Eastern reflector, 23 February 1912

Index contain an Interesting article
giving the of
through legal
la 1831 William Lloyd Garrison loom-
ad Into prominence as an
Jackson had to deal with Indian
trouble In the Black Hawk war and
In the second war-
la 1836 Texas rebelled against
to and established an Independent re-
In the compiler's sketch of Andrew
Jackson due stress Is laid upon the
fact, too often overlooked, that An-
drew Jackson had attained distinction
In civil as well as military life before
he was nominated for the presidency.
declared May 1848. Thai war Is
folly treated In the encyclopedic Index
volume, and the history of It la told In
Folk's various addresses and messages.
The treaty of
brought the war to a close In 1848, by
By virtue of the power of sale con-
North Carolina
Pitt Count,
Before the Clerk
In the Superior Court
By virtue of a decree of the
court of Pitt county, rendered
war a . . , , or .
term, of which treaty HUM sold Mary
by Augustus Blount and wife. Cherry
for that territory which to A. Q. Cox. on the 1st day administratrix of B.
now comprise. California. Nevada. May, 1908, which mortgage
most of New Mexico L J.
and a part of Colorado and blade,, on Monday, the 4th
the boundary of at the t before others, heir, at law, the undersigned day of March. 1912, at noon.
By virtue of the power of sale con-
In a certain mortgage deed, ex-
and delivered by J. Fulford
and wife, Pattie Fulford, to W. A.
Pollard and B. A. Joyner. trading as
W. A Pollard A Company, on the 4th
day of January. 1911. and duly re-
corded in the register of deed, office,
In Pitt county, North Carolina, in Iowa. Senator
Birthday congratulation, were In or-
today for the latest of the
Cummins, United State. sons-
Book V-9, page the undersigned
will expose to public sale, before the
court house door In Greenville, to the
The proviso was an attempt
to exclude slavery from any territories
to be acquired, from Mexico. While
this proviso of passage. gave a
the court house door in Greenville,
on Tuesday, February the follow-
described land, Two
tract, of land in town-
being the two tracts described
in a deed from A G. Cox and wife, to
A metropolitan paper In reviewing ; b, war WM Augustus Blount, said deed dated May
this work take leave of this
Invaluable collection of the messages
commissioner will, on Thursday, Fob- two certain tract, or parcel, of land
born sixty-two years ago In the
of Pa. In early youth
he followed his father's trade of car-
and with the money thus
1912. between the hour, of j lying and being in the county of Pitt learned he was able to take a two
and o'clock, in the town of state of North Carolina, and In I ,
ville. before the court house door. I Beaver Dam township, and described ears course College,
at public auction, to the follows After leaving college he worked for
bidder for cash, the following All that part of the tract of several year, as a railroad
tract or parcel of land, lying land known as the Hooker
and being situated In Pitt lying on the south side of the
soon to the slavery question In ,. known as The N. C. and more and road not
and papers of Andrew
first ever Riven to the an
extract from his farewell address,
which, few readers, we imagine,
will dispute deserves to be treasured
by the aide of Washington's farewell
Van Inherited the panic of
which had resulted from wild
speculation during Jackson's
and precipitated by Jackson's
Specie Circular Right here, in pass-
we may call to the attention of
readers the splendid article on panics
In the encyclopedic Index volume, and
a of all the panics, with their
causes. Is given from the panic of
In 1837 the independence of Texas
recognized by the United States.
It was during the administration of
Martin Van that the
institution was founded Wash-
and the article under that title
In the encyclopedic Index Is commend-
ed to our readers.
The campaign of 1811. In which
Henry Harrison was elected to
succeed Van was marked by
the novelty of stump speaking and
processions. The attempts to belittle
Harrison on account of his humble
gin were taken up as catchwords, and
the eider log cam-
became the hurricane
Harrison's short term gave little
opportunity to distinguish himself.
His death supposed to be due to
the annoyance of office seekers who
believed In the Jackson spoils system.
Tyler vice president under
succeeded to the presidency on
Harrison's death.
An important boundary dispute was
settled by a treaty known as the Ash-
treaty, negotiated by Lord Ash-
of Great Britain and Daniel
Tyler's administration saw the close
of the war
rebellion, which occurred
Island, forms an interesting
chapter in the history of the growth of
franchise. The vote had been given to
landowners possessed of a certain
amount of property their eldest
sons. who led the rebellion In
favor of popular suffrage, was declared
a traitor to Island, arrested and
Imprisoned, but afterward honored
when his party succeeded. The story
told in the encyclopedic Index vol-
and the presidential discussion
cited In chronological place.
In 1842 John C Fremont, the
was sent by the government to
find the path across the Rocky
It Is Interesting to read his bi-
and note his troubles,
once court and bis glories,
being honored by the government
achieving success.
In the presidential campaign of 1844.
In which James K. Polk was elected to
succeed Tyler, the issues were the an
of Texas and the Oregon
boundary dispute, in which Polk's ad
used the famous campaign
Polk was known as the first
candidate ever nominated by
prominent party.
The tariff question was dealt with,
resulting In a lowering of duties.
Polk's various discussions of this old
and new question are very interesting
and Instructive.
The most notable event of Polk's ad-
ministration is the war with Mexico,
not strictly start with him. The en-
tire number of removals all the
presidents prior to Jackson were only
seventy-four. Jackson removed 2.000
In one year. The got
its Dams from an utterance of Senator
of New York in the United
States senate In 1881, the victors
the Jackson a
strict constructionist and opposed to
national banks. It was during Jack-
son's administration that occurred Urn
famous debate, in
which contended that the fed-
government was a compact en-
Into by sovereign states, while
Webster maintained that the
was an Instrument of the gov-
created by the sovereign
of the United States, which
the national Ideal. This nation-
ideal was supported by Jackson, for,
when South Carolina attempted to nub
lily the tariff by to
duties at the port of Charleston. Jack-
son threatened the state with force.
The Mormon church was established
by Joseph The encyclopedic
described as covered by the dower of V.
Adjoining the lands of R. D. Whit- Cobb. and excepting an undivided one-
or. He must have been a pretty good
man at the business, for he was of-
a position as chief engineer of
one of the western railroads. But the
accurate description.
This Jan. 1912.
Owner of debt.
F. G. James and Son, attorneys.
success was due largely to his military to which deed is hereby made for an
Taylor recommended a protective
tariff for the protection of home Indus-
tries and for the insurance of good
wages for labor. Taylor's term was
cut short by death.
Fillmore's recital of the history of
his time is of extraordinary
because the country was on the
eve of its greatest crisis. Fillmore
rather leaned toward the slavery doc-
and signed the fugitive slave act
and other compromise measures, which
lost him the favor of the Whig party
in the north. The Fillmore fugitive
slave proclamation Is partially
in facsimile. This proclamation
is as Interesting as fiction when looked
back upon across the bloody chasm of
war which reversed its flat.
President Fillmore adduced
arguments In favor of a tariff
for revenue which might properly
amount to a protective tariff.
Fillmore advocated internal Improve
of the late Geo. B. and the j Hooker which was assigned to and became a student
same being more described V. Cobb. widow of W. L.
deed book on page of Pitt Cobb, as dower, the interest in this
county registry. tract to be sold Is a fee-simple sub-
The said land will be sold subject to the dower of V. Cobb.
in a Chicago law office.
Mr. Cummins did not become a res-
of the state that later was to
to the dower rights of the widow.
Mary E.
This January 1912.
C. C. PIERCE. Com.
Ward and Pierce, Attorneys.
By virtue of a power of sale con- North County, In the
in a certain mortgage deed
executed by J. A. Gardner to H. A.
Hart, dated the 26th day of April.
1911. and recorded in the office of
Register of Deeds of Pitt county in
book page the undersigned
will on Monday, the 11th day of Mar.
1912 at o'clock, noon, expose to
Susie S. Harris vs. Henry Spencer
The above named will
take notice that an action entitled
as the above has been commenced
In the superior court of Pitt county
to have the of the plaintiff In
as For more particular him governor and United State.
description see conveyances recorded j senator until 1878, when he removed
in the register of deeds office of Pitt from Chicago to Des and form-
ed a law partnership with his brother.
public sale before the court house j lands of her late husband. H. S.
door in Greenville, to the highest allotted to her as prescribed
for cash, the following law and the said will
tract or parcel of further take notice that he is
ed before f the
township. Pitt county, North
county. as Mortgage of J.
S. Fulford and wife to W. A. Pollard
Co., Book V-9, page Deed of
J. H. Cobb. to J. C. Cobb, Book
E-8. page and deed of R. J. and
J. H. Cobb., to J. S. Fulford.
Book H-8, page
Sale to be made to satisfy said
mortgage deed. Terms of sale, cash.
This 31st day of January. 1912.
2-ltd Mortgagees.
Moore Long. Attorneys,
Greenville, N. C.
ad a Gardner's bridge PUt at of Pi
with J Mon- special
virtue of an order of the
Pitt county, made in a
g pending therein,
entitled J. Evans, Mamie F.
Lucy C. Baker, et. vs.
Una an
of Swift Feb. 1912 and answer
line, bounded on the south by to the complaint or petition
line and on the west by the filed In said action or the plaintiff, John Kennedy, James T. Kennedy, et.
main road leading from will apply to the court for the and being 1711 on
to Maple Cypress, thence lief demanded in the said complaint
This Jan. 1912.
Clerk Superior Court.
for Plaintiff.
and recommended that some bridge
, , a lino ct northerly with said road to the he-
means be found of a line of containing forty acres.
communication between the valley or
the Mississippi and the Pacific on ac-1 a made to satisfy the
count of the growth of terms of said mortgage deed,
territories on the Pacific in wealth j This the 6th day of Feb. 1912.
and population and the consequent In-1 Mortgagee,
crease of their social and commercial ltd
relations with the Atlantic
The treaty with Eng- NOTICE OF LAND SALE.
land was agreed to. the terms of which North County,
have been somewhat In dispute recent-1 In the Superior Court
because it dealt with the then
posed canal, but. broadly
Interpreted, would be effective as to J. w. Allen. Jr. and wife,
the canal, which was discuss-
ed in the newspapers recently as to
whether the United States has the
right to police and control the Panama
canal without an Infraction of the
Among the Illustrations in the Fill
Allen. D. H. Allen and
wife. Marv P. Allen. Henry
E. Allen and E. Allen.
Joseph J. Allen. Elma R.
Allen and J. W. Allen, the
last five being minors.
By virtue of a decree of the
court of Pitt county, made In
the above entitled case, at
more period of history which lighten term. 1912. by O. H. Allen, presiding,
. . m I the undersigned commissioner, will
up the work and give It a tinge Of day q February
is the cartoon entitled Ridicule expose to sale before
of Jenny Popularity In court house door in Greenville, to
Louis Kossuth. the great highest bidder, for cash, the fol-
lowing described tract or parcel of
The undersigned having this day
duly qualified as administratrix o
estate of E. F. deceased be-
for D. C. Moore, clerk supreme court
of Pitt county, notice is hereby given
to all persons indebted to said estate
to make immediate settlement with
the undersigned and all persons
holding claims against said estate
are hereby notified to file their claim
with the undersigned within
months from the date hereof or this
notice will be plead in bar of re-
This the day of January. 1912.
Administratrix of the estate of E. F.
F. C. Harding, Attorney.
leader In the European struggle for
liberty, was in 1851 aided to escape
from Turkey by the United States gov-
and visited America, being
heralded as a great emancipator. Ref-
to this historical event, throw-
a side light on foreign history. I.
given in the encyclopedic Index vol-
The purchase was arranged
by treaty with Mexico during
administration and added considerable
and being in Greenville
township, Pitt county. North Caro-
and described as follows, to-
Beginning at an Iron mob la
the lane In the Williams line and
running a S. W. course to an Iron
at a wire fence on the back of
the field. Thence a straight line to
an iron in Brown's line; thence
with Brown's Hue to the run of the
branch; thence with said branch to
line; thence with said
line to the Williams line; thence
the Williams line to the beginning.
Before many years had passed he had
established his reputation as one of
the ablest lawyers In the
Ten year, after his arrival in Iowa
Mr. Cummins was elected to the state
legislature. He was elected as an la-
dependent candidate, which was not
a very in those day.
He voted with the Republicans on all
matters, excepting He
was a believer in high license, as a
more practical temperance measure
than prohibition, and subsequent leg-
seems to have approved his
judgment, for high license with local
option now appears to be the settled
policy in Iowa.
When John H. Gear, known as the
old of the Republican
party In Iowa, was the end
of his long career in the United States
P. docket of said court. I will offer
for public sale before the court house
door in Greenville, on Monday, the
4th day of March. 1912. at o'clock
m., the following described tract of senate, Mr. Cummins became a can-
,. ,. . . for the toga. He was success-
on the north by the , , . .
plank road, adjoining the lands but three vote
T. R. Moore and others, and known election and established his place
the Isaac Hardy home place, being among the foremost leaders of
the same conveyed to Mary E. Hardy 1901 came out for o,,
by E. O. and wife, February I , , . . .
1900. and recorded in Book M-8, governorship. It was Cummins against
page containing 1-4 acres, field. He stumped the state and
or less. won in the convention of 1.600
Terms of sale, cash, or 1-2 cash gates b. a of eighteen. He
and balance In months to be . , . . . . . . .
served his first term and was re-elect-
cured by mortgage on said land.
This February 1912.
W. F. EVANS, Commissioner.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
as administrator of B. F.
ed. During his administration and
under his leadership the reform move-
made great headway in Iowa.
As a candidate for a third term, with
as his campaign slogan, he
swept the state with an old time ma-
that made his master of the
deceased, notice Is hereby given to all , , . .
i a v. j . 1908 Mr. Cummins was elected
persons Indebted to the estate to
territory to the United States. about acres, more or
Pierce declared unreservedly his con- less,
that slavery was constitutional This the 27th day of January, 1912.
and upheld the fugitive slave act. He
denounced bitterly the slavery
An echo of the slavery agitation Is
noted In the manifesto, which
was u recommendation to the
dent of the representatives of our min-
to Spain. France and Great Brit-
the latter being James Buchanan,
sent from Belgium. Oct.
1834, to the effect that the United
States should offer Spain
for and. In event of Spain's re-
to sell, the Gutted States would
be Justified In taking forcible
of Cuba rather than see It
But Pierce did not
think it to upon this rec-
and Pierre our
North County.
In the Superior Court, before D. C.
Moore. Clerk.
Jesse Haddock, administrator
of Samuel Mills. Martha
Mills. I. F. Mills. Fred
Mills. Mills, Macon
and wife,
Mills and Maggie Haddock
By virtue of a decree of the
Court of Pitt county, made by
C. Moore, clerk in the above en-
titled special proceeding, on the 29th
day of January. the under-
signed administrator of the estate of
Samuel Mills, will on Wednesday,
the 28th day of February. 1912, at
State of North Carolina.
Pitt County.
To G. F. Morrison. Meta Morrison or
any person
Take notice, that on the 1st day
of May, 1911, at the court house door
the town of Greenville, L. W.
Tucker, sheriff In and for the county
of Pitt, did expose to public sale the
following described One lot in
the town of Ayden, town-
ship. Said lot was sold at said sale
for the taxes due for the year 1909 and
1910, at which the undersigned be-
came the purchaser thereof, the said
lot was taxed or assessed the name
of G. F. Morrison for the year 1909
and 1910, by order of the
of said county; said lot not
been listed for taxation by G. F.
Morrison of any one else, and the
time of redemption will expire on the
first day of May, 1912.
This the 29th day of January, 1912.
J. F.
make payment to the
and all persons having
claims against said estate are notified
that they must present the same to
the undersigned for payment on or
before the 5th day of February, 1913.
or this notice will be plead in bar of
This February 5th, 1912.
of B. F.
to serve out the term of
William B. Allison in the United
States senate. He was re-elected to
the full term the next year.
the tariff was renewed soon
after he entered the senate, Mr. Cum-
stood up and said things which
started what became known as the
The Idea a
of tariff on monopolized products
La and others took up the
idea and made admirer, of Mr. Cum-
took up the Idea and much
of It, but It was Cummins who
Close and admirers of Mr.
Cummins believe that the
North County.
By virtue of the power of sale
contained In a certain mortgage ex-
on the 13th day of movement, as the idea
1902. by E. P. Stokes to Fred Mills.
has come to be known, may sweep
which mortgage is recorded in book
H-7 at page Pitt county on a show-down he
try, the undersigned will offer for could greater strength among the
sale on Saturday. March 9th, at Progressive Republicans than Sena-
m., at the court house door of toT
Pitt county, the following described
minister to Spain, resigned In noon, expose to public sale
an interesting ,, of both as to
shivery our subsequent relations
with Cuba. In the campaign of 1800
the Republican party was born and
John C. Fremont nominated, but de-
by James Buchanan, a northern
It would be interesting to trace this
review through the remaining
of Buchanan. Lincoln and on
down to Taft. In which each president
devotes his own best intellect and calls
his service the best assistance of bis
scholarly friends and cabinet members,
but space forbids. Enough has been
said to give a fair Idea of how
n history this Is of each ad-
ministration. Its authenticity Is not
to be questioned. The use of this work
for school children, either for refer-
or for collateral reading or for
n well n Its
use for progressive, ambitious
cans, young and old, out of college, as
on aid to Individual success, ob-
the 1-9 undivided Interest of the late
Samuel Mills in that certain tract or
parcel of land iii township.
Pitt county. North Carolina, adjoin-
the lands Jesse Haddock, Cal-
Mills and others, containing about
acres, more or less, also the 1-9
undivided interest of the said Sam-
Mills in the tract of land adjoin-
the lands of Mills. Calvin
Mills and others, containing about
acres, more or less.
This the day of January, 1912.
Administrator of the estate of Sam-
Mills, deceased.
F. C. Harding Attorney.
Having qualified as administrator
D. B. N. of Joseph deceased,
late of Pitt county. N. C, this is to
notify all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased
to them to the undersigned
within one year of the date of this
notice, or this notice will be pleaded
in bar of their recovery. All persons
indebted to said estate will please
make Immediate payment.
This day of January, 1912.
Administrator D. B. M.
Julius Brown, Attorney.
tract or parcel of land lying in Pitt
Bounded on the south by W. B.
Bland, on the north by C. H. Stokes
and others, containing sixteen
acres, more or less.
