Eastern reflector, 22 January 1915

North Carolina
By virtue of authority contained
a certain mortgage executed by T. H
Smith and wife, bearing date
and executed to the
signed mortgagee as will appear
record in I. page I'm
County said undersigned
Mortgagee will, on Monday III
HIE. before the door
Put county, at o'clock M . sell
highest bidder for cash the
lowing described land, lying and .
to the town of in
country and State aforesaid, and being
sore fully described as follows
ti lot number Fourteen of
Ike Townsend and division
at the south east
f lot No II and running with
the line of lot No westerly feet
to a stake, thence southerly S
feet, thence easterly feet to
street, thence northerly with said
street feet to the beginning
This said sale is made for the
post of satisfying th terms of sail
This 1st. 1915.
Harding attorneys.
Solomon, Bankrupt.
No. in Bankruptcy.
Petition for Discharge
To the Honorable H. O. Connor, Judge
of the District Court of the United
States for the District of
North Carolina
Solomon, of Greenville, in the
and State of North
Carolina, in the said District, respect-
fully represents that on the day of
Sept. last past, he was duly adjudged
bankrupt under the acts Congress
relating to bankruptcy; that he bar
duly surrendered all his property and
rights of property, and has fully com-
plied with all the requirement of said
sets and of the orders of the court
touching bis bankruptcy.
Wherefore he Prays that he may be de-
creed by the court to have a full dis-
charge from all debts provable against
hid estate under said bankrupt sets,
except such debts as exempted by
law from such
Dated this , 11-
MM i l
mm how. win It.
i . .
Seventh St., Washington. D. C.
Administrator's notice
laving qualified us
C. T. A., of Kenneth
Fleming deceased, late of
County, N. C. is now
made fr the purpose of notify
all persons having claims
against estate of the said de-
ceased to exhibit them to the
or before the 84th.
day f December 1915 r this no
will plead in of then
recovery. All indebted to
estate please make
mediate settlement to the under
This day of December
Administrator. C. T. A
By virtue of power vested in me b
that Deed of Trust executed to me
by W. C. Smith, and of record in the
Office of the Register of Deeds for Pitt
County, in Book T-10 at Page
shall sell at public auction to th-
highest bidder for cash at the Court
House door in Greenville, u the
day of February, 1915, at
M., the following described parcel of
real estate, lying, being and situate-
in Township. County
Pitt, and State of North Carolina, to-
Farm No. Twelve on
part of land formerly owned b
Mrs. Annie Anderson, and fully
in Map Rook at Page o.
the Register of Deeds Office for PHI
County and containing Three and 16-
This January 1915.
Albion Dunn, Atty. l-5-ltd
as administrator
et the estate ;. Mills, deceased.
late of Pitt county, Carolina.
this Is to all persons having
claims against the estate of the said
deceased to exhibit them to the
at N. C, on or
before the 10th day of November
or this notice will be pleaded in bar
of their recovery. All persons in
to said estate will please make
This th day of November
Administrator of B J Mills, d.
M seed.
JAMES U Attorney.
Having duly the
superior court clerk of
as administrator the of Cal-
Jones, deceased, la
given to all persons to the
estate to make to
the undersigned; and u ;
claims against said are no-
tilled to present the the under
signed for payment on before the
16th of December, or this
notice will be plead la f recovery.
This day of 1914.
of Calvin Jones.
North Carolina.
Pitt County
in the Superior Court
Before the Clerk
N. B
Reliable Household Lantern
There is always need for a good
lantern around the home in the
yard, in the cellar, in the attic
wherever a lamp is inconvenient
or unsafe.
The is ideal for home use. It gives a
clear, bright sunlight on tap. It is
strong, durable, compact, handy. Doesn't
leak. Doesn't smoke. Easy to light and
Will last for years. Ask for
At dealers everywhere
Pitt County
North Carolina.
In the Superior four;,
Cotton Mills. Inc.
I, B, Somerville
Notice of Summons and Warrant
The defendant, I. K.
above named, will notice that u
summons in above entitled action
was issued against him on the 1811
day December, 1914, out or the
Court f Pitt County, on an
affidavit Mid order attachment, for
the sum of Hundred
and 48-100 Dollars due tin
plaintiff by an error overlooking the
payment of a check In the aforesaid
when settlement was made with
said defendant for a con-
tract in building and constructing
employee houses on property of
the plaintiff, which amount of
Hundred Fifty-five and 42-100
is now due by the defendant
ville to this plaintiff, and said sum-
mons was made returnable on tin
day of January. 1915. to tho
Court of said County, held In
Greenville on said date.
The defendant will also lake notice
that u warrant of attachment was Is-
sued by tho said Court on the 18th
day December, 1914. the
property of the defendant. The
ville Hanking and Trust Co., which
properly of the
consisted of certain deposits of money
in tho said Greenville Banking and
Trust CO., which warrant of attach-
is returnable at tho
date of January 1915. before the
Judge, at the Court House In the
Town of Greenville when and where
said defendants are required to
pear answer or demur to the com-
plaint, or the relief demanded will be
This, ilia 32nd
J. l. COX.
Clerk Superior Court.
Hy virtue the power or sale con-
In a certain mortgage deed ex-
and delivered by A. I.
and T. Jackson to C H.
the first day of September 1906, and
duly recorded in the Pitt County Reg-
in Book page the under-
will expose to public sale be-
fore the Court House door In Green-
ville, N C, to the bidder for
cash on Monday, the day of Feb-
1915, at P. M. a lot or
tract of land being and lying in the
town of Grifton, Pitt county, N. C
and more particularly described as
follows, All of the lot of land
purchased by the said H.
Mrs Martha whereon her
store was located, adjoining the lots
of Jacob and K. laing In the old pa t
of the town of Grifton. Also one
other tract or lot land which was
deeded to P. H. by U J. Chap-
man and wife, Chapman and
Spencer Brooks, located in that part
of the town Grifton known as New
Town and is the lot on which was lo-
. the C. H. store, and
Where be did I mercantile business
until the lire which burned up the
store, said lot adjoining the lots of
J. U. Fleming and R. U Murphy, said
lot is feet wide by feet long.
Sale made to satisfy the above de-
scribed mortgage deed
Phis the day of December, 1911.
Brown, Attorney.
North Carolina
Pitt County
In the Sups Court.
Maggie Perry
H. P. Perry
The defendant above
That an action entitled above
commenced in the Court of
Pitt County on the of
1914, to procure i divorce
the causes set forth In Complaint
filed in the office the Clerk or
An the said Will take
further notice that he acquired
appear at the January of the
Superior Court of said Co to be
held on tho 2nd Moods; of January
1915, at the Court
In Greenville, N. C, ticS answer or
demur to the complaint o said ac-
or the plaintiff will supply to the
court for the relief in MM
Clerk of Superior Court.
This the 7th day of 1914
S. J. Atty. for- plaintiff.
Flora Ann Moore, Ada Thomas, Beat-
rice Thomas. Pearlie Thomas, lie.,
Thomas, Nina Hell Thomas am
The defendants above named will
take notice that an action entitled
as above has been commence, in the
Superior Court of Pitt County to sell
tor partition Lot No. in
of lands of Jordan Cox, de-
ceased, lying near Ayden, N. C, an
the said defendants will further
notice that they are required to
pear the Clerk of the Superior
Court of Pitt County at his office la
court Monday. January 25th
1915, and answer or demur to the
filed In said action, or the
plaintiff will apply to the court for
I he relief demanded in said petition.
This 24th day of December 1914.
J. D. COX.
Clerk Superior Court
F. G. SON.
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Washington. D. C.
Norfolk. Vs.
Charlotte. N. C
Charleston. W. Va.
Charleston. S. C.
Majority Friend Thought Mr.
Would Die, Bat
Helped Him to
Interesting ad-
vice from this Sir. A. J.
as was down with
stomach trouble five years, and
would have so bad, at
tunes, that I thought surely would die.
I tried different treatments, but they
did not seem to do me any good.
I got so I could not eat or sleep,
lad all my except one, thought I
would die. He advised me to try
and quit
taking other medicine. I decided to
take his advice, although I did not have
any confidence in It.
I have now been taking
for three months, and It has cured
haven't had those awful sick headaches
since I began using It.
I am so thankful what buck-
ha done for
ha been
found a very valuable medicine for de-
of the stomach and liver, ft
is composed of pure, vegetable herb,
contains no dangerous ingredients, and
acts gently, yet surely. It can be freely
used by young and old, and should be
kept in every family chest
a package today.
Only a quarter. u
Administrator Notice
Having as administrator
s R. deceased late put
County. North Carolina, this to
all persons having claims against
the estate said deceased to
them to the undersigned within twelve
months of this or this notice
be pleaded in bar of recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment
This, the 7th day of January 1915.
Administrator Net ice.
Having qualified as administrator
J. I Patrick deceased, late of
county, North Carolina, this Is to
all persons having claims
the estate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned
months of this date or this notice
e pleaded In bar of their recovery.
All persons Indebted to said estate
will please make Immediate payment
This, the 21st day of December 1914
P. G i, SON. Attorneys.
Si is hereby given that it. L.
this day sold all In
i Interests in the
Company, of
ville X . to A. E ind M
W. Wallace and that from this date
the said K. L. Little has no further
interest In said business
This the 1st. day of January I tit.
R, L.
A. B.
By virtue of power of sale
in a certain mortgage given by
C. Crawford to W. H. Allen, dated
July 1914 and recorded In Book
page In office th
Register Deeds, the undersigned
will offer for sale at public auction
on the 9th day of January 1915 be-
fore tho court door in Green-
ville at o'clock M the following
m property
All the right, title, and interest
said H C. Crawford la the lands of the
late Ann K. Crawford, adjoining the
lands of JOSS Tyson, J. Nichols and
others, known as Polly
land containing acres more or
less; also all interest and title as a-
acres more or less, the deed for i
Is recorded In Book II page GT,
Unite description.
Terms of sale cash. Said sale mad
to satisfy said mortgage.
