.
In Court,
starch Term,
Sarah J
C. laird
The defendant in this cause will
That the summons was Issued out
or this Court on the day of Ian
ISIS, requiring bun to appeal
and answer at the March Term o.
Court, the relief sought, by the plain
being f. t and he win fur-
take notice that if he does
appear on or before March Term j C Parsons Edward
of Court, held in the Successors of C. S. Par-
day of Starch it being second Moil- Sens.
day the first Monday of starch
1915, and answer or demur to the Holeman Bernard,
complain that the plaintiff will do WILL TAKE NOTICE. That
of the court the action entitled as above has been
sought in the complaint, which will be commenced in the Supreme Court of
found filed the office of this court, i County for the purpose of en-
Slate Nerta
I of
la St per Coax
H. Brown, of K. D.
Deed. Annie Stick-
Green, P. Satterthwaite
and others, Heirs at law, and dis-
of P. Satterthwaite
C. Harding. of J J. Par-
kins, Claude Bernard, Arthur
Bernard, Holeman Bernard, and
Juliette Bernard,
This February 9th, 1915.
Clerk of Superior Court
virtue of authority and power
executed and delivered to W. II. Hail
Jr., by Joseph Crawford bearing date
of March 1914, and recorded .
Book T on page of Pitt County
the undersigned Mortgagee.
forcing an alleged lien of Judgment
upon a certain tract of land situate
in the own of Greenville, on the
of Fourth Pitt Streets. niB of
action being based upon a judgment
alleged to have been rendered in fa-
North Carolina
Pitt County
In the Superior Court
The defendant above named will
take notice
That an action entitled above
commenced in the Superior Court of
County the 19th day of
ISIS, to procure a divorce for in.
causes set in the
in office of the Clerk of Superior
And said defendant will take notice
that he is required to appear at the
March Term of Superior Court of laid
county, to be held on the 15th day b
second Monday after the first Mon-
day of March, 1915, at the court
of said county in Greenville. N. C ,
and answer or demur to the complaint
of said action, or the plaintiff will
ply to the court for the relief demand-
ed In said complaint.
J. D. COX,
of Superior
of F. B. Satterthwaite, to the use
of C. S. Parsons Sons, against J
J. Perkins, and which is claimed by
the plaintiffs lo be a part of the home-
stead of the said J. J. Perkins; and
. h. day of March. is tor the
19.5. sell the highest bidder J
by public sale, all the entire
Interest of Joseph Crawford in
and of his mother, late Annie K
Crawford, as follows, to
of the entire Interest of
said Joseph Crawford In and to
certain tract or parcel of land on
North county.
By virtue of certain
executed and delivered to Mrs. Lula
W. Fleming by Amos Evans and wife
the payment and 1914- recorded In Book A
And you are hereby to
appear before the Judge of our Super-
Court, at a Court to be held for
page of Pitt Count Registry,
the undersigned mortgage will on Sat-
March 1915. at o'clock
Noon, before tho Court House door in
the County of Pitt, at the P Carolina, expose to
For the
LAMP is the most
compact and efficient lighting de-
vice for all kinds of vehicles. Will
not blow out or jar out Equipped
with thumb screws, so that it is
easily attached or detached. Throws
a clear light feet ahead. Extra
large red danger signal in back.
It is equipped with handle, and when
detached makes a good hand lantern.
Strong. Will last for years.
At Dealers Everywhere
y. .-.-,,
by his mother In Beaver Town-
ship. County, North Carolina a-i
known as the Hemby Place, contain
acres more or
The purpose of this sale is to
the terms of I Mortgage as at
set out and referred to.
This February 1315.
W. II. Jr.
PIERCE, Attorneys.
after the first Monday of March. It be- described lot or parcel of
the 15th, of March 1915,
answer or demur to the ad on the south
which has been tiled in the office of of a Stake
Clerk of Superior Court; and you
will further take notice that if
fail to answer or demur to said runs With said
plaint within the time prescribed
lino 1-2 feet to T. K. Hooker's
law. the plaintiff will apply to with Hooker's
Court for tho relief demanded In B
N. C.
Charleston. W. Vs.