This sale is made to satisfy the
terms of the mortgage above refer-
red to.
This 5th day of Feb. 1912.
FRED MILLS. Mortgagee
HARRY Attorney.
Halt's four-ear Prolific corn for
sale. Grown In 1-2 foot rows.
Inches in the row making it a good
germinating corn. per bushel;
per 1-J pot peck .
Grown and selected by
W. K.
N. C R. F. D. No.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county.
as administratrix, with the will an-
of the estate of Jane L. God-
win, notice is hereby given to all
persons Indebted to the estate to
make immediate payment to the
and any persons having
claims said estate are notified
that they must present the same to
the undersigned for payment on or
before the 29th day of January, 1913,
or this notice will be plead In bar of
This 29th day of January, 1912.
of L. Godwin.
The Cummins policy
regards the leading Issues of the day
may fairly be defined as a mean be-
tween the views of President Taft and
those of Senator a little
more advanced than the former and
at the same time not so radical as
the last-named.
Senator Cummins believes In re-
form, but he does not believe that
the proper way to remedy the exist-
condition of things Is to destroy
the corporations and make war on
the railroads, a speech delivered
before the Roosevelt Club in Denver
sonic years ago he expressed his
views on the subject of reform as
not fear the title of reformer.
Stray Taken Up.
I have taken up n black and white
spotted female pig weight about ; upon the
or pounds, marked with a round
hole in each oar. Owner can got same
by proving property and paying the
L. S.
R. F. I. No. Greenville, N. C.
.-u to be cultivated In
tobacco. Good 3-room furnished.
None but good man need apply. Ad-
dress Box R, F. D. Greenville
N. C.
Having duly before the
superior court clerk of Pitt co as
executive of the estate of Alex Grimes
deceased, notice Is hereby given to
all persons Indebted to the estate to
make immediate payment to the
and all persons having
claims against said estate are
ed that they must present the same
to the undersigned for payment on or
before the th day of January 1918,
or this notice will be m bat
of recovery.
word. The reformer who destroys
is the enemy of mankind. The
mer whose cry la is the
benefactor of his race. In a country
like our. whose foundation stones
wore laid by the hands of patriots,
and whose structure is cemented by
the blood of heroes, where Justice and
equality have been the watchword of
our Commanders, what we need Is
not revolution, but evolution. We
need reformers who recognize that
what we have Is good, but that It may
be better; men and women who devote
their lives not to tearing down, but
to building
Skate For Title
BOSTON. Mass., Feb. a
of the fastest skaters In the
, Bi Canada In
this city to take part In the
speed skating championships,
of Alex be pulled off In the Boston Arena.
i j
Agriculture la the Most the Host Healthful, the Most Noble Employment Washington.
Senator Cannot With Success
Upon His Return From Winston-
Salem, Governor Strongly
Comment on Sunday's Newspaper
Article of Senator
sot Untruth of Mr State-
his return from Gov-
Kitchin, commenting on the
of Senator Simmons in Sunday's
Senator Simmons nor
of his defenders can deny a single
fact as to his record and his change
of opinion stated by me in my speech
last Friday night. I defy them to
quote the statement of a single fact
which they wish to refute and under-
take to deny it. They may
columns of collateral matter, but
they cannot dispute any fact as to his
rote or speech which I mentioned,
for I was careful to take every fact
pertaining thereto from the records.
These statements made by me will
stand every test and remain
en to the end.
Simmons reference to
his Snow Hill speech
me as he seems to admit his change,
and undertakes to explain it He
virtually admits that he once
against a tariff on lumber when it
furnished no protection, but that now
since, as hes conditions have
changed and thereby interfering that
the tariff now furnishes protection to
the lumber interests, he has also
changed. That was the very charge
upon the lumber question that I made
that is, that he is now against the
position of the Democratic party. He
does not deny he violated our nation-
Curtain Fall.
NEW YORK, Feb. Lenten
season ushered In today with the
customary special religious services
in all Catholic and Episcopal churches
in observance of Wednesday. The
day likewise marked the end of the
winter social season in the metropolis
The exodus of society leaders to the
warmer climate of the South, as well
as to the resorts of southern Europe,
is on in earnest and for forty days
at east there will be little doing the
ranks of high society.
Henry Belcher Died at
O'clock This Morning
Vitim of Fatal Pistol Shooting in Breathes hit
Last early this Morning. Makes Anti
Statement Damnable for Nap Burnett.
Provocation whatever for
The he Declares.
Farmers Meet at Salina.
SALINA, Mass., Feb. large
and representative attendance mark-
ed the opening here today of the an-
convention of the Kansas
of the Farmers Educational and
Co-Operative Union. The presence of
several of the national officers and
well known agricultural educators
promises to make the meeting one of
the most successful in the history of
the organization.
Alpha Delta Phi Meeting.
The Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, found-
ed at Hamilton College 1832, began
Its eightieth annual convention here
today as the guest of the Amherst
chapter. The meeting will last three
days and will have as speakers Pres-
Benjamin Wheeler, the
University of California, President
Harris, of Amherst College, and C. S.
Whitman, district attorney of New
York City.
T. R. TO
Action of President Taft Work of
Southern Society Dinner.
The Southern Society of Washington,
organized a year by prominent
lawyers, military officers and govern-
officials who now make Wash-
their home, has completed el-
arrangements for its first an-
dinner to be given tomorrow
night at the Hotel Raleigh.
Bryce has accepted an
to respond to the toast
At six o'clock this morning Henry
Belcher, who was fatally shot Mon-
day night at by Nay Burnett
died In
Early yesterday morning he made
a Statement incriminating Burnett
for the shooting and further saying
that Nichols was almost as much to
blame for whole thing. Late yesterday
afternoon, at about p. m., when told
that his life could not be saved he
had a notary public brought to the
side of his bed and in his presence
and that of Dr. C. C. Joyner, made
what may be called an
statement, which hardly varies from
the one he made In the morning.
Burnett and Bill Nichols
came into my store. Burnett
walked behind the counter, pick-
ed up a revolver, and without the
slightest provocation, shot me
down. I dragged myself to the
house of Mrs. and was fol-
lowed there by Bill Nichols, who
with pistol in hand, threatened
me, using such violent language
ob to cause Mrs. Jones to re-
him. However, the only real
active part Nichols took was in
resisting arrest from the police
officers summoned to my store,
where both men remained after
A representative of The Reflector
called at the local Jail and had a short
Interview with the accused man and
They were both aware of the state-
made by the dying man, but to-
tally disclaimed his story of the shoot-
met Belcher In
at about Monday night
and at his invitation drove over
to Marlborough with He
had a loaded gun with him. We
did not carry any weapons.
Along the road Belcher emptied
his gun. He was and
in fact, has been drunk
for about a month. When we got
to the store he offered us some
corn whiskey which he got out
of a barrel with a tin dipper. He
also brought out a two-pint bot-
of rye, one of them
Nichols tasted the corn whiskey,
but according to their story, did not
drink any.
re-loaded his gun when
he got to the store and commenced
Here Nichols made the statement
that he did not really know how Bel-
was shot. In fact, all he knew
of that part is that did not shoot
Burnett was positive that Belcher
shot himself, and he can't understand
why Belcher should accuse him of it.
Inasmuch as their relations had never
been bad.
I had shot him, would I have
waited there to be
This he repeated and
further said am as innocent of this
shooting as you addressing the
Both men appear to be in fairly
good spirits, in spite of the grave
charge against them. Burnett seems
to be the slightest bit nervous.
A. W. Hicks, of Spencer Bank, Sue-
by T. Edgar Johnston,
A W. Hicks states
tonight that he has resigned as cash-
of the Spencer branch of the
Bank and Trust Co. and that
he has been succeeded by Mr. T. Ed
gar of Salisbury, who has
already entered upon his new duties.
Mr. Johnston has been in the employ
of the same company at Salisbury as
manager of the insurance department
for several years. He is a good
man, is well and favorably known
in the community, and the Spencer
bank will doubtless continue to grow
under his management Mr. Johnston
has been familiarizing himself with
his new duties for several days.
Held Fast by Man Sees
Train His Foot,
Click, of Ashe-
a brakeman on the local east-
bound freight train, with his foot ac-
locked a and
realizing escape impossible, fell to
the side and braced himself to
vent his body being drawn beneath the
train, and calmly watched the train
pass over his foot, crushing It to a
pulp. Several people saw the
dent, but could offer no assistance.
He was taken to at once.
Fortunately, a few days ago, he took
out an accident policy for 1.000.
P. if Florida, Declares
for New Jersey Man
was held at Old
Pork, about nine miles from here, this
afternoon, the funeral of Capt. R. T.
who died yesterday, after
an illness covering most of the new
year. A large number from Maxton
and vicinity attended. He was one of
Robeson's oldest and most esteemed
citizens and was the head of a home
long noted for its hospitality. Much
sympathy has been expressed for his
excellent family and especially his
beloved wife, widely known by the
Scottish Chief readers as
Congressman Page Relieves That
Taft Has Allowed Himself to lie
Led Astray by Some
Thai Friends of Theodore
Will now Brow Adherents From
WASHINGTON, Feb. with-
of th presidential nominations
for federal Jobs in North Carolina
and the consequent precipitation of
tho hottest fight in the annals of the
Republican party in North Carolina,
has been tho chief topic of
in the Tar delegation today
and fie opinion prevails that as a
political move It was bad politics.
Representative Page, with others,
believes that Taft's blazes the
way for a considerable rise In
strength In the
provident evidently reasoned
hit he was certain of the North
Kindness Office.
Mr. William Haywood. the enter-
prising grocer of Evans street, has
opened next to his grocery store an-
other office where he will push ex-
the sale of his talking ma-
chines. Mr. Forrest, representing the
Metropolitan Life Insurance Com-
of New York, has also desk
room In the new store.
and Library Workers.
Wis., Feb.
Janesville is entertaining for three
days the annual convention of the
Wisconsin Library association. It Is
the twenty-first annual meeting of the
organization and the largest in point
of attendance in the history of the
Cities, towns and col-
throughout the state are
Don't explain yourself too much;
give the world a chance to think well
of you.
SPENCER, Feb. and
Davidson county authorities, who have
diligently Investigated the supposed
suicide of Lacy Dayvault Hines, whose
clothes and watch, accompanied by
a note Baying he to end
It were found on a pier of the
Piedmont toll bridge, near Spencer,
Sunday afternoon at o'clock, are
fully convinced by today's develop-
that did not commit
suicide by plunging from the bridge
Into the river, and that the
leaving of the clothes, watch and
note on the bridge was merely a
hoax to throw his pursuers, who
wanted him for passing worthless
drafts, off the track while ho made
his way to parts unknown.
control of the state
said Mr. Page, he took this ac-
full confidence that his hold
Carolina delegation, ever
is finally successful In gaining
Elizabeth city. Feb.
of much Importance and in-
to the planters of
county will be tho institutes
to be held in this city Wednesday,
February at Salem Thursday.
These meetings are being widely
advertised and it is hoped that the
Farmers, with their families, will turn
out large numbers. It Is a notable
fact that the planters of this section,
and, perhaps, In most sections, do not
appreciate the value of the
Institutes, which arc held yearly by
the state board of agriculture, and
the attendance, as a rule, Is far from
encouraging to the men who are sent
out to assist the farmers and their
families in their work and farm-
life. At these Institutes, practical talks
are made by practical men and much
Dr. Hyatt Coining. valuable Information is offered the
Dr. H. Hyatt will be at Hotel farmers and the planters are well re-
Bertha Monday. March 4th. for tho paid for the it consumes in
purpose of treating diseases of the knocking off from work long enough
.- ,
Again One-Teacher Schools.
Association adopted stir-
ring resolutions at their meeting yes-
stressing the unsatisfactory
results obtained from a one-teacher
school and petitioning the county
board of education to consolidate dis-
wherever feasible and to take
no steps to creating new districts of
one-teacher schools. Also, it was re-
commended that wherever pupils lived
too far to permit of their convenient
access to school attendance, public
conveyances should be provided for
the board's discretion.
I Favor Wilson Ever
Since Heard Him HI
Speech at the American Bar
Association at Its Annual Medias
in Chattanooga, In
Nathan P. Bryan, of Florida, who it
was claimed, favored the nomination
of Speaker Clark is in congress one
of the strongest supporters of Wood-
row Wilson, for the Democratic pres-
nomination. The Florida,
senator says he has no second choice
and Is confident Governor Wilson will
be nominated in Baltimore. In sup-
port of ideas ho issued the fol-
lowing statement
Democratic party is
In having within it so many
strong men of size. They
are to be congratulated upon that
fact that the rivalry between them for
the nomination Is friendly. This at-
I have no doubt will continue
so that after Baltimore convention
shall have given us the nominee h
will receive the support freely given
of those who are candidates urn
well as a united militant Democracy.
In Florida the voters will be
en the opportunity In a primary
to be held April to
their choice, which will be recorded
In the convention by the delegates
chosen In like manner at the same
I favor the nomination
of Governor Wilson. I have been
for him since I had the privilege
hearing his great speech delivered to
the American Bar association at It
annual meeting in Chattanooga In
1910 in advocacy of criminal
against individuals who In con-
trolling trusts and combinations
late the provisions of the anti-trust
Hospital Opening.
Goldsboro Owing to delay In re-
the full equipment and fur-
that would make the build-
complete, the new Goldsboro hos-
will not be opened next Thurs-
lay. as had been planned by the board
of directors some time ago. In order
to sure that everything will
complete and the Inside furnishings
compare favorably with the splendid
building that has been erected
site the Odd Home and Or-
the date for the opening
ceremonies has been set for Thurs-
day, March
Going Is Press.
Within a very few days the
phone director; Will be going to press
and parties desiring changes of
should communicate at once with
the manager of the exchange. Mr.
NEW BERN. Feb. mis-
carriage of Justice in the late trial
of Baker Bryan for murder, in which
the Jury on last Saturday night
in u verdict of
culminated Sunday by the clergy of
this city. In one instance mayor
was held by name
and also the police were condemned.
This stirred tho city and resulted in
a call for n mass meeting at the court
house last night. The ministers, pro-
men others spoke of
the disgrace to the city and county
and what must b done to remedy the
matter. Tho meeting was presided
over by Mr. L. H. Cutler, Sr.
Bale of Cotton Picked Pp.
Karly in January I picked up an
unmarked bale of cotton floating in
Tar river. Owner can get same by
proving ownership and paying the
R. D. D. No. N. C

Reversible Disc Harrow
The Best AD and Most Serviceable Harrow for
Orchard and Vineyard Work Ever
It has a low frame, which will clear branches and The
can act close or graduated at intervals of two inches until they spread to
their width on the cods of the frame.
Two levers-one for each and the can be operated at an
The can also be reversed to an
about it is and and it backed by an unqualified
This season we are es-
strong on Farm-
Implements and
Machinery. We cordial-
invite your inspection.
Come to see us
We are headquarters for the
Our entire line is backed by an
qualified guarantee. We have the
goods that are best by test. Therefore
we do not hesitate in backing them.
One trial of any of the above
will convert you. Give us a trial
His many friends here were hock-
ed to learn by wire. Thursday, that
Mr. J. H. Tucker, of died
suddenly that morning of heart dis-
Mr. Tucker was years of ace,
a native of Pitt county and one of
the best men the county has produced
finishing school at the old
Greenville Academy he went to Wake
Forest College, where he graduated
with distinction. He then studied law
after obtaining license located in
for the practice of his pro-
in which he rose rapidly to
high rank. He was a leading
of Memorial Baptist church while
a resident here and was for several
years superintendent of the Sunday
In 1888 Mr. Tucker married Miss
Mary Powell, of Warren county. In
1891 he moved to and since
made his home there. In the
city he ranked among the ablest
lawyers, and was always foremost in
church and charitable work. His rep-
was more than state-wide.
He Is survived by a wife and two
children, one son and one daughter.
Almost Lost His lift,
S. A of Mason. Mich, trill
never forget his terrible exposure to
a merciless storm. gave me a
dreadful he writes,
ed severe pains In ray chest, so It
was hard for me to breathe. A neigh-
gave me several doses of Dr.
King's New Discovery which brought
great relief. The doctor said I was
on the verge of pneumonia, but to
continue with the discovery. I did
so and two bottles completely cured
Use only this quick, safe, re-
liable medicine for coughs, colds, or
any throat or lung trouble. Price
cent and Trial bottle free.
by all druggists.
them in
the bank
Never any Fear of Burglars if you
keep your papers, valuables and jewelry
in our deposit on the moil
scientific modern lines by the world's
greatest safe makers. Utterly proof against
fire, theft, etc.
them in
are dangerous. A box costs
per year.
National Bank of Greenville
Resources 340,000.00
Arguments in Suit.
Feb. Before Judge
Colt in the federal court today
were heard on the motion
to dismiss and plea in abatement filed
by the Shoe Machinery Com-
to the suit filed
against it by Charles A.
tee for the Sons Metal Fasten-
Company for alleged violation of
the Sherman anti trust act. The God-
company, it is alleged, was driven
out of business by the shoe machine-
company, whose offices also are
under federal indictment for alleged
violation of the anti-trust law.
Virginia baa only
her population.
In the five years between 1801 and
North Carolina has built more
than 1.000 miles of good roads while
Virginia has built only miles
In point of natural advantage there
Is little to chose between the two
states and If anything Virginia has
the of the by
son of her larger cities. So it Is not
unfair to say. at the chief
cause of North Carolina's superior
growth la good roads.
It Is perfectly that good
roads attract population. They mean
easier travel, readier markets, more
valuable land, greater social
ages. They mean the difference
between living in a wilderness and
In a modern up-to-date community.
One thousand miles of good roads
in five years may be better than
but it Is by no means the rec-
There are lots of other roads
that we might build if we get busy,
and money to be saved by building
Bad roads ruin teams, wagons, and
dispositions. They mean high mar-
expenses, fewer neighbors,
less education, and more
mental and physical cost
much to repair as the good roads,
and they don't d work. If you
want to get good prices for your crop,
good service from your teams, good
education for your children and good
neighbors for ourself, vote to build
In this paper more Important to
Greenville people than the statement
published below. In the first place.