Dec I, 1914
W. H
Mortgage v
W Attorney
qualified as administrator
of the of G. W. Bullock, deceased
late of Pitt County, North Carolina,
this la to notify all persons having
claims against the estate of the said
deceased to exhibit them to the
at Bethel, N. C, on or
before the 13th day of November HI
or this will be pleaded In bar
of their recovery. All la
to said estate will pleas make
Immediate payment
This 14th day November
Administrator S. W. Hillock, i
virtue of authority v in
by a mortgage, in book
S-10, Page Register of Deeds of-
by A. IS. lo
C. S. Carr, assignee, on t she 24th.
of November, 1913, I for
sale on the third Monday January
1915. being tho 19th do thereof, for
cash, to tho highest bid the
Court House door, at noon follow-
described property;
That lot in the plan
known as part of lot at the
corner of the fence on t
at the corner of
Streets, and running
with street,
feet, thence p with
First street and with Ho as It
now runs, forty-nine feet,
southerly parallel first line
ninety-live feet to street
thence easterly with Flu St street for-
feet to
containing an acre,
more or less, and L same lot
conveyed to K If. by W. II.
Cox and wife.
This the day of 1911
c. s.
S Atty.
Puts and calls are th safest
surest of trading In wheat,
ii or oats. Because loss ts
limited to the
bought No further risk.
Positively the most profitable war
Open an account. You can buy
or calls on
grain for or you can buy both
for or as many more as you wish.
An advance or decline of cent
the chance to lake profit
A movement of t cents 1600 profit.
Write for full particular and bank
k. w.
Columbus, Ohio.
all mall to Lock Boa nil
Executor's Notice
Having as Executor of
Adam deceased, late of Pitt
county, North Carolina, this Is to
all persons having against
the estate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned within
months of this date or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of their
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment
This, the 21st day of December 1914.
F. G. SON. Attorneys
The of J. Cox Son has this
day been by J. Cox who has
to . R. Cox his Interest in the
of Cox ft Son, doing
in Ufa town of N C. All
persona owing the said firm make
payments to J R. Cog and all
sons having claims the firm
present them to J. It. Cox also.
J. It. COX
Dec. II, N
I rates, no of how
re Hie J. old
State North
To Taker
Pitt County, the
being n Citizen c State of
North Carolina, hereby- t forth in i
shows, that th tract -r
parcel of land to-wit. and be-
in Pitt
fount, North Carolina
acre on th
south side of Tar river n
Township, and more III sly described
in smith by
the lands of I W, H.
heirs, on the east by N, Nobles,
on north by is v.-t and, and on
the west by J- K. Win-
Same hi he vacant
e . hi
N. .-tit ard cl to Entry
lb here-
by mikes Entry f. to,
and prays tor n arid
This the i of 1911
This above Bled
17th, day of Des. 1914.
ii Taker.
Having as administrator.
of the estate of Ernul deceased
late of Pitt county North Carolina,
this is to notify all persons having
claims against tho estate of the
deceased to exhibit them to the
at Greenville, N. C, on or
before the 22nd day of December 1915
or this notice will be pleaded In bar
of their recovery. All in-
to said will please make
This 22nd day of December 1914
Administrators of Ernul, de-
The Quinine That Do
not . nor
ringing In
look tor the K V W.
Your Skin
Clear as a
a w .-
SI.,, I. I. I
. ,.
By virtue of authority ii
me by a mortgage made by W. H.
Clark to Macon on the
7th day of January. 1913, and I
qualified as Administrator here-
by offer for sale on tho third Mon-
day of 1915, being the
day thereof, for cash to the
bidder, at the Court House door at
noon, the following described pro-
Lying and being in Swift Creek
Township. Pitt County. North Caro
line, beginning at a cypress on the
run of Swift Creek near the old foot
way and runs S K poles to a
stake, James Walls corner, then N
E poles to a forked pine, then S
poles to water oak, then N
W Hi poles to a black gum on the
run of Swift Creek, then down the
various courses of Swift Crock,
acres more or less.
in Hook page
Also one oilier tract adjoining the
described and adjoining
lands t J. P- Clark. Clark,
James others,
acres more or lees.
his. the day of December
R. A.
of Macon
N W. Atty.
Is the lest the eh set
if Motif Club flax Spec-
Meeting ti
An Intelligent and Capable
in The Future We
Must Make Healthy and
Children Today.
Propose lo Shorten the term
of legislature to
Long Expected Raid on
England by the Germans
Zeppelin Airships Made
The blessing the Schools
are too to need any argument
r them and trier are Important lac
an in promoting public health because
are an avenue by which all the
of all the people may be
M To these benefits, this
avenue must be used and used right.
A railroad may be built through a
wonderful whore
possibilities abound but unless trains
aerate on this no benefits
will be reaped by tho people living
a the through which it
it is with the public school and
me public we use th.-
avenue Into all the homes, for the
of the health the
In tie homes, we lose one of the
great opportunities for universal good.
Parents readily respond to those
things which benefits to their
in which benefits the parents
share. In fact the welfare of
and their parents is
able, and through the school we
reach both.
Health is the foundation all pros-
and happiness, much more
than many of the studies
pursued by our children.
Without health life beer men a burden
and the possibilities for much
school Is the of
knowledge, and should include
knowledge of how to conserve
health and prevent disease, only
way to have healthy, strong men and
women la to raise healthy children
and create conditions which will In-
sure health.
The public school a op-
to tor proper
knowledge evil will help us to avoid
It for knowledge Is tho mother
action. It has been said that in the
school of future compulsory
cation will Include compulsory
because the latter Is necessary to the
Ail government ported th
interest of their citizens, but
duty of conserving the health of
is Just its relative
The healthy man and woman be
come an asset to a nation, while a dis-
eased becomes a burden an
often a menace The relative value
on page
Jan. Woolen
on yesterday finished his committee as-
reserving three big com-
appropriations and in
to the last. Mr. of
Alleghany Is the chairman of
committee, Mr.
of Buncombe, that of
and Mr. Page of Moore, of In-
The chairmanship of the fin-
committee Is not new to Mr
as he held the place during
the session of the House in 1911. Two
years ago Mr. Williams of
was chairman of the finance
The Insurance question Is one that
is very near to Mr. Page and he was
the logical man for the chairmanship
of this committee where many Import-
ant matters are to come this et-
Felicitations to Jackson
It a pretty sentiment of Mr.
yesterday when he Intro-
a resolution of felicitation to
Mrs. Stonewall Jackson widow of the
groat Confederate who re-
sides at Charlotte. Mrs. Jackson has
boon critically tor several weeks
and her life has at times been de-
of but with that strong iron
will no common to the women of tho
South has defied death and is now
on the road to recovery
Bond Issues For Bad
Two good roads bills passed their
second reading yesterday, one author-
a bond issue of for
Alexander county and one of
for Yadkin county, to be
to the voters. The good leave-i
is at work In North Carolina and in
the course of time North Carolina will
have as fine a system of highways as
is to be found In South.
To Shorten
Resolved by the House of j
the Senate
That it is the judgment of
Assembly that its
shall be completed so that it
adjourn sine die not later that
forty days from the beginning of
the session.
Second. That a committee shall
be consisting of three on the
part of Senate, to be appointed
by the Lieutenant Governor,
four on the part of the House of
Representatives, to be appointed
by the Speaker, whose duty It sh-ill
he to confer with the chairman of
the various committees and with
the members of
from time to time, and h to M
the holiness lo the end
the body may adjourn as suggest I
in section one l reel.
The above resolution was
ed in both branches of the
Assembly yesterday, that in the m
being tattered by I
and the sponsor In the the
resolution being Representative
Towns an and Many
Bombs Thrown Damage
Heavy Snow Falls
Operations II West, Russians Con-
to Report In
Kant Carpathian
London. Jan. aircraft
their long threatened raid on
England and attempted to
blow up with bombs, the King's royal
residence In County
King George and Queen Mary, who
have stayed at with
their family, only yesterday returned
to London.
It Is not definitely known whether
the raiders Zeppelins or
but Zeppelins were reported
yesterday as passing over tho
Sea in a westerly direction, and some
believe were the raiders.
Six Towns Call.
were dropped in
King's Lynn.
and Every-
where, except at
and damage to property resulted.
The place visited was the
seaside resort and fishing
town of yarn h.
A man and a woman were killed a
number of persons were injured, an
much damage to property was done
by the raiders. Their visit lasted lea
Four or five bombs were dropped in
When the attack began
tho authorities have instructions that
all be extinguished and other
precautionary measures were taker j
Few signs of panic were seen daring,
the raid.
Steered For Palace.
Apparently the raiders after
flew over where
they dropped bombs, and then went to
Inland from there they made for Sand-
dropping explosive
there and at King's Lynn, where a
was killed and a man, woman and a
child were Injured. Two houses
The damage at has
not been reported. It is known, how-
ever, that the royal palace was i
harmed. A bomb penetrated B house
did not explode
Only ye Scotland Yard
issued Instruct I n lei i
to be sty the p
and other officials In tho event of en
Snow In France.
London, Jan. snow falls
In Franco and In con-
lined entirely lo
i There been
one exception, however, southwest o
near where
the French are reported to have
a few hundred yards nearer
the German frontier.
Military men attach considerable
importance to operations In this re-
for, they say in conjunction
the continued French pressure on the
German lines west of tho Fortress of
they will check if
German operations against
around they have had a half
circle drawn since they invade
Training School Celebrates
With Big Dinner
Gov. Jarvis was born Mon-
day. January 1836. Yesterday
the teachers. officers and student
body of the Carolina Teacher.;
Training School gave him a dinner
party in honor of tho
of that event. It was an occasion of
peculiar interest, and was an evidence
the high esteem and genuine
that the school feels
man who has been a constant in-
and help to them.
At one o'clock the faculty, officers
and seniors gathered in
and greeted
nor Jarvis. Then all went to the din-
room, where the other Student
bad gathered. dining
room was very tastefully decorate
in green pine and potted The
Cuts Short his Charge lo Gran.
Jury Giving More line
to Trials
Wreck on Seaboard
Raleigh. Jan. 20-Engineer tables were arraigned in two hollow
S. Stone, of Raleigh was killed
Hogan was said to be dying last
night, and Messengers B. H.
and T. F- both of
Washington, D. C, were injured when
the Seaboard fast mall, bound for Jack
Fla., was wrecked at
good about miles from Raleigh
evening about o'clock.
It reported that no
were hurt beyond a and
Tho engine which Is one of the
largest used on the road turned
squares. Tho tables of the larger
for students, were placed near
tho walls. Within this, at the smaller
square of tables, place cards we-e
arraigned for Gov. Jarvis, the
and seniors. Down the center of
tables a chain of the beautiful par-
vine with its red berries form-
ed a graceful decoration. Cut flowers
furnished further decoration. Members
of the Junior Class served the dinner
Near the close of the dinner Hi
Alice Herring, president of the
class came in, bearing the
on It side and the firs, three cars were m. -it the figure formed by
derailed the express car being thrown colored, lighted candles, and placed
cross-wise the track. The other eight Before Gov. Jarvis. After the great
cars kept the track and were pulled j applause, which followed, had ended
away from the wrecked part of the Wright arose and said
train, i is always difficult to
The train about M it is to attempt it. Seventy-
miles an hour It Is sail, and split a
I switch which caused the wreck.
nine years ago, on Monday, no one
would have dared prophecy the
Stone was pinned under career of the little born
the engine could not be removed that day; nor did they know that at
until the arrival of
Count j.