Chair C.
of Mr. . I M
take Set did not ha. g
By virtue of a decree of the Super-
Court of County in a special
proceeding entitled W, Craft, et
w. p. Clark et
the undersigned will on
the 15th day of March, 1915. at th
hour of M expose to public sale be-
fore the Court House door In
N. C , the following described
tract of hind,
Lying and being in Greenville Town-
ship, adjoining the lands of Charles
Bertha Evans Allan Move Tom
Harper and others containing acres
more or less and known as Mill i
Tract conveyed to Carolina Elk
Creels Clark by heirs of Noah Forbes
Terms of sale One half cash,
payable In one year from
of sale, secured by mortgage on the
This sale Is made for the purpose
division among plaintiffs and defend
ants named In the special proceeding
above mentioned.
This the 9th day of February,
By virtue of the power contained in
a deed of trust executed and delivered
by William Best to F. G James A
Trustees, on the 12th day
1909, which deed of trust
Hughes Would Die, But
Helper Him to
as was down with
any confident In it.
I of Pitt county In Book
Para the undersigned will sell
I km no. Mon .,
for three and U cured me on div
This the 29th, day of January. 1913.
J. D. COX,
virtue of the power of sale con-
in a certain deed of trust
by Charles Harris and wife.
Harris on the day of January
and recorded in
County the
Will offer at public sale ti-
the highest bidder for cash before ill
Court House in the town of Green
N. C on Saturday March 13th
1915 at M. the following describe I
tracts or parcels of land,
numbers l and on
parallel with first line 1-2 feet to
13th street; thence with 13th
to tho beginning, the same being p
Clerk of Superior Court.; of tho lot
where he now the time of making
lives, containing
square feet, the same being
by Henry to Amos Erase
Malissa Evans, his wife.
This lot Is located on 13th
between Norfolk
and Clark street, and contains one
three-rooms frame house with kitchen.
being well located for renting
This sale is made to satisfy
terms of the said mortgage
This February IS. 1915.
of land formerly o. by it. It. Co i
. . . . . ; Harding Attorney.
f fire years, a very valuable for d-
M h I II
or of land
b l- ill Ml
haven't had L.
since I began u H.
I am so what
this place, Mr. A. J. has done for
Ian if Warren
et ah. end being the lot
I lo I i red Best by
have sick headache so bad, at j of end j and ethers by deed
that I thought I would die. is Composed of pure, herbs, 1904, For more
I tried different but I contains no sad la a
yet i , I can be
I jot so I not eat or sleep, used by ., old, i be ;
my except one, la.
die. He me lo try, t package today,
and quit Only a quarter. m
ten, known as the Bi Place
which plat Is recorded . Map Book I
page Pitt County
That tract of land near Falk-
land containing acres and bought
from F. C. by deed records I
In Hook page. Pitt County Re-
That tract of land containing
six acres, near Falkland, bought
from R. J. as recorded
Book page Pitt County Re-
This sale Is made for the MM
of satisfying the bonds secured by
aforesaid deed of trust.
This the day of February, 1915
Donnell Attorney
on January stray
red and white spotted, no ear
of ml marks. Owner can get same by pay he
arc coats.
As receiver of the Pitt County
ion Warehouse Co., I hereby i.
lice that under an order of the Super-
Court Judge, that all parties who
are indebted to sail Pitt County Union
Warehouse Company shall pay the
same at once, or have action
ed in Court against I m, . id that all
parties who hold claims, or
of any kind against the Id
County Union War Col
shall file them with the r,
his attorney. the next r
days, or th will plead at.
bar to recovery.
This February 1915
J. Everett,
calls are safest
method of trading In wheat.
n or oats. Because your loss Is
absolutely limited to the
bought. No further risk.