It is from a of Greenville, and
can be thoroughly relied upon. In
the second place, It Indisputably
proves that Kidney Pills do
their work thoroughly and not
Read this
Mrs. E. Washing-
ton street. Greenville. N. C, says,
have been so greatly by
Kidney Pills that I am glad to
recommend them. My back ached
nearly all the time and I could not
rest well. The kidney secretions
caused me annoyance and it was plain
to be seen that I was suffering from
kidney trouble. Kidney Pills,
which I got from the I.
Woolen Drug Company, relieved my
and pains and improved my
condition greatly. I cannot praise
this remedy too
For sale by all dealers. Price M
cents. Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the
take no other.
The Princess.
said the haughty
la, daughter of the king of the Can-
Islands, as she arrayed herself
In her necklace of missionary's teeth,
and a nice, fresh smile, dress-
makers of London, Paris and New
York have nothing on
And with her eyes beaming with
happiness she swept into the ball-
The Home of Women's Fashions
Pulley Bowen
Read The Daily Reflector for All the
Blamed a Good Worker.
blamed my heart for severe dis-
tress in my left side for two
writes W. Evans, Danville, Vs.,
I know now it was indigestion, as
Dr. King's New Life completely
cured Best for
and kidney troubles, constipation,
headache or debility. cents at all
The Happenings Around Standard.
W. Worthington made a business trip
to Greenville Tuesday.
Miss Annie Tyson, the daughter of
Mr. G. T. Tyson, who Is teaching at
Lang's school house, came home Fri-
day evening and returned to bed
school Monday morning bright and
early through the snow. The teach-
here may have schools elsewhere,
but they are hard to find with as much
grit, energy and get-up in them as
the teachers of Standard.
Mr. Arthur Tucker went to Green-
ville Tuesday to see his girl, but could
not return until Wednesday evening.
Miss Ester Joyner, of Fort Barn-
ville, is spending this week with her
aunt, Mrs. Charlie
Mr. Leon Jones was In
Tuesday evening.
Plow casting, plow lines and farm-
supplies at the Peoples Supply
Miss Flanagan and Mr.
Elbert Tyson went to Smith's school
house Wednesday night to enjoy the
party given by the teachers for the
benefit of the school.
Mr. Leon Jones went over to Smith
school house to be with his girl and
also enjoy the party.
Mr. Arthur Tucker made a
trip to Greenville Thursday morning.
If It keeps on this way long, some
one will be short of a lady salesman.
Cotton Acreage.
Quite a number of cotton farmers
held a meeting in the court house
Saturday afternoon and discussed the
question of acreage for the next crop.
A resolution was adopted that they
will plant a considerably less acre-
age this year than last.
Marriage License-.
Marriage licenses were issued last
week to the following
Jno. Calvin Burner and Lottie La-
W. C. and Carrie Brown.
J. F. Jolly and Duck Hardy.
J. C. Pope and Sadie Moore.
nun Smith and Lizzie L. Moore.
B. F. Parrott and Lula Lilly.
Grover and For-
Joseph Dixon and Ella
Vines and Mamie
Will and Willis.
R. J. Hopkins and Hattie Langley.
Henry Williams and Stella King.
Alex Smith and Pattie Spell.
Trails Leave Raleigh, effective Jas-
4.35 a. Atlanta, Birmingham,
Memphis and points West, Jackson-
ville and Florida points,
at Hamlet for Charlotte and
with coaches and parlor car. Con-
with steamer Washington,
Baltimore, New York, Boston and
12.05 a. Richmond Wash-
and New York
sleepers, day coaches and ginning
car. Connects at Richmond with
C. at Wash with
railroad and B. k O. for Pitts-
burg and points west
p. m.- For Atlanta. Chariot,
Wilmington, Birmingham, Memphis,
and points west Parlor cart to
p. m., No. tor
Louisburg, Henderson Oxford and
p. m. No.
for Cincinnati and points west.
Memphis, and points west, Jack-
and all Florida , points.
Pullman sleepers. Arrive Atlanta
a. m.
Richmond a. m.
Washington a. m., New York
p. m., Penn. station. Pullman
arrive to Washington and New
C. B. V. A. Va.
would you rather
when cent bottle of Noah's
guaranteed to drive
this terror money re-
funded. At the tint twinge,
applied directed,
will give immediate
and effectual relief. It
the nerve, and the con.
penetrates and requires
very little rubbing.
la the beat remedy tor
Rheumatism, Sciatica, Back,
Joints and Muscles, Bore Throat, Colds,
Strains, Sprains, Cuts,
Colic, Cramps,
Neuralgia, Toothache,
and Nerve, Bone and
If and
Too genuine has Noah's
Ark every package
and looks like this cut,
hut has RED band on
front of package and
ways tn RED Ink. Be-
ware of imitations.
Urge cents,
and sold all dealers In
or money refunded by
Noah Remedy Co., Inc.
Richmond, Va.
Suffrage Fight Near Climax.
LONDON, Feb. present
week promises bring the women's
suffrage campaign to a critical point
and it is even within the range of
possibility that the question will reach
its climax by being squarely before
parliament. In anticipation of the
impending submission to the house
of commons of a woman's suffrage
bill the advocates of woman's suffrage
and he opponents of woman's en-
have made their plans
for a last, tremendous effort. On Fri-
day a big meeting will be held at
Albert Hall under the of the
National Union of Woman Suffrage
Societies and Mr. the
Chancellor of the Exchequer, will he
the principal speaker. The last gun
of anti-suffragists will be fired
on Wednesday of next week, when a
meeting under the auspices of the Na
League for Opposing Women
Suffrage will be held at Albert Hall.
Lord the president of the or-
will preside at that meet-
The woman's suffrage question was
not a matter of political
In Its early stages, but it
gained enormously in Importance
when Chancellor open-
up espoused cause of for
Never before had a high
government official In England
the cause, until Mr. Lloyd-
entered the lists, ready to
fight for the franchise principle and
to carry the contest directly before
the house of commons. The fact that
he and the prime minister, Mr.
are on opposing sides on this
important makes the
even more acute and there are many
who believe that the woman's
will cause a not only In
the cabinet but In the Liberal party
may, eventually, a
crisis In the political
Me Some Rain;
You might help the newspaper mull
in this kind of weather by
lo office any item of news you
know of. Tell tin anything Is
a Difference.
They come, they go, I don't know
How moving in and moving out
Helps, except to keep them on the go.
And keep the people all in doubt.
I never move, I never rove,
have no fear, I have no strife,
Nor never change, but always shove
Along the same Old Mutual Life.
With the Mutual Life of New York.
Shocking Sounds,
the earth are sometimes heard
fore a terrible earthquake, that warn
of the coming peril. Nature's warn
are kind. That dull pain or ache
back warns yon the
attention if you would escape
those dangerous maladies, dropsy,
or disease. Take El-
Bitters at once and see back-
ache fly and all your best feelings re-
turn. son received great
fit from their writes Peter
South Mich., is
a great kidney Try
it. at all druggists.
It is the struggle to keep up
that keeps a great many
people down.
God made woman beautiful and
reasonable so that she would love
He Wont Limp Now.
No more limping for Tom Moore, of
Ga. had a bad sore on
my instep that nothing seemed to
help till I used
he writes, this wonder-
healer soon cured Heals old
running sores, ulcers, boils, burns,
cuts, bruises, eczema or piles. Try
It Only cents at all druggists.
of the utmost importance and
quires both skill and judgment in order to
be that good tone and action are
united with Wearing Quality.
We offer you the benefit of our ex-
and assure you that you may de-
pend on our judgment. Courteous treat-
alike to purchasers or inquirers.
Roofing and Sheet Metal Work
For Slate or Tin, Tin Shop Repair
Work, and Flue in See
Greenville. N. C.
B I Wool on Writs
SB Hr Hart this ad.
. m Established
Judge Gary, head of the steel trust,
attended a banquet in New York.
food was excellent; the lights were
bright; the silver shimmered;
wine sparkled; the cigars added a
final completeness to the happiness
of all present When It came Judge
Gary's turn to speak, hie mind was
saturated with benevolence, and his
thoughts turned to the welfare of the
republic, and the sufferings of work-
men. Listen to
arc said at the pres-
time that are closely akin to the
things were said just prior to
the French revolution. . . .
less capitalists, and
of great wealth and power take a
leading part in the amelioration of
there will be changes made
later by the
The same newspapers which told
the story of the banquet, and of Judge
Gary's speech, also chronicled the
of witnesses before the Stan-
committee. These told
how the steel trust forced men to
work a seven days a
week, for wages which compelled
them to live like condition
which Judge Gary could ameliorate
with a few strokes of his pen.
The banquet hall Is dark. The din-
are gone. The tables are
of their damask and viands. And
somewhere in that deserted room,
shrunken so small that even the
failed to see It when they swept
out the crumbs, is Judge Gary's beau-
Roosevelt and the Tariff.
Once in his life Theodore
almost expressed an opinion on
tariff question. In a preliminary
draft of one of bis messages, as It
came from the printer, was this sen-
a later message I shall
This document fell Into the hands
of and Lodge and
Speaker Cannon, and immediately they
hushed to the White House. Pres-
to when the message finally was sub-
to congress, it contained no
reference whatever to the tariff. Aside
from that single sentence, no living
man can quote the former president
on the tariff question.
A Mail.
The senate discussing bill
for the establishment of a Children's
in the Deportment of Com-
and Labor. Senator
of the bill, bad gone to great
lengths lo explain how the huge
were exploiting little
crushing with bard labor,
while they were yet of tender years.
He explained that the bill
ed no difference with the proper
of parents toward their own
children, and that its purpose was
merely to provide for the collection
of figures and Information on which
the various states and municipalities
could base a proper solution of the
child welfare problem.
the big said Senator
children fester and
swelter and steal and starve and die
by the thousands. This bill is de-
signed lo aid
When Mr. had finished up
Senator and for two hours
the senate listened to his wails about
the of the bill.
His final argument was that Abraham
Lincoln was a poor boy.
Some Bald Fact.
The Republican campaign fund In
amounted lo The
Democratic fund was
The Republicans had more than a mil-
lion in excess of the Democrats.
The number who contributed to the
Republican fund was and to
the Democratic, In other
words the number of contributors to
the Democratic fund was six times
greater, and their contributions
amounted to a million dollars less.
The contributors to the Republican
fund, us a rule, were interested In
legislation, the money coming from
such men as J. Morgan,
Charles P. Taft, Andrew Carnegie,
Charles at John Jacob Astor
and the heads of the various woolen
mills who desired the passage of the
law, with do-
nations from the Wall street banks,
railroad magnates, and individuals,
representing the tariff trusts.
The contributors to the Democratic
fund were not personally interested in
The contributions to the
V; .-
Ml A. L Potter's Consumed
By Fire This Morning
Towards four o'clock this morning
the town woke up lo the cries of
fire, and the ringing of the town bell.
Sleepy persons took a hasty
of the horizon from partly open win-
and fully woke up when the
red glare of sky-ascending flames
drew a picture of destruction against
the indistinct light of dawn, towards
Hurriedly people Jumped into their
clothes and more hurriedly repaired
to the scene of the fire, which in
few minutes of its existence as-
important proportions. Not
until probably minutes from the
time Mr. Potter gave the alarm was
an fund ranged from down- m a position to
assume the fight against the
and an unfortunate blunder commit-
at the time of their arrival, rob-
bed them of precious time and still
more precious efficiency in the fight.
Although the fire started a few
minutes before four, the hose was
not working against the Dames till
about minutes to five and by that
time the fire had been so rapid In
gaining access to practically every
room in the house, that when the
stream was turned on the walls were
a mass of flames.
The isolation of the house made
the danger for surrounding property
almost nil. Also the absence of wind
or a breeze of any kind the
neighboring structures from the
sparks that ascended and fell back
to earth almost perpendicularly.
Mr. Potter, who is a rural mall
carrier on route No. and a very in-
man, also operates a wood
saw at odd hours when not engaged
In his mail duties. He began saw-
a lot of wood Friday evening and
got up early this intend-
to go hack to finish the job be-
fore time to go to the office for
his mail. He built a fire in his bed
room, and Potter arose and went
ward, while contributions to the Dem-
fund ranged from down-
President in one of his
speeches, must be conceded
that the protective system has
and elevated labor. We observe
its triumphs on every
The Industries most by
the high protective policy are steel,
wool and cotton manufacturing, and
we observe the methods by which
these trusts have and
labor. We observe one result
of this process in the
Lawrence, Mass., strike, where whole
regiments, with drawn bayonets, are
required to keep order among men,
women and who are trying
to retain their present wages of
and a week, In which a cut has
been threatened.
The process is to be
seen, in the flower of Its beauty and
triumph, in the steel trust's mills,
where men are forced to labor
hours a week for the wages
paid laborers for hours work In
free trade England. Still another
of the effect of
protection on labor Is seen in the
employment, by the of
ands of children. M went
A Big to ,,.,,
for defense; not one ,,,,. about
The American Woolen Mills Com-
What U known as the
is seldom occasioned by actual exist
external conditions, but in the
great majority of cases by dis-
which be
by t., a course of
They the LIVER.
They to
mind. They bring health and
to the body.
the woolen trust, spent
of thousands of dollars in mag-
advertising, the purpose of
which was lo the people
Into seeing the justice of schedule
and the way it was making
raisers rich by paying a big price
wool, and the way it was selling good
cloth to the American people for less
than they really ought to pay.
And then, when the workers In Its
mills objected to a cut in the a
week wages they were getting, the
woolen company employed an army
u, starting the kitchen fire Mrs. MAN SHOOT OUT LIGHTS
Potter went back into the house to
arrange her room while the cook
stove was getting hot. Mr. Potter
later carried in some wood and when
he entered the kitchen saw all the
ceiling burning around the stove
Hue. Although he tried his best Feb. police
put it out it soon assumed such pro-1 have a mystery of a unique kind
portions that he was forced to deal with. Afflicted with a mania
the alarm. A fact that goes some way shooting out arc lights, an
to tell what a man will do under such
circumstances, is that Mr. Potter re-
moved from the burning kitchen the
range from which the fire started.
tills range weighs five hundred
of guards to protect its mills.
the state shortened the hours of la-j Some from the
of course wages had to that occupying
down. Of course that patriotic ,
wouldn't pay cents per week
stairs was destroyed. Although
known person has caused the city
lighting force much trouble In the
past six weeks, having destroyed
nearly twenty corner lights at differ-
times during that period. The
operations of this marksman of the
night are confined to no one locality,
hut have extended throughout the
eastern residential section. Not a
clue has been had to lead lo the up-
Stiff Neck
For any stillness or lameness
Sloan's Liniment gives relief at
on.-e. It acts like massage
quickens the blood and limbers
up lame muscles and joints.
When applied immediately
violent exercise it prevents
Here's Proof
I am using your liniment for
stiffness. I have bought two bot-
of it and it is the best I ever
had a severe pain between my shoulders, and noticing your ad-
in the street cars I got a bottle which quickly relieved
K. Maysville, Ky.
is an excellent antiseptic remedy for sore throat, cuts and bruises. Very
no rubbing. Sold by all dealers.
Price and
Sloan's book on Hones, Cattle, Hogs Poultry sent free. Address
to Its operatives In order that wag not of the mischief-maker, and
might have shorter hours and , g, damage was done I one has seen him, though officers
gel a week.
it before the firemen succeeded track
drenching fire into submission,
and it Is practically a total ruin.
down. Four in one one was
the last entry made on Hie
furs have been used u great deal
the present winter, the furriers
complaining of an exceedingly
unsatisfactorily season and the retail
merchant With courage and money to
else his Opportunity has been able
to take over at wholesale large con-
of at so low a price
he is able to offer to his
veritable bargains.
Medium weight cover-all coats are
appealing plentifully among the
Winter models and while too light
for use in northern February and
March weather they are desirable for
a southern sojourn and for later
spring and summer uses in the north.
The light-toned, rather rough wool-
ens of light weigh are popular for
such purposes one MOS, some
charming new models in dark blue
which, while not so serviceable
tin motoring us u mixed material be-
cause of Us propensity for spoiling
and showing dust, Is always a
and good looking long coal ma-
There arc new and smart looking
coals severe air in black
; ad while check of moderate size, and
some of these their severity
lightly softened by touches of black
In collar, ruffs and pockets.
Silk coats of dust coat type an
not yet generally shown, but coats of
a more dressy kind developed In silk
are provided for the southbound folk,
and among taffeta plays an
The war between the straight line
and the coat of
shims goes merrily on and will be
The value of the properly was es- record, and the electric
at with insurance of mm are beginning to lose sleep.
of which was carried
by the H. A. White agency of Will Haw u
town, and other by Moseley Broth- t meeting or Hie main
promoters of Durham country
club, a report from various commit-
tees appointed previously beard,
and a committee appointed m make
application for ft charter for club.
This committee is instructed
en. The
to amount of
I was also Insured
engineers lo Km, la
the purpose of wit-
actual operation of one
Of Hie largest power generating go to k once, and In few
muting applying system In the days application will be made to the
waged throughout the season, since COuntry, a party of IS students of the of state for Incorporation
each cause has powerful backing. The of Applied Science, papers, This will be the Anal step
fashions are undoubtedly moving to- Cleveland, Ohio, win visit getting club in shape to go
ward trimmed effects, longer and belt-1 toward the latter part of March, furtherance the that
shapely under arm the plant of the now In hand, and the club is ail
to., bill the change comes Company, t lines several assured thing.
and I lure seems lo be no occasion Lr ,.,, driven by the
for I hat a woman may wear
her straight, frock
throughout coining season with-
out feeling out of fashion.
With belled long waist effects
come arrange-
a development to he expected
after tentative gropings In this
direction i be observed last
Very charming things of
this sort are In evidence among the
new frocks and separate blouses, and
they call quite as emphatically us do
the high waist and straight
for a slender, figure. The
may extend round
may lie merely it wide tab in
back or in both places, or
may itself to the Hides. It
may fall from a long waist or from
smartest it is associated
with the long waist and belt.
electric power furnished by com-
Mrs. Durham
J. a. Durham died
last her home
treat a
diseases caused the death of
Mrs. Durham, who quite an old
lady. The services will he
held at the tomorrow ill
o'clock, and the will
In cemetery.
Charlotte Harry Marshall, a while
man, was found on Ninth Tryon
seriously wounded,
and taken to Mercy hos-
neck was lashed
in several places, one being
through the jugular vein. Marshall
said he had Ml upon by three
men as be was
and hut before be could what
their Intentions were they had Ilia
face and neck severely.