Lexington, Ky. Jan.
County, in Kentucky,
will appropriate the re-
b of its principal roadways is
hems decided today J special
The citizens of the county have
held many meeting and it was
. d to the roads question as
In principal Beans of putting Green-
County in a thriving condition. Re-
t trOW the town of which
the County to the effect
hat the bond is will undoubtedly
. carried n today's election.
the close he would be associated with
an institution that stands for the de-
of the beef there is I,,
We have met to commemorate the
birthday of one whom all love. W
of this school own more to than
to any other living being. It I beat-
that tho of this school
should contribute to this celebration.
Five will give an outline of his fifty
years of public service; each one re-
viewing briefly tho achievements of
ten years. The best historian cannot
Are Disposed of An I
In Able Manner The Judge
Delay Unless
The January term of
convened here this morning with
Judge H. W. presiding. As
it a resident of Green-
ville and holding court on a
appointment tho court room was
filled when tho grand Jury had been
drawn waiting to hear the charge to
the jury.
Judge charging jury
said in part that he would not deliver
a long charge tor he believed that
per cent of the time given to
Juries was thrown away He sail
that he saw men on the jury who
served on Grand Juries before he be
the practice of law and that these
men ought to be able by this time to
understand thoroughly the duties re
quired of a Grand Juror. In the
course of his instructions tho Judge
said It would be to define
one of the cases on the docket. The
necessity of long charges has been
for the juror of today has a
much opportunity than former
to learn duly as a Juror. The
entire law of county is in the
hands of of the jury they should
stand by their oath or guilty r
perjury The jury was also cautioned
using more time than
in examining but to
. witnesses to enable them
learn whether to hold or discharge
to determine the guilty or innocence it
the accused. The jury was also
ed to look into the condition of the
public institution of the county and
to them as well as the
l officials there be a need for
such action. The Jury was thou sent
to the jury room to begin their
There arc for this term over
give more than an outline.
B . w. cases docketed and It was
man can give a full history of . .
M- liable-.
Washington, Jan. -Miss Margaret
Wilson has promised to award the
career, he must write it
He then announced Miss
Fagan gave following review
of the years from
the close of the war we find that
Thomas Jordan Jarvis who entered
a baby contest to be held here , the war as a private has risen to the
been deeply in-j rank of Captain The qualities it
in the better baby movement made a successful soldier were Just
Over babies have been the qualities needed In leadership
The examination of the Judges will the state. His first public service
complicated The champion fifty years ago was In the state
I will be decorated by Miss convention in in which he
herself, on page
on Ibis account that ibis term of com
was ordered held in the absence of
Judge Connor.
After having Charged the Jury an I
the other preliminary
judge culled cases t
trial. There was no undue
still the cases wire posed of -i
short order. Almost every one
in the court room was struck with
th ease sad rapidity with which
, were disposed. No unnecessary
delay was permitted and when
evidence was in those case not r
, i on rage

U I. Bettor.
The man who does not stop to
about present business conditions but
on and looks after his work does
not And conditions so very much
from what they were last
the war started
out yr.
Adverting rate way b. bad upon
application at die office
All cards of and resolutions
J respect will d tr at
it per word
It i- said that over were
spent In Pennsylvania to elect Sena-
tor to Congress.
to these he must be
M able man to somebody and who W
that somebody
Communications advertising
be charged for at tires
per line, up to fifty
second matter
August iii post
North under
act of March
fellows who cornered
the country's goat.
The fellow who howled about th
hard times before the present war
started when there was nothing to
howl about now has a chance to
in some real howling and many cf
them are overworking their
The New York subways are now
target the whole country's
If the managers of this
ten could follow the advice that
been offered the subway system
be absolutely perfect according to
some people's way of thinking
The Greenville Banking
Trust Company.
Deposits at Government Call Oct. st
THE LARGEST In This Section.
Deposit Your Money with This
Bank For Safekeeping.
It looks as if some nations
some individuals can't stand pros-
Roosevelt seems to be doing his
beat to get somebody else to sue him
There is only one business that
pay to advertise and that is
The statements of the
hanks in this county which are now-
being published show that the
of these batiks are very good la-
deed. They show the usual amount
or an increase in the amount of de-
posits and other items are equally
Squibs From Other
We Point To Furniture
I ,;
as our strong feature be-
came we know that the kind
we handle has been mad. la
the way from
best selected lumber. and
that It better and lasts
than any ether kind
said at anything like oar
prices We should like ks
have you call and visit our
Our lines of Bel-
roots Furniture will surely
tempt you to buy.
Taft Vandyke
Evans Street. Greenville, N. C.
none men must
the nab
co Ashing lust ;
The Wilmington Dispatch has just
completed its twentieth year of con-
publication and during to.
; whole time it has under one
management Thu paper which Is one
of the best publications In this part
of state is a welcome visitor M
our desk and we are very glad
learn that it now enjoying tint
President Wilson says he did not
mean his Indianapolis utterance as
a second term announcement. Thais
merely the difference between twee-
die The question am.
as they say in South
you going to run
If we are to believe the many
and nothing
N fair in war.
It looks like hard winter on the
orchestras, but we hope the violinists
will scrape through
Apparently Gen. Is no mean
having dug himself into the
notional box office, with the road
a foreign refuge
. Join the army which is en-
to disperse gloom. This is
a time when a man with a pipe dream
is more companionable than a man
who has a to enter for the
stakes. Shoot the nightmare Do We
Home Arc Good.
President Wilson avoids the word.
In that part of the dictionary where
President Roosevelt used to get the
kind that stirred things up
Now a tidy little police flotilla U
Keep the fighting away from these
would help a good deal and
would prove an example to
After an Investigation the German
charges fell flat. It appears
that the bullets which they
exhibited would not fit a single model
of the rifles now in use by the allies, j The trouble with many
If such things continue the allies will people Is that they have
have a strong case against Germany force Their goodness Is of the pas-
very passive It Is.
The evils in this world are never go-
to be put out of business by
mixture of weakness and goodness.
What is needed is a goodness that
has got some force In it, and that
without having to exert themselves
except to submit the charges to
The amendment to the contempt
law which has been introduced in
legislature Is a much needed law in men and women-Snow
this State. As it Is at present a judge
can act as judge in matters in which
he ts one of the litigants. Such a
procedure is entirely wrong and is
unnecessary as it Is wrong. And II
the bill now in the Legislature will
Before we enter into any union should be
neutrality with South America the are heartily In favor of the pas-
at should be required to promise no; sage of ending of
o ship us any more tango dances
The University of North Carolina
form of judicial tyranny
Hill Standard laconic
Dog and Pistol Law.
Here's hoping the State-wide dug
law and the law taxing the
of pistols will have safe passage
the Legislature but The
faith is a trifle weak on both
Statesville Landmark
North Carolina
Pitt County
virtue authority in
two certain mortgages executed by
Prince to Turnage Brothers
One bearing the date of i-
1st. 191-1 and recorded in Book
L-10, an page one bearing
date of May 2nd. 1914 and recorded In
Hook Q-10 on page of Pitt
Registry, the undersigned
will on Monday. February
1915, at o'clock Noon, before the
Court House Door in Pitt County,
the Town of Greenville, sell to the
highest bidder for cash the following
described parcel of land j
and being in Swift Creek
Township. Pitt County, North Carolina
and beginning at two pines and
oak, William Smith's corner and rune
thence with William Smith's line S i
W poles to a stake Wylie Smith
Smith corner, thence with his line S
W poles to a stake In said line.
John Smith's corner then with
line N W poles to a stake.
corner, then with hit
line N W poles to a
stump in said line thence to the be-
ginning containing acres more or
less and being the same land convey-
ed by Deed from Haywood Cox to
Prince dated, dated the
day of November, 1908, and recorded
in the Register of Deeds Office In Pitt
County, in Book B-9, on page
being the same land described in the
above mentioned mortgages
or Is a matter which should
have the careful thought of
builder. If you have decided to built
this spring, or are dissatisfied with
your present heating system.
Consult r
before purchasing, and we will
give you benefit of our long
in this matter.
S. T. Hicks, THE Plumber.
Greenville made a tine record last
Back to The
at last reached a goal it has building operations. A Having found out that the G. O P
This was reached last wok of new factories and plants were j had no H of to
when the total registration mark was erected, several office and store build party, the Progressives are going
student.- enrolled for this session, j and quite a number of residences. back to the Republican party The
the past few years the growth; Building does not seem to lie hurt renegades are received with joy
the University has been very fast war conditions which now are being favored and not
The attendance has increased j Buildings already started are j reproach. That sets a good a
n every department and the new being rushed to completion and new for the Democratic party for
as added are generally in
possession of all the students they ca i
handle in a short time after establish-
The University Is widening it
Held of endeavor and is turning out
better equipped men each year. We
are glad to note the fact that the
enrollment has at last reached In-;
mark and we are quite sure the among the papers In this Slate ;
alumnae of this Institution am of are
to learn this news.
buildings are being planned. On
the whole last year was a very
one for Greenville and If
sent Indications are to be relied upon
this year will be equally as successful
along this line
the treatment of prodigal sons
repentant Republicans who show that
they want to lead a better life by
lying themselves with the party of
Shot at
The bill to tax dogs seems to h
Saturday night Constable Vance Bet-
in at went Into the
I of its passage and it seems to be a section to arrest a who
, law that is wanted and badly I- wanted by the authorities. The
A bill is now pending In the ed. We hope that this bill will get resisted arrest and as a result Mr
providing for the establishment through and that it will be enforced shot him in the hip. The
a state home for fallen woman. ThU when it becomes a law. This la was given medical treatment
is a good bill and one that should would sheep raising which and his wound found not to be
and the home established. Be-, has almost been stopped because of
cause of the unjust double j sheep killing dogs.
morals which we hare In this
try the woman made to suffer Refugees Cross MatH
the least Infraction of the social San Fransisco. Calif., Jan.
while her partner In this violation., women and children. German refugees
At last report it was reported that th
would soon be all right
Robbery at
night at about
four or five of
were by the noise of an ex-
who Is equally has no blame from Japan, will begin another and upon Investigation
attached to him. Fallen women lap of their Journey homeward that safe in the Coast Line station
ostracized and if they should j Uncle Sam has removed all had been blown open and the contents
to reform at present there Is i lions to their landing and crossing stolen. used ail
chance for them. If this home were the country. o that they may reach the safe was completely blown to
established It would help many a In Germany. Their husbands pieces. It was evidently work of
and woman who have no hope now fathers were held by the Japanese. I professionals. The robbers did not
reform and get started on the This one the few cases on I secure much there being
track again. This state needs such ill which the United Slates has per- about In the safe. No arrests
home and we hope the Legislature, refugees to pass through the have been made and no clue to the
Jan. Wheat
May Wheat 6-S
by the said Prince to Jan Corn
Touring Can F. a B. Detroit
F. O. a- Detroit.
We hare hand Ford and
Cars, almost as good as new, for Bale cheap.