Positively the most profitable way
Open an You can buy
puts or calls on bushels
for or you can buy both
for or as many more as yon wish
An advance or decline of cent gives
you the chance to take
A movement of S cents profit.
Write for full particulars and bank
Columbus. Ohio.
Address all mail to Lock Box 1431
By virtue of power vested in mo by
that Deed of Trust executed to me
by W. C. Smith, and of record the
Office of the Register of Heeds for Pitt
County. In Book T-10 at I
shall sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash at the Court
House door In Greenville, on the
day of March, 1915, at o'clock It,
the following described parcel of real
estate being and situate
Greenville Township. County of Pitt,
and State of North Carolina,
Farm No. Twelve on that
part of land formerly owned by
Mrs. Annie Anderson, and fully
in Map Book at Page of
the Register of Deeds Office for
County and containing Three and 35-
This February 5th. 1915.
Albion Dunn, Atty
By virtue of a power of sale
In a certain Mortgage
ed and delivered by A. o.
W. Q. on tho 7th. day of
January, 1911 and duly recorded In
the Register of Heeds In Pitt
County, in Book Oil, page to
M. Allen, the undersigned will on Mon
day, day of March, 1915, at
o'clock Noon, expose to public sale
fore the Court House Door in Green
to highest bidder for cash
the following described of
being in the county of
Pitt and Slat,, of North Carolina ad
joining the lands of D. N. Nobles the
lands of L. F. others and
containing acres more or less an
being the land upon which A.
resided In January, 1911.
Also one other parcel of land in
said county and State adjoining the
lands of Dr. J. S. Nobles, y High-
smith and the lands of the heirs of
b. F. containing acres more
or less.
This sale will made for the
pose of satisfying the terms of said
Mortgage Deed.
This the day of February. 1915.
Harding Attorneys.
C. It.
Jan. 1915 Simpson, N. C
On fa m
unmarked, weight about ion
can g same by paying uH
Bethel, N C
Oil. It i
One white no marks. Weigh-1 FOR BALE
about pounds when taken up I One second hand stationary
Nov. so. Owner get gasoline Engine in pow,
by paying Henry n good condition will ill at. a bar
I gain to buyer. J. H. Cobb,
N. C.
Slate of North Carolina
In The
Will Smith.
The defendant above named rill
That above v-
commenced In tho Court or
Pitt County c day
to procure a div
the causes set forth In
filed In the office of the clerk of
And said defendant will take
n c he la
i it Me March Term of the
Court of raid an
to be held t third Monday of
v r i ;. . day there
b the C in House of the sail
county In N, and an-
t c I In a I b n
t. pi trill to Pin I
for In w Id i
day or ii-.
j. n. cox.
Clerk of the Superior
agriculture Is the B the Meet the Moat u
. C, Is, 1915.
Americans In Mexico City
Warned to Leave at Once,
Order Must Be Restored
is Not an Ultimatum But is
Very Strong in its
authorities Issue Statement
Denying I of Refugees Who
They Mere Mistreated
While in Mexico City.
Washington, c. March
an citizens n have been warned
to leave Mexico I In view of th i
i at situation .
Secretary Bryan announced tonight
Hint transportation would be
sought for as many as desired to
The battleship Georgia, and the
mored cruiser. Washington were or-
by Secretary Daniels, after con
with President to
i . i , Cruz.
O ; i m V a C
i i reported there that
i City began
1.1 VIII i
a me
I l
I came I
. it at n I
. . tail I
. I
r hi--
with the requisite action for the pro
of the foreigners.
eve For Precaution.