Young Women
Read what did for Miss of
Faribault, Minn.
good has done me. As a young girl, I had
to suffer so much with all kind of pain. Sometimes, I was
so weak that I could hardly stand on my feet I got a
bottle of at the drug store, and soon as I had
taken a few doses, began to feel better.
Today, I feel well as
Are you a woman Then you are subject to a large
number of troubles and Irregularities, peculiar to women,
which, In time, often lead to more serious trouble.
A tonic needed to help you over the hard places, to
relieve weakness, headache, and other unnecessary pains,
the signs of weak nerves and over-work.
For a tonic, take the woman's tonic.
You will never regret It, for It will certainly help you.
Ask your druggist about It. He knows. He sells It
H. II.
i in receipt of the report of
three of Illicit In
county by Deputy Collectors
Shepherd and Ashworth and Special
Two arrest
were made and eight prosecutions
hare been
hive been
made for a big flag raising at the
Trading school near
Thursday, Mod.
exercise will be under
Spinier No. Jr.
ii. D. A, i . and .
addresses will be made.
Stale Board
The members of board of the
North Carolina Christian Contention,
Were In session With Mr. K. A.
in church here Friday
afternoon. The following members
were B, P. Smith, of
II. V. Hope, of Washington;
W. M. Lang, of Mun-
i Information.
So. people very careless in
writ letters, It ll unusual for
I he Reflector to get letters from
giving instruction about
churning or stopping their paper, in
Which I hey fall In give any post of-
address, or say they
take the dally or weekly. If they
would always, give full
when writing, we could
i L

Published by
D. J. Editor.
think about, too will take note of
it and In your next trip to town, you
are going to purchase that something.
lit year,
The paid recently to the
men's clubs In Greenville, by some
Another purchase may suggest It- of the ladles of the state, actively In-
self and another the next in the movement to bring
day. and so on. When the women of this country
trip to town is made the advertise-
will have more than paid It-
self ton times over.
to co-operate In the great uplift of
humanity, bring us face to face with
a problem such ladies as com-
The ad which you insert today women's are by de-
rate may be had upon
at the business office in
Building, corner Evans
Third streets
All cards of thank and resolutions
f respect will be charged n
will be charged for at three
per line, up to fifty Una.
a class matter
August 1911, at the post office a
Greenville, North Carolina,
act of March I. 1873.
The subject of advertising would
seem to be one as to hardly claim
the space we are devoting U it to-
day. Yet, when the majority of large
newspapers give prominent space to
Mr. Freeman's
we feel Justified in using some our
to talk to our merchants. Mr.
Freeman, by the way. is the
expert of tho New York Even-
Advertising has always been, and
more so now, not a doubtful in-
vestment and of but a
productive investment and a saving
of time, as by means of advertising
the merchant talks every day to as
many people a the paper In which
they advertise has in its circulation
list The value of the advertising is
m direct proportion to the value of
the paper as a communicant of the
current new. And the is
just as well aware of the value of
a good newspaper, both as far as
the merchant and subscribers are
concerned, as the reader and ad-
themselves are. For this
simple reason, and this reason alone
I sufficient, the publisher tries his
best at all time to bis paper
valuable to both parties interested.
To what extent do go-ahead mer-
chants rely on advertising can be
properly ascertained any time we
happen to go to our local post-office.
Something Is wrong if we do not see
scattered over the floor and on the
writing table a profusion of
sad advertising matter which the
merchants have sent out
broadcast to tell the people what they
to offer. And these circulars
sad advertising matter we And do not
tall the story completely. What we
see is only a part of It. The rest
we have to deduct. We are not very
tar wrong in saying that for every tea
circular that are behind, one has
been carried away by
party. That tea per cent of circulars
road. Everything seemed
the enterprising merchant who sent
out hi advertising matter. That Is
one way to call the people
to your line of good.
Pick up any paper of the towns in
the state. What Is their percentage
of advertising matter In nearly
every case a full fifty per cent of the
apace Is devoted to advertising by
local merchants. In a great number
of case as much a seventy-five per
cent I made up of display ads. In
the case of a state afternoon daily
we have In mind, this paper has had
for the last four weeks over eighty-
per cent of display ads., and the
town In which this paper I publish-
ed in only twice the size of
Advertising through the pa-
per I the Ideal way of talking to
actual customers, or prospective ones.
not make a with more than
twenty per cent Small as this per-
may seem, the merchant will
And out in the long run that it Is Just
that percentage that will make his
business successful in connection
with his advertising.
once, darkest and deep-
est hole on earth; will take possession
at once and will STAY there; 99-year
lease preferred. R L. D. Charlotte.
The above ad. has not actually
but if we happened to be in
the shoes of the secretary of the Anti-
Saloon League, that's the way we
would go about finding a place of
It must be mighty gratifying to
wake up some fine morning and find
oneself famous. The Intoxication of
self-respect and appreciation must
be Immense. And right here is where
the little party called makes
Its bow and claims the figuratively
speaking person and
hurries him to the deepest recesses of
despair and sorrow.
It is said that the majority of poor
mortals are not equal to the
when Dame Fortune take them
by the hand and leads them on
should we say. eggs to the
enchanted palace of their dreams. Or
in the words of the popular proverb
could not stand And
what a world of meaning is embodied
in that simple, inoffensive little
phrase. We go on our
of cards and without looking
around for an example that will tell
us exactly when it will wise to
put the very last card, we can see
the whole thing take a turn down-
ward and we again say hopes
Not so long ago Rev. R. L. Davis
woke up in the capital of the state
to find that he was famous. His name
was In every mouth. Typesetters
could spell it backward, forward and
The surprise he sprung at
the dormant Raleigh citizens is re-
cent history. But alas more recent
still is the Charlotte episode with the
accompanying pints of good
gotten without the slightest
difficulty by a gentleman of the
The social earthquake felt In good
Charlotte did not lack the Law En-
League and meetings which
followed closely In the Capital City.
In fact Charlotte tried to go one bet-
and the secretary of the Anti-
Saloon League was Of
course this s matter of form.
Wt all rejoiced at the prospect of
having a few more hardworking
solving satisfactorily.
Not so many year ago the place
of women in public life was some-
thing unknown, except tor some
lated cases, which because of their
rarity, did not receive all the credit
really due them. Today the import-
of women helping In the
of problems and difficulties of
day life is Illustrated by such
facts as furnished by women being
called upon to act in the capacity of
experts. Witness the request by
President Roosevelt to Miss Helen
Boswell to go to the Panama Canal
Zone and study condition there,
that her suggestion might help the
government in bettering conditions,
both social and hygienic. In the fight
for pure food women again took an
active part and were an important
asset in having such a valuable meas-
put through. In fact whenever
any important innovation to be
made, women are consulted and their
advice bears weight in the resolution
So far women's clubs have had to
bear the burden of expenses attached
to such a movement. And while It is
true that the Federated Women's
Clubs of America have a membership
of the due per capita arc
most nominal, cents be-
all they have to pay. The sum
collected in that manner Is too small
to carry on the work and two years
ago increasing the dues was discuss-
ed. This step was found undesirable
as the aim of the clubs was to enroll
member Irrespective of their means
and while some would not have mind-
ed Increase, it might have proved
ed. Public taste cultivated to some
Civil service reform advanced.
especially in helping to place under
the merit system all heads and em-
of eleemosynary Institutions.
Assistance given in every branch
of conservation. Pure food law, pro-
of birds, Niagara and forest
preservation are good examples.
Intelligent study of industrial
and social conditions; furnishing
trained leaders for this study.
Untiring work for civic beauty;
burdensome to others. For this
son an endowment plan was suggested
by the president of the federation, and
to start this fund all clubs In the fed-
were requested to pay for one
year only double the due.
Still this further contribution meant
only a sum of about still
to be collected for the
endowment fund to be raised by In-
subscription. To effect this
subscription a member was elected
from eat state and th third week
kt February set aside for th
. . .
be done. The endowment will kelp
to dream that have been In
the mind of the worker from the
If the newspapers mostly express
the sentiment of the people we can't
go wrong in saying that Woodrow
is close to the hearts of the
people of the Old North State.
If we doubted It for a few weeks
past, we no longer speculate on the
matter, for yesterday North Carolina's
leading daily came out with certain
statement that eliminate
The forceful words in which a Tar
Heel editor expressed himself in the
national capital must be gratifying to
the New Jersey governor. is
pinning its faith in a and
alas the winner referred to is not
Underwood by mean.
And we are far from being
the trend North Carolina taking
in the coming presidential race. To
begin with. Wilson is a Southerner,
who has greatly distinguished himself
In one of the great northern states.
Distinguished himself to the degree
of being elected chief executive of
that great state. The dignified stand
be took in the
highly speak of the thoroughly gen-
politician and In the lines ha put the German la-
of letter ha won for himself he stands today. In
great deal of attention, since if w still have to march
country, like other industrious coon- the post office every train time,
tries, depends entirely upon labor.
It is to be sincerely deplored that
labor leader should have forsaken
other means of getting to their ob-
and chosen the shorter, but far
more dangerous route of the
mite And on account of this
Infringement upon anarchistic
labor unions will have a severe
set back.
Labor leader have gone ahead too
far on their and have
unfortunately forgotten who they rep-
resented. Secret funds and secret
committees that dangerously
nihilistic method have been
in operation and the result will be a
general discredit and shame for all
well meaning labor unions. If labor
Is to accomplish anything in regards
to bettering conditions for the labor-
such means must be from
the plans. And especially as we are
furnished a great example of what
labor unions hare accomplished in
other countries where the laborer is
not credited with as much freedom
as is the American laborer.
To what extent have the German
laborers asserted themselves in Ger-
many And please remember Ger-
many is, or rather up to recently was,
almost autocratic. Good work, along
a place high among the highest
This I th man that according to
the leading paper of North
the people of this state are pinning
their faith to. And without pointing
to any feather In our cap we agree,
that as things politically stand today,
it Is the best pick that could be made
by Southerner.
Of the other candidates trying to
win a seat in the presidential chair
we had rather not say anything about,
although this would not be fair to
the choice of the Southern people.
A far as Underwood is concerned,
fear, have been entertained of would
since hi. name was boomed for the at or
candidacy, that he I only the Matt. accord among
position to successfully oppose the
Kaiser. And we feel sure that the
German laborer will not abuse the
power which such good work has given
Of course, in this country, the babe-
lie mix-up of races account for the
exceeding difficulty met in
labor and as long as the foreign
element keeps coming into the
try by the thousand load It will still
remain a hard problem to solve.
Witness the upheaval in Lawrence,
Mass., where something like
and dialects are spoken by a
few thousand workers and their
horse for Harmon, and whether
this be true or not, he is bound to re-1
to point out to a general la
the growing city, Presto
the detective, is spirited away.
Lost, strayed, or stolen
We all Imagine the heavy
gloom that gathered around the of-
of the secretary in question.
Not only that, but the witnesses who
were going to give the
evidence now come out with the ugly
statement that the whole thing was
a miscalculation of the truth by the
worthy sleuth. Still more gloom.
How is the secretary of the Anti-
Saloon League going to wriggle out
of It, Is something that the Charlotte
I can make either very hard
or very easy. As far as we know
only person who had any booze In
Charlotte was the mentioned
and It certainly should be up
to him to say where he got It from.
many leaders would be a matter for
some very clever diplomat to ac-
that on this account the people And how
of the South are somewhat suspicious to be from
of him. There are precedents in educated mass of humanity
political history of delegates being
delivered at a convention and we
can't readily forget the scalding, and We are not here
are wont to run away rural mall but to u,,
when we see cold water. town delivery, who to any-
Clark may or may not be a nag m the
did possibility. But the fact that w of
state thought to be solid for him, re-
That's the way the Durham Sub
heads one of it's short editorials in
yesterday's issue. It has reference to
the Knox visit to Col-
We fully agree with our Dur-
ham contemporary In that, should the
have no
for calling Knox's call
Uncle Sam should take the South
American republic across the knee.
But on the other hand, we, too, are
In favor of a thorough investigation
being made Into the Panama deal. It
is proper to say here that the New
York World has had a great deal to
say about the method used by the
Roosevelt administration In the ac-
of the Canal Zone. Also that
on account of certain statement made
by that Metropolitan daily in that
connection, several writer in the staff
of the paper were indicted, but heir
prosecutions were never conducted.
That was some two and a half years
ago. Recently and up to date the
same newspaper has bees delving In-
to that question again and this
it promises to bring to light certain
phases of the Panama deal as will
give Columbia a little reason t
We wish to register with those
that prophesied a South American
with the going south of
Secretary In our issue of th
13th inst. we gave several reasons ex-
as to why Knox's visit
would not be such a huge success.
We are sorry we were right, but also
glad that on account of that visit
some light may be thrown th
Panama acquisition.
It is one of the strongest traits
the race never to forget or for-
give. In the minds of the
we are to blame for the freedom of
Panama. In fact, some people who
have been in Columbia will say that
as far a the natives of that
are concerned, the Panama
and subsequent independence
a move directed from Washing-
ton. In a few words and abet-
by the United States, with a
mind to the Canal Zone.
This much explained. It I little to
wonder that the Columbian do not
care to see knocking at their
turning Wilson, make his
somewhat dubious. And again, It
could not be expected that Clark would
do the South as much good as Wilson,
from the standpoint of being better
acquainted with the lay of Us land.
seem to entirely out
Unless February can do better in
the way of weather nobody cares how
the month is out.
sf It sad Harmon's friends do not
appear to h a eager as were
stuns at f
Some f Things by
The General of W.
By bringing together women
from every date In the union to con-
alder common Interests, the country
has been unified. This point ha not
been sufficiently stressed.
Women trained to differ
In discussion, to think
and broadly, to work harmoniously.
Art libraries and collections cir-
Art commissions establish-
for parks and school
boulevards, tree planting and social
Establishment of musical
and special efforts to elevate
public taste In music. Showing
cal value of highest are and music.
Assistance in securing laws to
protect the young, the weak and the
Founding directly or indirect-
hundreds of public and traveling
not Just in a roundabout way.
There are some many things that we he made hi blind tiger wreck-
would get If they were only brought statement in Raleigh sentiment
to our notice On the other hand. If j seemed to be In favor of having the
we never hear about them, we authorities investigate the matter on
never will get them. We are their Bat, when the
too busy to think of repeated within a few days
Again, supposing you live In Charlotte, and the authorities took
and only get Into town once the steps they did take, it seem of public health that I a
r twice In a long while. re- from the eagerness displayed by the to many housekeeper.
the dally paper and naturally secretary of the Anti-Saloon high educational ideals
road It. Ads., forcibly come under that he was too valuable a training the mothers of America
your notice and if you see there and the authorities saw their chance ho to approximate these Ideals.
you been now What, has beet, k.
tut have been for too busy without the proper backing. compared to what needs to
whether h will ran or not, but as
to hi chances to if ha does
run. we can't even entertain a doubt.
Roosevelt's popularity Is of Pitcher
Mathewson's ball delivery
As to Taft, hi administration has
not been a brilliant as to guarantee
You and I, and everybody else In
Greenville, knock off work at
hour through the day and walk
over to the local post-office with a
feeling of apprehension hope the
mail is way say to ourselves
as we get near.
When we arrive we find that we
have been preceded by a good many
business of the community, who
are just anxious as we are to get
our mall. We may also find out that
the mall We lean up
T. R ha all of us as to against the wall, or stand By
lockers, key In watching and
If you really want
to see rural picture take this lit-
show In any morning the
variety, hours of and To make the
how more complete all wee need is
a few long and some
who will say, and
bis being elected a second term, and nothing would be lacking to a scene
If he doe happen to be elected, all of rural would make green
we can say, I that It a envy giant of pro-
thing for him that he had the upper auction as David of Little
hand with so many government par- Old New York,
We do not put a feather In our
cap, but simply join in giving out
We are glad for our part that our
fight for a little is
claiming recognizance with some of
our citizens, as letter printed below
I have noted with interest what
to say from time to regard-
the beautifying of yards and es-
th planting of lowers la the
yard. o that th general an-
from the street would be
pleasing to th passer-by, whether
or visitor. I believe yon and the
Civic are a great
work sad should the
However, allow a t suggest bow
utterly futile any attempt -long this
Use would b as a people who
chickens la tho immediate vi-
allow them free range. One
season of attempts to have flowers and
attractive yard the heavy
odds of free-range usually
In a barren wast around the
indeed the person's courage
is sufficient to make effort the
first year.
If you present the seriousness
How long has been going on, situation in such a manner a
and how long It will continue to to cause the owners of to
be going on, Is only a matter of time. confined in their back
the sentiment of our people in in the rural meaning of accomplishing a
matter of our future president. By right we should have for the general appearance
as the present circumstances delivery many moons ago. but as our town,
a very Illustrious son of the long as the town authorities continue A- CITIZEN.
South seems to have the best chance
to get there. And we are glad.
The wholesale arrests of labor
libraries. Supply proper aid for Implicated in the blowing up
study of literature.
Creation of a special depart-
in that state of apathy, where such
improvements are concerned, we will
continue to give such a vivid example
of back-mountain life.
The appropriation for city delivery
Wonder what kind of booze they
have up at Spencer. A young man
there had a bottle of it In his pocket
and stood before a fire to warm. The
been made some time ago got hot and there was an ex-
of open shops has been carried out the matter has ever since rested with In his pocket that set his
in such a scope us to show town authorities. It is up to them clothing on fire and caused
what Uncle Sam's authorities can to issue orders for the property In the household.
accomplish when they are willing to properly number their houses
to fix up their pavements. As we
The Investigations carried out at mentioned some time ago. We are go-
by the grand Jury to have a fine post office
the a condition pretty soon wt certainly
labor circles which really call for about the most ludicrous ex-
There is some consolation In the
talk of summer resorts making plan
for their next opening. It brings to
mind that summer will come after a
Authorized Agent of The Carolina Home and Farm and
Eastern Reflector for Ayden and vicinity.
Advertising rates furnished
AYDEN. N. C, Feb. Cotton but has a lacerated hand.
reached 10.52 1-2 cents per pound Hardware, of all kind, lime
Tuesday. and all bringing good prices, meat, cook stoves, windows and door.