Ford Supply Co.
Greenville, N C.
said Turnage
i May Corn
This sale is to satisfy the terms of Jan 10.62
May Lard 10.80
Jan. Ribs 9.95
May Ribs 10.35
the above mentioned
This the 18th day of January, ISIS.
Harding Pierce. Attorneys.
I Contest.
Paris, Jan. of the
geographical contests ever held is
that which closes here today, under
auspices of La Vie a
noted French magazine. in
cash Is offered fer the best map of
showing the frontiers when
the war Is over. Of course the de-
will be postponed until the
treaties have been adjusted
bub men
M t T t
North Bound
No. II am No.
p. m No. II
Bast Bound West
e a. in No. I
to I a m. No. a
n a w .
Strawberry Plants
them new, M teals per
Many a Greenville Citizen Knows How, cat Flowers and funeral design a
Sure They Are. notice. Orders taxes for Shad
Nothing uncertain about the .
of Kidney Pills In Greenville.
There Is plenty of positive proof of
this in the testimony of citizens.
evidence should convince the most
skeptical doubter. Read the following et
M. White. Latham Reeling. W. v. Jan. 19-A meeting
St., Greenville, had a dull of labor leaders from the cigar
aching pain across my back, which unions Is being
Plants, Hyacinth and
worried me. also had a here an effort to
ache, which for day. at a time difference, which are
The kidney secretion, were two fro-
and in passage. There, to exist in the cigar makers and
were other of kidney trouble, unions. The trouble
Kidney Pills advertised, naB Ohio Valley Trades
f procured some at the Warren Drug and and mm.
Co., and they gave me relief, i
. w . th to solve the problems and
my back relieving head-1
aches. The other of the bring the cigar roller,
complaint left consider Kid- better accord. So important are
Pills a very good remedy for kid- that delegates have
J come from many of the country.
Price at all dealers.
simply ask for a kidney to Una Pat at
Kidney same that n.,,,,,,,
will pass this bill.
robbers Identity has bean found.
Buffalo, N. T.
id. A true tank.
Four of the best varieties f yellow
Four of the fast
Dutch hyacinths.
beat varieties at tulips. White Raman
hyacinths, white go
Choice Flowers of all
Kinds la Ores
Blooming Pot Plants in many
Rose bashes, shad,
trees. Hedge plants and
Mail, telegraph and telephone
promptly executed by J. L
A CO. Florist, Raleigh, N. O
Norfolk Southern
N. following schedule
and are set guaranteed
a. m daily,
Pullman sleeping car for Norfolk
a. m. dally, for Plymouth, Ella
beth City and
Parlor Car Service U
Norfolk. Connects for all
North and Wast.
p. in dally, Except Sunday to
III a. m. dally for Wilson, Raleigh
and West. Pullman Bleeping
Connects North,
and West.
a. m. dally, Sunday, fat
Wilson and Raleigh. Connects fa;
all points.
I p. m. dally for Raleigh and
Intermediate stations.
For further Information and reset
In Sleeping Cars, apply to I.
L Agent, N. C
H. g.
i. D. STACK,
Malaria or Ms Fever
No. Mt i. especially
Five or six dose, will break say com. sad
if i -n then a. e tonic the will not
return. It acts liver
and docs nut gripe or
Boost Bigger
Marriage I
Register of Deeds Be
i licenses to the
I I.
i .
JAM Air,
Miss Eason spent
Miss Hamilton
today on I r
i . In re he hi
I;, i J. M. Daniel
mt town until Thursday.
H H.
The Federal v. .
at the i
v., in day at
i mi I I
a i
Criminal conn will begin i
Tomorrow will be
I Lee's birthday.
Sui is did in i i to b
day was r
i a by
. i
Kin but
. ii I pa r
i Nov-
II . I
. I. She id
I to Bud it.
i i.
I Sale-.
I u , In-1 we
to and i and I r
n p i
i total
. I
I ml Of I
Hie Century Club
it i -i
in Tic i at
re a will to
ii . of pi
is Public l
Its Relation i
R. It.
Why to u
Mrs. Ii. II. Wright.
en Do To Pi I tit t
one I
tor. i-is-ts
i no real-
lie es of
Io tell his i
X P. Per so i
Lube I
of Farmville.
Will Perkins and
Lorn Bo; d and I.
Wm. Brown and Rosa
i Town hip.
was indeed a most I
mi and
by Prof. I
The National Bank
ii. . i I hi
in in ii
ire Use
best i meals.
J, B. It Pi
H. l 1-18 H
takes mighty lei i r woman, I
lie would rather
be i lever Hum I y
t the
tic met of I
cause of
Or en n
J- let
were Upended the construction the Copper Toll Lines and
shown on map, in order that you might
Gift Miles With Speech.
Do you the affords you, more than a mil-
lion cue Telephone
at elbow it you're a
T tn i
Our Pates are Low, the Service and Dependable.
i I'll tin h
I .
i ;
A h
. . .
necessary r
drugs i
n here.
Drug Company
. . . . .
u .
The I
re, who Is
assistant to
I i
G. P. I i-
, I lad I been III I ll
name bad not I I to-
night inn II u I I
I . Idem
christening held
In White before the i
i Sayre her homo in
Hum n.
Mr. Mi- re man led
White Hon t 1911,
After a honeymoon to Europe, Hi .
their in William
Mrs, Sayre has been vi at i
While House since
Buy your Cow Peas,
Beans and Seed Peanuts
before they go higher
Apply to C.
ville, X. i
Si M.
I K. H. Kill
Irons, Heaters, Lights and fixtures
Proctor Hotel Building.
Owen Murphy
lime work Io be dune
Hie I coll n.
an us
your and
it ill i u lion.
i III M ill I Ml AI
it u.
n X.
I in SALE.
in, J i win
it .
Township, Pitt i
King to aid
ii- of
. at
. in.
J. L.
Phone J
Ki .
i I l
Whenever You Need Tonic
Old Standard Tasteless
chill Tonic Is I table as a
I i . it contains the
and IRON. Ii acts on Liver, Drivel
I Blood and
up Whole System. cents.
in nth mi i in ii
located suitable for
Id pi i. blue
Reward II returned
Mi- Elizabeth Atkins, Greenville,
. It, K. n. I IS
turn lores Won't Cur.
e ii
me old Pr.
An i . i. it
i-hi ml II lime.
Pol Sun has
in i n by J. Cox who
n in i, Cox iii i In the
of J. Cos . doing bu
in the town N C , All
i the said firm make
payments in R. and all pi
sons having claims against the
present J It.
it. cox.
II, 1914. N C.
J locker's Buck-
cake Flour, Oatmeal,
Washington Crisps,
Quakers Coin Flake,
en, Porridge,
Nuts, Instant
Cereal, Flour,
Self-rising Flour, Con-
fee. .
S. M.

. that can be Verified.
Fact is what we want.
Opinion is not enough.
Opinion differ.
Here's a Greenville fact.
You can test it.
T. K. Moore, farmer, Evans St.
. was troubled
with my back and my kid
ltd not act as they should.
Pills from
l, Wooten Drug Co. and used
them as . gave me
know from person-
it remedy Is just
as represented. I confirm my
a of Dean's Kidney
I ITS done me a lot of
good and whenever I have an attack
t former trouble now,
Kidney Pills never fail to give mo re-
Price See, at all dealers. Don't
ask for a kidney
Kidney same
Mr. had. Foster Co.
Props , Buffalo, N, Y.
VI. I Wills
H. W. a.
Practice limited to diseases of
Eye, Ear, aid Throat
The fitting of Glasses
J with Dr LI. I. James.
SUe. N. C, every
Home Washington, N.
Office over Frank Wilson's Store
N. Phone
at I km
In on Court
you could have sees hie
mourned the girl the sunburned
I still think I
ought to have told rue She was my
-hi Emily a
i girl In the
St have a lovely
the woman with the sun-
iced me to stay over
her when the rant of the house
; arty left. Just to keep me from going
back in the same crowd with Wayne
Hippie How could I help it if Wayne
nicer to me than he was to
it i . then who was
demanded the girl the wrinkled
said I simply must stay be-
cause I loved nature so. and now that
most of the cottagers had gone home
there were of nature lying
around loose a-id unappropriated, and.
anyhow, her mother was going to
and she'd so lonesome all
alone. She was so mournful about It
had to stay, or make out
went out to Bald the girl
with the sunburned neck. at all
. la like to Ash, but be.
ten was nothing else to to do, and
hadn't come. Emily said
hut unless l cat some wed have
oner. So took the row boat and
towed around the bend into the bayou.
lie was I
man Right In the spot ere
wanted to anchor swung his b. I
he was a native because of
the old straw hat till he turned, and it
m i dropped overboard
v ., horribly
was better than falling overboard
protested the other.
nearly so I wish could
have seen the manner w let he re-
that pole and gave it to me
When he raised his hat I decided that
he wee son
he called over to ma to say
that I more
if my hook I was
so contused that he rowed over and
Hut do t seem
I I divided
Ills own, aft ,. r. d that
I was It r dinner.
still Wits
Life Be,
Ml. I.
Corner Fourth and Brans Streets
Photos Made Both Day and Right
Send is Ten
Practicing in all the Courts
in Woolen on Third
street, fronting Court House
m, cuts
Attorney at law
Lend and Cases a
In office formerly occupied by
Jarvis Blow.