In a sense there was an absence In
quarters of apprehension
drastic measures would required ti
enforce American note.
movement of warships to
waters and the warning to
it was admitted, however, had
decided on out of on abundance
lie i of ten es, II
v ii red, would an the
i at ion north to
h I r
The sending of warships to
. Cruz, ii was stated on high
tor purpose con-
of the determination
of the States to take Lie
steps If necessary.
new movement In the county
is n cooking which
It .-i largo
in the in i
Is a very p
. . I by I
Tl . Into I
I i to I
t in
Much Activity Shown By
German Submarine Boats
During Past Few Days
three Boats Sunk Just as Danger
Was thought to be
Tuesday afternoon the members of
the Bad of the Century Club met at
home of Mrs. J. Ci
Tho Club was well represented by
the regular members, and many guests
enjoyed the musical feast, which con-
of a rendition of the Italian
mi i es Warpath for fully
. . Miss Hill of the musical faculty of
the Training School,
She showed a
the history of
New Bern, Mar. 9- On March 25th
New Hem is going to be one of the knowledge
cleanest cities In State. There-a
gong . be no trash left in any of This club is a band of a j
the back or front yards and In fact all to the
c matter will be i in p l a . by
It i That y has been
the Be
and i the
ire tailing n I In
and have I
t l i rely
i Its
pa a I never before had
mi h raking and up l
k yards as ii i
had been set for this w Ai
a result tho campaign city
cleaned and n
was but very little n. h n
So Warning Given Crew-. the summer months I cam
London, Mai. sub this year tarts a lit I
ma. appeared . n ; . eh h I
at tin I I time I
points i h coast and t ii that i i do I
illy, .
, i . , . . i
and the and of the
young p. of
i . t of d
Great Number of Ills are Passed
By Both
Elect Opening
ed Huge
i M in Id The I m Ti
Paris says he
that Dr. Von
i the German Imperial chancellor,
will make a statement in the Reich-
stag today, Betting forth
which Germany is make
. mm mm;
House dells I on i
lives, hot t
nut I and
AM too soon evening ;
all departed declaring M
an ho Less.
I A I,
an ii
ii i
Tb. mi re the principal develop
. i id ii II ii
the . b ch I over-
i III in-
in the war
Vile , .- .
Although the
to w re not a
in- .
pl corps
would Can
to heed Its Th
d States, it de-
scribed a i
I on Car to take
y tn corn t the i
ram es
were noted by the
l to up
null M
c. Is I
; .
i .
I . .
. ; . .
. .
. for ii.
The House caught up With its work
and ah a I I
could have adjourned two hours
Spring Time. but had to wall on body
Mrs. m h. chairman of wen I
Health on North C dins i in the m
Federation of I I a practice
lien of the
. I th
i I
tin i
i .
i, a
genius feeling I foreigner
rise possibly to riots and c -i
Not In
Tho note pointed out I
befell foreigners the American
eminent would hold I
would take the means to
Impose the where it
longed. The
net in or Ml
President Wilson him
that th. United States did n t
ultimatums, but and
In of the an at
It was considered likely
frees would not evacuate
City without an angina lot
or the l
had begun and that u
disorders had brought el
of relief to officials, who
id would not l t-
answer the American government
of the I
he i
i i
of a
. other gal bu
i u
es in. h. Injury.
a n
r. i i he
I y act went
1910, a few
before u won
it two days before
year limit st by
. lawyer at one
I,;, . railroads.
sank the
. Is c
i ii .
i . ,
y -w ;
j toed i
N e Today.
i Mar. Porty-i It en.
,, , are Hi for tho I on-
. i in ho i ere
the number i f
from r.
. ed SI l
i ; the i
i hi.
m u the i enactment Am
the i are three
.-,.; ii , i
. i . H i I C
; a
if the
and to place It u i i I
t. ;
c the output m
This drastic action v ;
log feat bore of
Although public In th
b Intent of r I
i a cit h, i
vs from the Ian I h
Pain , Fin.
. . mo mi i
i i h II i
a ;
. , I ii
my aid i rid u Sill h
it and m I l
. u ,. year old In , E lore mi a i. a d
Cue nod it in I
last j and Weal Palm Beach, where
in a entries t -t. inn, en's for fie
run this year.
I and L
I; i
-I i . Parents Don't
Id to n i by l
r i me
n . .
; lie not
I not hi I
I . i
that ;
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Eastern reflector, 5 March 1915
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
March 05, 1915
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Joyner NC Microforms
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