The institute was held
here last Monday in Dr. M M.
auditorium. The weather was very
old and Pro. Phillips, of the Baptist.
says the snow was inches deep,
and we think he was correct- Yet,
there was a good crowd in attend-
and much good was
Many able suggestions were
made and no doubt we will see good
results from this meeting.
Anything in the way of Hardware,
and mill supplies, at J. R. Smith
We regret to learn of the illness
of Mr. C. V. Faulkner, one of the
Baptist force.
Mr. Amos Lang, of Grifton, fell a
victim to pneumonia, and was buried
last Monday. Mr. Lang was the
youngest son of Mr. E. Lang, who
preceded his son only a few years.
Mr. W. L Roberson received a
phone message from Farmville Mon-
day, announcing the death of his
other, who fell a few weeks ago.
ad sustained injuries from which
sac never recovered.
Mr. G. W. Briley and Mr. M.
spent Sunday near
Dynamite fuse, cartridges and caps,
guns, pistol and ammunition, at J.
It. Smith Bro.
Mr. Henry Smith, of near Frog
was in to see us Tuesday. He
says Ayden is the coming town in
state. Mr. Smith i a practical
farmer and business man, reads his
state and county papers and keeps
posted on all the latest issues,
husbandry; seems to be con-
that Governor Wilson will be
nominated for president and
nor W. W. Kitchin will be our next
United States senator.
Mr. Harris was cutting a
tree last week when it fell, Mr.
being old and clumsy, the re-
bounding limbs struck him, breaking
leg, near the ankle.
School books, any thing from an
to a Turner North Car-
almanac, at J. R. Smith Bro.
Mr. C. Jackson, whose head-
mail boxes, gun and pistols, at J.
R. Smith
i i WAS
LENOIR. Feb. morn-
while trying to put on a belt at
By virtue of the power of sale con-
in a certain mortgage deed, ex-
and delivered by J. S. Fulford
A LADDER Fulford, to W. A
Pollard and B. A Joyner, trading as
W. A. Pollard Company, on the 4th
day of January, 1911, and duly re-
corded in the register of deeds office
In Pitt county. North Carolina, in
Book V-9, page the undersigned
will expose to public sale, before the
court house door in Greenville, to the
the Manufacturing Company's; highest bidder, on Monday, the 4th
plant, Mr. George W. Smith, an em-
day of March, 1912, at noon.
two certain tracts or parcels of land
was hurled to Instant and being in the county of Pitt
by his clothing coming in
Sunday morning at th. residence a and to-wit aDd
of th. father. Mr. Henry body wound the All part of the tract of
line, sear Reedy Branch, Mr. the Umbers known as the Hooker
and Miss scattered m at, lying on the south side of the
were made man and wife. They Greenville and road not
immediately after the ceremony for
where they will make their
future home.
Mr. Richard of
here Monday nuking arrange-
to open up a freak meat and
beef market, and also carry fruit
fancy groceries.
Mr. Robert Bynum, of Columbia
C. has been her a few days, left
Monday for his home.
Mrs. Cora Moore, of Is
spending a few days here, after
her real estate.
Car of course Bait for
a shipment of lard stands, all
sizes, at J. R Smith A
The state organizer of the Inter-
national School Convention
will meet with the Sunday school
workers of Pitt county in Chris-
church, at Ayden, on March
ll, for the purpose of organizing the
work in the country. All the white
Mr. Smith was about years old
and leaves a wife and four children.
The funeral will be held Thursday
A piece of flannel with
Chamberlain's Liniment and bound
on to the affected parts is superior to
any plaster. When troubled with
lame back or pains in the side or chest
give it a trial and you are certain to
be more than pleased with the prompt
relief which it affords. Sold by all
Hen's Prayer League.
There was a smaller number of
men than usual at the meeting of
the Men's Prayer League in the
church Sunday afternoon, but
the presence of twenty-four of the
Boy Scouts who went in a body
brought up the attendance consider-
Sunday schools of denominations Two of were sh-
are asked to send delegates and s F- M- gave
contribution to this convention talk on to Escape
of expect to strongly bringing out
you wall here. An Interesting pro- that way
gram Is being prepared by the com-
The union prayer held
Sunday afternoon at the
church. Many of the brethren made
good The next meeting will beer. Messrs. J. S. Norman.
held at Free Will Baptist church, and J. W. Bryan.
is keeping the commandments.
The meeting next Sunday after-
noon will be held In the Methodist
church. Subject, Fruitful-
Text. II Peter Lead-
W. A
Sunday afternoon. Subject,
led by Mr. J. J. Edwards.
We thank the editor of the
Odd Fellows meet tonight
Royal Arch Masons meet tonight.
We hope new moon will bring
pendent for the brief he gave j better weather.
in his paper week. Policeman George Clark good on
Mr. F. F. Guthrie has moved hi a blind tiger scent,
family back to Ayden. Nearly all of the Greenville bar is
All the good citizens of Ayden Raleigh this week,
have the good of the town at heart.
covered by the dower of V.
Cobb. and excepting an undivided one-
half interest in the woodland lying
south of the Nichols road which was
conveyed to Florence L Smith.
That part of the
Hooker which was assigned to
V. Cobb. widow of W. L.
Cobb. as dower, the interest in this
tract to be sold is a fee-simple sub-
to the dower of V. Cobb,
as For more particular
description see conveyances recorded
in the register of deeds office of Pitt
county, as Mortgage of J.
S. Fulford and wife to W. A. Pollard
Co. Book V-9, page Deed of
J. H. Cobb, to J. C. Cobb, Book
E-8, page and deed of R. J. and
J. H. Cobb., to J. S. Fulford,
Book H-S, page
Sale to be made to satisfy said
mortgage deed. Terms of sale. cash.
31st day of January, 1912
2-ltd Mortgagees.
Moore Long. Attorneys,
Greenville, N. C.
By of s
made In
of Pitt county
ding No. 1588, entitled
and others, against Every Time Yon Take This
Mrs. D. J. Whichard and others, the
commissioners will sell
the court house door, in Green-
ville, on Monday. March 1912. at
o'clock, the following described
That property lying on both sides
of Sutton lane; one lot known as
place of the late Hugh A
on and wife, adjoining the lands of
G. Ernul and others, and one
Drug Yon Are in
Dodson's Liter Tone In-
is made from mercury.
and while mercury has many use.
it is a dangerous thing to swallow.
lot known as the small If stays in the system very
lot in front of the above de-
long it salivate. Even when it
scribed property and running through I
to Evans street, adjoining the lots naturally, it after effects are
W. H. and others; both
being conveyed in a deed from J. J.,
Perkins to Elizabeth P. Sutton. which Pharmacy has a liver
appear of record in the office Dodson's Liver Tone
of the register of deeds of Pitt county.
in Book Q-Q. page said two lots Walsh is positively guaranteed to
containing about one acre. place It
Said property will be offered for
sale in lots and also as a whole. the liver Just enough to start
Plots of the property can be seen a not make you
by application to either of the com-
missioners, sicker than often
Terms, one-half cash, balance
able in six months, or all cash to suit
the purchaser.
This February 1912.
By of an order of the
court of Pitt county, made in a
special proceeding pending therein,
entitled Sallie J. Evans. Mamie F.
Lucy C. Baker, et. vs.
John Kennedy. James T. Kennedy, et
and being number 1711 on S.
P. docket of said court. I will offer
Dodson's Liver Tone won't
force you to stop eating or working
after taking it- It Is as beneficial
for children as for adults.
Try a bottle today under
Pharmacy guarantee. You know this
store is reliable.
Place Horning
o'clock this morning.
for public sale before the court Memorial Methodist church,
door in Greenville, on Monday, Carrie Leone Brown, daughter
4th day of March, 1912, at o'clock Mr. and Mrs. C. Brown, was mar-
m., the following described tract to Mr of Dur-
on the north by the ceremony being performed
plank road, adjoining the lands Rev. E. M. Hoyle.
T. R. Moore and others, and known As Mrs. Sam T. White played the
Isaac Hardy home place, being march, the bridal party en-
us r
1900. and recorded In Book M-8. around the altar. First came
C. page containing 1-4 acre, more ushers, Messrs. John L Home. B. S.
, I Warren, A. C. and W. A
Terms of sale. cash, or 1-2
and balance in months to be
i by mortgage on said land.
. This February 1912.
W. F. Commissioner.
The bride entered the left
her Miss Maggie Brown, as
of honor, and the bridegroom
v his best man. Mr. W. A. Tucker,
passed up right aisle.
The maid of honor was dressed in
North County.
In the Superior Court, before D.
Moore. Clerk.
Haddock, administrator
of Samuel Mills, Martha
Mills, I. F. Mills, Fred
Mills. Mills, Macon
and wife,
Lena j
Mills and Maggie Haddock
By virtue of a decree of the
court of Pitt county, made t of Ken with white bat, and
D. C. Moore, clerk in the above en- or power
titled special proceeding, on the 29th contained in a certain mortgage a bouquet of pink carnations,
day of January. 1912, the under- on the 13th day of bride wore a going-away suit of
signed administrator of the estate of 1902 by E P p,, cloth with hat and gloves to
Mills, will on Wednesday, . . , . . w and carried a of white
tho day of February. 1912. at mortgage Is recorded in book match, and a mu
o'clock, noon, expose to public sale H-7 at page Pitt county Regis-;
before the court house door in Green-try. the undersigned will offer for The couple were the recipients of
bidder, for , on March 9th, 1912. at many beautiful gifts, which attested
the 1-9 undivided Interest of the late . . . . , mm left on the
Samuel Mills in that certain tract or I-2 at the court house door tor the
and want to see it go forward, COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION Parcel of land in township. Pitt county, the following described tram -r
want to show the advantages we . I. North tract or parcel of land lying in Pitt home of Mr. in Durham The
want to snow e nave , on the of Haddock, Cal- ,. bride has a host of friends in Green-
The local Royal Arch Chapter of
March 1st.
Mills and others, containing about
B. who regret her departure, but
quarters is at Nashville, Tenn., made
as a pleasant call last week. He is for the de-
engaged In the Y. M. C. A work.
Cox- colored, who has been
sick a long time, died Monday.
a man's treasure is, there
is his heart but can It be in
his poor horse or mule when he
drives him at a doctor's speed for
ten miles, and then ties him to a post
in a back lot, surrounded by a mud
bole, and let him stand for four solid
Such conduct Is Inhuman.
and we almost wish we could recall
an old friend. Col. E. A Keith. We
have seen him many a time put a
prop under the shaft of a loaded cart
apply definition of
to the driver when he return-
Mr. Jesse Broadway, of Fort Barn-
well, was here Saturday bringing a
full load of country-made hand-
which, he said, he had made
th bad weather. What a fine
example to emulate. We are sure
The Reflector or
other good paper.
Mr. Fred Smith, of Maple Cypress
was here last week, looking for a
suitable location to open a millinery
Car lime, cement, salt, seed oats,
and flour, cotton seed, hulls and meal
J. R. Smith and Bro.
Marriage bells will ring from
den to Greenville next and
who will be the next
Mr. Cox, Jr., and Mr.
Hart have opened a fancy grocery
near the city market.
Mr. F. Lilly and B. S. re-
turned from Raleigh Saturday night,
coming all the way on an automobile.
Messrs. Lyon Bros., have succeeded
Mr. Lilly In the grocery, fruit, oyster
and cold drink business.
AYDEN, N. C, Feb. Mary
Dickerson spent Sunday in the Tuck-
school house section.
Nannie, the little daughter Mr.
and Mrs. Jesse Coward, fell from the
back porch last Sunday and broke
Masons is experiencing almost a re-T, Members of the Pitt acres, more or less, also the 1-9 Bounded on the south by W.
viral in membership. There have been Association- undivided interest of the said Sam-Bland, on the north by C. H. well in her new home.
. . . Mills in the tract of land adjoin-and others, containing sixteen
By order of the executive commit- the of more or
made to satisfy the
tee of your association, a meeting and containing about
hereby called in the court house, in acres, more or less.
MEETING OF LADIES AID SOCIETY Greenville, on Friday. March 1912.
at o'clock, a. m., to receive the
Thirty-Two Members Were Present I officers in the manage-
at Meeting. of the fair held in November.
I last; also to elect officers for the cur-
The Inclement weather having w any
business relating to the association.
with our plans earlier, the
Aid Society met with Mrs. C.
T. Friday afternoon, to be-
gin work for the new year.
To prove their Interest in the good
cause thirty-two members were pres-
and twelve visitors. Eight of the
latter linking hearts and hands
with ours, placed their shoulders to
the wheel, while the remaining four
bid us God speed.
After the business of th meeting,
our pastor, Rev. E. M. Hoyle. entered.
He made a few wall chosen remarks
after which he and we prayed that we
might be more consecrated in our
work for the Master.
then M
This call embraces the officers,
hoard of governors, township com-
and all persons who con-
one dollar or more for the
This the day of January, 1912.
Administrator of the estate of Sam-
Mills, deceased.
F. C. Harding Attorney.
By virtue of a power of sale con-
In a certain mortgage deed
executed by J. A Gardner to H. A
Hart, dated the 26th day of April,
1911, and recorded in the office of
of Deeds of Pitt county in
support of the last fair, as the unaligned
set forth are considered of will on Monday, 11th day of Mar.
association and have the right to 1912 at o'clock, noon, expose to
in meeting public sale before the court house
participate in meeting. in Greenville, to the highest bid
Th board of governors will meet for described
at o'clock, a. m., the lame day.
J. L. WOOTEN, President.
D. J. WHICHARD, Secretary
in such fitting word aB to make all
feel that we were willing to under-
take great things in the Master's vine-
yard, therefore pledged ourselves to
that end, believing that without doubt
we could accomplish things
through Him that strengthened
Returning to business we made
Mrs. Flake, one of our oldest church
members, an honorary life member of
the society by a raising vote.
Our visitor who desired were then
received Into membership after which
we adjourned into a social meeting
where we learned to know and love
each other better.
On leaving, we declared to our
hostess that this meeting had been
enjoyed to its utmost capacity in
sense of the word.
tract or parcel of
Lying and being in Swift Creek
township. Pitt county, North Caro-
and beginning at Gardner's bridge
and running eastward with the run
When her child Is in a Swift Creek to J. F.
will risk her life t protect bounded on the south by Ed
No great act of heroism or risk g
is to a I bridge to Maple
with said road to the be-
and all danger Is containing forty acres,
more or less.
This Bale is made to satisfy the
terms of said mortgage deed.
This 6th of Feb. 1912.
H. A. HART, Mortgagee
F. G HARDING, Attorney.
to Property
sale is made to satisfy As building inspector for the town,
terms of the mortgage above refer-I beg to state and be heard, that
red to. person, before erecting, altering
This 5th day of Feb., 1912. or repairing a building in the town
FRED MILLS, Mortgagee Greenville shall get of me a per-
HARRY SKINNER, Attorney. i snit for such work. This a state
law, and the failure to obey it will
i certainly cause some body some
By virtue of two executions p d.
ed to the undersigned from the Department; Building
court of Pitt county, one en- H r
titled Hopkins against Nelson Inspector.
Hopkins and the other entitled State
of North Carolina against Nelson you are probably aware that
results from a cold but
of March, 1912, at o'clock never heard of a cold resulting
at the house door in Greenville, la pneumonia when Chamberlain's
sell to the highest bidder for cash Remedy was used. Why take
satisfy said two executions the . . . . remedy may be
right, and Interest which
said Nelson Hopkins has in the a trifle For sale by all deal-
lowing described real
on the west side of the A. I
C. L. railroad adjoining the land of
Mrs. J. L. Sugg on the north and the I
lot of Henry on the HALE
and lot of Jane Forbes on the four-ear Prolific corn for
d lane on the south, con
Cough Remedy
avoided. For sale by all dealers.
At Carolina Teacher Training
President Wright Is sending out an-
of the spring and
Having qualified as administrator
mer courses for teachers that will be r b. N. of Joseph deceased,
available at East Carolina county, N. C, this is to
Training school this year. The an persons having claims
of the summer term last year the estate of said deceased
was so pronounced, that the trustees them to the undersigned
of the school at a recent meeting do-, within one year of the date of this
to hold them again this year. notice, or this notice will be pleaded
and to make them a prominent feature bar their recovery. All persons
of the school.
The spring term will begin
26th and continue to June 6th, ten
weeks, and tho term will be-
gin June 11th and continue to August
3rd. eight weeks. These terms will Brown, Attorney,
give teachers the opportunity of both
There's a Difference.
They come, they go. I don't know
How moving In and moving out
her arm. Dr. W. H. Dixon set It. Helps, except to keep them on the go,
Much sympathy I felt for the little And keep the people all In doubt. regular and special courses. There
H Will also be a course In
Harriet Nelson, sister of never move. I never rove, supervision from July 9th
late Jesse Nelson, died Sunday and T have no fear, I have no strife, to August 3rd. four weeks.
indebted to said estate will please
make Immediate payment.
This 31st day of January, 1912.
Administrator D. B. M.
Stray Takes
I have taken up a and white
spotted female pig weight
or pounds, marked with a round
was burled Monday. She quite Nor never change, but always shove
old and had never married. She lived Along the same Old Mutual Life. j Sedentary habits, lack of hole in each ear. Owner can get same
with her nephew, Mr. J. Nelson. I H. BENTLEY HARRISS, exercise, insufficient of Proving property and paying the
Mr Thad Braxton, son of Mr. the Mutual Life of New York constipation, a torpid liver, charges. that they must present the same to How to cure a cold is a question
Braxton, was examining a dynamite , and anxiety, arc the most p
cap Sunday morning. He applied of stomach troubles. Correct F. No. Greenville. N. bar of now. s tough
lighted match to it, not thinking Tho man looking for tomorrow, your habits and take Chamberlain's J recovery. has won its great reputation and
quick and powerful, when It his toe on today Stomach and Liver Tablets and you 29th 1912. j immense sale by its remarkable cure
and blew off hi thumb and Might doesn't always make right, will soon be well again. For sale by Dare a man to do a thing, and COldS- U CaD be
P- W H dress- Lit it gets left all dealers. , he's s fool he will attempt It. For sale by all dealer.
one-fourth acre, more
or less, and being the lot where the
said Nelson Hopkins has been
This the 12th day of February, 1912.
I. DUDLEY, Sheriff.
ale in 1-2 rows;
inches in the row, making it a good
germinating corn. per bushel; 11.76
per 1-2 bushel; per peck .