I think That is, usually.
said she couldn't imagine
why l had grown so crazy over fishing,
and believed she'd come
along, but I persuaded not to. The
sun always gives her a headache. I
was bound that for once she should
not Interfere with my friendships. It
certainly would take her a peg
when she found how far had pro-
with the handsome unknown.
morning he. too. fished. He
maintained the utmost reserve about
himself, as do all great people, but I
could tell from his expression, when
he looked at me that he was living
in the same dream was.
then one morning Emily came
charging through the bushes on the
bank and surveyed the scene. Her
curiosity had overpowered her, it
does all ordinary persons. She
ply glared and I resolved to freeze her
If she tried to be unpleasant.
she called, addressing her
words to my friend
wonder the meat has been late for
over a week, if this is how you spend
your time when you should be
it. And should
have seen Hoskins leap for shore and
the butcher's cart concealed In the
am sure that Emily knew all
about It from the first and never told
me just to be hateful If she tells
she comforted the girl in
new wrinkle Chicago
Hardy of Norfolk
v this eek
US to I our i
J and farm
spring v . IVe what you w
Barb i
We no have a nice lot
cabbage and come to see
your mat t
We just received a slop-
too. re was no reason should of m is the time to
.; field j.- . , i. .
We didn't talk so much, t you , , , .
I have seen his
I felt we had known each other a Drove the eight year old son
time You can tell by a man I n s- , Stokes, who lives about on,
whether he has a superior .
from here, is very sick it is
that be i as the tis.
We have a large shipment of good
meal sail come to see us to supply
your wants. D. ,. i
We have all times a nice line
lie, and children shoes
also i nice line of hats, come
to see us your spring supply Her-
Barber Co.
have nice fresh beef,
oysters at all times a nice line
groceries. C. Vincent Co
Messrs. B. Forrest and E. W.
spent yesterday in Washing-
ton on business.
When yon begin your spring work
to see us to buy your hardware
and supplies, have a corn
line, A. W. Ange A. Co.
We have a lull stock of men. and
boys ready made clothing any grade
and size Hint you want and your
own prices. H. Forrest k Co.
Miss Sadie Harrell a student of
High School has been very-
sick but is improving at this writing
we are glad to note.
Tempt the appetite,
please the taste and
nourish the body.
cents in the moisture-
proof package.
Baronet Biscuit
Round, thin, tender
with a delightful flavor
appropriate for
luncheon, tea and
dinner. cents.
Where I Wanted to
was then I was smitten dumb by the
profile. And the eyes And the gen-
look of being somebody I knew
immediately he must be a man of Ira-
portage who had burled himself In
the wilds to rest, and was thank-
that I bad on the newest style of
middy and a becoming shade hat. I
resolved to be perfectly oblivious and
self possessed, so I proceeded to stop
and fish as I had first intended. A
man always admires an
girl. I couldn't help t. if
Economy In Flour.
The scarcity of flour drove the
privy council to some remarkable
recommendations In 1785.
All families were begged to give
puddings and the privy
announced that they proposed
to set an by confining them-
selves to fish, meat, vegetables and
household bread, partly made of rye.
One loaf a week was
mended as the allowance
per bead, and the loaf should be put
on the table for each to help himself,
so that there might be no waste.
people were urged lo do without
soups gravies, to take only the
prime cuts and leave the rest for the
poor The poor should be taught how
to make soup and rice pudding, rice
being a new food which until then
bad been little used.
Seeing Contemporaries They Are.
After all, the test of a vacation Is
the renewed zest with which we take
up our work on our return. The per-
son who lives among bis
all the Urns has no idea what in-
people they are. They
pear even romantic when one returns
to them from a short trip abroad.
There Is a moment before we begin
again to do things, when we have
leisure to see things.
Of course, we must take up our re-
again. Our serious
with our contemporaries Is to
Improve their conditions, their morals
and their manners. We do not have
too much time for this work. Hut be-
fore we begin again the to
make them what they ought to be, we
may enjoy moment when we have
enough freshness of vision to see them
as they are Atlantic Monthly.
Prince of appetizers
Makes daily trips from
Ginger-Snap Land to
waiting mouths every-
where. Say to
the grocer man, cents.
of North Carolina.
County of Pitt
and by virtue of the authority
conferred upon SM by the prow-ions
of a Mortgage, executed by
and Ida
of the and Kate
North Carolina to W. H. Arnold, of
II Had stall., which is duly
in page of the
. r Deed's put
will sell at public
hi. ton the House door in
the Uta day of February
the hour of Of If, to
bidder cash the following
piece or parcel of land, situate in the
county and Stale aforesaid, and
particularly described as
in Township. Pitt
County, on road leading from
Black Jack to Calico and bounded by
Hie lands of Mills. W. I.
Sin it and containing TO acres
more or less and being the land on
which Mar. el Ins and Ida
resided in 1910. Reference
made to Book 0-9 page of the Re-
of Pitt
This the 16th day of January,
Skinner. Ally for mortgagee.
Buy biscuit baked by
Always look for that
a r.
a- s
The John Allen Home Place, con-
acres, more or less
Dear Red Banks Church about
miles Southeast of Greenville,, will be
offered for sale lo highest bidder
on Thursday January 1915. Sail
land will be subdivided Into lots
each separately, then the whole
will lie offered together, right be-
reserved lo reject any or all bids.
The sale will be made on the
es at o'clock A. If, on Thursday
January 1915. Terms of gale;
2-3 cash, and the balance on easy
Anyone desiring to see said land
and the map of the
apply to J. R. Allen. Greenville, N.
II. F. No. who resides on
Everetts, N.
Attorney at Law
Office in Building. Third St.
wherever his services are
Greenville North Carolina.
C., V.
Baby's Morning Dip
J says grandmother,
we'd do without this Perfection
Smokeless Oil
I'd only had one when you
were a baby, you'd have been
saved many a cold and
For warming cold corners and
isolated upstairs rooms, and for
countless special occasions when
extra heat is wanted, you need
The Perfection id light, portable,
pensive to buy and to use, easy to clean
and No kindling, no ashes.
Burns kerosene easy to handle and
inexpensive. Smokeless and Odorless.
At all hardwire and general stores. Look for th
Triangle trademark.
P. C
I. t
I. C
I K I Jill
A report has bees circulated here
bat Florence died In
ville recently and that for this
the Dollar
would be rut The manage-
of White's wrote to the
syndicate producing this film and
the following self
letter In reply
Replying to yours the 16th loot
ant regarding Florence ,;
to advise that Miss word-
with the
Corporation at the present time
will be see In the serial,
beginning with episode No. so you
tan advise that the rumor regarding
Hiss Is
Very truly
Mr. J R Smith, of Ayden was It.
town yesterday on business.
For good collars, tracer
and other good work harness.
to see us. AW. Ange Co.
Come to see us we have a
line of good tubs, buckets and
ware of highest quality Harrington
Barber Co.
Mr. B. F. Manning is spending
some time in Elizabeth City for th.
purpose of buying cotton.
We thank our customers for
patronage during the past, and
a continuance of same we have a nice
line of groceries all times, Come
to see us we will treat you right. C
Vincent Co.
We handle well known, one
two horse Vulcan steel beam plows
we have size that you want and
prices to suit you II Forrest
Rev. George J filled
regular appointment at the
Church here Sunday.
We have in stock a nice hue o
good serviceable both work
and dress shoes. A. W. Ange Co.
We have shoes that will suit you
for dress, or for work at
prices. Harrington, Barber Co.
Mr. I. W. Rollins and family of Av-
den spent Sunday here with relatives
We have at all times good, fresh
beef, oysters and come to see
us to supply your wants. C. Vincent
The name of the young class
of the Winterville Baptist has
been changed from to
and the following officers were elected
to serve during this year R. II.
Croom, president; J. Alex Evans
first vice-president; N. J.
vice-president; Tyree Wyatt
secretary; Manley Jackson
E. L Roberta, reporter and Prof. C
J. Carpenter teacher.
For good serviceable shoes, there is
none better to be found than
Hunt Club Shoes dress shoes
for men who care. B. D. Forest
Newark, N. J., Jan.
of officials doctors and social
workers from all parts of New Jersey
gathered here today In Interest of
reducing the Infant mortality of
state. The figures on Infant mortality
show that of every babies born
in New Jersey, died before reach-
their first birthday anniversary.
The result of measures taken In New
Jersey to reduce the toll are cited to
show the improvement that can be
made throughout the state. For, as a
result of the local campaign th New-
ark deaths of fell to
each births Such a reduction
through the state. It was asserted
would have saved 1.270 babies in the
year. Specialists in the field of
hygiene are attending the convention.
Among the speakers expected Miss
Julia C. of the National Child-
Bureau. Other speakers are Dr.
H. Josephine Baker and Dr. Henry I.
K Shaw of New York .
coming to
the White's Friday. Feb. 5th
Is imaginative, melodious, regally tr-
rayed and In point of color light move-
and melody almost beyond
its changes of
scene are bewildering in their
the final
fresco banquet banks flowers
and as brilliant a moment
of spectacle as one could desire. It
here that the prettiest song in the
play voluptuous,
affair called A Dear
World After In which there is
all the melodious swing and sway of
tho Viennese Importations which It r
Two Lumber
Minneapolis, Minn. Jan. 19-The
opens Its annual
In Minneapolis. Sessions will
cover four days, and many members
are The government's sun
against the lumber trust Is a topic of
New Jan.
hundred lumber men from the yellow
pine belt met here today to complete
the formed.
New Pennsylvania Governor.
we .
n . how
by In- old
. In, Oil. It
. . at same SO.
Pa., Jan.