Grown and selected by
W. X.
C, K. F. D. So.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
as administrator of B. F. OF FOR PARDON
notice la elven to hereby given that a
deceased. notice is hereby given to all j for a pardon of j w
persons Indebted to the estate to wag convicted of the crime of
make payment to the assault with deadly weapon at Jan-
and all persons having term, 1912. of Pitt county
.,.,.,, . . court, and sentenced by his
claims against said estate are notified, to he roads
that they must present the same to or for three months, will
the undersigned for payment on or presented to the governor of North
before the 5th of February, 1913,, Carolina on February the 22nd, 1912.
or this notice Will be plead In bar of
This February 5th, 1912.
of B. F.
all persons Interested, either pro or
con in the granting of said pardon,
may be heard.
Attorneys for J. W. Allen.
Having duly qualified before the
Superior court clerk of Pitt county
administratrix, with the will
of the estate of Jane L. God-
win, notice Is hereby given to all
persons Indebted to the estate
make immediate payment to the
and any persons having
claims against said estate are notified
that they must present the same to
the undersigned for payment on or
before the 29th day of January, 1913.
Why kill yourself strong pipe, when
you en vet the original corn cob that II
nicotine insure
Five cent, for packing and
B N. Y.
. i
mm m

f II
Death of Mrs. Susan
Mrs. Susan about
Wheat II Goes This Oaf
Certainly Did
Once upon a time . young lady and
her went fishing. At any rate,
the fishing was an excuse to get away
from the world, which is even an-
other trick of lovers. In
a careless moment and while the
swain was pulling hard at tile oars
and the maiden laid back in rapturous
contemplation of the poor sucker,
ready at hard her
ring slipped off her finger and
a series of to the mud-
bed below. swain and maid-
en did their best to recover said ring
but they had to return to the world
of lire living minus jewel. Years
after a fisherman called at the door
of the cottage where love had
the main tare, The swain was still
at hard labor. The fish was bought
and paid for and opened preparatory
to its going the third degree
culinary science. And behold the
ring was in the stomach of the fish.
Some people pooh-pooh and like-
wise at the veracity of this
story, but Jonah's there to convince
And if Jonah were not enough,
Greenville has a little story that
might appeal to the most skeptic.
Some two and a half years ago. a lady
was victimized to the extent of a
ring. Right here began a chase such
as has few parallels. Policeman Geo.
Clark got off to a rather warm scent
and kept at it. Whenever the sleuth
though he was about to the
tiffany, something got in between and
the chase was resumed This little
hide and seek game kept up till this
week when the elusive ring was re-
turned to its rightful owner.
Same rightful owner was so de-
lighted to get it back that she did
not even stop to inquire as to ex-
means had Mr. Clark
had made use of to secure it
Much credit is due to the
of the police for his
and good effort in recovering
the jewel.
Special to Ever, to Wednesday night at her home M MIDDLE MAN'S PROFIT
South Greenville, after an illness
Editor. several months. In her death j HARVARD k ROOF
Last week our town fortunate Greenville loses a truly good woman, I
in having some most attractive via- and one whom many friends will paint on the market for use on
In honor of the occasion, our Though into her own life had come Shingle, Felt, Canvas, Paper,
women bestirred themselves and put sorrows and trials, she bore and Rubber Roofs. Cutters and
forth great effort to make Greenville uncomplainingly, and nothing gave Copings, Structural Iron
look beat They worked on their her more pleasure than to be doing Bridges. Subways, Tunnels. Base-
own premises as well as the public something for others. Hers was in-
buildings and improved them greatly a kind heart, and she was
and they were recorded by the
and appreciation of the visitors, as
well as their own satisfaction.
Much to our regret, the visitors
have left us. yet there are still in
some most attractive and
appreciative people, people who love
attractive homes, people who would
enjoy a clean and beautiful town.
Greenville is full of splendid,
men and women, who desire that
it should be the most desirable of all
towns in Which to live. Let's work
together attain that end.
If the women will come out and
Join the Civic League, and the men
prove by action their willingness to
co-operate with the League, we can
all work together and accomplish
wonders in making Greenville a
and ideal town.
to save our sewer
pipes we have had to sacrifice some
of our prettiest shade trees; we can
replace these with trees whose roots
are not harmful, and there are many
ugly spots we can make beautiful.
If we will get together, and work
together, we will find many conditions
which can be improved.
Here's to hoping that at the next
meeting of the Civic League, all the
present members will be there, as
well as many enthusiastic new ones.
Your attitude toward this league
shows your attitude toward the
and attractiveness of your town.
Let's get ready for the next visitors
now, and stay ready.
ways ready to go when called. She
Is survived by seven children, five
sons and two daughters. She was a
member of the Methodist church.
The funeral took place at
afternoon, services being conducted
by Rev. E. M. Hoyle. the interment
In Cherry Hill cemetery.
The pall bearers were Messrs. T.
It. Moore, S. Smith, A. B.
V K. A. C.
J. J. J. B. Little and N. W
Marriage to Take Place
Id April.
From three to five o'clock Friday
afternoon, at the home of their par-
on Dickinson avenue. Misses
Permanent Organization Will be if- Susie and Moor entertained at
In March a Valentine party in honor of their
. guest. Miss Catherine Staples, of
The County Sunday School Va. in the
elation which will effect a permanent f of
organization in Pitt county, at o
den. on the l , when the H of was
Convention will be held.
is a part of one of the largest organ-1
The decorations of the homo were
strikingly beautiful, hearts and
a county in itself, but ,,,,, ,,. ,
it is a part of a system of was in rd n
Behind the county association red
is state association and Km at ,,,
the state Is the front door by mM
Association, which comprises at
Canada. States, and Mexico. room by Miss Moon. J
and behind the international is the then to ,,. bow,
great Worlds Sunday School H e la
by Misses and Susie
Established 1875
and Retail and
Furniture dealer. paid
Hide. Fur. Cotton Seed. Oil
Suits. Bab Car.
Parlor Sub,
Tables, Lounges. Safes, P. Lori-
Gail A x Snuff, High Life
tobacco, Key West Hen
George Cigars, Canned
Peaches, Apples, Syrup, Jelly,
Meat. Flour. Sugar. Soap,
Lye. Matches,
Cotton Seed Meal and Hulls, Gar.
Seeds. Oranges, Apples,
Nuts, Candies. Dried Apples,
Peaches. Prunes, Currants.
ware. Cakes and Crackers, Malta.
best Butter, New
Royal Sewing machines and
other goods. Quality and
quantity cash. Coma to
see n.
Phone Number
LS. M. Schultz
W. t.
Attorney at Law
opposite R. L. Smith Co's
stables and next doer to John Flan-
Company's new building
which all the countries
There the Sunday school forces are ,
the county by
Mrs. W. M.
is a part of a whole and has the
benefit of the work of all the other
associations behind it.
The purpose of the county organ-
is to secure a deeper interest
and broader view of the organized
Catharine Staples and
L. I. Moore W. H. Long
Attorneys at Law
Greenville, . Carolina.
Martin, of Hickory.
The game of the afternoon was
with six table of play-
The score cards were red hearts,
and stickers of gilt hearts
Sunday school movement through , made b
means of Interdenominational players.
in the formation of township .
associations in each township of the link
county. The township association Is were
the link that completes chain of j and Lillie Washington, X. C Greenville. X. C.
the system. Into Us to Th, R , y J -7
poured the very cream of organized where from office with Dr. D. L Jame.
work, as it comes from was ,
the worlds through the international j ,, . , .
by the state to the county into ft. i, . J K
township the cutter end. To the other and
Thus the organized Sunday school the ribbons concealed in the basket
movement is a big thing-world-wide ,.,. ,
scope, yet local in
qualities of to the hidden end of
X. W.
Attorney at Law
Office formerly occupied by J. U
. . Carolina.
S. J.
Attorney at Law
In Edwards Building on the Court
House Square
Greenville, . . North Carolina.
in its
cation. It combines the
bring and intensive at one and
ante time. It Is further strengthen-
ed in the fact that Its work is int r-
and behind it stands
all the denominations.
The gathering on March 11-12. at
Ayden. promises to be Quite a large
one and much good to Hie Sunday
work throughout the country
is expected lo follow the organization
in this county.
C. M. C.
stokes left tor Baltimore to
buy his spring goods, Ha will re-
turn Friday.
Mr. William F. Stokes, who is at-
school In spent
Saturday and Sunday at home with
his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Wilbur Firming
are visiting Mr. If. M. Stokes and
f who have recently moved here
Miss who is teaching
school in county, spent
Sunday at
Miss Sidney Davenport, of
is spending week With M. O.
Mrs. Mooring returned home
Tuesday after visiting near Green-
ville a few days.
which hung a diamond engagement
ring, was drawn out by Miss
Moore, who with an appropriate toast
handed the ring to the bride-to-be.
Then each guest drew a ribbon and
disclosed cards ornamented with
Cupid ind a bridal couple on one side,
and on the other
April, Several toasts wore
given the bride-to-be, and nil offered
diseases of the
and Throat,
. Carolina.
mania, Fences. Elevators. Towers,
Pumps. Poles, Vaults, Tanks. Steam
Pipes, Stand Pipes. Sewer Pipes.
Farm Implements, etc.
Stop Leaks and Decay and
Proof and Arid-Proof.
We a full line of
Ready Mixed House Paints Barn
Paints. Varnishes, Dryers, etc.
Our and a square
He Your for Paint
for any Purpose.
Write us for Prices. Color Cards
and Terms It will cost you nothing
to investigate.
In answering ads. mention
Central Barber Shop
Located la main business of
Four operation and
one presided over by s skilled
barber Ladles waited m at
Gardner's Repair Shop
if you want the best Cart Wheels
manufactured in Pitt County go to
Gardner's Shop and ask for a pair of
Birch Hubs, split White Oak
Spokes. Pitch-pine Rims. Steel Tires
and Axle, made by strictly
workmen. Every pair guaranteed.
Just around the corner from the
I. Trent C.
You have been passing our
daily, and no doubt noticed
n our windows. You concluded to
bring in suit which really needs
cleaning, but have neglected to do
Let us save you the trouble;
us right now. We call for and de-
liver. No extra charge.
Frank Hopkins
Phone . . . Greenville, , C,
Attorney at Lax
Office In building, st
Practices Wherever his services are
. . Carolina.
Some men look so far ahead that
they loose sight of the opportunities
nadir their very nose.
Thai a town or city should be kept
clean and sanitary, is a matter of
great concern to all the people. The
back lots, streets front and yards
of private homes, but no place is of
more vital Importance than the side-
walks, for here all pass over and come
in direct contact with every
and unwholesome condition that
may exist on the main walks. There
Is a portion of sidewalk In
has not been swept for four
Main front of
occupied stores. Shame to our beau-
Besides, one foot
of sidewalk on Main street is ever
Cleaned off on Saturday night, hence
tilth of every kind remains for Sun-
day. Why not require all business
places to clean off in front of their
Saturday nights Why sweep the
streets and not sidewalks
f. C. d. w.
Civil Engineer Attorney at Law
Mill Engineers and
a. Ward C. C.
Washington X. c. Greenville,
Attorney Law
Practice in all the
Office In Woolen building on Third
. . Carolina.
When you want the beat, remember
we are at your services.
Choice Roses, Carnations,
Violet- and Wedding Outfits In
the Latest Styles.
Floral offerings artistically arranged
short notice.
When in need of pot plants, rose
hushes, evergreens, shrubbery, hedge
plants and trees, mall, telegraph
or telephone your to
J. Co.
Bank of Greenville
Greenville, N. C.
Capital Stock
To Loan on Good Commercial
Accounts solicited and we
especially invite you to call
Davis, J. L Little,
Hooker, V-Pres.
General Merchandise
Buyers of cotton and country produce. We now occupy the former
Central Mercantile Co. store and will be glad to have our friends call
on us.
Home, Sweet Home
Keep your home sweet and sanitary
by using new furniture.
We have the kind you fact
our carload of goods is just opened up
and we want to tell you the truth about
some of the prettiest rugs and art squares
it has ever been our pleasure to show you.
JUST drop in and look over our goods. Don't wait,
come today. No trouble to show goods. It's a pleasure.
Taft Vandyke
The new Steamers Just placed In service the OF BOB-
and OF are the most elegant and
up-to-date steamers between Norfolk and Baltimore.
Equipped with In each room.
Delirious served on board. Everything for
comfort and convenience.
Steamers leave Norfolk p. m. daily, arriving at
a. m. following morning.
Connecting at Baltimore for all points NORTH EAST
Very low round trip rates to Baltimore, Washington, Phil-
New York, Atlantic City, etc.
made and any information cheerfully furnished
Norfolk, Virginia.
Attorney lit Law
t. m.
Office second floor in Woolen building,
on Third St., opposite court house.
Chronic disease a specially.
over Frank Wilson's
. a, . is ;.
days. Wednesdays and Friday. Tel-
connection. Examinations
Cabbage Plants
Millions of thoroughbred Frost Proof
Cabbage plants for sale. The follow-
Charleston Wake
Held, Large Late Drum
This selection should give you con-
heading through the entire
Prepare for shipments in lots of
from 1.000 to 10.000, per thou-
and; over per thousand.
F. O. B. Greenville, N. C.
tun supply order of any size.
Count and satisfaction
t N. C.
Mr. Business M
goes into 1,400 homes six days a
readers. The Eastern Reflector,
our weekly edition, goes into 1,200
readers. ,
Can you figure out why an ad
in either of these papers won't pay
i m i
WASHINGTON. D. C, Feb. deposed treasurer general of Per-
decisions of unusual will head a distinguished list of
may be banded down by the speakers at the annual convention of
court of the United States when i the navy league of the United States
it reconvenes Monday after a three to be held in Washington Thursday
recess. Two of the cases in and Friday.
which decisions are looked tor at an The general managers of all of the
early date deal with important prominent eastern railroads are to
of construction of the Sherman anti-
trust act, the cotton pool case and
the pool case. A third case
of importance is the suit brought
test the constitutionality of the Ore-
initiative and referendum law.
The recent withdrawal of Joseph
W. Folk as a candidate for the Dem-
presidential nomination is be-
to assure the unanimous in-
of Speaker Clark by the
Democratic state convention of Mis-
which is to be held in Joplin
Tuesday. The action of Missouri is
likely to be followed by the Democrat-
state convention of Oklahoma,
where the Clark candidacy already
been received with much favor.
The Oklahoma convention will be held
la Oklahoma City two days the
Missouri gathering.
The annual celebration of Washing-
ton's birthday will be the
as designated to read Wash-
farewell address before the
senate on that day. In the evening
Senator Fletcher, of Florida, Senator
Bailey, of Texas. Senator Williams, of
confer in New York Friday regarding
the demand made by the locomotive
engineers for higher wages. The en-
are uniting In a movement for
an advance of fifteen per cent and
every railroad east of Chicago, north
of the Chesapeake and Ohio and south
of the Canadian border, is affected
by the demand, and also the Grand
Trunk of Canada.
Governors of twelve eastern states
have accepted invitations for
at a conference to be held
In Harrisburg, Pa., Tuesday and Wed-
to devise means to check the
spread of the chestnut tree blight,
which is killing millions of
worth of in New England. New
York, Pennsylvania and the South,
and is threatening the Ohio river
Mr. the French
will deliver the Washington's
birthday address at the Union League
Club celebration In Chicago Thurs-
day, The same day Governor Wood-
row Wilson, of New Jersey, is
to speak at the big Democratic
New Bern Man Walks of Court a
Free Man
Mississippi, and Senator Taylor, of j banquet in Topeka. In the city of
Tennessee, will speak at annual i Mexico the American holiday will be
dinner of the Southern Society of observed by the unveiling of the. Wash-
President Taft, Secretary of the
Navy Meyer and W. Morgan
monument, a gift from the
American colony to the Mexican gov-
North Carolina Contingent Reads Attack
Wong Ping, a wealthy Chinese mer-
chant, with business establishments
in New York, San Francisco, and Nor-
folk, having been refused a license
to marry in Norfolk, Newport News,
and Richmond, came to this city yes-
morning with Miss Myrtle Ar-
years old, chaperoned by
Mrs. a mission worker of Nor-
folk, and the ceremony was perform-
ed at the residence of the Rev. C. H.
Butler, Second street, southeast.
Hr. and Mrs. Ping are registered at
one of the downtown hotels, and will
spend their honeymoon in the
After M Deliberation the Jury
la the Case of Bryan Returns
Verdict of
Charges Two Witnesses
With Improper Conduct.
Off BERN, Feb.
o'clock yesterday afternoon the Jury
in the Baker Bryan murder case after
being out for more than seventy hours
brought in a verdict of not
Immediately Solicitor
arose and staled that he wished to
file charging Messrs. Wm.
Styron and J. F. Rhodes, two of the
jurors, with improper conduct The
Judge allowed this and he proceeded.
He stated that Mr. Styron bad been
seen leaning out of the window and
conversing with Fred Carter, one of
the crew of the revenue cutter
and that Mr. relations
with Baker Bryan were such that he
could not give the state a fair and
impartial trial. Judge Foushee asked
Mr. Styron if he had a conversation
with Fred Carter and he stated that
he only spoke to him as he was pass-
on the street. The judge then
ordered Mr. Rhodes to stand up. He
asked him if he had ever stated that
he believed Baker Bryan killed Will
accidentally. Mr. Rhodes stat-
ed that he had not. He then asked
Mr. Rhodes is he was on Bryan's bond
in a liquor case, To this question Mr.
Rhodes replied that he guessed he was
and explained the affair
about. He stated that he was walking
down Middle street one day several
months ago and that some one told
him that Bryan wanted to see him.