John K. Tenor of Pennsylvania retire
from office today, and Is removing to
Philadelphia, where he will have his
headquarters as President of the Na-
The new governor
Inaugurated today Is Hon.
to assume executive duties
The retiring governor has had a no-
table career, and Is popular through-
out the stats. The new chief
k superintendent of schools In
Philadelphia, and a national loader .
or excludes from the
any child suspected of contagious
or infections disease, thus preventing
its spread. States having coin
inspection have
and diseased or ck results, and this has caused a
people is
or the effort lo promote the
out the ways sale-guard-
the health of school children it
he Medical Inspection of Schools,
of popularity for Medical
at I and agitations
for It are going on. Every where
club women are working for it.
they are trying lo interest all
in it, because it involves the welfare
has been tried various places of all all women
many years with unite lo secure welfare of children
brings together children from end to promote their health
all kinds of all
parents Ibis greatly multiplies th;
danger unless
measures are actively used. Medical
By virtue of authority vested in a
by a mortgage made by J J.
to on lad
day of January. 1913. and having
qualified as hereby
fer for sale on the 3rd Monday of
February 1910. being 15th day
thereof, for cash to highest bidder
at Court House door in
at noon the following described
Situated in Swift Creek
Pitt county, on and adjoining
the two roads that cross at
of three small
at I of thirteen
second tract of one and one half
acres, and third tract of three acre
t. or less befog the three parcel
in a fr
With these before u.- .
any need to make a pica for Medical
Inspection in the schools of Clark and wife Mary Clark to
Carolina To have an intelligent. Wilson, dated the day of
inspection lg antidote for this evil, able citizenship in the future we mu I II sad recorded In
B-8, W
Inspection is of two one
prevention of the spread
contagious diseases, and
ISa healthy children of today
else our literary status be low in
the a sound mind tan
another for the detection of physical do its best in a sound a
defects which impair a child's mental weak mind will do better in a
so blessed will be the
who make possible, by care, th.
future health and success of tho ,
who follow them
For a school nurse is often
Considered sufficient. She keeps
children Inspection and reports
serious cases to a physician v. in ;
turn takes charge child
c. the needed treatment. Th
amount of prevention thus accomplish
ed in such diseases as measles, mumps
whooping cough, scarlet i
fever etc. is beyond an estimate. Issued County,
Inspection for physical is Two years later a new slate n
generally made by a physician, WM by the He-
Gov. 79th Birthday
from first
Columbia, S. ft, Jan. retire-
of Governor Coleman Livingston
today removes a unique char-
from the realm of executives
With consistent regularity he his
Opened the Jail doors of the state
freed or paroled the criminals of the
In such number that severe con-
voiced In all parts
the country. He outstripped all other
pardoning records. During the four
of his occupancy of the
chair he has granted pardons
commutations and paroles to some
Governor la an
lawyer and has served his state
In many capacities.
The new Is lion Richard
I. Manning.
remedies the defect, or the child
lo a professional expert.
diseased tonsils, spinal curvatures
deafness, imperfect sight, etc. all full
under this bead and if not remedied
will Impair the mental efficiency of
the child. Many children who have
been considered stupid, have made
satisfactory progress alter some simple
Medical inspection of schools is
a new idea It has been In use
for years. In the last years
has a world movement,
limited only by degree of
of a nation. It is no longer an
having been tested and
found good in England, France Ger-
many Norway Sweden Austria Switzer-
land Belgium Japan and
mania. In the United States it
in in 1894, where the city
schools were divided into districts
and each district placed under the care
a This was thought
necessary because waves of contagious
diseases several times
broken up schools and this remedy
was adopted to stop suffering
often death which resulted to say mull-
of loss of time from the school
This was so successful that r
cities adopted tho same preventive
measure, followed in some by
mandatory for Medical
Now states have
Inspection In all schools, while in
other It Is optional com-
North Carolina and other stales
no laws for Inspection.
Louisiana and West Virginia being
the only Southern States so
Of course It costs money but
no investment gives better returns.
Compulsory education cannot
reach a sick or a defective child, and
so it fulls short of its full value
less compulsory Inspection and sub-
treatment enables the child
to attend school, and grow strong
mentally and physically.
Defective children are those who
from physical defeats are not able
Dairy Men Meet.
Minn. Jan. Min-
State convention
and exhibit opened here today M
the annual banquet tonight, the new
governor, Hon. Hammond
expected to deliver an address. A pros-
year has brought a goodly mini
her to the convention, and tho exhibits
of dairy products, corn and alfalfa
are unusually attractive.
Open Bids for Labor
Frankfort. Ky., Jan. were
opened here today for the labor of
Kentucky convicts for one, two
and four years
construction a. t of Congress and Cap,.
Jarvis was elected the following year
to represent the people of
county In the New Legislature. He
was one of the few who really had the
interest of the state at heart. Small
though it was the little band f patriots
formed a of a movement that
Injected into the legislative body of
1870 an element that restored peace
order opened way for th I
white people to get control of the-r
government. So great was the ability
wisdom of Jarvis that he
was elected Speaker of the House on
this eventful session.
Miss Mary then gave a
review of the years from
1875 be was a member of the
constitutional convention that put an
end to the rule In tho eastern
counties. In 1876 he was elected Lieu-
tenant-governor, and In 1879 he be-
came governor of North Carolina. It
1880 he was elected to serve a full
term. The two most Important things
he accomplished were, perhaps
his management and Bale of west-
em North Carolina Railroad and hie
advancement in the cause of
throughout the stale. He i
built the Governor's Mansion. The
people of North Carolina have never
put an before tho governor. He
Is now and always will be
Miss Battle Spencer's review covered
years from
In 1884 be was appointed minister
to Brazil, and this runs well into the
third decade of his public service
No man In the diplomatic service per-
formed his duties with more
and honor. Because of a change in
the administration he was called
from Brazil and he resumed his law
which since 1872 hail been
interrupted by his public service.
He became United Slates
filling out the term of Sen
Vance, after which, he again re-
his law practice as though
there been no Interruptions, As
a lawyer he has been one of the
greatest; standing first as a
This the day of January 1915.
R. A.
lo keep up with their more robust , pleader.
mates and so rank as dull and stupid.
Such children are found to have some
physical defect, such diseased ton-
bad teeth. Imperfect digestion
defective vision, or Improperly
When these defects are
died the child becomes normal and
education The school nurse
always the best medium of com
between the home the
school and for the best results there
must be co-operation between
nurse, the and the home.
In some States a physician
child annually In other
The decade of years from 1895-190 i
reviewed by Irene White.
In the last two decades he baa held
no high official state position, how-
ever, influence has been none tho
less great. As a private be
has continued on all state questions,
In all public to be the people's
In tho great suffrage cam-
of 1900 when the state had fall
into bad hands, when the was
becoming a menace, once again, h
gave his best service to the State,
This time he was the wise advise.-,
the of the people and not
his among bis be
touches it closely and always
From 1905 to the present 1915 was
given Miss Kate Tillery.
The last live decades public
service so
ours, we are debtors for s
many services it Is difficult
us to out as the
greatest. His potter to touch life close
power of imagination, en
lo visualize clear
and lo see and grasp needs
educational institution in Eastern
North Carolina; once seeing he
went straight for it. Since 1909 a
chairman of the executive
of this institution be has kepi in close
with the School and bus been a
constant inspiration.
There has lived In N. C. no
whose is a greater force for good
than is that of Gov. Jarvis.
As u legislator, governor, senator
diplomat, lawyer, private nil ten e
has impressed slate as few have
done. This rounds out a full years
public service and other twenty
nine years were years of preparation
this service.
Gov. was then called upon by
resident Wright and arose and said
at his mind ha busy
over the events bis life
them and looking Into his motive. He
said that, after carefully thinking
he could truthfully say that he bad
always tried, us best he knew lo serve
bis fellow man--whether wisely or
not ho could not say. He gave in-
stances when, In to the ad-
vise friends of other,
did ii they said would be digging
his political grave. He said have
tried to weigh every political
question and after I have made up my
mind as to what is beat, I have stood
by my convictions, regardless of how
It affected my political or personal
He to the fuel that the day
of his birth was on Monday, and
on Monday, exactly thirty years ago
he the office of governor,
lie pulled out his watch, made
North Carolina gold, which was
him at that lime. It has been
guide and lime keeper ever since.
told what he would do
for the school if he could and of real
of the Importance of training
those who train children.
He closed by telling young ladles
that was only one way to he
assured of happiness and and
joy at end of that Is by
giving their lives lo service of
President Wright read letters
bad been sent lo him to be deliverer.
Gov. Jarvis from Gov. Dr
Y. Joyner, and Mr W Rogers
A telegram from Rev and Mrs M. T
Plyler arrived during the dinner.
At the close Pros. Wright I
voice sentiment of every one hen.
when I say we hope that you may he-
spared lo a number of yours and that
your usefulness may continue In
future it has been in the
the Inspection Is done by tho school the leader No man In tho state has
nurse who reports to a physician greater Influence In state and political
while in others the teachers makes questions than he has, hut his Influence
In the various rooms, and does not stop here. Whatever relation
report physical defects to the proper, he bears to life In bis home, town, in
Attorney at Law
Office In Building, Third
Practices wherever his services are

By virtue of authority
a certain mortgage executed by T. H
and wife, bearing dais of
lilt, and executed to the under
mortgagee u will appear o
in Book U page of I'm
the said undersigned
will, on Monday
Mia the Court-house door
county, at o'clock M. sell to
Ike bidder for cash the
described land, lying and
in the town of in
and Slate aforesaid, and
wars fully described follows
lot number Fourteen of
V-c at the south east
ml lot No and running with
line of lot No. IS westerly feet
to a stake, thence southerly S
teat, thence easterly feet to
street, thence northerly with said
Barest feet to the beginning.
This said sale la made tor the
of satisfying- the terms of said
Jan lat 1816
t Pierce attorneys
Having qualified as
C. T. A., of
Fleming, late of Pitt
N. C. is now
made for the purpose of notify
all persons having claim
against the estate of the said de-
ceased to exhibit to the
on or before the 24th.
day of December 1915 or this no-
will be plead in of their
All indebted to
raid estate will please make
mediate to the under
This day of December
Administrator. C. T A
in V. t -r .
or .-
,,,. tor FREE w
Our US what
Seventh St. Washington, D. C.
f the of B. mils, decease,
late of Pitt county. North Carolina.
this Is to notify all persons
claims against the estate the
deceased to exhibit them to
at Grimesland. N. C, or
before tho 10th day of November
or this notice will be pleaded In bar
of their recovery. All persons In-
to said estate will please make
This 6th day of November
Administrator of B. J Mills, de-
JAMBS I- EVANS, Attorney
taken up one ox about three
years old. marked under bit in ea. i
ear Owner can get same by paying
January ISIS
For the
LAMP is the most
compact and efficient lighting de-
vice for all kinds of vehicles. Will
not blow out or jar out Equipped
with thumb screws, so that it is
easily attached or detached. Throws
a clear light feet ahead. Extra
large red danger signal in back.
It is equipped with handle, and when
detached makes a good hand lantern.
Strong. Durable. Will last for years
At Dealers Everywhere
D. C
N. C.
S. C.
You Need a Tonic
There are times In every woman's life when she
needs a help over the hard places.
When tint e comes to you, you know what tonic
to woman's ionic is com-
posed of purely vegetable ingredients, which act
gently, yet surely, on the weakened womanly organs,
and helps build back to strength and health
It has benefited thousands and thousands of weak,
ailing women in Its past half century of wonderful
it will do the for you.
can't make a in taking
By virtue of power vested Id me by
that Deed of Trust executed to me
by W. C. Smith, and of record In the
Office of the Register Deeds for Pitt
County, in Book at Page
shall sell at public auction to
highest bidder for cash at the Court
House door In Greenville, on the
day of February. at o'clock
v . the following described parcel of
real estate, lying, being and situate
in Greenville Township. County
Pitt, and State of North Carolina, to
Farm No Twelve on that
part of land formerly owned by
Mrs. Annie Anderson, and fully
In Map Rook at
the Register of Deeds Office for lilt
County and containing Three and 35-
This January 4th.
Albion Dunn. Atty
Sale of North Carolina.
County of Pitt
and by virtue of the authority
conferred upon by the provisions
of a certain mortgage, executed by
Marcellus Dawson. and Ida
of the Count of Pitt State Of
North Carolina to W. H, Arnold,
aid county and State, which Is duly
recorded Honk 0-8, page of
register of Deed's Office of Coon-
the undersigned will sell at
auction at Court House door in
Greenville on the day or February
1918, at the hour of M. to
highest bidder for cash tho following
or parcel of land, situate in th
county and State aforesaid, and
particularly described as
in Township, Pit
County, on the road leading from
Muck Jack to Calico and bounded b
the lands of Edward Mills, W. I.
Smith and others containing acres
more or less and being the land
which Marcellus Dawson and Ida
resided in 1910. Reference
made to Book 0-9 page ST. of the Re-
of Pitt
This the day of January,
Hurry Skinner. Atty for mortgagee.
Administrator Notice
Having qualified as administrator of
S. R. Rosa late of Pitt
County, North Carolina, this Is to
all persons having claims against
the of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned twelve
months of this date or this notice
pleaded In bar of recovery.
All persons Indebted to said estate
will please make immediate payment
Thin, the 7th day of January 1915.
i Administrator
Administrator Notice.
Having qualified as administrator
J. I. deceased, late of Pitt
county. North Carolina, this Is to not
all persons having claims
tho estate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned within
months of this date or this notice
l-e pleaded In bar of their recovery.
All persons Indebted to said estate
will please make Immediate payment
This the 21st day of ISM
J. P.
The Woman's Tonic
Amelia Wilson, R. c. D. No. Alma, Ark.,
think is the greatest medicine on earth,
I began to take I was
so weak and nervous, and hid such awful dizzy
spells and a appetite. Now I feel as well and
N as I ever did, and can cat most
begin taking today, bold by all dealers.
Notice Is hereby that R. L
has this day sold nil of hi
entire Interests In Little a Wei
Company, of
N. tO A R. Little and X
that from this
the slid R. I, little has no
I in said
This the lit day January
Helped Thousand,
now To To Children.
V.- 11.1 N K I-
It is a trim
II and M t
adapted to who
lake D
nor In fa
North Carolina.
In the Superior Court.
January Term.
Notice of Sale
W. L. K Corey and wife N. J D
By virtue of a decree of the
court made In the above entitled cause
by His Honor H. W. Judge
Presiding at January Term. 1915.
County Superior Court, the undersign
ed commissioner, will on Monday, th
day of February, 1915, at II
clock Noon expose to public sale be
fore the Court House Door in
ville, to highest bidder for cash, the
following described tracts or parcels
of land,
First Situated In
Township, County bounded on the
Pitt County
In the Superior
quiring a Jury trial to.
no unnecessary time but at once an
decision to the time
of going to an unusually
number of cases had been dispose
of and at the present rate the
will be cleared. The
with which the business of the court
la finished Is creating a good
on those concerned for it Is
N. .
seldom that a Judge disposes of as
lands of S Worthing- cases In a short time as
ton and Jane Edwards; bounded on
the West by the lands of James
son and Dennis on the
by another tract of land of W. L F.
Corey and on the by the lands of
Amy containing acres more
or less and being the tract of land on
which the said W. L. P. Corey and
wife now reside.
Second Situated in
Township, County on the
side of Fork Swamp, adjoining
lands of Josephus and other.
containing acres more or less and
being the land deeded by Harrow
to Providence Cooper and Cannon
Mills and by conveyed lo Sam
Corey and by Samuel Corey to
L. F. Corey by which Is of re-
cord in the Office in Pitt
County In Book K-5. page
Third Situated In
Township, County, in lama R
containing acres more or
less being the same grant
to the said W. U F. Corey by the
suite of North Carolina by
which Is on record In the office f
the of Heeds
In Hook Y-3, page
Fourth Tract; Situated in
Creek Township. Pitt County, ad-
Joining the lands of Nashville Wilson
W. B. Bland, Ft. Ft, and Sal
lip containing acres more or
Fifth Situated in Swift
Creek Township County, on
of the Washington Road
g tho tract last above mentioned
and adjoining the lands of E, H.
Haywood Cox and others con
acres more or less
The above lands will be sold in
separate tracts and also In
of the separate tracts and also as
a whole.
The first tract above described ha
been sub-divided Into eight
and said lands will be sold ac
to said sub-divisions and
as a whole.
the 11th. day of January,
Judge has today.
Those who were chosen to serve on
the Grand Jury for this term are as
L. L. foreman. W. L, Smith
N. C. A. M. Waters, Z. M.
F. T. Taylor, L. D.
W. E. Tyson, C. E. Spier, C. t
E. T. Gray A. L. Cox G. W
Boyd. A J. J. W.
J. S. Taylor W. O Manning and H
B Owens.
The John Allen Home Place, con-
acres, more or
ed near Red Ranks Church about t
miles Southeast of Greenville,, will be
offered for sale lo tho highest
on Thursday January 1915.
land will he subdivided Into lots and
each sold separately, then the whole
will be offered together, the right be-
reserved to reject any or all bids
The sale will be made on the
es at o'clock A. M. on Thursday
January 1915. of
2-3 cash, and the balance on easy
Anyone desiring to see said land
and the map of the various
apply to J. R. Allen, Greenville, N. C
It. K. No who resides on the
Having duly qualified the
superior court clerk of Pitt
as administrator of the estate of Cal-
Jones, deceased, notice Is hereby
given to all persons Indebted to the
estate to make Immediate payment to
the undersigned; and all persons
claims against said estate are no-
lo present the same to the
signed for payment on or before toe
Kill day ff December, or this
notice will be In bar of
This day of December, 1914.
of Calvin Jones
i-i LAND
By virtue of a power of sale
ed in a certain Mortgage Deed
and delivered by J. A. and
wife Ethel to W. II. Dad,
Jr. dated the 15th. day of August
1914, and duly recorded in the
Office in Pitt Hook
A II, page and by virtue of
a Mortgage executed and delivered by
B. A. to W. H. Dull. Jr.,
dated the -day of , 1911. and
recorded In the Registers Office In
Pitt County, the undersigned will. or.
Saturday, the 6th. day of February
1915, at o'clock Noon expose to pub
He sale before the Court Rouse door
in Greenville, to the highest bidder
for cash, tho following described tract
or parcel of land,
one undivided
of J. A. and also lbs
life estate of E. A. In the one
fifth undivided interest or the
said J. A. in that certain
tract or parcel of land situated
Township. Pitt County,
Carolina adjoining tho lands of Tho-
mas Haddock on the East; the Hardy
land on tho West; the Evans land
the South and the land on
the North and containing acres
more or
This sale is made for the purpose
of satisfying the terms of said Mort
gage Deed.
the 4th. day of January,
W. H.
Harding Attorneys.
Flora Ann Moore. Ada Thomas, Has
rice Thomas, Thomas, Bob
ale Thomas. Thomas
Saddle Thomas.
defendants above named
take notice that an action
as above has been commenced In the
Superior Court of Pill County to sell
Tor partition lot No. In the
ion the lands of Jordan Cox. as-
lying near N. C, east
the said defendants will further
that they are required to apt
pear before the Clerk of the Superior
Court of Pitt County at his office
the court house. Monday. January o
1915. and answer or demur to the
In said or law
plaintiff will apply to the court for
the relief demanded In said
This day of December 1914
J. D. COX,
Clerk Superior
Attorneys for Plaintiff
and calls art the safest
surest method of trading In wheat
n or Because roar loss Is
absolutely limited to the
bought- No further risk.
Positively the most way
o trading.
Open an account. Ton can buy
puts or calls on bushel
grain for or y n- can buy both
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An advance or of cent give
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A movement of cents profit.
Write for full particulars and bank
B. rT. AH
Address all mall to lock
With 1915 I enter the 15th year in
the Insurance business
this time I have been to some de-
successful; having written quite
a large of business among
a host of Satisfied And
for nil this I thank other people.
Tho drug store occupied
by that splendid character, Dr.
Ernul, has been in to a
nice offices rooms which I now
with the good of The Mutual
and where will welcome all
good people,
for continued faithful
January stray yearling
letter, red and wait spotted, no ear
Owner run get Name by paying
C. R.
L. A.
Jan. 20th. 1916 Simpson, N. C
Ad Is Hopeful.
Denver, Colo., Jan. 19- give
that Mexican the walloping of his car-
declared Ad who
Joe here
fought him had about as much
going into the ring as an old
woman. I was hog fat and In tin con
I am happy to get u chance to
people that Joe's victory wilt
nothing but a big
with price and lumber to suit P V
1-11 Std-St
Having qualified as Executor
Adam late of Pitt
county, North Carolina, this is to
all persons having claims against
the estate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned within
months of this date or this notice will
lie pleaded in bar of their recovery.
All persons indebted to said estate
will please make payment
the 31st day
F. G. JAMES ft Attorneys
Having as administrators
of the estate of deceased
late of Pitt county North Carolina,
this Is to notify all persons having
claims against tho estate of the said
to exhibit to the on
at N. C, on Of
before the 22nd day December
or this wilt be pleaded In bar
of their recovery. All la
to said estate will please
This 22nd day December
Administrators of Ernul. de-
Clear an
Baby's T
By virtue of authority vested la
me by a mortgage made by W. H.
Clark to on the
7th day January, and I
qualified as Administrator
by offer for on tho third Mon-
day of January, 1915. being tho 19th
day thereof, for cash to tho
bidder, at the Court House door at
tho following described pro-
Lying and being In Swift Creek
Township. Pitt North Caro-
line, beginning at a cypress on tie-
run of Swift near the old foot
way and runs S E pr to a
stake, J Walls N
E pol. s to a l pine, then S
E pol. s to oak, then N
W inlet, to a black gum
run of Creek, then down the
various of Creek, con-
more or less.
In Book D-10,
Also other tract the
lands of J. Clark, Clark.
and Others, con-
acres more or less.
Tins, the day December
p. A
V W. Ally.