He saw Bryan and that he asked him
to stand his bond for and he
would give him a mortgage on a
Sunday night, at about o'clock, piano as security. This he did. Judge
Officer George Clark arrested the Foushee failed to sustain the
colored men, Frank Hopkins and gallons of the affidavits and
Willie Fleming, charging them with ed the prisoner. Immediately he was
the illegal sale of liquor. Both men i placed under a bond of for
were locked up in the local jail. This a bawdy house. This bond was
morning Mayor Wooten asked for a furnished and Bryan walked out of
bail for their appearance for the house a free man as far as the
a preliminary trial tomorrow morning murder was concerned,
at o'clock. Bond was given Solicitor then stated to
Frank Hopkins, but Fleming is still the court that the verdict rendered by
in the cell, as he could not procure the jury was one of the grossest mis-
the necessary j carriages of ever perpetrated
the state of North Carolina. At
Abusing a Good Law. assertion practically every one
Senior Senator Declares That all that
Stood With Him In the Lumber
Vote Should be Read Out Accord-
to lie agreed
all North Carolinians,
Every member of the North Carolina
colony In Washington, whether con-
or federal officeholder, was
anxious lo get a copy of The News
and Observer today to read of Gov-
opening attack on
Senator last night. The
governor's speech was the chief topic
of conversation among the
this afternoon.
Senator tonight gave out
the following
had heard that Governor
Kitchin in his in Raleigh last
night would charge that I had voted
with the Republican on the
bill; that voted for
subsidies and that I was
and reactionary. Supposing
that this would be the line of his at-
tack, as I see from The News and
Observer It was, there was mailed to
the North Carolina papers last night
an answer to these several
pated criticisms, hope these
papers will give me the same space
in its publication ab I see The News
and Observer gives Mr. Kitchin.
Mr. labored effort to show
an inconsistency in my position on
lumber and wheat as stated in my
Snow Hill speech in 1902 and in my
speeches on those subjects in 1908
were fully answered by me in these
latter speeches.
1902 we manufactured
only high grade lumber such
as Canada does not produce at all.
and there was practically no com
petition between the two countries in
the of this
lie purpose of publishing general county
s. THE DAILY REFLECTOR will dedicate
Tear Pitt
No matter where your home is located, whether in the
northern, southern. or western part of the county.
THE DAILY REFLECTOR wants to know what you
or yours are doing and how it is being done.
Anything of the ordinary is interesting at all times
and to everybody. For this reason, THE DAILY BE-
ELECTOR w tints to get a line from you whenever that
out of the ordinary takes place in your neighbor-
For the
news items, .-
Saturday of each week, half a page or a full page, if
necessary, to such matter.
People coming and going about neighborhood,
affairs about farm, gatherings, whether social,
or for discussion of problems that face you every
All of that is interesting and in many cases
THE DAILY REFLECTOR wants to be posted
and will pay regular news rates for everything published.
Wherever you are. whatever your denomination, what-
ever your means, you can furnish us with just that news
matter that we want for our General County News Section.
THE DAILY REFLECTOR wants to hear from you
all. and the best care will be taken of everything you send
Yours truly.
The foreman of a the large number of spectators in
construction camp, who on his the court room openly applauded.
While Mrs. Ping has been living In rival in this city carried his revolver This trial has cost the county at
Norfolk for more than a year, the to a police officer to surrender it so as least Two hundred and sixty
greater part of her work has to violate the law and was special men were
spent in one of the rural districts of upon to a cell and kept all night I at the opening of the term. A large
North Carolina, and as the groom a lawbreaker, has had his day in number of witnesses are to be paid
The against him was and there are a long list of expenses
Carolina small country; dismissed, but nonetheless attached to the trial.
girl not see much of world. We protest honest man
here and see doesn't like the idea of a night la I I I I I I I I II I I S I
police cell. There something in the g I
shams of it that is deeper than the NOTES FROM THE
and I Mt that this law LABOR WORLD
I. enforced In a way very g S
from the obvious merit it has 88888888888888818 S an the time. For
WAKE 77th
morning Superior court Judge Long
told of case that came
under his jurisdiction while he was
holding court some months ago in
one of the counties to the north
this. He stated that on old
was indicted for selling whiskey;
that she. too, persisted in selling
and had made quite a little money
out of the business. It seemed that
she was almost paralyzed and could
not move her hands and was In bed
this reason she
to trap thieves and those that use
revolvers as tools in a murderous
Against the force of that protest
the police officials have no valid ex-
cuss to offer. It is folly to say the
law demands it. The man not
a lawbreaker; he had brought th
pistol to the police station to lodges.
WAKE FOREST, Feb. a and hi had surrendered it If
warm sunlight driving away the there was any technical offense In his
dampness and the mud, the day of there was no need to lock
the celebration of the 77th nm n a cell all night Technical
One-third of England's
operators are women.
of the of the two
literary societies of Wake Forest Col-
was most fittingly in.
of ordinances are overlooked
everyday the police A
misdemeanors and unintentional
earn cants a day in
Shanghai, China.
The Brotherhood of Railway Car
Men recently organized ten new
Over women are engaged In
lace making at home in the city of
not been brought inti court
The rain and- generally bad weather in a police cell is a
which has continued through the past matter. To inflict it without
week brought discouragement to the be deemed a serious of-
prospects of many. The genuine merits Mayor at-
spring weather which prevails today
is a suitable for any
In spite of the weather there were
many guests who arrived in time for
the game last night. The
trains today have been crowded with
fair visitors, and at the present time
York World.
The Amalgamated Lace Curtain Op-
of America will hold their
annual contention at New York, May
During December, 1911, the Switch-
men's Union of North America paid
in death and disability
The National Print
of America will hold an-
Colored Girl Victim of Peculiar Self-
Thursday evening a young colored; convention at Philadelphia, be-
was playing with a certain object j ginning on April
the anniversary number Is here. found near the railroad track.
The first scheduled event of it against some hard object The trade unionists of Cal.
occurred this afternoon when exploded and wounded the girl in have started a campaign to get money establishments employing A j
the representatives of the jaw and throat. Dr. Laughing-1 for the erection of a labor men average
and Literary Societies house dressed the wounds and made temple in that city.
the query. attempt to obtain some
the Right of Suffrage Should Not Be ton aB how the girl came to hurt
An effort is being made in San
Jose, Cal., to bring all the
or musicians in that city into
the local of the American Federation
of Musicians.
A Junior typographical union, com-
posed of will be organ-
under the auspices of the San
Francisco, Cal., Typographical Union
at an early date.
Provisions has been made by the
International Union for the
appointment of nine organizers, seven
on the lakes, one of the Pacific and
one the Atlantic.
Custom tailors throughout the
country are in favor of organizing a
wearing apparel department of the
American Federation of Labor, as
proposed at the Atlanta convention.
The most numerous class of
trial women workers in Kentucky is
in the tobacco trade. In twenty seven
Every Manure Spreader is not a Cloverleaf
that looks like one. You can't judge a Manure
Spreader by its looks because there are many
features which are found in the construction of
one machine that are not found in others.
Manure Spreaders are the most easily op-
the strongest and best machines on the
market. If you will examine one critically you
will agree with us that the
is the best machine you ever looked at. Drop in.
Let us discuss the manure spreader proposition.
Let us explain the many meritorious features
found in Cloverleaf construction. Better still,
buy one, then you will be in a better position to
know why you can't judge a manure spreader by
its looks. If you are not ready to buy, call and
get a Its filled with valuable
on soil maintenance and fertility. We are
reserving one for you. Won't you call and get
it today
Hart Hadley
In the course of ten years the
herself, hut the result was a negative I trade unions have increased only
one, as the young lady had per cent., while the German
more Imagination than fear. She first j ions have Increased per cent.
in somebody shot her with a rifle, I , . .
for the year 1911 are long Raymond president of
past due, and the time has almost
Restricted on Account of
Official measures, with improved
conditions in the factories, especially
so far as dust is concerned, have re-
the number of cases of lead
poisoning in British potteries from
In to in
not be the case, said that she had the National Women's Trades Union,
arrived when I will have to , can that hitting League, has announced that she will Seven thousand miners in Al-
start a national campaign for a and British Columbia have
Those who are yet delinquent should
come forward and pay, so as lo u thought that ,,, ,.,,,, million closed an agreement with their
a charged cap somewhere along the men workers in this country, in which an Increase of
tracks and that she tried to hammer the American Federation of Labor wages running from to per
It, With mentioned results. has her plan. incorporated.
This February 1912.
S. I. DUDLEY, Sheriff.
Deposits in the
The Greenville Banking
and Trust Company
for this section of the State
Oar Capital Stock
K The in Pitt County

Authorized Agent of The Carolina Home and Farm and The
Eastern Reflector for Winterville and vicinity
Advertising Rates on Application
WINTERVILLE. N. C. Feb. ; Mr. M. B. Bryan, of Norfolk, spent
Rev. B. W. will lecture at Saturday night and Sunday with his
the Baptist church Wednesday night, parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Bryan
Everybody invited.
Dr. Archibald Henderson returned la sf The Beys f
last Monday from the University of
Virginia where on Friday night he
lectured before the Civic Club of that
institution on Contributions of
George Barnard Shaw to Modern So-
We have a council of the Boy Scouts
in Greenville the interest of the
boys of this town, for their good
morally and physically. A
On Saturday Dr. Header- part of the Scout oath is will keep
son addressed the Boob Club of the
same University While at the
he and Mrs. Henderson were
the guests of Dr. C. A. Smith, former-
professor at the University of North
myself men all; awake, morally
straight and physically
We trying to teach the boys the
highest principles of life. That they
may be useful to themselves and
Carolina. Besides making lectures helpful to those around them. To be
at several noted institutions of learn-kind, obedient, strong and manly In
since his return from Europe, things. Surely this town should
Miss Mantle returned give a public debate in the school
home last week, after spending a few on the 15th of March.
That Congress
The Vance Literary Society is assisted by his wife, s deeper interest in our boys if
days with Mrs. M G. Bryan.
It will pay you to see Harrington.
Barber Co. for your farm
Mr. B. F. Manning spent one day
last week at Hanrahan, In the interest
of the cotton business.
Rev. M. A. Adams spent two days
at Scotland last week.
Don't forget the reversible disc
harrows at A W. Ange
Messrs. J. R. Smith and L. L Kit-
of Ayden, spent Friday in town.
White goods, laces end embroider-
tall Come and see them at
Harrington. Barber Co.
Messrs. J, F. Harrington and S. G.
Moore returned Friday evening from
a trip to Reading, Penn.
Miss Pearl Hester spent Saturday
and Sunday with friends in and near
If you are need in pants, A W. Ange
Co. have a new lot Just in and cheap,
Mrs. E. E. Cox returned Sunday
from a visit at Seven Springs.
Harrington, Barber Co. have a
nice lot of shoes for men, women and
Rev. W. J. Fulford. of Ayden, filled
his regular appointment at the
pal church both Sunday morning and
just published the American edition we are to have strong, well prepared
of bis translation of the book by the men for the future,
famous French scholar, j This big meeting is to be held in
Should Enact a National Prohibition on the late American the court house February
The public is cordially in-
Rev. W. L of Middlesex,
filled Rev. M. A. pulpit here
Sunday morning and at night
Mr. J. D. Cox returned to Fair-
Monday after spending a few
days at home.
When the weather gets good it will
pay you to get a reversible disc
row and plow over your lands in or-
to make the time for planting.
Miss Myrna Height, of
has been spending a few days
with Misses Eva and Lucy Belle
Langston returned home Monday
Rev. W. J. Fulford. of Ayden. will
hold a service of Bible readings at
the Episcopal church every Thurs-
day evening at o'clock during
The trustees of Winterville High
School is to build at an early date a
central dining hall for the
of W. H. S. This will be a
great addition to the school.
James. This is but we want men, women and
contribution to Dr.
son's already large gift to the
of the country.
The Johnston County Club of the
University, consisting of about
men from that county, has recently
established a medal which is to be
given each year to that member of
the winning team between the high
schools of the The medal will
be a handsome gold one valued at
ten dollars. Stipulations for the de-
bate have already been arranged. Six
high schools will enter the contest.
Each school will furnish two teams.
Two d bates will be held on the same
night, one at home, one at some one
of the other schools, by each high
The spring trip of the Glee Club
has been arranged. The schedule
a tour of tee principal
cities and towns of western North
Carolina. The troupe of twenty-five
men will leave the bill on the 26th
of February, and will visit In
Prof. J. L. who for some Greensboro. Morganton, Hick-
time has been in the hospital under- Winston. Mt. Airy, and
going an operation, returned Monday
evening and will soon be able to re-
his duties as teacher in the
ton. The club has been practicing
faithfully during the entire spring,
learning new songs and Improving
the old ones. The choruses, latest
hits, and college songs, the gay or-
music, violin and piano so-
will make the program attractive
j for any Many friends of
the University and of the
reside in the towns to be vis-
These never fall to make the
to and all friends of the
boys. There will be five to ten min-
talks by prominent men of the
town. First the boys tell some-
thing of what they are doing and
what they intend doing. This will be
directed by the Assistant Scout Master
Mr. W. T. Lipscomb. Mayor F. M.
Wooten will give a short talk on the
importance of such an organization
in our town. Then Mr. F. C. Hard-
will make a five minutes address
on the future of our boys. Rev. Mr.
Hoyle will speak in behalf of the
needs In this place. Last Dr.
Charles will address
We will give him full freedom
to say what he pleases. All will be
given an opportunity to express them-
selves In some way or other. Any
talks running over time will be
ed up at one dollar per minute. We
hops to make this meeting good and
spicy for all who coma Now, let us
have a house full and show our inter-
est la the boys. The boys will march
from their hall to the court house.
The meeting will be called to
promptly at o'clock, Friday
Scout Master.
list of 3.300 was practically filled
when the doors of the New Grand
Palace were opened this morning
for the thirty-sixth annual exhibition
of the Kennel Club. It
is the most representative entry list
in the history of the
Twenty-one States and the Dominion
of Canada are represented. New
York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and
Pennsylvania have largest show-
but Kentucky, Missouri, Texas.
California. Washington and other dis-
states are represented. The
Canadians have made a particularly
strong showing as fifteen exhibitors
in Ontario. Quebec and Manitoba have
sent their blue-blooded over
the border to compete with the Amer-
As usual with the bench shows held
here in recent years, the collies led
the list of entries, although there
was a large array of French bull-
dogs and Boston terriers. The St.
Bernard, Great Dane and Russian
wolfhound classes were heavily fill-
ed, while the small varieties, such
as spaniels,
English toy Maltese
and toy black and tans,
ed many of the best dogs of their kind
In the country. The judging of ex-
began soon after the opening
this morning and will be continued
until the close of the show Friday
night. . Prises worth will be
distributed among the winners.
I. C
The following new industries
North Carolina are reported Is
Tradesman tor the
ending February
company; veneer
telephone com-
furniture factory.
drug company.
hardware company.
drug company.
hardware com-
Conference lo I Ways and
to Peruse Blight
Pa., Feb. re-
visits of the club most delightful. to the call issued last month
very successful trip is expected by by Governor representatives
At about half past twelve Monday
night, at a place in the country about in
it. in-.
BETHEL, N. C Feb. The consider ways and means to
of a dozen of the New England and
Middle Atlantic States assembled
here today for a two day's conference
mile iron
NEW BERN, Feb people Invitation has been pursue in the possible control of the
blight, which has already
the vicinity of Dover. Craven Mr and , of
are making remarkable progress
H. Belcher, H. Nichols mid K. Burnett
had a little incident in which a re-along of Industrial
was used by Burnet. As a and are setting an example that
result, little hopes are entertained should be followed all over North
for the recovery of who Carolina, where agricultural lands are
though badly under the Influence of of a of
liquor, as were the others, at the time I . ,
i drainage.
request the honor of your presence and now is threatening a total do-
of the shooting, was as as
a when Chief Smith of the
police, arrived on the
scene a few moments later. All men
are under custody, although Belcher
does not need much police
ion, his condition being such as to
make his death from the bullet wound
almost certain.
ASHEVILLE, Feb. Superior
court yesterday Judge Long consent-
ed to modify the sentence heretofore
imposed on P. H. Thrash of months
Imprisonment for violation of the
prohibition laws of North Carolina.
sentence, being stricken out, and
it was adjusted that the defendant
should pay a line of into the
school fund, to execute a bond in the
sum as a guarantee of good
and appear at the criminal
of court for months; that he
he imprisoned days in the county
jail, mid it being represented to the
court that terms might be made with
fie county commissioners whereby
tie defendant might pay toward
the support of the county reform
school in lieu of the
on mint, it is left to the discretion of
the commissioners whether they shall
make, such
In the case of Walter Holland,
charged with Its murder of James
Edwards, the Jury after being out
lines yesterday morning, cane into
court and r. ported It could not
agree, The jury was polled and fl-
one juror withdrawn and
n was ordered. The d fend-
ant was ordered to give bond in tin
sum of to ape par for new
The board of drainage commission-
of the Moseley creek drainage dis-
has just awarded the contract
for the construction of about fourteen
miles of drainage canals, the purpose
of which Is to drain about ten thou-
sand acres of fertile swamp land,
at the marriage of their daughter
Ora Ethel
Mr. Sidney Albert Carr
on Wednesday afternoon, the twenty-
eighth of February
at half after five o'clock
at their residence
near Bethel, North Carolina.
Miss Carson, who lives near the
town of Bethel, is an attractive,
charming and accomplished young
woman with a large circle of friends,
who will wish her every pleasure and
which up to this time has been
valueless for agricultural Mr- Carr- who always resided
poses. This sail, which is to be Is has
claimed from Its score of friends who will
la as fertile as any land on the A. I gladly welcome him and his charm-
seaboard, and the In their midst, and wish
value of this Improvement can them every pleasure and
be appreciated by one who Is
familiar with the great agricultural Misses Allie G. Little, Christine
possibilities of the swamp lands of Francis Clark and Lillian
Now that the various local cam-
are opening, we expect to
have plenty of political news until
election day. It promises to be a
red hot Senate fight and a busy
county campaign, to say nothing of
the incidental election of a president.
One good rule Is to distrust the
knocker of other candidates and pay
attention only to the positive good
points m the record of each. Abuse
the other side is rapidly going out
of fashion politically because people
are beginning to that it
is cheap. We are more interested
in finding out what the candidate or
party has done or will do, than how
crimes they can accuse the
other of committing.
Also it should be remembered that
rhetoric is the cheapest thing in the
j world and that other things being
the man who makes the shortest
with the fewest adjective Is
apt to have the most
Goodrich were the guests of Mrs. F.
at her home near Bethel. Mrs.
Is a charming hostess and her
guests report a delightful time.
Miss Lillian Goodrich entertained
last night the Round Dozen Club at
a Valentine in honor of her
committee appointed some friend, Miss Olive Rose, of
ago by Memorial Baptist After a unique guessing contest, and
eastern Carolina.