. . , u.
. . c . i
. ,,.,. .
ti., t. t. . it. . hi-.
, it., V A
1- IT,
a r. WM
If. Y . i u,. Hi, f .
. l a
u the
FOB an n
the -st she Meet the Most W
M -4.
Mil Great Seal if
bit Finally
Introduce- Kill
Form of Deeds and Mort-
gages, new Act
i- Proposed In
Jan. The women were
victorious in their fight be
fore the House, the act allowing th
appointment of women as
passed final reading
and having passed the Se-
is now a law until declared
constitutional, as many claim will
be. by the Supreme of
Carolina. The vote was close. for
Ike measure and
The gallery was crowded with
rumen who
every point gained by their nob
champions. And when one the
opposition home an argument
there was silence in seven language-,
Many prominent club women N
the advocates of equal
suffrage were there, all believing
this was. but the entering wedge
what they believed Is bound to
sooner or later, for
Bills Reported.
Committee reported that bill lo
peal public road law of Yancey
to not pass.
were received on the
Abolish office county treasurer in
counties; protect game birds In
protect game in
regulating hunting and In
Scotland; protect fur bearing
In repeal law in regard
sale of partridges in Franklin;
to hunting deer in Harnett;
stock law of in
repeal law stock to
run at large in Avery; amend
law of Clay; abolishing Otto of
treasurer of Stanly,
flee of county treasurer of
repealing act known as Justice loin
and short haul act; for relief of late.-
and The in
ed an report.
i two lion
mill yesterday
a must, of local will
and there. The Introduction an-
other primary
lbs time close
the out of tills be
fore the f the
bill y S
lb result Hie
rated efforts of Senator Weaver am
Farmer forges a Check is
Caught and Placed in
S. Jones, s farmer who lives
near Red Banks, was last
night and put in jail here for for-
He secured u blank check of
T. Hooker and made it
to him signed by Mr Hooker
sum He bought a bill of fur-
and gave the check as payment. This
check was turned in at the bank
where the forgery was detected
Papers were issued and Jones was
rested last night and brought here
He confessed the forgery and of
the money was recovered.
Latest Reports Say Two
of British Ships in Recent
Battle Were Damaged
Expects to Have Electric
lights, System
And Sewerage
I'm Bill Allowing
to So Serve Notices.
No longer
the high sheriff or his deputy mount
his trusty horse and notify you
lo appear before the grand
Senate Judiciary Committee No.
decided to report favorably
I bill allowing him to phone you.
The bill
sheriffs, constables and
officers charged with tho service of
any court process, other than a sum-
mons, may serve tho same by
phone and such service shall be valid
and binding on the party so serve
The bill was introduced by Senator
Senator Hobgood.
The pledges of both in
balance, every Senator
and Representative in some form or
other having individually pledge
himself , r partially to
as to
primary hill merely remains one
Nash of
a to the form of deeds
and mortgages. The bill was In-1
list week. When
lion on the floor, the i
tor Introducing measure ask-d
it be placed on the
a mailer of special order, for noon
on Tuesday.
Senator Ward his
to the bill, and Senator Nash
look the floor Its defense. He
Stated that the bill which be was hi
aiming at tho
of deeds and mortgages was not
a in thing In essence, it Is th
nine as now use in t
I he union, II has th
form of deeds mid mortgages nil
for over thirty years
The aim of the bill i lo
reduce the. number words in
deeds from lo and In
from SI lo ST. When it n
considered something like a
hundred thousands are tiled
North Carolina each year, this moans
a saving In the way of
Had be Into Port After
Engagement Has Over
Army Expected lo Make Big
to a fitter This
Occasion of Rejoicing and
London. Jan. The British Bat
did not escape unscathed in
North Sea naval battle with the Ger-
mans. The battle cruiser Lion, which
led the British squadron, and the tor-
boat destroyer Meteor were dis-
and were towed into port, while
one office and men were killed an
three officers and men wounded on
three of the Lion,
and Meteor.
This information is contained in
Admiralty statement issued tonight
The statement denies German reports
that one British cruiser and two tor-
boats were sunk. b
declaring that all the British
engaged in the action have d
to port in safety.
The announcement was made
the Secretary of the Admiralty,
No British Ships Sunk.
the Britten ships and torpedo
boat destroyer engaged in Sunday's
action have returned in safely to port.
Lion which had some of her
forward compartments flooded
shells below the water line, was take i
in tow by the cruiser
The destroyer Meteor, which was
disabled, was taken in town by the
Program Services to Be
Held at Christian Church
Both British and official re
ports assert that all these attacks fail-
ed and that the Germans suffered
heavy losses.
The Germans admit their attack
the British north of the canal was
but say that on the south
side of the waterway their efforts
brought complete success and
attempt to recapture these
trenches was repulsed with host
These attacks followed a heavy
British bombardment of German
beyond La in which
according to reports one
big German gun was destroyed while
the Germans were prevented from
getting a second heavy gun into
This was on Saturday. On
Monday the Germans made their at-
tacks, and some of the hardest fight-
of the campaign took place.
Germans shelled the hospital at Beth-
and wounded were removed to
There has heavy fighting to
the cast and west of in the
Argonne and in Alsace.
Advance in East
The Russians are making
effort to advance in East
while in Poland there has been
slackening in the fighting on boll
sides for the moment. The Russians
appear to be concentrating them-
selves on their offensive north of th l
lower Vistula, while tho
mans are preparing to meet the
advance through the passes of
tho Carpathians and in Southern Bu-
Cruiser Torpedoed.
Russian submarines in the western
portion of the Bait c Sea have tor
Liberty. Both vessels were q,.,
following is taken from Th I
Ayden Dispatch.
Elsewhere in todays Dispatch s
a notice by Mayor a
bill will be introduced the present
session of the Carolina Leg-
. i town com-
missioners Ayden lo hold an
to determine whether or not
majority of the citizens of Ayden
ready to Issue bonds in the sum if
for a system of water works,
electric light and sewerage.
The optimistic have not the
doubt but that the privilege will be
our to call
this election. The people who
the welfare of the town at heart i
not going to leave a single stone
turned in the effort to carry the
for bonds should the legislature
grant them power to call this election.
Of course there is going to be
position to the of
It wouldn't be human in people if
a little persuasion and
on the subject is all that Is necessary
to convince part of the opposition
that these commodities are absolute-
essential to this growing town.
Let us all get our ducks In a row
right now and start the ball a
Don't wait to sec whether th-
legislature is going to give US
proper authority. Lets take it
for granted that all is lovely up in
Raleigh and Ayden is the place When
the work he done.
The recently accept-
ed the plans for water and light
system which were drawn by the
Company of Atlanta.
guarded by strong escorts of
en, to both vessels can
The total ii. of
the and men rep,
the Admiralty On the Lion
men on Tiger one oil
and nine men killed and three
and men wounded, on th
Meteor four men killed and one man
wounded .
Is not believed that any Other
occurred, but if so will
be immediately published.
soon as Admiral Realty's re
port Is received a full he
Birthday Today.
large scones
Wake Forest, Jan. Wake Forest
defeated Atlantic Christian College
Which however, reached port With j night on the home floor by u
the assistance of n Swedish steamer. of TO points allowing the visitors
Their activity has stopped the trade
carried on by German steamers b
tween Germany and Sweden
New York. Jan, l
near the Shoals
early today the American Hawaiian
Line steamship
was sunk and the American
Palmer, which rammed
was abandoned. With decks awash.
On life of a r
lend The persons
Hit officers and crews of the two
London, Jan. The Germans who vessels were Ian led in York Ne
reported from Holland to be mas by the OM Dominion Line
preparations for a big steamer form Norfolk Which
venture celebrate the them up near the scene of the
birthday tomorrow, already have made III miles southwest of ill
a determined effort than breakwater.
the French and British lines The sank ten
In Flanders and France. J minutes she was struck and all
have attacked French to the Baal aboard were ordered to boats. II
of Ypres have mane no less Hum Meyer a waler tender on the Wash
five attacks on Hie division of the was missing when the men
British force on either side of Lt were mustered for roll-call on the
I canal decks of the rescuing ship.
points In the first hair and In the
last The work of Holding at for-
ward for the Baptists featured,
the total score points were
by Holding from eight goals
Hall with seven. Hensley put up a
good defensive game allowing his man
only OM field goal during the f
game and finding the basket for four
field goals himself.
The visitors were and
out classed in every department and
were unable to with the speed,
passing of the Baptists. The end
Ural half found the or.- to
against them. Forty more points ere
added by the Baptists the last halt
Farmer succeeded in shooting
one Held goal the score ending to
Below we give the program
has been arranged the
of Christian church to be
held at Ayden this week beginning
Friday night. A number of good
speakers are on program a
splendid meeting is
Friday Right
Song Service and devotion J
H. Wilson. X. C.
Sermon s. W.
ton. X. C.
Saturday Morning.
Song Service and devotion -1
M. X. C,
to minutes
Ill The Church defined I. K
Tingle. Ayden. X. C.
The Qualifications and
of Church Officers B. I.
Smith, X. C.
The Church-member from
Baptism lo the Crown- K.
Moore. Grifton. X. C.
ill Duties of Membership to
the J Fred Jones.
Wilson, X. C.
r. Duty Of the Minister to His
Flock K W. Smith. Ayden
X. C.
Appointment of Committees.
Adjournment for dinner.
Saturday Afternoon
I. Song Service and J.
W, X. C.
i. Business session of the
Adjournment at
Saturday Might,
Program by ladies of I
C, b. u.
Sunday Horning, st
Ayden Bible School
Song Service and devotion- Ii
E, Moore. Grifton, N C.
Communion Sam II
goner, Ayden. X. C.
I. Sermon J. Fred Jon
Wilson. X. C,
i. Adjournment tor dinner,
Bible-School Session Richard Ba-
by. District Superintendent, Wilson
X. c.
Sermon Richard Wilson
X. C,
s. B, .
The Fire.
The report of the lire at I
yesterday should have mentioned lb
fact that the bundling burned was a
storage house used for the
goods and other stock. The
large brick store house was not. burn
ed. This fact will account for lb
mall loss small insurance.
A Bold Han.
due little man came out boldly, ibis
week and said lie did not want to do
that v build town up,
and good roads will build Fast
therefore he against
roads. It Is but
true, when a man i anything,
doesn't want the other man that works
to have anything. We thank him for
bold stand, but we hope will
hare to help build good roads,
Mr Dick of Ayden la
town today business. ,

Eastern reflector, 22 January 1915
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
January 22, 1915
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