Instrument In he I
of June.
church to select a pipe organ for delightful elocutionary program by
church, on Monday evening closed a guest of honor, a dainty of
contract with Mr. Geo refreshments was served, carrying
representative of the in detail the valentine scheme.
Company, of Vt- for am Among those present Mrs. N.
organ of that make. The organ is to A. Ward, Mrs. W. H. Mrs.
cost with a Ross water J. Kit, H. T.
lo operate It, and the contract
that it is to be Installed ready
for use by the 5th of June.
The had under consider-
propositions from several of the
best pipe organ manufacturers of the
country, after going carefully In-
to the details of each decided that the
would best suit the require-
of the church. The organ con-
for Is of the latest improved
pneumatic system of action, including
couplers, the scheme great
Mrs. Fred Miss Christine
Hill Little, Miss Francis
Clark. Miss Jones, Miss Jen-
Jones, Miss Kiln Grimes, Mrs.
Jessie Ward, of
W. A. Burns, Miss
One Most We Ever
One of most convenient articles
of office furniture we have seen Is a
organ, swell organ and a physician's desk which Dr. C.
on pedal. recently placed In his
The people have a wide In the desk is a complete
for building fine organs, and memorandum and filing system with
tin mistake has been made by the coin-1 alphabetical apartments for keeping
In selecting an Instrument of all data so that anything wanted can
this I be Instantly found. The Inner sec-
Three weeks ago Mr. Andrew Car- of the desk has a separate roll-
authorized the church to draw t top that doses It inside of the
on him for to complete the writing section, and another
of the forests
throughout the country.
in the conference are forestry ex-
perts of a number of states and of
the United States Department of Ag-
The blight was
to the United States until seven or
eight years ago. It was first noticed
among the chestnut trees In Central
Park In New York city. A short time
later the disease was noticeable In
New Jersey, In parts of Western Con-
and even as far south as
Pennsylvania and Maryland. By 1908
the United States Department of
Agriculture began issuing bulletins
on the subject to apprise the public
of the spread and to enable the own-
of chestnut trees to recognize the
disease If It appeared. Incidentally
the scientific staff tried to discover
a remedy. Foresters, and
plant all took an hand
but nothing availed.
By 1909 the disease had done no
less damage In the
three states of New York, New Jersey
and Pennsylvania, according to the
estimate then made by the
Forestry Commission and tills
they regarded as a very conservative
figure. In 1911, only two years later,
the was reported by the De-
of Agriculture having
spread out until western
Virginia and West Virginia were in-
on the south, while northerly
It pushed up the Hudson River
Valley, and eastward Into
and Island. Now the. ex-
declare that, unless a remedy
is found, It Is but a question of a
short time until the disease bus
ed out nil of the chestnut trees in
the stales named and probably In
New Hampshire, Delaware,
North Carolina, South Carolina,
Georgia, Alabama,
pi, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan.
Th action of the board of city com-
missioners In deciding not to grant
licenses to drug for the
sale f whiskey by prescription is of
course sure to cause talk. While a
will applaud the decision
a good many others will object It is
a question with many sides to it. It
i is patent that more prescriptions
have been given than were necessary
I rat how are you going to prove It
But let's sift the mailer and see If it
is really as bad as It appears.
In the statement printed In
I It Wag official
pints of whiskey were prescribed
the physicians of the city
during lust year. This Is quite
two a half gallons a day. There
are easily people In this
vicinity. But all these people
do not drink. Let's take It
way. Prescriptions were given for
pints, presumably to per-
sons. This is not a big
and a half gallons a day. Figure It
down and see the of the drink
each of these 7.134 persons will get
On the oilier hand some physicians
have been rather free In giving
Efforts to atop the
have been futile.
This action will no doubt please
number of the doctors who are for-
ever I'm prescriptions; they
will he delighted to he rid of It.
there is side to It. Al
in some shape is absolutely es-
in certain Instances. No one
will deny tills. Where It is needed
and needed in an emergency,
what will It's sticking the
deep In the ground. We
Bee what will happen later on.
In a letter to the editor of The
Enterprise, Chief Justice Clark
am glad lo read your
en editorial. It is brave and manly
and expresses the true opinion of a
large number of our people and of the
great mass of the old soldiers.
speak in earnest when I say that
If we bad taken this manly position
years ago all the Confederate vet-
would now be on the pension
roll on equal terms with the soldiers
from the Northern State. Why not
A Confederate soldier is now Chief
Justice of the United States. The
Southern colonels and generals have
been made Federal Judges, Congress-
men, Senators and appointed to all
other offices. The mass of the Con-
federate soldiers now living were
boys under Why should they
alone ht banned while their colonels
and generals have been drawing high
Federal pay and the people of the
South have been paying their full
share to the pensions awarded men
of other states who went into the
war for the same reason that our
boys went, i. e., because their states
called for them
am In earnest in pressing this
measure and feel absolutely
dent that if sent to the United States
Senate, I shall get every Confederate
soldier placed on the pension Hat
side by side with the Northern sol-
Tho professional politicians
this on the ground that it may
us the Presidency; that Is the
loss of the which
they wish to use to us patronage.
me there is nothing more
than this repeated
of our nearly fifty years
after the war is ended, on and
all occasions. Less humility and
more manhood accord better with the
brave spirit of tho Southern people.
hope you will keep up the fight
for justice to the South and to
neglected soldiery.
very high regards.
Waxhaw Enterprise.
Superior Court Clerk a Grandpa.
In the city of Wilmington, Thurs-
day morning, February 1912, there
born to Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Moore,
a son. This makes our esteemed
townsman, Superior Court Clerk D.
C. Moore, a grandpa for the first
time, and many friends here
South Carolina Mill Merger.
AIKEN, S. Feb. Initial
steps looking to the merger of three
of the largest cotton mills In the
South were taken today at a meeting
of the stockholders of the Langley
Manufacturing Company at Langley.
The three concerns which it pro-
posed to combine are the
Manufacturing Company and the
Manufacturing Company.
lit It t Mi m u h
potted sow, weight about one
pounds, mark half right.
Notify K. F. D. Win-
large The mills have a total valuation of
payment for the organ after the church I roller top doses entire desk when The combined textile en-
had raised and paid the remainder,
N. C.
We are sure the congregation and and It does not look like one more
of the will see that the complete for Its purpose could be
amount for the payment The color and finish are moat
w the la promptly raised.
. r . will have
a lit-
In excess of
The jail crew have almost finished
the square of rubbish.
Schedule Makers Providence.
reports of all the baseball clubs In
the circuit present, the schedule meet-
of the International League, for-
known us the Eastern League,
began here today. While the gather-
of the club owners and
Is primarily to adopt a schedule for
next season and the of
tho playing dates will be the chief
topic, several other matters of more
or less importance are expected to
come up for Among
things. It Is said, a plan will be
proposed and discussed tor the
to buy out the Montreal
next year, unless the attendance In
the Canadian metropolis shows a big
Improvement In 1912.
L. O. TRAVELING sales-
Feb. or not
L. has committed
by jumping from the Pied-
toll bridge, near here, Into the
Yadkin river, or whether he has at-
tempted to convey that Impression
while he makes Ills way to parts
known, In the hope of evading
rest on a charge of Mashing bogus
has given rise to much spec-
among the. authorities of Row-
an and Davidson as well
as the people upon whom Is
to have flashed the drafts.
who represented himself as
a traveling salesman for the
can Art Works, of Ohio,
is charged with having passed worth-
less drafts on Mr. R. C. Norman, pro-
of tho Hotel at
and on Amos Co., retail
furniture dealers of High Point, and
attempting to one cashed
the Spencer branch of the
Hank and Trust Co. Mr. Norman
slates that the amount secured from
him was and Mr. L. Amos
alleges that he cashed a draft for
Fifty dollars was the amount
asked for at tho Spencer bank.
ii of Three Stales.
Medical Society, embracing
North and Carolina and
met In this city Was
called to by the president. Dr.
J. Way, of N.
C. The two program
for more one hundred papers
and addresses dealing with subjects
Interest lo the medical
It 7.4 B FA TIES.
I Mt the MM the vii,. nasal
we have a
of twelve
among the best
people ix the
part of north Caro-
M .
Had M Ink
Suggestion to Postpone STATE
To Debate Law.
i N. Y. Fell C. p. r r i i- .-
. Senator ct Iran
in ,
in lea iii in. annual contests With Other Dem He
ts . mid by the Will Get Nomination Over Taft
mum mm
League, comprising
Hamilton College, Colgate
K. F. Each college
He I j by two teams, one
With Short on , debate at home and the other
His Held Job For abroad. The home team In each case
Five Years. uphold the negative and the
Feb. 28-11. F. affirmative of the
Rots a Hep.
ens, for nearly live years bookkeeper
That the Sherman
in the here, was arrested A
yesterday by Deputy Marshall Doyle
Confer on Horse
the Instance of Inspector
Chaster, Mr. Stephens is charged I
with being short about four hundred Tl,,; of breeding horses for
When Indian reservations was
at a conference held
In his accounts.
before Commissioner W. H.
of agriculture today.
Among those participating In the
conference were commissioner of
Indian affairs, the chief of the bureau
, animal industry and
law, Mr. Stephens waved
and was committed to
default of bond.
The was discovered
. Mr. Stephen re
bis Inspector Ches-
and vein over situation
and without inking any
He returned today and the arrest
followed, Mr. Stephens
his once.
i The committee from
Rowan and boards of the coon-1
is. together with Civil
c. M. mat in
of Leeds K H. Miller's office In MM PLEDGES TO TAFT
court house last night to open and ;
bids the construction of
steel bridge over the Yadkin river Out of Taft
. to connect the two and His Claim
DEMOCRATIC FOR JUNE A number o j Declared for De-
of bridge building dared for
with All bids were finally p i ti
disclosed that Senator ., WASHINGTON, Feb.
Hit Reason For Suggesting
That Baltimore
Should be Postponed
Georgia, one of the foremost meeting tomorrow of from He-
In a
Says The Time Between the ,,.,.
Contentions, One Heel, Is had Started a movement to post- representatives. This bridge
are of pone or set back the Democratic to be built Jointly by the two
Opinion, He Say.
Convention at for counties
f S
officers of the army.
Fur Life.
I Feb. The
wedding of Miss Lillian Marie Twitch-
He is a native of this county, but
laughter Mr. and Mrs. Fred F
. -ii-. . a I'll known pro-
. i.
office bad held a position in
being for win. the baseball took
Atlantic coast Line in city. Mr. J
Stephens wave bond late this evening
and was released from Jail.
A piece of flannel dampened Pa., Fob, an- J
Chamberlain's Liniment and bound bench show of the
on lo the affected parts U superior to Club opened here today
any plaster. When troubled with more than Mum entries, representing
lame back or pains In the side or chest leading kennels In all parts, of the
give It a trial and you are certain The exhibition will continue
be more than pleased with the prompt until Saturday
relief which it affords. Sold by all
arrest of John h
burglar of this city, the author-
now believe they have rounded
up the last of the gang of marauders
that such a stir here during
the past few months by a long string
of and other crimes. The
of crimes reached a climax In
the month of December, when every
night for weeks the
phone at police station was kept
almost In constant use by residents
reporting robberies or the presence
of a thief In their house. Mr. B. C.
Moore, councilman In charge of the
department of safety, realizing
the of the situation,
the police force and
employed Mr, L. Branch, of
Branch's National Detective
of Charlotte, to begin a systematic
campaign against the criminals.
was at the
of Detective Branch on the
charge of burglary and
of house-breaking and
The capture of Is be-
to have completed the round-
up tin gang,
ring Jim and James
Ward, alias Dave Key having
been taken Into tow by Mr.
, a
New fork, Feb.
is the first I have heard of
a suggestion and as yet
I set any need of n post-
said Norman B
Mack, chairman of the Demo-
National tee,
v i. ii his attention was
iv hi Bacon's
declaration In of a later
for the
convention is to be
ii Id a later than
the Republicans, and If any
emergency arose through the
action of
gathering, a postponement for
a weak of the Democratic
Con vent Ion could l- arranged
for then. While not desiring
to take any issue whatever
with senator, my personal
three weeks or a month.
The Democratic convention is now, Mrs. Robertson Dead.
for June 2.-. one week later Scotland Neck. Mrs. Thomas M.
the Republican. The movement is Robertson, of Twin Falls. Idaho, died
publican governors from the campaign
headquarters of President Taft.
The executives going on record in
favor of the president's
Carroll, Iowa; Hay. Washington;
Pennsylvania; Hooper. Tennessee;
Utah; Delaware;
and Island.
In addition to the signed state-
made public, the Taft
claimed the support of Govern-
or Illinois; Nevada;
and Vermont
The announcement from the Taft
came here before Christmas in , . . ,.
bureau is as an the
Chicago conference seven govern-
B whose solicitation Colonel
Roosevelt baaed his formal entry to
tie j contest.
Twenty-two States now have
. publican governors and all except
two are now ace,,,,,,,,, for ill the
various statements of presidential
preferences. They are listed as fol-
Declared for Taft, .
s directly due to the announcement or the home of her sister. Misses Mary .
s in Democratic Herbert and Lizzie Smith, yesterday
circles that be will be nominated. afternoon at about one o'clock, after
Bacon baa conferred with suffering for two weeks from the
. Democratic senators and Bads of being severely burned on the
them or the same opinion as himself. 12th of the present month. Mrs.
i believe that will be Robertson, with her three children.
. .-I by the R. Henna, and
. change plan on the part of visit her relatives and friends in her
the Democrats is Imperative. old home town.
th. most striking testimony j
offered as how the Democrats Club.
view the Roosevelt announcement and Hon.
how they think will ,,. a. T. and F. s.
lake It,
s former , a Roosevelt Club for that
s said on the lines o one that
Bacon, ii imperative formed here some weeks
Democratic National committee meet Little doubt Is expressed but that it
s speedily and postpone th he successful aB it is stated by
convention three weeks or a the Roosevelt supporters that so far
Senator says he has con- only four Tuft Republicans have been
with Democratic senators and j discovered in that county.
DURHAM, Feb. H. Q. Alex-
president of the North Carolina
Union, will arrive In Dur-
ham Wednesday morning to discuss
with the Durham Commercial Club
the locution of the central warehouse
of the union In Durham.
The North Carolina Union
will establish In some city of the
state a central warehouse, from
which will be distributed to the local
warehouses, to be In each
of the counties, farming Implements,
and other goods used by
the farmers In their dally life on the
farm. From this central warehouse the
goods will be distributed In a whole-
sale way to the retail warehouses.
The goods are to be purchased In
large quantities and stored In the
central warehouse until they are
called for by the retail warehouses
In counties throughout
the plate.
Pa., Feb.
eighteenth annual meeting of the
Pennsylvania conference of the
bed at the
church In this city today with
a large attendance of loaders of the
denomination. The conference will
remain In for several days.
opinion is there Is no need for them of the same opinion. The
any such arrangement now. position of Senator and others
g who entertain his views, is that the
8888888888888388 Republicans arc going to nominate
startling development in the political
situation came yesterday afternoon in
news from Washington, when It was
and that following his
nomination the Democrats should
have time to nominate and see how LEADING DURHAM TOBACCO CONCERN
the public takes It before making
their nomination.
DURHAM, Feb. charter
Issued yesterday to the Arcade Hotel
Company with a capital stock of
for the purpose of conducting a
hotel In Durham, C. T. and N. D.
land, of Holland Brothers Furniture
Company, are the principal
The company leased the new
hotel which la lo be erected by Cap-
K. J. and will conduct
the business In connection with the
present Hotel. Mr. W, M.
Todd will be manager of the new
company and will have active charge
of the new hotel.
The work on the m
RALEIGH, N. C, Feb. mes-
sage we received In this city this
morning stating a head-
last night at
O'clock on and Carolina
between and
Hill. As a result of the accident two
men are dead and several others
It is said that a passenger train
had been and the de-
Claimed by managers,
Declared for Roosevelt,
Declared Tor La
Preference not announced.
DURHAM. Feb. C. C.
president of the A Myers
Tobacco Co., who baa been spending
several days In Durham, announces
that the tobacco business of but com-
In Durham Is to be largely In-
creased soon as company gets
its business well under way. Under
the plan of the
A Myers company took over the Duke
Branch of the American Tobacco Com-
which manufacture
and cigarettes.
As soon as the sales department of
the new company has been thoroughly
organized, Mr. Dula that
the here will be Increased
and more storage houses erected. It
Is the Intention of the company to
make Durham the center of the en-
tire eastern territory and the
All persons who are opposed to the
stock law, and especially to the stock
law act of 1911. are requested and
invited to be present at a mass meet-
of citizens o county to be
held In the court house at Greenville,
at o'clock, on Saturday, March
If you believe In a free, Democratic
government, and to preserve In-
violate the principles of
liberty, let It be known by your pres-
at this meeting.
R. L. COX,
Inched engine of this train while en
route to met a long train In
a deep cut where the ed of tho
company are t St.
Mr. C. H. Morton of New-
port, N. C, section master of the road,
and II. F. Harper of link
Hill, were killed,. Both are white
The section master was pinned
will be begun by the cab with wood that was used
March 1st, and ll will be pushed to; H Buck was arraigned this
Over to Court.
Under a warrant recently Issued
charging him with selling whiskey.
To Wrestle for Title.
will defend his title of
middleweight champion wrestler in
a mat bout here tomorrow night with
Mike Yokel of Salt Lake City. An
Interesting contest Is as the
two are regarded as unusually well-
matched In strength and skill. This
will be their second meeting. Their
encounter took place In Salt
City about a year ago. when the
two men struggled for four hours
without either securing u fall.
completion. Ab soon
It will be luxuriously furnished by
the company formed yesterday and
conducted best style.
the loss n I morning before Justice of the
NEW YORK. Feb. opening
of the Woman's Industrial Exposition,
which was to have taken place today,
has been conferred for two weeks in
order that the merchants and others
M their
cut in two in one of Ms legs. He A. Mayo. The defendant waived ,,. The exhibition will be
the Hospital and the re- examination and required to give m tho Grand Central Palace and
mains were shipped this morning to bond for appearance at the next be the affair of Its kind ever
at his home In Newport. term of Superior court. in this country.

Eastern reflector, 23 February 1912
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
February 23, 1912
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